Senator Antonio Trillanes’s psychopathic behaviour doesn’t belong in the Philippine Senate

Senator Antonio Trillanes is exhibiting signs that he could be a psychopath. He doesn’t care about damaging the reputation of the Philippine Senate as long as he gets what he wants. Indeed, Trillanes has a long history of betrayal. In the past, the public witnessed how he used his privileges as a senator to persecute his enemies. He used precious time and resources in his attack on former Vice President Jejomar Binay in the months leading to the 2016 Presidential Elections. His obsession then with Binay was irrational.

One can only conclude that Trillanes wanted to ruin Binay’s reputation with the public because he was running against an ally in the Liberal Party, Mar Roxas. Trillanes proved that he can turn his back on former allies without thinking twice once he finds a more powerful ally to use. Ever since he became allied with the Liberal Party, he has forgotten old mates like Binay. After all, Binay supported Trillanes’s move to hold a mutiny against former President Gloria Arroyo back in 2003. But now they are mortal enemies. In other words, treachery runs in Trillanes’s blood. The courts were right in convicting him as a traitor.

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Senator Trillanes: Once a Duterte running mate wannabe?
(Photo source: Inquirer)

It seems Trillanes is now acting like the Opposition’s attack dog against President Rodrigo Duterte. His ultimate goal seems to be to have Duterte removed and then replaced by current Vice President Leni Robredo. There is proof that his attack against Duterte is irrational and hypocritical. Trillanes actually wanted to be Duterte’s Vice Presidential running mate in the last election — evidence that he didn’t at the time have a problem with Duterte and even approved of his Presidential aspirations. Since he was snubbed by Duterte, Trillanes is now sticking by the Liberal Party’s side.

I don’t want to accuse Trillanes of being compensated for fighting for the Liberal Party’s cause, but one thing is for sure: Trillanes owes the party, specially former President BS Aquino, for the freedom he enjoys today. Aquino granted him amnesty in his first year as President. It’s not surprising that Trillanes is helping the Liberal Party return to power. He owes them big time. He was very lucky since Aquino hates Arroyo and considers his mutiny against Arroyo justified. It’s too bad traitors like Trillanes manage to attract sympathy for their borderline criminal initiatives. It’s further proof that patronage politics is rife in the Philippines. Instead of upholding the law, the system and the powers-that-be allowed Trillanes to walk free as soon as an ally of his came into power.

Trillanes would still be in prison for rebellion if not for the pardon granted him by former President BS Aquino.

I wouldn’t be surprised though if Trillanes betrays the Liberal Party one day. It’s just in his nature to turn his back on the people who once helped him. Just ask former Commissioner of the Bureau of Customs Nicanor Faeldon. He used to be mates with Trillanes back when they were young military officers and part of what they call the Magdalo Group. Both of them led the failed Oakwood Mutiny in 2003 against Arroyo. But now Trillanes considers Faeldon his enemy because the latter is defending Duterte against the senator’s attacks. Trillanes can’t even put aside their differences for the sake of mateship. That’s another sign he could be a psychopath. He lacks empathy and doesn’t care if he destroys friendships along the way. His behaviour is scary.

Fast forward to 2017, his tactic hasn’t changed. While Trillanes has moved on from Binay, the public still has to bear with his tirades. His modus operandi has become toxic and tiresome. The people can now easily see through his fishing expeditions. Even without concrete evidence, he demands that his enemies be summoned to Senate hearings. The public knows that Trillanes just wants to embarrass who he considers “persons of interests” and bully them in front of the media. Bullying is his cup of tea. Trillanes bullied the late former Chief of Staff General Angelo Reyes during a Senate hearing, Trillanes accused Reyes of receiving millions taken from military funds. He then told Reyes he doesn’t have a reputation to protect when Reyes tried to defend himself. Unfortunately, Trillanes’s action was too much for the former general who most likely thought his reputation had irreparably been tainted. A week later, Reyes fatally shot himself in the heart.

