3 Big Reasons Former President Ferdinand Marcos Should Be Buried Among Heroes


There’s been a lot of talk since soon-to-be president Mayor Rodrigo Duterte announced that he would finally allow former president Ferdinand Marcos to be buried among heroes. Indeed, hardcore Marcos supporters see this as a chance to vindicate their dear leader in the annals of history and show that there was indeed some good that he had done for the country. On the other hand, there are a lot of hardcore anti-Marcos partisans who see this as an insult to history as they remember it (or are taught to remember it) and simply will not stand for the move.

All in all though, Mayor Duterte only stated that he would allow it. It’s still far from official whether or not he’ll actually go through with the idea. Indeed, the man isn’t even president yet and already just about everyone already has their undies in a bind, but I digress. Thing is, there are people who are outright saying that his decision to allow former president Marcos to be buried in the “Libingan ng mga Bayani” (Graveyard of Heroes) may decide whether or not people will be endeared to him in the upcoming six years that he will be president of our beloved country.

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If you ask me though, I will say that burying former president Marcos with heroes is certainly a good idea and this is not just because I am a Marcos supporter mind you. Well, yes, I am indeed a supporter of the Marcos family and a pureblood Ilocano to boot (if that actually means anything) but I’m not just saying this to promote them. Indeed, despite being a Marcos supporter myself, I am often rather leery of Imelda Marcos as she brings rather questionable implications to my mind but I think I’ll just reserve said implications for another article. Still, the idea of former president Marcos being buried among heroes brings me hope and here’s why:

It Will Finally Bring Closure To The Whole Works

Look, I may support the Marcos family and their efforts but I also think it’s time we moved on from the past. Truth be told, while I doubt the Marcos regime is far from perfect, the presidents that followed them were either no better or possibly even worse. That is why I think it would be better for all if he was buried among other heroes and leaders of the past to prove to the Filipino people that his reign during Martial Law and the troubles that came along with it are finally over.

Being a Marcos supporter, I can’t help just how both hardcore pro and anti Marcos supporters at one another’s neck. It hurts me on a deep level how the country can’t seem to heal because of petty political issues. This isn’t just about one’s political party anymore ladies and gentlemen, this is about finally uniting the country for the future.

By allowing former president Marcos a right and proper burial we can finally put the ghosts of the pasts at peace and move on to a much brighter future. Indeed, I think that one of the biggest reasons the Philippines never progresses is because we are all collectively stuck in the past. People keep talking about the atrocities of Martial Law but even after thirty years of being free from their alleged “tyranny”, has anything even improved? Some even go as far as to say things have only gotten worse in the thirty years since former president Marcos was ousted.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is no longer about just the Marcoses and the Aquinos. This is about us, as a people. Let us bury the past and move on as it will only prevent us from making the best of the present and preparing ourselves for a better future.

It Will Show That We Can Finally Put Our Divisiveness Aside

Thing is, even a traitor like Emilio Aguinaldo who, from my own observation, looks like our version of Benedict Arnold is buried among the heroes of our history. By burying former President Marcos with them, it will show that we can finally put our petty issues aside.

Ladies and gentlemen, I think it really is time that we put our squabbles aside because they cause us more trouble than they worth. Indeed, if one looks back at the Yolanda Crisis, Mar Roxas was quick to bring up the feud between the Marcoses and the Aquinos which resulted in delayed disaster relief and continued suffering of the Yolanda survivors. By laying former president Marcos to rest, we can prove to ourselves that petty politics and our clannish ways no longer have any kind of hold on us.

It means that we have essentially “buried the hatchet” and that we can finally work together as one people for the betterment of our nation and the following generation.

It Will Knock Sense Into President Aquino

Yes, I am one of President Aquino’s many detractors but, to be really honest, I haven’t really given up on him. Why? Because, truth be told, I wasn’t at all that different from him a few years back. However, something happened, or rather a series of things happened, that changed me thoroughly. And yes, the changes were very painful but I will say that they made me a better person since then. I realize now that it had to be painful because, if it wasn’t, I doubt I would’ve changed at all.

