Why Leni Robredo Is A “Loser” To Pinoys


The votes have already been counted and it seems that Leni Robredo “should” be our rightful vice president. She won by a margin of a few million votes against Senator Bongbong Marcos, perhaps the LP’s most hated vice presidential candidate. But while just about every ceremony has been done to honor Leni Robredo and allow her to finally become vice president of the Philippines, there has been a lot of opposition against her vice presidency and more than a bit of hate thanks to the suspicion of cheating on the part of her party and her allies, the LP, who are also quite well-hated for their incompetence and mismanagement of the Philippines in the last six years.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve chosen to support Bongbong Marcos during the previous welcome but, while you may find this hard to believe, if Mrs. Robredo would just clear up the discrepancies surrounding her. Look, I know when I’m soundly beaten but to be beaten through unfair and unproven means is something else entirely. I have seen this form of injustice being prevalent in the Philippines all too often even in the smallest of competitions such as children’s contests to full on sports challenges and, I must admit, I simply cannot stand for it. It is all too often this attitude of casually cheating the system that has time and time again ruined us as a culture.

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If anyone can remember, there was once a Nursing Board Exam leak that happened just a few years back that caused quite a stir. I have taken the Nursing Board Exam and am a little embarrassed to admit that I actually failed both times so I know just how difficult preparing for and, most importantly answering, the exam actually is. However, after said leak took place, it seems that the results of the exam were invalidated and the test-takers required to retake the test. There was a lot of anger and a lot of arguing to go with that anger but, in the end, many of the said students retook the exam anyway.

With the example mentioned above, much as I, or just about any other Filipino voter would like to give the “cheating” accusation a rest against Mrs. Robredo, the suspicion will always be there until she actually agrees to clarify it. What’s worse is that whenever her detractors call her out on her cheating, the only thing she and her allies have to say is “prove it”, instead of agreeing to a full probe of the issue and perhaps a manual recount to once and for all prove that the accusations of cheating against her is false.

Again, I would like to state that I would have no qualms of supporting Leni Robredo when she finally becomes vice president but, her blatant refusal to allow for any kind of investigation only creates more suspicion in the long run. If she is really adamant about her innocence, then she should have no qualms regarding the clearing up of a discrepancy or misunderstanding. If she wants her vice presidency to be unquestioned, then she should be willing to make sure that her victory is authentic.

41 Replies to “Why Leni Robredo Is A “Loser” To Pinoys”

  1. I’ll never ever have any respect for that nauseating, conniving bitch. NEVER!

    Her behavior towards all the evidence of cheating that has come out has been revolting, to say the very least.

    I hope she’ll break her neck!

    1. I wonder when GRP turned into a Bong Bong propaganda outlet ?
      I wonder how much Marcos money was needed to pay for it ?

      I wonder if anyone moderates to get rid of the offensive violent posts directed at anyone who is not a Bong Bong fan.

      I was in your country in 1975 when Marcos was the dictator killing folks who disagreed with him: communists, leftists, socialists, muslims liberal christians. when old man Marcos was stealing all he could from rich Filipinos for his own off shore bank accounts. It was a poor sad dis-spirited oppressed place.

      I wonder when Bong Bong will acknowledge his family’s role in that oppression ?

      1. Why Bill in SA, are you an eyewitness to the crimes the late president committed?
        Iive lived through those years you were referring, but we never heard the sort of crimes you are decrying, considering that my family and I have lived all our life in Manila.

        1. “It didn’t happen to me, therefore it’s not true”.

          I’ve noticed Filipinos revere Marcos simply because he was able to borrow and spend enormous amounts of American cash. They don’t have the math skills to realize they’re still paying it down.

        2. @Marius, and the debts would have been paid for too, if not for the intervening events and mismanagement of the last 30 years!

      2. And I wonder how much taxpayer’s money was spent for yellowturd trolls such as yourself to attack this site? And did marcos REALLY killed folks who disagreed with him? Tits or your nose is getting longer idiot aquino follower. And no, mainstream sources are useless.
        Btw you accusing shithead, are you implying that this person killed a lot of Filipinos only because he’s a Marcos as well?

        1. “you don’t support Marcos therefore you support Aquino”.

          Good grief. The quality of thought on this site would be a lot higher if six-year-olds were commenting. What on earth is wrong with this country’s education system?

        2. Oh I’m sorry if I accuse him as an idiot aquino follower. However, his biased accusation of grp being a paid pro-marcos page is getting old.

      3. If you think that this site is Marcos propaganda, then please LET the door hit you on the way out!

        Offensive violent posts? You think people will just take it that they are being lied to and that their votes are stolen. You have seen nothing yet! It’s coming, no worry. Then you will know what violence means you politically correct numskull!

      4. That allegations of yours is already 42 years old and it has never been proven..now ill tell you facts those who accused marcos of stealing are the ones doing it now..go back to the philippines and ill show you..you dont know waht happened and whats happening now.how dare you talking that way.

        1. aj,

          “…ill tell you facts those who accused marcos of stealing are the ones doing it now.”

          Exactly what I’ve been saying all along. The Yellow Party politicians and “Chekwa” businessmen have always wanted to oust the Marcoses so they can take over the Philippines. How else would Danding Cojuangco, Lucio Tan, Henry Sy, Ayala-Zobel, Lopezes, and a slew of other wannabes got to be so rich and powerful? It’s all common sense but the Filipino people still want to believe in fairy tales.


