The election-winning path FORWARD for the Philippine Opposition


Granted, the Opposition regard Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte as “a mass murderer and a traitor who sold the country to China”. However, if they don’t like the Philippines to be led by said president, then they will need to produce an alternative proposal (not just a mere slogan like “Join the Resistance”). Filipinos need a real opposition. Not the sorry excuse they get today.

The first step is a simple one. Ditch the Yellowtards.

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If that option is too hard to fathom for now, perhaps the Opposition can, instead, consider the simple questions; like: WHAT’S NEXT after, say, their “JoinTheResistance” campaign? It seems many in the Opposition are, themselves, waiting for answers to that question. And if, by some miracle, Opposition “thought leaders” actually do come around with an answer, the next one they need to ponder is, what’s the plan for getting Filipino voters to buy into that vision? After all, you need to win some sort of election to get things done in the Philippines.

This is why the option to ditch the Yellowtards is an important one to consider. They are no longer of any value to the Opposition. In fact, it is quite evident that they’ve become a liability and a hindrance to success at the polls. The Opposition need to recognise that Duterte successfully harnessed the grassroots back in 2016. The Opposition need to build a strategy around a goal to successfully yank that voter base away from him.

To explore a wider range of strategic pathways to winning an election, curiosity is important. Unfortunately, the Yellowtards have lost that along the way. They’ve become too comfy with their sacred dogma now. That’s why they’ve lost their edge and, being the blunt force they are now, need to bow out of the game and allow more modern thinking to take root in the Opposition.

Most important of all, the Opposition should rethink the constant use of certain terms — like “fascism” and “human rights”, for example. They don’t resonate with the masses. The concepts are too high up the asses of the Yellowtards to reach. They don’t win elections in the Philippines anymore. And that’s what it’s all about. Winning elections.

What is the Opposition’s election winning strategy? With or without the Yellowtards, this is a question the Opposition ultimately need to confront — hopefully with open minds.

[Based on a recent Twitter conversation.]

4 Replies to “The election-winning path FORWARD for the Philippine Opposition”

  1. Ditch the YellowTards, then put on the WhiteTard. With opposition, led by that brainless fake Vice President Leni Robredo.
    That most corrupt Pork Barrel Swine: Porky Drilon; and that intellectually bankrupt, Bam Aquino. What would you expect from these people ? Same old shit !

    We are tired of EDSAs, and the “bogeyman” of Marcos Martial Law. We are tired of the heroism of Ninoy Aquino, Jr., and the sainthood of Cory Aquino. We are tired of the “overacting” of that whore: Kris Aquino. We are tired of that imbecile: Pnoy Aquino. We are tired of the silence of that thief: Mar Roxas, who stole the Typhoon Yolanda Fund. We are tired of the “victimhood issue” of that nymphomaniac: Leila de Lima, who is serving a drug dealer sentence.

    Hey, YellowTards or WhiteTards idiots : what can you offer to us ? So that , we will vote for you !

  2. the ‘Join The Resistance’ slogan is rebellious.

    BTW, pilipinos might prefer Atty Acosta the next Ombudman.

  3. what will happen to serenos’ undeclared assets in her saln’s? is that means it’s not hers? will the government sequester it?

  4. There are hundreds of intelligent and big brains in every country in the world to run that country successfully but somehow and often either an immoral stupid or a charlatan imbecile comes to power!

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