Aquino supporters are blocking Duterte’s War on Drugs



Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s “war on drugs” has a problem. There is a noisy minority who is against it and bent on making Duterte look like the bad guy at every step of his campaign to rid the country of the drug scourge. As if it weren’t hard enough dealing with drug lords and other “drug personalities”, Duterte has to contend with detractors whose new-found “concern” for “human rights” comes across as just an outrage fad.

Duterte’s detractors summarily label as “extrajudicial killings” (EJKs) the mounting incidences of homicides that make headline news nowadays. However when one looks underneath all the shrieking in social media, there is little hard evidence to link those homicides directly to illegally-conducted police operations. One would have expected some action from the families and friends of the “victims” of these alleged EJKs at the very least. Have there been any charges filed against the perpetrators of these alleged EJKs? Any real “investigative journalism” diligently and objectively conducted to unearth real facts on this matter?

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What is baffling about all this fashionable outrage over EJKs is the quickness to put up Duterte as the Evil Mastermind of it all. It is important to consider how most of the foot-stomping is coming from quarters that have, from the onset, been composed of the bleeding-heart emos who were politically-aligned against Duterte during the elections. Under that light, it really is not surprising how this cornerstone of Duterte’s campaign for the presidency was latched onto by the Opposition.

Indeed, over the six years of former President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III’s presidency, the very same people who cry Bloody Murder today stood back in stunned silence as incidences of thievery, preventable death, and, yes, EJKs transpired on the back of astounding incompetency and evident criminal intent perpetrated right from the very top. In contrast, Duterte has been forthright about his intent, his approach, and his resolve to do what it takes to fight crime when he becomes president. Unlike Aquino whose embrace of a cadre of family members and friends whose culpability for the crimes the “Silent Majority” today remained silent about during his time was resolute, Duterte’s administration today exhibits a consistent upholding of the ideals of integrity and transparency espoused during his campaign.

The most incredible position taken by those who decry this “war on drugs” is the idea that human rights have “died” within the first month of the Duterte presidency. This position is skewed unfairly towards the very criminals against which this “war” is being waged. On top of mere allegations, people are highlighting the “human rights” of the targeted criminals and forgetting that the scale of the community of real victims of the drug trade utterly dwarf these activists’ preferred victims. These real victims — those that Duterte’s “war” seeks to deliver justice to — were also entitled to their right to lead peaceful lives. The high-horsed flavour of “human rights” today’s social media activists parrot off textbooks written halfway around the world simply do not resonate with them.

It is in these ordinary folk who aspire to no more than uneventful commutes to and from work everyday that Duterte’s mandate to do as he had promised finds its deep foundation.

Truth be told, these “human rights activists” who spend their days screeching about EJKs suffer from a lack of perspective. The more than 200 allegedly drug-related deaths cited in the news (which are yet to be proven to be EJKs), is matched by the reported surrender of “over 10,000 self-confessed drug pushers and users” and almost 600 arrested in July.

Even more important are revelations of the horrifying extent of the way the coddling this drug trade may have enjoyed from the past Aquino government. News is making the rounds today of Senator Leila De Lima’s ties to top-level drug honchos. But speculation over De Lima’s cozy relationship with these personalities while serving as Justice Secretary under Aquino were already rife long ago. A 2014 Manila Times report noted how the hut of an alleged friend of De Lima was “spared in a […] raid on the maximum security compound of the National Bilibid Prisons (NBP)in Muntinlupa City (Metro Manila) by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)”.

According to the source, the inmate- -Jaybee Niño Sebastian—resides in one of the most comfortable houses inside the compound. His kubol or hut has an entertainment room, kitchen, comfort room and an air-conditioned bedroom.

NBI operatives on Monday swooped down on the cells of known drug lords Peter Co, Herbert Colangco and Jojo Baligad and confiscated illegal items including firearms, appliances and stash of cash. The raiding team, however, did not touch the condominium-like quarters of Sebastian, the source said.

Manila Times columnist Bobi Tiglao wrote also in 2014 that De Lima should be fired over ‘Bilibid Hilton’ citing how, as Justice Secretary, she delivered nothing less than a “massive failure to manage our biggest prison” which, as a result, “has become a national embarrassment”.

Not surprisingly, the drug situation that continues to plague Bilibid stains De Lima’s character to this day and, thankfully, is attracting long-overdue scrutiny. Solicitor General Jose Calida recently announced that he will be investigating De Lima over these alleged links. In Congress, a House resolution is in the works to call for the investigation of the “Bilibid Hilton” De Lima seemingly tolerated during her watch. Davao del Norte Congressman Pantaleon Alvarez has reportedly announced plans to file such a resolution that will call for “an investigation into the proliferation of drug use at the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) when Senator Leila de Lima was still justice secretary.”

