The criminal in senators’ clothing that is Antonio Trillanes


If there is anything or anyone that epitomises everything that is wrong with the Philippines, it is none other than “senator” Antonio Trillanes. I enclose “senator” in quotes whenever I refer to Trillanes because he is one only because a piece of paper says so. In spirit he is anything but. Indeed, even the idea that he was a former soldier of the Republic is debatable. Back in the early- to mid-2000s, Trillanes was not a good soldier. Back then, across a series of “adventures”, Trillanes endangered thousands of Filipino lives and damaged millions of pesos in private property, illegally used millions of pessos worth of the Filipino people’s military resources in an attempt to topple a government he had sworn allegiance to.

Trillanes is a senator today only because current President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III “pardoned” him of the crime of rebellion. Back in 2010 newly-minted President BS Aquino issued Proclamation 50 granting amnesty to Trillanes and his bandit group.

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He did this despite a clear recognition of the gravity of the offenses this mob had committed — rebellion, the deliberate endangerment of civilian life, and damage to private property. The only rationale Malacanang could provide to justify this granting of amnesty is that:

(1) “there is a clamor from certain sectors of society urging the President to extend amnesty to said AFP personnel”;

(2) The Constitution says the President can; and,

(3) It is in line with Noynoys aspiring “to promote an atmosphere conducive to the attainment of a just, comprehensive and enduring peace”.

A “clamor”, a Constitional provision, and an airy-fairy aspiration to some nebulous goal constitute the only things Malacanang can cough up to justify setting loose a group of loose-cannon ex-soldiers.

Aquino could get away with a proclamation based on idiotic principles because he was popular at the time. Filipinos, true to their exhibiting the usual level of intelligence were quick to embrace the popular sentiment back then rather than engage in a bit of modern thinking. Blogger Ellen Tordesillas wrote, “Trillanes and company never stole a single centavo from the government”. I say perhaps. But in my book Trillanes and his band of bandits did something worse. His actions contributed to undermining the stability of the state and perception overseas of the Philippines as a viable market to invest in and do business with.

Until today we see “senator” Trillanes doing what he does well — inciting violent overthrow of a future legitimately-mandated government and engaging in illegal acts to pursue his personal vendettas. This is behaviour unbecoming of a legislator and a “senator”. Of course his colleagues in the Senate will not touch Trillanes’s issues with a ten-foot-pole either. Perhaps it is because all of them have bank accounts in the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) to hide from Trillanes’s “contacts” as well.

Indeed, the Philippines is a nation of crooks led by chambers of crooks. This is the reason there will never be any justice in the Philippines over the foreseeable future. Everyone has something to hide. This is why crooks like Trillanes get pardoned for rebellion rather than get dragged squealing like a pig in front of a firing squad — because Filipinos, in general, cannot tell the difference between the good guys and the bad guys. They allow leaders of Islamic terrorist groups to lead “peace talks” with their Muslim “brothers” in Mindanao, and they allow crooks like Trillanes to take comfy seats in their Senate.

And so here is the key lesson in all this…

It is not President Rodrigo Duterte who will be “scaring” foreign investors away after the 2016 presidential elections. What will be giving investors second thoughts about parking their dollars in the Philippines are Filipinos. The Philippines, we need to be reminded, is a democracy. The character of its elected leaders mirror the character of its voters. It really is not any more complicated than that.

28 Replies to “The criminal in senators’ clothing that is Antonio Trillanes”

    1. Well, there’s been the People’s Initiative against Pork Barrel in 2013-2014 (Cory Aquino reintroduced PB in 1987 Constitution). There are more than 10% of the active voters that march in different places at different times all over the country. But Malacañang and Congress only lend deaf ears. They are practicing their political power instead of representing the needs of the people. Maybe if Duterte becomes President this law can get overturned and Pork will go directly to the general budget for country projects. DU30 though must also have managerial expertise.

