News media LIED about Duterte’s plan to call Obama a son-of-a-bitch


Did Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte really plan to call US President Barrack Obama a “son of a bitch” when he meets with him in Laos this week for a regional summit? According to many “news” reports, he did — and Filipinos believed them. Unfortunately, the truth no longer resides in the work of corporate media — not even foreign corporate media.

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The above video with English subtitles seemingly added by The Independent UK translates the supposedly offending line as (as seen in the video)…

(In Tagalog) Son of a bitch, I’ll swear at you in front of everybody.

For its part, CNN Philippines weighed in on the circus with its own bit of “world-class” journalism in a report issued this morning supposedly quoting Duterte in the following English translation of his words…

“Who does he think he is? I am no American puppet. I am the president of a sovereign country and I am not answerable to anyone except the Filipino people,” Duterte scoffed in a speech Monday. “Son of a b****, I will swear at you.”

This is sloppy, irresponsible reporting on the part of both news outlets and particularly disappointing in the case of CNN Philippines considering that it is a Philippine colonial outpost of the iconic multinational news organisation staffed by Tagalog-speaking Filipino “journalists”.

The actual Tagalog statement of Duterte taken verbatim does not at all come across the way it has been translated in English by the so-called reporters of CNN Philippines:

Putang ina mumurahin talaga kita diyan sa forum na yan!

The more appropriate translation for the above — one that real Filipinos will agree with is as follows:

Son-of-a-bitch, I’d really swear at you [if I was in that forum and put in a position of implied subordination to any of my peers there]…”

Set aside what, by itself, is the already valid observation that “putang ina!” (which Duterte said) is a vastly different message to “putang ina mo!” (which Duterte did not say). This is not at all the threat to swear at Obama that The Independent and CNN Philippines reported as “news” but an off-the-cuff expression of indignation over the the suggestion that a sovereign leader such as himself be expected to justify himself before another. The unspoken context clearly evident in the video (enclosed in brackets above) was lost in its textual form in writing. Nonetheless, it was feasted upon by the media and turned into a virtual diplomatic row between the United States and the Philippines.

Was it simply a flawed translation by “reporters” not well-versed in the nuances of the Tagalog dialect spoken by a president whose first language is the Cebuano dialect of the Philippines’ southern parts? Or was it the result of a deliberate effort to misconstrue the words of no less than the President of the Philippines?

Stepping back even further, what these “news” organisations failed to provide was the broader context of Duterte’s statements. These statements followed a question fielded to him by a reporter during that conference basically asking him what he plans to report to Obama if asked about the so-called “extrajudicial killings” (EJKs) that have filled headline news since he came to power. To an irked Duterte, the question came across as a loaded one implying that he will need to answer to Obama on these EJKs. Those now-seminal words being feasted upon today by the media was his response to that reporter.

The Washington Post (in fairness to it, living up to its cut-above-the-rest journalism) at least provided that backgrounder in its report on this circus

Duterte said before flying to Laos that he is a leader of a sovereign country and is answerable only to the Filipino people. He was answering a reporter’s question about how he intends to explain the extrajudicial killings to Obama. More than 2,000 suspected drug pushers and users have been killed since Duterte launched a war on drugs after taking office on June 30.

In his typical foul-mouthed style, Duterte responded: “I am a president of a sovereign state and we have long ceased to be a colony. I do not have any master except the Filipino people, nobody but nobody. You must be respectful. Do not just throw questions. Putang ina I will swear at you in that forum,” he said, using the Tagalog phrase for son of a bitch.

Note too in the above English translation (still flawed, nonetheless) that even if the text in the WP report provides broader context to the incident, it still cannot be fully ascertained, at face value, who Duterte was referring to in the quote “I will swear at you..”. Was Duterte referring to Obama? Or was he referring to the reporter who asked him the loaded question?

For that matter, notwithstanding the shrill relentless crying of Bloody EJK! by Duterte’s critics, it still remains to be seen whether the spate of homicides being reported in media are, in fact, EJKs. So far, no conclusive link between Malacanang and those so-called “killings” has been established via a qualified and systematic investigation or a ruling by a Philippine court. In that sense, the news media’s use of the notion of “EJK” in the Philippine setting is not grounded on fact nor sound analysis. Much of it, it seems, draws from second hand information and, many Filipinos think, the shadowy influence of the Philippine Liberal Party (LP) and its rabid supporters.

Much seems to be at stake. Waiting for “something to happen to Duterte” in the sidelines is Liberal Party stalwart and, now, supposedly “vice president” Leni Robredo. Robredo is now the only foothold the LP has to political power. Nonetheless, the media industry in the Philippines is practically monopolised by a small handful of conglomerates owned and operated by Filipino oligarchs loyal to the LP and the Aquino-Cojuangco clan that backs it. As such, a popular theory making the rounds in the Philippines’ social media political communities that there is an orchestrated effort to unseat Duterte — extrajudicially, if possible — may not be farfetched. As a Get Real Post commentor noted

If Duterte makes it past the first half of 2019, the yellows will be in an even weaker position than they are in today. A number of yellow senators up for re-election in 2019 will have a hard time winning if the present anti-yellow climate continues and they have no more access to Smartmagic. Time is of the essence.

Indeed, time is of the essence. Duterte has only six years to fix a problem that previous Philippine governments allowed to fester for three decades. It is quite unfortunate that other people — even the supposed “vice president” herself — has other priorities in mind. It is high time Filipinos find more reliable sources of information to guide their actions and beliefs. They have been let down by their leaders for so long and, as evident today, are being let down by corporate organisations who, erstwhile, had sworn to be beacons of The Truth.

129 Replies to “News media LIED about Duterte’s plan to call Obama a son-of-a-bitch”

    1. Is these what can we expect from the media?
      Just care about money making???
      Selfishness got us followin’ the wrong direction… Wrong information always shown by the media, negative images is the main criteria, infecting the young minds faster than bacteria..

      Where’s the love???? The truth will set you free…

  1. Bottom line , he shld control his mouth . He is not a street personality … he is a President of a country . He carries with him wherever he goes the image of the Philippines and the Filipino people . Be decent and respectful Mr . President .

