Marcos’s burial at the LNMB proves a point: His ouster in 1986 was against the law

There are people wondering why there is such a strong push to have the remains of former President Ferdinand Marcos interred at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB). Perhaps these people need to approach that question from the perspective of the “other side”. If you were one of the Marcoses, wouldn’t you want former President Ferdinand Marcos buried at the LNMB?

Of course you would. The law allows it. Marcos is a former Philippine president and a soldier. And the current sitting president, Rodrigo Duterte, is all for it. So then people further ask, why is Duterte acceding to the Marcoses’ wishes? Again, perhaps stepping into Duterte’s shoes and thinking the way he might be thinking would help in this little mental exercise. If you were Duterte, how would you refuse the Marcoses’ wishes?

As a duly elected president of the republic, Ferdinand Marcos is qualified for burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

As a duly elected president of the republic, Ferdinand Marcos is qualified for burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

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The only reason people who regard themselves as “anti-Marcos” are outraged by the idea of burying Marcos’s remains at the LNMB is because they have, for decades, been indoctrinated not just to hate Marcos but to extend that hate to the rest of his family.

The fact is, pulling off the burial of Marcos at the LNMB will be a monumental triumph for the Marcos family. It will see Philippine history coming full circle. Marcos buried at the LNMB will prove a point — that his ouster in 1986 was an extrajudicial change in leadership. In other words, the ascent to power of his successor, the late former President Cory Aquino was against the law.

How fitting that President Duterte who, under his watch, the word “extrajudicial” became a fashion statement bandied around by a noisy clique of self-described “human rights” advocates is overseeing the closure of a three-decade era built upon an unlawful transition of power. Indeed, the 1986 EDSA people power “revolution” set a precedent for succeeding governments to disregard the law. This addiction to “people power” as a means to get things done became a virulent social cancer and a blanket threat that was kept hanging over the heads of the succession of presidents that followed. Even today, rumblings of a threat to mount, yet again, some sort of “people power” spectacle to unseat Duterte are beginning to ripple across the chattering classes.

Now that the Yellow camp of the Aquinos is back to being the dominant “Opposition”, we may be seeing the dawn of a resurgence of “people power” activism. Will a “people power” Opposition once again capture the hearts of the Filipino people?

Perhaps, surrounding this possibility is where the Marcos burial at the LNMB is at its most relevant. Once Marcos is interred at the LNMB, it is pretty much Game Over for the Yellow camp. In any case, Filipinos are on to them. In the shrill activism they had been mounting against the LNMB burial, the Yellow camp have revealed an unhealthy fixation on a historical account that is, if intelligently scrutinised, not an entirely factual account. In his Manila Times article On the Marcos issue, media and the academe have failed us, columnist Bobi Tiglao calls out the failure of the foremost institutional bastion of rabid anti-Marcos rhetoric, the Ateneo de Manila University, for its ironic failure to produce “a single piece of scholarship that would contribute to our balanced assessment of the Martial Law era”.

The research of its 34-member [history department] faculty consists of such things as “manga comics during the Japanese occupation,” “Jesuit linguistic battles from 1898-1932, “Spirit beliefs among 18th century Aeta and Ilongots,” “American schoolbooks in Philippine classrooms,” “Kempetai in the Philippines,” and “Engkuwentro: Kayaw contra digmaang-galrea, 1565-1571” (whatever that is).

Do these historians think that it is below them to do research on the Plaza Miranda bombing, the fiction of the Jabidah massacre, the coconut industry’s role in the Muslim rebellion, the Communist Party of the Philippines’ support from China, or the role of the global debt crisis on Marcos’ fall?

What Aguinaldo ate for breakfast, how much Mabini loved carabao milk, what Rizal’s physical dimensions were — the kind of historical research the Ateneo seems to prefer — certainly make for fascinating read over morning coffee. These are, however, irrelevant to our understanding of our nation

And so, Tiglao concludes…

Our academic community’s failure explains why many can’t see how preposterous it is to refuse the burial in the armed forces’ national cemetery of the remains of somebody who served as President, an Army major, and a Bataan Death March victim — facts of history even anti-Marcos scholars do not question.

The reality that the Yellow camp need to face is quite confronting. They have none other but themselves to blame for the triumph of the Marcoses. Their shrill “activism” today, loud and shrieky as it may be, comes across as a sad case of too much noise too late after three decades of wasted opportunity.