So I hope that allowing former president Marcos to be buried among heroes will cause President Aquino untold amounts of grief so that he can finally wake up to reality. I pray that the pain will be enough for him to fully realize that no, his “Straight Path” has not really helped anyone and that his term has only caused his people misery and suffering. With his delusions finally gone, perhaps he can finally put himself back together as a man, start over and finally find a woman who will actually love him for who he is rather than just his money.

66 Replies to “3 Big Reasons Former President Ferdinand Marcos Should Be Buried Among Heroes”

  1. Better if his body will be cremated (just like his fellow Ilocano, Elpidio Quirino) & buried there secretly without the preying eyes of the public nor the media and there’s a fact that after World War 2 some of the American & Filipino dead soldiers had buried there without an identification, just a cross displayed on their graves. This should be done for the former Philippine president & strongman Ferdinand Marcos and a great idea, IMHO.

  2. Allowing former Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos, Sr., to be buried in “Libingan ng mga Bayani” is a good decision. It is not a question of what he did as a Filipino politician. It is a question of those who served, and who served well their country in World War II. Marcos Sr. is a true decorated Filipino soldier. He was a true hero in World War II. My late father, also served as a Philippine Scout in World War II. He fought in the Battle of Bataan…He was a survivor in the Bataan Death March.

    Let us not personalize our political differences. Honor is given , to those who had served honorably their country, in World War II.

    The Aquinos who are the leaders of the YellowTards, were Japanese Militarist collaborators. They made themselves heroes. In truth, Benigno Aquino, Sr. , sought refuge in Tokyo, Japan; during the American liberation of the Philippines. The Americans returned him back. The Filipinos tried Benigno Aquino, Sr. with Treason. He was convicted and was given the Death Sentence for treason. But, Gen. McArthur pardoned him for unity of the Filipinos.

    If Benigno Aquino, Sr. can be pardoned for treason. Why not Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr., be pardoned for Martial Law and corruption?

    Anyway, Benigno Aquino III and Abad, with Porky Drilon are more corrupt than Marcos Sr.

    1. So you are saying we forgive Marcos because of what the Aqunio’s did? Sorry you can’t retrofit history.

      And by your logic if I raped a woman and another person raped and then murdered that same women I should be pardoned to?

      1. @shooter:
        The Aquinos not only caused Filipino women to be raped in World War II. Their KALIBAPIs and MAKAPILIs, tortured and murdered people, obeying the orders of their Japanese Militarist masters.

        We have to forgive, and move on. We want a closing on this Marcos Sr. burial issue. Move on as a nation. Past is past. We must live in the present. Who profit from this Marcos, Sr. burial issue? It is the Aquinos and his political detractors.

        In the Islamic Koran, it says: “If God (Allah) can forgive. Why not you?”…

        1. Once again I don’t care about the Aqunino’s why is it that when people defend Marcos it’s to always attack the Aqunino’s? The problems with the Aqunino’s and their stranglehold is due to the innate Filipino culture but that’s a discussion for another time.

          Back to Marco it’s just now about forgiveness. It’s about declaring in history that Marcos is a hero. You put that label in him and what does it say about our values? What will Children think when they read about Marcos in books or articles of what he did when he was president while official saying he is a hero? Kids are going to think that his corruption and human right atrocities leading to murder?

          A lot of Marcos defends always quite Lee Kwan Yew justifying Martial Law. But what they forgot to is that he said in his book, which I have, that Filipinos are too forgiving that they would allow a family that pillaged the country back and back into power. He wasn’t being flattering when he said that and it’s the reason why we have corrupt officials still in power today and the likes of Erap returning to politics after being impeached as president.

          A country moving on means learning from the past but how can you do that by sugarcoating it?

      2. @shooter:
        The Aquinos retrofitted history. They made themselves: heroes and saints. In truth, they are:traitors; collaborators; scammers ; murderers and corrupt.
        If you are a die hard Yellowtard, who cannot move on from the past. I cannot help you !

        1. I am not a yellowtard I don’t even like the Aquinos but are you telling me what the atrocities The Marcos regime did was justified because of what the Aqunino’s did? Two wrongs don’t make a right.

