Leni Robredo should prioritize honest elections over her own interests

Philippine Congresswoman Leni Robredo’s true character is starting to show. This is evident in how quickly she dismissed calls for a systems audit to determine if the election results were affected by the script change done to the server by Smartmatic technicians in the middle of canvassing of votes on Election Day. From a reluctant candidate, Robredo morphed into someone very eager to become the country’s Vice President in just a few weeks. Her attitude has turned a lot of people off.

In need of a bit of humility: Leni Robredo

In need of a bit of humility: Leni Robredo

Robredo was quick to brag about her two hundred thousand vote lead based on unofficial results over her closest rival Senator Bongbong Marcos. Her camp said that it would be mathematically impossible for Marcos to overtake her since her margin is high. She is assuming of course, that there was no alteration done on the system to bring her numbers up. She doesn’t seem bothered at all that there was a breach in protocol when a Venezuelan technician – a foreigner – who had no authority, changed a program while votes were being canvassed. One can be forgiven for thinking that Robredo is only after her own interests rather than the interests of the people.

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A lot of people are appalled at her audacity to declare herself the winner even before the official count was over. She even had the nerve to warn the public that Marcos Jr could be planning to rig the election results during the canvassing of votes in Congress. She reportedly expressed her fears of “a repeat of 1986 cheating during vote canvassing” could happen. She was referring to the alleged cheating that happened during the canvassing of votes for the Presidential Election between Former Presidents Ferdinand Marcos Sr and Cory Aquino. All the comparisons to Cory like being another “pious widow” by her supporters could be getting into her head because she is starting to play the victim card the way Cory did.  

Robredo’s ominous warning about being cheated doesn’t make any sense. If there is a party who has the ability to cheat, it would be the Liberal Party headed by the incumbent President Benigno Simeon Aquino. Since Robredo is part of the Liberal Party, she doesn’t have anything to worry about. And since she doesn’t have anything to worry about, she should be confident that Marcos Jr would not be able to manipulate the votes.

At the moment, Marcos Jr’s only recourse is to make a lot of demands for a systems audit and to keep crying foul over suspicious circumstances and anomalies that were too obvious not to be noticed by people closely monitoring the events. On election night, statistician David Yap was among the first to raise the alarm over a systematic shaving from Marcos Jr’s votes:

Lets Be FAIR

79.65% 530,043

80.40% 490,310

82.08% 421,499

82.71% 389,818

83.84% 345,373

84.43% 322,584

84.90% 293,957

85.78% 248,466

Okay, I’m calling it now – by 92% to 93% BBM and Leni will be tied. I’ve been tracking the returns and the increments make the pattern so obvious. 40k every 1%


Starting from the 80% mark, BBM’s lead has been dwindling by 40k per 1%. Ang linis ng progression [translated: “the progression is so consistent”].

If not for people like Yap, the whistleblower from Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) wouldn’t have had the guts to speak out and report the unauthorized tampering of script by the Venezuelan Smartmatic technician.

People underestimated the resolve of Bongbong Marcos's supporters.

People underestimated the resolve of Bongbong Marcos’s supporters.

And concerned citizens like Yap made a big difference to fraudulent activity being caught in the act this time around. While there were allegations of electoral fraud in previous elections in 2010 and 2013, there weren’t a lot of people closely monitoring the results then compared to this year. That should be credited to Marcos Jr’s supporters, indeed.

Robredo’s mistake is in underestimating the support Marcos Jr is getting from the public. She likes to believe that Filipinos do not want Marcos Jr as their VP. She is still in denial that a lot of people do not blame him for his father’s sins. Robredo should avoid insulting the people who voted for Marcos Jr because the system audit, if COMELEC allows it, could reveal that she actually lost to Marcos Jr by millions of votes. Marcos was leading by almost a million votes before the script change by a Smartmatic employee.

Frankly, I do not understand why Robredo thinks she is more popular than Marcos Jr considering the Iglesia ni Cristo gave their bloc votes to Marcos. If I were in Robredo’s shoes, I would practice a little bit of humility and ask myself why people would even want me as VP. She said so herself numerous times, she does not have any ambition to be President so why bother to run as VP? 

Robredo is starting to become her worst enemy like Mar Roxas who became too full of himself and failed to read the people. Robredo should be careful not to show too much arrogance since the people already hate her association with BS Aquino. Some think she is just a puppet of the Liberal Party men who plan on ousting Duterte one day. The Liberal Party have used a lot of people before like Niel Tupas and Teofisto Guingona III and Robredo may end up just like them one day – discarded and left on their own after they have reached their use-by dates.

