Jim Paredes apologists are going about their apologism the wrong way


Apologists of singer Jim Paredes are in a state of profound confusion. As the scandal surrounding a private video of Paredes that somehow fell into the wrong hands and got shared all over social media unfolded, his supporters (mostly members of the current Opposition camp) went from first attempting to suppress discussion by making the topic taboo within their online circles, then, as the authenticity of the video became evident, responding with whataboutisms relative to the “crimes” of the Duterte administration, then, recently, issuing calls to investigate what most agree is a serious crime against Paredes’s privacy.

Stepping back further, it is important to note that the initial response of Paredes when queried about the video was to claim the video was “fake”. That alone puts in doubt the sincerity of his subsequent apology.

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Since that “apology”, Paredes has remained silent.

But not his apologists.

For many observers who may have found it in themselves to empathise with Paredes’s plight, that initial bout of sympathy evaporated amidst the din of the self-righteous pomposity of his apologists who took it upon themselves to speak for him and, true to form, demonise those who continued to discuss the matter.

One interesting idea raised by no less than OPM Legend Leah Navarro is that the person or persons involved in obtaining and spreading the video should be charged. Indeed, a full investigation should be launched so that charges could be laid and the perps involved in this invasion of privacy prosecuted. But that will involve finding out who was at the other end of Jim Paredes’s video chat. So perhaps Navarro needs to give a bit more thought to what exactly she is calling for. Would Paredes even co-operate in such an investigation?

Evidently the way forward for the Yellowtards is to put a positive spin on the “scandal”, something that Paul John Caña attempts in his Esquire piece It Shouldn’t Be a Big Deal That Jim Paredes is 67 and Likes to Engage in Online Sex. Caña writes…

Engaging in a private sexual encounter online is his right as a (very) mature adult, and something no one should fault him for just because he’s past retirement age. That it was made public is unfortunate, but we shouldn’t get our panties all up in a wad just because we find out that a 67-year-old is still a horndog who likes using modern technology to satisfy his urges.

Fair enough. And perhaps this is the path forward the rest of Yellowtardom should have taken rather than lash out at the rest of Filipinodom who engage in a bit of schadenfreude made easy by Paredes’s track record of holier-than-thou posturing. The important lesson lost on the Yellowtards is that you cannot make converts out of people you demonise as part of a foolish strategy to win political points. In a democracy, the ultimate goal is to win votes and not antagonise those who are potential sources of that important poltical resource.

Jim Paredes’s apologists should take pause and reflect on the real outcomes of their perverted apologism. Rather than win people over to agree that Paredes’s frailties are human traits we all share, the Yellowtards have, instead, drawn an even harder line between them and us.

13 Replies to “Jim Paredes apologists are going about their apologism the wrong way”

  1. Leah Navarro sounds like she’s taking the moral high ground in defense of her sexagenarian friend, the horndog Jim Paredes of APO fame. Let’s say there’s an investigation. Would that horndog tell us how many times in a day, or weeks, or months he engages in sex chats? With whom? With Leah Navarro? With younger women? I just read somewhere that horndog Jim went on a tour surrounded by nine women. He even gloats about that experience being in Italy. Is any of those women horndog’s sex chat mate? Just asking.

    1. Or probably his chat mate is actually a gay guy, but who knows? We all know the whole story of this hoolabalooza.

  2. Why did Jim Paredes masturbated in his toilet; having sex chat with a guy/girl , and recorded it in a video in the first place ? Then, the mainstream media “”masturbated” the facts to deny what had happened in his toilet. Then, the “holier than thou”, Leah Navarro, tried to suppress the video in the internet, by asking the PNP, to investigate those involved in releasing the video in the social media.

    The PNP has more important work to do; other investigating people , who released the video of Jim Paredes, masturbating in his toilet…those YellowTards who tried to defend this , masturbator idiot, should be ashame of themselves…perhaps, they are also “bunches of lunatics”, who are regular masturbators/masturbatress….

    I have never seen such amusement in my lifetime. The Philippines is a country of masturbating people, beginning with Jim Paredes …”Mga salsalero numero uno” !