      3. Shooter why is it you are the only person making complete sense.
        Im with you and completely agree with you all the way.
        Guys that write and read this site are so one dimensional.
        U are against marcos u must be a yellow supporter.

        Ffs no.
        Hate them all but to tive Marcos a heroes funeral….holy crap.
        What sort of insult is that the the people that died by his orders or what does that tell our younger generation.?
        Wow what are we telling the world about where our morales are?
        Thank you Shooter.
        For being the only person with brains replying on this site.
        This site is obviously a one sided affair.

        1. You’re welcome and thank you for being supportive.

          Actually there are many out there that are sensible to this topic unfortunate it’s the other side that’s louder in social media.

          Unfortunatley GetRealPhilippines has become a sanctuary for people who are pro-Marcos and such opinions. It wasn’t always this way back when this site first started it had critical but insightful writers and readers. Now it’s become a pro-Marcos movement that doesn’t respect the opinions of others.

          I am actually thinking of unfollwoing GetRealPhilippines soon.

  3. Um no this won’t bring closure. Closure means coming to terms what happened, understanding the past, and learning from it.

    Putting him in a heroes burial is not moving on or providing closure. It’s revising history and forgetting what happened and thus not learning from it.

    You want to know the real heroes are? The ones that spoke up against their beliefs exercising their right of free speech and paying the ultimate price under Martial Law. They are the real heroes.

    Not a corrupt dictator that stole billions of dollars and tortured and murdered people under his rule.

    And the third point is really ignorant. The Aquino’s have nothing to do with this discussion. I am so sick of people justifying Marcos because of how they feel about the Aquino’s, reality check you can’t retrofit morality. “You don’t like Marcos therefore you must support the Aquinos” is logic only found among 7 years old in the school playground.

    Also calling this issue “petty” is a slap in the face of the victims during Marcos regime.

    1. @shooter:
      Marcos is a World II Filipino soldier. He fought in the Battle of Bataan. He survived the death march. He was awarded medals for gallantry. He deserve, to be honored, and buried in a hero’s burial. Your Martial Law reason, is politically motivated. It is nonsense.

      Did you ever fought in a real war? Survived a Death March? It is easy to talk; but, it is very hard to be a battle tested soldier…my late father, told me so…he was a battle tested soldier, and my hero…

      1. We weren’t discussing his military service, heck neither did the article.

        Now discussing the military history will acknowledge that but it still doesn’t excuse what he did during his presidency. By that logic Hitler, Pol Pot, and Idi Amin should all be considered heroes (Unfortunately there are articles in Africa that are claiming Amin to be as such).

        1. @shooter:

          Marcos Sr. was not :Hitler, Pol Pot, or Idi Amin. The Aquinos are like those people. They have the : Hacienda Luisita massacre; the Mendiola massacre; the Luneta Chinese tourists massacre; the Mamapasano massacre; etc…it was the Aquinos and their political patrons, the U.S. C.I.A., who demonized Marcos Sr. The U.S. military, even awarded Marcos Sr., some of those medals for gallantry in Battle, in World War II.

          See those advertisement in the ABS-CBN, making Benigno Aquino, Jr., as hero? Equivalent to: Rizal, Bonifacio, etc..in truth, he is a traitor; murderer, scammer; political opportunists, etc…

          Your Yellowtard brain needs to be retrofitted… you are suffering from :”Jaundiced Reality”…a communicable disease of those Yellowtards.

        2. I said it before and I said it again I am not a Yellowtard. See my previous post and that will prove that.

          But unfortuantley since your blinded by thinking we have to “pick sides” to a specific family shows even though you pretend not to like it you submit to the oligarchs and powerful families in the country where we either have to chose the Marcos and the Aquninos.

          Not Marcos isn’t Hitler or Pol Pot and the country can be glad about that. But Marcos is still responsible for the 3500 that were killed during his period.

        3. @domo

          Yes those acts are evil. If we allow him to be buried as a hero then it’s the country saying we tolerate acts of murder and corruption.

