How EXACTLY is the Duterte government a ‘repressive’ and ‘fascist’ one?

Apparently there is yet another mass action scheduled to be held by various “progressive” groups this weekend December 10, 3pm at at the Bonifacio Shrine in Lawton, Manila to mark “Human Rights Day”. In a Facebook post by the so-called Computer Professionals’ Union, this occassion is made relevant by what they insist is a context characterised by a time of “repression and tyranny”. Not surprisingly, they tag the government of President Rodrigo Duterte as the source of this “repression” and “tyranny” where…

[…] community organizers, development workers, and human rights defenders affiliated with organizations critical of his tyrannical rule have faced increasing vilification, the filing of trumped-up if not foolish charges, harassment, and physical attacks.

It is interesting to note that so-called Computer Professionals’ Union is affiliated with other organisations that have come to be associated with the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), namely KARAPATAN Alliance for the Advancement of People’s Rights and Altermidya – People’s Alternative Media Network both of which are also plugged in their Facebook post. Filipino communists and the fronts like these that they use to propagate their obsolete ideology have consistently accused every national government and every Filipino president of being “fascist” puppets that are in bed with a United States “imperialist” conspiracy to oppress the hapless Filipino.

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Filipinos with more critical minds should ask these commies: If Duterte’s government is so unique in its “fascism” as they assert, what then makes it different to previous governments? It seems that to these commies, all non-communist governments are all fascists. How ironic is that?

So, yeah, “Computer Professionals’ Union”, right? Here’s another question for these bozos: what technology professional nowadays refers to himself or herself as a “computer professional” to begin with? You can tell that the choice of terms mirrors the 1970s to 1980s Cold War vintage of the thinking these bozos apply to their causes and front organisations.

Under this light, it is easy to dismiss these commies and their fronts as irrelevant quacks. What is more baffling, actually, are members of the mainstream Philippine Opposition led by the Yellowtards. They too, apparently, make use of the same premise the commies have used ad nauseum — that the Duterte government is a “fascist” and “tyrannical” monstrosity.

But why?

Have mass media businesses (many of which are openly critical of the Duterte government) been shut down or nationalised? Is there anything being done by the Duterte government to undermine the independence of Congress or the Philippines’ judiciary? In the case of Congress, we will recall that all of its members are elected by popular vote and, as such, representative of the will of the Filipino people — words, terms, and concepts Yellowtards are so fond of mouthing in their own street rallies and printing on their mass-produced “activist” paraphernalia.

This set of ‘security tips’ issued by communists disquised as ‘computer professionals’ is a bag of internal contradictions.

Even more laughable, this union of “Computer Professionals” have issued some “security tips” which include suggestions that Filipinos “secure” their “online communications lines” and go as far as suggesting that certain “open source chat applications” be used rather than the “more popular messaging apps” — which is bizarre considering that, in another part of their post, they encourage Filipinos to make ample use of social media to broadcast their whereabouts and participate in public online activities. Oh, the inconsistency! Again, true technology professionals worth their salt are anything but inconsistent. Consistency, after all, is extremely important when cutting code because machine logic needs to be built on a foundation of consistent first principles declared up front.

So much for credibility there. That communist slip is showing.

Indeed, members of the Philippine Opposition, specifically their social media “thought leaders” don’t seem to really give a hoot about heeding such paranoid “security tips”. Social media “activism” is as lively as ever, convincingly debunking the very premise of this moronic “activism” — that the Duterte government is a “fascist dictatorship” that is blanketing the Philippines under a dark clouds of “tyranny”. The fear-mongering of these obsolete commies (and even that of individuals within the more mainstream Yellowtard cliques) are contradicted by the fearless noise of the broader Philippine Opposition itself.

So when we come back to the original question posed:

How exactly is the Duterte government a ‘repressive’ and ‘fascist’ one?

