Manny Pacquiao In The Senate: Proof That Pinoys Are Idiots


I never thought I’d be writing this to be honest. In truth, I really believed for just a moment that there may be hope for the Filipino people. That perhaps, on some level, there was enough of God’s wisdom that existed within their hearts for them to think critically and make the right choice. That maybe, deep within themselves, they had enough of a mind left to see reason and decide on the right candidates come the 2016 election. Well, more fools me ladies and gentlemen, more fools me. Because now I’ve reached my limit and my breaking point has been surpassed.

Granted, this will probably feel more like a personal rant rather than a right and proper article. However, I’m at the point where I no longer care and leave it up to our webmaster if this is worthy of being published. I prayed dearly that it wouldn’t have to come to this, I really did. I prayed that maybe some of you would be able to wake to reality and finally make choices for the greater good. Unfortunately, that didn’t turn out to be the case with the lot of you. Yes, mark my words ladies and gentlemen, Filipinos are indeed STUPID beyond belief and electing Manny Pacquiao to be senator is very strong proof of that.

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And no ladies and gentlemen, I’m not going to stop there. Oh no. Because I am going to highlight to you just how dumb and utterly incompetent you lot are. And no, you will not be given a say in this because I am also going to deconstruct every defense you can come up with. Because, after all, Manny Pacquiao never had much to start with as a politician but the lot of you voted for him anyway. Oh well, what can you expect from idiots, eh?

Manny Pacquiao Is Not So Different From President Aquino

There, I said it. Are you angry? If so, good.

Thing is, Manny Pacquiao and President Aquino both rely on manipulating people’s emotions to get their way. That’s why he went to such great lengths to win his last match. He wanted you to feel his hype. He wanted you to trust him. He wanted you to think he could give you the world.

In reality though?

That was all for show. Now that he’s in a higher position, he’s probably laughing in his office or his mansion at all you idiots who voted for him. Don’t think for one instant that he doesn’t know how to manipulate people because he does. That nice guy attitude he likes to show off? Maybe that was him a long time ago. Maybe when he was still untainted by the filthy attitudes of local politics. Now? He’s no different from them. He too is a typical trapo and is out to just sit on his ass in the senate (if he isn’t absent all the time of course) while he sends the country to Hell through one stupid decision after another. Just like Noynoy.

BUT WAIT! Manny Pacquiao is a man of God!

Well, let me tell you something: Did you know that the Devil and demons can also quote scripture? Did you know that they are also capable of twisting the words of the Good Book for their own ends? Sure, Manny Pacquiao claims he’s a man of God. But, think on this, who does he really serve? Well, whoever it is, it’s most certainly not the Filipino people.

We Now Have A New Political Dynasty

Bravo Filipino people! Bravo! As if there weren’t enough oligarchs in power in our country today already!

Thanks to you guys, Manny Pacquiao is now a senator. That means he’s closer than ever to becoming president in 2022. That’s not all that’s happening so far though.

Thing is, now that Manny Pacquiao is now senator, a lot of his relatives have already started taking a jab (pun intended) in politics. Now let me ask you: Do we really need more inept people in power? Do we need more idiots who will just sit on their ass while in office? You guys tell me.

BUT WAIT! Manny Pacquiao has done a lot for charity!

Well, let me enlighten you idiots. Yes, you heard me, idiots. You are IDIOTS. No, I’m not taking that back because you are. But I digress.

See, being a senator is a LEGISLATIVE job. LEGISLATION is about MAKING LAWS not GIVING TO CHARITY. As a matter of fact, YOU CAN GIVE TO CHARITY WITHOUT HAVING TO BE IN POLITICS. There, did I make that clear enough for you morons? Would you like me to repeat that?



We Have Doomed The Next Generation

Tying in with my above statement, Manny Pacquiao has a better chance of becoming president in 2022 and this is of course all thanks to you brainless lot. Imagine what our children and grandchildren will have to go through when Manny Pacquiao becomes the ruler of this wretched land. And no, it’s not really a question of “if” ladies and gentlemen because you’ve already shown just how easy it is for you to be manipulated.

President Duterte may have great potential as a leader, but everything he may build will be for nothing when Manny Pacquiao takes over from where he left off. When the brain-dead boxer finally comes to power you can expect the government to once again have close ties with the church, frequent absences during times of need and, of course, widespread discrimination against the LGBT community.

BUT WAIT! Manny Pacquiao is a man of integrity!

Well, there’s the biggest joke of all!

Okay, let me expound on just how funny that statement is. While Manny Pacquiao has always been fiercely critical of the LGBT community, he has never once called out his party-mates who are very well-known for being deeply corrupt individuals.

And now, here he is licking the heels of President Duterte, saying “I was for him all along” like a hungry street dog hoping to catch a morsel.

Well good luck with your street dog in the senate people of the Philippines! Good luck, you’re going to need it and may the Lord God have mercy on all your foolish souls!


And before I finish, here something else: I bet you’re going to say that Manny Pacquiao at least give the Filipino people good publicity. That, thanks to his talents, Pinoys are getting more respect and attention from foreigners.

Well, let me take that apart for you too…

See, there’s no question that Filipino people are talented. We have many countrymen who have both beautiful minds and bodies. We have painters who can drive one to tears through the sheer grandeur of their works. We have dancers who can go toe to toe with just about any foreign dance group. We have musicians who can play truly epic scores that can lift one’s spirit to the Heavens through their notes and instruments. We have storytellers capable of creating beautiful worlds and legendary characters to populate said worlds.

However, do you even bother to support or even just recognize them?

Oh right! I almost forgot who I was talking to there. You’re just too dumb to realize that you share the same country with genuinely talented and wonderful people! Instead, what do you idiots do? You laugh at them. You call them names because you can’t relate to them at all. You ridicule them both in their faces and behind their backs because you’re just too dumb to see and believe in their potential. You call them “crazy” and you call them “weird” because you can’t see the beautiful things that they do amount to anything. In short, if you all weren’t so dumb, then we would have plenty of good people to be proud of.

And no, I’m not going to ask you to prove me wrong this time because, while you may not admit it, you know I’m right!

[Photo courtesy Yahoo! News.]