          This isn’t about revenge it’s setting the values of the country. So future generations can look back and realize atrocious acts is not acceptable.

        4. @shooter:

          >implying that all acts of the Aquino’s and their cronies are not murder and corruption.

          Your one-sidedness baffles me.

    2. Reading comments from arsewipes like you (shooter, voice of treason) make me wish communism took over the ph a long time ago.
      Real hero criteria? Martial law victims vs WWII soldiers? shit, not even a goddamn contest.

  4. Not a good solution.

    At first, (former) presidents are not heroes. Marcos doesn’t deserve to be treated as hero, neither does Aquino and any other ex president.

    So, rename the cemetary and the protocol and remove the word “hero” from either.

    If you want to honor his military service then bury him as veteran at a veteran’s site!

    1. @Stefan:
      What do we call those who fought and sacrificed in World War II?
      Veterans of some kind?They are heroes !

      My father who fought and sacrificed in World War II, must be turning in his grave now ! Yet, the U.S. and Philippine governments, acknowledge their sacrifices, by taking care of us, the children…

      1. @555Toro007Hyden999.9999
        Since you keep arguing that he is a WWII hero you might want to read this


        “But documents that had rested out of public view in United States Government archives for 35 years show that repeated Army investigations found no foundation for Mr. Marcos’s claims that he led a guerrilla force called Ang Mga Maharlika in military operations against Japanese forces from 1942 to 1944. “

        1. @ shooter:
          The U.S. Army archives of Filipino Guerrillas have many frauds on it. After the war, there were many Filipino guerrilla organizations, who were claiming to have fought in World War II. This was for the benefits given to Filipino guerrilla veterans.

          My Uncle led a Filipino Guerrilla organization, that hunted Aquino’s MAKAPILIs and KALIBAPIs. And his guerrilla organization was never recognized in the U.S. archives. This was the work of the followers of Aquino, who were politically active, after World War II.

          My Uncle had done a good job in killing these Aquino traitors. Unluckily, he was not successful in assassinating: Benigno Aquino, Sr., who was his Main Target. Aquino Sr. was always guarded by Japanese Imperial Army Special Forces.

          So, put those Aquino disinformation in garbage. They are U.S.C.I.A. disinformation…

          The KALIBAPIs and the MAKAPILIs, were responsible for the torture and murder of Filipino guerrillas. They raped Filipino women…
          My Uncle was happy, to had served his country well, during World War II.

        2. Fighting during a war makes you a fucking veteran. For your country, a hero. no matter what little (eg bugle boys) or big (ace pilots) your contribution to the war effort.
          Could you say the same for your messiah ninoy, who was safe and sound under the watch of his treasonous father? Oh, he was too young? well boo-hoo! He may have seen some action as a news correspondent during the korean war, but yellowman never directly engaged the enemy for the country. So did rizal you may say? of course, because rizal was never for independence. he was for the hispanization of the country.

  5. The genius connected Samar and Leyte right? Who among our past presidents have even come close to such a feat? That’s heroic enough for me.

    Just get on with it! Sayang koryente. Let the dead rot in peace.

  6. why bury Marcos? let the unborn generations see who is Marcos the man they called a Hero. keep him there not to be eaten by maggots.

  7. By technicality, Macoy can be buried in LNMB as a WWII veteran. But we can say the same for the likes of Luis Taruc, but won’t happen because of obvious reasons (he’s a commie, remember?).

  8. Those who fought against the Japanese Militarist invaders, during World War II, are heroes. Irregardless of their:political parties; personal beliefs; political ideologies or religious ideologies. They loved their country; and were ready to sacrifice their lives ! We must honor them all for their sacrifices !

    1. I think I have a good idea to make both sides agree. What if we all agree to bury Marcos in the Heroes burial site but only due to the technicality you mentioned. However doing this Marcos, in the official, records he will not be considered a Philippine Hero in any shape and form. And the Philippine flag will not be placed on his grave marking.


