Philippine Opposition fails to propose ALTERNATIVES to Duterte’s “senatoriables”

Philippine Opposition “activists” and their dogs (and vice versa) are now frantically chattering about the work-in-progress going into the list of “senatoriables” to be endorsed by the administration of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. Despite this Opposition, led by the Liberal Party (a.k.a. the Yellowtards), sustaining shrill calls to campaign against these candidates, they offer no alternatives.

It has long been noted that the Philippine Opposition are a hopelessly-fragmented and rudderless movement. The only common beat they dance to is a shared hatred for Duterte. Beyond that easy space loudly rings a disturbing vacuousness in their rhetoric.

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The hollowness with which the Yellowtards conduct their “opposition” is most evident in their lack of a vision for the Philippines. Instead, what they hawk to the Filipino voter is an obsolete fear of non-existent bogeymen. Indeed, the spectre of “tyranny” and “oppression” remains a bizarre key selling point of the Philippines’ opposition collateral. Rather than add colour in the form of variety and innovation to their campaign, they lazily pitch different shades of fear around this tired old black propaganda — a “return” to dictatorship, an “assault” on “press freedom”, US Imperialism, “human rights” abuse, etcetera, etcetera.

It comes down to vision and how this is communicated across in an election campaign in the form of a platform. Remember that term? How soon Filipinos forget. How narrow-sighted of the Opposition to neglect that important aspect of a truly democratic discourse. People — and most specially the Opposition — need to be constantly reminded that thinking and debate grounded on sound thinking are cornerstones of a modern democracy. When there is an idea one does not like, one needs to come up with a counterargument. When one does not like a candidate or sets of candidates, one needs to propose alternatives.

Just in the simple matter of coming up with a viable leader, the Opposition already fails. The other day, a key Twitter “influencer” of the Opposition expressed how baffled she was over why Yellowtard leader of the hour, “vice president” Leni Robredo attracts so much “hate”. But the Filipino public’s “hate” for Robredo is nothing new. It’s been around since 2016 (or even earlier during the campaign itself). So what is truly baffling is why the Opposition continue to fail to understand why Filipinos “hate” Robredo. It is likely because they have not put enough effort to understanding their “enemy” enough. And this is the reason why their “opposition” to the incumbent has been so dismally ineffective — because they are battling an enemy they don’t understand.

Perhaps this is why the Yellowtards and the Opposition they presume to lead also fail to develop real and compelling alternative propositions and why they fail to unite around common goals. When you don’t understand what you are up against at a profound level, you necessarily fail to find the “enemy’s” strategic weakness around which to develop a roadmap to victory. This is the Opposition we bemusedly observe today. It is a “movement” pathetically shooting blindly into the darkness. Unfortunately for them, the yellow glow that once served as their beacon has been extinquished and, like moths that need a light to blindly circle around, its members now fly off in different directions into the night.

4 Replies to “Philippine Opposition fails to propose ALTERNATIVES to Duterte’s “senatoriables””

  1. Wait, let’s try to review. Why again do we hate Robredo?
    -Used her husband’s name to catapult her to the spotlight despite not having any relevant political achievements
    -Suspected of cheating in the election
    -Getting in the way of Duterte’s plans without any real alternative
    -Calling for Duterte to be removed from power based on lies

  2. The opposition led by the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, has no agenda, than to demonize their political enemies. They did it, with the late Pres. Marcos Sr., and they are hoping that , it will work for them again. They put Leni Robredo, to win the Vice Presidency, thru election cheating, with the aid of the former COMELEC Chief, Andres Bautista. Then, initiated a EKJ probe, to impeach Pres. Duterte, and grab power again, making the Fake Vice President Leni Robredo, as President thru People Power, and foreign help.

    Unfortunately, their plan was not accomplished. There is a recount of votes in the Vice Presidential race. Leila de Lima is in jail. Trillanes, their , attack dog has DAP, PDAF problems. Hontovirus has corruption problems.

    They cannot put any alternative programs/solutiuons to solve our country’s problems. They have no vision , for the country, and for us, Filipino people. Their main political agenda is to gain back the power, they lost.

    We have already seen how they govern the country. Unrestricted corruption; incompetence; widespread thievery; looting the National treasury; etc…

    Do not vote for any of their candidates; if they cannot show to us their political platform.

    1. the vcm was switch from script ROA into ROB, resulting to the votes were re directed to ROA Duterte and the vcm script was redirected to ROB, meaning Robredo names.
      If Filipinos have : “carabao sense”, they should know that the, election fraud really happened in the 2016 election. The relaying of the votes on the TV, was interrupted twice, when BongBong Marcos Jr. was winning. Then, when the data of votes, resumed; Leni Robredo was winning. The votes of Chiz Escudero , Gringo Honasan, and Cayetano, barely increased. It was the votes of Leni Robredo, that “Leap Frogged”, overtaking Bong Bong Marcos, Jr., one million votes lead. On any mathematical probabiliity and possibility. This “Leap frogged” votes phenomenon will never happen. Except , on the 2016 election fraud.
      On the other hand, the former COMELEC Chief Andres Bautista, was caught with multiple bank accounts, both foreign and local bank accounts. It amounted to billions of pesos. Where did this corrupt dude , got this large amount of money ?
      The Ballots were tampered. There were wet ballots. The audit logs of voters are missing. There are tampered and preshaded ballots, with votes for Leni Robredo. There were excess of voters in some precincts. The dead voted in Camarines Sur, for Leni Robredo; and maybe in other provinces, where Leni Robredo won.
      I do not believe that an unknown Congresswoman, coming from a third rate province, can beat Chiz Escudero in the Bicol Region… Neither , can she beat Gringo Honasan. Leni Robredo, is aware that the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, cheated for her, thru the SMARTMATIC HOCUS PCOS. Let us recount all votes. Not only the Vice

  3. In this world one is seldom reduced to make a selection between two alternatives. There are as many varieties of conduct and opinion as there are turns of feature between an aquiline nose and a flat one.

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