  3. If the same “scandal” happened to Duterte, the turbulence likely wouldn’t last a few days. People tend to notice and call out a black stain on a white shirt more than they would on a dark one.

    The problem with Yellow logic is that if a Yellow-minded schoolboy turns out getting a dirty stain and is made fun of in class, he would make sumbong to the principal to have all those who teased him or laughed severely punished. He cannot seem to ride along and solve the issue by directly interacting with everyone around him. They operate under a sense of abject detachment and victim-hood mentality.

    This is almost always their solution to anything: cry to the ICC, hope in America for military assistance and aid, blame the past leader for their current problems and failures, …

    Leadership is the ability to engage directly and steer people, even those against you, to your side. It’s mostly a marketing skill – one that rich kids in ivory towers probably need to hone more by rubbing elbows with real people on the ground.

    Anyway Yellowtardism, just like Joma’s communism and Charice, is dead; all we’re seeing now are just the maggots wiggling around a rotting carcass, giving some semblance of life. No point performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on a dead cockroach.

    Jim, turn-coatism at this point isn’t really that bad an option, esp. now that your Yellow coat is wet with …

  4. What irks me is the fact that people alligned with the dilawans tend to slam people especially dds supporters that we are less intellectual than they are.true,it’s none of our business if he jacks off every second of his life BUT to point fingers and blame the gov’t for his pervert act is another thing.their feathers are ruffled(again).the great puritan and guardians of morality fell(again).napapansin ko puro sex related ang dungis ng mga dilaw(aside from other issues they vehemently skirt).announcing on national tv of her std,the former doj sec tryst and now this.so,ok.pa imbestigahan mo leah navarro kung sino ka video chat.surprise us low intellects once again.gusto din namin malaman at MABIGLA??

  5. The Yellow logic is this: wanking even with a video leak is less reprehensible than EJK…never mind that the latter has not been proven conclusively.

    The damage control being done by the Yellows is to the breaking of their “righteous and moral” facade. Bad enough that the Yellow side (especially the current senate candidates) is tainted with issues, but adding a sexual one is making it worse. Doesn’t help that their apologists are stupid…

  6. “Rules for thee, not for me” Is the dogma of liberal-leftist hypocrisy of the yellows, they will hold you in impossible standards while they are all saints and sinners who mustn’t be held to the judged equally Yolanda isn’t a big deal because EJK, those clean-up projects from Boracay to Manila Bay are unconstitutional because of Martial Law., Dengvaxia didn’t happen because no one is investigating and reporting on it. The incompetence and corruption is hidden behind “Daang Matuwid” PR.

  7. I’m not going to condemn what Mr Paredes does in his private time. It is his own business.

    But in this case, the easiest question should really be asked first. Who was on the receiving end of the video call, or who he sent it to. And does that person now have a grudge with Jim Paredes or inadvertent source of the leak by not securing his/her own files before giving the device’s access to someone else.

    So it is not going to necessarily be a hack now but more carelessness.

    But, since they yellows seem to want to push a political narrative or spin that this was an attack on their side, couldnt it also be ‘imagined’ as a theory that they purposely used paredes’ video to portray themselves as a victim and that the current government can do anything to its critics to silence them (just as their spiel during this election campaign season).

    Just a random thought.

    1. Indeed. If the Yellowtards want to build upon their apologism and turn it into some sort of political capital then they need more facts to support it — which means going into the details of some of the more confronting aspects of this circus, specifically the most important detail of all: Who was on the receiving end?

      They have to be careful what they wish for or really understand what they are asking for.

      1. If its a minor….that going to cut the “moral” legs out of them. That could be why they are doing damage control. The possibility of a minor on the receiving end is very high.

  8. No amount of charging or prosecuting anyone can correct or make up for such stupidity. It’s as if nobody learned the lesson from every celeb scandal all this time. His “lukatme” behavior from before was odd enough. It’s a pity that he has to express his “human nature” in such a lousy manner.

  9. The apologist is most entrusted with apologetics when capable of arguing his opponent’s position better than his opponent.

    As for Yellowtards and their minions, well, just one word. Imbeciles!

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