Martial Law Crybabies are flooding social media timelines with their loser mentality!

Looks like my last article about Martial Law, “Calls for ‘justice’ for the Martial Law ‘victims’ are just fashion statements” hasn’t really sunk in. Worse, all the Martial Law Crybabies in my social media radar seem to have stepped up their idiotic campaign to mis-inform Filipinos about Martial Law.


I’m glad someone who was actually a victim of police brutality during that period finally spoke up. Read all about what former Ambassador (now a writer for the Manila Times) Rigoberto Tiglao wrote here. Tiglao is a bon a fide “Martial Law victim”. As benign0 wrote earlier, we really should listen to people who were really there.

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What I find bizarre is how Filipinos, instead, choose to listen to the ululations of cretins like Jim Paredes and Cynthia Patag. I mean they’re just singers and B-movie actors/actresses for god’s sake! How do their words and thoughts stack up to a guy like Tiglao? Obviously, Filipinos are so starstruck by these celebs that they forget to think straight.

As a matter of fact, Tiglao clearly recalls what sort of a student Paredes was at the Ateneo High School, some kid who was “known in our high school for his singing and dancing, not for thinking and writing.” Tiglao goes on to say about Jim who, for some reason, wrongly asserted that he was a classmate of Tiglao’s at the Ateneo…

First of all, Jim wasn’t and couldn’t be my classmate at the Ateneo High School, but a batch mate. I was in the “B” class for semi-honors students, with “A” being the honors class. Jim was in the G or H class.

Ha ha! Tiglao is super classy! 😀

Seriously, why would anybody listen to these wankers anyway — specially on a topic as serious as Martial Law?

I’m guessing that the Martial Law Crybabies are in a panic seeing that Bongbong Marcos is gaining so much traction on the campaign trail. Have you checked his Facebook page lately? It’s now got more than 1 million ‘Likes’? Last time I checked (about a year or so ago, if I’m not mistaken), he had less than 100,000. Mar Roxas, to be fair, has 1.3 million as of this writing. But I’m quite confident BBM will catch up and overtake him soon.

And so here we are, seeing a throng of desperate Martial Law Crybabies desperately tweeting and posting memes and emo stories about those so-called “victims” of the Marcos regime. And all they get for their trouble is millions of millenial eyes rolling up to the sky in bemusement.

Lumang tugtugin coming from a sorry lot of lumang taos.


Bongbong Marcos with the ironic help of the Epic 1986-2016 Yellowtard Fail has effected the most spectacular PR turnaround in Philippine history. Left in the dust is the Yellow Mob and their old song-and-dance playing out like a broken record. They wasted their political capital on loud trumpetting instead of investing it in quiet achievement.

So for all you Martial Law Crybabies, tigilan niyo na ang ngawngaw. Just cut your losses and admit that the Philippines continues to fail not because of the “evils” of the Martial Law Years of the 1970s but because what we Filipinos got out of your 1986 “revolution” was nothing of any substance that we could work with.

59 Replies to “Martial Law Crybabies are flooding social media timelines with their loser mentality!”

  1. Like a habit that is hard to break, this Aquino-the-hero and Marcos-the-villain story has not been let-go by a lot of Filipinos. This mindset, I think, is attributable to the Filipinos’ love of soap operas. They seem to look for heroes and villains in the real world. The Millenials that I know really doesn’t care about that anymore. They’re beyond fighting for freedom. They’re looking to fight to progress.

    What I hope Filipinos realize soon is it is not anymore about who’s the protagonist or antagonist. It’s about the search for who has the best idea and skills to lead the nation.

    “Under BS Aquino III, the Philippines is better” – Fine. He’s about to leave so what’s next? “Under FE Marcos, the Filipinos are well-disciplined” – Fine, FM is dead for nearly 30 years, so what’s next?

    Is it really that hard for Filipinos to let go of the past? It looks like we have too much of the sayings “ang di lumingon sa pinanggalingan ay di makakarating sa paroroonan” and that we are actually walking forward but facing backwards, hence, we frequently stumble and our march is miserably slow.