    1. Swearing doesn’t represent decency. Swearing is an expression of feelings such as anger, exitements, and even happiness. Deeds or actions represent decency. Everybody swears for their own reasons. Even you Lynda Rivera. So STOP your HYPOCRISY.

      1. Agree. Lynda Rivera STOP your Hypocrisy. Typical Filipino who always think about his/her image. Image for what? The truth hurts…learn to accept the facts and not to live in your fantasy and hypocrisy world. You must be a very righteous and perfect person for you not to swear sometimes.

      2. Never mind personal decency, but swearing destroys proper decorum. I like though how Duterte shows pride in country. The more I wonder why he should diminish the impact of his message with a swear. Imagine if he didn’t swear, he would have looked like Nelson Mandela or Jose Rizal who stood up against a giant bully. But our president keeps on giving his enemies the bullet to fire at him. His communications team should step up and guide our president.

        1. Nah, Duterte has his own style. I’d continue to swear if I were him. It’s time to shatter the primrose image of the typical, aristocratic Filipino politician.

        2. it doesnt matter i still support the government of pres. DU30 100%
          the cussing whether it targets obama or not is insignificant. we need to clean the government of corruption and incompetency.

    2. And that’s the problem with failipinos like you: you always call the trashtalking person as a malicious person thanks to your moralist mindset even if he/she didn’t even swear at a person or even you.

      1. Do you find ‘trash-talking’ helpful? Or even marginally acceptable in regular conversation? Say at a party. Or in the office.

        Or does it eventually lead to pushing and shoving and elbows being thrown? Along with more colorful language and threats to boot.

        1. @JS (Ikaw may sabi nito ha?)
          “Do you find ‘trash-talking’ helpful? Or even marginally acceptable in regular conversation? Say at a party. Or in the office.”

          Kuya 1:”Pare, tangina, ibang klase ka na. Promoted to manager.”
          Kuya 2:”Thanks, pare.”
          (Walang nagsuntukan.)

          Party 2:
          Kuya 1:”Pare, tangina ka! Inagaw mo yung pagiging manager ko!”
          Kuya 2:”Tangina mo rin! Akin talaga yun!”
          (Nagsaksakan. PATAY)

          Kuya 1: “Anak ng putang overtime ‘to oh…”
          Kuya 2: “Wag mo nang isipin, pare. Bayad naman eh.”
          (Walang nagsuntukan.)

          Office 2:
          Kuya 1: “Ako na naman ang OT? Anak ka ng puta ka!”
          Kuya 2: “Reklamador! Bayad ka naman a!”
          (Nasesante pareho)

          SEE? Nasa context, tono, mood, kausap (ETC) yung pagmumura at based dun yung magiging outcome. Hindi magandang pakinggan pero hindi ibig sabihin masama lagi ang nangyayari sa paligid pag may nagsabi ng mura.

          Wag tayong plastik. Pag nagkakakwentuhan ang barkada, pag may napamura, natatawa ka pa rin.

        2. sammie,

          You’re missing the point. Please try to analyse what you wrote instead of focusing on explaining away the president’s gaffe.

          Sinabi mo sa iyong sagot:

          Hindi magandang pakinggan pero hindi ibig sabihin masama lagi ang nangyayari sa paligid pag may nagsabi ng mura.

          Wag tayong plastik. Pag nagkakakwentuhan ang barkada, pag may napamura, natatawa ka pa rin.

          Sino nagsabing magkabarkada sina Obama at Duterte? Dahil pareho silang puno ng bansa nila?

          You are assuming that the nuances of Tagalog and/or Bisaya will be readily understandable to anyone listening. Until the ASEAN meeting, President Obama had no real knowledge of President Duterte as a person or a statesman except for what the international press says about him and what the US ambassador (whom Duterte had insulted) had reported. And you are assuming that the US president will easily pick up on the meaning in a conversation that normally passes between two (Filipino) friends or colleagues (maybe over drinks)?

          Anong maiisip mo kung, sa pag-dating mo sa isang salu-salo, narinig mong pinag-uusapan ka ng mga hindi mo kilala at puro galit na mura ang salita?

          The fact is, we aren’t ‘friends’ with the United States. We are two independent nations with our own interests. Surely, President Duterte has made that abundantly clear, even to you. The fact is, President Duterte said clearly that he would express himself strongly, in no uncertain terms, using expletives, if he didn’t like the way President Obama questioned him about the the ongoing anti-drug campaign.

          That is what led to the meeting being canceled and why there is an inordinate amount of effort being expended to try and explain away Duterte’s impulsive outburst.

        3. @JS

          Kuya, general yung statement mo sa taas. Ikaw pa nagbigay ng example (party, office). Kung sinabi mong yung sitwasyon eh kahalintulad sa formal gathering ng hindi magbabarkada, eh di iba isasagot ko.

          Magulo kang kausap. Magkape ka na lang.

        4. Ito sabi mo o:
          “Or even marginally acceptable in regular conversation?”

          May Obama o Duterte ba dyan?

          Lecture-an mo man ako, walang mangyayari. At the end of the day online talkies pa rin to lahat. Magtanim ka na rin ng puno, gabi, sayote, kamote, mangga habang nagkakape ka.

          Basta ako, may tanim nang puno ng atis.

      1. You both need to review your definition of ‘transparency.’ It has to do with openness, accountability, and honesty in government. There is an obligation to share information with citizens and this is part of the process of holding public officials accountable.

        It has NOTHING to do with cultivating an image of being crude and unrefined in order to be relatable or using ‘putangina’ in casual conversation and demanding that everyone else accommodate the habit.

        1. Well, let’s just say this, Johnny Saint. Duterte is the most transparent president we’ve had so far. Is that good enough? As far as being crude, I’ll refer you to Mr’s definition of it above:

          “People who curse aren’t automatically not decent.

          “People who do not curse aren’t automatically decent.”

        2. @ Aeta, Duterte is a Neaderthalic Thug, he proves it all the time. Now he will be scorned ala Miriam Santiago, who, you may recall, acted in a similar vain and was laughed out of the ICC for making similar type statements.

          Filipino’s, in their famous ignorance, are now stuck with this BUFFOON and will suffer along with him as they begin the lonj descent to where the rabit-hole Duterte is going to lead the country into. YOU want Martial Law,REALLY? When ‘Freedom of the Press’ is revoked and you disagree with Duterte here on GRP and are thrown in jail because of it, I will laugh at you.Till then, enjoy your ignorance.