48 Replies to “Marcos’s burial at the LNMB proves a point: His ouster in 1986 was against the law”

  1. The ouster of Marcos in ’86 was definitely illegal. The proof? Cory had to declare a revolutionary government to legalize her takeover. I think in the Comelec vote count of the ’86 snap elections, Marcos was actually ahead. He was even ahead in the Namfrel count. But the Namfrel count was never finished, because there was that staged walkout that the yellows planned all along with the help of a foreign power in order to precipitate a crisis and make the situation in the country ripe for a power grab. The formation of Namfrel in ’86 was funded by USAID. You can figure out the rest. Fast forward to today: why does US Amb. Goldberg keep meeting with the impostor Robredo? They’ve met at least three times in the past month, I believe (twice in her office, once at that party in Makati where Robredo was caught in a “secret meeting” with Comelec chair Andy Bautista). I hope Duterte can see what’s going on. No matter how Robredo tries to project a goody-goody image, the fact is, she is the kind of person who allows herself to be used by the yellows. She is a willing accomplice in their plot. She assumed the VP position even though she knows she didn’t really win. Why am I sure she and her camp know she didn’t really win? Because of the barrage of press conferences, events with foreign dignitaries, and other PR stunts that they keep churning out 24/7. They are frantically trying to do everything they can to legitimize her, because they know she doesn’t have a real mandate.

    1. What about Marcos extending his term beyond the two-term limit or 8 years under the 1936 Constitution, by declaring martial law, is it not unconstitutional? Why are you calling Robredo impostor, is there no presumption of legitimacy while the protest of Bongbong Marcos is still not resolved? You have already prejudged Robredo as guilty, is this being objective? The Philippine government was able to collect from the Swiss governmemt substantial amount of dollars from Marcos this not enough proof of corruption by the Marcoses?

      1. Can you, for your own sake, think or reason outside of what “authorities” tell you?
        What is your conception of what’s called “irregularities” in the vote counting process?

        When societal standards have been set low, we need to carefully consider populism and resist the urge to follow. More importantly, our idea of truth shouldn’t be based on conformity.

      2. The Philippine government was able to collect from the Swiss governmemt substantial amount of dollars from Marcos this not enough proof of corruption by the Marcoses?

        Wait, what? Are we gonna do this again?

        There are GLOBAL FREEZE orders on all assets of the Marcoses acquired prior to 1986 not only coming from the PHL and that international Anti-Money Laundering body based in Paris, but also by the US, as they have done on the Shah of Iran, etc etc, or are you ignorant about this?. And those orders have NOT been lifted; so, how can the Marcoses be in control of so called wealth? But, you seem to know some billions the Marcoses are hiding in their garage, this or that warehouse, this or that bank, but you don’t want to spell them out; WHY IS THAT???

        Cory and Jovy Salonga hired some of the best bounty hunters in the world with the suspicion that FM hid his bank accounts under fictitious names, but PCGG has not been open how much these experts recovered and what was the ROI of these projects. WHY IS THAT???

        The PCGG have been hiring many legal experts, and they come and go. Some time in the 90s, there were news coming out that some of these legal minds have suddenly had the financial capacities to build mansions in Alabang and other exclusives enclaves. An investigation was initiated, but soon everybody, including the media, forgot about this. WHY IS THAT???

        Of course, what has been plundered has to returned!! An agency, an ENTIRE agency, has been created SPECIFIC just for the Marcoses, and not for other alleged plunderers. But, where is the performance HISTORY of PCGG? Why have they not been explicit about this? And you want the assets returned to a body that has not been that opened and honest to the public??? WHY IS THAT???

        PCGG claims to have recovered four billion Dollars. Why has not one of Martial Law victims been paid even if the government already has this much money under their control. WHY IS THAT???

        Most of these four billion were recovered in the 90s. The #NeverAgain keep on recycling the stories, as if it was the PNoy admin who did the job. WHY IS THAT???

        They claim six billion Dollars are still to be recovered. What is the basis of this estimate? They must have a basis, and with the global freeze still holding, the whole system is very much stacked AGAINST the Marcoses. So, why have they not recovered them after 30 years, YES AFTER fucking LONG 30 years. It must therefore be a complicated legal matter. And your simple mind think it is a simple matter. WHY IS THAT???