      1. @shooter:
        Anybody who fought and risked their lives fighting against Japanese Militarists
        invaders, deserves the honor as a Hero. Their sacrifices must not be in vain. My Father and Uncle, fought for our country during World War II. So, I feel outraged by these Aquino’s sons of KALIBAPIs and MAKAPILIs… in mocking our heroes of World War II, because of politics.

        The Aquinos managed to insert themselves as heroes and saints in Philippine history books.

        NO DEAL !

  9. who are the victims of martial law? isn’t those left leaning communist who wants to kill democracy? what about the soldiers who fought them and got killed too?

    1. Lilia Hilao

      Dr. Juan Escandor

      Pete Lacaba

      Check if any of them had communist leanings, much more connections with any communist or any other armed group.

      1. And please enjoy your ONE-SIDED history as well. Because you sound like one of those brainwashed Aquino apologists.

        Oh yeah, you rejoice the Mendiola Massacre, right? Yeah, you go ‘Who cares? At least it’s not Marcos lol’. No. Hypocritical, as I call it.

        1. Maybe it’s just me, but why do people keep comparing Mendiola Massacre or similar to the atrocities committed during Martial Law when ALL those things are unacceptable?

          If people must compare, however: incidents such as Mendiola or Hacienda (or even what happened to some Lumads) are so far one-time affairs, compared to MULTIPLE and CONSISTENT incidents during Martial Law. A common thing about the second part? Many, if not all, involved people who either opposed Marcos or were suspected to oppose him in some way.

          How many people were reported missing or worse just, say, for opposing or dissing PNoy?

          Must one be an Aquino apologist just for opposing Marcos, BTW? Siguro naman one can be against BOTH for whatever reason. Unless that’s so hard to understand, maybe.


        2. Exactly what shooter was saying.
          Apparently if u disagree with one political dynasty u must be in cohoots with another.
          How very, very, very one dimensional of you.

          Why the feck would i rejoice that poor farmers were murdered by yet another family dynasty?
          Wake up to yourself.
          I disagree with this idea.
          Does not mean im pro anyone.
          One day filipino will wake up and realise just because u disagree with a political party does not mean u r for a different one.

          That so called. One sided historical lesson is the same story toldby hundreds of thousands of people that were there.
          Be careful what bullshit u listen to.
          Everything about the Marcos family was true.

          They were just linked in the panama papers. But i guess that was a conpiracy too right?
          All these people from different countries…all the evidence different people, groups, nations, ( tortured, missing, murdered filipino families) all lies right?
          Time for u to go back to school.

        3. ^Seems you FAGS are totally missing the point.

          The problem here is that you FAGS are only fixated on the Marcos family and nothing else. Yes, everything about the Marcos family was true but it seems what you stated are mostly half truths, not the whole story.

          I think Filipinos should have to actually learn objective history. When they blindly say the Marcos Years were all bad and give nothing constructive about it but rejoice the 1987 Constitution and Cory’s efforts like it was a breath of fresh air, its like the same idiots who thought the Spanish finally leaving was a time of grace for the country. Yes only for the likes of Cojuangcos, Aquinos and such to take over and install their political dynasties for centuries on end. Because Filipinos are so caught up on extraneous details and forget the proper context in mind of the important events that happened.

          Something you need to know about the Mendiola Massacre: Jose Diokno, who is part of the opposition against Marcos, resigned from his post as CHR commissioner after that incident happened. And the Yellows even deceived the people by turning it into a Martial law clip. That’s utterly disgusting.

          You need to also remember this quote: “History is a pack of lies about events made by people who are not really there.” If someone here should go back to school, it’s you FAGS. Accept the fact that you went full EMO upon writing your own comments just to seek attention.

        4. @RREmpire

          So now every article written against Marcos is now one sided and, thus, an invalid source? Even one written by a distinguished Yale Graduate who is one of the leading historians in Southeast Asian studies who has published 17 books and written 200 articles as of 2012?

          And there’s nothing hypocritical calling out Marcos crimes. We aren’t parading and applauding the Mendiola Massacre either. Heck I would love to see someone make a movie about Hacendia Luisita and expose the truth to the mass audience.