202 Replies to “Manny Pacquiao In The Senate: Proof That Pinoys Are Idiots”

    1. There will be time for that later…
      I’m just trying to recover from my literary berserker rage for now. I’ll probably have it by tomorrow. Or sooner, depending on my mood. I’m recovering nicely.

      Is that okay?

      1. who thinks all of what youve said was right? and who are you to judge Manny and specially those who voted for him… anyone can run and sit to any position in the government as long as qualified to such position. sounds like youre more qualified and smart than him so why didnt you run for senator? we both know why u vsnt coz you dont have the guts and resources to do so and most importantly theres only few who cares bout who u are… so stfu and done blame ppl on who they vote for coz its their rights to do so…

        1. Anybody run. But that doesn’t mean the people should be stupid enough to elect seriously unqualified nitwits into office, simpky because they have a nice smile. Look what happened to the Philippines since the Edsa1 disaster. And in order.

          1. Unqualifed, overrated housewife.
          2. Martial Law architect.
          3. Over the hill actor.
          4. A solid businesswoman.
          5. The overrated housewifes nitwit son.
          6. A rock solid statesman.

          Well.. 2 out of 6 isn’t too bad I guess?

        2. anybody who cast a vote for pacquiao is brain damaged. you idiots keeps on complaining about the Philippine situation, hoping for CHANGE, blaming everything for your incapabilities and failures yet you voted rapist, plunderers, comedians, actors, stupid people in the senate, you all deserve to die to save the Philippines.anyway, we are over populated.

        3. Masyadokamaingay pwede ka magsalita sa wikang Pilipino para hindi ka masyado mahirapan sa pagpapahayag ng kabobohan mo.

        4. Congratulations for proving that you indeed have no brain at all. If there is, where did you put it failipino? In your ass?

      2. Filipinos voted Erap for president why are you broken hearted with Pacman’s senate win? It is a given how Filipinos vote.

        1. Because failipinos like you are starstruck ignoramuses with showbiz mindset. They only voted by their name not their achievements. You bobotantes done nothing but abuse your freedom.

      3. “A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”. Remember that from Winston Churchill? That’s how I feel about what just took place in the Philippines. Mind boggling indeed…

      4. well, i think you have a lot of bitterness against Manny. there are lots of intelligent politicians existing but just end up being corrupt officials, so why not try somebody maybe not intelligent enough but have a good heart to serve his people and country. or maybe Grimwald you are also a paid journalist to write this kind of article. who are you to judge? have you done something for this country for you to come up with such article? Wake up man…

        1. Great George Washington said, “it is impossible for me to run this country without the bible as my guide. We don’t need super intelligent man to lead a nation, in fact they are more dangerous because they know how to get away with their crime being unnoticed. What we need is a man with pure heart but have the courage to fight the battle. He may have no mind of a politician, but he hire genius lawyers to serve according to manny’s good intentions. As a fighter in the ring he knows how to tackle down the enemy. Wrap was not proven a plunderer, he earned his wealth in big bucks as popular movie star. I agree with you though that because if people like you who can twist the truth from lies, people have voted many corrupt politicians. I give you credit for that.

    2. Grimwald, it’s a pity there are people who are idiots like you…you saw the pin hole but not the sinkhole. Pacquiao did not steal money from our treasury and yet there are those who stole and embezzled public funds but still topped the election for Senator. Did you see that!!!

      1. Being absent all the time in the government while receiving tax money is still a form of corruption. Did you see that?

        And yes, that also makes you an idiot.

        1. i agree of all what you said.absolutely rigth. everyword of it you just took it from my mouth.

        2. You have mentioned that Pacquiao is not capable as a Senator,People are already feed up of the corruption and for those people you who are saying his an idiot? who are you talking like that they just start their work and now you judging him.?Capable,of what..People voted Pacquiao because of his principles,Sincerity and honesty. You are so much genius?, so support him and guide him in the right way. Some politicians wins because of cheating and those who are in the prisons are the convict.They have a plan. what ever it is We need to pray for them so that they can do their Job as the nation are looking for them.

        3. carlo,

          Our star-struck Fliptards voted for Pacquaio because he’s rich and famous–not because of what he claims to stand for. The fucker is a latent megalomaniac who wants to try it all and have it all.


      2. It assumes we have a choice between an absentee and a corrupt candidates. why not settle for a candidate who is not an absentee AND not corrupt.

        On the other hand, it makes me sad that I can count the numbers suitable candidates in my fingers.

      3. And it’s a pity that there are still bobotantes who prefer voting anyone who is very famous and nevermind his/her achievements. No wonder why we always have shitty politicians because failipinos like you always let them. Isn’t that right pacquiao fanboy?

      1. Yeah right and now they own billions of pork barrel from being “public servants”. Just because you’re educated doesn’t mean you can serve the people very well.

    3. pacquioa is the ultimate example of filipino idiocy, followed by Sotto, and all other actors actresses who became politicians just to gain power not to govern.

    4. The best candidate Miriam Defensor Santiago got the fewest votes and the worst candidate got the most votes…remarkable stupidity…even if she were alive today manny pacquiao would still get more votes than her!!!

  1. Your article is a proof that you envy pacquiao so much, how he was so successful yet remain so god-fearing while you are not as successful as pacquiao and yet so arrogant to underestimate people who voted for pacquiao. You are one sorry pitiful fellow.

      1. inom ka muna ng gamot baka maayos pa yang utak mong talangka..puro ka idiot..ikaw pla ang idiot..think first before u kong meron mang dapat mamatay dahil sabi mo over populated na ang pinas walang iba kondi ikaw un para nmn mabawasan ang ugaling crab mentality.

        1. Sige na, pagdakulan mo na lang ang picture ng idol mong si Manny Pacquiao. Gusto mo lang iputok iyang tamod mo sa mukha niya. Huwag kang mag-alala, hindi kita huhusgahan kung bakla ka lang talaga para kay Manny.

      2. The way you reply to the commentators reflect who you are. I never voted for Manny but at least he has constructed a lot of houses for the poor. How about you, have you done something good except to say idiots to those who comment?

    1. Yes, I am truly envious of one who is not certified with any diploma, shows up for work for 4 days for the whole session and has Daniel Padilla level basketball skills. Sorry for underestimating his …. ego.

