Why ousting Duterte will be disastrous for the Philippines


What’s up with all this talk about ousting sitting Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte? That’s a no-brainer. There are certain people and parties so hungry for power that the campaign to seize Malacanang had not ended in May 2016. So it is hardly surprising that, rather than work with the incumbent Duterte administration, the Opposition seek to destroy it.

I can’t speak for all Get Real Post writers who were critical of former President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III, but over the course of his six-year term, there was never a time that I wished Aquino to be deposed extra-constitutionally. I and many of my colleagues may have been the harshest critics of Aquino back then, but I cannot recall any suggestion that the solution to the problems besetting the Philippines under his rule was an ouster.

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To end his term prematurely would have given him and his supporters the benefit of the doubt as to whether or not he would have ended his term being regarded a great leader. As it turns out, his failure as a president and the profound, broad-based disillusionment it created amongst Filipinos paved the way for Duterte’s win in 2016 on the back of a protest vote — and ended a 30-year era characterised by the domination of Filipinos’ minds by the Yellow “people power” ideology of the Aquino-Cojuangco clan.

Indeed, what happened to former President Joseph ‘Erap’ Estrada is a case study of how ousted presidents could, enjoying that benefit of the doubt, mount a victorious comeback. Erap, despite having been ousted just three years into his term via a “people power” revolt in 2001, almost won the 2010 presidential election and then went on to become mayor of Manila following a successful bid in the 2013 election.

Today, we are, of course, talking about an Opposition camp famous for their addiction to “people power”-styled “revolutions”. So it is hardly surprising that talk of another one such is in the air this early. In fact, it is interesting that a key figure in the 1986 “revolution”, former President Fidel Ramos, is at the centre of speculation surrounding this possibility.

Credited for “handing” Duterte the presidency, Ramos has suddenly turned into a vocal critic of the Duterte government. Though his motives and timing for criticising Duterte are reportedly “unclear”, many agree that “he may be putting his foot down to salvage ties with Washington frayed by Duterte’s almost daily barrage of expletive-laced insults at Manila’s longtime ally.”

Suffice to say, a move to oust Duterte now will likely seriously backfire. Duterte remains a popular president with a following of fierce social media activists that one self-appointed “thought leader” suggests have “weaponised” the Internet. He is also the first president coming from the Philippines’ deep south in Mindanao, a region which holds a long-standing grudge with the Philippines’ northern tribes seen to be ruling the archipelago from the capital in its northern island of Luzon, now deridingly called “Imperial Manila”.

Politicians who traditionally hold court in Imperial Manila are now widely-seen to be in cahoots with the established order of oligarchs and big business taipans who benefit from the status quo that Duterte is seemingly dismantling. A move to oust Duterte now could foment a fatal divide in an already-polarised society like the Philippines that could be disastrous — even bloody.

The best recourse is to allow democracy to, well, be a democracy. The only thing certain today is that Duterte will either succeed or fail as president after six years. Cutting that term short will result in bets on either outcome left unresolved. It will not result in the same electoral closure that had decisively put up Aquino and his inner camp of Yellow supporters as abject failures and effectively closed a 30-year era of Yellow ascendancy.

113 Replies to “Why ousting Duterte will be disastrous for the Philippines”

    1. Yeah right guys. Filipinos have been reamed by the oligarchy for centuries. There won’t be any revolution unless there’s someone in charge handing out 500 peso notes. “how much you give me sirrrr?”.

      Fortunately, Filipino apathy should ensure that the presidency runs its course, although I’m not sure that’s quite the spirit of “democracy”.

      1. You haven’t obviously learned of our history before Americans turned on us and made war. We were at the brink of civil war after fighting against Spain for independence. You don’t know how the situation would have ended up like Vietnam in the 1950s through 1960s.

        1. American didn’t “turn on you”. You kicked them out in the 1960s. I assume you’re taught something different in school?

          As other people have mentioned, America has its interests, and as long as those interests are satisfied they’ll leave you alone. What Americans want most, mainly, is profits for American businesses.

          And if you haven’t noticed, you already ARE like Vietnam in the 1960s; it’s just Filipinos doing the deforestation with chainsaws instead of Americans dropping Agent Orange.

      2. Wow you are really thick in the head! Even the American filmmaker John Sayles made a film solely about what abuses the Americans did back in 1900 when they betrayed Aguinaldo and decided to go for the kill to control and make bases in our country.

        We’ve had a revolution trying to attain independence before that as written in our history books and taught to me at school. In the 60s our economy was booming second only to Japan. You are dense if you think we were like Vietnam in the 60s. And I’m angered how US ravaged Vietnam before like what they did in Philippine and then in Iraq and Afghanistan.Get those facts right through your thick skull.

        1. Sorry, I thought we were discussing recent history, not something that happened 120 years ago to your great-great-grandparents.

          You achieved independence. That means, for 120 years, you’ve done nothing except complain about how unfair everything is, instead of building an independent country.

          The economy was booming in the 1960s because of American money and American expertise flooding into the country. When Marcos kicked the Americans out, everything fell to pieces.

          I didn’t say you were like Vietnam in the 1960s. I said you are like that now.

          As I’ve said many times in these comments, I’m no fan of American foreign policy. However, the Filipino’s greatest skill is shooting himself in the foot. He fails to understand that, when dealing with a more powerful adversary, it’s a good idea to look for the win-win scenario rather than the win-lose. Unfortunately, the Pinoy’s pride won’t allow him to do this. So he loses.

        2. ah, as usual, every foreigner is automatically a ‘Kano’. Hey Joe!

          As I’ve posted elsewhere, I’m not American. My personal background (or at least my grandparent’s) is as colonial subjects … which is why I have no patience with people who sit around whining about colonialism. The Americans who ruled the Philippines pre-WW2 are dead and gone. So are the Japanese. Can you not just get over it already?

          Still, let’s play it your way.

          Lets pretend for a moment that it’s Americans who are “interfering” with the DTI, the BIR, the BOC, and all the other government agencies whose job is to destroy industry.

          Let’s pretend it’s American employees at the LTO who are incapable of even issuing vehicle license plates.

          And let’s pretend the Americans told the DENR, the LRA, etc., to make a complete mess of the country’s land titling system.