      I mentioned this because Trillanes is supposed to be a lawmaker yet he’s one of the top-spender in government with nothing to show. Those money is not aimed for public service, it’s mostly for office and personnel expenses. Is it even possible that he received Pork, spend it when he’s a Senator and say he did not stole a single centavo from the government? He also spent millions for his campaign while in jail. I wonder who “donated” for his campaign back then when he’s a clear cut mutineer.

      A pardon by President from someone who head two traitorous activities, the Oakwood Mutiny and Manila Peninsula siege to prove alleged corruption of GMA that the court should be the one handling; and out of paranoia for another Martial Law that again he is publicly accusing Duterte of practicing should DU30 become the Pres. And he again make accusations outside the halls of Senate releasing unwarranted sources endangering even the privacy of common Filipinos. Trillanes clearly belongs in jail.

  1. Maybe if you discover that someone in the Senate isn’t a criminal, you could write an article about him?

  2. I said it before and I’ll say it again. Trillanes belongs in prison not in the Senate.

    He is a disgusting scumbag of the highest order and only a mentally challenged and morally corrupted person like our current coconut in chief would give amnesty to a living, breathing piece of shit. Looks like they are calling in the favors now.

    This is making me so sick, I get stomach pains just reading the deceiving headlines every day. I hope this election is over sooner then later.

    By all logic indications Duterte and Marcos should win. I hope they wont be cheated.

    This current admin is showing it’s ugly face without shame. I HOPE SOMEONE WILL PUNCH IT IN WITH FORCE AND KNOCK THE TEETH OUT OF THIS ROTTEN BUNCH OF CRIMINALS.

  3. I can’t help but wonder why is the mainstream media wasting their time on this VP wannabee! Are his so-called “exposes” news worthy that the entire nation must listen to him or just another tidbit that can rival a banal showbiz chizmis? Mr. Trillanes, sadly is a washed up politician that should just keep his mouth shut and give way to President Dutete.

    1. The media is picking it up because they are told to do so.

      Mainstream media does not like Duterte, so they will hop on anything ugly and fuck it till it’s dead.

  4. Trillanes was not really running to win. He was there to serve one purpose only, to be a one-man wrecking ball to whoever will be the strongest threat to his patron. Everything in the arsenal was already ranged against the expected target, Jejomar Binay. Alas for them, Binay became irrelevant and self-destructed. In his place emerged Duterte. Trillanes was not ready, he had the wrong ammunition, and therefore had to scrounge for anything that could explode, never mind if these were duds. Is he doing this for another candidate? You bet, and it’s narrowed to two suspects, although one stands out like someone with jaundice. What does he get out of this? A special place in the next administration perhaps, a choice committee, and hopefully a chance to make a run for 2022. Maybe a few hundred million. Who knows.

  5. All of the “honorable senators” are not honorable not only Trillanes. They are bunch of clueless ignorant Chinese-loving Filipino haters.

    When Madoff was found out of his Ponzi scheme, FBI swooped down to his headquarters without fanfare and advance notice to cart out boxes and boxes and servers and computers to seek evidences. They did that to Enron, too, and other investigations they make. Witnesses are only used so they can be tipped off where to start their investigation.

    No Q&A. No circus. No Senators and investigators jumping off trampolines.

    Compared to Philippines where ignoramuses inhabits. In Money Laundering case, they invited, yes, Pedro, INVITED “RESOURCE PERSONS” to Q&A them. While deGuito was nailed to the cross as “suspect”.

    When they did Q&A before televisions the CCTV at RCBC branch was gone. Evidences are zapped if ever these looney idiot Senators ever asked for evidences.

    Oh, poor ignorant stupid Filipinos. They are only good in English. They are so proud to have the highest literacy rate in Asia but cannot know what to do and how to use their “literacy”.

    Even Chinese government sent in their CSIs and Benigno Aquino approved to investigate the Bus Masscre of Chinese in violation of Philippine sovereignty. The Chinese government even told Benigno Aquino to send them their draft of investigation before they go public with it. Meaning, it has to have the stamp of approval by Chinese government before they go public.


    Filipinos should not be allowed to play government. Instead they should outsource their government.