      1. ayan lumabas na ang natural na pagka idiot ni GRIMWALD,hahaha, bastos ng bunganga,eh, inggit lng sila tulad nong gumawa ng article,judge mental, proud akong ibinoto si pacquiao,kc buti pa siya tunay na tao, yung iba dito, puro bunganga wala naman nagawa,sila ang tunay na idiot,

    2. So somebody who barely shows up at his job, has minimal education yet gets promoted is not a sorry pitiful fellow. Where is you cult so I may join it. Your intellectual prowess rivals that of Manny Pacquaio and Noynoy put together.

    3. Would you vote for Manny Wapakyaw if he has no 8 division pound for pound title belt whatsoever.? I will definitely vote for him as a boxer,not as senator.

    4. Which part of the article did the author got envy? Or is it you’re a pacquiao fanboy who only voted him only because he’s a famous boxer, eh utak showbiz?

  2. I went through the whole excruciating pain of reading the whole article hoping to find even a slight chance of substance to this person’s article and found nothing. He showed no evidence why Pacquiao is an idiot, none whatsoever to support he’s claim of idiocy. Like a cry babies that he is, he repeated the same word, “idiot” a thousand time and became so defensive when people deny his senseless thoughts. If you the author are better than Pacquiao, then explain in plain words the difference between yours and his social and financial status. He’s rich and you are dirt cheap by comparison. He was intelligent enough to find his niche and make use of it to gain stardom and financial independence. His wealth certainly came from HARD WORK and NOT by STEALING from the people and RAPING our country. Your only defense is by insulting the people by calling them idiot. You are the biggest IDIOT here…I can go on and on but it seems like a waste of time for this author.

    1. No, Pacquiao is not an idiot because he managed to manipulate people like you. I did not intend to call him an idiot to start with in fact and the idiots I’m referring to are people like you. And yes, you my good sir, are an idiot as well.

      1. Grimwald, you are the biggest moronic idiot I have ever came across with. You are narrow-minded and your brain is so fixated on the old belief that the highly educated politicians are what we need to advance our country. Go and get your facts right and understand what drives each country’s economies. Politicians have nothing to do with it, you dimwit. The government major responsibility is to protect the country and keep its citizens from harm’s way. The people who you insulted by calling them idiots are the very reason why the economy grows by simply living and spending, that is basic, Economy 101 so stop being pretentious because you are not a that smart, I can tell. A good effective writer who criticizes should offer alternatives and options but you presents none whatsoever. You are nothing but a dick head that is so full of hot air making a living by bullshitting.
        Right now, the country do not have a good line up for political leaders with sterling quality so, for the meantime, people are voting for the most honest individual but not necessarily bright because they are smart enough “not like you” to know that the not so good candidate will do nothing but steal and people are fed up.

        1. I never said that smart but corrupt politicians are the key to progress and, by missing that, you have proven yourself just another idiot who loves to masturbate for Manny Pacquiao’s picture. Please. Just accept that.

        2. Your right sir. It seems that this man has so much in his brain . Manny pacquiao had manage his wealth in very intelligient way.. meaning he is bright.. making a law does not need a higher education. It only need good ideas and good future plans. And present it to your lawyers and im sure manny has a lot of it. Ikaw sa yabang mong yan maynarating ka na sa buhay mo at naka share ka na aa ibang tao? Malaki na naambag mo sa govt in terms of tax?

        3. go man, kick this Grimwalds brain located in his ass.Next time hit the balls.. fucking intelligent grimwalds

    2. I agree with Mr. Cabayog. Grimwald is a troll. He just want to see people irritated at him. He just seeks attention by being the “astig” and “intellectual” person that he is. He may have done this blog in his mother’s basement. My comment to this, Grimwald, is you shouldn’t call people idiot just because someone not from your list came up and won. Manny Pacquiao has surpassed many of us in achievements. He did not just achieved a title and a record in the world of boxing, but many more. It’s best if you google them and see for yourself before calling others idiot. It’s also good to find a job. Also better if you use your REAL NAME like Mr. Cabayog here. And BEST, if you RESPECT other people, otherwise, you are no more idiot than the ones you are accusing of being one.

      1. Yes, I am a troll. Thank you for pointing out the obvious there.

        However, I know that deep inside, you just want to cry because you can’t accept that you’re an idiot. I neither want your attention nor your respect. I just want you to accept that you are an idiot.

        1. Usually, an idiot doesn’t see himself as an idiot because his own idiocy puffs him up high to the heavens..I believe YOU are this kind of idiot..And if you have a drop of Filipino blood, then you’re even more idiot than those who voted for Pacquiao!

        2. No, Taekyun, I just think that you’re madly in love with Manny Pacquiao but don’t have the courage to admit to your feelings. Don’t be an idiot and just admit to those feelings. Don’t worry, I won’t judge you.

        3. You picked someone very popular to malign because your problem is, GUSTO MONG SUMIKAT. You don’t even know how to use decent words to drive your point ir defend your stand. You just attack people, that is how I described Marxist media here in America. They don’t care for facts, all they wanted to do is attack.

    3. Obvious pacquiao fanboy is indeed obvious. You utak showbiz failipinos always treat your idols as gods not a great person.

  3. The only thing I will say here is that this is a democracy. People have the right to vote for who they want. People may disagree with the people who voted for Pac-Man but thats how far it can go.

    Truth be told, ladies and gentlemen. What we saw and see here is democracy in work. Otherwise, I suggest, lets start a dictatorship.

    You may like it or not but democracy won.

    1. The sad truth.. Filipinos are still lucky Duterte wins as president. Manny as a boxer and Filipino is great. Maybe the greatest. Period
      As a politician, a big No. But we cannot also blame Manny if he run for senator or president in the future., but those people behind him telling all sorts and all those people who vote for him in the election. Manny is just a nice puppet is a show.

    1. You nailed it brother. The article is full of rage from the writer’s inner self. While millions who voted for Manny hope that he champions their cause, here is one individual who preaches at the top of his lungs that Manny is evil and that the people who voted for him are idiots.

      I will earnestly pray for the enlightenment of this person.

      1. Exactly! Let’s not bother ourselves over personal crisis of others,instead pray for them. Let’s not be like the writer who malign others, who surely don’t care who he is at all. It is just a waste of energy, and I just wasted mine. =)

    2. Another idiot point-misser. I doubt you’ll be very specific on what the author wrote because you are obviously stupid. You’re just like those presstitutes attacking what duterte said on those murdered journalists by headlining that he’s in favor of killing them. pinoy nga naman oo ginagamit palagi ang puso hindi ang utak.