          And I guess it’s Americans running PLDT, Smart, Globe, and the power companies, isn’t it? That’s why they’re incapable of keeping the power on, or delivering a communication system that works.

          Oh, and let’s not forget the Constitution, which was probably written by Americans, right?

          Here’s my question:

          When you’ve kicked out all of the interfering Americans from these agencies and businesses, and put smart Filipinos in the driving seat again, what will be different?

          Will Filipinos still steal from their employers and from each other?

          Will Filipinos still kill each other over the smallest, petty argument?

          Will Filipinos still breed like rabbits because the Church – sorry, Americans! – told them to?

          Come on Baylee. Let’s hear your grand plan for the bright, shining future of the Philippines, run by Filipinos. I bet you’ll make Jose Rizal proud!

        3. Because America knew that the Filipinos could not govern themselves. You need common sense and judgement to do that. You can’t lay this at Americas feet. The simple fact that all you want to do is fight and jump headfirst into situations tells the whole story. America would have been good for the Philippines if not for the uprising. America freed you from the oppression of the Spanish, then you turned on America.
          Now as for Duterte: With Duterte’s blessing, members of the police special forces disguise themselves with wigs and masks, operate in tandem on motorbikes, and murder known anti-crime crusaders. After completing their killing mission, they flee under the cover of darkness, only to appear the next day to hold a press conference. These same special forces then claim that drug dealers are behind the killings. The public agree and the killings duly continue ad infinitum, and with total impunity.
          Kindly google: “2 Cops Kill Anticrime Crusader in Mindoro”

          Dear people of the Philippines:

          It is now obvious (at least to the rest of humanity) that you have foolishly elected a psychotic despot for president. A darkness has engulfed your whole nation. You no longer have due process, constitutionally protected rights or fair trials in a public forum. Suspicion or rumor is now all that’s required to terminate the life of any citizen with a state-sanctioned death squad.

          Nowhere on this planet has any nation ever had success with the policy of drug prohibition. Many of your villages, towns and cities will be turned into killing fields. Hundreds of thousands of you may now die. Your most precious institutions and possessions will be destroyed—but the drugs, the corruption and the violence will still be there and the world will finally realize how dangerous and utterly destructive prohibition really is.

          You are actually in the process of destroying your own society and nothing can change your fate. Every one of you is now vulnerable to deadly attack. Right here n the Philippines, drug prohibition has finally reached its inevitable blood-drenched conclusion.

      3. Sorry pal. We were not granted our independence back after we had it in 1898 2 years later when the Americans seized our country through buying us from a treaty in Paris between US and Spain. They even abandoned us back in 1942, when Japan invaded us and when Manila fell to their hands.

        The U.S. forces from Phils fled to Darwin, leaving many natives to fight U.S, and Japan proxy war, and leaving many of ours more dead than fucking Americans. Then in 1944, when it was clear the Axis powers were losing, U.S. came back to our land and then declared that they “saved our asses” and drove the rest of the Japanese forces off.

        Independence was granted to us in their terms not ours which was set on their day of independence July 4, but after a few administrations, we changed it back to June 12 when we had it first in 1898.

        As for losing you as allies. American arrogance is astounding. You’re indebted at present to China you moron with all your companies based over there and now you have about more than 14 trillions of dollars of debt. Your aid for us is more for military equipment — second rate second hand mind you — and comes with conditions. And that you more or less approved of all our puppet oligarchs of our government in the past. We’re tired of your *hubris* and as you said, Americans only care about their interests.

        Well, our president wishes to care for ours too. And US presence in the south of Mindanao is both a nuisance to China and the radical militants residing there. We didn’t even fucking invade you or provoke you to war or conflict. You fucking were interfering with our domestic affairs with especially inappropriate conduct in the first place. Duterte wanted our own independent foreign policy not tied up between you or China ; and maintain neutrality for our own benefit and security.

        Letting U.S. run things around our region is very damning and we both lose casualties and our economy over your bloody proxy wars. U.S. under Trump or Clinton will still signify your nation’s downfall. I wouldn’t care if we benefited from America’s help back in 1960s — all diminished by the few puppets to U.S. anyway.

        The only good president you ever had in the last 50 years was JFK, cause at least he didn’t want the U.S. going to fraud war in Vietnam. You’ve had economic decline in the 1970s which also bloody dragged our country down as well. So fucking please, don’t tell us like we’re still your fucking little children.

        1. Didn’t Manuel Quezon say after WW2 that he would rather have the country run like hell by Filipinos than have a country run by Americans? He got his wish. I bet your happy butt glad about that. Look at Philippines now. You can really be proud of all the accomplishments and progress that have been made here. Well maybe if the U.S. just left and took all buisness and military out of here along with the rest of us and let China and Russia have you and make this little island into their own colony. You will really have something to whine about then. If Donald Trump gets elected president he wont fall for Dutertes B.S. Under Duterte ther Philippines is headed down the road to destruction.

        2. I don’t think the Filipinos will ever leave the past where it is. What you learned in school is utter garbage because I have a 12 year old daughter here with a Filipina and her education is total shit. Mind you I’m not paying for her education but I was raised in a country where education was free and it wasn’t total garbage. Relying on the children to write down their own assignments and lying to them about the “history” of the Philippines, which I’d like to call An Endless Bout of Slavery… The school books are atrocious and full of errors. Tests that were brought home are full of spelling errors and grammatical errors. I just can’t take anything here seriously at all. If you prop up your education as though it means something then this is why we look at most Filipinos as though they have totally lost their minds. You do have access to the internet which is far better than any school here. Most of the Filipinos online are just sheep repeating what was recently released on the news or on a website. The mindset here is Filipinos against the world and I seriously can’t wait till it blows up in your faces. If you love your bologna “president” so much because he has the generic begging, lying, and pride that Filipinos just can’t get enough of. Don’t have a blog and open it up to the public and then tell us to fuck off and go back to where we are from. Sends the message of the unintelligent. Do you think we came to this blog to hand out foreign aid? Nope. So stop acting like your retarded “president” and begging for attention when most of the Filipinos continue to live in a world where they live with false history and a false sense of pride. Let me know when you can have discourse without bringing up something dead people did to people you never met a long time ago and let me know when you’re ready to get your history right.

