Gloria Arroyo’s acquittal proves Noynoy Aquino is a failure

The cornerstone of former President Benigno Simeon Aquino’s so-called fight against corruption — the jailing of his predecessor, former President Gloria Arroyo — just got shot down by the Supreme Court. The last remaining case against Arroyo, which was the plunder case over the alleged misuse of Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) funds, was finally dismissed by the high court. The decision is proof that BS Aquino did not have the goods on Arroyo from the very start. He just used the promise of jailing Arroyo to win the gullible voters over to his “cause” way back in 2010.

Gloria Arroyo: Her patience and perseverance paid off in proving Noynoy's failures.

Gloria Arroyo: Her patience and perseverance paid off in proving Noynoy’s failures.

BS Aquino made prosecuting Arroyo the rallying point of his campaign and then of his administration. He made it look like he was after the “big fish”. But it was obvious to some people that it was persecution that he was after. He didn’t care about due process as long as he could show Arroyo detained or locked up. He didn’t care about her medical condition and neither did he show respect for a former teacher, ally and head of state.

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At first, the public was pleased with his bold move. They were impressed by the speed with which his minions managed to file a case against her to prevent her departure overseas. As mentioned before, back in 2011, there was pandemonium at the Manila international airport when former Department of Justice Secretary and now Senator Leila De Lima panicked after she found out Arroyo was leaving the country and ordered officers at the airport to help bar her from leaving for Singapore. And with the assistance of the media in inciting anger against Arroyo, some members of the public also joined the fray — besieging her at the airport. Her frail and helpless appearance on a wheelchair did not stop them from acting like a lynch mob. The scene resulted in a standoff because Arroyo’s supporters insisted on her Constitutional right to travel abroad.

De Lima’s initial violation back then was in defying the Supreme Court’s temporary restraining order on the travel ban against Arroyo. De Lima even risked disbarment for ignoring the highest court’s order.

Fast forward to today, the Supreme Court’s decision did not surprise most people. Many eventually realised that the cases against Arroyo were trumped-up. One by one, the cases were dismissed due to a lack of evidence and witnesses to testify. As written before back on 2013, years of Malacañang’s unyielding commitment to putting GMA behind bars had only resulted in the dismissal of all the charges. Obviously, the charges against GMA had been filed even when the evidence was still “half-cooked”. Evidently, the evidence was based on “innuendoes, half-truths and propaganda”.

Noynoy Aquino: A victim of his own arrogance and vindictive nature

Noynoy Aquino: A victim of his own arrogance and vindictive nature

It seems the only people who were shocked that the last remaining case against Arroyo was dismissed are BS Aquino’s most rabid supporters. Both De Lima and Ombudsman Conchita Morales expressed their dismay that the case was dismissed. De Lima kept implying that President Rodrigo Duterte, an Arroyo ally, had something to do with her acquittal. Frankly, they are behaving like they received an uppercut – a blow they didn’t see coming. Goes to show they aren’t very smart at all. De Lima as a lawyer and Morales as former Supreme Court judge should have realised that the case against her wasn’t water tight. The prosecution did not do their job properly:

The evidence against her was weak, said [Arroyo] through her lawyers. She argued that “not a single exhibit of the 637 exhibits offered by the prosecution nor a single testimony of the 21 witnesses of the prosecution was offered by the prosecution to prove that [Arroyo] amassed, accumulated, or acquired even a single peso of the alleged ill-gotten wealth.”

The prosecution also failed to show or detail the paper trail to prove that Arroyo committed the charges she was indicted for, said the Pampanga lawmaker.

Arroyo has been vindicated, indeed. She survived five years detained at the Veterans Hospital with very little contact with her loved ones. She lost five years of her life – years that could have been spent as a productive citizen. She could have had her medical condition fixed abroad like she wanted to back in 2011. Not only did she waste five years of her life detained, her reputation was also tainted. While some have finally realised that she was a victim of BS Aquino’s personal vendetta, there are some people — those who were gullible enough to believe the lies — who still think she is guilty even when the cases against her were dismissed. For that, Arroyo should consider filing a case against BS Aquino to compensate her. She could use the United Nations Human Rights Council ruling in 2015 that the BS Aquino government needed to compensate her for damages during what they consider to be illegal detention.