  4. Mr. Grimwald, Manny Pacquiao may want to become the new Senate President. This is not far from possibility. Porky Drilon, who cheated his way to become a top elected Senator; may give way to Pacquiao. Otherwise, He will get a good and effective 1-2-3 punch from Pacquiao. Winning the Senate Presidency “by Knock out” !

    What a wonderful country, we have !

  5. I believe that this is a misplaced article. It is not even an article that provides vivid and useful information. It is a litany of frustrations, and generalization to the point that it is already disturbing to those, who in the first place, didnt even vote for Manny. The comment section that provides an intelligent interaction has become the avenue of denial, single mindedness, and poor rationalization of this “literary” work.

    This doesnt deserved to be published and should remain in the authors fb wall. Afterall, this isnt an article, but a mere rant.

    1. @ I am a Filipino:

      If you are a YellowTard, who manage to wander to this site.You will never understand what the writer and the commenters are trying to say…they are too deep, for your kind of intelligence…have you ever understood what a Hyperbole writing and comments are ?

  6. Most Failipinos in the Failippines do not want to follow a leader, they want to command the leading of a servant.

  7. when they call out funny names of pacman and his family is an idiotic act, now they have voted for him. for me tho, pacman can be a public servant even without becoming a senator/congressman. yes he brought honor and glory to our countrymen, but that doesnt mean he can become a good leader to this country. much respect to mr paquiao but i did not vote for him.

    1. Yes….voting someone who doesn’t know anything about the law are idiots. I just can’t wait the next future senate hearings like what we had before..the likes of Napoles, VP Binay, & Chief Justice Renato Corona. Let us see how Pacquiao will drill or questions those accused. Hahaha. He may be there but just watching those real smart senators like Escodero,Trillanes, Cayetano, Pimentel, Pangilinan,Recto,Aquino,De Lima, & Montiveros. So that’s a waste of tax payers money paying some who will be just seating his ass at the future senate hearing when we can have two more qualified senators who weren’t been re-elected like Osmeña & Guingona be in the senate.

      1. Praising those “Trapos” will do no good to you. Watch out for Manny’s future previlage speeches and he’ll prove that you are wrong in judging him. God is with him always.

  8. The idiots framers of the constitution allows idiots to be elected.

    Also an idiot writes something for the idiots to drive traffic to his idiot website.

    1. @pacmang:

      Do not read any writings or comments of this website, if you think, we are all idiots.

      We have not yet succumbed to the YellowTard illness of : “Jaundice Reality”…

      See, the COMELEC is now proclaiming candidates who cheated as winners…the Filipino political leaders are suffering from the dreaded disease of : “Jaundice Reality”…Aquino and his cahoots were the first victims of this dreaded disease…

    2. And here we have a retard who makes lame stories about the author because he’s a pacquiao fanboy and a total asshurt. Go back in your barbershop you gossiping barber.

  9. The writer made it clear. LEGISLATION. The Senator’s job is to craft new laws and amend the old ones. It’s not about charity. It’s LEGISLATION. The senate probe you see on tv is enough proof that we have enough idiots in the Senate we don’t need another one.

    Let’s not judge the article based on emotions particularly your love for Manny. We all love him. But that love should not be twisted enough to bring him to Senate. This is a Senate seat that should be given to someone who has macro and micro analytical ability to see what the Filipinos need and has enough knowledge in law and crafting laws.

    This is what am so sad about. Why are we voting based on emotions. Someone loses a spouse and hyped by media then she should run and be voted.

    I think this country just watches too much Teleserye. Very very sad ????

    1. I am pleased that there are still people like you in this country. I know that I am harsh but, at this point in time, it’s the only option available to people like me. If I try to be nice, they’ll just ignore my points.

      So I have to hurt them. A LOT.

      1. What you’ve written are exactly my thoughts. And what disappoints me is how our fellowmen reason out. It’s all based on emotions. They are hardly objective. And they don’t like your post they attack you.

        Why are we like this? Just so sad. I expect us to have the ability to think and see beyond. But from they way things are going we are only good for melodramatic nonsense and teleserye. That is why these Trapos know exactly how to manipulate the minds of many. Honestly? I have given up.

        1. I agree with you 100%. Why vote someone who has no knowledge about the laws. I like Manny as a boxer…but why sending him to Congress and now to the Senate? He
          will continue his legacy what he did in Congress in the senate….that is..the winner of the “Most Days of Absences”

        2. Wow being here for quite some time I rarely see a comment like this one. Maybe, just maybe there is still a light at the end of the tunnel.

        3. What happened to sen. Lito lapid in senate haha…there’s a lot bobotante here in the phil.

  10. this article only proves one thing. Yes, most of us are idiot. This writer could be the best example of that. It thank him though for giving a political divide between an idiot and he who is not.

    1. Am I such an idiot for voting for pacquiao? I ran out of choices I guess. Although I agree to some extent, I gambled in faith that perhaps manny with his love for the Philippines and her people could deliver something of benefit for the country, that’s my only reason for shading that dot. I hope I’m not wrong, I want to give him a chance.

      Though for me, if I have the power to change the system, most of them won’t be qualified.

      If I could change the qualifications would be as follows:

      Councilors – of sound character and highly regarded by his/her peers. Minimum education, relevant bachelor’s degree practiced for three years successfully or ran a successful business.

      Mayors – same as above, served as a councilor, bachelor’s or higher and a successful business worth x amount.

      Governor – served two terms as a mayor with proven track record, bachelor’s or higher, held a successful career preferably a CEO or very successful business owner of sound character. Not the likes of chavit singson.

      Congress – lawyers with great track record in the profession.

      Senators – served two terms in Congress with great track records, strictly notable and successful lawyers only.

      President – successful governor/senator with great track record in governing a region and served two terms as a governor/senator. Presidential election would be held every three years but they can run unlimited terms. Let the people have the absolute power in electing and removing a president through voting for them based on their performance. No more edsa bs.

      I also want to note that all the position except a presidency shall be required to perform to a higher standard or they’re dismissed.