        FM from Hawaii kept sending emissaries, and continuously at that, to Cory. The emissaries had only one message: he was willing to face the accusations in the courts. If Cory agreed we probably would have a clearer picture of what they call the “ill gotten wealth”, or maybe not. But, it would probably have been a better, if not the best, effort, instead of shuffling today through the mountain of papers that a dead person could no longer explain. This is now water under bridge because we now understand Cory operated under fear and hatred of Marcos. But with that mistake, which really shows her lack of responsibility to the people and which made things difficult thereafter, the Yellows would now say: “why are you making things difficult, Marcoses?” But, it is the Yellows who made, and are making, things difficult. So, WHY IS THAT???

        For propaganda purposes??? But with that, the Yellows are instead trumpeting their failures in the last 30 years. So, WHY IS THAT???

        If FM was really that evil as they want to portray him, would he pass on such assets to his family whose members would be the very first ones to be investigated? They better be consistent, is he so evil or not? If FM is really that manipulative, then the wealth must be with cronies, isn’t it? So far, they got some from the Benedictos, Disinis, etc, and Security Bank, Allied Bank, etc., but not much more from Danding, JPE, etc. Why has the effort stopped? Is it because the Yellows are now in bed with these very cronies? Some say there is no way to recover now these wealth because EDSA1 has basically released the cronies from their responsibilities and accountabilities to FM. WHY IS THAT???

        The experts now embedded with the Yellows probably know that people are barking on wrong tree by attacking the Marcoses: “return the money”. Why not also: “CRONIES, return the money!!” ??? WHY IS THAT???

        Marcoses keep on asking why. They keep on saying they have so far complied with ALL final and executory rulings from the courts, but the NeverAgain will not listen. WHY IS THAT???

        Are the Yellows interested in resolving the issue, or not? Is it because once it is resolved, they could no longer have their girly fits, and propaganda?? WHY IS THAT???

        And, you are asking BLOGGERS to write about this so complicated a subject matter?? When no respectable legal mind has even written about this comprehensibly??? And yet, would devour and promote a book written by a crackpot?? WHY IS THAT???

        Is this about covering up a more profound failure in the last 30 years??? So, they can continue with their impunity?? PNoy will leave his successor a debt of USD 130 plus Billion, of which USD about 89 Billion is directly attributable to his decisions in the last five years. ADB has already said that on CCT alone, there has been a leakage of 40%. But never mind 40% for purposes of conservative estimates, let us go just for 10%. 10% of 89 Billion is 8.9 Billion. FM left Cory USD 28 Billion debt. They claim FM got USD 10 big B. How is that possible when he had so many infrastructures in 20 years still very much unmatched in the last 30 years. Where is their estimate coming from? And you ask us to worry about a past which even lawyers and investigators are having a hard time untangling when there is an ON-GOING crime right in our time and our very eyes?? WHY IS THAT???

        1. Thank you so much. There is a saying that there are doctors who do not want their patients to get well. It is a grievance industry.

        2. The whole stories abt marcoses become clear to me…. When I’m young that time I’m never been interested about Marcos …. But when I’m reading and searching about what going on I can tell something’s wrong about cory and yellow tard supporter and why this supporter can’t leave alone about Marcos going to LNMB ?….. Somethings wrong abt it,….for bieng Filipino values?….. Come on people need to grow up and live happy????????????????????????????????????

      3. For your enlightenment, mr. protacio:

        1. Martial law was an option provided for in the constitution. That is precisely why Marcos was able to declare it.

        2. Marcos extended his term AFTER he declared martial law and there was a new constitution. His acts were all ratified by Congress and the Supreme Court. If we go by your argument, shouldn’t you also have a presumption of regularity for this?

        3. Anyone with even a hint of common sense and logic knows it is impossible for Robredo to have won. Just to cite one example that a friend relayed to me: his province is one of Mar Roxas’s strongest bailiwicks. But Robredo is totally unknown there. A whopping majority in that province had Roxas as their choice for president, and Marcos as their VP, followed by Cayetano. But in the official Comelec results, Robredo got way over 50% of the VP votes, and the total number of votes she got was even much higher than what Roxas got. Now you tell me, how is this possible?

