People who defend Tambays should open their subdivision gates to the public

Here’s another reason why we should not believe all those virtue-signalling millennials who are making a lot of noise about President Duterte’s anti-Tambay police campaigns. Many of these “socially-aware” libtards actually live in gated subdivisions complete with mean-looking shotgun-wielding security guards. These guards have orders to screen people and vehicles entering the subdivisions of their masters. Some even search the bags of servants walking out these gates, in effect, presuming each one a thief.

But here’s the important question we need to ask these people: How would they feel if strangers start to hang out at their front doors?

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The idea that a group of shirtless men could make tambay at their front doors or on their stone-paved driveways is probably ludicrous to these iPad-tapping Social Justice Warriors (SJWs). For one thing, they rest easy knowning their sikyo attack dogs are keeping their tony neighborhoods safe from society’s riffraffs. Second, the most elite of these SJW households employ their own security guards as well. So fat chance any tambay could last a minute even just sitting in front of an SJW’s front gate.

Here’s the thing, the very idea of gated communities is, itself, an affront to the concept of an egalitarian society. They are also the opposite of everything that a true community stands for. People who live in gated communities prefer to exclude themselves from the bigger Philippine society around them. That preference for exclusivity simply revokes any license on their part to preach to us about what is good for tambays.

I also noticed that many of these compulsive selfie-snappers are “social media influencers”. That is, many of them are these rich kids who inhabit malls and picturesque places around the Philippines for the sole purpose of taking selfies and promoting the brands they fancy themselves as “ambassadors” of. I wonder, then, how these “brand ambassadors” will feel if their precious selfies are routinely photobombed by the very unsightly shirtless tambays they presume to “defend” in their lame tweets?

Maybe these kids should also do some research to find out what sorts of policies the managers of their favorite malls apply to the treatment of certain types of people who they find making tambay in their premises. I’m sure there are two kinds of tambays as far as mall managers are concerned — those who are fair-skinned, wear branded clothes, and sport expensive smartphones are allowed. All the rest are promptly escorted out. We might think sandos and tsinelas (the uniform of garden-variety street tambays) will automatically catch the attention of mall security. Think again, though. Some Filipinos actually look good in that attire. So, again, are these policies really clear and fair? Or are they discriminatory policies in disguise? I’m sure the average conscientious SJW will do the proper research work to make sure they are consistent.

The bottom line is that if you plan to be “activists” you should make sure you walk your talk and check your Instagram feed to make sure your timeline does not inadvertently reveal the hypocrisy of the “cause” you advocate. You people think making glib tweets and Facebook posts makes you a valued contributor to social justice? Think again.

25 Replies to “People who defend Tambays should open their subdivision gates to the public”

  1. “How would they feel if strangers start to hang out at their front doors?”

    Do your neighbors(whom you do not mingle with, I am quite sure you choose which neighbors to be close with) hangout at your front door? All my neighbors who “tambay” from time to time do it near the guard house or in one of our neighbors house. I consider these strangers since I even do not know their names despite being my neighbors.

    Seriously, when did tambays tambay on places they do not normally tambay?

    This analogy that defending tambays is akin to letting outsiders inside subdivisions is just downright retarded.

    You do know that the police are also going after people who “tambay” at 7-11 right?

    1. Since these “…virtue-signalling millennials…” are against the Presidents campaign in cleansing our streets of unnecessary vagrants, these rich kids might as well take these vagrants to live with them in their secured mansions and palaces. This is what I presume the author’s message is about.

      1. Yes, that is her message. Which is why it is an absurd message. That type of rhetoric is only strictly applicable to pro-immigration/pro-refugee fools.

        What Kate (and those who agree with her) is doing is promoting “Minority Report” style of law enforcement.

        This type of policies are prone to abuse.

        1. What would you do, if you were somebody who feels the need to solve our vagrancy problem? By the way. I watched Minority Report. It cannot be compared to the anti-tambay campaign of the President. While the latter is implemented to prevent crime from happening due to unavoidable circumstances brought about by people who have nothing better to do than be obnoxious and impolite on the streets, the former that you are alluding to sees crimes as premeditated just waiting to be committed, hence the need for immediate action by law enforcers to prevent that crime from actually happening.

