The Philippines is worse off 30 years after the 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution

I’m tired of reading stories from old farts about the so-called “people power” revolution that transpired at EDSA in 1986. These old-timers hold a tradition to relive the tale over and over and this year is no different as Filipinos set out to mark the 30th anniversary of the event. The stories seem to be growing on trees lately and some of them are annoying because they omit the important role played by Senator Juan Ponce Enrile & former President Fidel Ramos in the lead up to the event. Cory Aquino wasn’t even present during the three-day rally as she was said to be hiding in Cebu but her supporters keep crediting EDSA’s “success” to her.

A 3-day fiesta: The so-called EDSA 'people power' revolution

A 3-day fiesta: The so-called EDSA ‘people power’ revolution

Had Enrile and Ramos not defected from the Marcos administration, the military then would have probably dispersed the crowd even before their numbers reached a hundred. Fortunately for those who took to the streets to support Enrile and Ramos, the military did not touch them. It’s no secret that the military respected both Enrile and Ramos in those days and possibly until now. The people should also give credit to the late former President Ferdinand Marcos for not insisting on shooting or using water canons on the protesters. A truly evil dictator like the late Muammar Gaddafi and Bashar al-Assad would have clung to power even if it meant killing hundreds of civilians.

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Those who keep reliving the stories of EDSA simply can’t move on. They cling on to the memory of the event partly because of the fiesta atmosphere and mostly because the event was anti-climactic. What followed the “success” of the EDSA revolution was disappointing.

Truly, after all the build up, the ending of the EDSA story was an anticlimactic letdown. I feel sorry for people who are stuck in the past. Being stuck in the past is a phenomenon that occurs when nothing significant has happened in the succeeding years following a supposedly seminal event or when things went downhill from a happy and glorious event.

While the peaceful revolution was hailed worldwide and impressed the international community, three decades later, not much has changed in Philippine society. Filipinos are facing a different kind of tyranny nowadays – something that is even more difficult to remove than a single dictator – the members of the oligarchy. They are the few powerful elite families and clans that own and control mainstream media, telecommunications networks, power and water supply. They provide mostly crappy service and shortchange their Filipino customers.

The protesters may have succeeded in ousting Marcos Sr, but his successors, starting with the late President Cory Aquino, were either too incompetent or too corrupt in their own right to fix the ills of the nation. A lot of people actually describe the current President Benigno Simeon Aquino as both incompetent and corrupt and, in that sense, worse than Marcos Sr.

Sure, the Philippines or, rather, Metro Manila has more malls now than before and there are more cars on the road but those are hardly signs of progress. It’s actually an indication of society’s lack of imagination and lack of planning. The number of malls is proportionate to the number of people who spend a lot of time doing shallow activities like shopping and spending money instead of saving or investing it. The number of cars on the road point to the lack of reliable public transportation. We all know that Filipinos love their malls. But don’t ask BS Aquino why the traffic is bad. He’ll insist it is a sign of progress. He has this bizarre way of spinning his failures to suit a perception favorable to him.

Do not believe anyone who says that life during the Martial Law years was worse than today. It’s not black and white. It could be the same. There are a lot of people who say that life then was peaceful for those who did not break the law.

Of course there were the abuses committed by members of the military and the Philippine National Police. But the same can be said about their behavior during the Cory years. She has not been held accountable for the Mendiola massacres in 1987 where 13 people were killed by government anti-riot forces. Likewise, the Hacienda Luisita massacre in 2004 was when seven farmers died in the hands of PNP and AFP forces. And now, during her son’s reign, BS Aquino has avoided taking responsibility for the countless deaths during his term starting with the eight Chinese tourists who died during the Mendoza hostage crisis in 2010 which was partly due to government incompetence in handling the situation.

For the same reason, six thousand people (a conservative estimate) died during the Yolanda typhoon in 2014. And let’s now forget the 44 Special Action Force (SAF) troopers who died in the hands of members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front who were, at the time, in the process dictating the terms of a so-called peace agreement to BS Aquino. The President’s effort to appease the rebels was allegedly the reason he did not authorize the military to help the SAF troops who were under attack. His behavior – favoring the enemy more than his men – was tantamount to treason. That’s obviously something worse than declaring Martial Law, which was a legal move to save the country from a communist takeover back in the early 1970s.

Do not believe anyone who says that the economy is better now. BS Aquino’s government used illegal means like pork barrel funds and the so-called Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) to aggressively spend in a desperate bid to stimulate economic growth. The problem is, the economy is now a bubble. If the next administration puts a hold on spending, it could negatively-affect economic growth. In other words, the economic growth we are supposedly in the midst of is now unsustainable and merely for show while BS Aquino is in power. The only thing that truly keeps the economy afloat are the remittances from overseas contract workers. It’s worth mentioning again, for the sake of the new voters, that it was during Marcos Sr’s time when the policy of sending Filipinos to work abroad started. It was not a good way to fix unemployment but succeeding administrators also benefited from that strategy nonetheless.

Furthermore, the BS Aquino government borrowed too much from foreign creditors to fund his three trillion-peso budget. The total amount he borrowed during his term is said to be more than four trillion pesos. That is more than the amount his supporters keep accusing Marcos Sr of borrowing during his term. Filipinos who are not even born yet already have a debt to pay thanks to BS Aquino. I suppose the thought doesn’t bother him because he does not have a child and his term is about to end anyway. It’ll be someone else’s problem. As long as BS Aquino’s allies in the media keep harping about how the economy is better during his term, his image will remain intact.

So the stories about EDSA told by the old farts will remain a story about a three-day fiesta and nothing more. As my sociology professor once said, Filipinos love feasting for a day and fasting all year. In this case, a three-decade fasting followed a three-day fiesta.

