Speculations persist as Robredo remains silent on alleged affair with House Rep. Bolet Banal

Members of the Philippine Opposition are coming to the defense of their “hero” and presumptive “vice president” Leni Robredo following a column by writer Bobi Tiglao published on the Manila Times today. According to Tiglao, Robredo has so far failed to confirm or deny whether she is having an affair with House representative of Quezon City’s third district, Jorge (“Bolet”) Banal who is married. Both Banal and Robredo have, according to Tiglao so far refused to comment or give a straightforward answer to reporters’ requests for comment.

In media convention, or simply out of sheer rationality, a refusal to confirm or deny a report is interpreted as a confirmation, unless it is preposterously baseless, or is predicated on a falsehood.

The main argument of Robredo’s supporters is that this is none of the Filipino public’s business. However, as Tiglao points out, this is an issue of national consequence considering that Banal “would arguably be—if President Duterte were to step down before his term expired in 2022— the most powerful man in the country, as he would be the last person Robredo would talk to at the end of each day.”

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More importantly, Robredo routinely exhibits her devoutness to her Catholic faith in public displays of piety much of which is conveniently staged in front of reporters’ cameras. But the most pious of the Roman Catholic faithful frowns upon liberal expression of one’s sexuality and engaging in sexual acts outside of marriage. As such, given the public persona Robredo cultivates for her and her party’s poltical ends, her alleged relationship with Banal, an illicit one within the frame of the Catholic faith if it has been consumated, is a matter of consequence to her constituents.

When one openly exhibits religiosity, the increased scrutiny into one’s private life is par for the course. This is the reason sex scandals involving religious leaders and the pious are such lucrative fodder for the media — because people just love stories about the pious and the judgmental falling from grace.

The question Robredo therefore needs to answer if she insists on not “humouring” the matter of her alleged affair with Banal is why. Why is it important that she keep her relationship (or lack of relationship) with Banal a secret? Is it because Robredo is afraid of being judged? Does her value as a politician and public servant rest entirely on her ascendancy as a devout Catholic? What does this say about her regard for ordinary Filipinos who are also in a similar situation? Does she presume to judge people who may be in such a situation?

As the presumptive second most powerful Filipino, it is telling the way Robredo shrinks from the responsibility of being forthright to her constituents about her personal life. As a public official and personality, Robredo should recognise that with that role comes responsibility of ensuring the consistency the public expects of a leader. In Australia, a scandal involving the extramarital affairs of former Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce sparked a similar debate on how much the media should be reporting about the personal lives of public figures. The principles at stake at the centre of this debate are no different…

In politics, convention has long been that there needs to be a public interest, such as a misuse of public money involved, for an affair to be deemed newsworthy.

Or when there is a rank hypocrisy that begs to be exposed. An MP who moralises about the sanctity of marriage and family values, while philandering on the side, is a ripe target.

Clearly, Leni Robredo fits the mold of the latter. She needs to face the confronting question once and for all. Indeed, though her most vocal supporters prefer that she dismisses these speculations, it is quite likely that much of the interest around this aspect of her personal life comes from within her community of supporters. After all, it is her supporters who are the biggest stakeholders in how consistent Robredo’s practices are to what she preaches.

32 Replies to “Speculations persist as Robredo remains silent on alleged affair with House Rep. Bolet Banal”

  1. Bobi Tiglao of “The Manila Times”, is just reporting, a tip of the iceberg. Most of our political leaders, has a “kabit”. Most of them are men. Women ? It may be few and far between. What is the Roman Catholic Church, comment about this “immorality and infidelity” , of our public officials ?

    The Roman Catholic Church, gave multiple “marriage annulments (divorce)” , to the whore , Kris Aquino. She married multiple times , to different husbands. So, any comment from the Roman Catholic Church is useless.

    Bolet Banal is not “Holy”, after all , as his family name suggest. Neither is Leni Robredo, who is in “marital triangle”. She is taking or has taken away, another woman’s husband. Leni Robredo is destroying a family… On the rules of public service. She is committing , immorality. On the rules of the Roman Catholic Church, which she belongs: she is committing : adultery. “Thou shalt not commit adultery”…Thou shalt not covet another woman’s husband”….from the Ten commandments of God.

