What to expect from today’s September 21 Luneta “Grand Rally”…

Something one could reasonably expect of yet another “grand rally” organised by the Yellowtards at the Luneta is an answer to this long-posed question:

What next after the rally?

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As the late comedy great Dolphy said about running for office in an election, “Madali lang tumakbo, paano kung manalo?

Indeed, it is easy to “hit the streets” to “protest” whatever. But it is harder to envision how one would use a victory wisely. This was proven way back in 1986 when the mother of all rallies, that year’s EDSA “Revolution”, ousted then President Ferdinand Marcos. Filipinos are now acutely aware of what happened next after all that.

Essentially, what happened next after that “revolution” was nothing. Nothing changed.

If even such a big “revolution” could not change Philippine society and its politics at a fundamental level, what more a rally that is clearly composed of an even smaller subset of the poltical landscape, the Yellowtard-led clique of “activists” who fancy themselves as this era’s “Opposition”?

The key to a successful poltical coup is not in preaching to a choir of rabid supporters. Success lies in converting the unconvinced. To do that you need a clear path forward underpinned by a lucid vision.

Unfortunately the current Philippine Opposition proposes neither vision nor roadmap. It merely proposes to continue to imprison Filipino minds in an irrelevant historical blip and define their nationhood on that rather than on an otherwise promising future.

It’s time Filipinos seek real change — by embracing a narrative focused on the future and ditch a long dysfunctional tradition of fixation in the past.

27 Replies to “What to expect from today’s September 21 Luneta “Grand Rally”…”

  1. When after the revolution, the old leadership ousted, when the euphoria died down, and the people start to look at each other, and ask the question “what are we going to do next?” It can only mean one thing, the revolution already failed.


    Hugo Chavez was also elected on the basis of broad popular support, fighting for the common folk and promising “change”.

    Why do you think under a dictator the philippines will be like singapore. First we already had a dictator before (Didn’t turn out so well!). Second culturally Philippines is closer to LatAM than East Asia.

    Philippines is bad. But it can get MUCH MUCH worse


    1. Nice TROLLING, son.

      The ‘democracy’ you’re defending is not true democracy. The people made it into a spectator sport, turning into a mob rule and branded it as ‘people power’. So following rules, honoring due process and even the rule of law is not ‘people power’, is it?

      Since you brought up Venezuela, seems you totally forgot that it was a left-wing populist/Socialist state. And THAT is what the leftist cucks in UP and even the NPA wants to happen when they take over the government. It wouldn’t be surprising if that is exactly what you want.

    2. Duterte was elected by a nominal majority of Filipinos according to the “rules” of Philippine democracy. By making sure he stays as President for the remainder of his term, se ade DEFENDING DEMOCRACY.

  3. We Filipinos really have to look, and look hard at the opposition’s real agenda. Back in 1986, many were forced to believe that real change has come, and many expected real change. What happened next? We were subjected to Kamaganak Inc., empty promises, while the country reverted 20 years, all the accomplishments of the previous administration negated. It was a victory not for the opposition, but the oligarchs who were “oppressed” under Marcos. We were constantly subjected to the empty slogans “The Filipino is worth dying for” and such nonsense, when all the while it was really “My political ambitions are worth dying for”. Lets face it, it was a situation that spelled “Wala ka na Marcos, kami naman ngayon”. This still applies today. The real slogan is “Duterte umalis ka na, kami naman”. then what happens? The return to oligarch rule, the empty slogans, such as “EDSA spirit” and glorification of dead vindictive, incompentent leaders who did nothing to improve the plight of the common Filipino, Do we really want that?

    1. You’d rather be STARVING? Bowing down to a picture of DEAR LEADER? Live in the MURDER CAPITAL of the world. Be OPPRESSED?!?!

      Why don’t you ask how fine and dandy VENEZUELANS and NORTH KOREANS are?! Thats what happens when democracy dies.

      You should book a ONE WAY TICKET going there.