These revelations of coddling at the highest places in Philippine government along with the tangible removable of “drug personalities” from the Philippines’ city streets and country roads are the results the majority of Filipino voters counted on seeing when they gave Duterte his mandate. The nebulous notions of “human rights”, while noble in and of themselves in the right context, for now remain a mere curiosity to a crime-weary public today. As such, those who continue to regard — and make quaint noises surrounding — the relatively small picture of merely-alleged “extrajudicial killing” should get a grip. Otherwise, they will only make themselves irrelevant and undermine their own cause.

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109 Replies to “Aquino supporters are blocking Duterte’s War on Drugs”

  1. Those Filipinos, who are addicted to Shabu, have also Human Rights. Where was these Human Rights advocates; when these Drug Lords were running around like Happy Rats, and selling Shabu in our country. Where was these Human Rights advocates, when De Lima turned the Bilibid Prison into a Hilton Five Star Hotel; and Shabu manufacturing Company.

    Those blaming Pres. Dtuterte on Human Rights, are the ones Trafficking in Shabu. They lost their earnings; and their lives are in jeopardy. Not only from those who are bent on eliminating them. But , from those who fear, they will become witnesses. “Dead men tell no tales”, as stated from a famous Caribbean Pirate.

    These Filipinos Drug Dealers and Drug Traffickers have affiliation, with the Chinese Triad Drug Mafia syndicate. This Chinese crime organization make their huge income from: Shabu manufacturing and Shabu Trafficking; prostitution; pornography; child prostitution and child pornography; political corruption; election fraud; scam and extortion (Lag lag Bala); fake goods and fake currencies; murder for hire; etc…it is more notorious, than the American Mafia , or the Russian Mob or Italy’s Cosa Nostra !

    1. So people that are worried about peoples basic human rights and upholding the constitution are actually drug dealers?

      Yeah…anyone that actually either listens to u hyden or agrees with you are people that worry me more than drug addicts.
      U live your life thinking movies are real.
      Ice or shaboo is a problem in most countries across the world( except holland which never criminalized drugs…go figure)
      Yet they r not barbaric or stupid enough to promote law enforcement to take laws into their own hands, offer cash incentives for murder or encourage vigilante style justice.
      Most people are smart enough to see where that road goes.
      But hey, i guess we all going to find out…the hard way.

      The justice system needs an upheaval….because if this is the only avenue people have to look forward for justice( law enforcement is that, justice not revenge) then how low has the Filipino justice system sunk.

      1. ON the contrary, human rights abuses have been here waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before Duterte sat in ANY govt position. Where was the outrage when media wasn’t too keen on covering them then? GIMME A PAKING BREAK willya? Police brutality, salvaging, planting of evidence were always there. Where was the clamor?

        1. Nice name, and I couldn’t agree more. God, self-righteous twats like him are really getting annoying.

        1. Self-righteous twats usually are hard to describe in their stupidity. They love the sound of their own voice so much that they ejaculate self-love all over themselves whenever they hear themselves speak.

      2. I worry about drug addicts more. At least with clean and safe streets you can continue on about your “human rights ranting” in relative peace and security.

      3. @The Voice of Reason:

        A YellowTard, who shouts: basic human rights and upholding the constitution. Where were you, when they did the Lag lag Bala extortion scam? Did you shout for human rights on the extortionists’ victims ?

        Where were you, when the Drug traffickers and the Drug Lords are addicting Filipinos ?

        You were nowhere ! Now, you shout human rights and the constitution. This is usually the tactic of those criminal organization. They use the system of Justice, to get off the hook from their crimes.

        American Mafia, Russian Mob; Japanese Yakuza; Italy’s Cosa Nostra; Chinese Triads; etc…they can pay the best lawyers, derived from their incomes from crimes…

        Why do we have a lot of Shabu Dealers ? Drug Lords ? Drug Traffickers ? Shaba Chinese Chemists ? They did not sprout overnight. And, I was not born yesterday !

        How much does the Chinese Triad pay you, to defend them ?

        1. TTYS so the answer is not to fix the court system, but to murder people in cold blood guilty or innocent?
          Well i guess u want quick results with no thought to the future.
          Ill be laughing my ass off over the next 6 years when you realize where these actions will lead this nation.

          Do not say we did not tell you so.
          Do not say no one warned you.
          Those that have never learnt from history are doomed to repeat it.
          U wanted change….anarchy it will be.
          You police force will become judge dredd. A power unto themselves.
          Human rights and civil rights advocates have a right to be concerened. Lets see how quickly you change your tune when you yourself will be effected.
          Why is no one helping me..?u will cry Why is no one saying anything.?u will murmur.
          Because you droned them out in your desperate cry for murder yet you yourself did nothing but cheer it on, till they came for you.

          Already the UN has condemed these acts.
          How many international groups concerened for your welfare do u have to ignore before you realize they were all right?
          How many people voicing their fears do u have to drown out before there is no one left to be morally sound and stand with you when you a falsely accused?

          How many people do u have to call idiots before you yourself realize the only real idiot is the one that stares back at him from the bathroom mirror.