    Or, is it : “Sapagkat tayo ay tao lamang. ” ” Dahil sa pagsinta, damdamin din ang nasusunod”…

    There were rumors, that Leni Robredo’s husband: the late, Jessi Robredo, had a mistress. He had children with his mistress or mistresses. It is not uncommon, for this, because these people have power , and money. Any “star struck”, woman, who is attracted to power, and money, will fall on them. We have to be outraged on this, because, they are using our taxpayers’ money, to satisfy , their lusts.

    The love triangle of Bolet Banal and Leni Robredo, does not sit well, on the way, Leni Robredo , is projecting herself to the public. That, she is a pious woman, who adhere/follow the rules of her Roman Catholic faith.

    We would like to hear, from the Roman Catholic Church , or other “guardians of morality!

    1. It really doesnt require/take money nor power to have sex with another person. Sometimes, just good looks will do the job or just plain lust. And I thank god on my knees that I live in a country where people are not obsessed with morality, ethics and what the church says.

      As you can see, Hyden, people dont those commandments very seriously. And if Rebredo did have sex with another person, it is still her business and a private, personal one, no matter what her title or profession is. Even when Duterte has sex with someone who he is not married with/to. It is his business.

      I like to recommend the following movie for you to watch and see:
      The Contender (2000)

      1. @Robert Haighton:

        Not in our country. Our government officials, are governed by ethics and morality, while in office. It is called : immorality. Government officials can be removed, if they violate these code of ethics and morality. Maybe, in your Dutch country, government officials can just do their things, while in government offices.

        Anyway, prostitution is legal in Netherlands. I had seen prostitutes, selling themselves in some open window views, in the Amsterdam red light district.

        In America, former Pres. Bill Clinton, was impeached in the U.S. House of Representative, by having oral sex, with White House intern: Monica Liewenski, in the Oval Office.

        Former Pres. Clinton was not impeached in the U.S. Senate. This was the reason, he finished his term of office.

        Mr. Haighton, the Roman Catholic Church, is still politically strong in our country.

        1. Yes correct, prostitution is legal in the Netherlands. That has a lot of benefits. Now the girls have to pay income tax and they can be better protected (human trafficking).
          What any government official does in his/her free/spare time, is personal and private.

          Mr. Hyden, I know all those things you mentioned. It seems you take pride in it that the RC church is still very strong politically in PH. And if you are/do then pls be aware: that strength and power they have, will limit the country to progress. It will keep your country backwards. Unless of course that is what you want., If that is the case, I find it strange that you left the country and settled in USA for good or temporarily.

        2. @Robert Haighton:

          “What a government official does in his/her free/spare time is personal and private.”

          Sorry, Mr. Haighton, I disagree on this; if I find a Lady Senator fornicating on the streets, in her spare time. Would I not be outraged ? How would you like to be judged, by a lady judge, whom you saw fornicating on the streets ?

          I believe in morality in public office. These people are our public servants; and they must behave well, while in office.

          I don’t believe in organized religion. However, I was with the Roman Catholic Church, for a long time. I disagree most of their priests , nuns and bishops, meddling in our political affairs. However, I agree with the Christian Bible teachings. I believe these teachings came from God.

          I migrated to the U.S., because I went for further study in my field. I was offered a good job, after my schooling/graduation ; and I was given a working visa, and path to U.S. citizenship..

          The pay is better in U.S. dollars, the living condition is better and I can even go for further education, financed by the company that I work with. I am now working for my graduate school degree.

  2. From banal electoral thievery to Banal mistress – just say it straight Leni: ikaw ba’y talagang banal, o tila nag babanal-banalan lamang?

  3. It is necessary to the happiness of man that he be mentally faithful to himself. Infidelity does not consist in believing, or in disbelieving, it consists in professing to believe what he does not believe.

  4. Mr Benigno, walang batayan at ebidensya ang pag aakusa kay VP Leni galing sa iyo , kay Tiglao at kung sino pa mang nagpapakalat nito.

    Ginagamit nyo ang inyo inyong platform to create a story.

    VP Leni already categorically said hindi totoo and tsismis sa kanila ni Bolet Banal.

    Hindi kayo makapag offer ng kahit hibla ng ebidensya pero hindi pa rin kayo tumigil.

