Communism in the Philippines should be CRUSHED once and for all!

Why does communism continue to plague the Philippines? Its elements openly defy the government, incite unrest, and spread their obsolete ideology. Across the Philippines, communists infest Philippine university and college campuses, radicalise various “cause-oriented” groups and steal precious classroom hours that could have been used to educate Filipinos students. Communists are also behind labour unrest in many Filipino companies and the propagation of the notion that people are entitled to employment. This is communism, after all. It is an ideology that demands equality and implements egalitarianism by force. Under a communist regime, people’s right to “freedom” goes out the door in favour of the idea that you are only as free to pursue wealth as your comrades’ ability to find work or partake of government dole-outs.

This is, after all, a system of government and economics that denies human nature rather than work within its context. Thus, whereas capitalism has, in practical terms, existed as an economic system since the dawn of civilisation, the communist society envisioned by Karl Marx is so unnatural that it will require a period of “revolutionary” transition before the utopian “classless” state is achieved. Vladimir Lenin, leader of the Bolshevik Revolution that created the Soviet Union which he then became the first leader of described this period as one where a “suppression of the exploiting minority by the exploited majority” will be effected after which “equality” will presumably reign supreme. And under what mechanism would this transition be overseen? Why under no less than a “dictatorship of the proletariat”. Here, the “proletariat” are the workers’ classes — people who “derive income solely from their labour”.

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We can see here that communism is not only obsolete, it is an ideology that insults the human spirit and is an affront to self-determination. It is an idea attractive to people who are unable to or, worse, unwilling to compete. Perhaps this is the reason why communism still exists in the Philippines — because competing and developing one’s self or organising people into groups capable of competing at scale is not a key feature of the Filipino cultural character. The idea of a “dictatorship of the proletariat” appeals to a people whose most valuable export is human labour. Makes sense now, doesn’t it? Rather than see life as a competition for scarce resources and opportunities, proponents of communism see the present world order as one rigged against their needs. Under a communist regime, allocation of resources, after all, is based on need.

The way communism is being interpreted and promoted by Filipino “activists” is just as confused. This is not to mention the fact that virtually every “activist” organisation in most Philippine educational institutions had been infiltrated by communists. Thus any organisation that, by name or creed, is engaged in one form of social advocacy or another be it “women’s issues”, student politics, or campus “journalism” is infested with communists. Because of this mishmash of people focused on disparate “activist” goals cobbled together into a “front” to arbitrarily resist any government programme, it is impossible to achieve any form of consistency. For example, communists are currently allied with the Philippine Opposition which, in turn, is led by the Liberal Party which is a bastion of rule by elite business and feudal oligarchs, specifically the Aquino-Cojuangco clan. This alliance alone makes the communist goal of revolting, massacring the aristocracy, and establishing a “dictatorship of the proletariat” an utter impossibility.

The short of it is that communism is a parasitical system of thought that clings onto Philippine society by taking advantage of Filipinos’ habitual laziness in thinking. Their claims and assertions simply don’t add up. Their front organisations in university campuses may be the butts of many jokes but remain sources of warm bodies to fill their street rallies nonetheless. The continued existence of the New People’s Army (NPA) as a terrorist arm disguised as that “revolutionary” force that supposedly will pave the way for the rise of that “dictatorship of the proletariat” is proof that communists continue to successfully con Filipinos into tolerating their crooked activities.

Communism cannot be crushed by killing members of the NPA. There are just too many gullible young Filipinos coming into the educational system that ensure a fat pipeline of conscripts for this “army”. The key to crushing communism is for Filipinos to become smarter and more adept at spotting the glaring contradictions and inconsistencies in the way communists conduct themselves and their activities and to challenge the slogans being chanted by participants in communist-organised street rallies and communist “influencers” in social media. The core of this challenge lies in the idea that there is no such thing as a state where “equality” rules simply because human beings are not created equal.

