How the SJW Way becomes Extortion

Let’s discuss one basic reason why Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) are hated. Let’s say an SJW wants some poor people to receive aid. Problem is, they don’t have money of their own… or don’t want to give it. They don’t want to do a collection drive or set up their own foundation either. They’ll look for someone who they believe is rich, and they’ll demand that person “give to the poor.” In other words, they want to force others to spend on something they want the others to spend on.

Obviously spoof signs, but they nicely capture the “Freudian slips” of SJWs

If that perceived “rich” person refuses, the SJWs will likely attack and defame the person, probably by trolling. They might say that the rich person is “stealing from the poor” and all that reputation-ruining, such calling that person’s opinion “fake news” (like what Jover Laurio is doing). That looks like extortion to me. In our local jargon, we can call that crab mentality.

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Well, to a point, there might be some cases where one can force others to give. But the only reason I see is when that donor has already expressed a commitment to do so, but reneged on it at some point. That’s why people are criticizing politicians – because politicians made these promises. But when you get to private citizens, or people who never made promises to give, there’s no reason to force anything from them. Forcing at all creates more problems.

“SJWs” likely do the above not because they really want to help, but it’s more for their ego. Being charitable (then making others do the actual charity) is nothing more than a fashion statement. They want to feel good or proud about themselves by doing something good, but it comes out as something wrong, because they sought to force someone to “help” in their ego boost. They probably make feel like they’re the one giving out money, but it turns out to be another vicarious experience – a lie.

I would admit, even I had this attitude when young. When you’re a youngster, the brain chemicals go haywire and make you do or like things that seem right, but are ridiculous and wrong. You feel like you own the world, and it should obey you. But when we mature, we realize that personal responsibility is important and control of others is just childish.

That immaturity says, “forcing people to do good is good!” But as a mature adult, you realize forcing people is bad at all. It feels like a radical achievement to make someone give to others. But it’s a wrong achievement.

Also, what if someone refuses to give to charity? Jail them? No. People have the right to refuse. That is so basic. Extortionists love violating the right to refuse.

And if you’re an extortionist, or just love coercing others, you love violating human rights. If you claim to be fighting for human rights, that’s a contradiction.

This is what we need to teach youngsters today. Don’t give out something that isn’t yours. Don’t force others against their wills. If you want something to give to others, work for it. It’s up to us to undo the pampering and entitlement that previous generations have implanted in their children.

The Brainwashed

This kind of brainwashing is what draws young people like Jo Lapira to join exploitative cartels like the New People’s Army (which itself is a violent extortion racket with its “revolutionary taxes”). They are convinced that if they believe their brand of good is the right one, they have the right to force it on others, and if others do not accept their ideas, they should resort to force. SJWism is quite the same as religious fanaticism and cultism in this respect.

And then there are old farts like Florin Hilbay who seem to hate not being in the limelight, that he resorts to virtue signaling to have some semblance of relevance for his own KSP-driven sense of validation.

Oh yes, when it comes to extortionism, let’s recall what fellow blogger Paul Farol wrote about Save 182 some time ago. The group was aggressive against SM Baguio for cutting down trees, but were quiet about other organizations such as Camp John Hay that cut down more trees. Even Baguio residents should have gotten a rap for cutting down their trees and depriving the city of its signature green look. It’s been suspected that members of Save 182 were actually asking for a hefty sum from SM in order to cease their attacks. If money changed hands between the tree-cutting organizations and the group, but that would be textbook extortion under the guise of environmentalism. It’s too bad no legal action came out of this.

Oh yes, Kadamay. Another cover group supposedly standing for the poor, but are property-grabbers, another prime example of extortion.

The Agenda of Dictating someone else’s “Needs”

I remember a TED talk by Maliha Chishti, who explained how foreign aid goes wrong. Her organization wanted to set up a mobile clinic in Afghanistan, because that was the need according to Afghans. When she approached the Canadian government for assistance, she was told to they would give money only if they held human rights training instead of a clinic. She did that then – and found that too many other organizations were doing the same thing. It was like, someone was asking for food because he were hungry, but instead he was handed a nail file because he was told cleaning his nails was more important.

It was obvious was the government had an agenda with its human rights program over delivering according to the need. But Chishti said this was wrong. The dictators of the aid type wanted only to please and kid to themselves “I helped someone,” rather than actually help. It was basically navel-gazing. She also described the outsiders were dictating Afghan policy, trying to make Afghans like themselves – basically imperialism again.

Our local SJWs or “BoBo activists” have the same attitude; but they are worse in that they attack people and don’t give any aid. In fact, they prefer to siphon that aid. They are imperialists believing that their ways are superior and that these ways should be imposed on others, and they demonize those who disagree, sometimes with lies. They are not into real social justice, but are carrying out partisan injustice. This kind of charlatan behavior should be continually criticized and exposed, as it is nothing more than abuse by spoiled brats.