408 Replies to “The Philippines is worse off 30 years after the 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution”

  1. Very well said in your article Ilda. That really is the present situations 30 years after the EDSA 86. Yan Talaga ang alam naming silent majority at mga mamamayan. At Gising na ang Bayan na ni Hindi dapat I celebrate ang EDSA revolution. Dyan mo rin makikita Kung Anong klaseng lider si Pres. FE Marcos, na Hindi totoong Diktador. Mayroon siyang Puso para sa taong bayan kaya Hindi siya pumayag na bombahin ang mga taong kasama sa EDSA 86 na kayang kaya nyang gawin noon. May malasakit pa rin si FM sa Buhay ng Tao dahil higit sa lahat siya ay may Puso, na kabaligtaran ng Pangulong Pnoy Aquino. Ang kabuhayan natin ngayon ay Hindi talagang umunlad bagkus ay mas mahirap pa ngayon. Laganap ngayon ang Krimen, Droga, unemployment, at hirap ng mga Manggagawa, lalo na ang mga OFWs . Smuggling ng rice is high since 2010. Ding ganid na pulitikong ganid sa pagnanakaw ng Pera ng Bayan . Dap, PDAP, overpriced ng mga purchases ng gobierno. Hay Naku… Di na Dapat inaala ala ang EDSA people power. Paglulustay lang ng Pera ng Bayan.

      1. It’s the first time ever that our credit rating has been upgraded and even wall street and international business community acknowledged the Philippines has become the new tiger economy one of the fastest second only to China ,I do not agree with this administration but credit should indeed be given to where it belongs.

        1. Credit rating agencies are paid by the ratee to rate them. These agencies are not regulatory agencies but for-profit businesses and, as such, are motivated by profits rather than an independent/objective agenda to keep the market honest.

        2. Did you know that credit rating agencies actually get paid to give favorable ratings to countries and institutions? Watch the film The Big Short and be educated.

          The label “the new tiger economy” has been given to the Philippines before. It’s nothing new.

        3. Yes our economy is booming…thanks to the remittances of OFWs who are still working abroad because they can’t find better jobs in our country and only the oligarch mafias are benefiting for that. So where exactly are the results?

      2. I am 22 years old and I love reading this. Marcos was the Competent President of the PH. People power is a big mistake. illiterate Filipinos are controlled by the media. I didn’t believe that Martial Law was the worse. What’s the worse is, FILIPINOS are hardheaded and they’ve been warned by MARCOS not to do stupid things but still continue doing it.

        1. Marcos had bankrupted the Philippines. It was a most shameful period of Philippine history.
          The external debt of US28 billion on its own cannot give you a proper perspective of the roof crashing down on Philippines in the early 1980’s. The Debt to Gross Domestic Product ratio is a proper gauge. In 1970 it was 33.2% and in 1986 it was 95.2%. The GDP is basically the sum of all goods and services produced in the year. Comparing this to total debt provides a yardstick as to a country’s capability to service its debt. Creditors monitor this figure all the time. There is no hard and fast rule, but generally when it reaches the 70% it spells trouble for the country. (There are exceptions). At 70% the country will find it more difficult and expensive to borrow. Statistics did not lie in this case. Reality caught up with Marcos from 1980. The casino had ran out of chips. I saw the Philippines struggle with debt re-structuring, begging for moratoriums and going bowl in hand to the Asian Development Bank, World Bank and the IMF. Once, in order to meet interest payments, Marcos sent Bobby Ongpin to Singapore to ask for a loan of US$300-500 mm which Lee Kuan Yew refused because he could not gamble with taxpayers’ money. Restructuring is a frightening word in financial markets. It usually means insolvency. Marcos had bankrupted the Philippines. It was a most shameful period of Philippine history. Still, it was better for Marcos to have a bankrupted the Philippines than repatriate the stolen money in his Swiss bank accounts to pay off the loans.

          Yes.. you are literate. all you have to do is read…

        2. you are fantasizing too much, if the gains of cory is suitable enough for us to be able to last her coup-laden six years, the bankruptcy remains about the fright that ninoy pulled off in the business community. his ‘commie’ exercise got so successful that i wouldn’t mind believing that a takeover of a ‘commie-articulate’ ninoy sends a chilling message that the Philippines will default on its loans.

          now, the bataan nuclear power plant alone could have already salvaged whatever was your dreamed losses if only used.

          marcos put the money in the right places unlike this pnoy who seemed to have run off with the treasure without any trace of “a cemented structure”.

      3. “Ang kwento ng EDSA ay hindi naman kwento ng mga sumunod na administrasyon o ng mga mukha sa likod nito, hindi ba’t ang kwento nito, na dapat nating ginugunita ay kwento ng makabayang Pilipino?” – Lourd de Veyra
        Ang 1986 People Power Revolution ang nagbigay sa’yo ng kalayaan at karapatang makapagsulat ng mga ganitong artikulo. Tama ka sa maraming bagay na isinulat mo. Pero mali na sabihing huwag nang ipagdiwang at ibalik sa alaala ang EDSA Revolution. Ang paglimot ay katumbas ng pagkunsinti at pagbalik sa dating gawi. Give EDSA the credit it deserves. Inuulit ko; Ang kwento ng EDSA ay hindi kwento ng mga sumunod na administrasyon o ng mga mukha sa likod nito. Ang kwento ng EDSA na dapat nating gunitain ay ang kwento ng makabayang Pilipino.

        1. And yet you’re wondering why our country is still a shithole even with your so-called “democracy” yellowturd. You’re implying that you enjoy our country’s rising incompetence even more. Simply put, you failipinos done nothing but abuse your freedom unlike what this site did.

        2. Ang problema sa pinoy ginagamit na pangonsensya at abuso na iyang “utang na loob.” EDSA daw ang nagbigay sa atin ng “kalayaan” daw kaya dapat daw may “utang na loob” daw tayo sa EDSA na iyan. Hindi relihiyon and EDSA at hindi ito “sagrado” kaya may karapatan tayong punahin at kwestyunin ito. Mayroon din segment si Lourd tungkol sa “utang na loob.”

        3. oo… kwento ito ng milyong Pilipino na nag martsa laban kay macoy sr.— armed only with hope– HOPE… the only thing stronger than FEAR.

          For all you illiterate COYTARDS… pls., save yourself from repeating the past horrors of the macoy family… your beloved macoy jr is as guilty as the sr when he dipped his hands on people’s money– which of course he still enjoys now. you all know that behind your back what he shouts about you?…. SUCKERS!