          Can Filipinos ever admit when they’re wrong or is stealing culture that isn’t yours especially when you “hate that country even when your “president” might as well be giving everyone in China a handy. Dude’s right the only thing Filipinos excel at is shooting yourselves in the foot and you never move on or learn from it. Maybe that’s because it’s not in the history books, a Filipino moving on and not continuing to drag everyone else down, especially the entire country while he orders EJK of thousands of your own people for “drugs”. As if drugs are the real issue. Why not order the EJK of people who are just straight up not educated. If Trump gets in office, which I’d like to see would be really great for the Philippines because all of those BPO jobs would go away and so would getting Visas. You have jobs because you’re a developing country (not a 3rd world country, 3rd world was used a long time ago just like calling everyone who’s white Joe) and you don’t need much money to live and not die. If our companies find somewhere else to go, better yet back to where they came from then I’m sure you’d be fine with that because you’d be fine with learning Chinese because of all that independent foreign policy your great supreme leader has worked out by going back on everything he has ever said. I’m sure the US would be glad to watch from afar and go sail somewhere else. Burning the money that the Philippines gets in foreign aid would do Filipinos that much better. Again shooting yourselves in the foot.

    1. Same here. These Hypoccrite Yellow Syndicate think that they can fool majority of Filipinos again. They will be in a rude awakening. We will fight back this time and it is the only way to get back at this White Collar Criminals. How fullfilling it will be if we manage to kill a lot of these Yellpw Idiots, ransack the Churches and get back what is ours in the first place.

  1. I think Liberal Party will have a taste of revenge amongst people who supported du30. If they assasinate du30, yellow will die next by peoples revolution. If they oust du30, people will sit another person and not a liberal party member. Civil war will be the next big thing and yellow will be the enemy.

    1. Revolution of what? A revolution doesn’t politely ask someone to leave and put someone just like the last person in charge in office. Do you ever question yourself to check and see how delusional and illogical the thoughts going through your mind are?

  2. they can try…

    but the thing is AFP is totally with PDU30 so are the million southerners…visayas and mindanao has so many supporters that if they wish to oust and miraculously succeed it will be one hell of a bloody chapter for the history books…

    do they really think that we southeners will stand idle and let them demolish our new found beginning under PDU30…

    think again

    1. You are not alone bro. I’m hailing from the north. and I will fight back and die if need be for our dear president du30. I think civil war is best for our country, to purge those hiding amongst the sheep. I will fight alongside you, my southern brethren.

  3. What happened to Erap in 2001 was just wrong. It should never have happened. Back then, it was very easy to cow Erap supporters by just saying that they were “stupid.” I realize now that those were very shallow reasons for an ouster. It was by Erap’s able statesmanship (he left Malacanang hoping to start a “healing process”. Just read the Angara diaries) that we were able to avoid violence. Looking at it from today’s perspective, there was really nothing worth impeaching Erap over. The oligarchs who orchestrated his ouster, Cory Aquino, dancing queen Tessie Oreta Aquino etc., did a great injustice to all those who voted for Erap in 1998.

    1. It’s because Duterte is a joke as a “president”. Every other country is just not happy that he exists and he makes everyone look like garbage. He doesn’t know how to compose himself anytime. He seems lethargic while doing interviews and most of rhe time he goes back on his word. If there is a revolution I’ll be glad he’s gone. Of course people in power want him gone. He’s costing people money and he’s not doing much other than flying to China and Japan asking for Bulato.

      Any country that needs a revolution or people that are super ok with EJK don’t deserve to have a country. Like dude wrote above, you’ve been given lots of time to do with your country what you will but hey once a slave always a slave. I highly doubt that Filipinos will ever find a decent person to lead them to positive change instead of decimating their country even further and blaming it on the white people because it’s really hard to see what duterte wants which is to use the US, China, and Japan, then alienating them all to be all alone and have a lesser country. What a great president”. This new guy sure seems to care about doing things the right way and not like an uncivilized savage.

      1. “once a slave always a slave.”???

        Be glad you can hide in anonymity here. That comment would have you decimated.
        Do you think that kind of insult sets you above those you belittle? That’s exactly the problem. Some people think they can impose on “weaker” nations based on illusions of superiority. When in reality, that arrogance reflects ignorance and profound stupidity.
        A hierarchical mindset is in fact primitive.

  4. If ever Duterte gets ousted, I would join like many others from Visayas and Mindanao, to secede from Manila and Luzon and create our own state/nations, and blood will be drawn inevitably but that’s how almost all grown nations started. Look at Vietnam now, and they’re leading ahead of us in terms of economy and other developments.

    1. Yup. The south has a lot of resources and weapons. If its a war of secession, I’m sure MILF will help supply the resistance in the south. You guys can definitely take the fight to those decadent northerners. They better not underestimate you guys.

      1. Not just the south , imperial manila could be sorrounded by north force as well.
        Our country will be the same as the countries in middle east..a war torn country imperial manila havetheir support feom the U.S. while the south / north will have their support froom russia/ china.

    2. If ever Duterte gets ousted, I would join like many others from Visayas and Mindanao, to secede from Manila and Luzon and create our own state/nations, and blood will be drawn inevitably but that’s how almost all grown nations started. – Baylee

      That’s what I call classic blackmail. Because of idolatry and irresistible fear you will push for secession?

      Yup. The south has a lot of resources and weapons. If its a war of secession, I’m sure MILF will help supply the resistance in the south. You guys can definitely take the fight to those decadent northerners. They better not underestimate you guys. – Dick S. O’Rosary

      But how ’bout you, are you not going to join the “fight”? Don’t tell me you’ll just be an uzisero in Baylee’s “war”?

      That’s what panic attack can do to you. ????

      1. You sound like a good moron. Yellow tards have impeached on leaders twice — illegally. The first one was almost a coup who were usually loyal to Marcos relented to defect from him so the violence happening didn’t ensue.

        However, the resounding strong support Duterte has unequalled by his predecessors — as he has the strongest supporters in Mindanao and Visayas, and especially Mindanao, than the rest before him — and not even Marcos had that great of support in the south then, so chances of impeaching him by the yellow army (with their church and media) will be met with also the strongest opposition and if ever so, violence is sure to ensue unlike before because we here in central and south have really enough of the abuse and corruption often affecting us by you northerners.

