Dingdong Dantes set to abandon National Youth Commission to campaign for Liberal Party!

It’s all over the news! Top Filipino celebrity Dingdong Dantes is reportedly set to resign as commissioner from the National Youth Commission (NYC). This follows Monday’s resignation of NYC chairman Gio Tingson “to campaign for the ruling party for the May 9 elections.”

Mr and Mrs Dingdong Dantes on their wedding day with their patron Philippine President BS Aquino

Mr and Mrs Dingdong Dantes on their wedding day with their patron Philippine President BS Aquino

The Manila Times on the 31st of March reported that NYC executives were “being pressured to resign by the Liberal Party (LP) and actively campaign for administration standard bearer Manuel ‘Mar’ Roxas 2nd and Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo.”

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The report quotes the account of an inside source who revealed the abject desperation behind the motives of the LP…

“Mar and Leni’s numbers do not fare well among the youth sector. They need to project that they have the support of the youth but they could hardly muster independent volunteers and pro-bono artists,” the source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said.

“This is the reason why the NYC commissioners are being asked to resign and go full-time for the LP campaign,” he added.

Interestingly enough, Dingdong Dantes was recently the subject of a media circus surrounding the “thoughtless extravagance” he and now-wife Marian Rivera exhibited during their lavish 2014 wedding. The gown of Rivera (now Mrs. Dantes) alone allegedly cost two million pesos and the wedding cake, a 12-foot masterpiece of Filipino food franchise Goldilocks Inc (which Dantes was, at the time, under contract to endorse), reportedly cost seven million pesos.

Let them eat this 7M-peso wedding cake!

Let them eat this 7M-peso wedding cake!

It is interesting because an outrage fad is currently raging around the “massacre” of hungry farmers protesting in Kidapawan allegedly perpetrated by heavily-armed Philippine police officers at the scene to control the crowd. The outrage fad was anointed with the now-popular hashtag #BigasHindiBala (“rice, not bullets”) by social media “activsts” and has resonated powerfully across the Philippines’ chattering classes — the underlying presumption here being that people are “outraged” that the nation’s food growers are going hungry while millions of relatively well-fed Filipinos wear down rosary beads in daily prayer.

That’s quite unfortunate for the embattled PR team of the Liberal Party (LP) which had suffered a string of public relations and mass communication gaffes that have all but killed the bid for the presidency and vice presidency of LP candidates Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo.

Then again, perhaps the LP spin meisters may be counting on Filipino voters being too star-struck by the celebrity glitter of the Danteses. Will the Dingdong Dantes ace up the LP’s sleeve prove to be a boon or a bust to the fortunes of Mar and Leni in these elections?

As always…

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata.

Same bat time, same bat channel…

12 Replies to “Dingdong Dantes set to abandon National Youth Commission to campaign for Liberal Party!”

  1. Who in the hell would ever take a dingdong serious? They would have to be a dingdong of the highest order themselves to take seriously anyone named dingdong.

  2. Not this time. As if more advertisement will help some damaged goods. Mar Roxas is a hopeless case.

    Fix first the MRT, hire back the PNP officer whom they sacked because he said 10,000 death versus the 2,000 estimate of PNoy during Yolanda, stop run-away smuggling during the last five years, which has wreck havoc on manufacturing and agriculture, etc, and all other man made disasters like the one called Honrado and all their other lies. (Tip: change back name of NAIA, which is now NAIYAK, to MIA)

    Cge, isali pa nila lahat ng artista sa pambobola nila, wala ng pag-asa yan Roxas-Robredo team, Period.

  3. Who is Dingdong anyway!!!
    Is he a Miraculous Priest , Parekoy, to save
    The dying Mar/Leni tandem? !!! Just a waste
    of money , time, and effort…they are doomed
    to lose… especially with Kris’ endorsement
    of Leni….????????????

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