        4. EDSA was a failed coup attempt by RAM, Honasan, Enrile and Ramos. Nung nabuking ang attempt, the mutineers barricaded at Crame and asked the support of Marcos’ political opponents who then asked help from Cardinal Sin to call on his flock to swarm the camp to shield the mutineers and stop their arrest. Imagine, ginamit ang mga madre, priests and the faithful pananggalang. Cory also used her influence to ask Manileños to protect the mutineers.

        1. Can you list down the atrocities Bongbong has committed? And NO, you can’t use this Anak siya ni Marcos kaya…,
          and all other nonsensical Guilt by Association drama card.

          That would mean everyone with the name Marcos will be an “evil” person as well like this Portuguese professional footballer named Nélson Marcos, must be evil like Marcos even though they’re not relatives. It’s like these people have a pavlovian type conditioned reflex, just hearing the word Marcos sends them in a vitriolic frenzy.

          It’s time for the youth to get some fresh AIR.

        2. Funny thing is that this “Guilt by association” also works against the aquinos as well since their grandfather was a Makapili and their father was a communist.

          Thing is that the noytards are too stupid to figure that one out.

          Link to YouTube video


          The old man told these kids to come help him pull grasses and get paid for 1 peso.

          The kids, about 7 of them agreed.

          The next day the kids showed up and the old man told the kids he can only pay them 50 centavo.

          The kids accepted what the old man gave them.

          Again, the kids showed up but the old man told the kids he can only pay them 5 centavo.

          Although you could see their resistance, there’s nothing they could do they accepted what the old man offered them.

          Again the next day the kids showed up with less enthusiasm but still willing to help the old man. The old man told the kids they will only get 1 centavo.

          Forget it old man. It’s not worth it. The kids left and never showed up again.

        4. yellows will never get into ‘realization’.

          they will grapple with that 1 centavo, and continue to help the old man.

          that undying HOPE is the character ingrained in weak people.

          maybe, it will take 30 more years before they even get to realize that something is not really as it would seem. they created the space, and they want that space to flourish, just by waiting for things to happen.

          but a good-timed-death of another yellow can always prolong these agonies.

    1. Allow me to share…

      After 30 years

      What has the ‘EDSA revolution’ really done for us?

      The following article by Magdalena Torres first saw print 30 years ago, shortly after the “EDSA revolution.” After all these years of celebrating “EDSA people power”, we ask ourselves again: What has the so-called Feb. 25 EDSA revolution really done for us?

      It is interesting to note that in spite of the “miracle at EDSA” the people of this only Christian nation in Asia have remained loyal to anyone but Christ. Note the various factions we are thanking for the so called “bloodless revolution.” Believers in the US supremacy maintain that it is the American intervention in Philippine affairs that saved the Filipinos from a bloodbath. Fans of the Enrile-Ramos block insist that the “bloodless revolution” would not have happened without their heroes’ crucial change of heart. Marcos sympathizers assert that there surely would have been bloodshed had it not been for Marcos’ love for his people. A foreign correspondent writes that the television cameras (notably those which recorded for worldwide viewing the Marcos-Ver “debate”) are to be credited for actually having prevented carnage among our people. And advocates of “people’s power,” led by the involved clergy, of course, are just as quick in claiming it is “our rosaries” that brought about the “miracle.”
      While each may be valid in its own right, all these claims, however, have one thing in common; they all attribute the almost bloodless revolution to human cause, thus further dividing this Christian nation into segments none of which seems to have absorbed the message of Christ from the “miracle.”
      I recently bumped into a priest I had not seen for months. To my smiling “How are you?” he exclaimed, “We’ve won! We’ve won! It’s over! All efforts didn’t go to waste! Marcos is out!”
      I must admit it struck me dumb, but only because I was asking inside, “Lord, where is this country heading for if all the evils our priests cared to fight were those outside of ourselves?” But I quickly rode along and asked him, “We’ve won? You mean, we’re now all on the side of God?”
      The priest, unsmiling now, blurted out, “What do you mean we’re now on the side of God? We won because God has always been on our side, right from the start!”
      I switched to another topic, but the brief encounter was to flash on and on in my mind, like a yellow traffic light that wouldn’t be turned off.
      I view the “miracle at EDSA” as an act of Divine Mercy, a blanket absolution granted to an unrepentant nation of blind followers and blind leaders.
      Imagine what would have happened had events pursued the logical conclusion our human actions were leading them to. We had sown so much hatred around us then that we deserved nothing less than a national tragedy to make us learn our lesson, yet God chose to send us His love instead, and like the proverbial rain that falls on both the just and the unjust, His forgiving hand came to preserve a whole nation bent on destroying itself. In that momentous event that nobody expected, Jesus Christ—with knuckles swollen from knocking on the door of our hearts—once more cried, “Let me in!” And He is still weeping, because our hearts have remained shut.
      We are back in the rat race, and human folly may yet reduce the “miracle at EDSA” into just another tool for attracting tourists’ dollars to our shores. In the euphoria following this Christian nation’s miraculous escape from a bloody confrontation, Christ is all but forgotten. Our idolatry goes on. A lady president is deified as “a goddess in the Pantheon of democracy,” lionized as a “Joan of Arc in a yellow tunic.” We’re still groveling before our colonizers as the true guardian of our welfare. We’re still counting on men with guns to bring us peace. We continue to take the word of the media—especially foreign media—as gospel truth. In a mad play for power we threaten to draw the blood we claim our fallen idol refused to shed. And we are in greater danger than ever of clinging to our pagan ways to bring about Utopia. How thankless can we be, that even in “gratitude” we must grab the glory for ourselves?
      “But we thanked God for the miracle, didn’t we?” Perhaps a million of us would cry thus, citing one impassioned celebration at the park where we flew balloons and shamelessly hailed Cory with much greater zeal than we’ve ever done for Mary. And we go on “thanking God,” here and abroad, all the while betraying the Eucharist as our priests wore yellow stoles instead of the season’s liturgical purple. Feverish with false joys and unexamined victories we come to our houses of worship burning with politics instead of prayer. We call this thanksgiving?
      How much longer must we remain deaf to Christ? How can God’s kingdom come when we do not want to dethrone ourselves in our hearts? The “miracle at EDSA” is not a reward for our efforts. It is part of a Divine Plan for this only Christian nation in Asia: God allowed the evil in us to drag us down to such depths so that we may finally see that only He can lift us up again. How can it be a reward when all our efforts were leading us to hatred and divisiveness?
      Let us be humble and admit that we did not cause the miracle—it was God who willed to save us from ourselves in spite of the self-serving prayers we uttered when we found our necks stuck on the chopping block. How dare we say our actions, our prayers, prevented bloodshed? Who moved us to pray when blood threatened to rain on our picnic?
      What a shame that the face of Christ continues to be spat upon in a Christian nation! We are not thanking God at all—we are merely using His gift to puff up our egos. Since the “miracle” we’ve been boasting: I was there. I’m proud to be a Filipino. Look at these pictures―that’s me in front of the tank. Galing, ano? Two days ago, at a movie house, I sat next to man wearing a yellow shirt with a picture of a tank that says “I WAS A HUMAN BARRICADE” in big bold red letters. I found it ironic that someone who could stop advancing tanks could not stop himself from littering his surroundings with butong-pakwan shells.
      It is saddening to think that in spite of the miracle we have remained slaves of sin and habit―look around, the danger signs are everywhere. Did this Christian nation merely change her dress for the benefit of the foreign media? Thanking God for a miracle means acknowledging God as the only Power in our lives. This Power deserves more than just token gratitude. What is a miracle for if it comes into our eyes and our ears and goes out of our mouths without touching our hearts? Did God give us this gift only so we could slap His face with it? Or only so we could brag to the rest of the world that we are special children of God?
      If we sincerely want to thank God we will make Him “Number One” in our hearts. We will make an honest effort towards change through individual conversion. The “miracle at EDSA” is Christ’s invitation for us to expand as Christians. Let us raise the quality of our worship, deepen our faith, heighten the levels of our prayer, and pray for a constant awareness of God’s presence, so that one day when each of us will have enthroned the Christ in our hearts, we may know what we mean when we say “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven…”