…I think all the average Filipinos really need to do is sit back and wait for the likes of Jim Paredes, Florin Hilbay, and Tonyo Cruz to come up with a convincing answer. That is, of course, if these bozos even come across that simple but confronting question. After all, these supposed champions of “free speech” are anything but free speech advocates in practice seeing that they are anything but comfortable in the presence of people who challenge their sacred beliefs with even the most child-like of questions.

28 Replies to “How EXACTLY is the Duterte government a ‘repressive’ and ‘fascist’ one?”

    1. Well yes, according to this: What’s the significance of the phrase “Mussolini made the trains run on time”?

      And yes, that so called “Fascist Time” is very similar to “Japanese Time” but in a bit of advance & thank God that both Italy & Japan had became allies during the Second World War but anyway here’s a link on what I’m talking about: Japan railway ‘deeply sorry’ after train leaves 20 seconds early.

      So if we could apply that “Fascist Time” and revoke that “Filipino Time”, then our country will become more progressive & powerful as those two countries above.

  1. If they think that President Duterte is a fascist one & they want to preserve our democracy in our land, then think again. He just want to discipline us & not to become an ignorant and law breaking Filipinos while preserving our freedom & democracy just like what Singapore do. If they want that without the use of discipline, then be like the Pasaway Queen, Maria Isabel Lopez! That’s so crazy & humiliating, isn’t it?

    To learn our lesson or two regarding this issue, then read my posted question from Quora & it’s a question about this 16th Italian philosopher Niccolo Machiavelli as what those idiotic liberals thought that he’s was a fascist/totalitarian philosopher & he disregard democracy but the answer to that question will surely change your thought about him: Is the Italian philosopher/diplomat Niccolo Machiavelli a mortal enemy to the liberals and free world?

    1. What does Machiavelli and his Bull-shit stories have to do with the fact that Dueterte does exactly as he is told by the US Dept. of State and the USA President ? WHAT ? This is the same thing that has been going on with every sitting President and his gov’t. in the Philippines since 1965, at least, and Dueterte will not be the one to change it. Dueterte is a pupett, just like the rest of them were.

  2. Meantime, in the real world, the real filipino citizen is working his ass off to make ends meet, and upgrade his living standards regardless of what these commies say. Sige, tuloy niyo lang laban niyo….. kung ano man yun. But keep in mind that y’all are dead weight to the filipno society. You feast upon the ignorant and brainwash them in favor of your “cause”. You want communist rule? Then move to Kim Jong Un’s country, you’ll love it there.

    1. I find something hilarious: one time that these protesters even called Trump’s US government being ‘fascist’ yet I’m 100% certain that they will stop protesting in the streets if it was Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders is in the presidency because of one thing – they’re left-leaning political figures.

      Unfortunately, they’re too dumb that they keep on protesting on Obama since Obama himself is radical left.

      What if we tell them that these commies and Yellowtards that the quote should be “Insist to OUR repression! Support our OWN fascism!” Because in America, the modern-day fascists are the American Left: the SJWs, the LGBT community,
      Black Lives Matter, AntiFa, etc. 100% sure that they’re buddies with them.

      1. You have no idea what you are talking about. Obama was told what to do by the NEO-CONSERVATIVES. The USA is now a Corporate Dictatorship. antonin Scalia gave the Corporations the same rights as Citizens via the ‘Citizens United’ ruling. The only thing Obama did was go along for the ride, and whittle away the ‘Bill of Rights’ , when on Dec 31, 2011 the NDAA was signed into Law the 6Th Amendment was effectively abolished as was the 4TH.
        In the USA, a label means nothing….Big Business runs everything and all politicians do is vote the way they are told to vote by Corporate Big-Wigs and run their mouths they way they think will get them elected/re-elected.
        Identity politics is just a Divisive tool of the Big-Boys running the Democratic Party, the party that used to actually represent the working-man.