    Ang pinakita nyo ay pictures na wala man lang katuturan na magpapatunay na may relasyon and dalawa.

    Hinahamon ko kayo na patunayan na may relasyon ang dalawa , using admissible evidences katulad ng video, or the likes.

    Kung wala kayong mabigay, pagtatawanan ko kayo at tigilan nyo na pag aakusa nyo.

    Hindi TAMA ang ginagawa nyo.

  5. @Patrick Gonzalez:

    Mr. Patrick Gonzales, mas mabuti na itigil mo ang pag-post dito because you’re missing the point,

    Hindi TAMA ang pagpigil sa isang OPINYON.

    Mas pagtatawanan ka kapag inaakusahan mo si President Duterte na isang ‘diktador’ at pasista.

    The more Mr. Patrick Gonzales posts on this website, the stupider he looks, just like his fake VP Maria Leonor Gerona Robredo

    Yellowtards like you are more of a laughingstock than the people you accuse.

    Dahil palaging MALI ang ginagawa niyo.

    Deal with it.

    1. @Blood Stark:

      Walang mag video, kung si Bolet Banl at Leni Robredo, ay nagtatalik. Mayroon, kung gusto nilng gumawa ng porno film. Kung minsan ang mga haka haka, ay may katotohanan.

      Si Leni Robredo, ay biyuda, at kailangan naman niya ang magpaligaya sa kanya. Ang sama lang ay pinili niya ang may asawa at may pamilya.

    2. dapat tigilan kung mali- at mali na ang mga post na ito.

      Si duterte ang binoto ko- hindi ito tungkol sa yellowtard – ito ay kung tama o mali.

      Ang mga comments mo ay walang koneksyon sa pinaguusapan.

      Mag isip ka.

      1. Nope, ang pinag-uusapan dito ay walang tama o mali sa isang OPINYON.

        If Leni herself debunked those rumors then who are we to judge?

        Ikaw ang mag-isip because you always act ‘high and mighty’ here, son.

    3. Walang pinipigila ito ay kung tama o mali.

      Ako ay bumoto kay duterte pero kung mali na dapat punahin.

      Mag isip ka.

      1. Walang pinipigila ito ay kung tama o mali.

        Ako ay bumoto kay duterte pero kung mali na dapat punahin.

        Mag isip ka.

        Nope, you’re lying to yourself.

        IKAW ang mag-isip dahil hindi mo alam ang salitang OPINYON.

        Your loss. Yellowtards are always predictable.

        1. Saan napasok ang high and mighty?

          Saan napasok ang yellowtard?

          Ang katulad mo na walang logical na argumento ay puro dakdak lang.

          Ang isang taong walang basehan ay walang karapatang magbigay ng Opinyon.

          Puro haka-haka lang ang tungkol kay Leni at Banal.

          Ang sabi ko naman sa inyo magbigay kayo ng ebidensya at titigil na ako.

          Pero hanggat puro kabobohan lang ang pinagsasasabi nyo ni Benigno tiglao at kung sino pang nangaakusa eh nandito ako para punahin kayo.

        2. Pero hanggat puro kabobohan lang ang pinagsasasabi nyo ni Benigno tiglao at kung sino pang nangaakusa eh nandito ako para punahin kayo.

          Please refer to Bad Will Jam’s replies.

          I wanna this: when does the opinions of this page became “news” anyway? Parang kabobohan lang din ang sinasabi mo because for you. opinion = fact and vice versa. You’re grasping on straws.

  6. Sorry, the above comment should have been a reply to Patrick Gonzales, instead of Blood Stark.

  7. @Patrick Gonzales

    “Puro haka-haka lang ang tungkol kay Leni at Banal.”

    Mismo Sir, tama po kayo! Kaso ang ibig sabihin po yata ng “haka-haka” sa English ay “Opinion” at yun ang ini-emphasized na sa inyo dito ni Blood Stark, hindi po ba?