      1. The priest in the Philippines are more interested in raising funds, rather than help save souls.
        One thing that I can’t seem to understand from your diatribes are your conflicting comments about oligarchs and their control of utilities and the media. But, you only mentioned them once, but, you mentioned more than once that the international media or more directly, the US media was or are the one controlling.You raise my suspicion that you are probably one of the closet commies still wanting to discredit everything against the US. But, clothing yourself in religious overtones. Wake up, and see for yourself, that in every one of the presidential terms,the support and assistance to the country are foremost first from the “Imperial America”. Just look when big calamities occur in the country. Who comes in first and gives the most? You may agree, but you could also reason out that the so called help did not really reach the needy people but ended up in the pockets and warehouses of the politicians.But, that is a local issue that needs to be cleansed out.
        The oligarchs are already a staple in the Phil economy even before Martial Law. What is worst I believe, is that most of them made a comeback as cronies of the Cory regime and continue to do so with the current Aquino regime.
        Marcos has his faults. But, like every Pinoy knows, he also did good things for the country. And it is true that he borrowed probably in the billions of pesos. But, that really pales in comparison to the multi trillions that the Pnoy presidency has done, in less than 6 years. No wonder, Pnoy is labeled as “addicted to borrowing”. The event of Edsa was supposed to be the awakening of the people. But, lo and behold, the country is stuck more in debt with nothing much to show in improving the lives of it’s citizens.

    2. EDSA1 the very reason we are free to speak our minds and our liberty. I was not there either to see how life was when the Japanese occupied the Philippines, but I don’t call my parents old farts when they commemorate liberation day.

      1. I consider “Old Fart” a mild pejorative.. if at all it is. Knowing, however, that people have different levels of sensibilities, I’d use it, (as I have), exclusively on myself.

      2. My late father was a Bataan Death March veteran. He joined the Filipino guerrillas, after the surrender of Bataan. The Japanese Imperialist Army invaders and occupiers, were assisted by Benigno Aquino Sr., KALIBAPI Party. Benigno Aquino Sr., founded the KALIBAPI Party.

        The KALIBAPI people, were spies , traitors, torturers, killers,murderers, rapists, etc…

        The KALIBAPI people assisted in the torture, execution and burning of houses of Filipino guerrillas.

        After the liberation of the Philippines. Benigno Aquino, Sr. fled with his Japanese buddies to Tokyo, Japan. He was captured by the Americans, in Tokyo, Japan. He was tried for Treason in a Philippine Court. He was sentenced to Death. But, was pardoned by Gen. Mac Arthur.

        1. yes.. as much as mariano marcos was executed by guerrillas because he’s a makapili. let’s no go that far… baka di mo alam.. pati si macoy sr.— suspected din sya na japanese collaborator— he can’t the suspisions.. kht Finake nya pa mga war medals nya

        2. hooker: And you’re also turning a blind eye on the fact that Noynoy’s grandpa was also a Makapili. Ironic, isn’t it?

      3. Internet and on-line networking is the main reason we can talk free.

        People talked freely during Marcos regime. The rallies were constant. “Ibagsak ang tuta ni Marcos! Ibagsak ang imperialismong Amerika!”

        Ito ang araw-araw na naririnig noon nag-aaral ako sa Manila. Pag-uwi mo sa probinsiya, malaya, sagana sa pagkain at magaan ang pera dahil sa programa niya sa pagsasaka.