        This idea to even defect from Manila did not even spring forth just under Duterte’s term but even way back in 2004 elections.

        Region 7 Visayas have even threatened to plan on this when during the time we thought that Fernando Poe Jr. was leading in the elections.

        We here in Visayas are not stupid to be into corrupt celebrity struck bullshit that those in Luzon are fixated on. However, because Gloria won, we just relented and didn’t push through instead. Yet this present time, when all information you can get around our politicians are now more accessible than before, people can now see through what our leaders do in multiple view points and are developing less of the propaganda pre packaged mind set to be followed as expected of us, especially the Millenials.

        And the morale in Mindanao for Duterte has never gotten this much before as in his presidency today. The south have vowed and have been strongly vocal to even resort to violent resistance to defect from the North as well— and this time rightly so. The yellow army aren’t fooling us this time and this would surely backfire on them so badly, and hope they get to know the anger and frustrations we feel by their stupid lot for a long time.

        1. Democracy is most vulnerable when times are hard. People tend to elect tough talking “strong men,” like Hitler, Putin, Hussein, and Duterte, who eventually turn their Democratic Republics into totalitarian dictatorships. These kinds of leaders always find scapegoats for the uneducated masses to fear, hate, and blame for all the county’s problems. Of course these kinds of “strong men” leaders keep the outward forms of democracy as they wage war against insurgents, drugs, crime, or whatever. Then, they claim that during times of war it’s necessary for the people to give up a few of their constitutional freedoms, such as freedom of the press, assembly, speech, religion, privacy, etc.
          It seems Duterte has chosen to scapegoat US special forces for his failure to irradicate the insurgents. He’s deflecting criticism of his own atrocities by accusing “the United States of committing atrocities against Muslims over a century ago on Jolo island.” Deflection, denial, and scapegoating is a typical method of “personality cult” leaders, no matter the form of government. Don’t think it can happen? It can. We are witnessing the rise of a “personality cult” leader right now.

        2. “…we here in central and south have really enough of the abuse and corruption often affecting us by you northerners.” – Baylee

          Well, you have been electing gov’t. officials since time immemorial and Duterte was one of them. Duterte is NOT corrupt-free for your information. He’s also a trapo like those trapos we elect regularly nationwide. So, why blame other people when you are the main reason for the problem? You should be thankful that a lot of people voted for Duterte instead of sounding as if ONLY YOU in the “central and south” voted for him to become president.

          You creating an imaginary division between north and south just because your balls are trembling every time you read criticisms about Duterte is not a good indication of your personality. Making threats and bullying which has been effective in Duterte’s watch as mayor cannot be done to the whole country. You should know that.

          Stop making threats, please. We are all adults here. Discuss the issue and stop talking about your insecurities. To read you making threats does not bode well.

          Duterte’s problems are mainly from foreign media and with the pesky Sen. Leila De Lima. His war on drugs is okay BUT the implementation was laden with loopholes. He didn’t even modify his war on drug war to suit the new environment which is much, much different from where he came from. A mayor approach is not going to work on a delicate job that a president should be doing.

          Look, the people has already swallowed the rudeness and lewdness, the arrogance and the disrespect to the Office of the President just to accommodate the mayor as president. Did he reciprocate such welcoming act with a positive gesture? He even doubled down on discourtesy and arrogance! And now you have the gall to make threats?

        3. Pres Duterte is a Brillant tactician. Not even Ramos can match Duterte’s tactical mind and he will not hesitate to unleash the Dogs of War if need be.

          These Toy Soldiers of the Yellows will be in a rude awakening. They have been warned that his Presidency will be Bloody.

          For all they know President Duterte is only waiting for their false move for to declare a Revolutionary Government.

        4. So what has duterte, your great supreme leader done that has the mind of a great tactician? I’d really like to know.

        5. IFP: “So what has duterte, your great supreme leader done that has the mind of a great tactician? I’d really like to know.”

          If you have to ask what specifically makes Duterte a tactician betrays the fact that you don’t know SH#* about tactics.

  5. What we did to Erap in 2001 was unjust. Back then, it was so easy for his supporters to be cowed into submission and join the bandwagon lest you be ostracized and be called “stupid” or “masa” in a derogatory way. It was a good thing that Erap was a true statesman on the day he left Malacanang in order to start the “restoration of unity” and the “healing process” (I think this was recorded in the Angara diaries). Had he decided to stay in Malacanang, things might have turned violent. Erap’s campaign then was “para sa mahirap,” and while his Presidency wasn’t perfect, his pro-poor projects were quite tangible, and his work was tireless. I remember during the eruption of Mt. Mayon during Erap’s term, he made it a point to be present to oversee the evacuations–a far cry from the 2010-2016 administration. Erap started an all out war against the Abu Sayyaf, and while the move was controversial, he should be credited with the capture of the Abu Sayyaf stronghold of Camp Abubakar, now known as Camp Iranun, an AFP base. Again, contrast this with the 2010-2016 administration’s seemingly inadequate response to the violence in the region and the death of 44 elite policemen.

    What I’m saying is that what happened in 2001 was a grave injustice to the millions who voted for and believed in the President they elected in 1998. The oligarchy who orchestrated it like Cory Aquino and Tessie Aquino “dancing queen” Oreta are guilty of violating the sovereign will of the people.

    It was a good thing that the “disente” crowd who moralized against Erap’s womanizing, drinking and who nitpicked his educational attainment had a viable alternative in the form of GMA. Too bad for the “disente” crowd, GMA grew too powerful for her own good so they stated to discredit her achievements.

    Does the “disente” crowd have a viable alternative to Duterte? That is the question. It seems that the “weaponized internet” has emboldened dissention from the “disente” crowd, a far cry from 2001 when an Erap supporter can easily be shamed.

    Things will be disastrous all right. For the “disente” crowd, that is.

  6. Before everybody panic and create a stampede maybe it’s better to ask the question: Is Duterte ousting himself from the Filipinos? ????