Despite what Arroyo went through, she is actually luckier than former Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona. Corona passed away without getting the chance to clear his name. Corona, who was removed from office at the order of BS Aquino, was also a victim of public persecution. The cases against him were also dismissed.

Arroyo’s patience and perseverance paid off. BS Aquino and his rabid supporters look like fools now. In his singular focus on persecuting Arroyo, BS Aquino became a victim of his own arrogance and vindictive nature. They proved that haste is waste. Had they been more diligent and worked harder at building a stronger case against Arroyo, they could have won. But we all know BS Aquino does not have the discipline and foresight to win anything on his own. He was just lucky to ride the wave of his mother’s popularity. Too bad his luck has finally run out.

73 Replies to “Gloria Arroyo’s acquittal proves Noynoy Aquino is a failure”

  1. Aquino, Mar Roxas and De Lima have too much misbehavior; while in office. The Chinese Triad Mafia Drug Syndicate is operating freely in our country. The Bilibid Prison became a Shabu Mfg. Co. There was a Lag lag Bala extortion scam at the Manila International Airport (NAIA). There was Mamapasano massacre, and Lumad massacre. Still unresolved !

    Robredo was alledgedly murdered, because he knew too much about the Drug syndicate and their partners in the Aquino administration…
    Electoral Fraud was committed in 2016, with the aid of the Chinese Triad Mafia syndicate…

    Drug Lords ran around like happy rats; and Shabu addicts are on the rise. Drug Trafficking is the good business in the Philippines; with Chekwa Chemists doing the manufacturing of Shabu…

    Aquino and his cahoots have enriched themselves, from taxpayers’ money, and from the Shabu Drug money !

    These crimes are nothing compared to the alledge crimes, of former Pres. Arroyo…

        1. You’re just high on ecstacy idiot aquino follower. Go tie yourself with a straight jacket and stay at a mental hospital nutbrained hyena.

        2. That is so correct. The guilt of someone must be backed by evidences and decisions from the judiciary. Right ir wrong, the system must ne followed ir there eill be chaos

  2. Jut like the USA where Democrats and Republicans all have the same campaign donators (big business etc) and are all one in the same entity and the reality is that there is no choice for the electorate. The same holds true for the Philippines.It is the rich elites that run everything, and take turns being the latest ‘scandal’ but nothing ever comes of any of the ‘HEADLINES’, like whatever happened to the Woman who was behind the DAP scandal or whatever it was, NOTHING HAPPENED AND SHE IS STILL NOT BEHIND BARS, like she should be.or the Murdering Amputuans, no trial yet for the dead 57 people and never will be any justice meted out to the families of the dead.I could go on and on, but you should be getting the picture.


    1. Says the idiot aquino follower who thinks that noybita is very clean even if what he does is nothing but credit grabbing and and blame games.

  3. I guess this proves that when the Aquino camp said, “we’ll clean up corruption,” they actually meant, “we’ll take down our political enemies.” Same old politics of this country.


    Taking a cue from your rant above, you are a certified idiot.

  5. The Supreme Court Justices are mostly appointed in the Aquino era. The SC Chief Justice was appointed by Aquino. The late SC CJ Corona was impeached. Impeach again the Chief Justice, because of the SC decision ?

    Will we ever abide in their ruling of Justice?

    Let us not politicize the SC decision !

  6. Typical YellowTurd thinking. They had a fair trial in court but YellowTard Aquino Admin can’t produce substantial solid evidences to prosecute her hence acquitted.

    Obviously abnoy aquino used those accusations to boost his fame in politics just like what his traitor father and mother did.

    Now it’s time for abnoy aquino to burn on his 6 years of incompetent leadership even witnessed by the public on the news, there’s no denying that he won’t escape from it this time.

    Karma is coming back to his family 10 folds.

  7. And your mother is a drug sniffing addict who even sells cocaine to your “god’s” mafia. How’s that for accusation dakilang bintangero?

  8. With CGMA’s acquittal it is now high time for the Yellows to feel the persecution to the former president went their way. I wonder if the VMMC best suit Citizen Penoy or better yet the NCMH? Well now, he might be in good company with Mar Roxas, Leila De LIma and hos marauding cabinet members in a straight jacket. So to CGMA, patience has its own rewards.