If I were Leni, I would prove that I am for the sanctity of the votes by agreeing to Marcos Jr’s request to audit the system. If she had any conscience, the fact that the integrity of the election process has been compromised should bother her. There’s just no other way to prove if her win is legit other than to conduct an audit of the system.

43 Replies to “Leni Robredo should prioritize honest elections over her own interests”

  1. Robredo is a puppet of Aquino and Mar Roxas. The SMARTMATIC should be fired, for its cheating in the Philippine election.

    I believe in RECOUNT of the votes. Anybody, who is against the RECOUNT, is hiding something, and was involved in the cheating.

    The SMARMATIC guys, tampered both the Hardwares and the Softwares of the PCOS machines. We are 100 million Filipinos. To do
    a RECOUNT is easy. We have also to investigate, where the Aberration came from, during the election process.

    This is the reason, I recommended , the two agencies: U.S. and German, to help in the investigation.

    Next elections must be fair, honest and not compromised.

  2. To be honest, this woman truly makes me sick to my stomach.

    The first time I saw her I immediately got the feeling that she is a fake, conniving bitch. I feel the same aversion and get the exact same nauseating feeling when I see Kris Aquino.

    I’m sure I’m not alone.

      1. yes same here, this Leni Robredo has yet to show her horns of Satan. Behind that smile is a develistic smile.

    1. YES I agree one hundred percent JIm digriz…. I have no feeling for this hypocrite lady who is hiding under the “hepatitis league“ of “Penoy“ and the likes …. I don’t like neither the sister who only knew how to show off her many low class achievements so to speak …

    2. Same here. It’s like you’re reading my thoughts. We’ve got to stand up for Bongbong, which we failed to do for his father then.

      1. forevermarcos,

        The Failipino people wanted to be ruled in Hell in 1986 by the Aquinos and Cojuangcos (and their Chinese business partners who’ve managed enriched themselves in the process), as well as every power-hungry political dynasties who wanted to have their hands in the country’s wealth. Well, our people got what they want for the last 30 years. Now it’s time to wake from the nightmare if they want any chance of waking up at all. Otherwise, we will all end up in Hell for all eternity.

    3. Same feeling here…i cant even look at her a little longer as i get irritated with her devilish grins ….if shes honest enough and wanted to be cleaned in peoples eyes she should demanded a system audit by herself….and if she really won after the audit then ithink people will accept her…

  3. there’s no need to investigate the tampering. they already admitted it. just put them to jail and they will sing who orders smartmatic guys aside from the comelec. ?>comelec>smartmatic.

    just distribute hacienda luisita and there will be peace. it’s about time Pilipinos to feel they’re the real boss under Duterte.

    Pilipinos should cry out loud for the farmers now to be the real boss.

  4. The metamorphosis of Robredo from a reluctant candidate to a presumptuous persona is amazing! She, who initially turned down the offer to be Mar’s running mate for her own perceived incompetency for the office of the VP, suddenly changed her tune to “I will resign as VP if Duterte wins!”

    Instead of resigning she declared herself winner over Marcos in a much-contested election quick count.

    Ah, how can I trust a leader who says one thing and does another!

  5. That’s the real trick, isn’t it? The woman has gone from being quietly admired for living “quietly” to one of the most despised personalities simply because she’s clueless about the entire game. Or is she? Everything about her these days reeks of phoniness. You’re right, if the COMELEC is too much in cahoots with the powers holding her leash, the most decent (pun intended) thing she can do at this point is join calls for a recount. Manual if need be, just to deter any suspicions in the credibility of the declared winner in this—at best—sloppily handled election.

  6. The “Bitch” true nature, has come out…she is a Cheat, a Puppet of
    Aquino, and wants to become a Vice President. Recount all votes from ,
    Vice President to Senators to Congresspeople.

    Aquino’s cheaters must not triumph…

  7. what’s the punishment for conspiracy to sabotage and cheat violating the election law? if there’s a cheating done, robredo should be disqualified for the race and jail all those involved. it’s about time Pilipinos should feel they’re the boss.

  8. I guess what happened with Robredo is an example of what happens when you associate yourself with people infected with the Yellow Virus Syndrome…..

