Manny Pacquiao In The Senate: Proof That Pinoys Are Idiots



I never thought I’d be writing this to be honest. In truth, I really believed for just a moment that there may be hope for the Filipino people. That perhaps, on some level, there was enough of God’s wisdom that existed within their hearts for them to think critically and make the right choice. That maybe, deep within themselves, they had enough of a mind left to see reason and decide on the right candidates come the 2016 election. Well, more fools me ladies and gentlemen, more fools me. Because now I’ve reached my limit and my breaking point has been surpassed.

Granted, this will probably feel more like a personal rant rather than a right and proper article. However, I’m at the point where I no longer care and leave it up to our webmaster if this is worthy of being published. I prayed dearly that it wouldn’t have to come to this, I really did. I prayed that maybe some of you would be able to wake to reality and finally make choices for the greater good. Unfortunately, that didn’t turn out to be the case with the lot of you. Yes, mark my words ladies and gentlemen, Filipinos are indeed STUPID beyond belief and electing Manny Pacquiao to be senator is very strong proof of that.

And no ladies and gentlemen, I’m not going to stop there. Oh no. Because I am going to highlight to you just how dumb and utterly incompetent you lot are. And no, you will not be given a say in this because I am also going to deconstruct every defense you can come up with. Because, after all, Manny Pacquiao never had much to start with as a politician but the lot of you voted for him anyway. Oh well, what can you expect from idiots, eh?

Manny Pacquiao Is Not So Different From President Aquino

There, I said it. Are you angry? If so, good.

Thing is, Manny Pacquiao and President Aquino both rely on manipulating people’s emotions to get their way. That’s why he went to such great lengths to win his last match. He wanted you to feel his hype. He wanted you to trust him. He wanted you to think he could give you the world.

In reality though?

That was all for show. Now that he’s in a higher position, he’s probably laughing in his office or his mansion at all you idiots who voted for him. Don’t think for one instant that he doesn’t know how to manipulate people because he does. That nice guy attitude he likes to show off? Maybe that was him a long time ago. Maybe when he was still untainted by the filthy attitudes of local politics. Now? He’s no different from them. He too is a typical trapo and is out to just sit on his ass in the senate (if he isn’t absent all the time of course) while he sends the country to Hell through one stupid decision after another. Just like Noynoy.

BUT WAIT! Manny Pacquiao is a man of God!

Well, let me tell you something: Did you know that the Devil and demons can also quote scripture? Did you know that they are also capable of twisting the words of the Good Book for their own ends? Sure, Manny Pacquiao claims he’s a man of God. But, think on this, who does he really serve? Well, whoever it is, it’s most certainly not the Filipino people.

We Now Have A New Political Dynasty

Bravo Filipino people! Bravo! As if there weren’t enough oligarchs in power in our country today already!

Thanks to you guys, Manny Pacquiao is now a senator. That means he’s closer than ever to becoming president in 2022. That’s not all that’s happening so far though.

Thing is, now that Manny Pacquiao is now senator, a lot of his relatives have already started taking a jab (pun intended) in politics. Now let me ask you: Do we really need more inept people in power? Do we need more idiots who will just sit on their ass while in office? You guys tell me.

BUT WAIT! Manny Pacquiao has done a lot for charity!

Well, let me enlighten you idiots. Yes, you heard me, idiots. You are IDIOTS. No, I’m not taking that back because you are. But I digress.

See, being a senator is a LEGISLATIVE job. LEGISLATION is about MAKING LAWS not GIVING TO CHARITY. As a matter of fact, YOU CAN GIVE TO CHARITY WITHOUT HAVING TO BE IN POLITICS. There, did I make that clear enough for you morons? Would you like me to repeat that?



We Have Doomed The Next Generation

Tying in with my above statement, Manny Pacquiao has a better chance of becoming president in 2022 and this is of course all thanks to you brainless lot. Imagine what our children and grandchildren will have to go through when Manny Pacquiao becomes the ruler of this wretched land. And no, it’s not really a question of “if” ladies and gentlemen because you’ve already shown just how easy it is for you to be manipulated.

President Duterte may have great potential as a leader, but everything he may build will be for nothing when Manny Pacquiao takes over from where he left off. When the brain-dead boxer finally comes to power you can expect the government to once again have close ties with the church, frequent absences during times of need and, of course, widespread discrimination against the LGBT community.

BUT WAIT! Manny Pacquiao is a man of integrity!

Well, there’s the biggest joke of all!

Okay, let me expound on just how funny that statement is. While Manny Pacquiao has always been fiercely critical of the LGBT community, he has never once called out his party-mates who are very well-known for being deeply corrupt individuals.

And now, here he is licking the heels of President Duterte, saying “I was for him all along” like a hungry street dog hoping to catch a morsel.

Well good luck with your street dog in the senate people of the Philippines! Good luck, you’re going to need it and may the Lord God have mercy on all your foolish souls!


And before I finish, here something else: I bet you’re going to say that Manny Pacquiao at least give the Filipino people good publicity. That, thanks to his talents, Pinoys are getting more respect and attention from foreigners.

Well, let me take that apart for you too…

See, there’s no question that Filipino people are talented. We have many countrymen who have both beautiful minds and bodies. We have painters who can drive one to tears through the sheer grandeur of their works. We have dancers who can go toe to toe with just about any foreign dance group. We have musicians who can play truly epic scores that can lift one’s spirit to the Heavens through their notes and instruments. We have storytellers capable of creating beautiful worlds and legendary characters to populate said worlds.

However, do you even bother to support or even just recognize them?

Oh right! I almost forgot who I was talking to there. You’re just too dumb to realize that you share the same country with genuinely talented and wonderful people! Instead, what do you idiots do? You laugh at them. You call them names because you can’t relate to them at all. You ridicule them both in their faces and behind their backs because you’re just too dumb to see and believe in their potential. You call them “crazy” and you call them “weird” because you can’t see the beautiful things that they do amount to anything. In short, if you all weren’t so dumb, then we would have plenty of good people to be proud of.

And no, I’m not going to ask you to prove me wrong this time because, while you may not admit it, you know I’m right!

[Photo courtesy Yahoo! News.]