Time for Filipinos to junk the old Martial Law narrative!

Philippine Police Special Action Force officers on the scene following an attack at Manila’s Resorts World.
(Source: @InquirerDotNet)

It’s time indeed. Filipino “activists” have worn the old Martial Law scarecrow to tatters. The idea that vigilance involves raising a screeching fit whenever even just a hint of the dreaded two words M-A-R-T-I-A-L L-A-W are detected in a verbal or written message is now a mere quaint relic of a peiod when “freedom fighters” were regaled as “heroes”. As is becoming evident today, while freedom’s self-anointed guardians focused this “vigilance” on the imagined threat of “another Martial Law”, a whole new threat crept up from beneath Philippine society’s underbelly and took root.

Yet, it seems, certain “activists” haven’t gotten the memo yet. The issues today no longer revolve around “freedom”. The whole notion that an absence of “freedom” is the root cause of every problem in the Philippines has long been debunked. Thirty years of post-Martial-Law “freedom” has yielded hardly any change in the Philippines’ rigid feudal caste system that structurally underlies the Philippine economy. And, for those thirty years, a concerted effort by the oligarchy to indoctrinate entire generations of Filipinos with the Yellowtard “freedom-versus-authoritarianism” rhetoric effectively masked this non-change.

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It is therefore hardly surprising that newly-enlightened Filipinos today strongly question whether there really is any difference between being under the late former President Ferdinand Marcos’s Martial Law or not — more specifically, whether they are any freer than they were under Martial Law.

This is why all the noise about President Rodrigo Duterte’s recent declaration of Martial Law over Mindanao is so ridiculous. Hipster “activists” make this declaration sound like it will herald the Philippines’ return to the Dark Ages. This noise (which emanates mostly from Manila’s Starbucks cafes) largely rings hollow and falls on jaded ears nowadays. For one thing, Filipinos no longer regard “the Martial Law years” as a dark age. The difference in “liberties” played up in the immediate couple of years following the 1986 “revolution” has been eclipsed by the sameness of the situation revealed as post-“revolution” years turned into decades.

And so, now, the far bigger threat of Islamic terrorism looms in the horizon. Compared to the modus operandi of the Islamic State — an alien that gestates in a living human host and has concentrated molecular acid for blood — Martial Law is a mere mosquito bite. Nothing could save a once-thriving secular society after a fully-functional caliphate bursts out of its belly in a bloody spectacle. A mosquito bite, in comparison, can simply be scratched for relief.

Individual liberties count for nothing when the challenge is to muster a collective resolve to combat an alien culture that stands for everything that modern civilised society isn’t. When Filipino “activists” branded themselves as the “decent” lot to set them apart from those who dared take a path outside their daang matuwid (“straight and narrow”) they thought that the difference between them and the “others” meant the whole world of difference. That difference between traditional Philippine politics’ polar camps, say between the so-called Yellowtards and the Dutertards, now means nothing when regarded in the context of the terrorist threat now confronting the Philippines.

21 Replies to “Time for Filipinos to junk the old Martial Law narrative!”

  1. OK, so now the Filipino poeple have to ponder the recent events in Mindanao Island. What is going on? as the admin of this website delte’s every single comment it doesn’t care to see….Flips that read this to get the skinny on what is happening from somone who knows more than the Benigno’s of this world…get nothing but his propaganda.

    SO, lets just let you all try to figure out what happened. As soon as the President of the country goes to Moscow,Russsia to get his Military rebuilt, what happens? WHAT HAPPENS? The ISIS led ‘REBELS’ start an uprising on Mindanao Isladn. IS THIS A CO-INCIDENCE ? The Rodrigo Duterte is threatening a split with the USA and at the very same moment he tries to do it, So called ‘REBELS’ start a revolt…and there is a Casino explosion in Manila…..THINK PEOPLE, the USA STATE DEPT and the CIA are going to get rid of this guy, NO MATTER WHAT…..they were willing to give him a pass for murdering his own people, BUT NOT FOR COZYING UP TO Herr Putin, NO WAY….

    More of these things are in store for all of you, either you will get rid of this idiot,Duterte, or someone else is going to……..

  2. it is not difficult to figure this all out, every time the idiot leader of the Philippines tries to split with the USA/CIA/US Dept. of State…the leader knows he is marked for removal, so what does that leader do? That leader declares Martial Law, not because he gives one good fuck about the ‘MASSA’ (have your electricity rates gone down? are your jobs even approaching a livable wage yet? I did not think so….)or the survival of the country, NO ! The leader only gives a shit about saving what is his political life, his commandeering of the national purse to his direction….and that is all. Duterte is a Neanderthal, a complete moron that does not understand where his place in this world is. Duterte is a guy that thinks he can somehow shift the allaince the country has with its long-standing benefactor, THE USA…and he is, quite simply, wrong, wrong, wrong, Duterte will NOT BE PERMITTED to align the country with Russia and/or China……Duterte is a marked Man, his time is near over. Either you Flips get rid of him, or it will be done for you. This will most likely be deleted but you who read this, take care and watch out where you go into big crowds, as they are prime targets of ‘TERRORISTS’, (I get a laugh out of that one, I REALLY DO!). lol……

    1. @OK, SO NOW… You are too presumptuous ! What is your solution then? Can you do something to neutralize the USA/CIA/US Dept. of State or defeat them or obliterate them ? hehehe

      You talk a lot but you do not even offer a solution ! lol

  3. Martial Law is needed , when the peace and order situation of a country is in jeopardy. We have a full blown rebellion in Mindanao. ISIS is a real threat to the nation. It may be a cover to some drug dealing politicians; but , it is there. And we have to deal with it.