          For all anyone knows this could be a Filipino ‘Operation Gladio’. No one yet, knows who is behind this attack. How do Filipino’s know it wasn’t a ‘False-Flag’ to further erode the civil rights they are slowly but surely losing? NO ONE KNOWS WHO DID IT, NO ONE Except whoever did it….and they aren’t claiming it. A terrorist organization, IF THEY HAD DONE IT, would claim to have done it, but they’ve yet to do so.

        3. Tell It Like It Isn’t,

          You’re either an idiot or your brain is running on leaded gasoline that dulled your senses.

          Thirty fucking years of YellowTard rule, with the Chinese businesses monopolizing the economy, the Chinese crime network in full swing, the Abu Sayaf terrorists infiltrating every corner of this country, and you’re talking about Duterte being a “buffoon.”

          Shit man, where has your brain been the whole time the whole country is falling apart? In the shitter figuring out the best way to flush your useless brain down the pipe?

          You’re motherfucking right I want Martial Law, so I can stick it up in that cobweb-filled brain of yours that this country is totally out of control.

          Damn, it’s the know-it-all conspiracy theorists like you that I have for lunch and shit down the toilet. It’s a waste of my time reading, and responding, to your stupid comments.

          The only consolation I get is picturing you shitting a brick while trying to come up with a good comeback each time I put you in your place.


        4. Aeta,


          First off, I urge you to please try to grasp the meaning of ‘transparency’ in the context of government. Something which you still seem to dismiss.

          Secondly, there is very much a lack of transparency in the administration. Or rather, NO ONE seems to be concerned with whatever else the Duterte government is doing other than the drug war and its consequences and diplomatic gaffes the president constantly finds himself in.

          Not much has been discussed about the ’emergency powers’ requested by Duterte’s Department of Transportation to do away with the bidding process and handle purchasing directly. WHY is this necessary? The president already controls the GPPB which is in charge of monitoring procurement. It would have made more sense to ask for the authority to override conflicting traffic laws within Metro Manila which are one of the main sources of the horrendous traffic mess we experience to-day. Also — Right of Way issues and transportation routes. And yet their main concern was…’purchasing?’

          The Department of Education wants to teach students as young as ten years old to identify drug activity in their schools and establish a system for the children to pass information they might have. I, personally, am uncomfortable using children as criminal informants and endangering their lives. What about you?

          The Department of Health was urged by President Duterte to follow the healthcare model of Cuba to provide universal healthcare in the Philippines and to send a delegation to study it. Why leftists adore Cuba’s health system is beyond me. Anyone visiting that country to-day will quickly realise that while everyone is covered by the state, there are NO medicines, NO equipment, and NO specialists available for its citizens. Unless you happen to be high up in the government. Like the President and his entourage. What is it exactly the DOH can learn from a failed public health system?

          The list goes on and no one is paying much attention. But a good majority of Filipinos are talking about how crude the president is while the others, like you, are busy scrambling trying to spin what the president blurts out.

        5. Johnny Saint,

          I know exactly what “transparency in the context of government” means. It’s a collaborative effort and disclosure by all departmental agencies within a government to maximize its efficiency, through “check and balance,” in order to continue to receive the validation of its national, as well as international community.

          In an ideal setting of First World countries like the United States or Great Britain, “transparency” in government would work well; but we’re talking about a Third World country like the Philippines, and its notoriously corrupt government , where each department agencies are breeding grounds for venomous snakes and man-eating crocodiles.

          You expect Duterte to keep “transparency” within his government agencies that can’t wait to inject him with their venom and swallow him up while he’s still breathing? You can forget it.

          At this point in the game, I-we- can’t expect Duterte to form alliances with just anybody, which includes changing other countries’ opinion of him that were severely distorted by the Yellow Party and its media, except for the ones he feels he can trust.

          Right now Duterte is fighting a kind of “one man” war, with the help of few trustworthy sorties, to win the internal battles within his own government. Duterte inflicting anything less than a blunt force, will be seen as a sign of weakness and opportunity for these “predators” to attack.

          You can take it easy on the “president already control the GPPB which is in charge of monitoring procurement.” Duterte doesn’t control anything yet, least of all the branches of government that have been under the influence of deeply-entrenched political and business dynasties for decades.

          The only thing Duterte can hope for is to win the overwhelming support of the armed forces and law enforcement—including education and public health employees–on his side, with the guarantee of a better pay and quality of life as government employees, so they won’t have to keep jumping the fence to join the other side.

          Our president is fighting an all-out guerilla war against a corrupt political and business establishment that has been destroying our society for the last 3 decades. If it mean asking all Filipinos—young and old—to make personal sacrifices for a better future for their country, then so be it. That’s how I feel about it.

          Again, Duterte does not have the luxury to follow other countries’ health care model or other social programs at this time. He has to wage and win the war against decades of government graft and corruption, before he can even think of politely entertaining the advice of other countries’ leaders to stop the bloody violence of his “War on Drugs” in this country.

          So you’re either with the president or you’re against him because you liked the way things were run when the Yellow Party was in power. If that’s the case, you and I will never see things eye-to-eye no matter what we say to each other.

          So stop lecturing me on how Duterte should conduct himself as president. The man will do what he has to do for his own country; and that’s all that matters at the end of the day.


    3. the only thing change in his life is the title,yuo cant change your attitude as long you know you are right,we voted for him because he can bullshit any body,even the pope and even the president either america /russia or china,that is what we eant to leader,catholic priest rape a lot in any place of the world are they decent.fuck their god

    4. If his foul words is the only measure of his descency, then we fail miserably of knowing a great man in our midst. Just look at her achievements in two months..Just be supportive. PDu30 didn’t hid anything but was elected as he is…with 91% approval rate…I rest my case.

  2. Bottom line , he shld control his mouth . He is not a street personality … he is a President of a country . He carries with him wherever he goes the image of the Philippines and the Filipino people . Be decent and respectful Mr . President .