    3. Sabihin na natin na magaling talaga si marcos. but his greed destroyed his legacy. wag niyo sabihin na hindi siya corrupt at hindi siya masamang tao dahil napakadaming tao ang namatay dahil sakanya, kasama din siya sa 10 na pinaka corrupt na leader ng ibang bansa.TANDAAN NIYO ANG PILIPINAS ANG NUMBER 2 SA PAG UPO NIYA. PAG ALIS NIYA SA PWESTO NG 1986 SIRANG SIRA ANG BANSA AT BAON SA UTANG. IRESEARCH NIYO PLEASE LANG. BAKIT NAGHIHIRAP ANG PILIPINO? EXPLAIN KO

      DURING THE TIME OF MARCOS THE AVERAGE INFLATION RATE WAS 15% what does it mean? YOUR MONEY LOSES ITS VALUE by 15% a year. In 1984 alone INFLATION RATE WAS 50%. NAWALAN NG 50% buying Power ang peso.Para macompensate ito dpat taasan ang sweldo by 100%. Pero Hindi naman kaya dahil baon ang Pilpinas sa utang at may negative GDP growth tayo. PLEASE LANG STUDY ECONOMICS AND HISTORY.


      1. Lollit,

        Your chronological account of Philippine history from the Martial Law to the present–including the demographic of Singapore to ours-is screwy and left out a lot of details. First, it sounded like you are only blaming two thieves (Marcos and GMA) and declared the other thieves innocent. Second, Singapore is a landlocked country, first colonized by the British, not Americans, and made up of different ethinicities. Third, the number of OFWs did not multiply until after the EDSA revolution, when the Chinese and political opportunitists started doing their own thing to rape the country.

      2. Matiga ang ulo ng Pilipino. Ang Singapore 2 milyon ang tao. Ngayon 5 milyon lang. Ang Pilipinas 30 milyon ngayon 101 milyon, may giyera sa Mindanao at giyera sa buong Pilipinas laban sa Commmunist-NPA.
        Maginhawa na dati ang Singapore 200 years ago. Inulit lang ang mga programa at mas marami ang ipinatayo ng Great Britain. Giyera din ang mga communist sa gulong ng Great Britain at ASEAN countries kasama ang Pilipinas. Walang tumulong kay Marcos na labanan ang mga NPA at Muslim rebels. Ngayon ang gobyerno ang nakikiusap sa mga NPA at Muslim nation na sana huwag silang manggulo. Noon si Marcos talagang pukpok ang labanan at tinutugis ang mga matitigas ang ulong kaaway. Saan ka pa makakakuha ng Presidentend nag-iwan ng mga inprastraktura na ginagamit ng buong Pilipinas hanggang ngayon?

    5. Marcos pa rin?

      Pro-Marcos Loyalist-Apologist-Denialist, Martial Law Lover, Histroical Revisionist.

      You believe in pro-Marcos propaganda, making Marcos a most decorated war hero with 33 medals for not being a dictator?

      Ilda too is a Pro-Marcos loyalist.

      Pro-Marcos loyalists are neo-Nazis and fascists and rightists that are denialists to prove that Marcos clan will remain unapologetic forever and ever.

      1. As expected from an Aquino apologist: all crap and no substance. Aquino apologists like yourself are also neo-Nazis and neo-fascists and will remain unapologetic about what the country has gone to for 30 years.

        BTW, that comment of yours will be DELETED since you’re now attacking the author. ????

  2. I disagree. I think for many people, life in the past 30 years is better than before 1986. There was a hopeless atmosphere during the few years before 1986 (1982-86). Even my parents wanted to go abroad to be illegal immigrants. They tried all avenues to emigrate but failed and that was good for us because our lives with its up and downs became better after 1986 through their hard work. We are not connected to any big business and politics.
    Aside from my experience and the experience of my peers, the numbers do not lie. Economic growth rates are better now and the debt to gdp ratio is decreasing. Absolute debt cannot be the gauge of economic performance since debt can be made productive.
    The breaking up of the monopolies after Marcos improved telecoms in our country. Do you remember the years spent applying for a landline from PLDT?
    In the early to mid 80s, While Manila was relatively free from insurgency, the areas of Negros , Davao and other areas in our country was gripped by fear. Negros also suffered famine during the last years of Marcos.
    Marcos did well during his first years but his last years were the worst in the era of the Philippines.
    Pnoy has many critics, but many of them criticize through their air conditioned homes and offices not knowing that if we were in the Marcos era, our IPs would be traced and we would be picked up and never heard from again.

      1. You are so quick to say that when you also turn a blind eye to the facts that were presented in this response. The positive facts. Why are you turning a blind eye to the atrocities made by that shameless family who pillaged this country? And kapal ninyong magsabi ng kasalanan ng iba, but you refuse to accept the kidnappings, torture, murder of Filipinos who tried to fight for freedom!

        1. Right, and none of those things have happened after Marcos left. And ‘freedom’ means you can do anything you want without limit or without responsibility, which it can lead to anarchy.

          Bravo for your sheer idiocy and ignorance. Sorry if I’m not drinking the Yellow Kool-aide like you do. 🙂

    1. If your perspective stops at martial law, yes, things would seem rosy. But an outsider’s (global) perspective of the country’s current circumstances would be more illuminating – Distribution of wealth is heinous, de facto monopolies are owned by a few families, government / social services are the pits. This is class violence.

      About that IP tracing, sounds like a convenient exaggeration to me. Martial law was lifted in 1981, not 1986.

      From COA insiders then, Cory and her OICs were equally corrupt. Some were of the opinion that the OICs were even more blatantly corrupt. Its just that they did it with so much more savvy that it has remained hidden til now.

      I just wonder how the wealth being held heinously by the oligarchs now compares to the wealth that Marcos stole. I think the Marcos stolen wealth just looks magnified because it is being held by one person. Comparatively, I think the collective wealth being held by the oligarchs could count as a crime against humanity.

      1. The article is whether people are better off today than 30 years ago. My opinion is more people are better off today than are not. There are more opportunities available in the Philippines. Social mobility is rising. Infrastructure is gradually improving to the level required by our increasing population. There are still poor people. The government can help some of them but many are still poor because of poor personal choices. Bills like the RH bill give the poor more choices to manage their life but conservative elements in society has resisted these changes. PPP program of the government gives incentives to families to send their children to free public school but people still churn out kids to make them work.
        Social inequality is still bad but that is difficult to change. It may require more government spending and higher tax rates which can also have bad effects on commerce. Our government spending is actually very little compared to our peers because of conservative fiscal policies of the current administration. These should be accelerated by the next administration. Also there is a need to liberalize our economy through constitutional change which will effectively dismantle these pseudo monopolies. This requires political will and is difficult to implement in our current polarized citizenry. There is no magic wand to fix the problems of our country. What we need are continuous years of stable policies and we will get there soon. Whoever wins as long as they do not severely change our economic policies will get us there.

