Speaker Gloria Macapagal Arroyo Defends The Country From IPU Meddling

Supporters of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte may see House Speaker Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s decision to push for the withdrawal of the Philippines from the Inter Parliamentary Union as proof her strong alliance with the current administration, but I see it as the only correct stand against the meddling of this international lawmakers’ body with our country’s functioning judicial system.

“You know the last time there was an IPU and then Senate President Koko Pimentel was head of delegation and he decried the interference of the IPU in our judicial processes. This time, over the objection of the Philippine delegation, again they did the same thing,” Arroyo said during a medical mission in Brgy. Escopa, Quezon City.

“Since this is the second time they did it to my knowledge, I am recommending to the Senate which heads the delegation that we should withdraw our membership with the IPU,” she explained.

Source: CNN Philippines

Presidential Spokesman Sal Panelo outlined how the IPU trampled on the Philippine’s sovereignty.

“The Office of the President considers the resolutions adopted by the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), as well as its subsequent decisions on the cases of Senator Leila de Lima and Senator Antonio Trillanes IV during its 139th Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland, as an affront to the core of our State’s principles,” Panelo said in a statement on Monday.

“We consider such actions as interventions of our domestic affairs for they do not only show the Philippines in a bad light in front of the global community but worse, such one-sided evaluations infringe on our sovereignty,” he added.

Source: Inquirer.net

The IPU, together with the EU and the ICC, has consistently demonstrated bias for those opposed to Duterte’s administration on the basis of bare allegations of human rights abuse and extra judicial killings.

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As a former President with vast experience in international law and geopolitics, House Speaker Macapagal Arroyo’s push for the Philippine withdrawal from the IPU further validates the Duterte Administration’s stand against the international lawmakers’ body.

With both houses of Congress supporting the president’s stand, the Philippine withdrawal from the IPU can hardly be called a capricious move or pique on the president’s part.

Moreover, the IPU taking the cudgels for De Lima appears to be ignorant and arrogant.

“The IPU’s resolution reiterating its concern to the continued trial and detention of Sen. De Lima  exposes its ignorance on the workings of the justice system in the Philippines. IPU must educate itself before displaying its total lack of understanding of De Lima’s case,” he said in a statement.

He noted that the senator was accorded due process, saying that a judge of a court of competent jurisdiction issued a warrant for De Lima’s arrest after a judicious determination of the existence of a probable cause for a drug related case filed against her.

“No one is above the law. Her being a senator cannot shield her from the majesty of the law,” said Panelo.

Source: GMA Network

13 Replies to “Speaker Gloria Macapagal Arroyo Defends The Country From IPU Meddling”

  1. I remember there was a bare minimum of a murmur when Arroyo and many of her Government officials from Generals to Secretaries to Chief Justice were imprisoned, their reputations and names destroyed or forced into taking their lives because they were not given due process and withstood a 24/7 Media barrage by these same organizations, and many of them were still vindicated because after 6 years, there hardly was hard evidence from Daang Matuwid. Because having the blessing of the Liberal International nets you approval and good international PR, like Aquino and his buddies did regardless of their blunders, matter of fact, go see the Liberal World’s reaction to “Populist” Governments and Parties, you’ll see why they are going all out into helping their fellows around the World to cling to power with their tacit support. Like the EU hating on every Populist Government that contradicts it’s self-serving and cultural suicidal policies. You can see them being desperate enough to forgo subtlety to outright demanding all follow their lead and everyone must believe the narrative they are writing.

  2. This is the result of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, and the leftist opposition groups; going to international organizations to “bad mouth” the Duterte administration for allege, human rights abuses and extra judicial killings.

    They want the U.S. and international community to remove Pres. Duterte, paving the way for the fake Vice Pres. Lugaw Robredo to become President. These opposition people want a coup d’ etat or a silent coup d’ etat; so that, they can regain back their power.They want a replica of the 1986 EDSA coup d’ etat of the late Pres. Marcos, Sr.

    All they want is power for themselves. We are not in their list to be reckoned with …to them our interests do not matter !

    1. Hyden: nobody gives a rat’s turd about the Philippines. It can drop into a sinkhole in the sea as far as Europe is concerned.

      I’m no big fan of international organisations, nor of the EU, nor for that matter of de Lima, but it’s quite clear that the Philippines has no sensible reply to the IPU in this case.

      Of course, stomping off and throwing a tantrum is the standard Filipino way of dealing with any criticism, so no real surprises here. God forbid they could actually do a bit of self-examination and see if something, anything, about the Majesty Of The Law might need some improvement.

      It would have been funnier with a few death threats against IPU members though. That’s the way it’s dealt with in village arguments, isn’t it? Come on Pinoys, a bit more entertainment value here, please. Don’t forget, your purpose on the planet is to give everyone else something to point at and say, “dayum, I’m just glad we’re not as bad as those sorry specimens”.

      1. @marius:
        Politics is entertainment. Just look at how many , movie stars, singers, comedians, and other show biz people are in politics.

        Those “do gooder” international organizations are “virtual parasites”. They have financial donations from “globalist” politicians, Well, it is one way of earning a living or scamming people for a living. Whatever, you want to look at the situation.

        On the other hand, they can be used by political opportunists from any member nation, who contribute for their cause, to remove, oust and replace their political opponents !

        1. AHA! HA! HA! RIGHT ON, HAYDEN !!!

          POLITICS is entertainment for old men … like Hollywood entertainment for women.


    1. @Oratio Imperata:

      Sure, political candidates will do anything to get our votes and get elected. We , voters are entertained, until they desensitize us, and like pickpockets, they pick our votes from us.

      Same as those who want to oust Pres. Duterte, They go to different international organizations, to demonize Duterte… Hoping that these foreign entities will oust Duterte, and put them in power.

      For us ordinary Filipinos, it is some sort of entertainment. Because, these idiots try to do the impossible and laughable, in order to get into power !

  3. The oppositions are only in unity against Duterte, and pro administration are only in unity because of Duterte, if Duterte leaves the office, a vacuum will be created, and all these unity will be gone, and the leadership to rule will be up for grab for any elite hungry for power.


      The size of letter in typewriting? Or ….

      a select part of a group that is superior to the rest in terms of ability or qualities. Creme de la creme … ?

      When Filipinos think of ELITE they think of Spanish-speaking colonists !!! CARAMBA CANDE LABRA

      Get your thinking straight.

  4. Can you comment something related to topics besides from your regular Filipino tantrum?
    It is getting annoying every time you comment the same thing.

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