    1. So a “respected” entity took his words and put a whole-nother meaning to it and it’s still Duterte’s fault, huh?

      Next time you say something, I’ll twist it and tell everyone you said something worse than what you intended. And I’ll tell you that you should’ve controlled your mouth.

    2. What’s the matter failipino? You want a leader who always have flowery words in order to make yourself feel better? No wonder why failipinos like you hate discipline.

      1. Failipino?? that hurts…unacceptable but there’s a truth in it that some filipinos are also failipinos. I am a Filipino! and i swear when i am angry.:)

  3. They should have been more responsible. The translation wasnt even correct! Media just wNts the attention thats why they will create anything to sensationalize everything! – D-I-S-A-P-P-O-I-N-T-I-N-G AS USUAL

    1. Kung may unedited video siguro naman may Pinoy staff sa Obama White House na puwede itranslate para sa US President, unfiltered.

    1. it cant be done as it will just again repeat the martial law days and will justify that pres. du30 is a dictator. its better if they will be cross examined by a lawyer publicly.

      1. This is sedition. Government should throw those reporters in jail (after convicting them in a court of law) – there happy now? I just skipped the implied part of the procedure in throwing people in jail and you cry martial law! Dumb shit. Your theory is so far fetched.

  4. Duterte should live up to his election promise of actually being diplomatic. Di naman kailangan magsalita na ganito para lang magscore ng pogi points sa mga supporters niya.

    Oo, Obama will no longer be President next year. Eh yung kasunod niya?

    1. And the question now is which of these 2 US presidential candidates will have a greater & better diplomatic ties with our current president, will it be Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? :\

    2. di talaga mapigil ung pag-init ng ulo ni digong lalo na sa media. naiisip ko rin na kelangan maging malakas si digong dahil left siya. wala na ngang rally kung mapapansin natin ngayon. of cpp/npa sees this then he can be trusted and a leader who can really unite the nation. all out na to mga kababayan this is the time walang mawawala kay digong. he is indeed for the people and for the best interest of the nation.

  5. I would like to make a quote on this one:

    If Duterte makes it past the first half of 2019, the yellows will be in an even weaker position than they are in today. A number of yellow senators up for re-election in 2019 will have a hard time winning if the present anti-yellow climate continues and they have no more access to Smartmagic. Time is of the essence.

    Not only that, I remember one thing about changing our constitution & he have a timeline that on the year 2019 there’ll be a plebiscite will happen on that year as will coincide to the midterm election & surely those yellow armies will boycott against the changing of our constitution from unitary & presidential to federal & semi-presidential type of gov’t in our country to make way of a true & transitional political system that our current constitution are only benefited to the oligarch, the powerful & corrupt politicians and not really a pro-country & pro-people constitution! Yes surely is those LPs want to preserve the 1987 constitution by making a “yellow” & not a black propaganda against President Duterte. We must be vigilant on that one.

    1. yes they are well mannered but weak, dumb and incompetent. it weakens the country. look at the tanim bala they cant resolve it. the solution of du30 admin? confiscate the bullet and let the passenger go.

  6. The reason why our president said P_____ ina mo! to US President Barack Obama is because Duterte is very stressful right now especially after the tragic Davao bombing incident last Friday which left 14 dead & almost 70 injured. But later on, he’ll make apologize to him after that incident will finally resolve & surely he’ll do that just like what he did to Pope Francis last year. And to have an icing on the cake to this issue, I will post a link here on an FB message posted by Mae Paner (aka Juana Change):

  7. Whether or not Duterte has called Obamma a ‘Son of a Bitch’, he is really asking to get whacked. The Filippine Drug Dealers have put a $1,000,000.00 reward for the murder of his arrogant A$S and if they do not get him, and he keeps his idiotic remarks up…the CIA will get his A$$ whacked BUT FUCKIN GOOD !!! Once…and FOR KEEPS ! U CAN BET ON IT !!!

    This guy really thinks he is the SHIT,eh? He is going to find out,as he looks like he has forgotten, that all he runs is his mouth…

    It is a historical FACT that people that make lots of arrogant remarks, make lots of enemies….and those enemies do not like arrogance, they despise it……and Duterte is fast on his way to being despised by a lot of people…..he best start wearing a bullet proof vest and get a food tester too.

      1. That is possibly the most idiotic and irresponsible attitude to consider.

        If President Duterte were a regular citizen, he could mouth off wherever and whenever he wants. The fact is, Duterte IS THE PRESIDENT! Which means there are responsibilities that he must live up to and consequences to his actions that he must be aware of. Which means that there is no room in his position for reckless behaviour or stupid, impulsive acts. He’s supposed to be a LEADER.

        1. Correct. He is a spokesman for an entire country not just his power tripping ego.
          Anything he says or does has ramifications. Not just to him, to the rest of the country, its citizens and those living and working abroad.
          Im kinding getting sick of these apologetic fanatics that keep defending his mouth and his actions.

          Internationally the philippines is looking ridiculous.
          There is a diplomatic responability a president has to adhere to.
          Insulting, ( because that is really what he was doing, insulting a more powerful country to curry brownie points from a idolized populace)your biggest ally.
          Time to learn mandarin.
          Because if u can not see that he is leaning too friendly ties to china, whom are currently occupying and stealing territory from the Philippines then you must have blinkers on.
          Insult the only country tht i actually trying to help.
          Being friendly with the only one actually agressing towards your territories.
          Yeah, we r all screwed.
          Thanks to the 16% that voted for him.
          We all really appreciate it.

        2. Being politically-correct, by curtailing what you say, doesn’t necessarily make someone an effective president. I’d rather see results from an effective president in spite of his callous mouth, instead of a smooth talking politicians without much action.

        3. Again, Aeta, you missed the point.


          The president’s impulsive outbursts are PREVENTING him from being an effective leader. He was asked a legitimate question and he chose to answer it with expletives. And he promised to use the same strong language with Pres. Obama if he didn’t like the way the discussion was going. Right now Filipinos are spending way too much time trying to explain what Mr Duterte may or may not have said. That is not in any way productive.

        4. Johnny Saint,

          How can I possibly miss anything that’s coming from a Yellow Party supporter like you?

          This is not worth responding to.


        5. If you actually read Saint’s posts prior to this incident, he is far and away a Yellow supporter, but that might be too much to process for your “with us or against us” mental faculties.