        1. ..only the “oligarchs” felt this so called good economy..true progress should be able to minimize if not eradicate social inequality.. and those people who are “better off” nowadays , majority comes from MLM companies and not from the effect of the claimed new tiger economy..please remove the “yellow blinds” off of your faces..the Philippines is worse 30 years ago.

    2. @rightist

      Yes, you can disagree but it doesn’t mean you are right.

      Yes, for some people especially the members of the ruling class, life in the past 30 years is better than before 1986.

      The feeling of hopelessness your parents felt in the 80s is still felt by millions of Filipinos today. A lot of Filipinos still have to go abroad for jobs they can’t find in the Philippines. In fact, the government still rely on their remittances to keep the economy afloat. Ironically, a lot of Filipinos would rather stay in war torn countries like Syria than come home and face unemployment and hunger. There are still a lot of Filipinos who go TNT or migrate illegally abroad.

      As mentioned in my article, the economic growth rate was NOT the result of PNoy’s brilliant economic policy. He’s actually using the same economic policy GMA was using durng her term – spending to stimulate the economy. She started using Keynesian policy to offset the affects of the 2008 financial crisis. That is part of the reason the Philippines wasn’t affected too badly by that crisis. If you think the economy is doing great now, you should give credit to GMA for the reforms she initiated as well. PNoy can’t take credit for everything.

      Besides, in order to accelerate economic growth, PNoy government engaged in spending spree using funds that were not meant for the executive branch. He used savings from another branch illegally and called it Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) to aggressively spend in a desperate bid to stimulate economic growth. The problem is, the economy is now a bubble. If the next administration puts a hold on spending, it could negatively-affect economic growth. In other words, the economic growth we are supposedly in the midst of is now unsustainable and merely for show while BS Aquino is in power.

      Negros also suffered famine during the last years of Marcos.

      I hope you are not blaming the famine on Marcos.

      Marcos was already sick even before EDSA. He would have died eventually. The problem with Filipinos is they are impatient. When they threw the rule book out of the window in 1986, that set a precedent for the next person who wanted to grab power to use “people power” as an excuse to take over. It might be a difficult concept for some to understand but the 1986 people power revolution started the real decline of Ph society.

      1. It’s easy to comment on something that you’ve never experienced,at least give some respect for those innocent lives that were taken away too early just because they wanted to expressed their rights and be recognized as part or citizens of our country,be thankful that you could make comments as free as you want and not be taken into prison,worse ended up in torture or rape.

        1. @Joseph

          The article did not disrespect the victims of military and police abuse during the Martial Law years. The article is not denying the abuse happened. What the article is highlighting is that abuse also happened during succeeding years after Marcos was ousted and that not much has changed in Ph society after 30 years.

        2. With all due respect to the Martial Law victims: from 1965 to 1971, Marcos had no human rights atrocities. But when Cory came into power and a year later after EDSA I, there was the Mendiola Massacre. And there are there are still people who ended up in prison, worse ended up in torture and rape… under the guise of democracy.

          Seems you never even went to Singapore, which is a fine city. It seems you’re trying to say that freedom of speech is more important than things like freedom from poverty.

          Welcome to chaos…

      2. Many people feel helpless and I can accept that but that is not solely Pnoys fault. Pinoys have been emigrating for the last 40 years. I have left for work abroad in 2000 (erap’s time) and I do not blame Erap. I believe a continuous application of stable economic policies will bring us to mid income status.
        Government spending to boost growth is not always bad thing. Many governments do that and they occasionally succeed in boosting economic growth during lean times. But PNoys government is actually underspending compared to his peers. I would have wanted him to spend more for infra projects early in his term. I do not think there is a bubble. Inflation is relatively low, land prices are still growing slowly in many areas due to restrictions of ownership. Condos are different because foreigners can own a certain percentage and some hot money has flowed to our country.
        If Gloria did start the economic growth, then I give props to her. But It is also good for Pnoy to be able to continue that growth that GMA started.
        I do not blame Marcos for the actual famine but I blame him for the malnutrition and starvation that happened during that time.
        The rule book was first thrown by Marcos when he declared martial law, changed the constitution and extended his term up to 20 years. He is a lawyer and did all of them “legally” but all dictators do that and if people were really doing well during that time, no one would even bother going to EDSA.
        Someone try to depose Pnoy now and let us see how unhappy people are. Very few will bother. People will complain about him but things are not as bad to cause people to move their butts to depose the president. And he is leaving soon. Which is more I can say for Marcos who did not really want to leave Malacanang.

        1. I like looking at a country’s balance of trade as an indicator of how it’s economy was doing. I liken it to a household’s income – If it’s negative, the household is not making money but losing it. If it keeps losing money, it won’t sustain its members, and worse, it can’t invest for it’s members. PNoy’s term actually stifled the momentum built by GMA. The country’s balance of trade even dipped to a historical, record-breaking low under PNoy’s management. He would’ve had an excuse if there was civil war during his term, except there wasn’t. PNoy’s claim that the Philippines is the fastest growing economy here in ASEAN? Hullabaloo! You’d really be the fastest if you are coming from an all-time lowest. That claim is just a play on perspective. And a cursory look at the fundamentals, this growth they claim still looks like a bubble.

        2. @rightist

          As the current President of the Philippines, PNoy should be blamed for the lack of progress during his term. BS Aquino’s priorities were wrong from the very start. He was actually criticised in his first year for putting a hold on government spending because he didn’t want to be seen as a President who spent too much and thought people would praise him for being “thrifty”. He had no idea how the economy works. Unfortunately, that also meant putting on hold projects, which included GMA’s PhP1.9 billion worth of various flood control projects as well as the P18.7 billion Laguna de Bay dredging project signed during her term. As a result, economic growth in the first year of his office was low.