The late General Angelo Reyes was subject to unnecessarily vicious persecution in a Senate probe led by Trillanes in 2011.

Obviously, Trillanes plans to do the same thing – embarrass and bully Duterte’s son Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte and lawyer Manases Carpio, husband of Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte during the hearing. Trillanes insists that alleged customs fixer Mark Taguba knows that the younger Duterte and Carpio are involved in the smuggling of P6.4 billion worth of “shabu” (crystal meth), which was discovered earlier this year. And he is still adamant even after Taguba already categorically denied knowledge that the two are involved in drug smuggling.

Hopefully, Trillanes’s bullying days will be over soon now that Senator Richard Gordon has filed an ethics complaint against him after Trillanes insinuated that Gordon was quick to absolve Duterte and Carpio. He said that even after Gordon agreed to Trillanes’s request to summon the two.

It’s about time Trillanes’s colleagues stand up to bullies like him. He is making a mockery of the system and dragging the reputation of the Senate down with him. Trillanes doesn’t belong in the Senate. He was only popular with the voters at a time when people were still beholden to the Aquinos who were against Arroyo. Now more people are aware that Trillanes is useless and is merely causing division in Philippine society. His psychopathic tendencies should not be tolerated. The public is already witnessing what he can do with what little power is accorded him as a senator. We can only imagine in horror the people he will destroy if he ever lands a more powerful position. Let us all hope the voters will not vote for him again.

24 Replies to “Senator Antonio Trillanes’s psychopathic behaviour doesn’t belong in the Philippine Senate”

  1. “May Trililing na si Trillanes, Kaya nagwawala sa Senado”

    The behavior of Trillanes, is not the behavior of a normal person. He is acting like an “Immature Child”, who gives everybody a hard time; if he cannot get what he wants.

    Those who voted for this “Clown Trillanes”, should be ashamed of themselves. Or, he won, like Leni Robredo in the election, because of the Andres “Si Latigo” Bautista COMELEC HOCUS PCOS and SMARTMAGIC.

    Trillanes has no shame, on himself. He does not even have an iota of civility !

    He was the “Running Dog” of Pnoy Aquino, during the Aquino’s term. He went on a backdoor diplomacy in China; that resulted in the occupation of the Scarborough Shoals. He and Aquino, may had sold these shoals to China

    His DAP and PDAF, has no projects. “Ibinulsa niya ang pera/fund ng DAP at PDAF. How about his Pork Barrel ? Let us look into it…

    The faster, we remove this “Trillanes Clown” from the Senate; the better, we can move on…

    Plan B for the Liberal Party failed. This Plan was to Impeach Pres. Duterte; and make the Phony Vice Pres. Leni Robredo , become President.

    On the onset of the term of Pres. Duterte; Leila de Lima, the drug dealer and nymphomaniac, held the Extra Judicial Killing investigations in the Senate; assisted by Trillanes; as a prelude to the impeachment of Pres. Duterte.

    “Naunahan sila, ni Tatay Digong. Naamoy ni Duterte, ang balak nila “…Experience in politics is a plus !

    Now, Leila de Lima and her lovers, are in prison. Trillanes cannot move the Extra Judicial Killings investigation. Plan B of the Liberal Party is now a Dud …

    So, there is no way to do, than have Trillanes create trouble in the Senate !

    1. Trillanes never had enough votes to become a senator. No way in hell that happened. In fact, no freakin way any of the LP candidates got enough votes to get in. Who the hell believes Drilon got more votes than Duterte?! Anyone?

      What really happened is the PCOS voting him in. That theory does not leave any doubt in my mind.

      Time to clean up the trash in the Philippine government. It will all start in 2019. They will never get a hold of the PCOS ever again.

  2. ‘it’s the fall of tbe yellow kingdom’. we cannot blame trillanes ‘cuz he’s just fighting for his illegally given freedom he knows that. now he’s going back to jail. send him at the muntinlupa jail it’s where he belongs hehehe

  3. Of course the massa will keep him in office, and the game will continue unchanged. Personality disorders are so common among Filipinos at large they have trouble spotting it in other people. They think it’s normal. People who act with integrity or concern for others are considered weak.

