3 Big Reasons Why We Should All Vote For Mar Roxas


I have always been a staunch opponent of the Liberal Party, their tactics and activities. When I learned their true nature, I was filled with righteous fury and boundless zeal. I had never been angrier in my life when I discovered just what the LP has done to us as a people and as a nation. My heart broke at the sight of the maltreatment of our local farmers who just want to be given just a little more for their efforts. My blood boiled when they dismissed the death of so many Filipinos because of their greed and the innate dysfunction of the 1986 Constitution.


However, after reading Gog’s recent article here, I’ve felt a sudden change of heart. After reading the article, I was visited in a dream by a beautiful angel with a princely visage. He bore a lantern that was as bright as the Evening Star and wore fine silk robes accentuated with gold and jewels. The angel spoke in a loud, booming voice that shook me to my very bones and I could only mumble in fear before a creature so magnificent and at the same time so frightening. He regarded me with a piercing gaze that told me he knew everything there was to know about me and he found me wanting, inferior and, most of all, disgusting.

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And the angel told me three big reasons why we should all vote for Mar Roxas this election:

The Protectionist Principles Of The Philippines Will Remain Intact

If Mar Roxas becomes president, he will more likely than not continue the legacy of the Aquino family and, of course, the 1986 Constitution. This will mean that foreigners will forever be limited in their influence over the Philippines as they cannot legitimately own businesses without engaging in any kind of backroom deals with local authorities. Information from foreign sources will also be frowned upon by mainstream media and the education system and only data backed by local authorities will be considered or taken seriously.

This will mean that there will be very few promising job opportunities for our countrymen and, as is the case today, force them to seek better paying jobs overseas. They will then be forced to leave their families behind who may or may not become vulnerable to all kinds of family-related problems such as adultery and, in the case of the children, become involved with bad company. To say nothing of the parent forced to work overseas as he or she might be easily victimized by foreigners who know just how helpless our countrymen are out there and this becomes even worse where things like racial or religious discrimination are all too common.

Also, by blocking our foreign sources of information, the Filipino people will not be given any kind of alternate view about their situation. With only just the local media and local sources of information to rely on, Filipinos will continue to think their ways are always right even when they clearly aren’t. They will also be largely unaware of important issues happening outside their country such as the geopolitical situation of other countries and their subsequent effect on the global economy.

The Glorious Oligarchy Will Continue

The oligarch rulers of the Philippines will continue to hold sway over the Filipino people, as told to me by the angel. Tying in with the above, this means that the wealthy families who are in charge of the Philippines will remain in charge forever. There will be no real change in Philippine society as the ideas and ways put forth by those who came to power decades ago will be continued by their descendants to the present day and beyond. Our democracy will forever remain as a matter of “bloodlines” which the angel said will be a matter for him to decide and not the “free will” of the people.

What changes there will be is that the rich will become richer and the poor will become poorer. The wealthy oligarchs will become wealthier and continue to lord over the Philippines with both indifference and, in some cases, outright cruelty while the destitute and desperate masses will either be constantly scrambling for the scraps they throw our or frantically finding a way out of the country where it is hoped that they can find a better way to live. As the rich gain more knowledge and influence, the poor will continue to live in ignorance and desperation.

Local Celebrities Will Become Gods To Us

During Mar Roxas’ campaign, he involved many local celebrities in his bid to become president. The angel assured me that if Mar Roxas won the 2016 election, our celebrities would stop just being figures in showbiz and go on to become living gods in our country. One can already note how the likes of Kathniel, Vice Ganda or Vhong Navarro are already worshipped by the common Pinoy and it cannot be denied that FPJ could have easily won a previous election and former president Estrada nearly won himself in 2010.

If Mar Roxas wins this election, he will make sure that the local media will continue to hold a strong grip over Philippine society through subliminal messaging and psychological conditioning. By the time Mar Roxas term ends, people like Daniel Padilla or Alden Richards can become viable presidential candidates even when they lack any kind of experience when it comes to politics or aren’t even registered voters. Mar Roxas presidency will glorify celebrities to no end when he finally comes to power and it will be the celebrities, not the common people, who will be the ones to make decision for the Philippine government.


Then the angel turned to leave and began to sing a Rolling Stones song…

Can you guess his name?



29 Replies to “3 Big Reasons Why We Should All Vote For Mar Roxas”

    1. If no to Binay why is it OK for Noynoy to leave him alone unless he is not a crook. Since when was BBM ever president??? What is your basis to never again if it NEVER happened. I forgot trolls can’t answer.

        1. Also why are you avoiding answering Gogs’ decent question? Oh yeah, you’re too dramatic and very proud of it ever since you watch too much telebasuras.

        1. And you won’t make us stop meddling your beloved idol that you still want to lick his ass. Go back with your sister Mary-Kate because kids like you don’t belong here.


  1. On my drive home today I ran over some dog shit.

    But I didn’t feel bad, because I wouldn’t have voted for Mar(imar) anyway.

  2. Yeah nothing short of a fix to our constitution will bring an end to the cycle of poverty and the reign of a few oligarchs in this country. There’s only one guy who is hell bent on doing it. A chance like this only comes every 30 years. You know who to vote guys!

  3. Hey…Mr. Grimwald. Do you know that, Satan, the great Deceiver, can parade himself , as an “Angel of Light”?

    According to the Old Testament in the Christian Bible. Satan, was Lucifer; the covering Angel of the most high God. Lucifer was full of beauty and wisdom. Until, he tried to have a coup d’ etat against God. Lucifer lost, together with his followers; and were cast down into Hell.

    Maybe, the “Angel”, you had seen is Lucifer, or one of his Demon followers. I have never heard an Angel, campaigning for a certain candidate. Especially, that candidate is Mar Roxas.

    1. 😉 I’m glad you noticed that Mr. Toro…

      “So if you meet me, have some courtesy, have some sympathy and some taste! Use ALL your well-earned politesse or I’ll lay your soul to waste!”

      ~The Angel

      1. Hey…Mr. Grimwald… I do not want to meet your “Angel” friend…good, I have the ability to smell a “rat/deceiver”, a mile away…

  4. For every criminal mastermind, there were ten cretins: the cruel algebra of intelligence applied across the masses.

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