Catching up with Mao: on young Filipinos’ rejection of the false ‘spirit of EDSA’

The millennial generation of Filipinos have helped in what 5-10 years ago would have seemed as an impossible PR turnaround by Senator Bongbong Marcos, son of the late “dictator” Ferdinand E. Marcos. The only son of the late president is running for vice president, and several groups have protested what they say is an attempt of the Marcos family to return to the presidency. Perhaps they see it that way because Jejomar Binay might be impeached, Grace Poe might be disqualified, while Miriam Santiago and Rodrigo Duterte have health issues.


But, what’s worse is that they have blamed the millennial generation for being “uninformed” or “misinformed” about martial law. Some would even go as far as to insult the millennials who support Bongbong Marcos for being ignorant. But, to be fair, the millennial generation has as much right to insult the present ruling generation.

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The older generation has created the present circumstances in the Philippines (although to be fair, they aren’t 100% to blame). This is why they like to criticize young people today for being too attached to gadgets, for being too focused on their romantic lives, for being undisciplined, for talking back, among other things. Now, they’re criticizing the younger generation for being “caught up in the Marcos propaganda.”

Younger generations have actually had a disillusionment from the system put into place by Corazon Aquino which is now being upheld by her unico hijo, President BS Aquino. Perhaps that is the good thing that has come out of BS Aquino’s failures, that Filipinos finally realize the failure of the system put into place in 1986. Once again, to be fair, some members of the older generation have begun to realize the Aquino blunders and the unsuccessful system that has ruled the Philippines.

So, we have older people particularly the martial law “victims” telling younger people how bad the martial law days were. But, have they been able to show how life today is better? It’s pretty ironic coming from the generation which totally destabilized the country. The generation which criticizes the millennials for not being informed about martial law is the same generation which shook up the foundation of this nation in the 1970s with their radical left movements.

Why then should the present generation attack the younger generations who have only grown dissatisfied with the present generation’s output? In fact, it is actually good that the young people have learned to question the propaganda that has been fed to them. It is good that the younger generations, stripped of bias because they had neither good or bad martial law experiences, is starting to look at history objectively, and at a candidate’s qualifications based on platform and achievements.

In the end, we might be catching up with Mao Zedong, who initiated the Chinese Cultural Revolution in 1966. Mao rallied the support of the youth in China during that time and made a radical move to remove whatever remained of “Old China.” Young people were told and even encouraged to talk back to their parents and question the teachings of the past generations. The only thing is, Mao had to make them do so in order to perpetuate himself in power. In the Philippines’ case, the movement is a product of dissatisfaction with failed government policies, widespread corruption, deception, and nepotism.

In our case, the young people are finally starting to reject the false “spirit of EDSA” and all the yellow propaganda and teachings that have been forced down the nation’s throat for the last 30 years. The Philippines, after all, might learn a few things from its regional rival.

12 Replies to “Catching up with Mao: on young Filipinos’ rejection of the false ‘spirit of EDSA’”

  1. Martial law ended in 1981 not in 1985, it was the rise of the 32 years of MADPnoy hacienda luisita massacre of a Pilipino that ended the Great nation apo lakay marcos twenty two years legacy.

  2. In fact, it is actually good that the young people have learned to question the propaganda that has been fed to them. It is good that the younger generations, stripped of bias because they had neither good or bad martial law experiences, is starting to look at history objectively, and at a candidate’s qualifications based on platform and achievements.

    Only irrational people will not encourage the youth to be like this.

  3. IDK, but remembering the past is one way to stop repeating it. The Marcos Family was been proven, and Imelda openly admits it, to having close to a Trillion dollars. They own a vast amount of the infrastructure of the entire country. A Bank, a tele-communications company and much much more,170 bank accounts around the world stuuuuuuffed with CA$H that Imelda herself admits to having…OUTSIDE THE COUNTRY.