          But still if we can’t even acknowledge and address our history properly how can we fix the issues we have today and in more recent periods, which includes the Luisita issue?

          In other words if we just end up accepting and vindicating all of Maroc’s atrocities. Then there’s no reason to be upset or take action of all the corruption, political killings, massacres that are happening today.

        5. @shooter: You’re missing the point. It’s better to look on both sides of the story rather than being one-sided. In any case, what you did is overration of things.

          What really annoys me is that you are only fixated on Marcos crimes yet you try to ignore the atrocities of the post-Marcos years. You won’t see a documentary yet due to the Yellow-controlled media.

          A better solution for that is Filipinos should learn history in an objective way. And about your last sentence, you just do that in order to save face. There should be vindication of all atrocities and crimes, not just Marcos. Both past and present. The problem is that you’re just fixated on the Marcoses but of course you won’t realize that because you’re just EMO over a dead ex-preaident.

      2. Let’s be honest: do you think all of the tortures and killings are totally gone when Marcos left?

        After 1986 they have stopped media killings? No, they didn’t. PHL remains the most dangerous place for media practitioners outside of war zones like Iraq or Syria. They hate making things easy, so FOI can never be approved. Therefore, you know evil is being perpetuated for evil loves darkness. They minimize that massacres in the Yellow Age have been more organized and more premeditated. If #SAF44 was not premeditated, it was nevertheless an organized incompetence.

        Unfortunately, you have your own one-sidedness by focusing on the those who are so-called Martial law victims. About the hundreds and thousands who were there, seems you want to discredit the part of those numbers who actually lived good lives during those ‘dark days’. Just try to ask Kit Tatad, Alex Mango and even Rigoberto Tiglao and Teddy Locsin Jr. and they will tell you a different story.

        1. @DIO

          Please don’t use derogatory words in people you don’t agree with.

          Also you say that people who are against Marcos are too fixated with them.

          I have a proposition for you instead of exerting your effort in name calling people because you don’t agree with them.

          Why not join or start a movement that exposes the Aquino’s atrocities since you seem to be passionate about that to the point of calling others “fags”?

          Also it’s not us that’s seeking attention it’s the people posting or writing pro-Marcos conspiracy theorists stories in trying to sugarcoat what happened during Martial Law. I mean if the world thinks what Marcos there must be some truth to it, right?

        2. @shooter

          Sorry to bother, but I can call names that are fitting for point-missing angry mobsters like yourselves.

          It’s so pathetic that you focus your EMO on Marcos who apparently shattered the country. Well if Marcos wasn’t around, who would build the nationally funded structures then still heavily used by the country now? After him Cory nor others didn’t even give a lick about national infrastructure or foreign investments. You overrate his atrocities yet many claimed before finding out the truth about him that his time was actually a time where society was disciplined. Two sides of the same coin. People DEMONIZE Marcos but take away what he did for the country. People uplift the humanly nice Cory and the Aquinos as DEMIGODS of the country when just as much corruption happened in her time as much as Marcos did, to go with inefficient decision making as a leader to boot.

          My view on Martial law is just two sides of the same coin. In case you don’t notice, saying that the Philippines is better after 1986 is also sugarcoating as well. Go figure.

      3. @Dio

        Who would build the infrastructure? What about another president since in that instance Marcos didn’t get elected.

        You seem to imply that The Philippines was a wasteland pre-Marcos. It’s not the Americans gave the country enough money to jump start the country and it was one of the more prosperous Asian countries pre-Marcos. You honestly think another president wouldn’t have continued to improve the infrastructure?

        And regardless what Marcos build what matters is the end result. Let’s compare this to a business you can upgrade your facilities all you want but in the end if the business loses money or goes bankrupt that’s what matters. How was The Philippines economically before and after Marcos? It went to one of the best in Asia to one of the worst.

        1. And after Marcos that it became one of the worst, but we can never blame Marcos for that. BTW, who did the author of the 1987 Constitution? It has policies that Cory and her personal cronies do their own thing LEGITIMATELY that it made the country regressed for years while they get a lot of kickbacks. Does that ring a bell to you?

