Andanar’s Attackers Are Clueless Dogs In The Manger

Just before the Holy Week holiday, Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar received a bit of flak for misprinted press IDs and a mislabeled transcription of a radio interview of Special Assistant to the President Bong Go.

His attackers made it seem that the secretary’s duties revolved around proof reading and arranging media interviews INSTEAD of building up government’s communication infrastructure to enable it to communicate directly to the citizenry.

The buzz over these gaffes came on the heels of news that President Rodrigo Duterte would be, once again, firing a number of officials.

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Unexpectedly, one prominent social media personality who claims to be a staunch supporter of President Duterte, remained silent as his fans screamed for Andanar’s head along with the heads of Justice Secretary Aguirre and Health Secretary Duque.

The social media personality’s calls for Andanar’s resignation or dismissal by the President have so far been merely humored and appears to have been dismissed.

What this social media personality has achieved with his online tantrums against Andanar was to prove how much of a tool he really is.


If we were to sum up what this social media personality things a Presidential Communications Secretary should be, it would be someone who:

  • Engages in foul mouthed rants against other government officials and politicians
  • Speaks for every single official in the cabinet as well as the President
  • Wages war with members of mainstream media
  • Focuses on proof reading every single document

Weird thing is, this short list of things is that it basically describes what the social media personality does to earn his bread and butter.

What really had me laughing was word that this social media personality had actually demanded to be appointed as undersecretary at the PCOO! (Too bad that he didn’t have the necessary educational requirement and professional background to back it up.)

Even more laughable was his claim of having the confidence of President Duterte. Yep! The social media personality was actually presumptuous enough to claim that the President listens to his advise about communications and governance.

But enough of this clueless dog in the manger because there’s really nothing we can learn from his online antics.

Moving on… The better topic to discuss is what Andanar has done at the helm of the PCOO and below is a list of accomplishments which I extracted from a 50 page brochure on the PCOO’s work.

Below are just SOME of the things accomplished by the PCOO under Andanar’s leadership.

  • Dutertenomics which is a campaign highlighting the administration’s economic, financial, and infrastructure policies
  • DefendRepublic which is a series of forums and shows under Defend Republic rallies the nation to be vigilant against violent extremism and to advocate peace and stability throughout the country
  • #RealNumbersPH, presents accurate and verified figures related to the government’s campaign against illegal drugs
  • ASEAN 50 Philippines 2017, a year long campaign covering the ASEAN 2017 Chairmanship of the Philippines
  • Cabinet Report, an on-location show hosted by Secretary Andanar that focuses on new programs, key policies, and exclusive news from the executive branch
  • On the Side, a behind the scenes look at official government events with Secretary Andanar that also features sentiments from everyday Filipinos, here and abroad
  • DU30 ON DUTY, weekly, audio visual recap of the President’s activities and accomplishments
  • 8888 TV Show Launch
  • RTVM Radio Daily News Program
  • DDS Podcast
  • PIA KIOSKS, 53 information desks in high traffic areas across the country containing government information materials that showcase recent projects and accomplishments
  • PCOO-ASEAN ROADSHOWS, an information outreach program for the ASEAN 50
  • Provincial Communications Officers, a network of government communicators with direct access to the Office of the President
  • Newscast reprogramming of People’s Television, now airs news morning, noontime, evening, and late night.
  • PTV increase of Transmission power, from 25,000 watts to 55,000 watts
  • PTV Sa Tutoo Lang, TV Program hosted by President Duterte and Erwin Tulfo
  • Salaam TV, first Muslim oriented television channel in the country
  • Davao and Cordillera broadcast hub…
  • Lumad TV
  • Philippine Broadcasting Service: Enhanced broadcast and programming of FM1 87.5, FM2 104.3, RP1 (government flagship radio station and main medium of development communication), RP2 first government radio station dedicated to sports, RP3 airs daily programs through a co-sharing arrangement with the International Broadcast Bureau/Voice of America
  • Renovation of PNA Newsroom and equipping it for digital news publishing
  • Bangon Marawi Forum, E-Power Mo information campaign, #1WithThe99 campaign for TRAIN


3 Replies to “Andanar’s Attackers Are Clueless Dogs In The Manger”

  1. It is up to Pres. Duterte, if he wants to keep Andanar, or fire Andanar. We, the Filipinos want to be informed with the truth; and not Fake News.

    Maybe, someone is interested in Andanar’s position. So, they are putting him down I don’t know Mr. Andanar personally. However, if he is doing a good job: he should stay. If not: he must be fired.

  2. Pilipinos have had enough from the yellow dynasty how they plunder the pilipinos of their wealth. they really are the mad hungry dogs of motherland…the Philippines.

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