        1. You are truly full of shit and a liberal retarded commie who lives in delusional land, playing keyboard warrior in this website to “Fight the Power”. You should stop using the internet because Capitalism. Go play your starving games elsewhere or make a blog yourself other than attention whore.

        2. So, Douchbucket, how am I “FULL OF SHIT”? You have NOTHING BUT INSULTS, not even a Bankrupt argument.I laugh at you.

      2. Trump will be the globalists’ argument against “populism”- which is really to delegitimize valid and prevalent public sentiments. He was the bait and switch version of Duterte. If a supposed “outsider” like Trump fails the Americans once again, it would discredit anything “alternative” from what the status quo offers.

        1. Trump is being made an example of by the Elites. He has dared to step out of line and now everything he is trying to do is caught up in various BULLSHIT, FAKE NEWS non-issues like Gen. Flynn. This is all being done so that no other USA politician will try what Trump is trying……and it should work as no other politician in the USA is a multi-billionaire.

  3. In one paragraph the author asserts, correctly, that…”Filipino Presidents are ‘FASCIST’ puppetts of the United States…..and are in bed with the United States ‘IMPERIALISTS'”…….to exploit the hapless Filipino…which is correct…and Dueterte is no different.
    it goes on to state as such and that the CPU professionals should ask themselves what is sooo different about Dueterte, when there is no difference…and these people KNOW IT……and then by some magical stroke of a computer key the author states that ‘THESE COMMIES’ must all think that every non-communist Gov’t. are ‘FASCISTS’, WELL NO, they did not say that, did they? These people seem to be assetting that the government of Rodrigo Dueterte is a FASCIST PUPPETT of the USA, just like the previous gov’ts. of the country since 1965……and they are correct.
    a simple microcosm of this fact can be seen in the fact that CHASE Bank, is operating ‘Call Centers’ in the Philippines and paying Filipino’s that work there less than $10/day. A similar job in the USA for the same exact bank, pays over $10/per hour but no one in the USA can afford to work for $10/hour so the work is outsourced to the lowest common denominator that will work for almost nothing….the Philippines, and its conveniently English speaking work-force that is willing to work for almost nothing and if that is not the very definition of FASCISM, IMPERIALISM, tell me WTF is……
    Now, there ius more to this, the fact is that the Filippine gov’t. is told to keep, and actually PAID, to keep its minimum wages down as close to the sewer as possible so, the USA corporation can reap rewards and as a by-product Filipino’s can be exploited…
    This is happening with every single call center job that is operating in the Philippines, the only people getting any sort of satisfaction ouit of these jobs are the Congress and the EXECUTIVE Branch of the Philippine gov’t. that do get handsome kick-backs for allowing such shit jobs being heaped upon their population.THINK IT’s NOT TRUE ? PPFFFF…..
    The CPU people deserve to be praised and followed all the way to the Senate to burn the…….you should all know the rest by now……

    1. LMAO,
      I hope the following is NO news for you. But pls take a (deeper) look at the clothing industry. Where do you think the big chains (the typical H&M stores, and others) will let their garments produce and manufacture? Yes, you guessed right, In Bangladesh. Why do you think it is produced there? Wow, you guessed right again. You are darn smart. You have wisdom beyond your (y)ears.

      1. IDK what your problem is but it isn’t me. I know what is going on and do not have to look at anything you point to to do so. What you think of my intelligence is none if my business, but if you sat across from me at a CHESS board ‘YOUR BITCH WOULD BE MY WHORE’, FO’ SHORE….just as surely as Filpino politicians serve Western Master’s.