          All u lot do is hurl insults when someone opposes your blood thirsty ideas.
          Misinformation, left sided opinions and pro marcos supporters that cry yellow supporters if someone disagrees with you.
          I have said time and time again. You all have a very one dimensional view of the world.
          Fix the justice system, incarcerate the guilty.
          We r not GOD to decide who lives and who dies.
          Its time u remember that.

        2. Misinformation, left sided opinions and pro marcos supporters that cry yellow supporters if someone disagrees with you.

          You lost me on this. You’re implying that Aquinos are better. Thanks for proving Hyden Toro’s point, fam.

      4. What kind of reasoning you have stupid idiot TheVoiceofReason?!!! Is that your only concern???!!! What about those thousands of our people specially youths whose lives have been destroyed by these drug dealers, pushers, drug lords who committed heinous crimes to thousands of innocent victims, you moron!!!! How would you feel if your own daughter have been raped and brutaly murdered by an addict? How would you feel if your whole family are victimized by burglars then massacred perpetrated by criminal drug addicts?!!!
        Why cant you see the seriousness and bad effect of their actions destroying the future of our young generations?!!!! I have been to Holland and I didnt like what I saw, drug addicts roaming around acting so weird like zombies, hallucinating like crazy people!!! Do you want our youths to become like them if our government not do something to stop this madness, you dumb stupid idiot?!!!! Its obvious you are one of them because you are against cleansing our country and environment from this dangerous and damaging shabu drugs etc., that flooded our country!!! If you still have a little part of your brain left unaffected then please place that in your head and not in your ass, you dickhead!!!????????????????

      5. Im stupid because i think the law should be upheld…for everyone?

        No what worries me more is when people are concerned with the after math of judge jury and executioner law enforcement and vigilante justice there are people that can not see the future we are paving.

        The law is the law.
        Corruption is the reason drug dealers got away with it for so long because the system is broken.
        But quick bloody fixes are not the answer.

        You will all eat your words in the future and ask how things got so bad….not even realizing you screamed for blood until its yours that spilling.
        Vigilante justice never works.
        It begets more violence, more blood shed, less citizens safety.
        The law is not for vengance.
        Yesterday people were murdered at a party.
        An innocent was killed.
        Too bad if it was someone u knew or it was you.
        Lives matter.
        These people need help, not death.
        For every drug addict murdered was once not a drug addict.
        Once they are murdered they never have a chance to reform.
        Anyone here that claims they are a christian but condones this is just as guilty as those pulling the trigger.
        Thats the truth now deal with it.
        If i hear one more time the excuse that There were extra judicial killings before and that somehow justifies these actions….ill bloody scream.
        Luckily its only people here that actually think that.
        All my circle of friends that have brains, are educated and have travelled to other countries are nothing like people that comment here.
        I wonder if you guys even understand why human rights commissions are important?
        i give up….problem with stupid people is that do not even recognize they r stupid.
        People are the same no matter what country they r in.
        Too say filipinos are different to every other human being shows me how little you know about the world u live in.

        This will be my last post here….u r obviously all pitch fork bearing mobsters.
        Lets hope u r not effected by vigilante mobs in the future who mistake your idenity…
        I really hope u all have a healthy safe life.

        1. You are funny TheVoiceofReasons! You deleted your previous comment to which I replied above! You are sneaky asshole!!! You need to do more research to know what our president Duterte is saying!!! The president said if these hoodlums would resist arrest and fight it out with our law enforcers with guns then our law enforcers have the right to defend themselves too and shoot the bad guys and its legal just like here in the US and other countries and its damn legal!!! And you blame the president for doing what is rightful?!!! Our president is a lawyer and definitely knows what legal and not legal! If you didnt know he used to be a prosecutor for a number of years in Davao! He knows what he is doing! Just like what he did in Davao, he sets up a free rehabilitation centers nationwide now for surrendering drug pushers and drug addicts and even gives then P2,000 allowance!!! You definitely lacks the information of the truth of what is really happening! There are lots of cops involved also in drugs that serves as drug lords protectors who executed their own assets of drug pushers to silence them!!! Why blame our president and accuse him of extra judicial killings?!!!! In fact the president encourage the human rights group to do their own investigation because he does not approve of EJK as well!!! ????????????

        2. @The Voice of Reason :

          YellowTards did not practice, what they preach now; when their master Aquino was in power.

          Former Pres. Gloria Arroyo, was detained for six years; without enough evidences. The Supreme Court recently ruled: Not guilty !… they released GMA. Did the YellowTards shout human rights, when GMA was detained for six years without enough evidence?

          Now that we are fighting the Chinese Triad Mafia Drug syndicates; which, I suspect they are affiliated with; they shout human rights for the Drug Lords and the Drug Traffickers, and the Drug manufacturers !

          Human Rights can be used as a tool, if you are at disadvantage. If you are in power, you can violate human right, as much, as you can, and be silent about it ! What a dimwit !