      1. To be honest, Marcos is called a dictator, but trying to overrate stuff is why Pinoys are that stupid.

        30 years of trying to hide that Marcos was not unique in Asia. Dictatorship was the zeitgeist of the time, and Marcos looked like a kindergarten in terms of brutality and plunder compared to the dictators of China, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, South Korea, and Indonesia. 30 years of writing half truths in history.

        Seems you never heard of Singapore under the late Lee Kuan Yew, where he stated that “it’s better to be feared than to be loved”. That’s an example of ‘benevolent dictatorship’.

        1. Lol!

          Are you such a LOSER that you want big mommy government to bail you out and make everything ok. PATHETIC.

          GRP talks about independence but wants dictatorship. HYPOCRITICAL. Dependency on government is BAD. And dictatorship is the worst big government of all and your SMALL TOWN mayor is leading us there.

          Democracy and Capitalism is all about making your own way. This benevolent dictator myth has to die. For every Lee Kuan Yew there are countless Marcoses, Kims, Gaddafis, Pol Pots, Maduros, Guevara, Basar Al-Assad, not to mention the COUNTLESS African dictators.

          Even ‘benevolent’ dictatorships like Saudi Arabia are a shit hole in its own way. Dont tell me you’d rather live under a Saudi type regime?? Why dont you MOVE THERE LOSER!

        2. @darth mortis, the fool:

          You love to twist things just to fit on your pathetic narrative. Typical Yellowtardism right there.

          Just wanna quote Mahathir: “True democracy comes when we know its limits.”

          And thanks for proving my point that you love to overrate stuff because you want to put Marcos on those list of dictators just because of that word alone. You’re not even reading further.

    2. Filipinos rely too much on politicians to clean up this cesspool we created for ourselves. What we want is for the government to solve ALL of our problems without us putting any effort at all.

      There was a woman I had the pleasure of sharing a Grab ride with. Throughout the whole ride, she was complaining about the traffic that Duterte promised to solve (but didn’t) and the lack of discipline of most drivers in Manila. Then she rolled down the window of the car and threw her used tissue out the window as we cruised through the dirty streets of Sampaloc. Lack of discipline indeed.

      This lady is the perfect example of how Filipinos are. We do very little to contribute to any progress. Yet are always full of complaints towards the government and towards their fellow citizens when things are going downhill.

    3. THIS.

      A dictatorship replaced by another dictatorship, in the guise of democracy. That is exactly what happened after 1986. Yellow shills wouldn’t even want to accept that fact.

      1. How is it a dictatorship when you’re able to elect your SMALL TOWN MAYOR because you had a sheep brain and are distracted by mocha unson’s boobs to think clearly.


        Democracy worked under the yellows as there was a smooth turn over of power. Now it is being THREATENED

        1. You’re missing the point, son. What I’m referring to is that kind of dictatorship under the guise of democracy, with the Yellows doing it and it lasted for 30 years. If someone here had a sheep brain it’s you and your lack of intelligence is showing it. Mentioning Mocha Uson in this discussion + plus ad hominem attacks means that you’re truly desperate on seeking attention.

          I vehemently disagree about the smooth turn over of power. What actually happened is EDSA 1:

          30 years of glorifying EDSA1, which indeed the world admired. 30 years, other countries did not need the admiration of the world; they just gradually and QUIETLY made the transition from military rule to democracy. Now, other countries have proven EDSA1 was a stupid move, and they cannot stop laughing.

        2. > Now it is being THREATENED

          yeah, by the yellows.

          Basically, what youre saying is that its only a democracy if the yellows are in power. Well, sorry to break it to you, but that ISNT A DEMOCRACY.

          The fact that we were able to elect a “small town mayor” to the Presidency just shows that we have a healthy working democracy. Though to be fair, Davao isn’t exactly a “small town.”

  4. “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”, they usually say,

    The people clamoring for change and power, are the same people who gave us: DAP, PDAF, Pork Barrel Bribery, massacres, “lag lag bala”, Hacienda Luisita, Typhoon Yolanda Fund scam, Deng Vaxia vaccines scam and all kinds of graft , scams and corruptions.