    1. So do the FLIP, and reverse the roles.You would have half the people saying what the other half is saying now, wouldn’t you?
      SO, what does that tell you,brilliant one(NOT!)?

      it is time to clean the house out, and throw out the garbage,its as plain to see as the nose on your face.In fact,its way past that time.Ticketty-Tock.


  2. Law enforcer is a big nut to obeyed a commander in-chief during martial law era. Never think at all mostly the victims are all innocent.

  3. @ Ms.Kate, where is it said that ‘Martial Law’ is responsible for where the country is at now? You have the freedom of the Press today,during Martial Law NO ONE HAD FREEDOM OF THE PRESS ,excepting the Marcos family.

    The failings of the current crop of politicians suggests that it is time for a real revolt, to get rid of the people that have plundered and pillaged the country for nights on 50 years.

    The sad fate of the country is just a continuum of what was started long before you were even a glimmer in someone’s eye.Make the same mistakes as the past has and you shall pay just as dearly.Right now, if you think things can not get much worse? Well, mark these words:if the current crop is not ousted through any means necessary:NOTHING WILL CHANGE, and the Philippines will continue as it has,the downward spiral is what its on FYI, since 1964.

    1. Martial Law was long gone! Get over it! Democracy has been restored by the bloodless revolt by the Yellow cults. They have the chance to make a change. They made a change alright, from a great nation to worst. People want to see achievements and accomplishment, so far non of the administration after FM ever delivered for the people sake. Its by high time someone considerate, competent and with substance be elected. Enough of the incompetent nincompoop vindictive Yellow mentality. Its time to move forward as a nation.

      1. @ Mike R, YOU are delusional if you think the Failippines was ever a great nation.(Can I have some of what your smoking?).
        The Oligarchs that run the economy and the country that runs everything else pull the strings of the ploiticians and pay them to do their bidding.If you think that the Filipino people have any say in the way the country is run….WOW, you are sadly mistaken.

        At this point the only way to make a change in the way the country is going is a massive revlt and the arrest and deportation of all politicans and their treacherous families.

        THAT IS ALL THERE IS TO IT, and if Filipino’s do not have the courage to do it:MARK THESE WORDS, NOTHING WILL CHANGE.

        It is laughable to think that a country would or could be so fuckin dumb as to keep electing people from the same families to run the country for 50 years after it has been plundered into being the cesspool of S.E.Asia, and yet,Filipino’s continue to do so as if they are the dumbest people that ever walked the planet.

      2. Hear, hear!

        Just when we’re trying to practice our democracy, they are bringing us back to their unending “Martial Law”. Bringing down a corrupt and incompetent government is a practice of democracy and that is happening NOW! Martial Law has nothing more to do with it anymore. It’s all in the hands of who’s running the country post-EDSA1986 up to NOW!

        1. @ SICKO, NO you are wrong. No one is bring you back anywhere, you are taking yourself there by electing a Marcos. These people should not even be allowed to be dog-catchers ,let alone given the keys to the treasury again.
          Ask any OFW if they would vote for a Marcos.I asked 20 today and they all said NO, and a lot more than that too.

        2. @MELEY PENEY,

          Why, may I ask, won’t they vote for Marcos? What is their basis on who to vote and not to vote for? Do they still think that their votes count?

        3. @MALAY PINAY, How many OFW have you talked? Are you dreaming? Maybe you’ve only talked to OFW who are anti Marcos but try to talk to OFW’s who uses their brain to think rather than people like you who uses their mouth without substance.

  4. Marcos Martial Law is no longer relevant to us. The same as Benigno Aquino Sr. KALIBAPI Party.
    Both are History. Let us all put them in the dust bin of History.

    Let us FOCUS on the “accomplishments” or “non accomplishments” of Benigno Aquino III. These are very relevant to us.

    Aquino is trying to deflect the valid issues against him, by resurrecting the Ghost of Marcos Martial Law. Assuming, he does not know, the treasonous role, his grandfather, Benigno Aquino, Sr. , did in World War II.

    Leave all the past, behind. And look at the present, and the future.

  5. Ah, yes, nothing like a little Hate on Martial Law or Marcos=Bad/Evil orientation to prepare the youth for life in the Philippines where Aquino/Conjuanco=Hero/Good.
    Ateneo should offer a PhD in Marcos Hateology in it’s college courses.

