Why I Still Value ‘Due Process’…


Now, before you go thinking that I’m an anti-Duterte and pro-drug lord activist, let me clarify to you that no, I am not against the progress brought forth by the new administration. Indeed, I believe it is high time that something be done about our many social issues, especially that of the illegal drug trade that has been destroying our youths for decades now. I also utterly despise the current Commission on Human Rights who seem to be more about protecting criminals and terrorists rather than defending the rights of the common people. Unfortunately, again, given the juvenile mindset of typical Pinoys, I cannot help but wonder what the country is coming to with the latest wave of news and gossip about “extra-judicial killings”.

Again, prior to continuing, let me share with you another moment with my grandfather. Yes, I know that some of you are probably tired of Grimwald talking about his grandpa but bear with me here. I wouldn’t be telling you some personal stories if they weren’t related to the subject I’m discussing.

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I was a teenager when the 9/11 took the world by surprise and plunged a whole country into grief. My grandfather, an American soldier (actually, he’s part of the navy so that would make him a “sailor” not a “soldier” but I’ll call him the latter for simplicity’s sake) who had fought in many wars, was one of the many who wept for the death of so many of his countrymen. However, when he learned that the act or terrorism was perpetrated by an Islamic faction in Afghanistan, I saw in him a look of disappointment and disgust. He would continue watching news about the War on Terror, especially in the effort to destroy Osama Bin Laden and dismantle the Taliban in Afghanistan, but I could see in him a sense of sadness.

When I asked him about his odd behavior of late, he explained to that it was because he was disappointed in what had happened to the world at large. He told me that during the Cold War, the time when the U.S.A. and its allies were engaged in a proxy war with the U.S.S.R. and its allies for those not in the know, they actually supported the Taliban or at least its predecessors. In a sad sigh, my grandfather told me that in politics, especially on a global level, there are no permanent friends or enemies.

Being a young teen at the time, I began to become more and more aware of the “grayness” of human morality. However, at the time, I still wasn’t fully aware of it at the time and I asked my grandfather if the American government and military weren’t aware of the insidious nature of the Taliban, its predecessors and its allies. Again my grandfather explained that the issue was not that simple. Just because a given faction fights against corruption and oppression doesn’t mean said people are not corrupt or oppressive either. Indeed, according to him, even the worst of the world’s scum can hide behind an otherwise noble or righteous banner.

The Taliban, at the height of the Cold War, hid behind the cause of freedom against the U.S.S.R. who projected an image of oppressive communism. While there was a lot of issues in their culture, such as their poor treatment of their women and their backwards ways, the Taliban nonetheless saw NATO as a useful ally and pretended to support them. When the Cold War ended, the U.S.S.R. having collapsed and they saw that they could do as they please, the Taliban quickly turned on their former allies and  vilified them in their own society.

My grandfather went to point out that throughout the course of human history, there is never a shortage of scum who hide behind a mask of righteousness and commit atrocities beneath the banner of a noble cause. During the American Revolutionary War, my grandfather pointed out that there were British soldiers who raped and slaughtered colonials and there were also colonials who raped and slaughtered many a Native American tribe. At the height of the American Civil War, there were minor factions who stole uniforms from both the Union and Confederate factions and wore them when torching civilian villages and brutalizing locals which would be attributed to the factions whose uniforms they were wearing.

Going back to our own country and its problems, I often worry that the current “War on Drugs” might have some unforeseen consequences that will bite our country in the butt later on. Truth be told, if one looks back on our own history, unforeseen consequences are a given and are what continue to plague our country to this very day. The “War on Drugs” is indeed a war, ladies and gentlemen, given how many have already died so far. Unfortunately, considering the rather immature and selfish mindset of typical Pinoys, I can only pray that there will be less collateral damage in the times to come and that we will be able to quickly identify criminals and murderers who are simply masquerading as righteous vigilantes.

I mean who’s to say that a bunch of corrupt cops can simply kill an innocent or otherwise harmless citizen and make it appear that the victim is involved in the drug trade. Alternatively, a drug dealer can have his own runners killed in order to cut off loose ends that will lead to his ties with criminality. Worst of all possibilities though is that there could be murderous sociopaths in society who could conduct atrocities under the guise of vigilante action.

Like I said, I don’t like the current justice system in the Philippines and yes, I think it needs a complete and total overhaul and a purging of its ranks. However, for the good of all, we should at least preserve and respect the idea of law and order and not simply give in to our vengeful desires. Yes, we should cleanse our society of its many dregs including and especially that of illegal drugs and while I am aware that this war can’t not be violent, I still think we should still make an effort to prevent needless bloodshed and be on the lookout for sociopathic charlatans who may take advantage of the situation to give in to their baser, animalistic desires.

19 Replies to “Why I Still Value ‘Due Process’…”

  1. “unforseen consequences” is a much better argument against the war on drugs than VoiceOfReason’s mindless bleeding heart railing against EJKs.

  2. All this killing is just a continuation of our warlord culture. The drug lords are now among the influential warlords, and they’re able to kill who they please. But then again, after seeing that bicycle rider who was killed by an irate driver (a new Rolito Go), the problem isn’t limited to politicians or warlords. Filipinos as a people continue to remain violent and subconciously wanting to kill each other. Perhaps that’s what Duterte meant when he said something like “let’s not hate each other.”