    We have a lot of problems. Hand in hand , we have to solve them. We all will work and pray , that peace will come back to our country; and that all fear of Martial Law; which is used as a “bogeyman”, by the Aquino Cojuangco political axis; and the political opportunists, will vanish , from the minds of our people…

    Hope for the best, for our country !

    1. @Ok So, Now: In case you do not know yet that you have gone over the limits of a genius, may I remind those reasonable people who are still mesmerized by your empty head that ” those who know do not tell and those who tell do not know.”

      It would be best for you t to change your name to Cassadra ! hehehe

  4. ok, so now…the commander-in-chief is doing exactly what the people wants him to do. and if he declares the whole nation under martial law, we will still support as long as we see … the rise and fall of the yellow dynasty, we see change for a better philippines. there’s only one thing the yellows is scared for, pilipinos getting outragious against them.

  5. >> peace will come back to our country

    What do you mean “back”? Wasn’t benign0’s point that peace (or stability) has never been there in the first place?

    Seems to me the whole charade boils down to this:

    – Hmm. We’ve mismanaged and raped our country for 70 years, and now the terrorists are taking over. We have to do something!
    – Declaring Martial Law is something.
    – Huzzah! We did something.
    – psssht (sound of next bottle of Red Horse being opened and Filipinos getting back to business as usual)

  6. OK, SO NOW:

    All your blogs are nonsense…we, Filipinos are not that stupid, as you. You change your blogger’s name just to contribute your stupidity on this GRP website…

    We are not afraid of the U.S.A., or even the U.S./C.I.A. The Ayatollahs of Iran were not afraid ofU.S.A. The dictator, Kim Jung Un of North Korea is not afraid of the U.S.A.

    They may had disposed and assassinated leaders before…but, not now…we are more wiser than them.

    Why not go back to your country, and join Hilary Clinton’s leftist liberals, who blame everybody, but herself in her defeat in the 2016 Presidential election ?

    Get Lost, dumb Ass !

  7. >> we are more wiser than them.

    I suppose it’s lucky most Filipinos live in the same fantasy-world that you do, Hyden. If you were forced to face the reality of how hopeless, ignorant, and immoral the majority of your countrymen are, you’d probably go mad. I suppose even genuinely wise people would have trouble staring down that particular abyss.

    So no, you don’t need to fear the USA. But you should be very, very afraid of yourselves.

  8. The only reasonable way to stop the ISIS is adopt Lex Taliones and more. Give them more than the brutality and ruthlessness they deserve !

    CHOP the privare parts of any ISIS caught !!


    1. @Marius:

      You are one of the mercenary bloggers, paid by the U.S./C.I.A. and the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, blogging in this GRP website . We, Filipinos don’t see it, in a pessimistic view , as you do. We are not that ignorant…

      Some of the Americans are hopelessly ignorant also. Most of them are just high school graduates; and cannot spell English words in the right way. You just see how they are behaving themselves, in trying to bring down the Presidency of Pres. Donald Trump.

      Hilary Clinton and her liberal lettist, together with Obama. Orchestrated: Fake News; Twist the Facts; do “fishing expedition” investigation on Trump-Russia collusion; trying to remove Pres. Assad of Syria; cannot defeat the Taliban and the ISIS. Kim Jung Un of North Korea, giving them a finger, and testing his nuclear/missile capabilities; Hilary Clinton’s email investigation; Hilary Clinton destroying her computer and ipod, to destroy/hide evidences of wrongdoing, against her; etc…

      How did the Americans get into this mess ? If not, they are stupid…

      I see most of those who contributed to the technology of the U.S. were foreign immigrants. Most of those working in the Technical fields, in the U.S., are foreign immigrants.

      Filipino illustrados were able to spark the revolution against Spain, during the time of Dr. Jose Rizal. They have only the publication: “La solidaridad”, to do it…it is now the Age of Information Technology. It is the duty to all informed Filipinos, to share their knowledge with their countrymen. To awaken them, and make them wise…

      We Are Wiser Than Them !

  9. @653Hyden: I am sharing you my knowledge but most if not all GRP writers and pro-DU30 posters/commenters do not seem to understand that Lex Taliones and more to this CIA created ISIS/ISIL is the only to stop them.

    Pakistan recently reimposed death penalty and their gains on stopping terrorism is markedly successful even if their Taliban neighbors in Afghanistan are getting stronger despite the US mother of all bombs dropped on them.

    Hundreds of thousands of Muslims went to Malaysia as refugees in the 1970’s separatist movement of Misuari precisely of the brutality of the Ilagas which Marcos tacitly allowed.