    What’s funny about this is that Trillanes is doing exactly what Filipinos want: acting the savior. Never mind that the job of tracking down and questioning (alleged) lawbreakers is the job of the police. The few good men in the police could probably be counted on one hand, so we all know how that works out. The average voting tambuay does NOT want that problem fixed: if the Philippines actually had a functioning police force, he’d probably end up arrested himself. No, far better to see some politician grandstanding on TV, on some personal crusade against 0.0001% of the criminal population.

    All this makes the voting tambuay feel good on two fronts: 1) nobody has come after HIM, so he must be a Good Person, despite all other evidence to the contrary and 2) The Government is Rooting Out Corruption, and it won’t be long before The Philippines rises up and takes its place among the pantheon of Developed Nations. Pinoy Pride!

  4. The question now is how did Sen. Trillanes won the senatorial seat twice in 2007 & 2013 elections (but thank God he’d lost on the VP on last year’s election)? Is it his so-called “charisma” and many idiotic Filipino voters had voted him or did he paid it to them in order to win his senatorial position? So this is the REAL reason why we REALLY need a constitutional change or CHA-CHA so that it won’t repeat this mistakes again, for the sake of our beloved country.

  5. Psychopaths…people who know the differences between right and wrong, but don’t give a shit. The ones who are insane enough to think that they can rule the world are always the ones who do.

  6. The Aquino Cojuangco political axis is very afraid of a Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. presidency.
    This is a nightmare to them ! So, they are moving Heaven and Earth, to impeach/remove Pres. Duterte, in any way they could, and make the Phony/Fake Vice President Leni Robredo, as their “Puppet President”…they want also that COMELEC Andres “Si Latigo” Bautista, to remain in his position. The Bitch, Lourdes Sereno of the Supreme Court is their Justice Puppet. The Ombudsman Justice Carpio Morales, who does “Selective Justice”, was placed there by Aquino; to protect their cases of plunder, graft and corruption.

    The Aquino Cojuangco political axis are very anxious of what is now unfolding, to the eyes of the Filipino people. They may have nightmares and anxieties now !

    There are too many “skeletons” in the political closets of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, that they don’t want us to see…

    If Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. becomes President. For sure, the evils of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, that they had done during the Aquino era, will be exposed in the open.

    DAP, PDAF, Pork Barrel Bribery, Mamapasano massacre, Trillanes China backdoor diplomacy, etc…, are just “Tip of the Iceberg”, of all the Evils they had done during their political era !

  7. There’s obviously Party-Politics Power-Play in the Philippine Senate!

    Dutertards and YellowTards are also all guilty with their either attack or support in their favored issues!!! Carefully considering and highlighting one thing but skillfully ignoring what’s obvious when it suits them!

    But what exists to be true and that can be verified cannot be invented!

    * Mark Taguba, the Customs broker who implicated some officials of the Bureau of Customs (BOC) in the shipment of P6.4 Billion worth of shabu from China, is essentially Senator Richard Gordon’s witness.

    It was Senator Richard Gordon’s call as Senate blue ribbon committee chairman that Mark Taguba be granted protective custody by the Senate.

    “It’s necessary to provide security to Mark Ruben Taguba – a “willing witness” – after Taguba wrote the names of the officials involved in the illegal shipment.

    “I made him write it. I did not want him to just say it…. There will definitely be liabilities.”

    * Mark Taguba has in his possession a text-message he received from TITA NANIE on JANUARY 11, which stated: “Good am, Mark. Will make final arrangement with Jack. He is the handler of Paolo. Now we have to advance the enroll. He can fly down to Davao to arrange a meeting with Pulong ASAP. During the meeting, you personally turn over the P5 Million same manner you likewise turn over the LMLN (P1 MILLION) to Jack when we meet.”

    Must the Intelligent choose to turn a blind eye or be open to further investigate something relevant related to the Government’s War on Drugs?