    So, beware of EDSAs. Do not fall for EDSAs for the second time !

    1. To 333Hyden007Toro7777.77

      …….. And Duterte has given us slowing GDP growth, MORE taxes, BUKBUK rice, 7000+ DEAD all over the philippines, the destruction of Marawi, NO MORE INVESTMENTS (except selling the infrastructure to LOAN shark Chinese), Attacks on press freedom as well as all kinds of graft and corruption.

      Weighing them… Duterte is doing more damage


      1. @Darth mortis, the TROLL:

        This post is hilarious to the core, mostly based on assumptions and half-truths, which is comedy gold and a potential satire.

        The 7,000 deaths you’re referring to is straight from Leni Robredo’s mouth and said it was all drug-related yet the PNP slams it down, so you prove yourself that you have a sheep brain because you believe in Robredo’s words. It’s hilarious that you blame Duterte for the destruction of Marawi w/o ever realizing that they are dealing with ISIS-sponsored terrorists that you would suggest that we should throw stones at them, right? It’s also hilarious that you claim there are ‘no more investments’ yet there are more of them and that is what happens when you have too much reliance on the mainstream media. It’s also hilarious that you said there are attacks on press freedom yet it’s just a ploy from Rappler just to save themselves from their own blunders; yes, the SEC filed a case against them for violating the law and they called it ‘attack on press freedom’ that you’re approving them of inciting to sedition.

        Weighing them, these are nothing but mere bubble. And a bubble doesn’t even do damage.

        Do not fall for attention whoring Yellowtards like Darth Mortis, the Yellow shitposter.

        1. I DO NOT WORRY about deaths in the Philippines … When Yolanda killed 12,000 Taclobanese …. morning after they were replaced by 24,000 Filipino babies … GO ASK THEIR MATERNITIES ….

        2. @Quartzer: Youre so dumb, I dont even know how to reply properly to your SHEEP brain.

          I don’t have to. Filipinos see it in their daily lives that things have gotten WORSE.

          Go EAT 100peso BUKBUK rice. AND ALWAYS USE PROTECTION!

          Don’t want more bi-pedal sheep like you infesting the already overpopulated streets.

        3. @Quartzer: Youre so dumb, I dont even know how to reply properly to your SHEEP brain.

          I don’t have to. Filipinos see it in their daily lives that things have gotten WORSE.

          Go EAT 100peso BUKBUK rice. AND ALWAYS USE PROTECTION!

          Don’t want more bi-pedal sheep like you infesting the already overpopulated streets.

          Nah, you’re just as triggered as any shilling leftist SJW sheep who loves to make noise whatsoever.

          Of course you don’t have to because you just rely by what the mainstream media tells you; a more accurate definition of a sheep brain.

          You try to tell me to enjoy your 100 peso bukbuk rice while you’re enjoying your 50,000 peso smartphone and you’re using it to shitpost and troll on this site. Typical conyo mentality.

          Also, you’re referring to yourself even more because you’re just the same as any lefty activists infesting the streets as they march on.

          You need to TROLL harder, son.

      2. @Darth mortis, the balanced;

        Marcos is irrelevant in the political landscape. He has been dead for more than 30 years. The corruption of the Aquino era were in really tremendous proportions… Along with the 2016 SMARTMATIC, HOCUS PCOS election, that declared the Fake VP Leni Robredo, as Vice President, to replace Duterte, if he would be impeached. The advent of the former COMELEC chief crook, Andres Bautista, with his multi billion bank accounts. The way that Aquino dog , Caguiaoa, obstructing the recount in the Supreme Court is idiotic. They have already hijacked the will of the Filipino people.

        You have to explain to us, the many corruption and graft issues, under the Aquino regime. Do not point at Duterte or Marcos as your diversionary tactic .

        Unless these crooks are punished, there will be no progress of our country …Aquino Trolls like you are doing disservice to Filipino people !

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