    These Islamist Jihadist ISIS/ISIl value so much their private parts that they meticulously wrap them on their ultimate mission to claim their reward of dozens of virgin waiting for them in the afterlife.

    Let it not be a government policy of course but in any other war, the peaceloving Filipino soldiers and civilians should know that all is fair. If these ISIS/ISIL militants could chop heads, it is time any capture ISIL/ISIS militant should have his private parts chopped, cooked like sisig and fed to dogs !

    1. @ HT, The USA is not trying to defeat the Taliban, they are racking up profits for the Military Security Complex. An MIC that needs an enemy to get funded by USA Tax-payers…GET IT ? An enemy is ‘created’ to perpetuate PROFITS….FFS, I have to spell everything out for your dumb-ass?All these ‘WARS’ could be won in 15 minutes if they really wanted to WIN, its not about winning, its about PROFITS !!! GEEZ-US, you kno, it should be frikkin obvious by now, but you idiots seem like you can’t figure the simplest of intrigues out, EE-GAD MON !!!

      1. @Ok So. If you claim you are that brilliant and the rest of us are idiots, what then is your solution , huh genius ?

        1. @OK SO:

          What kind of leaders do you try to portray to us, that cause death to its soldiers and citizens, for profits ?

          Only a LUNATIC, like you would think that way. You belong to an insane asylum; not on this website.

          Why not crawl back to your own country; instead of giving us disinformation. We are wiser than you think.

          Since you are dumb as a rock…you have no place in this GRP website. Anyway, the Hilary Clinton-Obama holdouts in the U.S./C.I.A. and the Aquino Cojuangco political axis are paying you…

          Get lost, Scum mercenary blogger and troll ! You stink !

        2. @ NGEK NGEK, you still can’t figure it out? WHY THIS IS HAPPENING ? I said it once, if you missed it ,too bad. You know, I am not doing this to put people down. You would think that after enough of the same things happening over and over again,and then again and again and again…… that Filipino’s would finally figure it out, BUT NO !!!

          OK, one last time:This is happening because the USA/CIA/US Dept. of State wants to get rid of Duterte, OK? THERE I SAID IT DUMBO, if you can’t figure out how to stop more ‘TERRORIST’ attacks from happening….then there is no hope for you….and you van bet your ass they are going to keep happening…its going to get much worse….go get some popcorn, have a seat and sit back and watch……

  10. We cannot and we will not negotiate with terrorists. We have nothing but contempt for them. To conciliate differences with these people without them changing their objectives is to condemn our Republic to ultimate strangulation and death.

  11. If I tell you, to blow yourself up, and the infidels…for a reward of 72 virgins in Paradise; would you believe me ?

    I have not seen any Jihadist, who committed suicide, came back to life, to tell us: he had a reward of 72 virgins, after his death…

    Besides, how can you make love with 72 virgins ? Use viagra ? Wear out your private parts making love to 72 virgins ! Hopelessly stupid !

  12. @555Toro I am afraid you do not understand what Faith is all about!

    You do not understand why there are martyrs of their Faith, why sincere adherents of their Faith are willing to sacrifice their whole life to propagate Christianity, Islam or any religion in this Planet Earth.

    What then is your suggestion to stop the so-called stupidity of sincere adherents ( or your may better describe in as brainwashed) of their Faith? How can you stop Roman Catholic Christians worshipping saints ? How can you stop Hindus venerating cows as sacred?

    Do you have any suggestion how to stop your so called “stupidities” of people’s faith ?

  13. @Ngek Ngek:

    I do not believe in organized religions. They are all the cause of our problems in our civilization. They are the cause of : wars; slavery; women treated as properties; bigotry; Jihads; Inquisitions; etc…

    If they really believe in a good God. How can they do these evils ?

    The Islamic Koran states: ” Whatever evil comes from you…whatever good comes from God (Allah)…” Is this not clear from all people of any religious belief ?

  14. @333Hyden. Every person is entitled to his own belief on whatever Faith he was nurtured to have as there are as many different religions/God/gods as there are peoples and culture throughout the history of mankind.

    I am tolerant to any religious belief of any Faith as long as those sincere believers or adherent practice the negative form of the Golden Rule which is not doing unto others what we do not want others done on us ( I am used to Nazi grammarians to pounce on my grammar but I welcome a finer rewording of the negative form of the Golden Rule).

    I believe those who violate the negative form of the Golden Rule deserve Lex Taliones and more. Thus to those masked ISIS/ISIL members who chop heads of innocent civilians and show on the net graphic videos deserve an equally brutal if not more ruthless treatment.

    To discourage radical Islamic Fundamentalism, those captured Maute members who surrendered instead of killing themselves to await their rewards of virgins in the afterlife should have their private parts chopped, cooked like sisig to make it palatable and fed to dogs !

    The chopping of Maute members private parts should be circulated as widely as possible so that it would terrify foreign terrorists coming to our islands.

    Let these ISIL/ISIS members know the brutality and ruthlessness of an angered violated peace loving Filipino People !!!

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