Why Duterte should step down to give way to Leni


This post will be a bit shorter than usual. It’s quite noticeable that many people (esp. in Facebook) just read the title and hastily jump to react and issue comments without even bothering to read the actual article itself. Yes, that’s the sad reality (lack of time or sheer laziness) – and it’s quite easy to prove.

For anyone who just reads the title without even peeping into the article content, you will readily notice their comments to this article will be in violent rabid protest – even branding the author to be a Yellow freak. But then the more disciplined minority will hopefully step in to rebuke these “fake readers”.

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The reason why many posts in Facebook are just meme posters with big bold letters is that it is increasingly difficult to get people’s attention nowadays. There are probably just too many ads, news feeds, faces and even garbage out there all crying out for the horde of potential traffic to click, like, love and share.

So long for that long introduction. Now to the meat of the article. Well for most readers here at GRP who have gotten accustomed to anything issued by the Zaxx-man, things are not always what they seem. Yup, I did like watching the Transformers even in my younger days… esp. listening to the “more than meets the eye” line of the theme song.

Why this seemingly sudden shift in tone? Well one thing’s for sure – I’m definitely not for allowing the incompetent Yellows having their cake. Duterte is a political strategist, and a cunning one at that – someone whose moves can hardly be anticipated by most people.

While so many DDS and pro-Duterte supporters simply abhor Leni, the “fake VP”. Duterte actually shows respect for the lady – even addressing her “Ma’am”. That’s where the mystery kicks in.

Why then in anyone’s wildest dreams will having Duterte step down to make way for Leni do any good for the country or his legacy as a president? Well for one, I really can’t imagine Congress to approve a bill calling for capital punishment for corrupt officials. Did you guys see that picture circulating in socmed about how in China, about two dozen corrupt officials were being lined up to be executed by firing squad? Well that’s never gonna happen in the Philippines simply because of some chicken-egg situation, UNLESS…

The only real way to change the country from the top is by a complete overhaul of its laws. How long will it take for the guys in Congress to come up with a new Federal constitution which Duterte promised to the people? Probably as long as it took to give him emergency powers to solve traffic in Manila. Knowing the guy, he simply does not have the patience for long-playing dragging drama. He wants things done expediently. And when that wick runs out, we can expect something very drastic to take place – all to the surprise of unsuspecting Filipinos.

Other than stamping out drugs, Duterte’s only other real agenda is Federalism. After almost 2 years, it’s still making its baby steps in the halls of Congress. Is Duterte really going to wait this out? So here’s the plan. There’s a high probability Duterte will suddenly step down one of these days, and all hell will break loose. Imagine the scenario that takes place…

  1. Duterte steps down.
  2. PET is not yet finished with the Bongbong vs. Leni electoral protest.
  3. Leni is about to get crowned (by virtue of the Cory constitution) as Yellow queen of the land
  4. Yellows rejoice in jubilant victory.
  5. Duterte supporters flood the streets in protest/rallies.
  6. The military sides with the people (as in EDSA I)
  7. We all wake up one morning under a new Federal Republic of the Philippines (with a brand new constitution).
  8. Duterte’s annointed sits to reign in his place.

Well we’re not saying this is going to happen. It’s just that the probabilities are pretty high, considering the slow progress taking place in granting Mr. Daddy D’s promise of a Federal state to our Moro brothers in the South. Now just keep testing the guy’s patience and we’ll see.

So does the article’s title still make this author a piece of Yellow crap in sheep’s clothing?

9 Replies to “Why Duterte should step down to give way to Leni”

  1. Pres D has done very little and will do very little. Will he change the constitution and allow business to flourish, unlikely. Will he stop shipping OFWs to overseas hell holes, not. Will he reduce poverty and increase stands of living, not. Will he continue to sit on the fence and go which ever way the wind blows, highly likely. Will the rich get richer, certain. Will he last the full term, unlikely. hes just an actor with very little substance. The puppet masters just want us to think that democracy works and there is a choice, when there is not.

    I am waiting for the economic hitmen to arrive and the peso goes into freefall

    1. This is sarcasm, right? For a second I thought you were referring to President Duterte. I did not realize that you were actually referring to PNoy. I am suddenly relieved because it does not make sense to speak ill of a President who did so much in just a year in office and is still going strong and doing so much more. Democracy in the Philippines actually works. Didn’t you know that? You are still here posting.

  2. It is a hypothetical possibility, with delusional YelowTard quality.

    Maybe the YellowTards or WhiteTards, are just confused with your article. I,myself knows that: it can happen !

  3. Farfetched as it may seem, probability is not really “Zero” with your hypothetical article but statistically speaking, I’d assume most will judge your article as BS based on the Title. That’s how low Philippine’s reading patience/comprehension and education has become with 3 decades of Yellow leadership.

  4. I can’t wait to see that happens. The yellows came in through revgov, they all must go out through revgov.

  5. you didn’t envision the ELECTROCUTION of the yellows which still makes your article an indecent nightmare, at least for a week.

  6. I only love the 7 & 8, hoping the 1-6 items wont happen as it deals mainly with the Yellows at the helm and it is too dangerous to give them a chance!

  7. I myself thought of this situation. But as of today I dont think the Yellows have muscle to move. Getting people on the street is not enough anymore. You have to have the full backing of the Military. We’ve seen this in GMA’s 9 year term, 2 failed Kudetas. With Duterte appointing a Non-PMA AFP Chief of Staff, a Kapampangan PNP Chief and doubled the Police and Military’s salaries. I dont see the Duterte being kick out of office soon!

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