        3. @TVOR, there is no hope for intellectually symbiotic morons like these. The Filippines has hired a Neanderthalic thug to try to turn the country around and it is going to end badly, very badly. This is the beginning of a dark age that will make the 70’s look like a vacation. DRUGS are not the problem. In North Western Europe there is a completely different way of dealing with people who are on drugs….and it works. the chance of that sort of progressive policies happening in the FAIL-ippines is ZERO, and so an even longer darker period is now underway and with the comments on these pages that seem to think Arroyo was innocent and has been vindicated(it is just an indictment of the criminal justice system, or total lack of one)to thinking killing people without ‘due process’ at the order of a newly elected President is going to bring about change for the better, BWAH AH HA, the country is completely fucked.

        4. i hate to say it but your points are valid… in an ideal system. singapore perhaps, even south korea. but here in dapilipins, well fuck you sir, the system is compromised and has been used in the favor of criminals who have circumvented punishment by screaming ouch. no different from muslims who cry foul at the slightest criticizing of their beliefs.
          Drug trafficking is an entire network of accomplices that work together and bring harm to the end-user: from the person who mixes the drugs to the peddler who distributes them to the addict who intakes it. These people have broken the law of the land, put in danger its citizens and pose a threat to the nation. which, i may put is higher than any of your human rights bullshit.
          now go back to your gym, you fucking rat, pump some iron while reading nietzsche and come back for some more!

        5. Rule of law my ass. COMELEC can’t even uphold its own laws on SOCE filing, why should the police?

          Besides, whats happening is a little more clean cut than what you make it out to be. Why have incidents of drug dealers getting killed on the rise? Because police are actually doing their jobs and are trying to apprehend them. More police trying to arrest them, more are fighting back, therefore, more are killed. Its a one is to one correlation.

        6. What drug dealers have been killed?
          Polices job is to uphold the law, not pass judgement.
          No one that has been killed is a drug dealer…dont u get it.
          When due process is not recognized and the people u employ to protect the country are out there executing people with zero proof they r a breaking any law, let alone are drug addicts.
          There is not friggin justice.
          This is cold dirty mob justice. We have seen how this ends mant times through our historymost fultures are bright enough only to let it happen once.
          I guess you r right, philippines is nothing like most cultures.

          I do not that nk anyone that visits this site is a yellow supporter, what drove us all to sites like this is our dislike for the old regime.
          But to call this current one anything other than brutal is putting your head in the sand.

          If u want to peddle bullshit GRP.
          Then atleast do it somewhere like else, hard to bullshit people who actually have knowledge.

      6. TVoR, you were starting to make sense until you brought this up:

        “Misinformation, left sided opinions and pro marcos supporters that cry yellow supporters if someone disagrees with you”.

        you’re just another sanctimonious, better and holier than thou yellow minion. Didn’t it ever occur to you that we know that the justice system in the Philippines is indeed in a very very
        sorry state? six years! six freakin’ years that the yellow government twisted and manipulated the legal system to suit their political agenda instead of reforming it. Fuck, they even stepped on the justice system when they barred GMA to go abroad without the HDO. I hope you were just as passionate about abuse of power then as you are now. Now that the power has shifted, suddenly now is the time to reform the justice system? Why only now and not before? before the problem has become so enormous it can no longer be solved without bloodshed. No, you are not here to cry for the families of the drug addicts, you are not here to defend human rights. The truth as I see it? you are just here to convince us that the yellow government is the epitome of good governance and they are the defender of human rights. I think you’ve come to the wrong site. human right my ass.

    2. some of them are looser and trying to regained the old ex boss image. looking for a hole in du30,s campaign list such 8 years dead corrupt judge.
      they want to dictate dutertes drive to curve the corrupt in judicial.

      1. Martial law can be easily obtain bypassing the Cory constitution. Padlock the legislative and declare a martial law.

  2. With this fast pace of justice, DU30 is on its way to win a Nobel Peace Prize.

    Suck that from your grave Cory!

    1. to interject, nobel prizes are for wimps. a real show of accomplishment would be like the thought of the first thing that comes to mind whenever you say “Lee Kwan Yew”

  3. Aquino supporters are not about the country. They are not about the common good. They are not about anybody else doing good. All they want to be is right about supporting some unaccomplished, unmotivated devoid of talent and charm Juan Tamad for president back in 2010. At least in 2010 his blank of slate of a track record left a lot to the imagination. In 2016, it is all there for people to see. Lousy international relations, massacred military men, delusions of the Nobel Peace Prize, Constitution being totally treated like the unwritten rules of baseball. That is all now history. Still it is worth defending by these deranged lunatics. Oh I forgot who they worship.

    1. He’s no longer in power but these deranged aquino supporters still act like he’s in power.

      Aquino’s imminent incarceration will be the breaking point of their sanity once it happens.