          DAP was his way of catching up on spending to stimulate the economy after being criticised.

          He wasted his time vilifying his enemies instead of managing the country. Because BS Aquino was just forced by his own party mates to run for the Presidency due to his popularity after his mother’s death, it meant he had no vision and plan for the country. He became more of a reactive administrator than a proactive one. From Day One of his term, his single priority was to get rid of the people he considers to be his political enemies.

          The true reasons behind his motivations are unclear but BS Aquino acted like he had an axe to grind and someone who is suffering from tunnel vision. In his first year in office, he did everything to detain former President Gloria Arroyo including conduct a trial-by-media and violate the law one of which is the right to presumption of innocence.

          Marcos Sr is dead. It’s been 30 years since EDSA. Stop blaming him for the lack of progress in the country today. Whatever damage you think Marcos did should have been reversed by now. The take-over of the Aquinos and their allies have resulted in nothing significant. You talk about growth when it is only fuelled by consumption in retail and the real estate industries. It’s not sustainable because it is reliant on the spending power of the OFWs and government stimulus programs. What happens when the OFWs have to come home?

          And for your info, the declaration of Martial Law was legal. Communism was a real threat in the 60s and 70s.

          Yes, finally Filipinos are not using people power anymore. That is a good thing. For one, it was overused when Cory Aquino was still alive. She used to lead people power revolts whenever she got tired of the person in power like Erap and GMA. Cory was responsible for putting GMA in Malacanang just in case you forgot.

      3. For me, nothing good happened after EDSA1, It did good only for the Aquino-Cojuangco clan who was glorified by media after Cory gave back ABias-CBN and Meralco back to the Lopezes after being redeemed by the government from the banks due to their unpaid loans. Cory gave them back to the Lopezes for FREE in the pretext that it was taken by Marcos personally, when it was the government’s money used to pay for it. From then on all news, broadcast and reports were geared to destroy Marcos and glorify the Aquinos. Hiding all their sins from the connivance and traitorship of Ninoy to ask for Malaysian government’s help in return to give the whole of Borneo to them. To hide their Hacienda Luista massacre and how they were able to acquire such thousands of hectares from the Government including the Azucarera which was given to them by Ramon Magsaysay and a loan from the bank with a condition that the Hacienda will be distributed to the farmers after some time which never happened. These were all hidden from the public by the media and expounded on the wrong doings of Marcos, exaggerating some incidents and killings to be extra judicial and without mercy or no reason at all. Shut down Bataan Nuclear Power plant that could have been the answer for the country’s shortage of power just to erase Marcos image and a political vendetta. The result of which was massive black-outs and closure of so many production companies, going bankrupt, or moved out of the country due to shortage or no power to run the machines. We cannot even count in our fingers the number of companies that closed down which resulted to massive unemployment and very low consumer spending and made the economy to go down, as money is not circulating. Another move by Cory is placing back the traditional Trapos hungered by Marcos who are out for revenge and making up for their lost income which resulted to massive corruption at all levels up to this present time that went up to Billions by the minute. Due to massive unemployment, there are so many people with idle time, idle minds which resulted to population explosion and poverty became more prevalent with more mouths to feed. Our people are forced to leave and find employment outside of the country, sacrificing family times just to survive. These OFWs are now the only reason why the country is alive, They are remitting Trillions of pesos every year in cash remittances, BB boxes, travels for vacation and pleasure here, investments on house, condos, lands, farms, vehicles and small businesses. This is creating an imaginary increase in Economy because of the Free spending and very high consumer sales because money is flowing to the idle families with nothing to do but spend that money on entertainment, food, vehicles, investments, going out, buying spree and the huge traders are taking advantage while the government imposed 12% VAT and 32% Income tax to get their share of the flowing money around. Restaurants, Malls, branded and imported items became saleable, cell phones for everybody became a must and taken advantage by the Telcom companies providing poor service with highest rates, without the government intervening due to corruption and payola again. Power and water continued to become an issue, short supply and expensive, yet nothing has been done after 30 years shutting BNPP. Solar power and Windmills could have been the easier and faster alternative in every Island, Barrios, Towns or Municipalities, Mountainside and any rural areas but this government never thought of that because they want to control the people. Shortage of water, when the country is surrounded by the great Oceans and Seawater all around. Desalination of water to convert seawater to potable and irrigation water is widely used in so many countries like Saudi Arabia, Middle East, Egypt and Israel, large Boats, Cruise Liners, Aircraft carriers as big as a city is using desalinated water with machines available from China, US, Japan, Korea and Germany, why can’t they make use of this? Power and water is a very essential and the Basic need of every civilization, there is a solution, the technology is there, the machines are available, and the source, Sun and Seawater is available and FREE, why not use it? So many things could have been done only if this administration and the past after Marcos really care for the people and the country. 30 years without progress but more retrogress and negativity happened. Why should we be happy EDSA1 happened? What has it done to our people and the country? What have the next leaders done? Except make themselves richer, powerful and the poor poorer, helpless, hopeless, homeless, powerless, and futureless? We who have left the country should not worry, but we do, because we love our people, our country and hope that someday, we can be proud to be called Filipinos and maybe come back to retire and settle back there without worry, without fear and live in peace with progress going around.

      4. I don’t understand where your reasonings are coming from. Remember, when Marcos left, the country was so down that it would have been difficult to put it back up with instant effect. Yes, i believe that the other Presidents may have stole and made decisions that are advantageous for them and their family. But nothing compared to how Marcos has done it in the past. We were supposedly one of the greatest countries in asia. But Marcos push this country so down that it was difficult to stand back up again. But we did! We are doing that, standing back up again! We are headinng up instead of down. It may be slow, but at the bery least we are going up!

        1. lel nice TROLLING you got there.

          Marcos is a crook because he was pointed as one by media pundits but let’s not forget about Cory and her crookery while in office and there are faggots like you who still believe in the Aquino name.

          Because only gullible fools who believe in the Aquino magic and hype. That and everything that has their last name in them.

          And no, son, we are still going down. We have a stand-up comedian here, folks. 😀

        2. Sorry to burst your bubble but the truth hurts, we really are going down.

          3 decades of fooling the people has this inevitable side effect of the people becoming dis illusioned by the yellow propaganda.

