So what if Senator Sherwin Gatchalian called “Netizens” ‘ulol’ and ‘gago’?

If we recall, current Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said far worse things. And yet here he is, the winner of the 2016 Philippine presidential elections. Democracy, right?

Gatchalian is the current Yellowtard flypaper of the moment. A who’s-who of Yellowtards are buzzing around him after he called “Netizens” who responded to a tweet he fielded in response to Rappler CEO Maria Ressa who tweeted a link to Rappler article Liberal Party 2018 ‘may be the fight for nation’s soul’. To that, Gatchalian quipped in his tweet, “The nation already lost its soul in the last 6 years.”

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One of the cheering points of the Yellowtards buzzing around this latest outrage fad is a screencap of Gatchalian praising the administration of former President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III back in 2012 tweeted by a certain “Stewart”. The question, however, is: So what?

So what if one was once a Yellowtard and is now amongst the enlightened? It’s a free country. People are free to change their minds about their partisan affiliations. Many Filipinos were just as duped by the Liberal Party (LP) when they put up BS Aquino as the “good” candidate back in the 2010 presidential elections. The LP did it in a sneaky way, by surfing the a swell of public sentiment following the death of his mother, former President Cory Aquino in 2009. At the time, Aquino was a clear winnable to the extent that then presidential candidate for the LP Mar Roxas had to grudgingly step back to pave the way for Aquino’s frolic into Malacanang on a pedigree platform.

You’d be pissed off too if you were duped big time.

It’s not as if the “Netizens” who initially engaged Gatchalian were saying anything intelligent, to begin with. The first one who did, a certain “Romdel Bellosillo” replied “wow, the gall this senator gatchalian has is unbelievable…ingrato.” Really, what else would you say to a tweet like that? E di “ulol”, right? The next one, a certain “Sonny Candazo” tweeted, “trapo kayo gatchalian at angara”, to which Gatchalian replied “Gago!” Fair enough, right? What other reply could you possibly make to such a tweet?

Gatchalian actually made a good point in that first tweet. The Philippines did lose its soul over the course of BS Aquino’s term as president which capped thirty years of Yellowtard rule over Filipinos’ minds since his mother grabbed power in a coup d’état in 1986. Indeed, to this day, the Yellowtards led by the LP continue to fail at proposing a compelling and coherent strategic counter-narrative to Duterte’s winning platform. Proof of the Opposition’s inability to come up with a better offer to Filipinos is evident in the way it is reduced to making mountains out of molehills such as what they do today with this Gatchalian circus.

Did the “Netizens” who responded to Gatchalian’s assertion of a soulless Philippines that is an outcome of Yellowtard rule actually provide a counterargument to that assertion? They did not. What does that make them? I think Gatchalian called them the right words. Honesty is the best policy after all. There are “polite” senators who don’t publicly cuss. But how much or how little one cusses in public is a poor indicator of how good or how bad a person is. Senator Franklin Drilon doesn’t cuss in public, for example.

7 Replies to “So what if Senator Sherwin Gatchalian called “Netizens” ‘ulol’ and ‘gago’?”

  1. Gatchalian, who ? First time I have heard this Dude. Porky Drilon may not cuss, but he has stolen a lot of people’s money. I prefer an honest foul mouth, than a thief.

    The Philippines has lost its soul already, since we took over this country from the Americans. All administrations, were incompetent, thieves, scammers, etc…

    Our country went further into the depth of corruption and graft, since the Aquino Cojuangco era were put in power by the U.S./C.I.A. and the U.S. State Department.

    Mr. Gatchialian, we are not : “gago and ulol”. We are just ordinary Filipino citizens, who want to governed right by our government.

    1. Yes you are. Why the hell did Filipinos ask for a “democracy” instead of an Authoritarian government or a government led by Secret police, only asking for it under Duterte.

      Oh I know, because we ARE gago and ulol. Dapat nga si Khomeini 200 years ang lifespan, para siya ang mamuno sa mga Pilipino. Kaso mabait siya e. Kung hindi yun, si Saddam o si Stalin. Kaso namatay rin sila e. Kalungkot ng daigdig.

  2. IF ITS A POLITICIAN IN THE FILIPPINES, ITS A PIECE OF SHIT !!! It doesn’t have to be a ‘YELLOW-TARD’ or ‘Duetertard’, and to think one is better than the other is the CURSE of the FILIPINO. Until the people of the country get rid of ALL OF THESE SCUMBAGS, NOTHING WILL CHANGE. MARK THESE WORDS.

    Case in point: Almost 2 years in and what has Dueterte done? NOTHING, ecept kill some druggies and renege on giving the Killers Medals……..BWAH HA HA !!!! and Filipino’s like this guy !!!! GUFFAW !!!

  3. The case of those trigger-happy cops who amateurishly over-reacted in a mistaken identity shooting incident in Mandaluyong city, which resulted in the death of two people, including a pregnant woman named Jonalyn Ambaan deserve more to be called not only ‘mga gago’ and ‘mga ulol’ but also ‘mga inutil na pulpol’!

    The above story deserves even more social commentary than that of ‘Turncoat’ Senator Sherwin Gatchalian’s cussing over Twitter…or of that public closure supposedly owed by parents of Ica Policarpio!

    1. We can only symphatize with GRP in as far as writing blogs with touchy controversial issues such as the recent “Mandaluyong shooting incident” or the then “mysterious death of PSG officer Major Harim Gonzaga”, which happened near the presidential residence Bahay Pagbabago within the PSG Complex in Malacañang Park in September of last year.

      Armed with a socio-cultural-political crusade and position that they adhere to and believe in, blogs on social issues like these won’t find space here. It just simply won’t happen, at least not, however, with some tying up of YellowTardism assault commentaries incorporated within.

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