  8. the shipment of drugs is a making of the yellows and the magdalo group. tita nanie is either fauldon or trillanes. taguba is their victim to front as their witness. who’s going to believe fauldon and trillanes are against each other this two are magdalo boys….marine to marine as the saying goes.

  9. where is the alleged 3 trillion in US currency converted from the 3,500 metric tons of gold bars from the BSP? is this just half of the 7,000 metric tons gold bars the marcosses promised to return to the pilipinos? it is just allowed in switzerland to print in US currency 3 trillion so there’s still 3,500 metric tons of gold bars somewhere?

  10. I will admit I voted for him only his first candidacy for senate because during that time he has good platforms of change. But once he sat in the Senate he became another TraPo.

    He is a waste of my vote way back and I feel disappointed on what he has become. If I could turn back time, I never voted for him and put him to power.

  11. at the senate hearing last night, why sen drilon insisting to destroy drugs evidence? doesn’t he knows the case is still going on? he’s just so dumb telling that at the hearing,

  12. A tapestry of recent events:
    -The killing of Kian and others of similar profile
    -Pronouncements of the opposition that there seems to be a killing policy of gov’t
    -The case of a large shipment of drugs conveniently getting caught at the Customs – where Faeldon is being cornered and crucified (with Lacson accusing Faeldon of corruption) and where at some point, allowed Trillanes to implicate the Dutertes in the drug trade
    -Faeldon reveals probable smuggling activities of a Lacson and the Senate outright refuses to investigate
    – Trillanes claiming the drug war is actually Duterte’s way of eliminating competition
    -Headlines in the media of alleged drug involvement of the Dutertes

    These are clearly meant to sway the uncritical part of the public mind. And the element of sabotage is often elusive that it’s hardly ever formally considered. The hearings are not so much about whether there is solid evidence or not. What ultimatey matters is how minds are influenced as a way to direct events. Narcopolitics is at play and our fate as a people is at their mercy.

  13. The events are not just coincidences. Lacson has blood on his hands on the Dacer – Corbito murder case. That is, he can be a “hitman” for the political agenda of any political axis – for money , or for any favors.

    Trillanes is already frustrated in his work , to impeach Pres. Duterte. This is the reason, he is grasping everything, and throwing anything, including the “kitchen sink” to Duterte. His partner, the Drug Dealer and nymphomaniac, Leila de Lima, is even using International Organizations, to free her of her Drug Charges.

    These events, will not stop, until they can impeach Pres. Duterte; and install, the Phony Vice President Leni Robredo, as President.

    The Aquino Cojuangco political axis, has “too much” to lose. And their political cahoots, like that bitch, Sereno of the Supreme Court; and Carpio Morales of the Ombudsman Court , are there…

    The good solution are :

    (1) Junk the Cory Aquino’s Constitution. It works for the Feudal Oligarchs; and the political structure of the Aquino Cojuangco Political axis.

    (2) Abolish some vital positions in the government, like the Vice President. Let us go to Parliamentary / Federal form of government , like Germany…

    (3) Bring back the Full Force of the Death Penalty; especially in drug dealing cases. Let us bring back hanging !

    (4) Impeach or remove any Justice/Judge, that is biased and aligned to the Aquino Cojuangco political axis. The faster this evil political axis is destroyed; the better for us all !

    1. k: nobody will ever know what’s going on here. Philippines politics is lies within lies within lies. It’s clear to me that there is no intent to improve the _fundamentals_ of the country: no intent to improve education, economic freedom, or quality of life. So I will assume for now that it’s a case of “meet the new boss, same as the old boss”. I may be proven wrong, but this is the Philippines, and usually the worst possible outcome you can imagine is better than what actually happens.