    I won’t be surprise if a backlash against the anti-Marcos hate propaganda is coming soon (inevitable).

    1. @ DALE, NO NO NO,GET RID OF THEM ALL. FILIPINO’s NEED TO WAKE THE FUCK UP AND GET RID OF ALL THESE SCAM ARTISTS. Instead of electing the same people, just one generation removed from the last thief.

      OMG, the density of the Failipino is just mind boggling.

      1. @Malay Pinay, You are talking non-sense. I can’t understand where your point is directing. You’re just a mere hater of the marcoses and no alternativity being suggested. Your English sounds good, but your point, confusing.

  6. Obviously, the commenter is a paid lapdog of the modern day dictator and grandson of former Japanese collaborator, receiving measly amount from Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program just to defend his idiot masters and assimilate lies and distort the truth to pass the blames on the previous administrations not named Aquino. Most of these paid hacks resort to emotional blackmailing and ad hominems because their beloved saint is not infalliable and downright stupid.

  7. @ KATE NATIVIDAD, IF YOU published an anti-government article during Martial Law you would go to jail for simply writing it.Can you wrap your head around that one? You would be in fucking jail.

    Forget the past, go ahead (be your own guest), and you will be doomed to repeat it.

    1. Again we don’t owe EDSA anything and disturbingly you seem to imply this veiled threat that anyone who “dares” question EDSA should somehow, “hypothetically,” experience imprisonment, rape and torture. Another lame attempt to silence any criticism of EDSA just to have a cheap shot at the so-called “evil” Martial Law.

    2. Hey, here in the UAE, if you talk about the government in public places, CID/Police will catch you without noticing it and landed in police station for investigation and worse you will get into jail for just a gossip! And lo, look at them, they are only 41 years of independence from their coloniser, they are way up ahead better than Phillipines. You know why? They’re not tolerating to talk about politics and the government itself! The law is always a LAW, no one’s above it!

      1. >> You know why? They’re not tolerating to talk about politics and the government itself.

        That is possibly one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read on the interwebs.

        The UAE is “ahead” of the Philippines only because the rest of the world buys their oil, and countries like the Philippines send them slaves to do the jobs they’re to lazy to do themselves. If it weren’t for oil, their backward culture and political system would create a country similar to Somalia.

        1. That is their law! The most dumbest thing I know is we, Filipinos never get tired of talking about politics either gossip or truth! Never get tired of talking about Marcos, Martial Law, present government,Aquino’s and other politicians et al. Its not about their oil, they follow the laws of the land! They are more patriotic and disciplined to move forward for their own prosperity in life. Look at we are now, sad to say, we are left behind.

        2. And you’re just another living proof of an outlaw. I bet you hate following laws because you’re a drama queen and a proud juan tamad.

  8. the question is , who were those people writing anti government propaganda during martial law year? who is joma sison , etta rosales, satur ocampo , jalondoni and as mentioned , mr tiglao ,and many others , even these politicians during those time like ninoy aquino, diokno and others, who happened to be mostly rich barons , clans , land lords, you can check the composition of our congress pre-martial law years, you will know who they were and what they represent, these people were not innocent by-standers that was picked-up and incarcerated , the fact was , and it’s on record , that these people challenged the legality of their arrest and incarceration at the supreme court,some will say the SC is composed of appointees of marcos , but thats what reality is , the president appoint them and no one can do that except the president, those record of transcript of the marathon hearing challenging the declaration of martial can stand the test of time, that it was done not in the influence of marcos, but on legal grounds. actually estelito mendoza who defended it became one of our most successful lawyer in our history.
    martial law is being abused those who wants to stay in power and continue their plunder in our resources, as a manifestation, we can check who owned now those most profitable assets of government before , like MWSS, PNOC , PETRON , even the semirara mining. by this we can determine who really benefited the EDSA revolt

