Duterte CANNOT and MUST NOT ‘move on’ from electoral fraud!


So “vice president elect” Leni Robredo has been proclaimed. What exactly does that mean? It means the country’s biggest den of alleged thieves proclaimed her vice president. Does it mean she won the elections? That’s not been established. Congress just says so.

It is quite ironic that the very same bozos who had been slamming the bald pork barrel thievery of Congress for several years are now swallowing up its proclamations so easily. You can’t recognise a body as a bunch of crooks on one issue and then, on another, embrace everything they stand for. That’s being inconsistent. Perhaps this is the reason why the Philippines is a bag of sad contradictions. Nothing about what it is, what it stands for, and what it does is consistent in the sense of the way it would have stacked up on the back of sound principles.

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Perhaps there is good reason why president-elect Rodrigo Duterte skipped this so-called “proclamation”. He does not need Congress to crown him President of the Philippines. The huge lead over his rivals for the Malacanang seat in these elections gave him immunity over the Liberal Party’s now-evident cheating operations. In short, Duterte may have won, but to have Congress validate that win is tantamount to validating their hand in depriving Duterte of the votes that should have been counted for him just the same.

President Duterte should not let the Great Electoral Fraud of 2016 simply pass.

The idea that Duterte should simply “move on” because “he won anyway” is just plain stupid and the sort of thinking harboured by a nation of cheats, liars, and panhandlers.

The idea of “moving on” from electoral fraud is the same in principle as a taxi driver refusing to give five pesos change to a passenger and saying to her “e mayaman naman kayo, ma’am” (“what’s five pesos to a rich person like you?”). Being rich does not reduce one’s entitlement to being given the right change no matter how small the amount. For that matter, rich people are, in no way, obliged to give away money. Doing so goes against every principle behind what made them successful people.

For the Philippines to aspire to be a truly excellent nation, its people must collectively crack down on electoral fraud.

The onus, to eradicate electoral fraud is greatest in the men and women who won a fraudulent election.

President Rodrigo Duterte is facing an opportunity not just of a lifetime but of an entire nation’s lifetime. Putting in prison the officers and personnel of the COMELEC, Smartmatic, the Liberal Party and everyone else complicit in the conspiracy to defraud both winners and losers in these elections of votes that each had the right to be counted will, by itself, be an achievement that would set Duterte apart from every other president before him.

29 Replies to “Duterte CANNOT and MUST NOT ‘move on’ from electoral fraud!”

  1. Yes, I agree electoral fraud should be eradicated first. If not, this may happen again in the future.

    It doesn’t matter how many votes were lost, stolen or not counted. The mere fact that cheating happened is an alarming reason to investigate this matter.

  2. What is the difference in the USA and the Philippines? Bush versus Gore election had actual proof fraud in the USA. After a week we decided to unite and move on making our country better. This deal is done and over with. The question is how long will people keep using this to divide the country? I was happy to see country starting to come together as one when Due30 won.

    1. +1 to you as a people, for choosing to unit.
      -1 to you as a people, for letting the cheating pass.

      I admire educational institutions for being hard on cheating and cheaters. I’m not saying they’re apprehending them 100%, but their reaction to such is more sound that most institutions.

      1. We did not let the cheating pass as you think. We changed our laws to fix it. We understood that the fighting would destroy our country and to make sure that it never happens again. Yes investigate this and put security measures in place to keep this from happening again. We all know the only way to fix this problem is do the election over again for vice-president. We know that is not going to happen. The people must move on to the next area unite and make sure this does not happen in the future again

        1. Unfortunately, the Philippines has laws and what needs fixing is our lack of implementation. Out laws may not be the “best there is”, but many Filipinos would want to see its fair implementation first rather than having new laws for display.

          In casual talks, I’ve said it before that the best way for Robredo to clear her name and her status as VP elect is to cooperate with BBM. That’s the unity that I would want to see.

    2. Who said that your cou try is better? Open your eye. You are the poorest in the world. 18 trillion dollars? Stealing Philippines gold? Dream on.

  3. This Duterte guy is a criminal, just like the rest of them. He will kill the least able to protect themselves and let the Senators and SC Justices and Congress people continue to rape the system for everything the can steal BUT the people selling shabu and pot to feed their families will be shot dead in the streets and the idiotic Flips that have been brainwashed by the Catholic Church will cheer wildly as they forget that they are suppossed to follow Christ’s ways and not kill people, or at least not enjoy seeing it….not to mention that criminal politicians will NEVER be prosecuted for anything.


  4. The DDS (Davao Death Squads) were Duterete’s doing, he personally targetted people for death, WITHOUT due process of law…and Filipino’s now have elected him to run the country….LOL, you are gonna get it in the ass now !!!!

    Instead of throwing this Neaderthalic Shitbag in jail where he ,no doubt, belongs…. FLIPS elect him President, LOL !!!!!

    Does anyone see how fucked up this is? Duterte is going to just kill whoever he wants to kill…and get away with it! THAT IS FUCKED UP and that is one reason,among many, why the Philippines will remain a Banana Republic for at least another 50 years.

    1. Pretty funny post man. I wont assume you’re from any side or support anyone.

      You’re just spewing whatever comes into that tiny head of yours.

      People selling drugs to feed their poor families? Tell that to criminals living the “gangster lifestyle” in jails with better living conditions than most.

      Corrupt politicians will get theirs soon enough. Unfortunately for them, the country isn’t stuck with old media. More and more are learning.

      Just try to advocate change and keep that shit to yourself. We’re all idiots and monsters.

      Some more than others.