        4. If the government was able to “collect a substantial amount” of the Marcos wealth, as you say, then why does the yellow camp still keep wailing for the Marcoses to “return what they stole”?

        Finally, please consider the non sequitur in your position. Essentially, you are saying that because Marcos Sr. “stole”, Robredo is not an impostor. Is that logical? Robredo’s lack of legitimacy has nothing to do with Marcos, but everything to do with what she and her camp did to make it seem like people voted for her when in fact they did not.

        All you have to do is look at people’s social media feeds and talk to random people on the street. So, so many are questioning her supposed win. Robredo’s lack of legitimacy is not something that Marcos or Marcos loyalists invented. She did it to herself.

      4. protacio, to see is to believe; and since you watch TV you believe everything? How brainwashed are you?

        Robredo IS an IMPOSTER. It is crystal clear that this election was rigged.

        1. Unfortunately it is not you or me who will decide who is the rightful winner as VP. It is the Presidential Electoral Tribunal. Meanwhile Leny Robredo is the legally recognized VP whether you like it or not. Even the President, by appointing her as a cabinet member, acknowledges it. Lets discuss this issue objectively. I really dont care if Bongbong Marcos is eventually declared the real winner, but at the moment Robredo is both the de facto and de jure VP. I even agree that Pnoy was an incompetent President especially on what he did or failed to do in the Mamasapano Incident

      5. He was elected twice by the people and won landslide. Martial Law was not unconstitutional.
        Maybe people call Robredo as an impostor because there are lots of people who were surprised and until now could not believe that she won because the majority of voters voted for Bongbong. The legal process of Bongbong’s protest will really take sometime, as you know, parang di ka naman Filipino na nakatira sa Pinas. Though I don’t judge Robredo but try to walk around and talk to the people around you and ask who they voted for? She wasn’t judged as guilty, just lots of people think that she stole their votes.
        The Philippine Government was able to collect from the swiss government substantial amount of dollars from Marcos’ deposits? Are you serious? Why did our Government collect money from the SWISS GOVERNMENT? At papaano naging proof yon na naging corrupt si dating pangulong Marcos? Baka ang sinasabi mo ay nakakuha ang PCGG ng impormasyon na may pera at gold deposits sa SWISS BANK ang dating Pangulong Marcos.

      6. The declaration of martial law was perfectly legal and it was affirmed by the SC,abouy the marcos wealth, ewan ko kung magkano ang significant sa iyo,we never scrutinized those facts as it was presented to us.. magkano ba yon whrn it was deposited?dapat tinatanong natin yan ang lagi nakikita yong laki ng pera noon madiskubre, pero kung titignan talaga marcos can afford to deposit that money during his presidency, hindi poor si marcos, he won the presidency against a formidable, incumbent and popular macapagal and as entile mentioned, sa simula kasama si salas nag withdraw sila ng 20 million para sa initial na kampanya, yong swiss account na nadiskubre amounts only to around 15 million pesos in total.. ang william and jane account nasa $950,000 at $215,000 with the exchange rate noon 1968 nasa 5million pesos yan at ang ARELMA nasa $2 million deposited in1972, and again kung tignan natin palitan noon nasa 10 million pesos yan, during which congress still holds the budgetary appropriation of the country ,even loans ay alam nila, kasi sila nag approve ng GAA…kaya hindi pwdeng sabihin nagnakaw si marcos ng pera sa panahon na yan kasi makikita kung walang project, hindi pwde ang ghost project sa panahon na yon mapapansin talaga and ang congress mostly oligarchs at ayaw kaw marcos, he will be impeached kung gagawa kalokohan. Yan kasi problema sa pinas with regards sa marcos story, we believe everything na sasabihin ng yellow media, like yong jabiddah massacre kuno, just imagine a wounded man swimming from corrigedor to cavite ilang milya ba yan and no family ever complained about it, actually ninoy himself checked it and found out na buhay mga trainees with their families kaya he retracted his privilege speech..the SC has declared na yong mga assets na yon ay ill gotten base sa ITR NG MGA MARCOS,kaylan pa naging basihan ng yaman ang ITR lang, marcos never declared all his assets,walang batas na nag oobliga sa kanya para gawin yon..

