Publice Service Announcement: 3 Safety Tips For This Summer


It’s the last week of April and we’re only halfway through the summer. Indeed, according to statistics, this year’s summer is one of the hottest on record and our problems with searing heat and dusty drought are far from over. However, there are ways you can minimize the more negative impacts of the summer. After all, there are few inconveniences that can be solved or at least worked around by using some common sense and a little bit of ingenuity.

Here are three things you can do this summer to minimize problems like heat and dehydration:

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Hydrate Regularly

Be sure to drink as much water as possible. The heat is nice and all but you wouldn’t want to let yourself become dehydrated. Considering the way the temperature rises during this time of year, one really runs the risk of becoming dehydrated if one isn’t careful. So be sure to always drink plenty of water whenever possible and it may be a good idea to bring a full drinking bottle with you if you need to travel.

And no ladies and gentlemen, I wouldn’t recommend filling your drinking bottle with an alcoholic beverage.

Stay Out Of The Heat At Noon

Look, I don’t have anything against sunbathers. As a matter fact, I even think we may even need more of them. But putting my perversion aside, the summer heat in this decade is definitely a record-breaker and we can no longer deny that being in the heat for long periods of time isn’t exactly good for your health.

Constant exposure to the heat can lead to things like dehydration (which is already mentioned above), heat stroke for those with weak physical constitutions and (worst case scenario) skin cancer. So if you’re going to go out in the heat this summer, it would be more advisable that you go out in the early morning or late afternoon when the heat is slightly more tolerable.

Conserve Water

Well, I saved the most important for last.

Thing is, one of the big reasons why a lot of people are suffering from all kinds of heat-related problems this summer is because a lot of them don’t know how to save water. Indeed, for some of us, wastefulness has become a lifestyle on its own. Unless we can change or at least minimize this kind of attitude, I can assure your summer problems will only get worse and rainy season is still a long ways off.

So here’s what you can do:

  • RECYCLE WATER: Instead of flushing your toilet, watering your plants or cooling the ground with fresh water, you can instead use used dirty water (like the water you used for washing your hands or bathed in) for said purposes. After all, I don’t think it makes any real difference to flush away waste material with “waste water” and germs only serve to make the ground more fertile. By doing this, you can free up fresh water for more important purposes such as bathing or washing one’s clothes.
  • LIMIT USE OF WATER: Don’t turn your faucet on full blast unless you really have to. If you don’t really need that much water, then perhaps you can make do with a small and weak stream of water.
  • SAVE WATER: Use large covered containers or drums to store water in case your water supply in case your water supply gets cut off. However, be sure to keep them covered to prevent mosquitoes and other pests from breeding in them.


30 Replies to “Publice Service Announcement: 3 Safety Tips For This Summer”

  1. Dear Mr. Grimwald,
    since I joined GRP (as a reader, lurker and commenter: probably somewhere in 2011 but certainly NOT before 2010) I think and guess almost everything is covered by the GRP authors in their Blogs. What I do miss is an elaborate piece about making love or having sex and/or procreation. No, not in a graphical way, not in a pornographical way but in a biological way. Or is that a taboo issue? I do remember that Benign0 wrote an article once but that was about that making love between a man and a woman was/is the only natural way to get pregnant.

    Why such an article about sex? Well, personally, I do think there is where a lot of problems do begin in your country.
    In my country, parents do give sex-ed to their own kids but it seems to me that that is not the case in PH. I mean, why else do the Philippines need a special law called the “RH law”

    The article you wrote here today is and should be common knowledge for a 6 year old (well, at least a 6 year old in my neck of the woods).

    Maybe you can name your new article:
    Public service announcement:
    Everything you always wanted to know about making love/sex but always were (too) afraid to ask.

    – We dont wash our clothes by hand. The washing machine will do that for us;
    (BTW: we also use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of our dust and other mess on the floor.)
    – We cant actually recycle our water bec it goes straight into the sewage system (so, gone is gone).

    1. I have deep respect for sex. Sex is procreation not recreation. Sex is absolutely clinically unhygienic, dirty and totally unsanitary.

      Please, keep your mouth where it should belong not down there.

      Sex should only be done when wanting to procreate. Once a month. If partner has not conceived, do it again. STOP when conceived.

      In newspapers I’ve read illegal sex is usually described as “sexual battery” “lascivious intent” “dirty minds” and other adjectives not worthy mentioning in polite circles.

      Respect sex and heaven is ours.

        1. I have had so many relationships but they cannot stand a day without sex especially the dirty kind of sex.

        2. “they cannot stand a day without sex especially the dirty kind of sex.”

          What is “the dirty kind of sex”?

      1. Wise One,
        I only know a few ‘illegal sex’ acts:
        – rape
        – sex between a mature adult and a underage/minor

        Although, I am not sure if both are called illegal.

        Recreational sex: I never heard about that term.