          30 years ago there was heavy foreign borrowing to support projects. Today, we are back to heavy foreign borrowing to support non-existing projects, but just to flood the system with cash. Thus, we have a glut in real estate, a car industry driven by low interest credits, a consumer market driven by easy to get credit cards, five fold smuggling, and gambling, illegal or not. Of course, what is obtaining is a BUBBLE economy, and they call that the fastest growing economy. I call it a donut economy as it is empty in the middle. If a hostile administration takes over in 2016, of course, they will burst that bubble economy so that the next administration will have a hard time bursting the lies and bubble of 30 years. That is the truth and not a lie.

        2. @DIO

          Don’t you see the irony then? If you feel post Marcos Philippines is heading to a bleak trajectory then isn’t this the case of history repeating itself.

          What you described is perhaps no better or not much better than the Marcos regime.

          So if you are going to say he next x number of years is going to collapse like Marcos’ time then we can conclude that the time of Marcos and after him is bad.

          But here’s the thing. And interesting theory I have. Isn’t revising and sugarcoating Marcos’ presidency resulting in the kind of society and government today? I mean if we say we tolerate Marocs regime or vindicate it then maybe that’s why the oligarchs now still have a stranglehold for power? If we tolerated it then, then why not tolerate it now?

          It’s possible that we have forgotten the past and we are now condemned to repeat it.

        3. @shooter: Thanks to the neglect and incompetence made by the Yellows after 1986, we are already repeating history, yet the roles of the villain and the hero are now reversed.

  10. Unconsciously we all have a standard by which we measure other men, and if we examine closely we find that this standard is a very simple one, and is this: we admire them, we envy them, for great qualities we ourselves lack. Hero worship consists in just that. Our heroes are men who do things which we recognize, with regret, and sometimes with a secret shame, that we cannot do. We find not much in ourselves to admire, we are always privately wanting to be like somebody else. If everybody was satisfied with himself, there would be no heroes.

  11. Blame it on the regulation that said past presidents can be buried at the Libingan. That regulation was passed during Cory Era, I believe.

    1. You realize this site is voted on by people and there’s only like 700 to 800 votes which almost half comes from The Philippines

    1. well… Marcoses’ accomplishments would be at greater cost, the interest payments would last until 2025.

      According to “Marcos Cult Worship of Rizalian Brotherhood”, those pro-Marcos loyalists and apologists would worship FM like a “saint”, thus awating his burial.

      Read Alfred McCoy’s books, which would help.

      1. And whose fault was that? Of course, the people after him.

        BTW, you’re just trolling on this site, fam.

  12. how sure are you on the happenings of past?… have you been there? done that? truth lies on the bottom of the earth’s core. we see it our self but were just being blinded by the fact that what we are thinking are all illusions of mind. how can you know that someone is saying the truth.. our past, the history, are they even ought to be true.? what lies behind those stories?… is it the TRUTH?..

    1. It’s a fairly safe bet that what happened a week ago, or a year ago, or ten years ago, or 50 years ago, is exactly the same as what happened yesterday. Lying, stealing and procrastination are cultural values here, and you don’t grow cultural values like that overnight. Filipinos don’t even know what the truth is anymore because they rarely hear it. Or speak it.

        1. The weird part is, I’ve noticed Filipinos lie even when it’s clearly not to their advantage to do so. It’s just a knee-jerk instinct. I’m pretty sure Filipinos are so surrounded by untruths, day in, day out, that they’ve lost all sense of reality.

        2. Some to many Filipinos, anyway, who won’t confront reality that doesn’t jibe with what they think it should be.

  13. Seriously, pro-Marcos loyalists want to wait for necrocracy after FM’s burial in LMNB to become Eternal President of the Republic thus abolishing the Vice Presidency. They want FM to wait for godhood no higher than any deities (Jesus/God/Buddha/Allah/whatever) regardless of politics, religions, anything whatsoever.

    1. @FAGBoy:

      Great, another AUTISTIC SCREECHING shitpost.

      The likes of you are incapable of doing any kind of discussion so you always resort to trolling just to piss people off? Pathetic.

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