Humanity is diverse in character as many liberals ironically point out. Talent and skill are not equally-distributed across societies. To force people to be “equal” is as absurd as feeling entitled to “fairness”. Much of what is important and valuable in life are things one must compete for. This is the inconvenient truth many Filipinos are unwilling to embrace. This unwillingness to handle this truth in the Filipino is what communists are exploiting to their ends. Only when Filipinos learn that anything worth having requires one to compete for it, will communism truly disappear from Philippine society. It is all up to us to decide which story to subscribe to — the true story or the quaintly-entertaining fiction of the Communist Party of the Philippines.

21 Replies to “Communism in the Philippines should be CRUSHED once and for all!”

  1. Communist ideology entices us on: equity, classless society, and exploitation of our humanity. We become faceless workers of the state…slave laborers. While those ruling us will be living in “utopian lives”. Everything is rationed according to your needs. If the rations are not enough, we all go hungry. We work from morning to evening for the state…

    It is ironic that the Aquino Cojuangco oligarchs are the prime supporters of communism. They owned the Hacienda Luisita in Tarlac, that was the cause of the communist/Huk rebellion. People have no lands to till, while they owned mostly of the lands. Many slave tenants work for them…

    It is only thru a better ideology, a better way of thinking that this obsolete ideology will be defeated. We have to look on the experiences of other countries, who were former communist states, to learn from them…from there , we will learn that the communist ideology is a failed/obsolete political ideology !

  2. Communism is here to stay in the Philippines whether we/you like it or not. Communism targets those who are poor and since that group grows and will be growing in the Philippines, communism will stay in the Philippines. It is really and open and shut case. And not even a rocket science.

    It doesnt need to be crushed. It should die by “natural” causes (well at least it did in my country). And still there are (Dutch) people who still favor communism.

    But as long as the Philippines has its government that doesnt want to change the school and educational system (read: curriculum), communism may even thrive more in the Philippines.

    So, in short, every president and every government can be thanked for the fact that communism is here to stay.

    1. In that regard, Filipinos have no one to blame for the persistence of the communist cancer other than themselves. Indeed, the subtext of this article is that its persistence is a manifestation of the multidimensionally-impoverished state of Philippine society.

      Thus, the premise that communism seeks to solve poverty by forcing equality on an entire people is nonsensical because the persistence of its ideology is, itself, an outcome of that poverty.

      1. Your 2nd paragraph is correct and just. Communism works, will work and can only work by the ‘grace’ of poverty. Either financially, in mindset or both. And the Philippines score rather high on both accounts. And therefore, communism will stay here/there for quite some time.

    2. @Robert Haighton you said that your (Dutch) people are still in favor of communism? No wonder, the founder of CPP/NPA, Jose Maria Sison went exile to your country since 31 years ago. And why the Dutch people are prefer on communism, or are they’re prefer on “economic” socialism rather than the “political” communism because that one are REALLY separated & contradicts these 2 ideologies, it like mixing oil & water in the same bottle but it’s still separates! Probably they’re looking for the Nordic style of Socialism because unlike the communism which are very undemocratic & totalitarian in nature, the Nordic Socialism are the opposite & they’re the TRUE meaning of Socialism:

      I think the Philippines should follow the Nordic Socialism instead of Communism especially to the poor ones because it REALLY works on that region there for many years since the time of the Cold War era.

      1. The trouble is, “Nordic socialism” is built upon a solid foundation of social trust. Scandinavians are among the world’s most trustful of their governments and public officials. On that criterion alone, such a model just won’t cut it in Philippine society where everyone by default assumes the other is a crook or a cheat.