      The president shall get three passed pending cases if the mess up through incompetence and negligence, after three strikes, they shall tender resignation and face up the cases.

  11. Yes, dear Lord of Hosts, please enlighten Manny Pacquiao and his insane followers on just how idiotic they really are! Dispel the illusion that Satan has placed upon their eyes and hearts and make them see reality! Bless them with wisdom that they may learn to accept the truth!

  12. Grimwald you absolutely hit the nail and rattle the nerve of those who were guilty of voting somebody based on emotion or admiration rather than voting somebody who can truly contribute to further develop the country in a real true sense of the word. I guess we are back to square one again…for now…and I agree with G, you need a senator who has analytical ability and a knowledge in law and crafting laws (even just a small knowledge will do). Superficiality is very ripe in the Philippines – this is a disease that doesn’t seem to go away in the Philippines’ daily life… sad really! All we can do now is do our best as a citizen and I can only hope the people and the opposition have enough rights to work with the government and pressure them when they are off the mark! People should have learnt from the past but it seems that this is not the case. We can live in hope. All the best to you all!

  13. From the title itself, it is self defeating unless the writer is not a Pinoy. If Grimwald is Pinoy then he is also an idiot because he is calling all pinoys are idiots. If he is not a Pinoy then i think he is racist.

      1. geoff has that mentality that all the idiots like him comprises the entire Filipino population. People like him wants company so he could feed on the same ignorance that helped demagogues like Manny get into public disservice HAHAHA

    1. geoff,

      I’m a Fliptard and I say we’re all idiots because we are a product of an idiot society. Does that make me a racist against my own kind? If we Fliptards start nitpicking who is an idiot, and who’s not, we’ll be here for all eternity because no Fliptards is going to confess he or she is an idiot.


      1. “Your comments are simply idiotic.”

        Then you shouldn’t have a problem understanding it. We have something in common: idiosyncrasy ( A structural or behavioral characteristic peculiar to an individual or group).

    2. What is so self-defeating when the author is just telling the truth? I bet you prefer seeing rainbows and unicorns because you’re a coward. And failipinos like you don’t know what “specific” is because your telebasura mindset always get the best of you. Wag ka kasi masyadong madrama dong.

  14. I strongly agree on your opinion about Pacquiao. Of all the careers that he tried, he is only excellent in Boxing. As Congressman = failed; as movie star= Failed; as Basketball player = failed; As PBA coach = failed; as Singer/recording artist = failed; as TV host = so-so; as pastor = I don’t know.

    What can we expect from him in Senate? People who voted for him must answer this simple question. You are right, there are lot of stupid voters.

    On the other side I don’t agree with you when you said that Manny is like President Aquino. Aquino is far better than him. Aquino is better than Gloria and Estrada.

    1. Arteopatrick,

      Manny Pacquiao will never fail in the Failippines because he’s got money and fame, and, most importantly, a megalomaniac personality—a necessary ingredient for making it in this “fucked up” society.


    2. I agree with you 100%. Why vote someone who has no knowledge about the laws. I like Manny as a boxer…but why sending him to Congress and now to the Senate? He
      will continue his legacy what he did in Congress in the senate….that is..the winner of the “Most Days of Absences”

  15. no use ranting here most people who voted for MANNY don’t have internet.
    Remembering what Miriam Santiago said only taxpayer can vote SANA NGA!


    manny paquiao being in the senate doesn’t matter one bit, EVEN THOUGH HE DID NOT GRADUATE HIGH SCHOOL.

    1. failipinos like you are proving how much of a defeatist you are because you always love doing the “bahala na” mentality. You don’t know the meaning of life do you emotard? Too bad. Also my response to your caps lock hostility:

  17. I said it before and I say it again. Manny Pacquiao does not belong in the Senate, the Manila Zoo is a more fitting place for him. A half ape who just climbed down from a tree. Give the man a banana, not your vote!

    More rage to you Grimwald, well done!

    1. You are disgrace,beyond too far already who are you saying that. We Filipinos must support each other remove that crab mentality we must proud for them that out of nothing they became successful. He did not go for higher degree because they don’t have money before. Now that they are very successful you are very jealous for him. Now we don’t want or not those people God allow them to set their. So Pray for success for the country the Philippines.

      1. Nah, we’re not jealous of anyone. You’re just an idiot whose in love with Manny Pacquiao. Don’t worry though. I’m not like him. I won’t judge you.

      2. Prayers won’t save the Pinas anytime soon and it will never will.All you retards who kept on insisting that prayers can do something are putting your smelly feet into your mouths.If it really works, then why do you have to pray again and again and again ad nauseam?That means it doesn’t work you simpletons.

        1. If prayer would work I would have been able to fuck that cute 18 year old behind the counter at the 7/11.

          The only hope in the Philippines is Hope cigarettes.

      3. Tell that to yourself pacquiao fanboy. You think we’re stupid to just support someone who don’t know any politics and ignores what we want him to do? We jealous? In what exactly? You know who you sound like? I R Baboon. Yep you’re a perfect mirror of that genius wannabe. And like Lea Salonga said, forget prayers I want action! God just doesn’t solve your problems for you by just praying katoliban!

  18. kinda makes me wish that we had a form of society akin to that in starship troopers, where citizens can vote while civilians cannot.

  19. I agree to Grimwald….people who voted for a Manny Pacquiao are idiot & stupid. Brainless idiot. They just don’t know what they are voting for. I salute Manny Pacquiao as a boxer and bringing the Philippines known all over the world . I’m proud of him. In fact, his my idol in boxing. But having him in the senate that’s a waste of people’s tax money. Yes, he may have lots of money, nice man, very helpfull, giving money to charities, and very generous but that doesn’t me he’s qualified to be in the senate. He can be as what he does in helping people even if he’s not in the senate. To be in the senate you got to know about legislation, making laws or propose some new laws or amend the laws and very deep knowledge about the government. Not being popular or having lots of money or being so generous. To all idiots or brainless people…are you gonna ride in an airplane which is piloted by a very generous, very helpfull, very religious and very rich pilot but that pilot doesn’t have any idea how to fly an airplane? Answer me if anyone of you idiots or stupid are willing to ride on that airplane.

  20. what is a circus without the clowns. they’re not idiots (ha!), just the regular circus goer. oh and by the way, that airplane? it just took off with a bunch of circusgoer. they’re quite happy by the looks of it.

