What does Maria Ressa’s participation in New York City’s #NYE2018 festivities mean?

A beaming Maria Ressa dropping the ball in New York
(Photo source: Shakira Sison)

Nothing, really. But according to the Girls’ Club that is today’s mainstream Big Corporate News Media, Ressa is “a journalist in the Philippines whose news site, Rappler, has been threatened by the country’s authoritarian president, Rodrigo Duterte”. And so, on that dubious “achievement” reported by no less than chi chi New York Times, she gets to drop the ball on New Years Eve. In New York. Pun intended.

Being recognised for an “achievement” defined by a comrade within the same embattled industry is quite rich considering this is a business where objectivity as disinterested observers is what underlies trust in content being published. Ressa and her Rappler had long ago broke this trust by making themselves the subject of their own “news” reporting and, most astounding of all, roping in buddies in the industry — including the New York Times, no less — to propagate this sort of dishonest “journalism”. The “reporters” in this case are anything but disinterested. And that is the short of it.

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This is the real ball that was dropped in 2018. Ressa and her cronies have fatally-tainted the profession of journalism by engaging in this insidious campaign to raise their profile as “activists” fighting for “press freedom”. They are no longer acting as journalists and, instead, putting forth more of an activist brand. Indeed, to those unblinkered by this crooked song-and-dance, “fighting” for a “cause” within which one has a financial interest in is a conflict of interest. Rappler and the New York Times are essentially reporting on an issue that involves an aspect that they have a potential for financial gain in positioning favourably. They are not acting in the public’s interest in this instance but in their own with an inherent intent to profit financially.

What Maria Ressa really is is an embarrassment to then journalism profession. If there were such a thing as a Journalism Ombudsman (and it is high time that such an office be organised) she should be issued a citation for unprofessional behaviour and given the equivalent of a disbarment from the practice. As she and her amigas keep pointing out, reporting the news properly has never been more important than now, in an age where “truth”, as they themselves point out, is “under attack”. The fact is, Ressa and her cohorts are the first ones guilty of undermining the very profession that should step up to that challenge.

One wonders, though, what the other true professionals in the practice of real journalism are doing about the Maria Ressa Problem. Are they just going to stand aside quietly while Ressa and her dishonest minions hijack and corrupt their otherwise noble vocation? It’s time real journalists act with real courage and speak out.

12 Replies to “What does Maria Ressa’s participation in New York City’s #NYE2018 festivities mean?”

  1. Maria Ressa at NY new year’s eve means that she is not on the no-fly list, despite the PH government “oppressing” her, because she prayed hard enough.
    Hey, probably 100,000 people subscribed to the “exclusive” rappler content and she’s reaping the benefits.
    Then again, it also means that she can afford a plane ticket to new york yet refuses to pay rappler’s taxes. Because in her delusional little mind, she did not do anything wrong, because, after all, she is god’s gift to philippine journalism, riiiight?

  2. Liberals and Globalists like her have been friends with each other where they regurgitate the same narrative to uphold. Corporate Mainstream Media has been lying for years, but people have the memory of a goldfish, if they lied as small as something like a quarrel. willingly ignores major stories, and aren’t even honest about their biases, then stop and think as to the reasons why. And this is the same Maria Ressa who has extensive history of working for the great propagandists in CNN, and then she started a “blog” that became a “media empire” that followed Gawker’s unsustainable business model and lack of ethics. There no real journalists anymore, most are just working for their paycheck or in the bonus role, pushing through their agendas and ideologies while not giving a damn about the truth.

    1. Time Magazine is even left-leaning that they include Ressa as “Person of the Year”. Also, Donald Trump at one time sarcastically called CNN “fake news” yet you can’t blame him since the media company launched a smear campaign against him during the 2016 US elections. They succeeded against Bernie Sanders, which is the anti-Trump yet they failed against Trump.

      1. REESA REPORTS ON DUTERTE’s killings …
        But not Report on sources of multi-miillion financing of Drug Dealers … right in the middle of Tondo.
        Is Reesa protector of drug dealers? Why is she not investigating drug dealers yet spend her time investigating Duterte’s alleged killings?

        Why? Why? Why?

    2. Looks like Ressa’s smooching with her old pals in the U.S. for some help, likely money, and another for assistance or instruction in some propaganda activity. And it has to be anti-Duterte, as a condition.

  3. The Man of La Mancha was a story about an old man (Don Quixote), he represent an idea that is old and long time ago a virtue of nobility, but in today’s modern world, it is an idea that is quickly fading away, this is the idea of hero-martyr-saint, but in order to uphold the idea, he must find a “villain” to attack and kill to save a damsel in distress. Cervantes made the story comical because that’s just the way we treat people who act like hero, martyr, saint and I think this is the intention of the story.
    The idea of hero-martyr-saint is still prevalent among the Pilipino people, so people like Maria Ressa try to act like one because she found a “villain”(Duterte) to attack, and this of course, the TIME magazine wants, to create a “David and Goliath” story.

  4. Maria Reesa and her fake news advocates, like the New York Times, call themselves : the “personification of truth”…nothing further from the truth.

    The problem of Maria Reesa is , she was not paying her taxes due, or tax evasion. She politicized her tax evasion problems, to make her evade paying taxes.

    Maybe, she is giving some hint to her New York Times cahoots and other journalists, on how not to pay taxes. You can even be a “Person of the Year” in Times Magazine, and tax exempt.

    It is a win-win situation for Maria Reesa !

    1. MISS UNIVERSE GRAY IS personification of Filipino thieving culture. Here Filipinos have Ressa celebrating America’s New Year because Filipino New Year is not worth it but it is worth importing an Australian shashaying for Filipino Flag.


    2. Why is Ressa concerned of the lives of drug dealers?
      Why is Ressa not concerned of the lives the drug dealers killed? Their parents. Their siblings. Their neighbors. The community.

      Why? If she has the brains to investigate Duterte … where does her brain go when it comes to multi-million drug dealers?

      Why is Ressa soft on drug dealers? Ressa never touch them. Ressa never check-out Duterte’s drug list.

      Why? Something fishy. I never sniff and snort something fishy. I just inhale.

      Aaaaah … I know … because Ressa has an addiction. POLITICAL ADDICTION. POLITICAL ANALYSIS. Like all Filipinos. They are all addicted to politics. IN THE PHILIPPINES POLITICS SELLS.

  5. Rappler Reesa said she will report on Duterte’s drug war killings. OK.
    What about Rappler Reesa not telling on drug dealers in squatter area with multi-million pisos drugs? NOT OK.
    Why a squatter citizen with multi-million? Where is the multi-million coming from, Reesa? Did you ever ask Reesa?

    Is Reesa paid for by multi-billion drug dealers for not asking the question?
    Is Reesa paid for by multi-billion drug dealers to attack Duterte for killing multi-billion drug dealers’ peddlers?
    Who is financing Reesa? Chinese?
    Why Reesa never ask the question? Why live in squalor in squatter area with multi-million drugs?
    Well, Reesa can fool the Filipinos but Reesa cannot fool me.

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