  5. do you know the nickname of the gun Colt 45? It is called the peacemaker, because it brought discipline in the USA to create a functioning working society. So if you want to be like the USA, then follow what we did in the outlaw old west in the USA. That was the only thing that brought the old west into line with the Industrial age of the Northern part of the
    USA. Corruption and criminals was ruining the old west, the peacemaker fixed that and mostly there was no due process imagine that.

    1. Yes!

      “Model P, M1873, Single-Action Army, SAA, Colt .45, and my favorite tag of all, Peacemaker. Just the fact that it has this many nicknames tells you it’s a hell of a gun”

      (Excerpt From: Chris Kyle. “American Gun: A History of the U.S. In Ten Firearms.”)

  6. yes, they have to get rid of the Nepotism mentality of Marcial Bonifacio the Malaysian citizen traitor who sold Sabah and the Philippines, to the Malaysian and Japanese bataan nuclear power plant,where the loan of 400 million was paid by 5 billion dollars, then reloan as back now for 500 million, to cook the Philippines with its blood sucking yellow oligarchs family of self interest of a MADpnoy hacienda luisita self interest of bribed bacon barrel of justice crown and thorn of the Senatongs and tongressman. in order to dumbdown the Philippines from second world status to third world status country.

  7. What if he protects pNoy? There are shades of yellow in his camp. Still, I do hope missing his proclamation is just the start of cracking down on election fraud

  8. Hello Failipinos in the Failippines. You know with everything going down there in your country, and the happy-days-are-here-again right around the corner we couldn’t think of a better time to share one of our favorite children’s classics, it’s called: “How the Grinch Bitch Stole the Election”. And ah–we’d like to read it to you now, shall we?

  9. For me, whenever there are allegations of fraud, they should do manual counting, if the two don’t add up, someone must be held accountable.

  10. Why Benigno, I am so happy someone is echoing what I feel should happen. I have FB friends who constantly talk against injustices but now is silent about this and is even cheering for Leni. Why the disconnect? And the great media. They say it’s ok there is cheating because of martial law and plunder. Do they even realize their self-deception? Or they do but justify it with hey they have 10 billion dollars. They fail to realize that the votes of majority is stolen and that the integrity of the electoral process have been stepped on.

  11. If you come into my house and Steal my money. After then, I am calling the Police for investigation. However, you, the thief, is telling me to : “Move On !”…would that be good for me ? It would be good for you, because you have my money. But, it will not be good for me; because , I have been robbed of my money.

    It is time for the People of the Philippines, to close rank; whatever your : political ideology; political party; religious ideology; etc… we must call this Election Fraud: “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”!

    We must investigate thoroughly. Let the Chips, fall where it may. Prosecute those who conspired in the Fraudulent election.

    Anybody , who will be found guilty, will pay for it. Jail them. Hang them, if that is the case. Burn them on stake, if the people will demmand it. It is only, when these cheaters will know that they will be punished, if they cheat; that we can stop these cheating.

    If they all get away with it. Then Election cheating and frauds will continue. It is a vicious cycle. It will only stop, if we are willing to stop it !

  12. i salute !!!

    it is not about bbm anymore, it is about stealing the votes and the rights of the filipinos that we are fighting here

    they have done it in the past and if they succeed again now, they will go on… impeach comelec !!!

  13. Unfortunately, I do think what would only be spotted in the Congress is the discrepancies in the ballot counts brought about by the dagdag bawas. (Am thinking about the SmartMagics here)

    We still won’t get a crackdown on the alleged cheating that happened in the local precincts. How would you prove it? Whistle blowers? They’re just gonna be roasted and discredited, if they’re even legit at all.

    1. @A Filipino Citizen

      “If there is a will; there will be a way”…they used to say. This is the reason, we have brains…to us it , to make things happen.

      “Whatever men can conceive; it can be achieved”…another good saying from achievers.

      This is the reason, men landed on the moon. The Mars rover, explored the Planet Mars. And, we are blogging in hyperspace.

      Filipinos easily give up, because, they think, things are impossible.
      There is a way to do it, if you just use your head…

      1. Well sadly, dem dirty trapos have been doing this forever. It’s hard to collect evidence and file a solid case against them.

        As we have already experienced, no pictures to be taken inside precincts, and ballots and receipts can’t be taken out. They may say it’s to prevent vote buying… but I say it’s to prevent evidence of fraud from going out. Even if we are to get conclusive evidence, if it were obtained illegally (wiretap etc) it will not be honored in court.

        And people without evidence can just be dismissed as “detractors” or “kakampi ng demonyong Marcos na sinisira ang kredibilidad ng eleksyon”.

        Sad for us, there are more consequences following the path to justice so we just become apathetic about it.

        1. @A Filipino Citizen:

          I have given two agencies, from the U.S. and Germany, to help in the investigation. What is hard in contacting them?

          They have the best and advanced technology to determine the electoral fraud…

          Why do we not start investigating ?

  14. Leni (main beneficiary of electoral fraud) is in an awkwardly precarious situation nowadays. They say a cabinet position awaits her, only to be taken back by Du30 – out of deference to his ally and friend BBM (the victim). Then Du30 boycotts being crowned side by side with her.

    What I noticed with Du30 is that he will not meddle with the judiciary (pushing for investigations), but he will do things he sees best within his scope/area of control: appointing positions of power in his administration.

    Leni might end up like a “basang sisiw” VP with no real / significant role. Worse, she might get the cold shoulder from everyone in Du30’s core admin – as if she was stricken with leprosy.

    Somehow, divine karmic justice has its way to bite in the end.

  15. Our elected voted #PresidentRodrigoDuterte we votes you & we will love your works & kept on moving forwards.#InGodWeTrust ?!

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