Martial Law “victims” aren’t a reliable source of information about the Martial Law years

Indeed, those who lived through it live to tell about it. Those who died, well, aren’t really in a position to say much today. All they really have are those who presume to speak for the dead. It is therefore no surprise that the presumptive “leaders” of the Opposition, the so-called Liberal Party (better known as the Yellowtards) have the most to say about Martial Law’s dead “victims”.

These are, after all, a clique of partisans that are adherents of the Church of Necropolitics. The original messiah of this church is the late former Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr whose assassination in 1983 created its current congregation. It is likely to be the only cult fully-endorsed by the Roman Catholic Church, which explains the power and influence it exerts on Philippine politics.

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Filipino Necropoliticians, like their backers in the Catholic Church successfully spun an entire narrative around the death of Ninoy Aquino much the same way as the Catholic Church did around the death of Jesus Christ two millenia ago. In the course of building, propagating, and embedding this narrative, they had taken huge liberties around speaking for the dead and crafting blurb about what the “meaning” of this death supposedly is — that Ninoy “died for the Filipino” and that his death saved the Philippines. Sounds familiar, right? That’s because the Yellowtards hit upon a successful mass hypnosis formula the Roman Catholic Church shrewdly turned into its trillion dollar fortune today.

This is what made the Yellowtard force such a sticky and untouchable cult (until now) — because Filipinos have a pathological fear of examining the life of the dead with a critical mind. As long as one is six feet under, one is essentially immune from criticism by the living. In short, the Yellowtards’ advancement of their Church of Necropolitics was a well-executed emotional blackmail of an entire nation. They advanced the dogma agressively and crushed anyone who dared ask confronting questions about who Ninoy Aquino really was under the weight of superstition and Yellow mythology.

The same tactic is being used in the Martial Law narrative they continue to prop up today. Martial Law “victims” are sacred cows. No “decent” Filipino sipping brewed coffee in a five-star hotel lobby with their tita amigas would dare question why they ended up dead to begin with. Yet the evidence that tens of millions of Filipinos — an enormous majority that dwarfs the number of “victims” and makes them fit to be no more than a research paper footnote — led entirely normal and often productive lives under the “Martial Law Regime” is a matter of hard statistics. The Martial Law “victims” are no more as statistically significant as other victims of mass murder or manslaughter under other administrations (including the current one as some allege).

As such, one would question why the Yellowtards single out Martial Law “victims” as the preferred set of stiffs they rally their “cause” around. Why not the Maguindanao massacre victims? Why not the 44 police officers massacred in Mamasapano? Both of these two have victims whose deaths could be directly traced to a single perpetrator. There are bigger preventable deaths involving thousands of truly innocent victims — the tens of thousands killed in maritime “accidents”, for example. Why aren’t the shipping magnates under whose watch decrepit ships ferried these souls went on with impunity in prison?

It seems the Yellowtards are the only Filipinos granted license to disrespect the dead as is evident in an “activist” cause to have the remains of former President Ferdinand Marcos dug up from the Libingan ng mga Bayani. One can only imagine if the most rabid of them actually did get their hands on these remains. They’d probably drag them all over Manila’s streets in triumph. That’s the sort of class act one could resasonably expect of these zealots.

It is high time Filipinos question this bizarre fixation on the Martial Law “victims”. Were these “victims” truly as innocent as the thousands of Filipinos who met watery graves thanks to the criminal negligence of Sulpicio Lines, for example? These are the sorts of hard questions Filipinos should be asking the Yellowtards. More importantly, this is what should fuel the larger Philippine Opposition’s evaluation of how effective their Yellowtard leadership really is. The reality that these obsolete narratives and slogans have become a fatal liability to an Opposition facing a popular president who is evidently immune to the emotional blackmail of the Yellowtards should be faced and dealt with decisively. Time is running out. The mid-term elections are just around the corner and, following that, the next presidential elections is becoming an inescapable relevance. Time to ditch the Yellowtards and their idiotic narrative, for good.

12 Replies to “Martial Law “victims” aren’t a reliable source of information about the Martial Law years”

  1. So what’s your point? That all Philippine governments kill people, so ho hum, business as usual?

    IMO it’s better to risk painting an (ex-)government as worse than it really was than to whitewash it. Most governments are bad, so you’ll probably be more right than wrong.

    I suppose Filipinos are so used to being shat upon from on high that they no longer recognise such abuse when they see it. Add to that the fact that Filipinos tend to re-write reality according to whatever they believe, and you’ve got a recipe for historical disaster.

    So yeah, best to take anything that Filipinos say with a grain of salt. Fortunately a lot of impartial (foreign) historians and social scientists also documented the Martial Law years. Taken together, they’ve probably got the general outline correct if not the precise details.

    1. So what’s your point? That all Philippine governments kill people, so ho hum, business as usual?

      Nope. That wasn’t the point I was making.

      1. PDU30 government doesn’t kill Pilipino people, he rehabilitate them, around 1.3 million in the 600 rehabilitation center,almost 400 percent full in each centers, they even hardly move and do exercise, what the previous government of madpnoy kulangkulang99 that had created almost four million Pilipino addicts, abnoy wants to fulfill the wishes of her late mother santa corykot lantarang pangugurikot, of letting the Pilipino suffer so that they will hate marcos forever,,.she was the most ruthless vindictive ruler of the Philippines, that even Apo lakay Marcos remains, wants her to be disrespected forever,

    2. “Fortunately a lot of impartial (foreign) historians and social scientists also documented the Martial Law years.”