    1. You’re really dense. Duterte represented us Bisaya native speakers and we would be ousting ourselves along with him from you Northerner pricks. This has been our ultimatum and you don’t speak on behalf of us.

      1. duterte represents every Filipino. This is where you Filipinos and your blind nationalism just make a mess of simple things. He’s the president of the Philippines not just 16 million people. He represents all of you whether you like it or not. Acting like he represents a minority is not very bright and it’s a mind fuck to yourself to go on believing that. How often do Filipinos have to see a psychiatrist?

  7. President Rodrigo Roa Duterte by his friendly approach to Russia and China had just saved many Filipinos from sure annihilation should another World War erupts, his pledge of neutrality, and humble approach to diplomacy in dealing with Socialist countries and hopefully keeping old allies shall free the country from threat of invasion, just in case. The fear from hunger of some anti-Duterte critics must realize the wisdom of P!Du30 in making this historic decision, no other President had thought and considered. Kudos Mr. President Duterte.

    1. “…his pledge of neutrality, and humble approach to diplomacy in dealing with Socialist countries and hopefully keeping old allies shall free the country from threat of invasion…”

      Invasion from where?

        1. Who are those enemies and what benefit will they get invading us? Is an invasion necessary when we can just surrender to them? Is there a threat of invasion.

          Sorry, it is not a ‘simple analysis’. And the proof that its not simple was Reynaldo’s silence. ????

      1. Hey idiot, you don’t even know what’s going on around at present between China and U.S. relations, you can leave out of the discussion along with your douchebaggery unless you have anything less counter productive to present.

        1. duterte just took it deep in the butt with no KY jelly for all the Filipinos to provide another group of people to rule you. You have nothing to make anyone go away. Your military is a joke and China or the US or both could just join up and nuke the Philippines. I really don’t think duterte is as great of a tactician as you think he is and if he is then why do you think he is? Factual evidence not opinions. Why is he a tactician? From what I can see Filipinos would do better with someone who has a heavy mental handicap.

        2. Hey idiot, you don’t even know what’s going on around at present between China and U.S. relations

          Baylee could you please enlighten us as to what is going at present between China and U.S. relations?

          You seem very keen to call people names like idiot; enlighten us on US/China relations

  8. Fidel V. Ramos is a U.S./C.I.A. agent. Look at his role in the coup d’ etat of the late Pres. Marcos, Sr. He asked for U.S. aid in ousting Marcos, Sr. He is still an active U.S./C.I.A. agent, serving the U.S. interest!

    Ramos graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New York, U.S.A. So, it not surprising, that, he is recruited by the U.S./C.I.A., to serve the U.S. interest in the Philippines.

    We have to unite under Pres. Duterte. The YellowTard can shout to their hearts’ content, but, the Filipino people has awaken.
    However, we have to be all vigilant. Report to the authorities, any suspicious activities of these people.

    It is hard for them to oust Duterte. The U.S. has difficulties ousting Syria’s Pres. Bashar Al Assad. Hilary Clinton created ISIS, just to oust Assad. Now, ISIS is a terror organization, operating worldwide, including the U.S. I doubt, if the U.S. will create another headache. They have now : Iraq, Lybia, Yemmen, Afghanistan, Syria, North Korea,Ukraine, Russia, China, Israeli/Palestinian conflict, etc…

    1. Ramos, the ever CIA man, is caught off-guard when Duterte showed his anti-US sentiments. Ramos will never recognize the wisdom for the Philippines to have independent foreign policy and remain neutral in case the imperialistic war erupts. He will always be a US agent.

    2. Ramos, the ever CIA man, is caught off-guard when Duterte showed his anti-US sentiments. Ramos will never recognize the wisdom for the Philippines to have independent foreign policy and remain neutral in case the imperialistic war erupts. He will always be a US agent.

  9. It will be boody civil war and they would be dismembering the republic.The people will hang and make public spectacle of the oligarchs and the LP God forsaken people.They would not be able to leave the country when pandemonium ensues.The people will make sure pf that.As i have oftenly read it in comments.I alone would love to skin them alive.

    1. Ah yes. The good old Filipino standby. Let’s kill people!

      And when you’ve killed the oligarchs, what then? Who will you beg money from in exchange for votes? Who will run the power company and the phone company and repair the roads? Yes, I know these things barely work because everyone involved is stealing money. Do you think this will get better when the oligarchs are stealing less and the ordinary people are stealing more?

      1. Yes marius. We haven’t done this since second world war but you douchebag hypocrites from the West have forgotten that you’ve had civil wars yourselves before, remember that ?

        The U.S. has massive gun problems and mass shootings have been prevalent there for years, am I not right? So please, idiot, don’t talk down on us as if we’re still your little children to control over. We see you as fucking hypocrites anyway.

        1. There are not many gun problems in the U.S., and mass shootings are extremely rare. Try not following the propagandist media, such as CNN; they have a corporate agenda.

        2. The civil war had to do with slavery. Again what does that have to do with anything? What are you going to write that since you’re so educated that EJK are super in right now and it’s just best to turn a blind eye to an admitted murderer because it’s the in thing. If you want civil war by all means get the fuck off the internet and incite it, but remember you need lots of money and rice to motivate people since no one here is motivated to even find a job or follow simple rules. If you want to go do some civil war stuff I’m sure you could just talk to duterte because you and him are really buddy buddy? Right?

  10. The only way to prevent his downfall is for him not to surrender to China our WPS. One of US non-negotiable permanent interests is naval supremacy in the South China Seas.

    1. Kim Jung On’s North Korea is there, in the South China sea… North Korea has atomic bombs, with capabilities to deliver them to some U.S. territories and U.S. states.

      U.S. is indebted to China in billions of U.S. dollars. U.S. has a Trade deficit, with China worth billions of dollars.

      China has many atomic bombs, with the capabilities to deliver them, to any part of the U.S.

      In this times of electronic and atomic warfare. There will be no victor, that will come out.
      World War III, will be the end of our human civilization !

      Do not talk about the naval supremacy of the U.S. It is a myth…to make themselves look good…The U.S. cannot even, handle the Iran’s problem in the Straight of Hormus, in the Persian Gulf. This is the reason, Obama paid U.S. $1.7 billion dollars, in a clandestine manner to Iran, in exchange for the U.S. hostages !