      5. You were there in 1975, I was 25 then and already working in Manila. I walked on the streets of Manila, daytime and nighttime without fears. I never saw any killings, heard of rapes, no drugs and other heinous crimes committed. You must have read stories about Martial Law written by anti MARCOS. Dude, we maybe on the same age and I assure, I never saw it happened like what you claimed . Enlighten your mind!

        1. Most of those old-timers here in California, lived thru the Martial Law years of Marcos Sr.

          Most are now in their eighties, and were active politically, during that time.They told me: “There were no outrageous crimes, massacres, drug dealers, etc…during that time. One Chinese drug dealer, was executed by Marcos Sr. by firing squad.”” All of these false claims, were fabricated by the Aquinos and their U.S./C.I.A. propaganda”. It is peddled by the Lopez media. Owned by a feudal oligarch supporter of the Aquinos and the Cojuangcos.

          They told me: ” It is far worst now in the Philippines, compared to the Marcos Sr. era”…

          Aquino cahoots are the unabashed partners in these outrageous crimes. Look at the “Laglag Bala”. The Shabu Mfg. Co. in Bilibid Prison. The widespread graft and corruption. The Chekwas Drug Lords…

          Aquino did nothing on these evils, because, he and his family were part of these evils !

  2. If I won in a contest or achieve anything and many doubted it, I’ll prove them that my victory is legitamate.

  3. If I were Leni, I’d be the one to request for a system audit to remove doubts esp if I am confident about getting those votes.

    1. I agree to this. The cloud over her win is just too dark. How can you serve as VP with a cloud like that?

  4. Anybody who is against the Recount of votes in the 2016 Election, that was full of Electoral Fraud, is hiding something and may have been a co-conspirator of the Electoral Fraud.

    If you are not hiding something. You must allow any Recount of votes, in any way !

    Leni Robredo is against any Recount of votes. The crucial question is: Why ?

  5. Porket galit ka lang sa LP at sunod sunod na kapalpakan nito at mas pinili mo si BongBong bilang VP e tuwang tuwa kang nagka Martial Law.

    Ang utak dilaw. Bow.

    1. Anong problema dun? BBM served as governor in his province and is well loved there, he saved the philippines from being destroyed when he wrote and alternative BBL and he stood for justice when he voted not to convict Corona?

      Thee last time I checked, Philippine political rhetoric has always been about who is the “lesser evil”. In the humble opinions of 14 million Filipinos, BBM is the “lesser evil”.

    2. May sinabi ba kami na magiging masaya kami na magkakaroon ulit ng martial law dahil kay BBM? O baka naman sobra ka lang sa kadramahan mo dahil ginagamit mo masyado ang puso mo hindi ang utak mo?

  6. If she’s confident of her victory then Leni got nothing to worry about a recount, if anything she shoud’ve been the first to initiate the recount process to erase any doubts, unless she knows that those actual valid votes won’t later add up to those number of votes she claimed to have won. Not a good start to build a reputation I’d say.

  7. Leni has repeatedly declared that she agrees with bbm to clarify the issues.
    She is never against a recount.
    We know Leni, she will never connive with cheating!!!
    She values her integrity more than anything else!!!!

  8. Let us begin with the thorough investigation of the PCOS machines, that had done HOCUS PCOS; the SMARMATIC electoral system; secure the evidences of the programs used or inserted, during the counting.

    If advanced countries, with advanced technologies , help in the investigation…SMARTMATIC and Aquino’s Legions of cheaters, will be exposed…

  9. Fliptards are losers in general. All they think about is themselves; they don’t give a shit about their country and each other.

    1. If they even finished college then what a huge waste of their tuiton fees for pretending to be smart while not learning at all.

  10. The Yellows are known for spreading lies and deceit and Leni Robredo is no exception. She will never bow to the people’s demands for the Yellows in general possess the cacique mentality. The Yellow minions wanted to remain in power in perpetuity and will perform underhand tactics to do so.

  11. There is a connection between Rob redo & Roxas…They have a secret pact that only them know about. They are hatching some kind of conspiracy. President Du30 has to use his common sense to figure it out.

    1. @Corazon Inuring:

      Lena Rob redo and Mar Roxas have already unleashed their Plan B. Pres. Elect Duterte is now being demonized by YellowTard Media. They are even using U.N. Sec. Ban Ki Moon, as a tool to demonize Pres. Duterte, on Human Rights issue. Hoping that the U.S. will come to remove Pres. Elect Duterte; as was it in EDSA 1…

      The U.S. has many problems on itself: Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Ukraine, ISIS, Al Queda, illegal immigrants from Mexico and South America, China incursion in the West China Sea, North Korea, jobs going abroad, Puerto Rico bankruptcy, California bankruptcy, homegrown terrorism,etc…

      The U.S. is not interested in the Philippines. It has no interest to protect in the Philippines.

      Aquino; Mar Roxas; Leni Rob redo, Porky Drilon, etc…will just be waiting for U.S. support; that will never come…

      If Donal Trump will win as the next U.S. President; the more the YellowTards will be in trouble..

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