      Marius, apparently, can be partly correct with this assessment, judging from what former CIA officer, the late Philip Agee related in an interview then regarding CIA’s modus operandi here in the Philippines and elsewhere around the globe!

      “That’s an old, old technique of the CIA- established a type of civic organization which will be involved in monitoring elections and things like that. And the first one that I know of was NAMFREL in the Philippines. They established that one around in 1950-51 as part of the counter-insurgency in 1960s against the HUKS, the guerilla movement at the time. Because we want to have a vehicle for electing our man-president of the Philippines. And we did it through this organization NAMFREL. NAMFREL stands for National Association for Free Elections I think. And yeah free elections, when we were financing it. And NAMFREL was very succesful. And our man Ramon Magsaysay was elected President. I think it was ’52-’53 and unfortunately he was killed in a plane crash ’57. And so they’ve switched to Marcos and various other people like that. But NAMFREL never, never faded away.”

      “And in 1986, remember the elections of 1986 which Marcos tried to steal, well, NAMFREL was alive and well. And they were the ones who denounce the fraud… by Marcos. And they then inspired the movement of people power which forced him to resign and brought Cory Aquino in as president. So NAMFREL is alive and well. They tried to copy it in Panama.”

      1. isn’t NAMFREL created during the 1986 elections and it means… NINOY AQUINO MOVEMENT FOR FREE ELECTION? Why did they change it?

  2. So there are still those fake victims of Martial Law around? Like Communists who murdered and raped people and still claim to be victims. Or someone out of the blue claiming to be oppressed during Marcos era, and just want hand-outs.And then there are probably families of now-dead martial law victims who probably want to freeload on “reparations.” Nah, they’re better off getting jobs.

  3. First time ever posting a comment about the Philippines, because don’t usually ever post comments and I held on to hope that maybe it would get better and it waan’t the majority, but have to say I never want to visit this place again, or ever be around them.
    Rudest, fakest, most disrespectful people I’ve ever experienced. It’s amazing how much they lie and inflate themselves by telling the world they’re the most friendliest, hospitable people. Sure.
    Seems the only time they’re ever nice is if it’s their job to be, and/or they want something from you, especially as a “foreigner”.
    Most closed minded, delusional people ever, and the “Pinoy Pride” bullshit is way too ridiculous, they dont’t even have pride for their own kind even their own skin colour. Discriminate against their own and discriminate against anything different.
    Can’t even go to a mall without being stared at constantly like an animal at a zoo exhibit, because you’re white and they think you’re beautiful and rich etc.
    Barking dogs 24/7, they laugh out loud everytime anyone walks by, no common decency or respect at all.
    My fiancee is Filipino and they respect me as a foreigner way more than her even though she lives here and she’s their “own people”.
    Hardly any mature or professional behaviour anywhere, like a bunch of kids that never grew up.
    They pretend they’re “family orientated” but use their own family members to work and provide for them while doing nothing but sit on their asses and not even appreciate anything their ungrateful, undeserving selves get.
    All those foreigners that take care of these ungrateful, lazy, scamming people and their whole families do nothing but enable them to never get out of this vicious cycle.
    Just unbelievably fake, rude, annoying and
    using/scamming people.

  4. Anybody can just claim that they are victim of “Marcos Martial Law.” The “Marcos Martial Law victims” were concocted by the U.S./C.I.A. Disinformation Department. It was given to the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, as an “Effective Tool” to oust the late Pres. Marcos Sr…

    It was the right political move of the late Pres. Marcos Sr., to declare Martial Law, to save the Philippine republic. The N.P.A. rebellion was in full swing, made strong by the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, and the Roman Catholic Church, the Opposition, which were their secret supporters.

    If those “Martial Law victims” really want to find the “Unvarnished Truth” about Pres. Marcos Sr. Martial Law. They must have to go to Juan Ponce Enrile, the former Minister of Defence, ans Fidel Ramos, the head of the Philippine Constabulary, under the late Pres. Marcos, Sr.

    However, these two people, who played Vital Roles in the implementation of Pres. Marcos, Sr. “Martial Law”, are untouchables.

    The minions of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis just shout: “Martial Law Victims !”, drowning the Real Truth. They focused on Marcos, Sr., who has been dead for more than 30 years already.

    It would be easy to find the Truth, if these , “Martial Law victims”, would go and drag,Juan Ponce Enrile and Fidel Ramos; torture them, like they had tortured their “Victims”, until they will tell the Truth , during those supposed “Dark Martial Law Years”.

    And by the way, Marcos Martial Law is a “Good Bogeyman”, used by the Aquino Cojuangco political axis and the Opposition, to Dumb Down the Filipinos, and frighten them in times of elections. Even if they cheat in elections thru, a crook , like Andres Bautista; and thru SMARTMATIC HOCUS PCOS; if they shout : “Marcos Martial Law !”. The Dumb Downed Filipinos would be numbed with fear…

  5. To help president Duterte fight crimes, he should armed law abiding citizens with cleared NBI and Police records at least a .177 caliber airgun pistols to carry for their own protection and their family wherever they go.

  6. What is most vile and despicable about money is that it even confers talent. And it will do so until the end of the world.

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