    we are saying our freedom then was curtailed , but what about if the communist had succeeded in overthrowing marcos? what had we become if that happens , do you think that we have freedom now , or even a social media. madaling gamitin rason ang martial law para takutin ang bayan , but the fact was may rason sa imposition ng martial law at yon ay wala na sa ngayon, kung sadyang masama ang martial law, why it is still present in our constitution? kasi we need it in time of war and great treat to our national security , sana maisip natin yan , nandiyan yan kasi yan ang power ng state na pwde niyang gamitin if the existence of our institutions is threatened by internal or external forces, the MV karagatan was loaded with around 10 thousand heavy arms to be used to fight the government of marcos. in one interview of victor corpuz ,he said, if they succeeded in unloading those arms, they might had succeeded in overthrowing the government of marcos by that we are now a communist country .. please don’t overlook the more than 45 million filipinos who benefited in the imposition of martial law

    singapore has no freedom of speech and they are rich …

  9. Marcos did harm to the country. I can’t see why you people keep denying that. After he left, PH was left at the hands of even more incompetent people. Now… Just because these people are incompetent doesn’t mean you have to go back to the side that goes against the incompetent people. Especially if that side is the side where these incompetent people came from. Why the fuck are you people stuck in Red and Yellow times? Here is what I’m seeing, Marcoses screwed PH, so people turn against him and join the Aquinos. Then Aquinos screwed up and now people are going back to the Marcoses. Meanwhile… These Noynoy and Bongbong do nothing but live in the old “glory days” of their parents. GET REAL PHILLIPPINES! You dipshits are letting these idiots take over your lives. Look at you arguing like monkeys over something so meaningless. So now you people want to support Bongbong… After you guys are fed up with him… Whose next? Kris Aquino? Then after her you’ll support Imee? This is why I can’t stand this country. Your kind blames the government for the bullshit that is happening all around. But in reality it is you people who is making this country a fucked up place to live in. Oh! But we want to go with the lesser evil. The idea of lesser evil is bullshit. Give the lesser evil full power and that lesser evil would turn into a great evil.

    1. @John Cena: Apples to oranges again. People turned to Noynoy on the basis of ill-advised notions of what a good president is. So in all their usual idiocy, Filipinos elected the most unqualified and most incompetent of a line up of candidates in 2010.

      Compare that today, and you will find that vice presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos is more qualified than even the presidential candidates themselves.

      This is an excerpt from an article where the author, albeit grudgingly, attests to that fact…

      A major strength of Bongbong which is not measured in surveys is his familiarity with the local government sector. A former provincial governor, he has, in my view, done a good job as chairman of the Senate committee on local governments. When he discusses provinces and cities and towns and barangays, you can tell he has a good grasp of how they work, what they need, what they want. He can talk to the locals.

      I’m not saying I necessarily support BBM (can’t speak for the author of the article though). I’m just showing that in the very words that you use in your comments above is evidence that it is you who fail to intelligently read the pulse of the electorate today and instead make false analogies using Kris Aquino to illustrate your infantile notions of voter behaviour that you apply to the message in your above comment.

      1. And how am I a failure? Do explain… You focusing on my little comment on Kris Aquino… Aren’t you a little too excited to label me as a failure for saying something exaggerated? Obviously in reality there is more choice from the yellow side than Kris… But hey! Even if you do show me that article there. I still think that Bongbong getting to where he is now is pure bullshit. The guy who “lost everything” works around people who “betrayed” his father. Even had a picture of him getting promoted by Enrile and ERAP (both disgraceful candidates). How could you trust someone like that? See… What I’m seeing here is selective amnesia. And yes, at the moment he may be the most qualified. But… That doesn’t change the fact that we’re being forced to choose between different kinds of crap. Plus the mindset of the Filipinos who depend so much on these idiots instead of doing their part to make the country a better place. I’ve spent years travelling all over and only in PH (also Thailand and Vietnam) are people acting like blind fanatics. Oh I’m going off topic already… But yeah… People here want change, but they keep voting from the same old system. No wonder PH is behind by many other countries.

      2. Who’s fault is it if BBM “works around people” to get where he is?

        This “democracy” supposedly implemented following that 1986 “revolution” is, we are told, (with apologies for the cliche) of the people, by the people, and for the people. So BBM is as much a product of Filipino voters as any other politician in office and in the running.

        Those Ateneo faculty bozos make it sound as if the way BBM “works around people” is unique to him. If they are sincere about their advocacy against stealing and injustice, why don’t they widen their dragnet to include everything and everyone that fits the criteria they apply to their perception of BBM’s character and qualifications.