  2. the ouster of Marcos by its leaders committed treason. martial law was declared because the country is in danger to be overthrown by communist elements.

    1. correct. Ninoy Aquino conspired with the communist to overthrow Marcos Sr.
      this is clearly treason and punishment is death.

  3. The Yellow Party (Filipino oligarchs and Chinese/Korean businesses) has been breaking the law since 1986. That’s thirty years of fleecing (raping) the nation’s economy by destroying the very fabric of life of the Filipino people: compel the masses to become Overseas Foreign Workers (OFWs), turn to a life of crime, and commit social injustice against each other just to survive, for lack of economic opportunities in their own country.

  4. This just in. Bam Aquino wants to “investigate” how Marcos is being taught in schools. Presumably he wants to see if Marcos is still being vilified to our youth.

    Lol, is this an acceptable way to be spending public funds? Literally, state funds and machinery are being used to vilify a person and his family. If my heart was a bleeding one, I’d cry out “human rights!”.

    But a lot of us here are a bit more pragmatic than that. Perhaps, Senator Aquino, in the course of investigating how Marcos is being vilified in schools will discover the pitiable conditions of our teachers and students. He will be informed of the dilapidation of some schools and the inadequacy of reading and teaching materials necessary for said vilification. He will know about just how inadequate teacher’s salaries are and how late they often reach them. Without teacher’s wages, how can they be expected to vilify this man?

    Anyway, that was beside the point. I can confirm that Marcos is actually being vilified in schools. The dominant discourse remains, Aquino = Good, Marcos = Bad. The “scholarly material” being fed to our students reveals this. I can’t speak for whatever thee students see and hear about outside of schools though. The internet, I hear, is a free market of ideas and government incompetence is everywhere, I can’t blame anyone pining for better times, whether it be in the past or in the future.

    In a way, for the first time, this is the Aquino family’s way of “investing in the future”. You can see it in the way they vilified the Millenial generation (even though they mostly subscribed to the dominant discourse). Now, they are investing in those that are too young to vote: A far cry from the days of old where everything is cast aside for their cult of instant gratification.

    Oh well, perhaps some good may come of this.

    1. i read a that in his fb page yesterday, lol. i agree it will be a big waste of public funds. i find this ninoy impersonator/wannabe extremely annoying, but i will give him credit IF he does address the sorry state of our public teaching institutions. Though i wont hold my breath because these people are known to focus only on their goal, and goal alone. kinda like the kalesa horse with the eyeblinds.

    2. I’m part of the Millenial generation. I grew up actually hating the entire Marcos family precisely because of what was taught in elementary and high school. I looked up to Ninoy as a hero/martyr.

      Until I heard many first hand experiences from people who were actually alive during the Martial Law era – my college professors, my friends’ parents, literally all of my co-workers so far who are in their 40s – 60s, farmers, taxi drivers, etc. They would all rather go back to the time of Marcos Sr’s administration.

      The only people I hear crying like a bitch about Marcos Sr’s “atrocities” are the rich, the powerful, and the elite because apparently things during the Marcos era didn’t go their way. Unlike now where they can just pay their way to get whatever they want and no one ever tells them “no.” I rarely ever see anyone from the middle class and below complain about Martial Law.

      So the problem isn’t really our education system and how schools teach kids about Martial Law. The yellow party’s problem is that they’re running of out curtains to hide their lies and incompetence.

      1. Dee,

        That’s right. The best source of information on what life was like during Marcos’ time is the people who have lived through it—not some Yellow Party-influenced publication, media propaganda, and mellenial generations who got their information second or third hand.


      2. Dee: why do Filipinos have to see everything as either “good” or “bad”? Why do you find it so hard to accept facts as you see them and understand the nuances?

        Marcos Sr. was a very smart man. He was, let us say, considerably smarter than a taxi driver or “farmer” (I’ve put that in quotes because I have yet to meet an actual farmer in the Philippines). Let’s take his strategy of using foreign loans to “develop” the country. Now, here are the problems:

        1) The average Filipino simply does not get the concept of borrowing. “Can you borrow me 1000 pesos” means “I want to buy Tanduay. Can you give me 1000 pesos”? The taxi drivers, farmers, etc saw free money flooding into the country, end of story. Multi-million-$ development financing, and the instruments that underpin it, is completely beyond their understanding. You might as well try to explain nuclear physics to them.