    1. You sound like someone responsible for the recent Davao city bombing.

      The President is still being decent that’s why local media outlets are making flagrant insult and violation of just news reporting.

    2. We love him!just becoz u don’t know him personally. Try to meet him personally then u will see how this what u called “arrogant” have a beautiful heart inside than you.

  8. and BTW, Duterte is really becoming quite the International BUFFOON. His country, is a 3RD world Hell-Hole and yet he speaks as if he is the President of a Nuclear Super-Power.

    Duterte will soon replace Miriam Santiago as the known loose-cannon/whacko of Filipino politics and soon no one will take him seriously nor want anything to do with him. OR MAYBE even, next time there is a hurricane and the coutry can not handle the situation, like in 2014, Duterte will find doors slammed shut in his face and his fellow countrymen will hate his guts for it.IDK?
    This Man is proving he is not International Statesman material(REALLY, YA THINK?) but a Neaderthalic Thug/Buffoon that got lucky enough to con people into voting for him and getting him elected.

    1. What he can offer the country far outweighs whatever requirement you burden him with in order to keep his campaign promise from being fulfilled—-People are aware of his personality, but no one could offer anything better—-So, DEAL WITH IT!

      Yellows are applying media manipulation tactics, as DU30s success would expose them to be a bigger failure.

  9. @ Benginino, The Washington Post is the propaganda arm of the DEEP USA CORPORATE STATE and has little to no credibility left with anyone outside the corporatocracy and anyone who actually knows what is going on in the USA, they and the NY Times,Chicago Tribune, Fox (faux)News, CNN etc etc have long ago lost any journalistic credibilty they once had.

  10. Can we request Pompee La Vina, Nic Gabunada, and the other leaders of Pres. Duterte’s online media team during the elections to please spearhead the creation of a 100% English-language website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel on Pres. Duterte for the international audience?

    This is one good way to counter the black propaganda against Pres. Duterte in the international media.

    That global Duterte website can contain videos with English subtitles, rebuttals to misleading news articles, and the real facts about Pres. Duterte’s day-to-day hard work so foreigners will understand who he really is.

    Mr. La Vina and Mr. Gabunada, there are millions of Filipino netizens in the Philippines and abroad who eagerly want to do something to defend the President against the black propaganda in the foreign media.

    Please organize this online army of Duterte warriors and volunteers so we can defeat the biased foreign media the way we defeated the biased local media.

    (Please viral this post until it reaches Nic Gabunada and Pompee La Vina.)

  11. Whether or not the translation was ‘exact’ with all the nuances coming across perfectly to the audience, should we really be surprised IF President Duterte were to swear at President Obama and call him a ‘son-of-a-bitch’ in the middle of their conversation if Duterte decides that the tone of the discussion is not to his liking?

    For years, GRP writers and commentators have been opining that Filipinos are ‘highly emotional,’ and ‘thin-skinned,’and prone to impulsive behaviour instead of thinking things through. This year, Filipinos elected a president who readily expresses his passion and emotion on issues and who is arguably thin skinned when it comes to criticism. Who will tend to conflate the present topic of discussion with events or subjects that are irrelevant or have only fleeting connections to the topic at hand to deflect any perceived opprobrium. Who has cultivated a reputation for using ‘putang ina’ in normal conversation to characterise anyone he has a grievance with at the moment. Who bloviates that he would start off hectoring other world leaders when they enter into discussions and even resort to
    vulgar language if his position were challenged. Exactly the kind of bad habits GRP writers and commentators have been railing against.

    It shouldn’t surprise Filipinos to find that Malacañang will be spending most of the time trying to explain what the president’s rhetoric means each time he opens his mouth.

  12. “Putang ina mumurahin talaga kita diyan sa forum na yan!”, were Duterte’s exact words. It’s not the same as, “Putangina mapapamura ako dyan so forum na yan.” The writer of this post benign0 is a complete idiot. There was no lying by the media. Watch the video you moron!

    1. I’m also gunna quote this out of context because it seems that it’s for the “journalist” and not Obama.

      “You must be respectful. Do not just throw questions. Putang ina I will swear at you in that forum”

        1. Ah! That totally made sense. Except when people keep insisting that he’ll simply say that to Obama without the IF. If Obama ever asked Duterte to report to him about the so-called “extrajudicial killings”. And if ever he did asked, what right does he have to ask that? Because of the so-called human rights affairs? Hmmm. But majority of Filipinos do feel safe with the measures Duterte is taking. The only people who don’t feel safe are those whose hold on power are threatened.

        2. Oh really? U know what a 100 million filipinos think?

          Seems our president has a lot of misquotes, or lost in translation moments.
          Almost like he is designing it like that…or he is just an idiot.
          Fool me once shame on u….fool me continuously for three more months, shame on me.

    2. Someone told me PI is fine as long as you don’t append “mo.” It’s kind of just a filler expletive such as “heck” or WTF, with no one being the object; somewhat like a sigh of exasperation.

      You need to be a Pinoy to understand nuances in the vernacular, otherwise as expected – the mother of all misinterpretations could lead to global war. Du30 said it in Tagalog because it was intended not to be leaked out (just privy to us locals). But what can you expect with our super low-IQ media?

      1. yes. I agree. but as flippinflips just posted (FB), many americans cussed out pres. Obama and it’s not published. lol!

        at saan sa batas ang hindi pwedeng murahin ang isang presidente? si George Bush nga binato ng sapatos.

        tsaka walang giyera na mganyayari dahil lang dun sa issue na ginawa ng media (dami nilang pera ngayon dahil dyan) at aalis na rin sa pwesto si Obama.

        USA don’t have real presidents anymore. USA is run by corporations and tycoons and china is catching up with them.