        1. Well, that’s the problem on the Filipino politicians, they’re really crooks, dumb & arrogant to the core! And that’s another reason why our country couldn’t develop unlike the Nordic countries, unless if President Duterte should dump those “buwayas” to the Manila Bay in order to feed the hungry fishes there as what he’d promised on his election campaign before:

        2. If we assume that a majority of the people of a society are all have reached the same educational status level, it would mean that most are peer(equal) to each other, that will also mean that whoever is running the government is just a peer to the majority, would a government official really risk his/her reputation among his/her peers to be tainted by corruption?
          I think this is what Mr. Haighton is saying by suggesting the the country should change the educational system. It’s not about socialism, it’s only about the education system.

      2. Mrericx,
        No, I said: there are still people that favor communism. The Dutch communist party (CPN) was founded in 1903; it ‘collapsed’ in 1991 and then ‘merged’ with another political party.
        The Philippine communist Jose Sison has and had nothing to do with the Dutch communist party.

        The idea/ideology/dogma of communism in the Netherlands is not thriving at all. I would describe the political landscape as social (not to be confused with socialism) and based on solidarity.

        An example:
        Someone who is rich (or has a very high income) is taxed the most (in comparison to someone who has a meager salary). They say: “the one with the broader/wider shoulders can bear more”

        Another political example:
        It is almost impossible for one political party to get into absolute power. If a political party gets less than 50% of all the votes, it needs to find another political party to form a coalition. And so, Duterte never would have gotten into power here in my country. He needed another party to get those 50%. I think that is the norm within – at least – Western Europe.

  3. The comprehensive outcome of any system speaks for itself. Competence in the human sense can also mean mastery of our environment so we’re not merely at the mercy of it..

  4. Sarda,
    also the political landscape needs to be changed in PH. When PH leaves the current system, it requires political parties to work together to achieve their goals. What are the goals? Or what should be the goals? To make the country better. And your beloved president, Duterte, could have started this. What is he doing about climate change? What is Duterte doing about reforming the educational system? What is Duterte doing about all the antiquated laws and the constitution (divorce?; same-sex marriage?; abortion?; to name just a few). All those things can help and will help the individual.

    In short: where is progress?

    1. The political system surely needs change. It can’t work when the process causes so much division.
      The leadership and career landscape has become so misaligned and disconnected that nothing seems to serve its real purpose. The overall schism is what prevents people from having a relatively coherent vision— something that applies to the other aspects.

      1. Klara,
        Probably my view/vision about the Philippines (the people) is wrong but I always thought the Philippines was and is a collectivistic country. But I dont see that among PH politicians from different political sides. The will to work together (coalition) and make compromises. Every fart is made into a political scandal. And every time when a politican farts, he/she must hang and be put away in jail. And I see that here in GRP with almost every article.

  5. Robert, as it is now, politicians compete for power because the current setup seems to reinforce corruption. It’s easy to steal because everybody gets into it, and so it has become the norm. It’s treated as competition which necessarily disallows coalition.

  6. Communism is an idea which has its own merits and demerits. It should be allowed to compete in an free, open marketplace of ideas.
    What is wrong with the communism in the Philippines is its armed component, the NPA and its various fronts, which basically give it an edge over other competing ideas. Communism really has very little support among Filipinos, the reason why they are not giving up their arms.

    1. Can there be real competition of ideas when the population outside of the web is generally uninformed? Anything that leads to monopoly limits the scope of what is possible, which is contrary to the “freemarket place” of whatever…

  7. peace talk here, peace talk there
    all but resulting into pissing contests

    SEARCH AND DESTROY operations much like those employed in the Administration’s the drug war
    ought to be put into effect

  8. It is easy to get rid of poverty. It requires training, self-discipline, in the saving habits of earning money and saving it and LEAVING IT ALONE so it can grow and grow daily, weekly, monthly…. despite ALL the temptations in the streets, stores, sari-sari, and all sorts of alluring foods, drinks, etc. And despite the entreaties of people begging you to give, give, give…


    You earned your wages, it is YOURS. It is YOUR RIGHT to OWN what you EARNT. Your money is YOURS. Just like my money is MINE. I do not touch YOUR money, and you do not touch my money. This is a societal agreement we made with each other. Anyone who thinks they hav ea right to my money, your money, others money, well, they are practising the art of thief’s thinking, which is exactly what communism is. Communism is a cover for THIEVES to set themselves up as our lords and masters.