      The U.S. were not able to overthrow the military rulers of Burma(Myanmar). Only, they did pacification of Burma (Myanmar), by diplomacy ! Obama is a weak President. The same weakness would be, if, Hilary Clinton would be elected U.S. President. Russia’s Putin will play tricks on her…the ISIS terrorists will continue their worldwide terrorism…

      1. North Korea doesn’t have any nukes. Even ones that will get to the US territories. Post factual evidence or gtfo. Where do you get this information?

      2. How many countries are Filipinos in cleaning toilets and wiping asses? How many countries is the US in fighting wars? I don’t see the Philippines in any country fighting any war except the most important one of killing people who use drugs because the Philippines is never poor and everyone has great jobs and free healthcare and irrigation and electricity costs less than developed countries so there’s no reason for people to do drugs. So fuck all logic. Let’s just kill these people.

        I slightly believe in eugenics so who doesn’t say that the next big thing will e people who smoke cigarettes and then people who drink alcohol?

  11. An ouster of any leader would be disastrous because it tends to stunt or impede gov’t. activity and open old wounds and rips whatever relations or goodwill that may have been established. However, since we are no longer alien to those issues whoever is our president who gets ousted will just be another disappointing episode in our often recurring political comedy of error and disaster. The story of our lives, so to speak.

    But the issue is not really the ‘ouster’ itself but what brought such idea to the fore. What is Duterte doing in his office to be subjected to ouster talks? That has not been address by the people here. What I’m reading are expressions of panic, fear and anxiety if ever Duterte is ousted.

    No one even bothered to explore how he can be ousted. Is it going to be an assassination or impeachment? Will there be people power that will force him to vacate his office? What specific issue/s will bring such dire scenario? The focus has been placed on threat, vengeance and fighting. In other words, most expression veered towards threat of destruction, division, fighting and even civil war. Filipinos killing fellow Filipinos because another Filipino was ousted from office.

    Is the ouster talk real? Is the ouster idea coming from the ‘enemies’ of Duterte or he is one causing the act that creates the idea? If so, what act is he doing to merit such a view? Anyone?

    I understand the panic. It (ouster) happened to us with Erap. And it practically happened during Gloria Arroyo’s watch but in a more subtle way. She was not actually deposed but the opposition and attack against her broke her. She was a broken, unhappy and wasted leader when she stepped down which pretty much is like being ousted from office. So broken she was easily defeated and punished eventually.

    Given those scenarios I’m really not surprise to see the Duterte people here getting antsy, agitated and upset on the issue of ouster. ????

    1. YellowTards talking about ouster ?

      Marcos, Sr. was ousted, because he refused to fight !

      Duterte has a lot of aces on his hands. YellowTards are in disadvantage. They are featured as: American dogs, Aquino’s swines, or De Lima’s Shabu Army… I believe that Duterte will not be like Marcos, Sr…he will not go down without a fight ! The U.S./C.I.A. has too much trouble that they can handle, at present…

      YellowTards, like that dimwit “gnogid” is just howling at the moon ! LOL !

      1. Not to mention, he has the support of both AFP and MILF so, it’s not going to go down the way the yellow army might expect. It would this time back fire on them even harder.

        1. Not to mention, he has the support of both AFP and MILF…..

          The AFP and MILF on the same boat? Really, really?

          While we’re at it, why not also include and put in the same boat the NPA, those drug addicts who surrendered to the gov’t., the families of those suspects killed in the drug war, those who committed EJK and everybody we can imagine that will pacify and comfort us knowing that nothing will really happen on this talk about ouster? ????

        2. Yes, you patronizing moron, even those opposing militant camps have been won over by him, keeping tensions between them at bay, and only Duterte has been able to do that. The oligarchy and their minions are the only ones militant against him. You seem to underestimate his influence on a lot of the populace who are especially the ones deprived of the benefits these privileged classes get often.

    2. If anything the US will probably assassinate him. The thing is though you could probably put any countries name, any of the big important ones and that would be my best guess. Why not the BPOs since they have a lot at stake here in the Philippines. I’m sure they want him gone just as much as any country.

  12. Those anti-Duterte partisans really wants to turn down our current administration & they don’t want to support his causes & platforms & love our country like these 2 videos that I’m gonna show it to you as a proof on why our country is still divided & never change even on the Duterte’s administration:

    1) The 2 senators almost made a fist fight while on the investigation of EJK in our country: https://youtu.be/XybOBsbrIQw

    2) The 2 congressmen from Surigao almost made a fist fights & both of them saying “FU!” on the middle of the debate on Charter Change in our country: https://youtu.be/ocgawquYW5Q

    See that? It’s really a huge evidence that our country is still on a deep S**T!!!

    Oh the humanity! :*(

    1. Your math is a bit off. Those 64% are not necessarily against him. For many of those, he would have been their “second choice.” Assuming Duterte is the second choice of all anti-administration votes (i.e. Binay with 12.73% of votes), you’d have at least 51% supporting Duterte.

        1. I think you’re the one more of speculating on the speculations. And you make the lamest retorts. You’re the only one laughing at your own comebacks.

    2. I voted Miriam this May 2016 election but Duterte was my second choice, and I am quite sympathetic to his administration! I know I am not alone in this regard… FAR FROM IT!

        1. This one is already contemplating of jumping over the cliff. Too nervous he’s mistaken the father for the son, lol!

          If I were you, to calm the nerves, I’ll start my paragraph with “Our father in heaven…” ????

        2. Gnogid moron, it was a typo. You sound like a prick and a douchebag to even over analyze on something so trivial. You add nothing to the discussion but more of your stupid patronizing remarks.

      1. Gnogid moron, it was a typo. – Baylee

        I was not talking about the typo, I was talking about the nerves. The feeling of being afraid.

        No need to call names. Just say I was wrong and that would be fine. : (

  13. Let me say this about Ramos…. he is an opportunist, a “sell out” without scruples and a fucking traitor. Ramos cares about Ramos and no one else. The guy is one slick crook. No more, no less. Lots of morals, all low!

    I’m so tired of these old farts that are already mentally infirm with age, but still try to meddle. Just take your meds and shut the fuck up!