  3. This is where we are; because Aquino, De Lima and their cahoots: the Chinese Triad Drug Mafia syndicate were given a freehand in addicting Filipinos; and doing illegal extortion/scams.

    We cannot prevent, some opportunist criminals to take advantage of the present situation. However, we have to remove the Root Cause of this evil, that has been delivered to us, by these evil politicians and government officials.

    Imagine, high government officials, affiliating themselves with a Chinese crime organization….this is worse than treason !

  4. There are 2 categories of people killed as seen in the news. Killed by Police in line of duty and vigilante killings.

    Please understand that when someone joins a drug circle(pusher and above), there is absolutely no way out. They’ll kill people to silence them forever. Blaming the government for this is unreasonable and it is not EJK.

    Media counting how many are drug related deaths is propaganda. Why now? If they were sincere, they should have started counting way back FVR time.

    Also, they should have tried recording how many people were victims of theft, rape and killings due to this drug addicts.

  5. Filipinos have no choice but to swallow this bitter pill. Drug proliferation is a serious problem since it affects both National and Global security, The President needs our help inorder to implement his plan effectively, The only loser in this game is us. The choice is ours. The government needs or full support, The crisis in WPS is not a joke.

  6. We think we’ve come so far. Torture of heretics, burning of witches, is all ancient history. Then, before you can blink an eye, suddenly, it threatens to start all over again.

    Villains who twirl their moustaches are easy to spot. Those who clothe themselves in good deeds are well-camouflaged.

    But he/she, or someone like him/her, will always be with us. Waiting for the right climate in which to flourish, spreading fear in the name of righteousness.

    Vigilance, Mr. Grimwald. That is the price we must continually pay.

  7. It’s the “Leila Dilemma.” There’s really no good choice: PH justice system sucks. Vigilantism sucks.

    You can’t replace a flat tire with another flat tire.

    Justice is just ice – it melts in hot third-world banana republics like PH.

  8. I heard a man once say, “All these countries that we’re trying to aim to be… Singapore, Japan, etc. Do you really think they didn’t systematically kill their own people to be where they are right now?”

    What he’s ultimately saying is that systematic killing may be part of the process to be the country we aim to be. Now, I fully don’t agree with him. But he does have a point. Desperate times call for desperate measures, afterall. And our society is so corrupt and messy, we need extreme measures to fix it. But these news of EJKs should really worry us.

    So what I think we should do is to let the new administration know how worriesome their actions are. But at the same time we help them and trust them to do the right thing. Support the new admin as much as we can. But be ready to fight back if they go overboard. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

  9. Great article Grimwald.
    Thank you.
    Funny as i been saying the same thing yet im the “bleeding heart humanitarian”
    I agree with your points too a the letter.

    1. Grimwald is not self-righteous, and is articulate. You are neither.
      now scurry back to your gym and read more ayn rand.

      1. Im far from self righteous and not sure how from what i reply here u could possibly get that notion…except ofcourse trying to rebuttal flaming posts from left wing loonies.

        I also reply from my phone while travelling as its the only time i have to read this site.
        No time to sit for an hour going over my post before pressing send.

        But sure…whatever floats your boat pal

  10. Satoshi Uematsu – Japan’s new face of systematic culling of perceived “non-essentials” in society:

    “I am able to kill a total of 470 people with disabilities,” a copy of the letter, obtained by Kyodo News, read.

    “My goal is to create a world where euthanasia is allowed for people with multiple disabilities — in cases where it is extremely difficult for them to live at home and be socially active — with the consent of their guardians.”


    With such dangerous minds roaming around nowadays, it would be handy to go out with a 5-ply frying pan (which I think is the best legally permissible weapon both for defense and offense) in your backpack – as extra precaution, just in case.

    Note: a few years back, a friend of someone I know was stabbed with a knife while boarding a bus. He was stabbed because he refused to hand over his cellphone. Think of what a difference it would make if he only had a 5-ply frying pan at his disposal at that moment.

  11. Yet again, I’d like to ask Dutertards (although it’s not just for Dutertards) what if their so-called “justice” backfires on them and, worse, takes away their own lives?


    “Just because a given faction fights against corruption and oppression doesn’t mean said people are not corrupt or oppressive either. Indeed, according to him, even the worst of the world’s scum can hide behind an otherwise noble or righteous banner.” – And this is why I no longer care about who’s corrupt or not because, as I have come to learn in life, everyone is corrupt, one way or another, and there is no purely good people (but there is no purely bad ones, either). In other words, we all have a light as well as a dark side, and they both make up who we are.

  12. Inorder for one to have due process in a 3rd world shithole you must either be a criminal or a elite who can decide whether you deserve to live or not. Vigilantism is going to be the rule of law until we figure out how to be a civilized nation.

  13. Open your mind to the truth. Bin Laden, Taliban, Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein has nothing to do with 9/11 attack. The perpetrators of 9/11 were the Neo-Cons composed of Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Chenney, Richard Pearl, Jeb Bush, among others.

  14. I wish people were as staunch defending the human rights of the countless victims of brutalization, rape, and murder by criminals and drug addicts.

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