True Social Justice

Real social justice can be different things to different people. But I’ll develop my own definition for this article. Remember what that part of the term: justice. Equal protection under the law, freedom from coercion by others, respect of one’s rights as accorded both by law and basic decency, etc. That means forcing others to conform to one’s opinion is not justice. If one says, “hey, you’re rich, give it all up and share it with the poor or I’ll shame you online,” that’s not social justice. Real social justice would be voluntarily helping others, without force. The Biblical saying is “God loves a cheerful giver,” because if the giving is not cheerful, then it would not be honest. Instead of forcing, real social justice supporters would invite, not force, others to help them. That way, efforts would be more honest and effective, and implies really having the recipient’s good in mind.

To sum it up using webmaster Benign0’s masterful way of putting it: “The only sustainable way to effect “social justice” is to ensure a governance framework where skill, talent, and hard work are rewarded whilst laziness, stupidity, and dishonesty are punished.”

10 Replies to “How the SJW Way becomes Extortion”

  1. Giving should be the prerogative of the giver. If we give our money, by being forced to give our money; that is no longer giving. It is plain extortion. The NPA does it, on the guise of “revolutionary taxes”. They are no better than the American and Italian Mafia, doing , “protection racket”.

    Sometimes, charity is like a Shabu. The charity recipient, is addicted to charity, and frebees, that they no longer sweat it out, to earn the money, to buy these things. Free on all, means , no incentive to work for them. Since, they are free .

    Of course , there are instances, when someone really needs help. And, if we help, we are making a difference on the people’s lives. But, giving just because, you are rich, is not giving at all. It is highway robbery !

  2. We can say social justice goes both ways: responsibility to self, and responsibility to “kapwa”. It cannot be just one or the other. Things have a way of coming back around to bite (or nag) you in the ass, which is what is happening now to the “economically struggling” parts of OUR society; because we fail to realize that we’re not working in an isolated system.

    1. Yeah, I get that. If there’s anything I’d be SJW about, it’s assistance to disabled and mentally ill. Those really need help. In contrast, though, our local SJWs care more about communist insurgents and “gays” than disabled.

      1. Yeah, we’re going to have to deal with the problem, one way or another…was what I mainly meant. They’re advocating the wrong things for a reason, and the social schism we see now is the result. When they talk borderless societies,it’s about the loss of identities- consequently, sovereignty.

        1. klara: part of the country’s problem is that you ARE working in an isolated system. You may not even realize it, but you are brought up from your earliest years to consider everything non-Filipino as inherently inferior or “bad”. Your are not permitted to import ideas or goods from other countries except under extremely limited circumstances. You are not even allowed to travel outside your country without approval from government agents; as I’m sure you know, airport security can deny your exit from the country just because they feel like it, and you must seek formal approval to work elsewhere. Freedom of movement, incidentally, is considered one of those basic “human rights” that readers of GRP all disapprove of.

          You think this is normal because, like North Koreans, you’ve grown up knowing nothing different. To the rest of the world, your country looks like a paranoid, wild-eyed homeless man cowering in the corner, afraid of everything and shouting out obscenities at passersby. People don’t know whether to hand him some food, arrest him, or point and laugh.

  3. Given how interconnected the world is thanks to the Internet, the Neo-Liberal faux social justice brigade of useful idiots are becoming louder and louder everywhere, in China for example they mock and deride the Western SJWs as “White Left” which is a good description of naive altruistically suicidal and deluded millennials that care more about frivolous crap like race rights like Black Lives Matter, the abolishment of borders, replacing their native population with people from the third world, more social welfare, insane spending for any “isms” like racism and feminism, a self-hatred of their culture and race. TL:DR even the Chinese can call out the insane notion of cultural and societal suicide with these types of entitled idiots whose priorities are mixed with their own agenda and interests covered up with a stupid flavor of the month social justice topic, they get cash while also feeling good for their own egos, it’s self-perpetuating and never ending in their quest to be a hero, they just add more fuel to the fire.

    1. I’ll admit, the idea of no more borders or nations appeals to me. I’m also quite a critic of traditional culture, and don’t like the idea that it is “untouchable.” But SJWs don’t approach it the right way. They don’t address the cultures associated with borders, they’d rather ignore these and just ban or require things by law. They don’t know how to criticize cultures properly and might even defend customs and that are bad (like headhunting). They probably don’t realize their ideas of what a “good world” should be are commercially driven. They should learn to step back and check whether what they want is right or not, or they’ll risk becoming the next Nazis or Khmer Rouge.

  4. We live in a system that espouses merit, equality, and a level playing field, but exalts those with wealth, power, and celebrity, however gained.

  5. The problem you mention is, an issue with receiving rather than giving.

    In most places, if you give something to someone, they’ll experience some sense of gratitude and seek to do something in return. In that way, favors go around and around and life gets better for everyone.

    In the Philippines, if you give to someone needy, they’ll assume that you are now their sponsor, and will be endlessly wheedling for handouts to support their chosen lifestyle. They will demand bigger and bigger ‘gifts’. They will never ever say ‘thank you’ and never think of returning the favor. If the flow of handouts stops, you’ll be called “kuripot”, and may even be targeted for revenge.

    Aid agencies sometimes have the idea of teaching life skills to people mired in poverty, rather than just giving them cash. That doesn’t work in the Philippines either, because the Filipino already knows everything.

    So it’s no surprise the rich aren’t keen to help “the poor”. You can’t help someone who fundamentally doesn’t want to be helped.

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