The Bloody Reign Of The Aquino Aristocracy Needs To End Now!


Ever since the EDSA Revolution, the so-called “Bloodless Revolution”, the Aquino family has ascended a vaunted position in our society. Many saw them as saviors who freed the Filipino people from the alleged “tyranny” of the Marcos regime. There are those who insist that former President Cory Aquino should be made a saint and it wouldn’t even be surprising if some of our misguided countrymen even see them as gods now just as North Koreans see the tyrannical and mentally unstable Kim family as messiahs of their nation. However, for all the hype that surrounds them, one can note that the Aquino family is perhaps the epitome of mediocrity and apathy in the Philippines.

While we claim that the EDSA Revolution finally gave us “democracy” and “freedom”, the trappings of our cuurent government are more akin to that of a feudal aristocracy what with their huge dynasties and thousands of followers who treat them like they were God’s gift to mankind than anything else. Unfortunately, to this very day, Pinoys continue to delude themselves that they are “free” even when, given closer inspection and thought, they are anything but and are seen by the rest of the world as a slave race. Thanks again to the bigger names in Philippine media (which is in cahoots with the Aquino family), Filipinos are largely unaware of just how unfair, cruel and possibly insane their society actually is.

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Over the years, the Aquino family has done little to improve the condition of the Philippines and either believes or wants people to believe that their mere presence may be enough to make positive changes in our society. However, their stay in power has not only failed to make any real improvements in the country, they have served to worsen our situation by tolerating ruthless oligarchs in our country, giving power to terrorist organizations and, most of all, making sure that the biggest media outlets in the country keep the people dumb and unaware of how the people in power are abusing them.

The Aquino family and their allies in the media insist repetitively to a nauseating degree how “tyrannical” the Marcos regime was and that we should be grateful to them for “freeing” us. But then again, their aristocratic behavior and disregard for the common people more than proves that they are every bit as tyrannical or even more so than the Marcoses whom they vilify to no end.

The Mendiola Massacre, the Hacienda Luisita Massacre, the Luneta hostage crisis, the Mamasapano Massacre, the Lumad killings and now the latest killing of farmers in Kidapawan. And what does the current administration have to say about all this? “It’s not our problem if people riot and get killed for their troubles!”

What the-


One can surmise from the crass attitude of the Aquino administration that they don’t even care about the common citizens of the Philippines unless it benefits them in some way or another. They really do believe themselves to be the royalty and nobility in the Philippines even though it is through the vote of the abused and downtrodden commoners that put them in power.

29 Replies to “The Bloody Reign Of The Aquino Aristocracy Needs To End Now!”

      1. The Aquinos are worse than the Marcoses. The Aquinos are: Feudal Oligarchs, plunderers, murderers, liars,collaborators, etc…Your God is not listening to your prayers. U.S./C.I.A propaganda no longer is believed by the new generation of Filipinos.

      2. Why are you afraid of another Marcos? Dont you get the reality for 30yrs now as explained by the writer? You are one of the blinded followers of Aquinos. So sad.

      3. Heaven forbid! Pls. stop being a bitter faggot. You’re almost like Noynoy and Kris, who felt that the world owes them and like them, you enjoy seeing your fellow Pinoys suffer. 🙂

      4. God Himself is facepalming at your sheer stupidity. Why are you scared of bbm? So that he will take away what you benefited after his father died that makes you more richer and others got poorer?

      5. wow, asking for a bearded deity who lives in the sky a favor.
        what i’d ask him for would be some form of deathmatch between members from each family (eg imee vs kris, woohoo!), fucking mortal kombat style. That would be sick, even if it is sick.

    1. Well that can only happen only under a DU30 admin. Grace has no balls to do it.

      She will be very gracious to these reigning criminals in high office. I can guarantee you that.

      DU30 will bring an even bloodier reign – only “dirty blood” flowing this time.

      Waiver: that’s except if DU30 turns out to be a Pacqiao-Mayweather dud. There’s only one way to find out guys.

      1. Of course Grace doesn’t have the balls to do it!

        However, I do not appreciate your sexist remark towards her. The only thing I don’t like about the woman is that she relies almost exclusively on her late father’s reputation. If she had more to show like actual achievements, then maybe she’d get my vote.

  1. In a perverse society such as ours, It is easy to thwart the truth to make injustice more palatable to a commoner who is hungry for justice would not think twice of eating it. My question is this: Why is it that Digong Son doesn’t even trust his own Father’s choice Namely his VP? Is there something more sinister here in question? Just gut my instinct

  2. Actually, the Aquinos and their YellowTard cahoots, were placed there , by the power of the U.S./C.I.A. It was because the U.S./C.I.A., during that time was against Marcos, who was against the extension of the U.S. Bases Agreement.

    The U.S. will Dance with the “Devil”,( the one recently seen by Mr. Grimwald), just so, it can promote its interests in the world. The sea lane routes for U.S. trading ships, must be secure. Or else, the U.S. and the world economies, will have a worldwide depression. Economic depression will cause chaos and wars…

    The Aquinos can be easily removed by the “power” of the almighty U.S./C.I.A. So, they
    they have to kiss the ass, of those in power, in the U.S. However, if the U.S. , feels the Aquinos are now unpopular…they can easily kick them out, and put another politician.

  3. Noynoy has been absolutely 100% subservient to the United States, and everything that he does is for US interests in our country, even without regard to the Philippine constitution. He is under the political protection of America for his entire Presidential term therefore he just doesn’t mind committing atrocities, repeatedly point fingers at his enemies in his speeches, covering up his incompetence and many more unleader-like traits. A “self-serving” leader, that’s what he is. Plus, he even gets constant positive(false) international reports about his Presidency, and fake “progress” reports of The Philippines under him—all for a good image internationally. Haha! Wow grabe noh, it really pays to be on the good side of Uncle Sam. haha! Meanwhile, both Erap and Arroyo ay hindi nagpapa.dikta and both resisted US policies toward the Philippines during their terms, and look at how tarnished their names are in the mainstream media.

  4. I don’t think Pinoys will ever wake up to the double standard: every atrocity done during Marcos’s time was his direct responsibility, but the atrocities done during the Aquino era is not their fault.

    Why do I think that? Like Mao (who, despite being responsible for the disaster known as the “Cultural Revolution” was not held responsible) they are cultivating a personality cult around their deceased patriarch. The Aquinos are never wrong. If you’re yellow, you’ll always be in the right.

    Mao’s been dead for decades and you’d think China will start going towards reassessing his lies… but they haven’t. I’m getting to the point of accepting that Aquinos will not be seen as anything but saintly despite their devilish treatment of those who are “worth dying for”.

  5. Bloody rain under the Yellow sun. It’s definitely more colorful in the Philippines.

    At the end of the rainbow you’ll find a pot of…

      1. Great. Then stick your hand in the pot of bullshit stew and you’ll be surprised to pull out somebody’s …

        (clue: see your first comment above)

  6. oh please don’t compare the philippines with those ugly slope-headed ch|nks. at least no philippines leader has massacered 25 million of his own kind, nor has he run tanks over unarmed students.

  7. Surely, they did not take over South China sea to play Jump rope, we better learn how to say “Don’t shoot” in Mandarín.

  8. During the 1986 Edsa disaster 2 million people rallied along the country’s most significant road, Marcos never ordered to fire shots.
    Meanwhile in Kidapawan 6,000 farmers picketed along Davao-Cotabato Road begging for rice were met with gunshots ordered by Aquino regime.
    How devil Marcos is, eh ?!

  9. The Aquino administrations have become synonymous with Failure, and Incompetence. Whether they admit it or not, they have certainly failed. Miserably so

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