    My family was murdered by the communists in the revolution in Russia. For that, I have despises ALL communists, and communism itself. Communism is destructive and does not lasts long when everyone kills each other over dwindling resources. Just like thieves do. Just like criminals do. The mafia are communists. The gangsters are communists. They all operates exactly the same. Even a fake religion can disguise itself like communism and pretends to be worshiping a dead man and thinks it should be law. They are all destructive and sooner or later dies out, unless they invades and takes over another country, and another, and another, and another. That’s how they works. Like vampires, parasites, unable to procreate naturally they must use force to gain more followers that they will control and force them into following the insanity.

    Communism always fails. It is presented as an attractive model because thats all it is, a glittering prize that looks so lovely, but it fails when tried over 100 times in over 100 countries. Communism are like ponzi schemes. The more people you can entices, the more you can prop up the state, but then the more you kills those who refused to join the state, the more you must find others who you can brainwash and tricked into following you cause, and the more you find, the more the lives becomes msierable and the utopia fantasy became a nightmare where all that you are becomes subservant to the state. The state is all that matters. Nothing else. Not freedom. Not happiness. Not your hungry belly. “They” decides how much you should earn, not you. “They” decides who and where you lives, and what kind of job you should have, even if you have no skills and are shit at their jobs they assigned you to.

    AS we have seen, communist states becomes broken, and the more the higher ups blames the lower echelons, the workers, the more they punish, and the more they destroys, and the more they tightens thier fists.

    It’s just like the ROad to Serfdom. It’s all the same thing.

    It all breaks down, and the higher ups blames the lower ones and refused to face the fact that their fantasy of utopia is just that, a FANTASY.

    Capitalism is realism. Never mind the corporate cronyism with governments aiding them, capitalism really do work for ALL, because with capitalism you DECIDES to work and save up your earnings so you can live a better life for YOU, not anyone else. Each person living in capitalist state are allowed to decided how you wants to live. EACH OF YOU. Not some stranger at the top who thinks he knows better than you.

    I despises socialism, communism, fascism, all the isms of the world, including the political ideology disguised as fake religions and thinks everyone must convert or die if they refused to join.

    There is only one thing on this earth that gives us freedom and that is capitalism.

    Forget about the bad side of capitalism, capitalism ALWAYS gives us means to work and make money, and SAVE UP, for our future and for our NEEDS.

    The state cannot decide what you need, ONLY YOU KNOWS THAT. I do not presume to know exactly what YOUR NEEDS ARE. NO ONE CAN. ONLY YOU KNOWS THAT!

    The communists thinks they knows, but they are insane, and lives in la la fantasy land.

    Reality is better, then you can dream of having the good life by working hard, saving up, and never wasting money on junk, nor on fake charities that might be disguised by hidden communists with hidden motives, or most likely, greed so they can pockets the money and pretends to be all heroic in their efforts to revolutionise whatever country they’re living at the moment.

    I pities these would-be communists. They have no idea what communism entails because COMMUNISM have not been tried, yet. All that have been tried was SOCIALISM… Communism is when the STATE starts KILLING everyone they deems useless, etc.

    Look at Pol Pot. Look at all the others. All these dictators, all these tyrants, all they do is RUINS everything, ruins all the people’s lives they touched with their la la fantasies of utopian communism.

    All these dictators, tyrants, would-be communists, fascists, control freaks, they all have a mental disorder, it’s called THE RIGHT MAN SYNDROME.

    You presents facts that shows communism is a total obselete failure becuase it does not improves anyone’s lives, yet these would-be communists REFUSED to face the facts. Look at them trying to agitate, force change, etc and yet always fails because most people recognise their lives would be destroyed by them, just like the Kmer Rouge in that Killing Field movie.