        I would want Pres. DU30 get insights from Putin actually. 🙂

      2. Oh yes…because tagalog is such a hard language to learn.
        There must be no one in america that can speak it fluently.
        Its not like there are not millions of filipinos and their children living across the world in every single career and job that is possible.
        But yes please do go on. Tell me how they could not possibly have a tagalog translator anywhere in those countries to contact to ask if they could translate whats being said.
        A president of a country is the face of the country.
        There is no ( privy to us locals) speeches from a president of a country when talking about or mentioning a president or an ambassador of an ally country.
        ” duterte said it in tagalog because it was intended not to be leaked out”?
        How does in that in your mind make any sense to u?
        I honestly can not understand how anyone at this point can defend him.
        He called the ambasador a homosexual.
        He then says something that could be ” lost in translation” and used curse language insinuating the pres of the usa.
        These r not mistakes.
        These are pure idiotic statements with zero thought to diplomatic ties.
        This is not one lone incident.
        Is it?
        How many more political screw ups till the phils is afloat to drift alone and discover why countries need allies.
        Say good bye to foreign investment.
        Except for china.
        they do love philippine land.

  13. “Son of a bitch, I will swear at you in that forum” That is the very literal (word for word) translation. It is also safe to say that he meant,”I will call you son of a bitch in that forum”.

    That’s what he said. You also did not include the footage when he said that he will kick Obama.

    Please try not to interpret Tagalog if you don’t know it.

    1. Exactly. Many people in GRP have pointed out so many times that the best way to manage Pres. Duterte’s uncontrollable mouth is to minimize his direct contact with the media, since he is too old to change his personality. Why has this not been done? Has his team not yet realized that the number one goal of journalists (especially the foreign ones) is to provoke Duterte so they can have more material for negative reports? Why did his team have to do that pre-departure press conference? It was totally unnecessary and just gave the journalists another opportunity to cause trouble.

      I agree with the substance of what Duterte said against Obama’s interference, but I do not agree with the way he said it. There are more than enough problems to deal with, the last thing needed was another outburst that will cause another global incident.

      Duterte is what he is. He will not learn to be more diplomatic at his age. The only solution so he can work in peace without these stupid distractions is to KEEP HIM AWAY FROM THE MEDIA.

      1. So what u r saying is u need adults to watch and censor another adult?
        and this adult is the president?
        Yeah, time to get a new one i think

    1. Indeed he is.

      “I am no American puppet. I am the president of a sovereign country and I am not answerable to anyone except the Filipino people”

      1. And the rest of the world just like every other leader of every other country and especially your allies.
        Everyone has someone to answer to.
        Do u really want the philippines to be that weird kid with the potty mouth?
        U know the one that smells funny and no one ever wants to play with or be involved with.
        Your really want to be that kid in the global classroom?

        1. Actually, the weird and bully kid is the US. Most governments know it but only president Putin and Duterte have the guts to say it publicly. US bullying has caused its own isolation.
          And yeah, everyone has someone to answer to. The US gov’t has a lot to answer to. Daming atraso. Proxy wars, false flag ops & terrorism, econ. manipulation and sabotage, weather & geo weaponization. Look it up. Traydor ang P*%#!

  14. this is the problem with the media. whoever wrote the misleading / wrongly translated article needs to be interrogated and cross-examined.

    as for Pres. DU30’s part, i think he needs to refrain from saying bad words in his speech as this can be used against him by the media.

  15. Anyone who thinks there’s no real difference between ‘Putang ina” and “Putang ina mo” probably also thinks there is no difference between “F**k” and “F**k You”.

    Either way, once said, it’s out there then for the media to get it right and to get it wrong.

    President Duterte has a right to say it. And along with that, the right to be misunderstood.

    It’s not his problem alone. It’s a problem of public figures worldwide. That this should / could happen to him is not new. It is not news.

    But, given his propensity for speaking his mind in the way that he does with little forethought to the potential consequences of and (mis)perceptions of his words, it will persist no doubt throughout his presidency.

    I do not consider it unique to him. Here in America, we have a similar problem. We call him “Trump”.

  16. Think of the bright side. At least The spotlight is again on PH, with the most powerful man on the planet labeling our president as a “colorful” character. It’s the Du30 way of getting on the radar screen (bad publicity is still publicity).

    On a strategic note, this could be Du30’s way of introducing himself to the international community: “I’m not the guy you can just push and fool around with”. For one moment, Pinoys woke up and felt “Oo nga no, Hindi na tayo tuta ng mga Kano”.

    My best bet is, Du30 is gradually slipping the PH out of America’s umbrella to join the astig block of Russia and China. Birds of the same feather…

    Who knows Du30 might form a new group of nations called “the alternative UN”, or “GX” for group of mutant badass nations of the East/Far East.

    1. I really want DU30 talk with Putin and China actually. ignorant yellow followers would not get it. parang mawawala ang facebook, arrow, marvel heroes at demokrasya pag nakipag-usap tayo sa china at Russia.

      ganyan kamangmang ang ating mga kababayan zaxx. it’s funny.

    2. Sabi ko nga parang mas may sense pang sa China tayo magbigay ng kaprasong tiwala kesa buong tiwala gaya ng nakasanayan sa US. Ang China kasi duduraan ka kung di ka type, at least alam mong di ka pinaplastik. Ang US ngingiti-ngiti pero pagtalikod mo ipapabaril ka na pala. Hindi pa sya mismo ang gagawa ha?
      Ganyan lang ang tingin ko, walang bahid kaplastikan. 🙂

      1. that’s correct. who cares about US aid? we can get more from China than US and other countries combined. I heard what they are constructing in west Philippine sea will soon be turned-over to us under the BOT agreement.

    3. Yup, ang kagandahan sa China at Russia – may balance ng freedom at civil order. Practical sila mag-isip (hindi panay “human rights” cry baby-ism).

      Looks like good vibes tayo with China this time around (Noynoy era was a disaster)…

      Duterte to Chinese: Treat Pinoys as brothers, not enemies

      “I hope the Chinese people will find a place in their heart for Filipinos, for after all there is Chinese blood in me. I hope you treat us as your brothers and not enemies and take note of the plight of our citizens,” Duterte said.

      1. May political will kasi si Duterte hindi kagaya ng nakita noon ng Chinese government kay BSA. Mantakin mong hinayaan nyang mangamatay yung mga kababayan nila sa loob ng bus bago nagkaroon ng aksyon.

        Ang problema lang dito, kung PR kasi ang usapan, mas malaki at makapangyarihan ang makinarya ng US para gawing mabaho yung ayaw nilang bansa eh. Unti-unttin lang ni Digong na karinyuhin ang China at may makikita tayong resultang maganda. Pwede ring i-meet na nya si Putin.