  9. Some truths have yet to be realized.. and some lies have yet to be discovered.. but i love the way this article was done. Kudos madam!

  10. Yes we all know you just want attention.

    You have to learn to let go and deal with it. Irrelevant inserts are meaningless.

  11. PNoy used GMA to give some semblance of authenticity to his daang matuwid anti-corruption drive. Credit rating agencies lapped it all up and we’ve enjoyed the scores ever since.

    What happens when they find out it was all just a sham?

    As for respecting your former teacher, looks like Digong is the exact opposite. Joma Sison is just all smiles these days. Just look at how elated he is…

  12. Aquino’s party react as if they did see it coming when the writings are on the wall

    I put this all on Aquino’s delegated prosecution teams who did a PISS POOR JOB at building airtight cases against Arroyo. They also had this tendency to go with QUANTITY OVER QUALITY OF CASES FILED against Arroyo. Its as if the more cases against Arroyo the more she will be perceived as guilty in court of public opinion and Courts would have no resort but to bend to the demands of the public.

    At the slightest hint of involvement they excitedly file complaints to the Ombudsman and when the then Omb. Merceditas Guteirez kept shooting down complaints they impeached her of being an Arroyo lapdog.

    HOWEVER, fast forward to Aquino appointed Omb. Conchita Carpio-Morales, ITS THE SAME THING, she basically shot down high profile and well publicized plunder raps against Arroyo like OWWA Funds, Fertilizer Scam, Iloilo Airport Project, Camarines Sur Infrastructure Anomaly. BUT NO ONE BATS AN EYE EVEN THOUGH because she is an Aquino appointee and Aquino would look stupid if resort on accusing her of liniency towards Arroyo.

    Then there are big cases like ZTE and Electoral Sabotage which will likely be dismissed also given other co-accused like Abalos have been acquitted as early as 2014 (speaking of which, this was two years ago and what happened to Arroyo’s case)

    Then the Malampaya Scam which cannot establish that Arroyo benefited directly and here involvement is reduced to mere ministerial in nature hence liability, while present, does not carry enough weight to accuse her of plundering.(That reminds me, what happened to that 137 BILLION MALAMPAYA FUND that Purisima and his Treasury Sec. cannot account for other than saying its “deposited in a special account” which they equally cannot explain if the fund can actually be liquidated???)

  13. Our wretched species is so made that those who walk on the well-trodden path always throw stones at those who are showing a new road.

  14. this is very true…..GMA may not be the best President Philippines had, but it was so unfair for P-Noy to treat her that way…..ano ngayon? eh di nganga sila……..too bad.

  15. The 11 justices who voted in favor of Arroyo just lost their common senses. Arroyo was obviously guilty of so many crimes and yet they don’t realize it because they are sticking to their absurd books and fallacious arguments. No need a lot of evidence just to prove Arroyos guilt. Her past administration speaks a lot why she is guilty. She should be in jail forever! Period.

    1. Lies. You just lost your common sense in the first place since you always rely on your EMOness and blatant idiocy.

      Morons like you should be in the mental hospital… FOREVAH! Period.

    2. And a TROLL is at again for his Noynoy cocksucking and blatant faggotries which is all crap and no substance. Fact is that you’re guilty of being an EMO-inducing faggot.

      Son, take your faggotry to somewhere else because for what I’ve heard:

      “Detaining someone based on hearsay is called PERSECUTION. And anyone who had that kind of thinking should be in the mental hospital forever!”

      Period. 😛

    3. Son, apparently you’re clueless just as any angry mobster in existence.

      In case you don’t notice, smuggling alone in the last 5 years is in the trillions. That is totally controlled by one KKK back then sitting in the Palace. Just a conservative ad valorem of 10%, that is already 100 billion of taxes gone. I am talking very conservatively.

      Actually, there are already estimates that show corruption in the 30 years after 1986 is five times the 20 years prior to 1986. Also estimates that PNoy’s KKK more corrupt than GMA.

      So who is guilty and who should be in jail forever? Answer me with ‘Arroyo’ and it proves that you just went FULL RETARD with what you wrote. Period.

    4. Hahahaha…the Supreme Court finally threw out the case against Arroyo but Jigs is still crying GUILTY. Oh my God! Someone can’t accept defeat. No wonder the Philippines remain a basketcase. Filipinos like Jigs are delusional.