        1. No, not at all, try making some sense for once in your frikkin life… industry? where? WTF ?

  4. Reading benign0’s last paragraph, there’s something that enters my mind, though.

    Anyhow, these cretins, like the Computer Professionals Union, are in their safe space that they insist Duterte’s government being ‘fascist’ and ‘repressive’. Anyhow, it’s fitting…

    1. LOL! Nice video there & anyhow, those CPUs are quite similar to this phenomena in Japan called “hikikomori”: Link

      You could also watch an anime series called “Welcome to NHK” (no not the Japanese TV station called NHK, it means: Nihon Hikikomori Kyōkai or The Japanese Hikikomori Association) and it’s a story about the protagonist guy who he is very isolated in the outside world & he believes that there’s a conspiracy to those people or the so-called “Big Brother” who are controlling the real world & trying to manipulate the lives of ordinary people and so he’d became an isolated person & hid inside his house forever so that his life will not be manipulated by those bad guys. And so those Computer Professionals Union (CPUs) are the hikikomoris or shut-in people.

  5. If you look at Kim Jong Un’s North Korea. You will see how a communist state works. There is no Freedom of Speech . There is no Freedom of the Press. Any opposition is quashed like a fly, by the dictatorship of Kim Jong Un. This is what the Communist Party is fighting for ?

    These issues are used as tools, by the Communist Party of the Philippines: Fascism and Tyranny. Once they will be in power; they will be the worst Fascist and Tyrants. Look at the Soviet Gulags of the late Soviet Dictator, Joseph Stalin…it was slavery and forced labor, and summary executions. The Communist Party of the Philippines propaganda is : disinformation, misleading and deliberate lies. Communism is an obsolete political theory , that did not work, as claimed to be the best solution to our country’s problems.

    If enforcing the law, and punishing those who violate the law, is Fascism and Tyranny. Then, for the sake of law and order: I’m all for the Fascist and Tyrant.

    If putting in jail those who deal in illegal drugs like Shabu; and prosecuting those who are doing corrupt practices , is Fascism and Tyranny. I would gladly welcome that Fascist and Tyrant.

    We have to clean our country. Enforce the law, on equal basis. Lady Justice is supposed to be blind folded, holding a scale . What the Aquino Cojuangco political axis has done is; they made Lady Justice a Whore, like Kris Aquino !

    1. NO, FASCISM is NOT COMMUNISM. Learn what FASCISM is before making statements that make you appear not-so-bright. Learn what Fascism is by looking at what was happening in Italy during and Pre-World War 2 as well as Germany.

      The Philippines is not a Fascist State and by the definition of the actual word/ideology the Communist Party of the Philippines is not either. Dueterte is NOT a Dictator but it appears that he is heading in that direction. Either way: Dueterte will do what he is told to do by the USA Dept. of State and/or Donald Trump or he will get shot. However it just could be that the USA leaders doen’t really give a shit what happens in the archipelago(its not as important as it once was!) and they could end up not giving a shit what Duterte does…..BUT I doubt that…..

  6. Liberal Double-Think, you got international mass-media that regurgitates the same message over and over with a left-leaning progressive slant, and want to know the truth about these “Anti-Fascists”? They got their head start by the same Communist International that the CPP here is part of, there are no true fascists or Nazis anymore, it’s just a name-calling game they do, they want to paint all of their enemies as associated with every vile thing they can possibly get away with, justify violence and ruination of lives and livelihoods to further their political power. They don’t give a damn about the truth, if they repeat the lie enough, it’s “Truth” according to them.

  7. Whether there’s tyranny or not, the consent (consensus)–the power comes from the people being ruled over.
    Some people are willing to die rather than deny themselves of having REAL choice.

  8. as Roddy Dueterte rounds the 18 month mark in his Presidency, lets check out what has changed. Yawn, well, not much huh? once again, the Filipin massa was duped into voting for a saviour instead of just, once and for fuckin all, riding the SCUMBAG politicians out of town, tared and feathered, or , run them up a lamp post. ONE MORE TIME ! and this is because the Filipino people lack the courage it takes to actually overthrow a government and kill the scumbags responsible for plundering the country into 4th World poverty.a simple procedure that would take less than 5 days, yet the Filipino massa would rather suck their thimbs and get shat on, than actually get the hands a li’l bloody.
    and so, tickety-tock ( oh baby suck my rock) nothing nothing NOTHING, (DID I MENTION NOTHING?) has changed, once again, and it will not change until the Filipino people do what they should have done for the last50 years…..