        At wow ha, yung sa cancellation ng meeting ni Digong with Obama, pati si Clinton at Donald Drunk nakisawsaw. Circus!

      2. lol where is Aeta? I thought he’s gonna go on a rambling berserk about them evil Chinese knowing that there are those, zaxx included, who want to be closer to them.

  17. Aquino and the Feudal Oligarchs used the foreign media, as a tool to unseat Marcos, Sr., with the help of the American Sec. of State: George Shultz…

    The Feudal Oligarchs and Aquino, with Leni Robredo, expect that America will come to their aid, and put them to power. Like what they did to Marcos, Sr.

    This is the reason that they are orchestrating these issues; especially the Extra Judicial Killings issue.

    America cannot unseat the powerful Military Junta in Myanmar (Burma)…until the Americans reached for the Military Junta, with diplomacy.

    America was not able to unseat Fidel Castro of Cuba. Now, they have diplomatic relations with Cuba.

    America cannot unseat, Pres. Bashar Assad of Syria. Assad is supported by Russia.

    America was not able to unseat the President of Turkey. The “People Power” there resulted in a defeat.

    It’s time not to rely on America. They are no longer our foreign masters. We don’t owe them anything…

    We were sold by Spain to America. We already defeated Spain in the fight for independence. Then, America came to invade us…there was a supposed “Battle of Manila Bay”, with Adm. Dewey , as the victor. However, this was a mock battle. There were no casualties on both sides. Then, they called us “insurectos” , and colonized us !

    We were drag to war with Japan in World War II. Our cities were destroyed. Our people suffered. It was not a war of our own making…

    1. DU30 admin position is difficult actually and the fact that our country is in the middle of southeast asia. imagine this. in the south we have muslim insurgency, murad wants to talk with Malaysian govt., we have china in the western side and American government still hold most of our mentality. I’m not saying we end our economic ties with USA as we wont have Facebook and youtube anymore. we just need to be independent. son of a bitch they need Miriam Defensor’s intellect now.

  18. Bobby Tiglao of Manila Times could not have said it best; it’s a matter that was simply “lost in translation”, and I could not agree more. Here’s the transcript of what Tiglao wrote:

    “It seems plain to me that Duterte wasn’t calling Obama a “son of a whore” as nearly all foreign reports reported, for two reasons:

    First, it was prospective, that he would curse Obama in that planned forum if the US President raised the issue of judicial killings. It is not even clear if by “mumurahin kita,” he meant he would say “Putangina mo, Obama.”

    Second, and more importantly, this is a case of lost-in-translation. Duterte didn’t’ say “Putangina mo, Obama” as he did during the campaign when he clearly said “Putangina mo, Papa.”

    He simply prefaced his sentence with “Putangina,” which really translates, not into “son of a whore,” but is a stock exclamation of annoyance, with the meaning closer to “shit,” “fuck”, or the British “bollocks,” with which Americans or their Old World cousins habitually use to preface their sentences when agitated, even in the slightest way.”

    Here’s the full article:

  19. Here’s proof that Leni the VP kuno can’t be trusted…

    Du30 off to Laos; Medialdea tapped as caretaker of government

    While Duterte Is Away, Robredo Won’t Play

    Bakit si Mr. Media at Hindi si Leni?

    Robredo can’t complain. She herself had previously said during a speech in the United States that the only job of the vice president is to wait until something happens to the president.

  20. Revised:
    To be honest, I was also startled at the phrase “swear at you” which the translators used. It does not rhyme to me, both in sound and in meaning. Maybe I am behind in the progress of the English language — maybe “swear at you” is the more correct translation – but in my simple knowledge of the English language and as I discern what the President intended to mean by his statement “Putang ina mumurahin talaga kita diyan sa forum na yan!” – this is to me the better translation, even verbatim: “Prostitute mother, I will surely shame you [or put to shame] there…during that forum!” O, di ba? Kayo naman!Kulang kayo nang vocabulary. At kulang kayo ng discernment.
    That is in line with his previous statement that he could shame or embarrass UN representatives or reporters by just asking them 5 questions!
    Of course, President Duterte did not mean Obama is a son of a bitch; although he said “Prostitute mother” it was his way of expressing anger or disgust and he never apply that to a person to mean that his mother is a prostitute.
    In America, it is a common part of almost every sentence, just like inserting the word “fuck” in almost every clause. Expression of anger or disgust. That’s what it has come to mean nowadays.

    1. Hmmmmm…maybe u think thats what normal people do.
      But not leaders of countries that want to keep diplomatic ties.
      U r trying to defend him saying he is just like a regular dong.

      He is ‘t.
      He is the spokesperson for the country.
      The face of the filipino.
      Is this how u want the rest of the world to see and think every time they thing of a filipino?
      Good luck getting any sympathy next enviromental disaster.

      This behavior is not only un statesmanlike, its vulgar and beneath a leader of a soccer club, let alone a whole country.
      if he wants to express anger or disgust then do it with his buddies.
      In front of the cameras for the entire world to see….not once, twice or three times. I have lost count since he got into office.
      Three months of this….and i have already lost count of his misquotes or misconstrued jokes or his whatever they other excuses that has been used for him.
      back to being the sick man of asia again i guess.
      Thanks to the 16% of filipinos that voted for him.

      Good job guys. No please keep defending him.
      Id hate for u to constantly lose face

      1. So what do you suggest? Replace him with someone with a tongue that suits your sensibilities—-like anyone in the yellow camp, you wish?

        “It doesn’t matter whether a cat is white or black, as long as it catches mice”—-I can ignore his tongue as long as he does a better job at chasing down those involved in the illegal drug trade. Heinous crimes (murder, rape, etc) have been reduced by 31% and he hasn’t been 100 days in office yet—-quite a remarkable feat already, especially when compared to your idol AbNoy under whom the drug trade flourished.

        Actions speak louder than words. You get too absorbed with words.