        And that is the thing that shoots down the credibility of emo movements like this — the whole moronic idea that Martial Law and its alleged perps are the singular cause of the Philippines’ continued languishing as a failed state.

        1. Still I find it very convenient for the guy. There is no proof. But there are trails left behind. Especially if you know where these guys are coming from. It is as if the whole thing was a stage play. We got the Marcos era, which did some progress to PH, but from what I see (at least my studies) the Marcos era rushed the progress of PH. That is why PH is left in debt. But not everything was Marcos’ fault here. The ones who went after him were incompetent. Now, during the Marcos times, money was stolen from the country. Big amount of money. Who stole it? Perhaps Marcos family, or the ones who were after him… Can’t say for sure because there were no evidence of it. Now this is just a theory. Going back to the missing money. I think that it was taken by Marcos and his cronies. Now, obviously there would be a search for the money. So they had to stage EDSA Revolution. Marcos makes an exit. They search him but will find nothing because he “lost everything”. The cronies who “betrayed” him take their share of the money, gain power and since they are the “traitors” they’ll look like they’re not working with him, makes them clean. Years later, Bongbong returns to get back in power and continue their little crime ring. That is just a theory…

          But what makes me say such a thing? For starters, Ramos and Enrile, both former Marcos cronies have a history of having their enemies killed. The Cojuangcos are also quite notorious for getting rid of people. Now having Bongbong get to where he is? Why wasn’t he stopped by these guys? Bongbong who is obsessed with his father… Do you think he would just let the ones who betrayed his dad not get away with it? If I’m in Enrile or Ramos’ position we’ll be sabotaging the guy or have him killed. But instead we see Enrile promoting Bongbong. But hey! This again is just speculations. But you really should look up the part where Enrile (even Jack) had people killed.

          Meanwhile, there is also a connection between these families. Like Marcoses and Aquinos… One family that connects them would be the Buencaminos. Really feel free to look up their family tree. And if you’ve watched the General Luna film, they are implying that the Buencaminos are kinda the “traitors” of the country. But this doesn’t prove anything.

          Now… For Bongbong who has “lost everything”. It takes millions to run for position. Where did he get the money? Perhaps donations? His family was rich to begin with, yeah, I know a relative of their’s who owns a house as big as a block… So that is one generous relative. Or perhaps there is a catch… Who knows…

          So for me, Bongbong Marcos is guilty until proven innocent.

          But yeah, I agree with you about Ateneo widening their dragnet. They should also teach about how screwed up some laws here are. And the other killings that have happened because of it. They should give more light to the reasons behind the Luisita thing. And there are more cases like those here. But hey! If they do that, they may go out of business. But at least they did the country a favor.

          And as for the “democracy” we have here. Sure we get some freedom here.But I do feel like the democracy here is just for show. There are so many restrictions in this country that it makes people like me feel imprisoned. While the ignorant, they get the feeling of freedom because they don’t know much.

          Where do I get my sources? Lets just say I came from some line of politicians… I’ve had a childhood of attending those family reunions aka hierarchy establishment events. I’ve experienced dealing with death threats and changing daily patterns to avoid killings. Same with under the table BIR dealings. But hey! I’ve been labeled as a liar. So you don’t really have to believe in what I say. But I left some trails you might want to follow. Perhaps you’ll see things the way I do. Who knows…

          All I can say is, stop letting these guys take over. Be like other countries who don’t let their politics have full power. Don’t let these politicians divide you. They’re more capable of defending themselves. If they’re really as good. Then people would be satisfied and won’t complain even if they do something stupid. Besides what do people get from fighting each other for these politicians?

          And just based on personal experience. Among the many places I’ve been to. The less the politics are involved the nicer the place is. The more politics become part of the daily lives of people. The more shitty the place is.

        2. Yes I agree that it has become quite a convenient situation for BBM. By your own account, the web of interrelatedness amongst members of the oligarchy both in terms of actual family ties and of overlapping interests and agendas is so intricate as to defy any effort to single out one family — much more one individual — to hold to account for the failure of the Philippines to become a modern prosperous country. And this is the key argument that validates our assertions on the foolish thinking behind the advocacy of these Ateneo faculty members.