  14. It’s interesting how much time is spent by locals and foreigners alike on analyzing our mess of a country and society. Almost certainly more effort than anyone is putting into attempting a reasonable fix. So one day after all the talk maybe we’ll agree, quite confidently, it’s broken beyond repair (or never was whole), it’s a parallel universe where normal human standards developed since the stone age don’t apply. A place of incredibly low intelligence – top to bottom – that allows this state of not knowing any better, and getting away with that sad excuse. The ignorance, arrogance and stupidity that permeates our society so comprehensively is nothing short of amazing. We’ve never had any real success with governments, whatever color, not as enjoyed by some of our neighbors and many dozens of other countries. I guess we consider success as being the least f’d up! Fundamentally, from the core, this sad excuse of a society is screwed up and can’t be fixed . The answer can only be to wipe the slate clean, consign history to the past, and start again with an honest agenda to get it right. Big problem is there’s no one here not utterly corrupted by our pitiful past, no one we can truly trust to be honest and do the right thing. Yeah, we’re totally screwed…

  15. Inutil: you can fix it, but to do it you’d have to do the one thing that can’t possibly be done: invite foreigners in to set up businesses and run important branches of government (tax, customs, police, education, etc). There are simply too few Filipinos capable of doing those things without dipping their hands in the cookie jar or screwing it up.

    Singapore did it. China did it. The US did it by default (they were a mishmash of foreigners already). You could fix it in roughly two generations that way. It wouldn’t be paradise, but it wouldn’t be the train wreck we’re looking at today.

  16. Marius: totally agree with the “invite foreigners in” solution. There’s the hard way and the easy way for this to happen: A and B, respectively.

    A. Change the constitution to allow non-naturally born Filipinos (foreigners who later acquired Filipino citizenship) and dual-citizens to run for and hold public office, and open up the 60/40 curtain.
    B. Pass a new law that gives tax-exemption benefits to any Filipina who intermarries with a whitey or north Asian.
    I’m more than positive the next generation of half-breed Pinoys will be at least 50% less dysfunctional than the current crop of pure blooded natives.

    Look at half-breed Gordon, definitely far better than this Trillanes clown right?

    So if anyone is looking for a new business venture to get into, a Pinay international match-making/dating site/app is highly recommended. You’re looking at something on the scale of Facebook.

    Making big bucks while helping out this pathetic country is nothing but a win-win proposition.

    1. What you say make perfect sense. Almost jokingly though, cos as you say it wouldn’t/couldn’t happen, but I’d be amazed if anyone with even half a brain would want to come here and take on this complete train wreck! It’d have to be all or nothing, a complete takeover – working with most here who have a job title means dealing with arrogant, unintelligent, obstructive, self-centered, rude and mostly useless individuals (having a desk & a pen means the title ‘Hon’ – the irony, gotta laugh). And anyone who goes against their god-given right to steal public money wholesale & without consequence might find their life expectancy reduced. Salaries++++ would have to be huge!

  17. zaxx: There definitely is a genetic component to national performance, but you don’t want another load of faulty genes making things worse. You want the best that’s available.

    There are already foreigners operating here, and they operate under Filipino rules, which favors people who want to come here causing trouble and punishes those who are honest and well-intentioned. I was thinking of something like the “points” system that Australia operates: have you got a degree? Have you got some life accomplishments? Do you own property? Do you have a specialist skill? etc. If Yes, welcome to the Philippines: here’s your 5-year resident permit and work permit. This would actually be legal (I think) even without a constitutional change. As I mentioned earlier, it could be done by a group of like-minded investors as a purely PRIVATE initiative. No need to wait for the government to do anything. You’d just need sufficient cash to bribe your way through the work-permit machinery.

    Sadly, it wouldn’t be possible to out-breed Filipinos. Intelligent people tend to have fewer than 3 children, so even if those high-quality foreign genes came flooding in, the idiots will still outstrip them, population-wise.

  18. Nah, it’s the other way around. #Duterte suffers from NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder). You can hold interviews of both his ex-wife Zimmerman and Dr. Natividad Dayan, former president of the International Council of Psychologists. Our current president is the one UNFIT to handle the current sorry state of our country.

    Present a counter report on Duterte’s psychiatric/pyschological/mental state and talk to the right people involved in concluding his diagnosis. Check court records, too. 🙂

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