      1. I agree ! My dad has always been a supporter of Miriam, but yes this is the same guy who betrayed and defected to the yellow army like all of the nincompoops in top offices post EDSA. And unlike Marcos Sr., they aren’t even bright and brilliant tacticians.

      2. My God, joeld, you’re even dragging a person who just recently died just so you can justify your feeling of fear! Bejesus!

        Why is this oh-the-world-is-crumbling-down feeling? ????

        1. You’re a such a moron trumpeteering on nonsense. Unlike you, we don’t consider voting in leaders for their teams. It just so happens that most of the corruptions post EDSA are done by the morons in the Laban party and their allies so more sensible individuals try to avoid them and their stench from destroying the country further. They are the jejemons and jologs of ph politics.

        2. Unlike you, WE don’t….. – Baylee

          There goes that familiar line again. Baylee, stop hallucinating. You and the yellow army are the same. The difference is the colors but the mentality and the stupidity are on equal level.

    1. Yeah you described it best ! The only reason why Duterte gave him even some position is to douse the chances of him bringing in the CIA to drive out Duterte from his presidency in as much as he wants. I wish this guy kicked the bucket a long time ago already.

    2. When you are afraid you tend to curse and fault the bogeyman. One that you created so that you will have basis for your fear and hallucination. Lines such as ‘The devil made me do it’, ‘he’s done me wrong’, ‘the world is collapsing’, ‘I f-ing hate him!’, ‘He’s no good’, ‘He’s a sob’, ‘oh, I’m very, very mad and afraid!’ are some of the prime examples of what we call political withdrawal such as the above.

      Reading it, one can only imagine the guy is frothing in the mouth, the pupils of the eyes are dilated, knees buckling and the body shaking and trembling. It’s a fight or flight situation. While it appears that the speaker is ready for a fight more often than not flight is the preferred choice because it is a fear-driven emotion. ????

      1. Another fucking diatribe from a moron. The fear isn’t unfounded since there was before, some attempt at Duterte’s life back in 2002 or something damaging by a man connected to a U.S. government agency called Michael Meiring, who was staying at a hotel in his city when a bomb blasted in his room there. He was taken to hospital there but 3 days later, witnesses found people with FBI badges taking him and through to the helicopter. This was what even cemented the distrust that Duterte has for U.S.

        So, your red scare towards China is more irrational as you’re just parroting Uncle Sam’s tactics to maintain more slice of a pie of relevance around the region.

        1. Red scare towards China? Not me.

          Maybe you are the one scared because I can sense your nerves trembling because you do not like what I’m saying. Cool, man, Cool.

        2. Do you really think think that the U.S. tried to kill Duterte 14 years ago? If he were that much of a threat back then he would have been dead long ago. Are you really as stupid as you sound Baylee? YOU don’t have a clue what you are talking about. Duterte has no regard for human life. Duterte made the statement that he would kill his own kids if they got on drugs. He want’s Americans to leave and he want’s to get in bed China and Russia . Duterte is a self professed socialist. Look up the meaning of that word if you know what a dictionary is and while your trying to figure out how to use it try to find out what being communist is all about.

  14. Ousting the president by people power is so passe. It has all but lost it’s charm. We all know what the last few people powers turned our country into. Besides, Digong is guaranteed the support of the majority of the military and the PNP and majority of the Philippine populace.

    The other alternative would be impeachment. How many yellowed-out members of both houses are needed to railroad the impeachment? Do they still have it?

    The one thing they have against Digong is the yellow media. But I doubt they still have the same hold on the pinoy masa as most yellowtards has been converted into dutertards.

    So I am confident in saying any ouster attempt by people power or impeachment will be unsuccessful.

    Assassination will be the likely attempt to gain back yellow power. Digong, PSG, be warned. Attempts by CIA and the yellows are a big possibility.

    1. Digong is guaranteed the support of the majority of the military and the PNP and majority of the Philippine populace.

      Do we have the stats for that?

      I’m sorry to be the spoiler, again. What I just read is an expression of frightened feeling being suppress by reassuring self-serving statement meant to calm one’s frightened nerves due to the fear of the unknown in a scenario where Pres. Duterte is ousted.

      You also brought your own bogeyman in the discussion. ????

      1. The way I look at it, the scenario of outing Pres. Duterte will not bring frightened nerves to Duterte supporters. They have no economic interests to protect. The correct feelings might be frustration for the lost chance to realize societal change in case Digong will be ousted. But reading from the sentiments of the supporters, they seem to be ready to give up their lives to protect the little gains they think are starting now. People are long wary of poverty and hardships, of massive corruptions and neglect by uncaring government. Those who are toying of the idea to oust Digong must be ready to live in a civil war situation.

      2. Gnogid moron. You seem to think we behave like your yellow army where all we would do towards the situation is pray.

        More millenials are not as reverent and are more actively involved in support of his administration than previously because we’re sensing fully the potential of massive reforms that are done attributed to him. You are such a lost cause.

        1. You seem to think WE behave like your yellow army…

          Yeah, that what you’re good at. Us vs. them. When in fact, you and the yellow army are both the same in thinking and mentality.

          Both groups think of vengeance and hate 24 hours a day. You don’t realize you are in the same page with the yellow people. They do what you do and vice versa.

          Please, don’t include me in your category. I’m just a simple citizen looking at the stupidity of the Yellow Army, the Marcos loyalists and all the “tards” on both sides.

          You know what? If all of you will go to hell tomorrow, the Philippines will be a better place to live at.

          gnonid, three points!

  15. YellowTard dimwit “gnogid”. You are wasting your time posting , quantities of blogs in this GRP website. Nobody minds, what you are blogging.They know you are a confirmed NARCO YellowTard Paid Troll.

    Better find other ways to earn your living; other than being a paid NARCO YellowTard Troll.

    Even , if you write the whole blogs in this GRP website. Nobody will believe you ! You are already a Lost Cause, like De Lima and her Drug Lord buddies …You are just wasting your time !

    1. Still don’t see you on the news doing anything IRL. Why don’t you have your own blog? It’s really cheap if you just use a service that isn’t in the Philippines like DreamHost, Siteground, etc.