    And it just hit me: Smartmatic is a Venezualan company, right? And should our protectionist policies continue, we will end up like Venezuela, right? Hmm, coincidence or……

    1. The late, Hugo Chavez, won every election as President in Venezuela.Maybe, SMARTMATIC was his election counter…

  9. I don’t think Leni Robredo will “prioritize honest elections over her own interests”; she’s already made her pact with the Yellow Party and, what’s worse, she’s already envisioned the personal benefits she’ll garner when she assumed the vice-presidency.

  10. as an LGU employee, the achievemens of Jesse Robredo remained unparalleled until his widow joined the election fray… everything that he had stood for vanished with the incomparable ambition of the wife…

  11. Every time, robredo speak out my nerve got paralyzed due to her face. I looked at her like she’s not true to herself. And pls don’t compare yourself to BBM because you know why? MARCOS is a MARCOS kahit makailang generation pa ang dumadaan Marcos ay nakaukit na sa atin. Ang kasalanan ng Ama ay kahit kelan hindi magiging kasalanan ng Anak. Hindi kami BOBO para hindi naming alam ang nangyayaring dayaan!!!!! #BB4VP

  12. I agree with your arguments in your article, except for the second sentence of the last paragraph wherein you stated, “If she had any conscience, the fact that the integrity of the election process has been ‘comprised’ (sic) should bother her.” I’m sure you must have meant “compromised” instead.

  13. I thought she agreed to a systems audit.

    In any case, the Comelec and Smartmatic should be forced to submit to a systems audit. Bongbong Marcos could call for an Occupy Comelec until they agree. It is bad enough that Smartmatic bagged the award under dubious circumstances, it is even worse if we let them off on this one

  14. Apparently, Filipino politicians have learned to advance their craft in keeping with technology, Using technology to their advantage. Given the fact that internet service in the Philippines is worst in the world, Like the mantra of ” Daang Matuwid “- Smartmatic is designed to prove that typical Filipinos are all idiots.

  15. Thanks for your article. And I agree, this Feelinger , Leni, must realized that the official canvassing has not even started yet and yet she already feels she won. The least that she should do is to exercise humility, which I think she’d lost it, when she associated with the LP. Why not agree with Sen. Marcos request for a systems audit, when there was really a breach of protocol committed by Smartmatic with COMELEC apparent consent. I don’t believe Leni will win over BBM,fair and square without Smartmatic/COMELEC intervention. I honestly believe Bongbong Marcos will win in the official counting. Shut up , Leni. … It is not yet over..
    Smartmatic, COMELEC, PPCRV , and LP
    Minions, do not trample our Democracy and the People’s Demicratic Right…let the real will of the People be heard. People believe LP rigged this election, since Pnoy vowed to do everything he can so that BBM will not win. What a shame!!! This is People’s betrayal in the highest order.

  16. matapang lang ang loob mo Leni kasi maraming ng baback up sayo para gawin nyong mandaya sa mga votes ng tao dahil ayaw nyong matanggap na si BBMarcos ang tunay na VP.Ginagawa lahat ng mga taong ngbaback up sayo kasi meton silang itinatago na ayaw nilang malaman mo balang araw tungkol dito sa tunay na ngyari sa asawa mong namatay????.totoo nman kayang aksidente lang yung ngyari o sinadyang patayin talaga ang asawa mo sa ganoong paraan para hindi halata sa publiko? tyak ang asawa mo ay maraming alam na kababalaghan sa administrayong Aquino na hindi pwedeng malaman lahat ng tao kaya set up ang ginawang ngyari sa asawa mo.kaya mgisipisip kna????????????kaya pinipilit ka nilang paupuin bilangVP para matakpan ang mga gawain nila????????????magsisisi kalang sa huli!Dinaya nyo lahat mga votes ng tao na para kay BBMarcos! samantalang hindi ka nman kilala ng mga tao hindi rin kita kilala ewan bigla knalang sumulpot na parang kabote!! hindi ka sanang patulugin ng konsensya mo! atat ka masyado lobredo????????????????

  17. Maybe they’re not yet done alligning the figures to make sure pareho ang lalabas at sila pa rin ang panalo kahit my audit or recount. BBM supporters will whole heartedly accept defeat as long as its done in a fair and honest way. If talo talaga siya after a recount the so be it. And this is not only about BBMs victory but also about the credibility of the election process. She speaks like she doesn’t have any flaw…speaks like a saint. And most often than not her background during interviews is a statue of mama mary. Parang nabuhay si cory sa kanya…alam na this!!! This woman’s attitude makes kulo of my blood!haha