  21. If Bongbong was able to get 14+million votes, why do we even need to be surprised with Manny? The country is really in serious need of repair–I mean mass lobotomy HAHAHAHAAHA

    1. Sounds to me like you just had one, comparing Pacquiao to Marcos. It’s like comparing a bicycle to a Rolls Royce.

        1. If you’re implying about martial law, then congratulations on how fucked up your mindset is for just believing what the yellow media told you dimwit.

    1. Can’t wait to see how the Pambansang Payaso cracks his wits in the Senate.Would he be the next chair of the Commite de Selencio?Perfect attendance will surely be a milestone of achievement.

  22. I have often wondered in the past how the likes of Lito Lapid, Bong Revilla, and Robert Jaworski managed to win Senate slots. Now, we have Hontiveros, Drilon, DeLima, Villanueva, and Pacquiao. Nothing personal, nor do I pretend to be smarter, or better informed, but these guys know there are more qualified candidates than them.

  23. I did not vote for pacquiao. I understand your frustration and anger. You perfectly have a right to your feelings.

    But me take exemption to the sweeping generalization that Filipinos are idiots. Of the 40M who voted, only 16M voted for the born-again bible-preaching slugger. So 24M Filipinos may not qualify as idiots.

    The results of this election must challenge us to reach out some to our fellow Filipinos. And there we may be able to help in a way in expanding consciousness and really see a better Philippines.

    1. @Ninio if I may reply, I think the author was referring to Filipinos who voted for Pacquiao. He had to hit them and really hit them hard because indeed it is idiocy to put a boxer in the Senate who does not have enough knowledge of law, regulations and the impact of these in a micro and macro level so he will be able to craft new laws and amend old ones. What happens is people vote out of name recall or in the case of Manny out of love and admiration for him. These are not enough reasons to put him to Senate. And these celebrities who do not have enough background in governance and law would hire consultants beyond what is allowed and we taxpayers still pay for them. What is the use of putting these people to Senate if they will also need the expertise of consultants? Isn’t that counter efficient. So in other words these celebrities winning is indeed idiocy and those who voted do not know the impact of what they have done to the future of this country. Thus, this makes the said voters idiots. The author had to exaggerate his rage because indeed voters of Pacquiao did not think much which made them idiots.

      Legislation is something that should be done by people who could effectively and properly represent us.

      I also feel the same disgust and frustration. Why are we not thinking much. One should always remind himself a senator does not do charity work. He crafts laws that can better or impact the life of every Filipino.

  24. what happen is done already what we shall do only is to pray for them rather than talking nonsense.They will learn and that little knowledge of law hoping that they can apply.

    1. This is not talking nonsense. We need to hit ourselves hard so we don’t make the same mistake again. We don’t waste three years on on the job training. This is a heavy responsibility. As taxpayers, we don’t just pray and hope they will learn and apply what little knowledge they have. I pay taxes and I refuse to be SHORTCHANGED. The author is telling us that a mistake of Pacquiao voters can impact the future of the whole nation and every single Filipino in the land. Unless we have social responsibility, and we look after each other and the future of our children, this will never change at all and we will be stuck w stupid Senate Probes, grandstanding and Circus-like hearings maligning those in question without recognizing the rights of the one in question. More so, asking the most stupid questions during the probe that as a viewer you feel like hiding under the table because of so much shame and disgust. We pay for their service. Why can’t we get it in our heads that WE DESERVE BETTER.

      Example. Rafael Alunan. He was way more competent and deserving than Pacquiao. But he was not voted. Why? He was not as popular as Pacquiao. So what do we call that?

    2. @Carlo:

      Prayers without works will amount to nothing. If we just accept our fates as always being the victims of these cheating politicians. Then, we deserve to live in our fates as victims. If we right what is wrong. Then, honesty and fairness in the electoral process and system will prevail. This will be our gift to the next generation… Pray, but do something !

    3. Fuck prayers. Prayers won’t help the Failippines. Only Fliptards can help their country and each other once they rid themselves of their arrogant and selfish ways.

    4. Yes, praying is not enough Carlo. You can’t just sit there and pray: “Please Lord, make Manny Pacquiao love me.” You should confess your feelings to him, personally, if at all possible. Don’t hide who you are.

      And remember this: Manny Pacquiao might judge you, but I won’t!

    5. And once again you have proven how much of a bobotante you are utak showbiz. Dasal ka nang dasal napakatanga naman. Practice what you preach katoliban.

  25. What Manny-loving carlo doesn’t realize is Pacquaio–and the oligarchs he’ll soon be joining in the Senate–pray, too, to validate and justify what they do—even if what they’re doing is only beneficial to them but harmful to the rest of the country. Many of our fellow Fliptards really need a strong dose of Reality, instead of the hallucinogenics drugs they’ve been taking called “P and H” (Prayers and Hope).

  26. Couldn’t have said it better myself. I was actually, literally shocked to find out Pacquiao made it to # 7. How many dumb fucks do we have as voters?

    1. themistocles,

      It’s the millions of our “star-struck” and stupid fellow Fliptards that keep voting for these “fucked up” candidates.

      Fliptards really need to read more—preferably international publications–to exercise the muscles in their brain, instead of watching these “tele-bobo” programs that are designed to keep them in the dark and brainwash them into mindless zombies.

      Our people are just too “Fucked [not proud] to be a Fliptard”. Our useless “Pinoy Pride Chicken” does nothing except boast about our individual “self-serving” accomplishments, but does zilch to unite us work together to end poverty and corruption.

      The day all Fliptards humbly admit to themselves, and each other, that they’re just a bunch of arrogant and selfish SOBs, it will be the day the country start changing for the better.

      Until then, we’ll just keep swimming in the same filthy cesspool we’ve all pissed and shitted in for generations.


  27. If you do not want Manny Pacquiou in the Senate dahila wala siyang pinag aralan….so why you people with Highly educated did not run for the senate? Is that a proof that you are all lower qualifications below the foot of Manny Pacquiou?

    Chat chat kayo ng chat chat…di nyo na isip na ang tinatamaan ay ang diploma ninyo na naka sabit sa salas niyo na walang nagawang kabutihan sa bansa.