    Communists would targets the SMARTER people first, the highly educated ones, the teachers, the aristocrats, the bankers, etc, and kills as many as they can, down the ladders, until they gets the dumb ones who would be willing to follow orders and murders anyone, even their own families to curry favour with the murderous communists.

    It’s all been done before. Nothing new under the sun.

    Only the warning, the communism is utterly evil and depraved and SHOULD be crushed, utterly.

    The only way is to present the FACTS to the moronic communists over and over and over, to deprogram them of the fantasy ideal of utopia.

    Life is NOT utopia.

    Capitalism is the ONLY way to gain the freedom to live life as you wants. THAT is the only way.

    There is no other way. No short cuts. Unless you wants to murder people and take their property, that is communism. As it is, the only way to be rich is to work hard, SAVE UP and be DISCIPLINED not to waste your hard earnt money on junk, such as gambling, and pointless drinking booze, and useless drugs.

    To be rich you must learn to copy the rich, how they think, how they work, how they save up their wealth, it’s all about doing the right way, that will help you become rich, so you can live well. THAT is the only path to true utopia.

    WEALTH is utopia. Living in your own house that you owns outright is utopia. Owning your own disclipined savings is UTOPIA.

    There is no shortcuts.

    Thieves, cheaters, etc uses shortcuts such as stealing, taking, etc. that which is not theirs. And most of them always ends up miserable. They never leads happy lives. Just like the communists do.

    I’ve never seen a happy communist content with their lot. They’re always same as the rest of us, wanting more and more, yet not wanting the rest of us the same! That is so selfish.

    Capitalism gives us a healthy sense of selfishness without being too greedy. There is plenty for everyone! All the wealth in the world is plenty for ALL. All you got to do is disciplined yourself, cultivate SAVINGS habit, and work hard, but also work SMARTER, too. Don’t work yourself to the bone, to the death, that’s justs as pointless as communism is. There is a time to work, and a time to rest, a time to eat and a time to fast, and a time to play and a time to work, etc.

    Communism have caused millions of deaths, ruined millions of lives, reduces everyone into the slavery of poverty, while their masters lives high off the hog, wealthy beyond their dreams, and they thinks they’re entitled. Their mentality is diseased.

    Capitalism have helped millions of people lifts themselves outs out of poverty.
    Capitalists THINKS everyone should have a share of wealth.

    Communists thinks everyone should be poor, same as all the rest, but not themselves, because they thinks they’re better than the rest of us.

    Communists and their ilk are the same the world over, mentally deficient, mental disorder, right man syndrome. As such they are very dangerous, just like the political ideology disguised as a religion. These two groups are so dangerous, one day I foresee these two groups going at each other while destroying or attempting to destroy the West and capitalism as well.

    They pretends to be friends with us but behind our backs they’re working hard trying to destroy us from within. But they always fails.

    One day they will comes out and we’ll see who the true enemy are, the two groups of anti-freedom.

    Too bad the Western leaders are blind and refuses to see the dangers. The population will have to take care of matters and forced out the blind leaders and installs realistic leaders who knows the importance of defending our freedoms from these two insidous groups.

    I am happy my family choose the West, over these two groups.

    My grandfather’s family was murdered by the murderous communists in Belarus. His wife, my grandmother, who he met in the Middle East, and married, her family was murdered by the political ideology disguised as a religion, and she was saved by a Russian Orthodox Missionary people who then asks a Russian doctor to raise her and that’s how she passes on her love of Christianity to me.

    Jesus gave us freedom, to think for ourselves. Capitalism is an economic system that helps preserves our freedoms from poverty, by using our brains, and talents, and skills, to make money, and most of all, the ability to SAVE UP, for long periods of time, thus learning to become wealthy. It is FUN to do. And I control what I earns. No one takes my earnings. No one but me touches my money.

    So I thanks my grandparents for their valuable lessons.

