Can Leni Robredo unite and deliver votes to the Philippine Opposition?


We can start to answer this question by first understanding what it would take to unite and strengthen the Opposition. At the moment, the Philippine Opposition is virtually non-existent. It lacks a leader, a vision, and an election-winning strategy. Without the latter, a vision is practically useless, because you need to be in power to execute a vision and, in a democracy, it is only through winning an election that one can legally acquire power.

This means that assuming leadership of the Opposition is the easy part — because one can simply be proclaimed “leader” by consensus amongst the shrillest key personalities in the opposition. In this regard, Robredo has a good shot “achieving” that at least. And, as far as news reports go, Robredo has made a lot of these Opposition personalities ecstatic simply by announcing that she is willing to be opposition leader.

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“Ngayon, merong initiatives na ‘yung iba’t ibang grupong gumagalaw, magyu-unite. At hiningi ng mga grupong iyon if I can lead,” she said. “Ang sabi ko, oo, pero kailangang pag-usapan ‘yung terms.”

[Today there are various groups with initiatives that are moving to unite. They have asked me to lead and I said yes but there will need to have discussion around the terms.]

The term “unite” here, it seems, has nothing to do with sharing any kind of common vision for the Philippines or even any sort of legislative agenda. Rather, the agenda of “uniting” in this instance more likely has to do with consolidating an effort to win an election. In short, what is being formed here is some sort of coalition. Given that this is the Philippine context, a better term for this would be an election winning machine.

As such, a willingness to unite under the leadership of Robredo is hinged on Robredo’s ability to win over votes for the candidates of these disparate groups. Presumably the common goal is eventual removal of incumbent Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte from office. In that, it can be said, this possible coalition could indeed have a shared goal. But if successful at achieving that goal, what next?

Right there is enough reason to believe that Robredo will not be actually leading the Opposition in any real sense — because her remit as “leader” will likely not go as far as leading the “What’s Next?” part of that journey. It also shows that no real vision underpins such a coalition that Robredo seeks to “lead”.

It is, of course, too much to expect of most Filipino politicians, for that matter, to have a vision in mind when running for office. Robredo has, so far, not exhibited any aptitude for strategic visioning that rivals even the most brain-dead amongst today’s crop of politicos. Very likely, she will be using the same messaging spun around the same obsolete narrative that lost the Liberal Party (a.k.a. the Yellowtards) the election back in 2016. So much for doing something differently. Yet the Opposition expect different results. Good luck achieving any sorts of results under the leadership of “vice president” Leni Robredo.

7 Replies to “Can Leni Robredo unite and deliver votes to the Philippine Opposition?”

  1. Leni Robredo, the Fake Vice President, won the 2016 election as Vice President, thru the SMARTMATIC and HOCUS PCOS machinations of the corrupt former COMELEC Chief, Andres Bautista. She must clear herself, first on this issue, before she can be relevant to us, and to all Flilipino voters.

    As a three times Law Bar Exam Flunker , what can she offer and do for us ?

    We are not interested of the terms and conditions, she can have with other opposition groups. We are more interested in her vision for the country, and what she can do to solve the country’s festering problems. We need brains here; not charms. If you are lacking in brains, better give way to potential leaders, who have brains.

    The opposition is still leaderless. They are like sheeps, in disarray…They have no viable alternative programs to offer to us, as an alternative to Diggong Duterte.

    1. Robredo can never solve the problems of the country. She is a joke and if not for the trick of Hocus-PCOS and the COMELEC she will never win an election. She thrive on manipulation that even her passing the Bar is questionable. She is part of the problem but never part of a solution.

  2. They don’t get that real opposition is supposed to mean, offer alternatives, other policies. Not try to overthrow whoever’s in place; that’s being adversarial not opposition.

    1. To be fair, there is no market for that sort of genuine opposition in the Philippines. The quality of Philippine politics and this Opposition for that matter reflects that.

  3. According to PDI, Leni’s slogan …

    “Laban Kasama ang Laylayan ng Lipunan” (“Struggle Together With the Marginalized in Society”)

    is more powerful than “Daang Matuwid” (which they at least admit – has already flopped).

    This is probably the closest we’ll get to a “concrete vision” or “strategic direction” from Leni, and gives us a hazy clear-as-lahar picture of what’s in store for Filipinos in case she sits on the highest seat of authority in the land.

    Necropoliticians (Cory, Grace Poe, Leni) are all great at pro-poor motherhood statements (itataas ang sahod, ibababa ang presyo, libre lahat…). They just feed what every mendicant free-loading Pinoy’s itching ears want to hear.

  4. One of the most important qualities of a president is the ability to inspire, to bring people together for the common good.

    This is not applicable to Fake VP anyhow.

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