    Leaders qualifications does not limit to diploma… there are issues in the government bodies that only low profile members of the senate can determine the solutions.

    Remember Prophet Daniel.. baka wala kayong kaalam alam sa history….its time for you all to realized..and even David and Golliath..

    Mga walang kabangka-agan…


    1. Oh I know those and yes, a diploma isn’t the only requirement to becoming a senator but neither is a good heart. Wouldn’t it be better to have both?

      And yes, I am familiar with the Beasts of the Book of Daniel, they’re already on the move, if you’ve been paying attention. But no, Manny Pacquiao is not the answer to our problems and his good heart won’t be enough to confront let alone survive an encounter with the Great Beast. Remember also that even a good heart can turn to evil under the right circumstances and influence.

      Unfortunately, you’ll need more than just Bible verses if you want to solve the actual problems of the Philippines. I also suggest you read Proverbs in the Bible.

    2. Orlando,

      Why is it when Fliptards like yourself, who haven’t got a good counterargument for someone who has something painfully truthful to say about our people, throw the ball back to that person without even trying to dribble and shoot it; or worse, compare us to other countries, and their problems, to downplay our own?

      No one is insulting your beloved Pacquiao for having come from a poor and uneducated background. Instead, and I believe I speak for most of Pacquiao’s critics, he is not what he seems and claims to be. Your hero is nothing more than a closet megalomaniac who wants to try it all and have it all—and will use religion, altruism, and the image in our mind of his humble beginning to win the hearts and minds of ignorance Fliptards like yourself to vote for him.

      And please stop making references to the Bible to support your delusions. Wake up from your fantasies that the Failippines need people like your man Pacaquaio to put our country back on track. The problem is all of us Fliptards—our arrogant and selfish ways we think and live our lives—that is fucking up our country. Unless we change our country-destructive nature, neither your Bible verses nor Pacquaio can save our country from being flushed down the toilet.


  28. Only intelligent people don’t make a better country and good public service is not limited to the learned.Just like discourse cannot be done in the the protest rallies on the streets.

  29. As mentioned, we decide based on our emotions. You love Manny you admire him that is why you voted for him. How sad is that. I read reasoning here and most are overly emotional defending the man.

    I may be harsh but the more you reason out about diploma and all this twisted reasoning it only makes us more stupid. How will Manny Pacquiao be an effective lagislator if he does not know anything about law. You see a good example is the Senate Probe. It is where our Senators show their prowess and cannot depend on speeches done by their advisers. They are on their on when they do the questioning. And it is very apparent who knows and who does not know. You will see there are many Violations done during the proceeding as to the manner of how the questioning is done and where the questioning is leading to. Most of the time it does not serve its real purpose it does not derive to what we want to extract but for grandstanding only. For plus Pogi points.

    Laws in this county are very important to better the lives of every Filipino in every sector. What can the likes of Manny Pacquiao bring to the table? He will just hire a battalion of advisors and what? Then why not hire those advisors instead of him. Why should I as a taxpayer pay for his services when he also depends on the expertise of others. What is he there for?

    Please enlighten me

  30. Pacqiuao is a Genius… The author of this article and the followers is just a coward little baby monkey eating banana in their pajamas. They prettend they know everything but, but as you read the line “Envy” is the “Reason” why they attack pacquiao.

    1. Nah, you’re just a gay idiot who wants to experience rough bareback anal sex with Manny Pacquiao.

      Don’t worry though, I won’t judge you for being gay…

      1. Wala kong problema sa stand nyo sa pagkapanalo ni Pakyu at ang pagpili sa kanya ng mga bobotante, ang problema ko ay yung paulit-ulit nyong sinasabing “gay this” “gay that” na ginagamit ninyong slur at pang-insulto. Hindi kayo kumikilos nang tama sa ganyang inaasal nyo. Tigilan nyo yan dahil pinapakita nyong MASAMA ang pagiging bakla o myembro ng LGBTQ.

        1. Sammie, I must apologize, but I am so tired and frustrated with people who’s only real belief in life is: “We’ll do what we want to regardless of the consequences!” And then crying like babies when they get screwed over by their own stupidity.

        2. It’s their problem to cry about, not yours. Dadami lang ang puting buhok mo at ang pilegis sa mukha mo.
          Let them sit in their own shit if they want to. Nakakapagod ma-stress.
          Makipaglaro ka na lang sa aso o pusa mo (kung meron) or magtanim ka ng puno, de-stressing na, productive pa.

  31. @kokoy you should try to see things logically than react out of your blind admiration. To be honest I don’t need to explain. But just so, I pay high taxes. And it disgusts me that it only pays people such as your Manny. So do you call that jealous? I am complaining. Am being shortchanged. There are only a few of us who are thinking. There are still more idiots in this country if I may borrow the term used by Grimwald. Maybe you don’t know what a legislator does. In the Senate they don’t spar through boxing. They don’t play basketball. They don’t sing stupid “para sayo” song. THEY CRAFT LAWS. And you call this jealousy? Please enlighten me how a boxer like Manny craft law when he does not have a solid background on Law.

    You know what is worse? That there are many like you who think illogically, who react out of blind admiration and who refuse to see beyond. It’s a pity.
    This nation had no hope at all. For as long as non taxpayers are allowed to vote we will be stuck with majority of our electorate w sick reasoning, teleserye thinking and more idiots in the Senate.

    I apologize for being harsh. But habang humahaba the more I see stupid followers defending Manny without pointing out how hey think he could be an effective legislator and be of value to this country.

  32. Your the demon Grimwald! Plain and simple. Your article speaks about Manny but the people reading this sees the evilness in your work and personality.

  33. VERY WELL SAID!!! same thoughts i had in my mind when he won the senate seat… i trully said the same- how crazy and idiots filipinos are..

  34. i voted for Manny and i don’t care if you call me an idiot.. fuck the writer. its your privilege to write this in our blog.. but let me tell you, your blog is as obsolete are your fucking brain. if i were Manny i wil not let somebody like you to belittle me. what guts you have to make a lengthy article about him when you have no chance whatsoever in comparison to him… you are nothing compared to him … what accomplishment have you been made…

  35. fuck you,

    Fuck you for being a proud idiots. I’ve said it in the past and I will say it again. There is nothing to be proud of as a Fliptard–for yourself or Manny Pacquaio–as long as the rest of the country is suffering.