      1. you will eat those words, Aquino,like all other politicians, will not spend one single day in jail or prison.

        1. Oh really?
          Most of what we said here have already happened.

          The way I see it, its going be YOU who ends up eating his words.

    2. once upon a time..pnoy was ran out of toilet paper in the palace.
      instead, he used the transcript copy of the constitution and whipped it to his stinky ass as a toilet paper [DAP]..

  4. The people of holland are different from filipinos. Our people need an iron hand to be disciplined. If justice system needs to be changed now how come they didnt change it when the yellows were in power? These cries of human rights violations are just double standard and hypocrisy on the side of the losing yellows. Yes, it looks messy right now but the result will always be great later on. Enough of fake decency because it only gave us six years of drug proliferation and Liberal Party corruption

    1. You mean the cheating rooster? Too bad people were too busy with the China arbitration news to pay attention to that.

  5. When people cry for “human rights” in this country, I can’t help but read it as “criminal rights”.

    De Lima will probably be gang raped once she is thrown in jail with all the criminals she coddled in the past admin. She must be shuddering at the thought.

    She will demand her rights are protected – first class accommodations complete with jacuzzi and hi definition TV during her incarceration will do. All at taxpayers’ expense – what a great way to retire with an assurance of free board and lodging for many years to come. Crime did pay handsomely in PH – until Du30 came along.

    1. Oh come on, at least give some micro-grams of respect to them prisoners; I doubt they’d even want to touch her with a ten-foot pole if she gets to go in the slammer. Maybe beat her with the said pole they might do.

    2. “You are presumed to be innocent; unless proven guilty”…this is from the Bill of Rights…

      Why did they detain former Pres. Gloria Arroyo, for six years, without enough evidences ?

      The Bill of Rights did not state: “You are guilty; unless , you can prove yourself to be innocent.”

      Aquino justice and YellowTard justice are : my way or no way. They are the law. They are the constitution and the Bill of Rights. They are above the law ! What a bunch of dimwits, we have in our country !

  6. Noong panahon ni PNoy malayang nakakapg tulak ng Illegal na Droga ang mga Pushers at malayang nakakapag luto ng Shabu ang mga Drug Lords hangang sa loob nga ng New Bilibid Prison. Masaya sila dahil protektado sila ng mga nasa Pwesto. Ang masaklap lang noon dahil ang daming mga karumal-dumal na Krimen. Patayan, Rape, Holdap at kung ano-ano pang karumaldumal na Krimen ang nangyari na kagagawan ng mga Drug Personalities. Kawawa yung mga Biktima lalo na yung mga pinapatay at nararape na mga menor de edad Ang nakapagtataka lang bakit tahimik nung mga panahon na yun yung CHR< CBCP. Mga Dilwan, Yellow Media mapa Print, Radio or TV,Cardinal Tagle, LieLa Halimaw, Leni Lugaw at kung sino-sino pang nag iingay ngayun. Bakit? Dahil ba sa sagana ang sunstento nyo?

    Sa pag upo ni Pres Digong lahat ay nabago. Mahigpit na tinutukan ang pag contain ng Illegal na Droga na ikinasawi ng mga Drug Pushers at Drug Lords pero sa kabutihang palad nabawasan ng malaki ang nangyaring mga Karumaldumal na Krimen. Bakit nag iingay kayo ngayun na mga Illegal Drug Personalities ang napapatay? Dahil ba sa apektado na ang kalakalan at bawas na rin allowances ninyo?

  7. ALL ANTI-DUTERTE ARE ILLEGAL-DRUG SUPPORTERS. China was destroyed for centuries by an Opium and Chinese governments used Death Penalty to get rid off it. The Aquino Administration’s legacy are illegal-Drugs to destroy the Philippines. Druglords hated President Marcos and President Duterte because both president believed in Death Penalty for criminals who kept taking away the life of another outside the Law.

    1. You are an idiot, ‘due process’ is what is needed. Clearing out the congested court system.Illegal killings of drug dealers gets the idiotic ‘massa’ going wild until they realize they are living in a dictatorship, and this is the beginning of exactly that.

      1. It is Land of the Lost.
        You are completely right.
        “Due process” is the only thing that keeps civilized countries civilized.
        Not fear of the law but respect for it.
        When people and police take the law into their own hands this is not justice.
        This is anarchy where no citizen will eventually be safe.
        Create an enemy, demoralize the population, drown out the cries for morality….what do u end up with?
        These people supporting EJK are the same ones that would have called for their messiah to be crucified.
        Every single drug dealer or user that has been killed is innocent.
        Because without due process we will never know.
        Welcome back to the 1970s. Congratulations philippines, you are just repeating a dark period in your history.
        You are not fixinging your country, no you are in the process or ruining it completely.


        2. My God you people really ejaculate all over yourselves in your self-righteousness.

          You accuse the police of EJKs, without evidence and due process, yet here you are preaching about due process.