  16. Apparently all you need to in order to be a Duterte supporter is act tough and use ad hominem fallacy. Never engage in any factual discourse supported by legit citations. Throw in a little conspiracy theory (Michael Meiring) sprinkle in a scapegoat (The US) and poof. You have a Duterte fanatic.

    If you want to glimpse a future Philippines led by Duterte. Look up Hugo Chavez. Duterte is Chavez without the oil. No need to oust him, or assassinate him. He is doing a good enough job destroying himself. He needs no help from outside forces.

    1. No need to label the Meiring incident a conspiracy theory. Duterte talked about it in public. After all, he is an insider in politics.

      No need for help from outside source to oust him?? Then how come the west and its int’l apparatus are hard at work discrediting him? Don’t sell us the crap that it’s all profit driven sensationalism. Your comment even sounds like you belong to that apparatus.

  17. And for the record. To those who believe that Duterte turning to China has spared it becoming a battleground should a war break out between the US and China. The cold hard truth is, no matter who you side with. If hostilities break out between US and China. The Philippines will be a battleground no matter what just because of it’s geographical location. Anyone who believes otherwise should be drug tested.

    1. @Jason It is lunacy to think that there would be a war breaking out between China/Russia and US. With Trump as the president elect whom Putin rooted for with Xi a curious onlooker, world peace is assured as long as Soros and the European/US big businesses promoting unbridled free enterprise contained.

      There would only be a war between China and US if Soros succeeds in undermining Trump with nationwide protests in the US.

  18. Ousting Duterte would be disastrous for the Philippines, but as we’ve seen from #LeniLeaks, the yellows don’t care about the Philippines. They only care about themselves and their quest to get back in power.

    There’s nothing in the #LeniLeaks messages that talks about real problems of real Filipinos. Everything is about how to prop up Leni Robredo, how to make Duterte resign, and how to destroy the image of Bongbong Marcos.

    Strange how Leni Robredo, the queen of press cons, has not said a word on #LeniLeaks. The yellow media can’t move until she prompts them, but her handlers are probably still trying to figure out what to say. I think they’re playing “less talk, less mistake” for now, hoping the issue will die down in a few days.

    In Noynoy’s time, the yellows’ strategy for distracting the public whenever something blew up was to float gossip about his supposed “love life”. I guess they can’t do this with Robredo, because she built her entire identity on her late husband’s memory. The media never ask about her rumored lover Bolet Banal, even when he’s right there in the leaked photos of Robredo’s US trip last Christmas. Exposing Robredo’s affair with Banal would ruin her “sweet and innocent” image.

    But as we’ve seen from the #LeniLeaks messages, Robredo is anything but innocent. She may be lacking in the IQ department, but she has hubris and ambition in spades. She’s not just a pawn in the yellows’ game, she’s an active participant.

    I noticed from the dates of the #LeniLeaks messages that the plotting against Duterte goes way back to the months when Robredo was still in the Duterte Cabinet. Which means, the whole time she was sitting at Cabinet meetings smiling at the President and other Cabinet officials and assuring them of her support, she and her boss Loida were cooking up the President’s ouster behind his back.

    This woman is no amateur. It takes a PhD in conspiracy and connivance, not to mention Oscar-worthy acting skills, to pull off the charade she was able to keep up for nearly 6 months.

    In public, she pretends she’s “supportive” of the President, and denies that she attended oust-Duterte rallies, even when there are photos and videos of her all over the internet that prove otherwise. This is high-level kapalmuks and trapo politics worthy of a Franklin Drilon or Leila de Lima.

    Now that the #LeniLeaks have come out, any statement Robredo makes denying involvement in oust-Duterte activities would obviously be a blatant lie. But she’ll keep pretending anyway. That takes very, very thick skin, and Robredo clearly has it.

    Does it matter that the mainstream media are silent on #LeniLeaks? Honestly, I don’t think it matters. Duterte supporters should stop looking for validation from the mainstream media.

    Most journalists in the Philippines suffer from the yellow cancer, which is an incurable disease. Hopeless na yan. Just wait for them to die naturally. Like telephone operators, journalists will be extinct in the near future, because people can now go straight to their audiences when they have something to say.

    If what you have to say has value, your audience will find you. Look at how Mocha Uson, Thinking Pinoy, and Sass Sasot are killing it on the internet these days. Six months ago, we didn’t even know who they were, but now their audiences are a lot bigger than Rappler or Inquirer.

    The only journalists who will survive in the future are the ones who are serving the needs of the people, not their own interests or the yellow storyline. That basically eliminates 90% of Pinoy journalists.

    I think the value of #LeniLeaks will be in the legal arena, when Leni Robredo is investigated in the future. It’s hard to tell as of now what form this investigation will take, but at the very least, the DBM should take a look at how Robredo is spending the OVP budget.

    Why is her office using taxpayers’ money to malign the President and coordinate attacks against his supporters?

    Why are taxpayers spending hundreds of millions to pay for the office and staff of this person who has zero contribution and keeps trying to sabotage the government’s efforts to solve our country’s problems?

    The PET better speed up that election recount. If Robredo’s “win” is proven to be fraudulent, she should be ordered to pay damages to the Filipino people, and to reimburse all the expenses incurred by her office.

  19. Any threat to globalization, deregulation, privatization, liberalization, illegal drug trade (whom Soros is trying to legalize) etc will always be destabilized by big business, the oligarchs who thrived on unbridled free enterprise.

    Their rallying point would be the weakness of whoever president is against the new global order. Erap was ousted because he meddled with the US nurturing of the MILF.

    Soros Smartmatic paved the way to BBM losing the VP election, and Robredo is the globalists’ ace against any threat to the new order introduced after Marcos was ousted.

  20. @Daniel Desembrana I am convinced that even if the Yellowturds would go full steam, they will end up kaput. More likely those LP members who turned balimbing and joined PDP-Laban and convinced Alvarez to remove plunder as one of those heinous crimes in the reimposition of the death penalty are in a better position to oust Duterte that those moronic Yellowturds like Robredo, Trillanes, Pangilinan, Hontiveros, Drilon and Alejano.

    And the those in the best position to oust Duterte are his allies who are advocating a revolutionary government or a nationwide Martial Law like Jose Alejandrino, a DPA of the CIA.

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