    Communism causes untold misery among the millions and millions of lives all over the world.

    Lesson one: Destroy communism.
    Lesson two: destroy all systems that operates like communism.
    Lesson three: be on guard to destroy any and all systems that acts like communism.
    Lesson four: be eternally vigilant, for communism always attracts the gullible, and the foolish, because the ooperators of communist finds that they can raise millions of dollars by cheating, lying, and stealing, just like the political ideology that pretends to be a religion. Same scam, different cloth.

    Capitalism gives us freedom and happiness, and most of all, the poor who refused to learn how to save up, learn how to control their appetites, learn how to have saving habits and not waste money on junk, well, they have themselves to blame, no one else.

    I have a brother, he’s eternally broke, because he refused to save his earnings, so he’s always wasting money on junk, trying to impress people with his flashiness and his falseness… I could not careless about trying to impress people. Their opinions of me don’t matter at all. I don’ give a shit about what they thinks. I care what I THINK, ME, I THINK WHAT MATTERS TO ME.

    I refused to be broke, to be poor, to be in poverty. So I saves and saves and am always saving up, no matter what. Just in case something happens. So I’m always putting away for rainy days, just in case. But then it’s so fun for me to keep saving up. I like it when I have money, it’s always there when I needs it, for whatever I wants. This makes me happy. I don’ give a shit about anyone else. No one ever helped me save up, no one ever helps me earns money. I do for me and me alone. This is true capitalism. This is the way it is supposed to be. I pities those fools like my brother obsessed with trendy bullshit, all those silly fads. I don’t care about those things.

    It’s so boring, trying to impress, trying to copy the jones, blah blah.

    And all those who thinks or lives in poverty, acting like it’s “normal”, somehow… they are so dumb, how can they thinks that? Putting themselves into debts… thats’ not normal.

    But that’s just me. I prefers to save up, always saving up. Why waste so much money on rubbish? It’s pointless and stupid. Saving up is always better habit. Money is always there when you needs it. It feels good to see my savings grow weekly, monthly, etc. It’s so awesome.

    And I will defend my right to live my life as I CHOOSE. Not you communists, Not you islamists. Both you groups are scum and have always blame us rich for your problems when it’s YOU is the problem. YOUR THINKING is the problem.

    TO be rich you must let go of those false beliefs that kept you in poverty for so long.

    To save up, you must save for YOURSELF, for there is NO OTHER WAY. Youv’e tried your way and that way FAILED.

    Communism is FAILURE. Islamism is FAILURE. The only success they have is forced conversion, forced brainwashing, forced stupidities. That’s all these two systems have. Same with fascism. Same with gangsterism. Same with mafiasos. Same with all other isms of the world.

    ONLY Capitalism gives us freedom to be free to live life as we CHOOSE.

    And control freaks like these mafia gangs like communism and islamism all hates capitalism.

    Communism says there is no GOD. Islamism says… whatever.

    They forgets that God’s name is I AM, and His name is IMAGINATION. So every time you THINK, IMAGINE, something, no matter how GOOD, or BAD, or INDIFFERENT, God is giving you exactly what YOU WANTS.


    Did you not know that Jesus Christ is IN you?

    The Kingdom of Heaven is WITHIN you.

    The skull is the MOUNTAIN, the TOMB, where we wakes up and lives and have our reason of being.

    So all along, there is nothing OUTSIDE of ourselves. Because our IMAGINATION, that are called GOD, I AM, JESUS CHRIST, and thats’ who we are.

    Whatsoever you pray, you shall have it, but you must pray in SECRET.

    And this “prayer” means picturing an IMAGE in your MIND’S EYE, that is true prayer. And in SECRET you prays, not openly in front of others. And if you BELIEVE, then you shall have it. It may seem long, but it will comes.

    This is the TRUTH, that many have hidden for years.