          Do you people even realize how utterly incomparably stupid you sound like?



        4. Idiots crying foul over human rights, when they themselves are its biggest violators.

          These people don’t even realixe how utterly and incomparably stupid they are, even if you show it to their stupid faces.

        5. Call people stupid and insults them. Thats your go to argument?

          And u have the indignation to call people who disagree with you, stupid?

          Nah bro. U r on another level of ignorant.

        6. @VoiceofPretension

          It’s not an insult. I’m calling you people for what you really are. Can’t take the heat? Get out of the kitchen.

          If I’m on a different level of ignorance, you are on no level of ignorance. You are an abyss of ignorance and stupidity, that’s what you are. You are incomparably stupid, and words are insufficient to describe your utter stupidity and ignorance.

        7. “Due process” is the only thing that keeps civilized countries civilized.

          And whatever made you think the Philippines is a civilized country? Aber?

  8. Corrupt Politicians in cahoots with drug syndicates are bent in destroying and exploiting Filipinos, this is not about human rights anymore, Filipinos are willing to lay down their life and pay the price when they elected DU30. Yes! Death to the yellow army, death to the yellow Oligarchs, death to Tyrants. Your time is up!

  9. what if pres duterte during his SONA cries..’rise my countrymen to those derailing our fight against drugs and corruption and if you won’t, i’ll resign right now here as your chosen leader for this task’. will the people rise and do citizen’s arrest on yellow supporters?

      1. Ofcourse u would princess. Because u lack empathy and commen sense. Pitch fork mobster should be your call sign.

        1. They are guilty. Besides, there is no rule of law in this country. Why should I be bind myself?

  10. Just a question, I figured you were an anarchist, but now you seem awfully supportive of this war on drugs. Why the change of mind?

      1. If your enemy is in your house, like the Chinese Triad Drug Mafia Drug syndicate; who are bent on destroying your household. Would you destroy them first; before they can destroy you, and your family? Or you would shout “due process”?

        I am tired of stupid YellowTards hollering “due process”…but they kept silent, when the scammers /extortionists were doing “Lag lag Bala” at the Manila International Airport (NAIA). Mar Roxas, even defended these extortionists/scammers !

  11. arroyo is as corrupt as the first aquino to the past aquino admin so the question is, did aquino file the right lawsuit against her? NO EH!. She isnt even suing aquino for her incarceration because they both knew that she agreed to be incarcerated for aquinobrain’s anti ek ek corruption agenda. they are both in the same stinky wagon. vomit.

  12. Aquino supporters are idiots!
    They support a person who don’t stop drugs in our Country. More than 65,000 people surrendered and you don’t appreciate it? It’s a big slap in your faces thick!
    For 6 years the dirts around Manila stays and untouchable.
    Hey! Human Rights are belong to innocents and once you did illegal then you must pay for it because you abuse your human Rights already and the human Right of your victims.
    I can say yellowtards are the thrash of our Culrure that needed to be clean.

  13. Once you push substances that destroy the lives of others, consider your “human rights” forfeit. Simple as that.

      1. Alcohol, tobacco, sugar and gambling are not the illegal businesses of the Chinese Triad Mafia syndicate and their Filipino Chekwas/YelowTards cahoots…

        1. Beyond retarded?

          Are you by any chance referring to yourself? Oh, angry retarded one?

        2. If someone is retarded, it’s nothing but TROLLS like yourself. Of course, you won’t admit since you’re nothing but a paid Yellow hack. 😛

      2. comparing alcohol, tobacco, (specially) sugar and (legal) gambling to illegal drugs is just plain stupid.

        keyword: illegal

  14. Keep going vs illicit drugs, what is paramount is the welfare of the majority good law abiding citizens safety and security. We are in full support. Just do it.

  15. to the voice of reason…u r right! perfectly right when u said ONLY GOD HAS THE RIGHT TO DECIDE WHO LIVES OR DIE.Unfortunately u miss the point…here in this world GOD appoints the government to do HIS job.. to bring peace and order and to punish,or kill those who transgress it…Read ur bible please and try to know God more in His whole council BEFORE U EVEN include him in ur idiocracy. God can not be mock!

    1. It is your belief in your god. Some people do not believe in any god. There are those who pretend to believe in a god, but do evil, anyway. Like the YellowTards; the Aquinos, who pretend to be as Holy as they can be; and the Filipino Chekwa Drug Traffickers, I’m sure they have gods, also. But, they are bent on destroying people with their Shabu,for profit ! Remove that god factor, in this fight against Shabu proliferation by the Chewkas, and their YellowTard cahoots. It is irrelevant !

  16. Please stop with those ‘words’ like retard or stupid and similar words.. Look, I enjoy reading articles like these ones and also comments to see some different perspective.. So please can you just agree or disagree on things and defend why you think like that… PLEASE.. You would look educated, as you are and not an egotistical person who can write.. Please..