    1. You think the problem of the Philippines is a no-brainer. You are like a baby crying for his milk, needs instant gratification. When it comes to solving the evils of this country, nothing is instant my friend. You expect change, it has to start with you. Most of the scumbags responsible for plunging the country down have been dead already, you think this has just happened think again. And to say nothing has happened since the president took office is downright unfair, which says something about you.

      1. OH NO IT DOESN’T say a single thing about me, DON’T PLAY “FLIP” with me, Sonny.
        The people that have ruined the country have families that are doing EXACTLY the same thing. AND, furthermore, Dueterte could instantly change a number of things, BUT HE DOESN’T HAVE THE BALLS TO DOUBLE-CROSS HIS MASTER’s.
        For example, DUETERTE COULD INSTITUTE A NEW ENERGY POLICY SO AS TO REDUCE THE SKY-HIGH COST OF ELECTRICITY (the highest electricity rates in the world are in the Philippines, along with some of the worst electricity service!) on homeowners and small business’s and even across the board, for everyone. The electricity rates in the country are preventing small business’s from opening and be able to actually pay people a decent wage. Dueterte could also reduce the tax on GASOLINE so as to lighten the impact on Jeepney/Tri-cycle even Bus Operators.
        These are ONLY TWO things Dueterte could do IMMEDIATELY, and they would BOTH improve the lives of Filipino’s instantly. BUT BUT BUT, Dueterte DOESN’T DO IT, and he will not do it……..and I know why, BUT I AM GOING TO ASK YOU TO ANSWER THE QUESTION, if your so fuckin smart you should know the answer,. Tell me/us WHY DOESN’T DUETERTE DO EITHER OF THESE TWO THINGS RIGHT NOW? Keep in mind he has NOT done either one in 18 months and he NEVER gave out any of the medals he said he was going to give to Filipino’s for killing drug-dealer’s. FACE IT KID, DUETERTE IS FULL OF SHIT, just like Aquino, Estrada, GMA, Marcos family etc etc etc……..
        NOW, I just gave gave concrete examples to back up my argument, what do you have? INSULTS….. MAYBE?

        1. LOLOLOL You are definitely saying something about yourself and what registers to me is more like CRYBABY AND ILL-INFORMED PREJUDICE. For example, Philippines has the highest electricity rates in the world? We are not even in the top ten. Look at Australia, they have one of the most expensive electricity in the world and yet they are an oil-producing country. What would you expect with Philippines. And it is not in the hands of the President, he does not control the oil prices in the world market. Unless the government subsidize electricity which they don’t have the money of course. And cut the taxes on gasoline? And where do you suggest the government source out the revenue they get from oil products taxes? You think it is that easy. How is the government supposed to fund government services and infrastructures? Well, you remind me of a baby who needs instant gratification, and sees instant fixes on everything. You fail to see the bigger picture my friend. Think like a pro ok LOL

  9. You can strip Filipinos of honor & dignity as well as even the basic necessities for survival, just don’t step on their heaven-bestowed “right to create noise” – that’s the last thing they’ll hold on to. These commies are just scared shit of the threat of losing their right to overthrow the government so the true fascists (Joma and Co.) can rule and milk the land.

    Try to get Duterte to take the “How fascist are you?” test, and he’ll probably score less than 30%.

    The only people afraid of Duterte are criminal- and terrorist-rights activists. CPP-NPA being branded terrorists is indeed such an unprecedented revolutionary idea, one that can only be thought up of by a genuine iron-fisted visionary (IFV). Even PNoy must have had his gaping mouth wide open upon hearing that blitz pronouncement… “Whaaa, you mean – you can do that pala? Why didn’t I think of that?”

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