    1. Ho! Ho! Ho! This reminds me. “Honorable Senator” Trillanes asked Tony Tiu to prove himself GUILTY by demanding Tony Tiu to present TCT of BinayLand instead of Trillanes demanding it from Register of Deeds. What an idiot!!!

      Trillanes is not worthy to be elected! But Filipinos are so dumb to know the difference so they elect him anyways.

      1. Agree….Trillanes is always out of his mind. I never voted for him. He doesn’t deserve to be given thus kind of Media mileage.
        Trillanes … Shut up..,

  6. Sino at ano ba talaga itong si Trillanes? Tanungin na lang natin yung karamihan sa mga classmates niya sa PMA class 1995 kung bakit hindi sila sumama kay Trillanes sa Oakwood. Mas kilala nila si Trillanes mula pa sa plebehood nila sa PMA.

    Naalala nyo ba yung trato ni Trillanes kay General Angelo Reyes – PMA class 1966 – nuong senate hearing. Pakiusap ni General Reyes kay Trillanes, “May I explain?” Sagot ni Trillanes, “No, you may not.” Ibinasura lahat ni Trillanes ang military discipline at conduct of an officer and a gentleman in humiliating a very senior officer and upperclassman. The least that Trillanes could have done was to afford utmost respect to General Reyes just like another senate resource person. But he chose to be mean and cruel. That’s why most of the peemayers hate him.

      1. PMA cadets comprise of first, second, third and fourth year students as fourth, third, second and first class cadets, respectively. The first class cadet or any cadet ahead is an upperclassman of the rest.

  7. agreed. i can’t wait to read Democracy in America by Alexis De Tocqueville. In this book he discusses the advantages and dangers of majority rule, which he thought could be as tyrannical as the rule of a monarchy. Indeed we are under this rule for 30 years now and next administration will be no different but we will find out IF Digong and BBM wins for the executive level positions.

    unmask Trillones for being a corrupt military officer!

    Why marcos was ousted in the government
    currently clips are from Part 1 to Part 9. just check and look for the clips. you may want to watch his other academic studies (clips).

    Let’s flip the flipinos!

  8. Trillanes is the making of a politicized AFP. The AFP has been politicized; since , Enrile, Ramos and Honasan started this kind of rebellion, in complicity with the U.S./C.I.A. , and the Feudal Oligarchs. Ramos protected Cory Aquino; Enrile and Honasan became Senators. These people are just political opportunists.

    The NPA renegade, Victor Corpuz, who joined the NPA, and caused many death, was rewarded a Brig. General rank, by Cory Aquino. A good reward for rebellion.

    The late Gen. Reyes, supported Arroyo, in rebellion. He was rewarded a cabinet position; but , shot himself, because of guilty feelings. The Firing Squad, should had done a better job.

    Trillanes and Danilo Lim, rebelled. Trillanes became a Senator, and Danilo Lim, was rewarded a good position, in the Bureau of Customs. I bet, Lim is very rich now…

    This will not be the last; because, rebels in the military, are rewarded. Instead of having them to stand in a Court Martial; and face the Firing Squad, if they are found Guilty.

    I know that there are Aquino’s loyalists in the AFP. We must warm them, not to take such stupid military adventures, again. Their duty is to defend the country and to protect the people. They have to be loyal to the people, who pay their wages and salaries. Not to politicians, who take them as pets…

    Politicians who give the “bata-bata” to any military personnel or Police, should be prosecuted. If any military personnel would like to become a politician; they must get out of the military service, and run for public office..

    Look at that Aquino and that crook Police Purisima. The crooked Cop, Purisima, was suspended; and he still took command in the ill fated Mamapasano SAF massacre. The crook Police Purisima did not even face any inquiry in the AFP command. Instead, he retired silently with his loot; and his evil deeds on that Mamapasano SAF massacre. Mar Roxas and Aquino, together with Purisima, were responsible for that tragic massacre. Mar Roxas called it : a misencounter.

    Any rebellion from now on in the military and Police, must be dealt with accordingly with Court Martial. If found guilty; they must face the Firing Squad. And the Guilty verdict, must be executed , as soon as possible. Not delayed, to be pardoned by the next President…

    Remove the AFP and Police, from politics.
    We don’t want another political opportunist, like Trillanes. Who became attack dogs of politicians.