    You simply lay in your bed, casts your mind where you wants it to go, and IMAGINE, and in this IMAGINING act you are COMMUNING with GOD, for He is always INSIDE YOU.

    All along GOd is with us. All along God is INSIDE us. We are the WIFE of GOD. ANd whatever we imagined, good, bad, or indifferent, GOD GIVES US WHAT WE ASKS FOR.

    You think and dreams of war? Well, soon, God will gives you exactly that.

    Think unlovely things? God gives you that.

    Uplifts others? God rewards you ten fold, or 100 folds!

    See? God rewards, whether you uses your Imagination wisely or unwisely.

    You have free choice to choose which path you takes, good or bad.

    Communists I imagined them giving up communism because they finds that communism always fails, and always kills all those who practises it. Communism is total falure, just like islamism is. Just like gansterism is. Just like mafioism. Just like fascism. Many will be enticed by the glowing stories of these silly isms, but then they’ll wakes up and realise it was all bullshit, or they wakes up dead, and realise they’ll get out fast, or they’ll see horrors and seeks to destroy it but then find it’s better to get out, and be free.

    Every country learns the same thing, over and over and over until some kmatures and becomes wise and work cooperatively among themselves and reduces the poison of islam and communism and fascism and helps everyone live better lives with capitalism which gives everyone the right to work, save up, and keep what they earns!

    Capitalism: you keep what you earns.
    Communism: you’r enot allowed to earn anything, only be given what THEY thinks you should have.
    Islam (same as communism), etc etc etc.

    Thank God for FREEDOM, and Capitalism! For capitalism gives freedom to all.

    The tyrants, the dictators, the right man syndromers, they hates freedom, and they hates capitalism, and when they secretly learns how to make money, they wakes up and realise that capitalism is amazing and awesome and they stops being tyrants, and dictators, and be free to accepts their humility that they are humans, after all, not some right man syndrome ideology. LOL.

    FREEDOM! CAPITALISM! JESUS CHRIST! GOD! I AM! IMAGINATION! These are the best of our world. True happiness, happy lives, no stress, peaceful lives, fulfilling lives.

    Communism, islamism, fascism, etc are the WORST of our world. Causes suffering, unhappyiness, misery, etc etc boring morons.

    Choose well. Or choose poorly. Up to you.

    As for those who refused to learn how to discipline saving habits, well, thats’ their fault. They choose not to learn to save up for themselves, so they prefers to be beggars asking for money all the time, and misses out the rewards of self-discipline, self-reliance, and self-sufficiency, and saving habits. They are idiots.

    Leave them be, let them learn the hard way, then. Sooner or later they will wakes up and realise what I already learnt all these years.

    It is far better to be capitalist than any other for the rewards is always great.

    Fuck poverty, and fuck communism, and fuck islamism, and fuck fascism, and all the rest of the mafia gangsterism shits.

    Think for yourself. Question everything. Then you’ll know the truth and the truth shall sets you free from all the lies, the brainwashing, the bullshit of the dumbos who thinks communism, etc are great. They are morons for a reason. They just wants to be LAZY and not bother working hard, saving up, etc .for a better life for themselves. I despises them who thinks everyone owes them a thing. Pffts. They are morons. Avoids them at all costs. They will NEVER improves your life.

    Look at their countries, ruined by communism, ruined b islamism, ruined by fascism, ruined by gangsterism, ruined by mafiosism. Bah, they’re all idiots.

    Capitalism is the BEST. That’s why all the countries are trying to move to hte west, instead of learning from the West and improving their own countries… they just keeps their countries stagnating while the West grows ever better and better and better over time.

    It is time to throw off the yoke of the oppression of communism, islamism, fascism, etc.

    Or you can die under the choking oppression of these ridiculous ideologies. Bah.

    I choose freedom from these morons. I live my life as I WANTS, not what they wants. Too bad for them. I think for myself, and I choose FREEDOM over their lies and depraved bullshit. Ha ha ha.

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