        2. “What would you do, if you were somebody who feels the need to solve our vagrancy problem?”

          Give them something to do. Like collect garbage for the day for a specific amount. That is one great idea to use tax payer’s money to solve the overwhelming garbage problems in shanties.

          “By the way. I watched Minority Report. It cannot be compared to the anti-tambay campaign of the President. ”

          Pre-emptive strike is pre-emptive strike. Saying that the anti-tambay campaign is not comparable to the crime prevention method in Minority Report is just being stupid. The methods are the same. The only viable argument you can make is that Minority Report is just a movie.

    2. Sapul, Aphetsky Lasa ! ???? These kids shouldn’t be throwing stones in glass houses. They’re only directing attention to the resources they have. Not that I condone the idea that the rich owe their surpluses to the poor. Not at all! It’s just that they are inviting the obvious challenge when they play SJW.

  2. A common observation of foreigners when they come here is that bathroom stalls rarely have toilet paper. Let the reason for that sink in .

    1. Isn’t that because our some of those bathrooms have bidet instead? Our home doesn’t have toilet paper (inside bathrooms at least), but they’re all installed with bidets because it’s pretty much a necessity in our household, as using TPs exclusively is very inconvenient for us.

      I know we should also have toilet papers for those who need it (like, that’s pretty much basic), but it’s not like the Westerners would start installing bidets for our convenience, wouldn’t they?

      Meanwhile, those places both without Toilet papers and bidets (like a lot of SM malls), I don’t know what to say about them. Are they expecting people to buy from those paltry amount of tissue wraps per Peso ?

  3. Another great topic coming from Ms. Kate on the “tambay” issue. Now in regards to the title of this topic, I could imagine if Tondo, Manila & Ayala Alabang will merge together in one district & there’ll be no higher walls, electric fences & security guards on those areas. And both poor & rich people will live together there and I could imagine if that kind of scenes are very similar to the American middle class suburbia where their homes have no tall walls & electric fences erected on their property unlike ours. And their properties are very open, the owner’s of the house didn’t care if a robbers will enter into their house or if it’ll will become a place for the Tambays right in front of their home. But for the Filipino elites like the Ayalas, Gokongwei, Sy, Tan, Cojuangcos, Aquinos, etc., etc., it’ll be a security nightmare for them & surely they want to kill those poor neighbors & scram them away because they don’t like those kind of people (aka the “squatters” or “informal settlers”) right on their backyard, i.e. as on the American term, it’s their NIMBY:

    This is what the problem on Metro Manila & its nearby provinces regarding to constructing both subdivisions & districts that have an informal settlers. It causes a social gap between the rich & poor & when will gonna stop that? And now I heard this news late last year that there’ll be a new metropolis that are now on development which they say it’ll be an alternative to the congested Metro Manila, and this new metropolis in our country is called New Clark City in Pampanga which is situated on a former US Air Base & it’s part of the Clark Economic Freezone: and I wonder if that new city should NOT be as what Metro Manila looks like where there are cities and/or districts that separated the rich & poor communities but instead they’ll live together into one place with no tall walls & security guards exists which is very similar to an American suburbia, or even better, a similarity to Singapore that they have so many apartments & both rich & poor families will live there. And what about the loitering [tambay] issue? All I know that it’s forbid to do that & it’s against the law as Singapore is one of the countries that have stricter laws that many human rights organization like CHR & Amnesty International criticize it.

    1. That’s kanya-kanya mentality at work at a megacity scale with mega-problems that are of mega-unsolvable proportions now!

  4. One other reason why subdivision gates shouldn’t exist, is the same reason people should not put posts or roadblocks to prevent other people from parking their cars at the curb (but not the gate) in front of their houses: they do not own the sidewalk, curb or road. All of those are public property. So sealing off those parts from other people actually breaks the law. People should know the boundaries of their properties, although it does seem to be the subconscious wish of Filipinos to try to claim anything they could get their hands on, even if it belongs to others.