          I wrote a while back about the need for a new approach to activism in the Philippines (among others you will find in the “Related Articles” section of the bottom of the article)…

          We need to evolve beyond slogans and circuses and develop better tools, better approaches, and better thinking to get conrete achievements chalked up on our activist scoreboards. The message of our activist undertakings need to be reinstated in its proper place — at the foreground of any “movement”. At the background should be the context of these messages — the circumstances, issues, and ideas that provide the right perspective to how we regard these messages.

          Unless we change the old activist paradigm, these movements will only cop more ridicule and induce less reflection in an already irrevocably jaded public.

    2. @John Cena, Don’t talk like the real John Cena. You’re just an idiotic idolater of the famous wrestler. So don’t call your fellow Filipinos names that even you can’t accept if you will be called with. If you hate the Philippines and its people, then don’t show your face here, or I’ll kick your ass. I promise you that.

  10. I’d say this to Jaime Ramon “Jim” Paredes…

    That’s what this little conversation is all about. The talk about my knives, the stroll on the terrace, the handholding and come-on about what my scar sounds like. Interesting technique. Tell me, what was your next move? Maneuvering me up against the wall here? Or me accidentally falling on your dick?

  11. Kate and Benign0,

    The shortcomings of the Aquinos do not justify the suffering and oppression during the Marial Law years. Nor do they erase the millions or even billions of pesos the Marcoses took to Hawaii when they fled the country. The Aquinos are horrible in their own way but the Marcoses are just as bad. The mistakes of the other cannot wash away the corruption and abuses of the Marcoses.

    1. Nothing justifies stealing and causing people suffering. But when a country and an entire people allows 30 years to go by without punishing the people who they believe stole from them, then they deserve whatever injustice they get.

      1. @ benigno: Why do you support BBM? WHY are you allowing his Mother to pass on to him the benefits of FM’s ill-gotten wealth instead of calling for that fortune’s immdiate distribution into the countries economy to provide shelter,food, and medical care for all in need of it?

        Justification of BBM’s candidacy flies in the face of your past anti-corruption stances.
        The issue is ‘SYSTEMIC CORUPTION’ and getting rid of the ‘Biggest Criminal Syndicate in S.E.Asia’, the Philippines Government.Your support of the Son of the dictator who plundered the countries wealth and di not give it back is just support for criminality with impunity and YOU can not deny it.
        The current government and all of the candidates are thieves as well. Instead of calling for the ouster and the reclamation of ill-gotten wealth, you support a Man who stands to inherit a Trillion U.S.Dollars from his Father.His Father stole it from your Grandparents generation and yet you stand there as if this fact is lost on you,don’t you? Are you so blind as to not realize this?

        I THINK NOT. BUT in your comment above this one you state:”Nothing justifies stealing and causing people sufferring….”,and then without even skipping a sentence you JUSTIFY EXACTLY WHY INJUSTICE SHOULD BE TOLERATED.That is called being FULL OF SHIT.


        *** NOTE:This is not in any way support for Aquino,who is just as big a thief, or any other politician in the Philippines.IT IS ABOUT THE REMOVAL OF ALL OF THEM********
        Why are you not using your position for something good,rather than being part of the problem?

        1. Only an order issued by a Philippine court can implement all of what you propose regarding the Marcoses’ assets as well as bar BBM from seeking public office. There are procedures in place and institutions to dispense with said procedures to govern any effort to implement what you propose.

          So to answer your question, BBM is qualified to seek office according to Philippine law. Whether or not I or anyone supports that situation is therefore irrelevant.

          It’s simple, really.

        2. Why do you assume Benign0 is supporting BBM? Just because one is pointing out the flaws of the #NeverAgain movement, doesn’t mean one is supporting BBM.

          You should blame the Aquinos for not pursuing filing cases against the Marcoses in the first place. You should also blame PNoy for making the Marcoses look good in the eyes of the people who got frustrated with his inutile government.

      2. It isn’t too late for justice. I say we start by not supporting another familiar name for the highest office in the country.