        2) The Filipino’s first instinct, when he sees lots of cash, is to steal it. Marcos and his cronies weren’t much different. However, since Marcos was smart, he made sure his stealing was legitimate, or at least hard to trace. He set up lots of shell companies and government organisations to syphon off foreign cash. All those development projects could have been completed for a fifth of the cost; but Filipinos need to skim like foxes need to hunt rabbits. They just can’t help themselves.

        The rich and the powerful were either on board, or they weren’t. The ones that played along stayed rich and powerful (if you need proof, they’re still sitting in positions of power, voted there by taxi drivers, farmers, etc). The ones that didn’t were stomped on and their property was confiscated. Now, you might argue they deserved it, but the confiscated money, land etc was simply wasted, or given to other favoured oligarchs. It was never used for the good of the country.

        Was Marcos good for the Philippines? In a sense, yes. He did initiate a few projects that, on their own merits, were forward-thinking. However, he did this for two reasons: 1) to keep the idiots happy and 2) to increase the amount of cash that could be pillaged.

        As for what came after Marcos, what does that have to do with anything? Just because B is worse than A doesn’t mean A is preferable. It means you need to figure out how to get C.

  5. Dio, ang tanong, sa buong binatbat mo, meron bang conviction, sa aling corti, sa loob at labas ng bansa, kahit isang criminal case si Pres. Marcos sa nakalipas na 30 years, sa lahat ng pag sisikap ng PCGG, na isa reng kawatan na commission.

    1. Most of the charges against them are even dropped and they were even acquitted. Heck, they won’t even allow Marcos to return in order to face the charges against them in a court. So wala, it’s still a failure to them.

  6. I do not care, if Marcos, Sr. is buried under the monument of Jose Rizal in Luneta; or in Libingan ng mga Bayani. Where Marcos, Sr. is buried, does not solve the: Shabu Drug Proliferation problem; the Chinese Triad Drug Crime syndicate affiliation of the Aquinos, the YellowTards, De Lima, Drug Lords, NARCO Politicians, Mar Roxas, Porky Drilon,the massive poverty in our country; etc…

    These YellowTard Dogs shouts are just nuisance, and idiotic…they want that the “spotlight” will be on them! These Dimwits, who are shouting the loudest…do not even give a whimper or whisper, on our country becoming a NARCO Politics country, because of the failure and irresponsibility of the previous Aquino administration !

    1. Now that you pointed it out, it does seem like a good distraction for the social and ph media. its the hot topic of the day and the inquirer photo is all but a footnote, along with the ejks of last month. typical pinoy attention span, i must say

  7. …and the Aquinos constantly claimed that they brought democracy to the Philippines, yet Cory was never duly elected.

    What a farce!

  8. Why don’t we rub salt onto the open sore wound of these Yellow martial law crybabies and call for the renaming of NAIA back to MIA?

    Ninoy was not a hero. His death at MIA led to PH getting 30 years behind Singapore in progress/development; the dark clouds of incompetence and stupidity engulfed this nation the moment his clueless yellow wife came into the picture.

    Now if people power was an illegal/extrajudicial power grab, then the 1987 Cory constitution is nothing but toilet paper. Duterte can actually simply reactivate the former constitution during Marcos’ era if he wants to – his prerogative.

  9. “One of life’s regret is that you didn’t always tell the truth, and now it’s too late because the truth has changed.” – Robert Brault

    Why truth has changed gernacio?

    “Every truth bends and reshapes itself or is reshaped by other forces.” – Leslie Woolf Hedley

    So what now gernacio?

    “Truth breeds hatred.” – Bias of Preine

  10. Saw an add on GMA last night flashing the face of Benigno Aquino Jr, saying “Salamat Ninoy, para sa demokrasya”. I almost choked on my sandwich.

    As if democracy was his brainfart. Fuck you GMA network!

  11. Failipinos in the Failippines biggest regrets are not for the things they have done but for the things they haven’t done.