      1. @Ilda
        That certain someone can’t accept the fact that gloria is innocent of all the accusations that his precious ex president had thrown against her.

    5. Jigs, Jigs, Jigs
      Its time for you to wave that white flag of surrender.
      It’s OVER.

      Gloria’s acquittal is the final nail on the coffin of the farce called “tuwid na daan”.

    6. No need a lot of evidence just to prove Arroyos guilt.

      So you’re saying that anyone can be jailed without any evidence?

      Wow! What a display of sheerstupidity and arrogance!

      Here I thought you noytards couldn’t get any dumber, guess I was wrong.

      Sorry to say Jigs, the Jig is up for you and fellow yellow trolls.

    7. @Jigs

      In the end, you guys have consistently shown us here at GRP that your ex-president relies too much on flawed propaganda. In fact, all of your posts have more holes than a wheel of cheese.

      Nothing left for you to do but cry while eating ice cream down in your mother’s basement.

      6 years of consistently trolling, only one thing was proven…that your ex-president is incompetent.

      Incompetence is also a sign of corruption by the way

      Don’t even try to struggle.

      It’s game over for you and your yellow ex-president.


    8. Still no signs of any activity or brain activity in the Jigs department.

      There’s no doubt that certain somebody is still crying over the failure of his ex president’s “daang matuweed” over GMA’s well deserved freedom.

      So much for the yellow malacañang troll team’s supposed campaign of touting “success” of its tuweed na daan if it ultimately failed because of GMA’s acquittal.

      Oh yes, we’re still rubbing it in, jigs and your continued silence is only proof that your cause ultimately lost.

      1. [Revised]

        Noynoy’s unprecedented acquittal of GMA only proves that these two “women” are very good at covering up their ties with the Chinese and Korean business cartels.

        GMA, and her businessmen husband (Mike), made lots of secret ventures with Chinese and Korean businessmen during her presidency, which gave generous accommodation to these foreigners to fly goods into Clark Commercial Freeport and to set up businesses in Pampanga. Incidentally, both the Aquinos and Macapagal-Arroyos’ are from the same province. How convenient.

        Of course GMA, and her husband, denied that they used the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes to fund their business ventures. So Noynoy did was appropriate to protect “her” fellow “Kapamgpangan”: keep GMA on house arrest during “her” presidency and acquit her before “she” leaves office. Damn, these thieves are good at covering their tracks.

  16. > complains that there’s no evidence when people are being shot on the streets.
    > says imprison GMA regardless of no evidence or not.

    Weh, di nga?

  17. Hate to say we told you so but

    Technically, the man has no business within the political arena, let alone in the nations drivers seat. Light of his mental instability has surfaced more and more over the last four years, it’s a wonder he hasn’t been forced out of office. Well… He is keeping the House and Senate rich. And one wouldn’t want to see that come to an end.

    So download the entire report and see for yourself why he was the WRONG choice, back in 2010.

    Aquino Psychological Findings

  18. Sharing this also in case someone like Jigs still continues on being so butthurt.

    A demurrer to evidence is filed after the prosecution has rested its case and the trial court is required to evaluate whether the evidence presented by the prosecution is sufficient enough to warrant the conviction of the accused beyond reasonable doubt. If the court finds that the evidence is not sufficient and grants the demurrer to evidence, such dismissal of the case is one on the merits, which is equivalent to the acquittal of the accused.

    [35] Well-established is the rule that the Court cannot review an order granting the demurrer to evidence and acquitting the accused on the ground of insufficiency of evidence because to do so will place the accused in double jeopardy.[36]

    The right of the accused against double jeopardy is protected by no less than the Bill of Rights (Article III) contained in the 1987 Constitution, to wit:

    Section 21. No person shall be twice put in jeopardy of punishment for the same offense. If an act is punished by a law and an ordinance, conviction or acquittal under either shall constitute a bar to another prosecution for the same act.

    Double jeopardy attaches if the following elements are present: (1) a valid complaint or information; (2) a court of competent jurisdiction; (3) the defendant had pleaded to the charge; and (4) the defendant was acquitted, or convicted or the case against him was dismissed or otherwise terminated without his express consent.[37] However, jurisprudence allows for certain exceptions when the dismissal is considered final even if it was made on motion of the accused, to wit:

    (1) Where the dismissal is based on a demurrer to evidence filed by the accused after the prosecution has rested, which has the effect of a judgment on the merits and operates as an acquittal.