  18. I pity Robredo because she already forgot what her husband was fighting for and why he had to die. She is now hypnotized by the government and her both hands are tied up. I just hope that she’ll wake up and speak up what the government is trying to impose on her. Parang nawala na sya sa kanyang sarili at di na nya ginamit ang sarili nyang pag-iisip kaya nakakapagsalita na sya ng mga bagay na alam nating walang katotohanan. Sabagay, ginastusan nga naman ng administrasyon ngayon ang Smartmatic, bakit di pa samantalahin. Sa kadahilanang di madadaya si Duterte kaya si Marcos na lang. Kung walang itinatago, dapat di matakot sa system audit. Sana matauhan ka na Mrs. Robredo, wag kang magkunwari na di mo alam na ginagamit ka lang ng kasalukuyang administrasyon. Sayang ang iyong talino at pinag-aralan. Pati pangalan mo po baka mapasama sa mga tao, sayang naman po ang pinaghirapan ni Sir.

  19. To erase all doubts it’s better to recount all votes for VP. This is the best way to determine who is the real winner.

  20. “Frankly, I do not understand why Robredo thinks she is more popular than Marcos Jr considering the Iglesia ni Cristo gave their bloc votes to Marcos. If I were in Robredo’s shoes, I would practice a little bit of humility and ask myself why people would even want me as VP.”

    First of all, when was the INC the ONLY measure of popularity? Second, what do you have against Leni that you are trying to teach her about humility?

    Have you actually compared the character and background of Leni and BBM?

    I think you are being too blinded by the fact that you are madly obsessed with Pnoy that a large percent of your articles are about you hating Pnoy. You’ve got to open your own eyes and look at personalities objectively without being so fixated on what Parties the belong to.

    I think that in your interest to share ideas, you yourself have not been so pen about the other realities of our Philippine society or even humanity itself.

    You articles are the opposite of an informative and critically thought about article.

  21. Leni Robredo is like a cancerous tumor who needs to be removed as soon as possible. As long as she’s occupying the VP post, our country won’t be able to move forward.

    The drug lords, the gambling lords, illegal miners, police scalawags etc. will keep defying President Duterte for as long as Leni is there, waiting in the wings. They’ll keep destabilizing the country and trying to oust President Duterte, because they know they have a dummy ready to take over.

    But if Leni is out, they won’t have any incentive anymore to keep destabilizing the country. There won’t be any point, because they won’t be able to control the successor. They’ll be forced to behave.

    There’s no doubt that Leni was acting in bad faith when she did that UN video. Anyone in President Duterte’s team who says otherwise, or tries to make excuses for her by saying she’s just being “used” or “misled”, needs to have his brain and his loyalty checked.

    Just watch this interview of Leni’s spokesperson, Georgina Hernandez, trying to defend her amo. I don’t know what Pia Hontiveros ate, she’s normally so pro-yellow, but she really pinned Georgina down in this interview. Well done, Pia.


    Georgina couldn’t come up with a straight answer when Pia asked for general descriptions of the “victims” who supposedly went to the OVP to complain about palit ulo. Georgina also evaded Pia’s question on whether or not the OVP verified the claims of the supposed “victims” with the PNP before blabbing to the world that the PNP can’t be trusted. Georgina just kept saying the OVP wrote to the PNP to ask for information about the drug war in January but got no answer. Stop lying, Georgina. You’re not even answering the question. You can’t answer because you never consulted to PNP about your outrageous accusations before you did that video.

    Because your goal wasn’t really about helping the “victims”. Your real goal for doing that video was to discredit the drug war, discredit the PNP, and discredit President Duterte in the eyes of the world.

    Now here comes your amo, pretending she has no idea why the House Speaker said impeachment charges might be filed against her. Leni has already been caught with her pants down, yet she still tries to play coy and innocent. It’s so disgusting.

    #LeniPowerGrabber, #LeniResign, #ImpeachLeni have been trending on Twitter for almost three days, and people who used to be on her side have been exploding in anger, yet Leni still refuses to acknowledge the gravity of what she has done.

    I’m more convinced than ever that she knows she didn’t win the elections, but went ahead and occupied the VP post anyway. She couldn’t even gather more than a few hundred people at her “prayer rally” in Naga to protest against Nagaleaks this weekend. Yet she wants us to believe she “won” by a landslide in godforsaken places in Mindanao where no one knows her.

    There’s a special place in hell for people like her, and I hope she gets there soon. We’ll only have peace and progress in our country after she is gone. Whether it’s impeachment or a recount, I hope it happens soon. Every minute counts, because Loida, Trillanes, etc are also working overtime to oust Duterte since they know Leni’s time is running out.

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