  12. John Cena, you take the words out of my mouth.

    In the beginning, I was really pleased to see a website like GRP flourish. But the more I read their articles, the more disappointed I become because of writers like Kate and Benign0. It is okay to have your personal opinion but, if this website is truly about critical thinking, why haven’t I seen a single article here about what you and I are saying (I.e. Aquinos and Marcoses should not run the country)? The Filipino people should be empowered to demand for better candidates and not settle for less.

      1. Fair enough, Benign0. A very good POV also in this article. Now, if only you and the other bloggers of this website would come up with more such articles (versus articles about how Martial Law was not so bad and it is the 1986 revolution that dragged the country down) then it erases the perception that you are a Marcos supporter. I am not saying that you are nor do I want to imply that but many people can easily misunderstand your political inclinations because of the number of articles you write about Martial Law, the Marcoses being pitted against the 1986 EDSA Revolution mob.

  13. “Crybabies” is perhaps unfair and insulting to those who were adversely affected..even Marcos’ martial law. Then again, if we call it for what it really is.. a left-handed boost for Master Bong-Bong.. one might just let that “crybaby” label slide. Man… do these pages reek of politics.. and don’t the paid hacks of politicians run rampant?

  14. Well, it still cannot be denied that the Martial Law era made a scar to the Philippine’s progress. Albeit that there are unpopular issues against the Aquino during the Second World War, Ferdinand Marcos is still in the wrong. As much I thought that BBM is all the country has left that does know progress (imo), I’m betting my life that BBM would continue the atrocities of his father, while also being against the Aquino, especially how he even ‘indirectly’ said that history (including everything that happened during the Martial Law and Ferdinand Marcos’ reign) should be left to historians or those who will study the country’s history which is suspicious as to my understanding really.

  15. Dear Kate Natividad. (Is that even your real name?) You ask why we should listen to the likes of Patag and Javier. I throw the question back at you. Why should we read and take you seriously? Who are you and what have you done besides occupy a webpage to deserve attention? Have you ever walked the horrid streets to express your indignation at anything? Have you been a victim of oppression? Have you ever written a song or performed onstage so eloquently that it has moved even one person to action? Until you show proof that you are more than the sassy over-privileged self-indulgent shallow coñita you appear to be, be prepared for more disappointments. People will always take the word of anybody with more significance than an unknown like you.

    1. I’ve got a simple answer for you. Obviously, a lack of credentials is a showstopper for people like you, which means you didn’t need to read any of my work to begin with. And yet here you are, taking the time to put in a comment after actually having read my article.

      You need to be a bit more smart with how you invest your time, gramps. 😀

      1. Your answer was not so much simple as it was off-tangent and evasive with a bit of ad hominem thrown in.

        I HAD TO read your “work” in order to post a fair comment. That’s how things work my dear girl. So fair was my comment apoarently that all you could muster was to call me gramps in retort.

        My questions were not rhetorical “miss natividad” they require answers from you, a self confessed failed artist accdg to your tweet-y blurb. You were the one who put Javier’s and Patag’s credentials on the table and nobody else so play the cards you yourself dealt.

      2. Tit for tat Mr “Marc M”. Your comment had nothing to do with the message of the article and everything to do with the credentials of the writer (cute little moi).

        So if you want anything more than what I am giving back to you, perhaps try to actually address the actual points of the article rather than fixate yourself on stuff that you really have no business knowing and have nothing to do with the ideas put forth here.

        1. One of the points of your article is why people listen to Jim Paredes and Cynthia Patag at all. I remember seeing the word “cretins” there actually. I ask back, why should we listen to you? And you cannot answer the question, it’s rather obvious now. (Actually by being unable to answer, you already did answer. QED. Wrap your pretty little head around that.Lol)

          Anyway, I will take you advice and invest my time more wisely. This certainly is not the place to do it, as suspected. I think anyone who has the patience to read this exchange will agree. I hope it will be one of your “editors” if you have any, and perhaps she will advise *you* to invest your time somewhere else. Failed artist and dumped blogger. What could be sadder. Oops sorry I was just daydreaming there. Boring stuff tend to induce that in me.

          So, Sayonara “Kate”! As kids of your generation would say, kthanksbye. You been pwned.

    2. Ah, credentialism, something which comes from the belief that only “somebodies” should have a voice or should be listened to. And if that person is a nobody, they should be treated like trash. That belief is the product of a mentality of a starstruck ignoramus or ass-kisser of someone like an oligarch. Hence the description I put under my byline.