    (2) Where the dismissal is made, also on motion of the accused, because of the denial of his right to a speedy trial which is in effect a failure to prosecute.[38]

    The only instance when the accused can be barred from invoking his right against double jeopardy is when it can be demonstrated that the trial court acted with grave abuse of discretion amounting to lack or excess of jurisdiction, such as where the prosecution was not allowed the opportunity to make its case against the accused or where the trial was a sham.[39] For instance, there is no double jeopardy (1) where the trial court prematurely terminated the presentation of the prosecution’s evidence and forthwith dismissed the information for insufficiency of evidence;[40] and (2) where the case was dismissed at a time when the case was not ready for trial and adjudication.[41]

    In this case, all four elements of double jeopardy are doubtless present.

    A valid information for the crime of bigamy was filed against the petitioners, resulting in the institution of a criminal case against them before the proper court.

    They pleaded not guilty to the charges against them and subsequently, the case was dismissed after the prosecution had rested its case. Therefore, the CA erred in reversing the trial courts order dismissing the case against the petitioners because it placed them in double jeopardy.

  19. I’ll say, GMA is probably the only crook who’s good at hiding her tracks. That, and the sloppy job of Noynoy’s posecutors.

    Oh, well. there’s still tons of plunder cases waiting for her.

    1. And what are those plunder cases idiot aquino follower? From what your yellow journalism and your yellow “god” told you? I bet you and that nutbrained hyena are from that democrazy warfreaks page. Well too bad because there are only a few of you fighting a now unwinnable war. How pathetic.

    2. Unfortunately, most of those so-called ‘plunder cases’ are based on hearsay and such.

      So stop being so high, fag.

    3. Tons of plunder cases?
      Nah, those cases are already dead.
      Those cases would only end up being dismissed because Aquino is no longer in power.

      Tough luck

      1. It’s never going to be over. It’s just a new chapter of a continuous saga of graft and corruption for this country. Nothing is ever going to change about the Philippines, except the issues and the characters who plays in them.

  20. I can’t say for sure that after the ruling, GMA is “innocent after all”.

    For me, it’s just that “Citizen” Noy (coz he’s not PNoy anymore, hehehe… Inquirer ata me pakana neto) doesn’t have sufficient evidence to back his accusations. He never proved anything, he just used the media to smear his opponents’ names. Now we are just left to wonder what happened all those years and those backdoor deals.

    This didn’t prove GMA’s innocence (by law, yes though) but it did prove Citizen Noy’s admin’s incompetence.

  21. It’s over. Only Yellowtards, spurred no doubt by their idol’s total irreverence to institutions like the Supreme Court, still scream up to the heavens in indignation over a supposed guilty person demonized via trial by publicity of the yellow propaganda machine. Go home yellowtards. Direct your energy to more meaningful pursuits than having tantrums in behalf of a party and people abandoned by their “staunchest” political allies.

    1. They might try to file another case but like what I posted above, Arroyo is protected from Double Jeopardy.

      The yellows are trying too hard to salvage their already destroyed reputation but are failing to do so.

      They couldn’t prove any guilt for the past 6 years. The chances of them succeeding is 0% because Aquino is no longer in power.

      Morales on the other hand, is in danger of being impeached…

      De lima is also in danger of being imprisoned for coddling drug lords while serving as DOJ.

      Suffice to say,
      it is truly the END for the yellows

  22. Why are they up in arms over this case when there are at least three more ON GOING cases that can land Arroyo in jail for a long time if proven guilty?

    Electoral Sabotage

    OH, WAIT! That’s right, those pending cases cited currently CANNOT LEGALLY DETAIN ARROYO UNDER HOUSE/HOSPITAL ARREST.

    In a country where form is favored over substance, propaganda is vital, perception is everything kumbaga. For most pinoys, detention and conviction basically have the same meaning.

    So when Gloria was DETAINED and put under hospital arrest it was immediately seen by the public as a CONVICTION and WAS IMMEDIATELY SPUN BY PARTIDO DILAW AS A “TRIUMPH” of their anti-corruption drive.