  9. Philippines will be better off if America will take us one of their states. the Pilipinos will like that dearly for sure. look what happened way back 1960’s when congressman Malabanan pass a bill proposing Philippines to be a state of America. what happened? it was junked in the house.

    1. Puerto Rico, a commonwealth of the United States, is now bankrupt. We were commonwealth of the U.S., before, we became independent.

      U.S. taxpayers, refuse to bail out , Puerto Rico. California is bankrupt, also. The City of Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. , is bankrupt.

      The Philippines would have been bankrupt; if not for the sacrifice of the OFWs…

      America, does not want another country , that is nearly bankrupt. They don’t want another Puerto Rico….

    1. I don’t believe in communism. It is a failed ideology…Vietnam became a communist, because of the support of :North Vietnam, Russia and China.

      We don’t want another , dictator, like, Kim Jung Un of North Korea. Look at Cuba…who succeeded Fidel Castro? It is his brother: Raul Castro.

      Those Eastern European countries, that were communists, are now happy to become Democracies.

      Communism hides under a Democratic Front. However, when they win …there will be an absolute communist dictator, like North Korea’s : Kim Jung Un. Beware of these people… they are “Angel of Darkness; parading as: “Angel of Light”…we can remove the Feudal Oligarchs, without bloodshed. I don’t believe in killing , people because they disagree with your political ideology…or forcing people, to agree with your political ideology…

      1. 123Hyden007Toro8989.99 says:
        YOU just a one way mirror ,your knowledge was base what you read from imperialist propaganda.
        So many country now in socialist sysytem . In Canada ,the formed of goverment is socialist, they allowed communist party because the country is democtratic. Communist is a tools of oligarch because it is against their greedy intension that why until now you are poor.. North Korea is only protecting himself from imperialism ang don’t want to change their culture to what U enjoying now..

        1. @S-Tambay:

          I don’t think so…I’ve read many books on communism. It is a failed political ideology. People will escape from communist countries, if they have a chance. I have yet to hear people, escaping from democratic countries to communist countries.

          North Korea is a Stalinist communist country. It is ruled by the Kim family, from grandfather to grandson.

          The same as Cuba, the Castro family ruled Cuba, for a half a century.

          Communism is not a tool of the Oligarchs. The Aquinos and the Cojuangcos , may had used it as a political tool, to grab power; but is no tool.

          The U.S. will never allow North Korea to have a nuclear weapon. Pres. Trump will destroy North Korea, before, it will have an ICBM tip nuclear weapon. That is for sure…

  10. Having a relationship with people of questionable character is like playing with a razor blade on your skin, and pretending to observe that it is harmful to your body.

    Antonio “Sonny” Fuentes Trillanes IV is one classic example of a scheming G-D-SOB.

  11. Be careful of who becomes your friend and why. The person who will bite off your lips one day will have to first promise you a kiss today. Be careful of hypocrites.

    Antonio “Sonny” Fuentes Trillanes IV is one classic example of a scheming G-D-SOB.

  12. Trillanes’ accusations have been totally dismantled in this video between Duterte’s lawyer and Karen Davila:

    I can almost hear BPI shouting out the last 2 letters of their bank initials at Trillanes.

    A day being on headline news (even with bogus fabricated accusations) by riding on Duterte’s enormous popularity was probably all worth it for this scheming fox who’s been trailing in his own VP campaign all this time.

    In conclusion:
    “With only five days before election day, the camp of presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte already believes that an “irreversible win” is at hand.”

    1. Ponse says:
      Mercenary for sale..i believe that Duterte will pardon him in exchange for telling who’s behind the demolition and who hand out du30 bank account
      The accusation has no base of evidence but aquiring somebodies account w/o authority is a clear crime to be solved first. The yellow regime is over and now the true justice will prevail

  13. Yes he is an idiot but there are many more. How about the idiot brother of a mediocre comedian. Give me a break.

    Happy re-enslavement day chumpsters, time to grow up

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