  16. Kung lahat ng mga ginagawa ng mga individual n pulis noon panahon ni Marcos ay isisisis nyo kay Marcos dahil meron dw basbas ni Marcos, eh di po pala yung lahat ng mga nsa gobyerno at kapulisan ngayon n mga nasangkot sa droga at krimen ay may basbas din lahat ng mga nakaraang administrasyon at pangulo tama po ba?

    1. Citing personal attacks on the writing makes you not only a more disgusting human being but also a pretentious, arrogant hypocrite.

      And an totally abysmal point misser as well.

    2. Let’s go baby! Sure enough this will get deleted by the blog owner. Tell them what they are and they will personally hand-pick what to listen to, allow in their comment section, and personally understand. So much for freedom of speech, huh; freaking pseudo-intellectuals. It’s kinda fun every so often to read this blog to serve as principle check though. Like, I know I’m still a moral human being if I’m repulsed by Ilda and benign0 articles.

      Anyway, based from what I understand, you can kill their(blog owners’) families; even not showing them where the artfully massacred bodies are. Give it a few decades then tell them to move on. Fk cry babies right? Then, you’ll get buried as hero after your natural death. After a while, you’ll get a radical following that even defends you through blog-mongering.

      Legacy lives on. Marcos forever bud, salud!

      1. TROLL. 🙂

        Anyhow, your comment doesn’t even make sense whatsoever, more like a red herring to begin with. So where do we start here?

        Since you’re not making any sense, then this should be put in the ‘flawed arguments’ category.

        If I were you, son, stop embarassing yourselves and set your priorities for once. Your flawed logic of yours have proven the author’s point while you’re just running in circles and scratching your heads.

      2. You have the nerve to talk about ‘freedom of speech’ but you’re totally ignorant about the fact that after 1986, the Yellows have the loudest speech, like you, for example. So what are you trying to pull.

        Anyway, based from what I understand, you can kill their(blog owners’) families; even not showing them where the artfully massacred bodies are. Give it a few decades then tell them to move on. Fk cry babies right? Then, you’ll get buried as hero after your natural death. After a while, you’ll get a radical following that even defends you through blog-mongering.

        As others who put on their shit here, you’re just another point misser. There are other victims who chose to move forward after those things because they fully realized that if they let their own emotions get the better of them, they would never see what is really going on. And it seems you’re trying to tell that there are no massacred bodies AFTER Marcos left, right? Please give me an explanation.

        All I can say is, congratulations. Because you just went FULL RETARD with what you wrote.

        1. @TELL IT LIKE IT IS….:

          As expected from an ACTUAL RETARD and a TROLL, you never cease to make me laugh. 🙂

          -He declared Martial law in 1972 yet it was lifted in 1981 so it was 9 years, not 15.

          -Murdered his enemies? Perhaps, but his enemies had a hand of killing their own in order to pin the blame on Marcos; not to mention that the two people who are actually responsible for these murders are actually scoot free, and you rever them as “heroes” and “statesmen”. Your point?

          -Ah, this spurious argument once again. You overrate about how he robbed the country of BILLIONS yet you’re totally fine that the people after him did even worse and they even stole HUNDREDS and BILLIONS of USDollars in various ways.

          30 years ago, there was just one plunderer. Today, there are plunderers left and right that if you total what has been plundered for 30 years, that one plunderer 30 years ago now looks like an amateur. The national budget during the military rule looks like peanuts now compared to the three Trillion budget of today. And yet, they trumpet that Yellows are of Daan Matuwid. Indeed, a lie that is repeated often enough becomes a truth.

          -He was no fuckin hero, but he was not a demon. He did not have Ninoy killed. Marcos had helped save Ninoy’s life by making sure his fraternity brother got proper medical attention in the US. He was not the mastermind of the EJKs. He was not a monster. He was a sinner, perhaps a very bad one, but how does that make him vastly different from anyone of us?

          Sorry, but you need to dig deeper. It shows that your comment is not actually ‘simple’ but you’re more of a point misser than you accuse me of because of how EMO you are. And here’s the icing of the cake: you’re a SIMPLETON, DUH!!!!

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