  17. 87 constitution is a de facto constitution. it’s not ratified by the people. election never happened. even cory swear presidency under the 73 constitution. it’s a yellow dynasty constitution not of the people. death penalty is still on. the oldies knows that.

  18. This is probably a little off from the topic.

    As much as they shout foul play to those EJKs, was the killing really low back then?

    The way I see it, its either you get killed by being suspected as a drug criminal or by actual drug addicts or similar criminals.

    Ladies and gentlemen, choose your poison.

    1. It is war already against these Chinese Triad Mafia Drug syndicate and their Filipino Chekwa and their cahoots: Aquino and his YellowTards.

      Bullets are flying, they are marked: “to whom it may concern”…! so, be prepared to dive in your foxhole !

  19. @ voiceofcriminals, Due process does not apply in a 3rd world shithole like Philippines.Criminals can buy and bribe due process, get it ? You seem to think that Philippines is a civilized utopian country, drug crazed zombies high on shabu can’t accept reality and will never understand, whether they kill, rape to them it is their human right.

    1. U seem to think every other country in the world did not ho through the same shit. They just knew due process was the only fix…not vigilante justice and ejk….quick fixes fail for a reason.

      U think im talking out my ass. Ffs do some research…have actual knowledge not opinions.
      Due process applies more so in the third world.
      Because your children are going to grow up not trusting the very people they are supposed to turn to when they r in danger. Omg indo not know how to dumb it down any more for u lot.
      Surely you all can not be this silly?

      1. Do you know why Philippines is a 3rd world shithole? Criminal syndicates are running the government who stole Trillions of Dollars tax money and get away Scot free. Filipinos already learn from birth not to trust their government. This is why DU30 got elected,16 million Filipinos want change even it means a bloody revolution.

        1. Hmmmmm.
          Are u sure its not lack of educarion, planning or failure to allow foreign investment into the country?
          Are u sure its not the after effects of a dictator,s leadership whose crazy spending drove this country too poverty.

          Are u sure its not nationalistic filipino pride that halts people from taking note how other countries do things but instead bear their chests and say this is how things are done in the Philippines?

          Do u know i love here in the Philippines?
          Do not see criminal syndicates getting any justice.
          Just poor people gettIng murdered and guns placed at the scene.
          A 16 year old boy was shot and killed yesterday.
          His whole life ahead of him….gone.
          For all we know he could have grown up to be the next manny or the new Beethoven.
          This is just the beginning of innocent civilians being hurt as collateral damage in a war that is a war against people. Not drugs.

          Do u know all countries were once third world countries?
          Or u think all countries just were born 1st world without corruptiom or crime in their pasts?

          Filipinos are just the same as every other human. No matter how much u want to claim otherwise.
          Education opens their eyes.
          While fear closes them and wins elections.

          What bothers me most is when people with empathy and morals voice their objections u dutertards scream at them to shut up.
          Insult them.
          Call them names.
          Claim they r yellow supporters are hydens latest rants include us as drug addicts or Chinese mafia drug pushers.
          We have seen this behavior before.
          We have seen it in our history.
          We have seen it in other cultures histories. Why r u all too ignorant to see where this is heading.

          Lies and straw man arguments.

          For a catholic nation. U lot really did not get the message of your messiah huh?
          Good people do good things and follow the law.
          Bad people break the law and take the law into their own hands.
          A quick fix is never a fix at all. Just hides the symptoms of the real problems until they manifest later.
          Once duterte is gone the drug lords will come back.
          Fix the justice system.
          Justice not revenge

        2. Are u sure its not the after effects of a dictator,s leadership whose crazy spending drove this country too poverty.

          Horrible grammar aside, this also confirms your own strawman argument. You missed two things:

          “Spending 484 billion in 20 years makes you more of an amateur. 1 TRILLION in one-term, however, makes you more of a crazy spender.”

          “30 years ago, there was poverty. Today, there is poverty, but there is CCT. The yellows want the poor to remain poor by teaching them mendicancy. It is the institution of pauperism, so that oligarchs can be institutionalized.”

          Talking about trolling and being BIASED. No wonder why some people called you a ‘Yellowtard’ because you have your own set of misinformation, lies and strawman arguments and posing them as facts. Go figure, trollfag.