    “Blog” po itong mga isinusulat ni Sir Benigno at hindi “News Report” – meaning hindi required masyado or iginigiit ang mga ebidensiya na hinahanap niyo sa isang blog dahil opinion at ideas lang ang pinalulutang patungkol sa isang bagay/tao/usapin/bayan etc, etc. Like merong haka-haka na meron ET/Aliens dito sa mundo, regardless of ebidensiya na hinihingi natin, me maniwala man o hindi, walang problema kung merong sumulat ng anumang topic patungkol o pa-kontra sa kwentong ito basta ang importante nakapagbigay ng haka-haka ang mga sumulat dito. Bahala ka na kung maniniwala ka o hindi. Nasa nagbabasa yun. Ganoon din ang blog nila Sir Benigno tungkol kay Madame Leni’s at sa extra-marital affair ni Congressman Banal.

    1. Tama ang sinabi mo kaya nga humuhingi ako ng ebidensya kasi nga hindi ito parang pagpapatunay kung may et/ aliens , ito ay pagsira sa buhay ng isang tao sa pamamagitan ng paggamit ng blog at pag justify na ito ay opinion lang.

      Ikaw, pag inakusahan ka sa pamamagitan ng isang blog, wala namang kahit ano ebidensya , ano gagawin mo?

      1. @Patrick gonzalez

        Wala akong gagawin. Bakit? Una if walang substance ang paninira, it will die a natural death- lalo na opinion lang yun. Ikalawa, ang mga naninira naman ay alam nila ang totoo, kaya talagang useless lang ang mga paliwanag mo sa kanila. Ikatlo, hindi importante ang “nalalaman” lang nila- kahit pa itoý ikalat nila sa buong mundo- gaya ng hinahanap mo, “ebidensiya” lang magpapatibay ng mga paninira na ito. Dahil ang importante ay kung ano mapapatunayan nila at hindi kung ano lang nalalaman nila.

        1. Hindi useless na ipaliwanag sa mga naninira ang katotohanan, lalo na kung ang basehan ng katotohanang alam nila ay galing sa walang basehang blog o opinion.

          Kung hindi mo itutuwid ang maling paniniwala dahil lang tingin mo ay useless, ay tama ka nga wala kang gagawin pag may mangaakusa sayo ng walang basehan tulad ng blog at columns ni benigno at tiglao.

  8. to blood stark;

    ang opinion kung walang basehan na katotohanan ay walang karapatang ipaabot sa mga tao.

    Kasinungalingan ang tawag dun kung walang basehan, hindi opinion.

    try to know the difference.

    1. Opinion – a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

      YOU should try to know the difference, kid.

      1. at kinuha talaga ang dictionary meaning ba yan o wikipedia?

        ang opinion walang basehan ay hindi dapat ipaabot sa tao- paki basa ulit may contradiction ba sa definition mo

        yun naman kasinungalingan yan- ewan ko bakit mo hindi makuha- opinion ito na walang basehan

        pero tama ginawa mo kumunsulta ka muna para matulungan ka

        1. IKAW ang kumunsulta dahil ang sa iyo kasi is opinion = fact and vice versa. Kasi you’re just mad at something….

          Haay, wala talaga if you had a simpleton thinking. Your loss.

  9. Malinaw ata ito Sir Patrick Gonzales:

    An opinion is a judgment, viewpoint, or statement that is not conclusive (Wikipedia), in short haka-haka na hindi ka dapat magalit kung hindi totoo. At lalong hindi ka dapat magalit kung ito naman ay totoo dahil totoo naman pala at doon ka tuloy mabibisto na talagang totoo pala ang hakhaka ng mga tao!


    1. Ang opinion na walang basehan ay kasinungalingan.

      Dapat itong punahin at ipamukha sa gumagawa nito na ito ay mali.

      Ito ay hindi galit kungdi pagtutuwid sa mga nagtatago sa palusot na “opinion lang naman po ito” subalit may paninirang kasama.

      1. Ang opinion na walang basehan ay kasinungalingan.

        So I was right. For you, fact = opinion and vice versa.

        You’re totally lost here. You’re just wasting your time.

        1. ang isang opinion na walang basehan ay kasinungalingan – saan ka tama dun? wala dun ang nagsasabi na ang opinion ay fact – sinasabi doon na pag nagbigay ka ng opinion na walang basehan kasinungalingan yun- at ito ang ginagawa ng blog na ito at column ni tiglao- Opinion nga kung tawagin mo pero wala namang basehan kaya kasinungalingan.

          kung sa pagtatama ng mali lalo na ng ganitong blog hindi ito aksaya ng oras ko.

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