    IDGAS what anyone says, they stole the vast majority of it and if you want to forget about it,thats up to you. BUT giving the keys to the treasury back to anyone in that family is up there with the dumbest things a society could do.AND YET, here is the Filipino,DOING IT.

    I am laughing(I don’t need that money),and right now,there are some other people laughing at YOU right now.RIGHT NOW, THEY ARE LAUGHING…LISTEN…. Care to guess what those people’s last name’s are? You know, the ones laughing at you all.

    1. IDK, but remembering the past is one way to stop repeating it.

      Martial law

      It’s stupid to think that the rise of BBM will result to another Martial Law. The man has no plan to impoverished people for us to end up in chaos. The man has no plan to sell the country to any bidder. What the man has are platforms for progress, bringing back the dignities lost and strengthening the internal faculties of the country. With those there’s no need for a revival of another Martial Law. Unless a political propaganda set up another uprisings.

      Favoring a terrorist will bring this country to a state of emergency. And who does that?
      Being unprepared in face of disasters and calamities will bring the country to a state of emergency. Whose governance made it worst?
      Losing skillful and intelligent workforce will impoverished the nation. And when did it happen that there are far better opportunities for Filipinos in another country for them to keep on migrating?

      Do you think this and the upcoming generation can’t bring another government down if they fail us? We’re in democracy, Madam. In fact in year 1986, the people were able to go to EDSA because they are no longer in Martial Law.

    2. I don’t think what you’re saying makes sense. Sorry. You just don’t build infrastructures using people’s money and claim ownership to that. Why? It’s because a wise person knows that doing so would be suicide. Again lies the question.. why? that’s because the ordinary citizens in that period would react with conviction. So, who makes up of ordinary citizens? those who are in the lower and middle spectrum of the society. In all legalities of governance, you never invoke trial by publicity unless your main objective is to put someone into shame by spreading lies and calling out the public to believe those lies. 😛

  4. What you have stated here are actually good points. Just a little addition to what you have said though especially now that the presidential election is just around the corner and that the atrocities about martial law is being played again to “remind” the public and inform us millenials about it.. We need not rely on the information given by the internet in all honesty because we can still find out through other sources about what the real meaning of martial law is and that it is used not to suppress people as what the media tells us on purpose, but it is used to instill order and discipline in civilian where the presence of chaos had been previously prevalent or where there is looming danger to protect the civilians and the government from further deterioration which is caused by outside forces.(as was the case then because of the prevalence of the communist tide, which if martial law were not declared then, we would have been like Burma, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia who have fallen into communist rule and where millions of ordinary people-women, the elderly and children had been mercilessly slaughtered.)

  5. The so called: “Spirit of EDSA” is an Evil Spirits of Cory Aquino and Ninoy Aquino, Sr. This YellowTard Spirit ; lives on disinformation, lies, deceits, deception, etc…

    It is an Evil itself, going around in the Philippines, like a Virus, infecting , anybody, who don’t have any Common Sense.

    This Evil Spirit is transmitted thru the : schools, like Ateneo University; Lopez Media, like , ABS CBN; newspapers; Blog sites, like the Pro Pinoy; by Journalists and false pundits.

    The only Antidote to this Evil Spirit, spreading the “Spirit of EDSA” disease is COMMON SENSE and Right Thinking.

    I salute the young generation, for questioning the status qou, which the older generation, is trying to ram into the throats.

    We still have HOPE. Keep Hope Alive!

  6. They may have rejected the fist EDSA revolution but they also rejected the 2nd EDSA revolution as well. Erap was ousted but Filipinos voted to have him back as their mayor. Long live Filipino logic!

  7. Hold on: are you really using Mao, out of all people, as a role model of how to teach the youth how to think? You do realize that this was the same guy who turned China into a Communist nation – the very same kind of ideology I suppose pro-Marcoses would be chasing away, right?

    Honestly, this just tells me that some level of faulty notions of history are being followed. If you’re talking about disillusionment, please do your research and AT LEAST make proper comparisons for ‘enlightening’ our country.

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