        3. The problem with this article, author and most of the Duterte followers is that they a playing the blame game on the Aquino administration. As your leader said “Let the healing begin” ; We are all filipino. Because it’s like all the county’s woes only happened in the last few years. WAKE UP!!! We have been screwed over by successive adminstrations for decades. Let history judge Duterte instead of pre-judging him as a messiah. So far its only words, lets just wait and see. Do you have to be an Aquino supporter to support human rights ? Is it really justice that a piece of cardboard pinned to the dead body is the justice system. Is it true that you can be murdered legimately on heresay or on the basis that you once took drugs. Lets go murder most of the celebrities then if that is the case. Lets go murder those that go the posh nightclubs in BGC and Makati. Even though you dont understand the educated people of this nation are worried about us becoming a nation of barbarians in the 21st century. Whats next ? Public stoning or flogging ? Is that what you want ? Do you want to cut off someones hand who stole ? because many of you commenting have stolen a cellphone left sitting on a restaurant table or on someones desk. Who will come here for tourism ? Who will come here for business or investment ? Where will the money come from. We need more jobs as well. I notice all the Duterte fans are happy for Bato to live in the white house in camp crame that was built under suspicious circumstances under previsou administration. And even make jokes about it. Lets get real and call out bd behaviour for what it is regardless of political allegience. If you want people killed in the streets then i just hope that someone doesn’t poit to you one day and say “drug pusher”. Our constitution upholds the rights for fair trial. Dont throw our constituion away as it suits you and then claim it back at other times. Be honest and truthful regardless.

        4. why boy droga get arrested and force to uphold the location of heroin ‘ alam ko yan eh,sasamahan pa kita kung saan makakabili” DILG yata ako kaya alam ko

  20. @The Voice of Reason:

    “Once duterte is gone the drug lords will come back. Fix the Justice system. Justice not revenge”

    This YellowTard is a paid mouthpiece of the Chinese Triad Mafia, and the drug lords…

    Was there a justice system in the Aquino’s term ?

    It was Selective Justice. Aquino and De Lima were co-conspirators of the Drug Lords. Bilibid Prison became a Shabu Mfg. Company, and a five star hotel, for the incarcerated drug lords and drug chemists. As well, as center of their distribution…

    So, this YellowTard, who may be addicted to Shabu , or a Shabu Trafficker himself, is looking forward, when the Drug Lords will come back. So that, he can resume his Drug Trafficking business.

    You win a war. There is no substitute for victory ! We have to eliminate, the Drug syndicates, like fumigating your house to get rid of pests !

    1. So duterte u think will do what every other country has failed to do?

      Yep u know he ain’t a God right?

      1. “In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing”

        -Theodore Roosevelt

      2. @The Voice of Reason:

        Some don’t believe in your god, whoever your god is…remove your god in any discussion…belief in any god , is a private matter !

  21. The fact of the matter is we can’t have our cake and eat it too. There would be casualities to win a war, as well there are victims of drug addicts who viciously murdered and raped innocent people. This is not revenge but a process of retribution. Justice system can’t change a corrupt society that is hook on drugs.

  22. US had a “WAR ON DRUGS” in the 80’s it did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in the long run. If the economy continues this way the drugs will always come back. At least with president PO we had a chance to have a good economy, this is just a wild goose chase. So what? 200 people are killed? Theres 500k more drug dealers and pushers waiting to fill those shoes.

    1. So, we just let the Shabu Traffickers go with their business of addicting Filipinos, because we cannot do anything about it . Let the Chinese Triad Mafia crime syndicate, do their things in our country, because they will send many replacements of their men , anyway…

      Is that what you mean ?

      Warriors are determined to fight and win. They do not hesitate. if the U.S. had failed, or other countries had failed. We have to think, a way to win ! If there is a will, there will be a way !

    2. so you’re implying that even with du30’s full force of vigilantes and legit enforcers running around, that so many people are waiting in line to die?
      a strong leader attracts investors because of the promise of good governance and a disciplined workforce. does ms. po even have the signs of such? her proposals work on paper, but its all theoretical.
      Should i say that weeding out pushers and users is a necessary evil? Yes it is! It is a demonstration of how the law basically works. Break it, you pay. Unfortunately for pushers and users, the price are their lives.

    3. I’d rather have them dying now. Let those 500k come. They are next. Who needs reproductive health when you have this war? Let the bodies pile up!

    4. The war on drugs was always a fraud. How can there be a war on drugs with an open border? Obviously the government never wanted to prevent the drugs from literally being carried across the border in backpacks.

  23. One can call it innocence, or one can call it gullibility, but Leila Norma Eulalia Josefa Magistrado de Lima made the most common mistake of the good-hearted: she assumed that everyone else was just like her.”

  24. Duterte’s campaign manager, Leoncio Evasco Jr, described Aquino’s call for a united front against Duterte as desperate. “It also further unmasks the true character of the Aquino regime — one that in the face of debacle will abandon ship and run like a headless chicken,” Evasco said in a statement.

    1. why boy droga get arrested and force to uphold the location of heroin ‘ alam ko yan eh,sasamahan pa kita kung saan makakabili” DILG yata ako kaya alam ko

    2. maybe pnoy by now don’t trust anybody kahit nakadilaw..pilipno always after the money before the country….only few are still loyal to this disease

  25. based on the data given by Mr. Santiago(pdea), the drug economy amounts to ~US$4.4Bn, that’s 1.5% of Phil GDP. Its no wonder the noisy minority is blocking the war on drugs, it could be that they benefit from this illegal trade and some of the money was used by the yellow party during the election.

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