        The day that I will have procreational sex I will make damn sure that both my partner and I will both have our orgasms and that we will do it orally, vaginally and otherwise.

        BUT this was and is not my point when I wrote my comment to Mr. Grimwald.
        But it seems and my gut feeling tells me the same that a person like Mr. Grimwald is probably too scared to write a topic about it.
        Or maybe he still thinks/believes that god makes women pregnant. For all we know, he still is a god-fearing guy.

        1. There is only one procreational position that is religiously sanctioned: MISSIONARY

          The rest oral or verbal is not and considered dirty without the quote.

        2. So that rules out: the woman on top?
          Is it okay for you to do the missionary position while your female partner is having her period?

          Thank god, I am not religious. So I am doing the dirty sex all my life. What does that mean? I am going to hell now?

          But again, this was and is also not what I meant when I wrote my initial comment to Mr. Grimwald.

        1. Jim,
          Thank you.

          I really thought about that [possibility] for a few seconds but I do know that there are man like him bec of what he said.
          Many/most men are not able to talk about sex [making love] very seriously and therefore they limit themselves to childish remarks.

        2. Rob, I don’t even find his remarks childish. They are outright weird. If he sincerely believes what he says then I find them disturbing. He should look for a physician who specializes in psychiatry.

          Or maybe he’s just very young and can’t yet understand the pleasures a good shag or oral sex. But if he is that young, then he can’t possibly call himself “The Wise One”.

          Maybe “Lamentably Naïve” would be a better pseudonym.

        3. Jim,
          “Rob, I don’t even find his remarks childish. They are outright weird. If he sincerely believes what he says then I find them disturbing. He should look for a physician who specializes in psychiatry.”

          You are harsh (lol).

          “Or maybe he’s just very young and can’t yet understand the pleasures a good shag or oral sex. But if he is that young, then he can’t possibly call himself “The Wise One”.”

          I cant agree more with you.

  2. “I wouldn’t recommend filling your drinking bottle with an alcoholic beverage.”

    WTF? Beer is mostly water!


  3. Any tips for masculine guys who hesitate to use their umbrella under the sun for fear of being labelled “worse than an animal”?

      1. Yes Grimwald. run as if a fish-looking guy was after you demanding that you vote for his anointed.

        Prolonged exposure to the sun can make one look old beyond his/her years. So please tell the girl in the picture to not overdo it.

        Others tips:
        – walk under the shadows like those of elec posts, sides of buildings, trees
        – use your umbrella anyway and just think “Who cares! Nobody cares!”. If it’s not a sin, don’t be ashamed.
        – find the closest girl walking along your way and ask her “miss, it’s really hot. May I cover you with my umbrella?” – tip for single guys only

        1. “– find the closest girl walking along your way and ask her “miss, it’s really hot. May I cover you with my umbrella?” – tip for single guys only”

          Now, how do you know she is Ms. and not Mrs.? You look for any wedding ring before you offer her your umbrella?
          Secondly, even if she is a Ms. then according to you any decent married guy cannot offer her his umbrella…? Weird thinking. So, that is what/how dysfunctionality looks like.
          – what about wearing a cap?
          – what about using sunblock?

  4. why talk about beach party? America and all allied nation should intervene on the terrorism in mindanao. they should be the one to stop secessionist movement’s hostage takings. they can finish it off in one day if they want.

    1. They probably could, but if that’s what you would like them to do, it would be wise not to vote for a president who tells them to shut up and mind their own business.

      Of course, Filipinos could sort it out themselves in one day, if they wanted to. But they don’t really want to, do they?

    2. Adolfo, you are very wrong and America’s history proves it. We can defeat a country in a week or less very easy. The problem is that even in our own country we can not control every person who decides to be a terrorist. Terrorism must be beaten by the people not by a military problem. The military only can kill and create more terrorist, because any times bullets are shoot someone who is innocent will be killed and the military will make another enemy. Look at Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Mogadishu, Ireland, Bosnia, Serbia and all the other place our military has tried to stop terrorism. Do you see any success stories in any of those countries when military action was successful?

  5. Expose yourselves to the sun. Do not be afraid. There never was danger to Filipinos. There never was recorded skin cancer unless they are white. There never was recorded death due to dehydration.

    1. Not true, so stop spreading non-truths – I have a family member with skin cancer. Our DNA test shows no Spanish blood.

  6. Mr. Grimwald…go to the river, that is not polluted ; and swim like a fish. Swim in the ocean, but be careful of undertows.

    Have a good and very safe summer. Enjoy the moment!

    I remember my younger days, when I used to go and swim in the river. There were no pollution, then. The water was crystal clear…and the trees were still there…nature was in its utmost beauty…

  7. Hot weather opens the skull of a city, exposing its white brain, and its heart of nerves, which sizzle like the wires inside a lightbulb. And there exudes a sour extra-human smell that makes the very stone seem flesh-alive, webbed and pulsing.

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