  36. While I do not condone the use of name-calling (i.e. calling Filipinos ‘idiots’ because it’s generalizing), I fully agree when certain people were being stupid enough to vote for Pacquiao. Seriously, did the people that voted for him thought about his ‘qualifications’ as a LAW MAKER aside having face value and his Bible quotes?

    1. 4nOn-ch4n,

      Nah, name-calling is necessary with Fliptards. It’s the only way to make stupid people realize how stupid they are. The soft approach in the past just goes in one ear and out the other.


  37. Hey, pls dont be onesided talker! Look at what Manny Pacquiao has done on marginalized people in Socsargen area: to be specific the housing project which is better than in Leyte which funds came from Yolanda, oh common!

    1. I know what you are saying and I laud your civility. Unfortunately, I will point out that you are being one-sided as well. You see, as stated above, philanthropy is good and all but it has nothing to do with crafting laws which is what being in the senate is about. Manny Pacquiao may be kind and generous but that doesn’t mean he’s qualified to be a senator.

    2. Jack Diacono,

      If you’ve heard about it and now telling us about it, then it’s tactically intentional on his part. Genuine good deeds are done and felt, not talked about.


  38. Before i accept your word Grimwald, tell me, HOW “HOLY” are you? If ye cannot answer that and convince us then you’re worst than a stupid and an idiot. Who do you think you are? (btw i did not vote for manny. They did. SO what?)

    1. Why is it so important to you that I be “holy”? Even a man (or woman) who is not holy can still be righteous and just because someone claims to be so doesn’t mean they are. I might not be “holy” by your definition, but I know better than to grab stuff I have no business meddling in because irresponsibility and incompetence are far more dangerous than actual malice.

      And, to answer your question:



      1. Would be nice if you have references of all your statements and claims, Grimwald. Otherwise, you’re no different than a little girl crying because her mommy didn’t let her have a candy. If the purpose of your article is to simply create noise for other readers to reply, then look who is manipulating people’s emotions to get their way? Get your facts straight, and support your claims with data and references. Simple college level writing structure.

        1. Sorry, but I’ve already admitted that I’m just a troll. If you’d like something more professional, you’re welcome to read up on the other contributors.

  39. Actually, the Philippines is not an overpopulated country YET. It’s just that right now, people are overcrowding in one place or another. 🙂

  40. Yeah you have point..actually for people who u mention i didnt evn intrestd for both them..when mammy said stop…my eyebrow just up cos its his passion and in that case i felt not worth to b trust and im correct its not still a year when he said it

  41. Grimwald may have written something truthful, but it’s hard to trust a “journalist” who uses a nom de plume. Hiding behind an alias—certainly weakens one’s argument.

  42. You nailed it, Grimwald! I share the sentiments you have about Manny Pacquiao. I was vocal about my opposition to his Senate candidacy since he announced his intention to do so, and I am getting more enraged by his recent statements that he wanted to go back to boxing becaue it was his “passion.”

    He promised he’d quit boxing, and yet he’s going back to the ring??? That’s pure BULLSHIT! Seriously, the people who voted for him are at the very least, MORONS. Most of them are either IMBECILE or IDIOT! I hope Pacquiao won’t win any of his future boxing matches! grrrrr

  43. This post is very old. I bet you, after his first previlage speech in the Senate, Pacquiao has been vindicated from this degrading article and your judgmental comments. God bless you, Manny.

  44. The fighting Senator from the Philippines, a moniker that tarnishes our Country’s global reputation. Tragic for those intelligent and hardworking Filipinos abroad to be part of a nation known for electing unfit, unqualified, and inept individuals to run it. Pacquaio is just plain stupid, no ifs nor buts. Gone were the days of Diokno, Yulo, Avelino, Claro M. Recto Jr.,Tanada, and Salonga to name a few. Drilon is a coward for allowing Pacquiao to fight comparing himself to the latter. Hello?! He is an international icon with massive impact. His actions affect the reputation of the nation and its citizens.

    Why can’t Pacquiao be like Bono and Madonna who contribute their time in performing humanitarian acts abroad? Vox populi will be the downfall of this Country. Let not our idiotic brethren drag the silent minority and this nation to lowly depths of nitwittedness and reproach. Today, being a Filipino is a joke.

  45. What has Pacqiao done to you that had caused you so much hate and jealousy? I am a professional and I voted for him. What is the use of having a political geniuses when behind your backs are busy outsmarting the law into corrupting, taking and stealing tax-payers money. He earned his dime with sweat, bruises, aches and blood. The poor man never thinks twice of sharing his blessings to the people in need. You know very well that everybody can run for senator, so long they have good intentions and have set a long track of record humanitarian works. Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger were once athletes too and had made it into politics. For godsake leave the boxer alone.

  46. In fairness to Manny Pacquiao, he has proven himself to be one of the more sensible members of the Senate in the last few months. He even used his own money for rehab centers to help the government.

    GRP, you’re a great informative website but you’re also prone to gratuitous ranting. Philippine democracy is a flawed system, that’s a given. It’s not going to change overnight. Live with it. Critique it, but accept that it is the reality, so you can offer realistic solutions that are feasible within that flawed framework.

    Instead of bashing the products of that flawed democracy who are actually working hard to be useful, be more constructive.

    You have a lot of good articles and a lot of good ideas, but many people avoid your site because it has a reputation for empty ranting about anything and everything. It’s tragic, because you have a lot of good articles that more people should be reading.

  47. you know grimwald, i am no fan of pacquiao and definitely did not vote for him. like you, i thought he thought too much of himself and wanted to be in everything; a big turn-off. having one a seat in the senate, i’ve been watching him, but not with an eagle’s eye. in fairness to pacquiao, a neophyte, he has behaved much better than most trapos, except on occasion. truth be told, benigno simon abnoy aquino the third is surely on top of all crap!

  48. Grimwald made me laugh . He is awfully right in many levels. Those who voted for Paquiao and will vote for him again are plain and simple eng-eng… STUPID. Likewise for those who will vote for DeLima and Janet Napoles… I am sure they will also vote for Horsey d Horsey’s friend . Paquiao represented the country at the boxing ring, no doubt about that, but to represent the country at the United Nations….it is a different ball game Manny.

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