    1. Guess I think that was Yellowtards are infamous for: one-liners.

      Son, you just went FULL RETARD with what you wrote. =))

  12. To Mr Protacio above who says Robredo is the legally recognized VP, please think about this — legally recognized by whom? By the yellow officials who installed her through illicit means? By the dwindling band of yellow fanatics who turned up at Luneta last weekend? Go out to the streets. Talk to the jeepney drivers, taxi drivers, vendors, commuters, etc. Talk to the real people expressing their disgust and disbelief in forums, facebook, etc. The outrage is everywhere, expressed several times a day, everyday, in the Philippines and among the OFWs. Robredo can be sworn in a thousand times by Drilon and Belmonte, declared “winner” a million times by Andres Bautista, “legalized” a billion times by Sereno, and congratulated a trillion times by the US and other ambassadors, but majority of the Filipino people STILL won’t believe she’s legit.

    Also, think about this: had Escudero or Cayetano been declared winner for VP, do you think there would be this kind of outrage? No. Not even from Marcos loyalists. People would be okay with it. Why? Because this is not about the Marcoses. It’s about THE CHEATING. The cheating that was done to install a fake VP so that Plan B vs Duterte could be put into action.

    Now, was Robredo an innocent pawn in all this? At first, I thought she was. I thought she was just a clueless neophyte probinsyana politico who got plucked out of nowhere because the LP needed someone who could be packaged into a pseudo-Grace Poe after Poe refused to run for VP under LP. But look at Robredo now, how she keeps dismissing all the election anomalies like they were nothing. Like it doesn’t matter that there was a fourth server that no one knew about. Like it doesn’t matter that she got way more than 50% of the votes in places where most people had never heard of her just 3-4 months before the election. If she was a true selfless, honorable person who cared about the greater good of the Filipino nation, she would be lobbying for an audit as much as the Marcos camp. This is beyond Marcos and Robredo. The integrity of our electoral process is at stake here. Plus, nakakahiya di ba, para sa taong may hiya, to occupy a position that you may not actually be entitled to, especially with all the irregularities that have come out. But no. Robredo is totally caught up in her newfound fame, strutting around in fancy clothes and holding press conferences right and left with an official seal and Philippine flag like she is more important than the president himself. She even looks different from how she looked two months ago. Her hair and face look like they’ve been lightened. She looks more and more like Vicki Belo everyday because of the makeup and hair. I suppose this is what happens when a person who is nothing more than a media creation spends too much time with socialites, preening for the cameras. It is so ironic, because the real socialite, Gina Lopez, the one who doesn’t even have to try, is just in jeans most of the time and has been working much harder than Robredo, and has delivered far better results. Also, Gina Lopez, whose father directly suffered under Marcos, has done the proper thing as a Cabinet member and kept silent about the burial (non)-issue because, whether we agree with it or not, this is the president’s prerogative and it has basis in law and all the people who voted for Duterte already knew that he was willing to bury Marcos in LNB when they voted for him.

    There you go Mr Protacio. I would like you to know that I normally do not comment on blogs and articles like this. But, just like many others, Robredo’s fakery has disgusted me to a point where I feel like I’m going to burst if I don’t say something.

  13. ‘don’t educate the pilipinos, make them dumb so we can change history’ that’s a yellow move. those in the senate derailing changes to prosper the nation are committing ‘TREASON’ they should be oust by people power. their rule of law protects them the 87 constitution which is a de facto constitution.

  14. The U.S. can do anything to any country. Recently, they try to remove the President of Turkey, thru a Philippine style coup d’ etat.

    The U.S. failed miserably. It may be unconstitutional to our country. However, the Philippine constitution, does not apply to a super power like the U.S.

    Legitimate or not, political opportunists, like :Enrile , Honansan, Ramos, Aquino, etc…will be like hungry beasts, looking
    where to bite on a dead victim !

    1. That dumb coup d’ etat didn’t do any favors except Erdogan himself.He Has absolutely use this as an opportunity to further crush opposition.IF US planned to replace him this is most likely the last option.And That is too radical even for Obama with his off hand approach of foreign crisis and With Election Year going on.The only US involvement is Gulen they’re Harboring.

    2. 323Toro007Hyden99999.999,

      All true. You speak words of wisdom and experience—especially about those 3 wolves in sheep’s clothing: Enrile, Ramos, and Honasan.


  15. In short, supporters who supported an extrajudicial ouster in 1986 and are now linking killings (without proof) to the current president and are calling his purported involvement extrajudicial as well… are pots calling the kettle black.

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