Two More Years of Noynoying Assured At the Equestrian Association of the Philippines

Foreboding The Return of Peping Cojuanco at the Helm of the Philippine Olympic Committee

As a sport that only Filipinos from very rich families can play, you would think Philippine equestrian sports would be insulated from feudal trapo politics and be able to focus on developing the best athletes it can.

Unfortunately, like other sports and organizations built around a sport, it is pretty much riddled with corruption.

image from Luisita Watch

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Noynoy Aquino’s uncle Peping Cojuanco, a man who some say knows nothing about equestrian sports, has been re-elected as President of the Equestrian Association of the Philippines (EAP) with daughter Mikee as Vice President.

Kamaganak Inc in Philippine sports? It looks very much like it as we gather that sisters Janine Felix and Nikki Aboitiz were also elected to the board.

Moreover, Mikee is the IOC representative to the Philippines. Should she not be above the fray? Isn’t she compromising the impartiality of the IOC in a matter that may eventually elevated to a body where she sits?

But what did the father-daughter tandem Peping and Mikee do to deserve their positions at the EAP? Apparently, not much.

According to a former sports reporter friend of mine, Peping and daughter Mikee were such lazy douche bags that the association that they blamed La Nina for not leading the EAP to mount a single competition in 2017.

Moreover the EAP didn’t have a local training and competition program and managed to completely avoid having regular consultations with stakeholders.

He pointed out that our country’s performance at the SEA Games slipped so far down during Peping’s watch at the EAP that people were wondering what the EAP was doing. In 2005, we ranked first. Then in the following years under Peping, our country’s performance in equestrian sports fell consistently to the lowest ranks. In 2007 we were 6th place; in 2009 we were 5th; in 2011, 6th place; 2013, 7th place; 2015, 6th place; and in 2017, we stayed on at 6th place.

But what do you expect from someone who doesn’t even know who his athletes are in the EAP?

At the SEA Games in Kuala Lumpur, Peping didn’t even know that Colin Syquia was representing the country. He was overheard telling the POC functionaries with him, “Hindi atin ito.” (Upon learning about this, my reporter friend asked himself, “Was that senile dementia creeping in?”)

As for me, I’d credit it to a complete lack of interest in the sport. To begin with, it is said that Peping missed all the other days of the SEA Games despite being in Kuala Lumpur and had to be dragged to watch the last day of the event.

But if Peping is so completely uninterested in equestrian sports, why did he have himself elected as the President of the EAP?

My sports reporter friend says that Peping needs to be the president of EAP in order to recapture the presidency of the Philippine Olympic Committee and continue to benefit from it like the absentee landlord that he is.
Right at the beginning of his nephew Noynoy’s term, Peping seized control of the POC. To keep it, he manipulated every NSA to install his cohorts as leaders of those NSAs, even if they had nothing to do with the sport. That way, he won every POC election while numerous NSAs suffered under the mismanagement of his allies. After that, they worked to get Mikee selected into the IOC. So then they had the POC and the IOC. Now, they take control of the top two positions of the equestrian association.
The questions begs to be asked — WHY?  Bakit sila kapit tuko?
One clue is that while the POC is financially independent and does not receive any subsidy from government, its member NSAs receive some financial assistance from the Philippine Sports Commission.
Even better, the POC supports its own activities with funds generated from sponsorships, licensing fees on the use of the Olympic marks, IOC subsidy and proceeds from special projects and donations.
Has anybody checked where all that money goes?
Since 2009, the top national athletes have been complaining about lack of support, but they couldn’t get the Peping’s ear — all they got was an upturned chin.
The thing is, lack of support for our athletes is the main reason why we have been doing so poorly every time there is an international sports competition and it is a wonder how some of our athletes even manage to compete in such events.

2 Replies to “Two More Years of Noynoying Assured At the Equestrian Association of the Philippines”

  1. It’s the Cojuangco Aquino trademark. These people are lazy and incompetent. How did a guy, who does not know anything about sports, being elected in the POC ? Maybe , he is interested in the sponsors, that bring them a lot of money. These are thieving family.

    Why not kick the bastard out ? then improve our athletes’ performance.

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