Clarification: The Otso Diretso Hand Sign is NOT EQUAL to the Zaxxun Flick Sign

Pinoy Ako Blog was offering some public service recently by trying to help one-time GRP contributor  Sass Sassot out on a certain point of curiosity: Anong hand sign yan?

The very short article simply answered back:

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Kung nagresearch ka lang ng slight malalaman mo ang sagot sa katanungan mo. Nevertheless, tulungan na lang kita ha. American Sign Language for 8, po yan.

If you aren’t that keen on spotting details, it would look like the Devil’s goat sign (flashed by Illuminati politicians and rock stars), as one Duterte supporter was quick to conclude.

Osto Diretso’s official twitter account also “clearly” states

Filipino Sign Language represent! Marami nang sinabi tungkol sa hand sign na ito ng ating mga senador, pero simple at mas malapit sa puso ng #OtsoDiretso ang totoong meaning nito: Inclusivity. Osto Diretso Hand Sign. Ang hand sign na ito ay 8 sa sign language.

So that should clear up the fog on where this hand sign all originated from. And it is NOT in any way related to or equal to the Zaxxun Flick Sign published years back in a past article entitled Fall of the Twin Towers:

The flick sign serves as the symbol of every Zaxxun’s desire to see every persistently corrupt and incompetent leader fall by the hand of the Almighty. The flick sign also represents the mighty Triceratops – out to charge against relentless tyrants who rule with corruption and incompetence.

Note: Yes I would like to believe an Almighty Trans-dimensional Being programmed the DNA of every living creature on this planet, unless I can convince myself random raindrops landing on an earth covered with keyboards can somehow type up a 32-volume encyclopedia with impeccable grammar in English.

By the way, if people are wondering who among the 62 senatorial candidates for the May 2019 polls are on my list, I’ve pretty much narrowed it down to the following (in alphabetical order):


Still working on who to cross out. Some feedback might help.

PS: One more point of clarification. Those who want to visit the Robot Cafe site, please go to, not where the Flick Sign article appeared. Our apologies for the confusion.

5 Replies to “Clarification: The Otso Diretso Hand Sign is NOT EQUAL to the Zaxxun Flick Sign”

  1. Between an action and reaction, between a gesture and its consequences, everybody agrees that there is an exact relationship, but not necessarily a proportionate one.

  2. Illuminati? Goat sign? The Otso Distortio can falsh any hand sign they want. They would do anything to make themselves appear as the anointed ones.

  3. OTSO DIRETSO SA INODORO MAG JAKOL NA KAYO ! I don’t need any Hand Signs. I am not dumb and deaf. I don’t understand any kind of hand signs. If they are trying to curse me of their hand signs, thru their Gods…it is just nonsense to me.

    What I want to see, is their: public service records; their loyalty to their cause; what political agendas they had done for the country and for me.Were they recipients of the DAP, PDAF and Pork Barrel Bribery given by that crook Pnoy Aquino ?

    I would like to know their political platforms. What can they do to solve our numerous problems. What can they do to improve our country. What can they do for me and the rest of ordinary Filipinos, like me.

    I don’t need their hand sign, whether it may have come from their God, or from the Devil, himself !

  4. What better way for Otso Diretso to officially adopt the ZERO hand sign as official Yellow party insignia
    The hand sign being quite representative of their “silver-tongued” champion , JimParedes,
    and his infamous bathroom self-gratification kinky antics.
    Yellows could also throw into the mix their battle cry ” L O O K A T M E ! ”

    Sarcasm and double entendres aside,
    please don’t throw the Bible at me citing “he who has not sinned, cast the first stone.”
    as the nation commences observance of LentenSeason reflections.

    This Scriptural passage should APPLY FIRST to Paredes who fired the first salvo during the EDSA rites
    with eyeballs popping out of sockets and neck muscles straining
    screaming wildly like a hysterical faggot while berating teenagers.
    Pontificating from atop his ivory tower about the evils of Martial Law
    yet profitably performing lame song and dance numbers during those dark years.
    And by association, the Yellowcamp too ought to diligently search their souls
    for acts of transgression before launching a scathing barrage against the Duterte Administration.

    I am referring specifically to TRILLIANES and ALEJANO
    Criminally-convicted AFP mutineers who attempted to usurp Governmental power
    illegally reinforced with Government-issue/Tax-Paid weaponry used during the failed coup
    in conjunction with physical damages wrought to the premises of
    OakwoodPremiere and ManilaPeninsulaHotels, in the course of their criminal activities.
    These two rotten eggs should have been hanged by their balls until death
    for dereliction of sworn duty to protect and defend the country under the Constitution.

    Ditto for ROBREDO, whose government post is STILL undergoing ARBITRATION
    for suspected election fraud/irregularities
    which legally do not grant her official appointment status as Philippine Vice-President.

    So go ahead, jerkoffs and strut your stuff_in vain
    Astute Flips will NEVER buy your despicable commodities !

    1. >>These two rotten eggs should have been hanged by their balls until death

      …do us part! -which would mean a more tranquil PHL for all of us with 2 less troublemakers out of the picture.

      …and the 4 rotten quail eggs were laid to rest at the Libingan ng mga Bhayaanak happily ever after. The End.
      Yup, their hand sign may as well stand for Zetlog in the current context, a far cry from perfect 10.

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