    1. Hayyy so true. Pinoys don’t have a concept of respecting public space. It’s either they make a pigsti out of it or they stake a claim on what isn’t theirs! ????

      1. I was going to add it, but Tobias beat me to it: tambays are on the same level as squatters. They’re taking up space that they shouldn’t. So if people are against squatters but not against tambays, they’re being self-contradictory.

  5. Those people who live in gated subdivisions, are mostly our thieving politicians. They don’t want the Tambays in their subdivisions. But they want to use the Tambays, to advance their political agendas.

    Most of these Tambays are do nothing crumbs of humanity. No goals in life; just living and surviving from day to day basis. Most are not gainfully employed, and are irresponsible. So, all they do is hang out and drink alcoholic drinks, or do drugs the whole day. Their minds are already “anesthesized” by their woeful conditions.

    So, those people who pretend to be “do gooders”, use them as tools, to show people they are religious people, doing good to the poor. Politicians use these Tambays, to foment political issues, against their political opponents. In reality, nobody cares on these Tambays. However, they are very useful tools, in anyway to advance any personal or political agendas.

    1. So this is the REAL reason why Pres Duterte called God as “Stupid” (the modern version of Jesus forsaken) because many of His children are stupid as well. They become stupid because of their ignorance, selfishness & thirst for power & forgetting to follow the laws of the land. This is a huge problem for our country that we face today: lack of discipline & respect and using “freedom” & “democracy” for granted.

  6. are these so called tambays already carrying a deleterous gene in their brains? what i know is that once your brain is damaged by a kind of substance your dna will change and will be inherited by your offsprings…am i right? so are these tambays inherits shirtless walking around their communities drunk?

    1. Their genes are not just deleterious; they are mutating. Which is really a very bad consequence of spending too much time doing nothing. While most organisms mutate for the sake of survival, these tambays do so by being useless – a burden to themselves and to society. And some people we know still defend and protect them. Amazing!

  7. Personally, I don’t have a problem with gated communities, probably because I live in one and I actually feel relatively safer and comfortable than when we lived in a non-gated barangay where traffic keeps you up at night and air pollution is thicker. We even had instances of break-ins before: some attempted, some failed and some unfortunately successful. I don’t think we would want to go back to that kind of community.

    I don’t think you are insinuating that Gated communities are bad (at least I hope you aren’t). Rather, you are commenting on the hypocrisy of those living in safety and comfort while criticizing government efforts to keep communities safe by reducing tambays. If in case you ARE saying that we shouldn’t have gated communities, well I’ll just say I disagree on that.

    I’m all for reducing tambays, those guys who “tambay” in front of sari sari stores at night, drinking away, shirtless, ogling at ladies who pass by (IMO, if you want to admire women, just keep it to yourself and don’t whistle at them), engage in fistfights with each other and at worst murder.

  8. All this focus on tambays really misses the stinking obvious problem on the streets, a lack of any sort of garbage management. I don’t notice the tambays for the smell and sights of piles of trash strewn everywhere on the streets. Why not focus on what matters….

    1. That is just the result of the squatter problem. Same with the tambay issue.

      Hence the logic behind paying for the sins you did not commit. So why pay for the consequences of actions and decisions you never made?

      Who started this squatter problem? Let the fix it.

      1. Its not just squatters, go inside any gated subdivisions and see the piles of trash outside peoples houses. Drive along a main road in a middle class area and see the business piling their trash out the front, dogs ripping them open later on etc etc.

        1. Jesus! This type of argumentation is supposedly typical of the Yellowturds.

          Not all gated subdivisions do that. A good number of them do not do that. And no, most main roads that I passed by have garbage coming from squatters. Only people in squatters feed uncaged or untied dogs that freely roam around. Gated subdivisions have their dogs inside houses.

          So stop making a the ridiculous assumption that I have not been IN ANY gated subdivision and that I have never passed a main road with middle class people.

  9. Prejudices, it is well known, are most difficult to eradicate from the heart whose soil has never been loosened or fertilised by education: they grow there, firm as weeds among stones.

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