        1. Yep murder reduced heaps when u rename the homosides.
          Not even 100 days in office and the stock market is already yaking a dive.
          Davao has been bombed.
          Countless loose tounge international incidents.
          Says he got drug list off ramos, few days later says he didnt.
          Where did u get your statistics from? The air?
          If crime is down so much how can the phils be in a state of lawnesses?
          100 days in office.
          Blundering, human rights violations, cosing up to china, insulting the un and the australian allies and now calling an ambassador a fag and insinuating things about another ally.
          No drug lords busted.
          Heaps of innocent kids killed.
          600 thousand people without the means to be rehabilitated.

          I could go on but thats enough embarrasement for a 6 year term.
          Not 100 days.
          Im still waiting for the jet ski.
          China will buy him one though for helping sell out the phils to them.

        2. @TheVoiceofCUCKS:

          So you thoroughly answered your question. You just love to overrate stuff since your source is through the questionable local media. I’m not even a Duterte supporter, but you must be aware that the Yellow Media is out to destroy Duterte, and now you’re part of it.

          inb4 you said that 6 years of incompetence under the Noynoy administration wasn’t even an embarrassment. Of course, all you wanted is to remain the status quo. I’m not surprised.

        3. @ mineNi…what?

          What part of anything i said wasn’t true?
          What part was biased?

          No one is out to destroy duterte…he is doing a fine job of that himself.
          Or did they tell him to make a rape joke? Tell him to tell the UN to get fucked?
          Tell him to call an ambassador a homo?
          Tell him to insult the phils cloests ally?

          How does noynoy have anything to do with the lies u believe.
          Yellow media?
          No. Just facts and statistics..unless those facts and statistics are also out to destroy duterte.
          His mouth, his senility and his bumbling is what is destroying him.
          The media is just reporting on what is being said and done.

          I do note u did not dispute a single one of my points.
          Because u know u r wrong and u know how stupid it would be to defend those facts.
          But sure call those facts biased and live in a fantasy land.

          there has been more embarrasement in 3 months then noy noys entire term.
          Dude u got nothing…..get with reality and wake up.
          There is no conspiracy to destroy duterte.
          He has been doing it himself.

  21. the yellow media is good at composing questions that infuriates PRRD because they know he doesn’t hold his nerves when thrown with this kind of question, after getting what they want, the headline becomes distorted as they like, ganern!!!

    1. Obama’s mom was a white American woman. A black man, student in the U.S., from Kenya, Africa, impregnated her.

      The mother was from Iowa, U.S.A. The father was from Kenya, and a Muslim.

      Racial discrimination was prevalent, during the time Obama was growing up…so the white mother, cannot marry the black African father. Obama was then, a bastard …

      Then, Obama’s mother married an Indonesian. Obama grew up in Indonesia, and with the Muslim faith. This is the reason his name is: Barrack Hussein Obama !

        1. Obama is a son of a bitch ! What he did to Iraq; Syria; Lybia;Turkey; and creating the ISIS Caliphate; releasing Al Queda inmates in Guantanamo prison in Cuba;etc…

    2. Mr. Zaxx, I think you are far better than that! It is ironic that a man of your caliber will allow yourself to be an agent of deceit and resort to spreading lies just to make good the image of Duterte’s God-Given Mouth!

      “Action defines character.” (no.4 from THE ZAXXUN CREED)

      “Look, I don’t know how they do things in the Philippines, but over here we do not attack the woman who gave birth to the President, okay?” – Stephen Colbert

      “Wolves* are exposed. Corruptors fall by the hand of the Almighty to whom be glory forever.” (no.8 from THE ZAXXUN CREED)

      “*Footnote: Wolves refer to wolves in sheep’s clothing or hypocrites.”

      1. Mr. Sucks, I said “maybe” and ended with “you judge for yourselves”. There’s a big difference between stating as a fact and proposing a possible theory.

        But hey, you’re quoting the Zaxxun Creed there – I’m quite impressed. Looks like somebody has actually been attentive in class these days.

        I’ll give you a prize if you can recite it verbatim in 1 minute eyes closed. I know someone who can do it in 20 sec.

  22. Duterte’s “plan”? to call Obama a son-of-a-bitch?

    I think that’s waaaaaaay off the left field. The issue was simple, Duterte, in his arrogant and offensive ways, just made an irresponsible and degrading remarks about another leader.

    The questions really is, is bluster and arrogance really necessary? Where and who is really the enemy for Duterte to react violently on a question which practically is normal and regular regarding extra-judicial killings?

    In all the years he have been a mayor of Davao, questions of killings, extra-judicial or whatever, abuses and other excesses have hounded him. I expect by now that he’s already immune to criticisms because he has ignored them in the past.

    So, why react violently now? Even against a consider ally, Obama?

    The pro-Duterte people will froth in the mouth but their idol really bungled it. No one but no one is to blame but him and his dirty mouth. I’m sorry that’s reality.

    There’s a pending opportunity to meet with the US president and get to know even for a short time how the US leader feels or think of his style of governance and also exchange pleasantries in the process. In other words, Obama is not about to castigate and lecture him on anything. Obama is a friend of the Filipinos.

    What is Duterte thinking? That he’s still the mayor of Davao City?

  23. Let’s be real. A president with 50% approval rating has no ground telling another president with 90% approval rating how to conduct in public. Obama himself knows his place, despite the toxic reporting, he acknowledge that the swear was not a personal attack;

    “I don’t take these comments personally because it seems that this is a phrase he has used repeatedly, including directed to the Pope and others and so I think it seems to be just a, you know, a habit. A way of speaking for him”

    CNN tried but even Obama knows better.

  24. In all honesty who among you think that it was not Obama who Duterte was pertaining to when he uttered these words:

    “Hindi ako bilib diyan sa America. Gusto mo sipain ko pa ‘yan sa harap mo eh. Pumunta kayo doon.”

    Just can’t help to be reminded of what Homobono Adaza wrote in one of his articles:

    “Duterte should remember what the late Vice President Emmanuel N. Pelaez, the Mindanaoan from Misamis Oriental who was the man most deserving to be the President of the Philippines in his time, used to tell me, “Lo cortes no quita lo valiente.” (Civility does not make you any less valiant.)”

  25. Looks like even the likes of Rachel Maddow was really dug in deep, ie even she dog-whissled out to her kendred who craves calling Obama’s mom a whore for getting knocked up by an African. Mobody ever used the word whore. So mow all of a sudden calling someone an SOB means you’re referring to their mom?

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