    It’s actually very hard to explain to bobong pinoys that there’s still due process to ultimately determine if one is guilty beyond reasonable doubt. “Kulong na siya, edi ibig sabihin GUILTY yan, yun lang naman yun” is the common theme you hear from an ordinary miron.

    And if you try to reason out that due process must be followed and decisions must be based on weighing evidences and testimonies you will be branded as an “elitist”, “nagmamagaling” or worse, “kumakampi sa kurakot”.

    1. Let’s see how they react when their precious ex president has his turn to get incarcerated….in prison.


        1. *yawns*
          Looks like someone’s jimmies got rustled…

          Riiight so you think caps locking your reply to me is going to make you smarter hmmm?

          Too bad, you fail….because it only makes you look like a raving retard

          Don’t bother making another troll user name,Ilda knows who you really are.


        2. By that name of yours, you’re implying that you wanna keep getting fucked by your retarded bald pwesident. You keep on bitching due process and yet your “god” is not even doing it. Pot meets kettle emo kid.

        3. May pa-intellect ka pang sinasabi sa isang article pero utak drama queen naman. Are you a conservative democrazy warfreak?

        4. By the way, the real idiot here is the one who has his posts in Caps lock..which in internet ettiquette means that you’re an idiot


        5. So it seems you’re one of the “This guy is behind bars so he’s guilty” bandwagon. You’re making an idiot of yourself.

          Hate to say this, son, but seriously, UR A FAGET.

        6. That’s what I’m talking about, PUSH ME, GO AHEAD. Justice in the Philippines is just a word that means nothing. The aging Duterte is only going to make a small impact in changing his people. Once he’s gone, Filipinos will go back to their own ways.

  23. So Jigs, how does it feel to be on the losing side?
    I bet you’re still butthurt from the horrible defeat of your beloved “Tuwid na daan” till now.

    You still haven’t thought of a witty comeback?
    What a pity.
    You’re probably not yet finished with crying while eating ice cream in your mother’s basement huh?

    You noytards are never gonna live this down. Period

  24. The Aquino administration knew their allegations against Gloria will not prosper in a court of law. So they just hoped to detain her indefinitely until she gets sick and dies of misery, these Aquino’s are such sadists.

    By the way Atty. Ahmal Clooney deserves a welcome next time she visits the Philippines.

    1. Indeed, the same thing can be said about his die hard supporters, like jigs here who continues to insist on Gloria’s unproven guilt. These bozo’s clearly don’t know the meaning of due process.

  25. BS Aquino and all of his cabinet members should be tried to all their sins committed to the filipino people from corruptions to illegal disbursement of peoples money that gone to his cohorts. They made us beggar while they enriched themselves through massive shenanigans and scandals. Shabu laboratory inside New Bilibid Prison was clearly allowed by this administration instead of preventing them, laglag bala was also fluorished without any action to curtail and illegal mining was also rampant. Is this what BS Aquino telling us ”daang matuwid”? He is the king of liar the filipino people went wrong when they voted this paranoid man.

  26. All politicians who are against the re-imposition of the death penalty on heinous crimes anchor their opposition on our present flawed justice system of which the poor are disadvantaged.

    But what have the ruling Liberal Party in the Senate and the House during the time of Noynoy done and during the revolutionary government done to address the injustice in Philippine legal and criminal justice system ?

    They, Cory and Noynoy, despite the sipsip senators and congressmen they could easily tow in line, DID NOT correct the flawed legal and justice system because doing so would have prevented the new oligarchs behind them in looting the State and weakening the government, that would have prevented abuse of power.

    Now these LP politicians with the help of the Roman Catholic hierarchy are moving high heavens in their desperate attempt to block the re-imposition of death penalty on heinous crimes.

  27. Noynoy like his mother lacked the intellect to initiate legal reforms that would have jailed for good the corrupt like GMA.

    Or more likely they were too terrified that had legal and judicial reforms been initiated or instituted rightly and without favoring the elite, they like the rest of the corrupt elite will be meted what punishment is right due them.

  28. What is certain is without honest to goodness legal and judicial reforms, the brilliant and amoral lawyers in this country will always reap the economic windfall of a flawed expensive justice system.

    Long live the professional shysters of this country. Surely, in hell they will be forever useful to King Satan!

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