        3. Juan De La Cruz,

          Man, you’re an idiot. The country was not down when Marcos was in power. Locally owned (cottage) industries were thriving and the people’s welfare were taken care of.

          When Marcos was removed from power by the Enriles, Ramos, the Lopezes, the Ayalas, the Cojuangcos and their Chinese cohorts, these sons of bitches started raping the country of its wealth and impoverishing the people.

          Over the last 3 decades the people were driven into desperation of having no choice but to leave the country as OFWs and scamming each other for the crumbs that were leftover by these oligarch assholes in order to survive.

          You need to have lived through the last 3 or 4 decades to know that and experienced what my family experienced of losing a farmland and have these Chinese build a subdivision and a mall on top of it.

          Shit, it’s Filipinos like you who gave a new meaning to the word “sellout.”


      5. I agree with you regarding the economic growth that we experience today is because of GMA but Pnoy continued it. you can not deny the facts. investments are flooding here in the Philippines. Stock market is rising. foreign companies want to expand here because they see Filipinos are getting richer. the traffic in edsa is caused by filipinos having the money to buy cars, compared to the marcos regime only a little number of filipinos have cars.MY FATHER IS PRO MARCOS AND IN FACT HE WILL VOTE BONGBONG, BUT HE CAN NOT ALSO DENY THAT THERE ARE MORE JOBS FOR FILIPINOS RIGHT NOW THAN BEFORE. HE RECALLS WHEN HE WAS LOOKING FOR A JOB AND CAN NOT FIND ANY. RIGHT NOW JUST GO TO JOBSTREET OR STREETS IN MANILA AND YOU CAN FIND THOUSANDS OF JOBS.






        1. @vince, your bias towards pnoy’s achievement is like you getting into the act of “credit grab”.

          you simply cannot understand that making a way for economic gain if ever it should be awarded is by necessarily IMPLEMENTING a different approach and then, exploding the eco-magic, not write-up-magic.

          the article said it all, Marcos was accused of wrong doing, and in 30 years, we are still on the same problem of wrong-doing, albeit, by a different family of politicians.

          it is therefore, a process of being LOUDER to condemn, and better relationship with the media.

          DAP, barangay briberies, Corona bribes and “unseen projects with diminishing funds” are just so similar and maybe more grave than that of Imelda’s shoes and Marcos’ loot. after all, Marcos created a lot.

          and i would say, Marcos killed his opponents, the people who say “Itaas ang Sweldo, at ibaba ang Matrikula”, but this pnoy betrayed his people in times of “calamities”, Sultanate’s SABAH, and the SAF 44. oh, if i can also mention the LAZINESS and propensity to blame.

          sleep and dream again Vince.

        2. @miong













        3. you must really be dreaming to think that a Mongoloid who just let his SAF 44 die without lifting a finger should be absolved.

          why is that? is it because he is not in the position to think since he is a mongoloid ?

          when the dollar went up in the 80s, the opposition is gaining ground and the economy was affected. the turmoil just before the death of aquino was in full swing. the momentum was in favor of the MAKIBAKA group. what then would you expect of our situation ? rosy still ?

          it is not because we are deep in debt, as you also do realize, the Bataan plant is a giant step towards progress and therefore should have been a springboard for our economy.

          the death in the 21st August made it all worse. not because Marcos’ strategy was failing, but because the political situation is precarious.

          that explains your DOLLAR.

          now, the complexion of economy has changed since then. everything has all been global. and you can’t compare the situation of CARs’ count prsence in the past against today’s.

          the essence of which is easier to live by remains that the past is where parents can go for 8 siblings and need not worry much about their food in the table, education for their kids.

          the quality is not in the number of cars, they are barely around 10% of the population who are owners.

          you can talk about quality, when you seen that you got your salary for the month, and you are able to pay for all your necessities and still afford to buy an additional appliance set with ‘savings’ to spare.

          that’s what is called buying power, and i can tell you, we are not close to that stage even with all the “green and good” credit ratings of this mongoloid.

          even if kris went on to become the president in place of his mongoloid brother, should that mean, with all her non-action, the credit is still hers?

          ang sarap maging presidente pala 🙂

          kasing sarap maging MMDA chair 🙂

        4. @miong













        5. you continue to give credit to your mongoloid 🙂 that’s really funny. inaction came as economic EFFORT, and deaths of SAF due to inaction as well is not his fault.

          all the Disneys that you speak of, are precipitates still of GMA’s. that’s nothing new or ‘initiated by’ the mongoloid.

          being sick man of asia to you denotes Marcos’ action and policies, while it could be the down spiral, caused by the political turmoil at that time is the culprit.

          there was only one Presidential Timber, after ninoy, and to the outside world. that Pimentel is another wimp. while ninoy is an articulate ‘commie’.

          that’s the TRUE SICKNESS in our society back then. we got nothing in sight to pull us up.

          you may want to talk about the HK tragedy and just hope you will be awaken from your Yellow Slumber 🙂

        6. if cory made our economy worse, why then do you blame Marcos for the tag of sick man ?
          you continue to credit mongoloid for his inactions, and you don’t fault him for SAF 44’s inaction?

          the Disneys that you speak of, are all fruits of GMA’s effort. not any of mongoloid’s consequence of ‘sleeping on the job’.

          even Tesda is a precipitate of GMA, all laid down for our betterment. you got your K12 to cheer on and that’s another pahirap 🙂

          we were sick back then, because we only had two choices, to become a ‘commie’ or to continue the downward spiral of our economy because all the supposed intelligent people want a piece of the ‘pie’ as evidenced by the past 30 years.

















        8. you tell me of one project that did not emanate from GMA’s action/ plan.

          that’s how to do it.

          you tell me of how the same “billions” of peso, supposedly corrupted by Marcos produced a lot, by GMA who was supposed to have run with lots of kickbacks.

          and now, with the mongoloid, having practically the same budget during GMA’s is now without any visible creation.

          in the Yolanda alone, the people are still suffering after 2 years of neglect.

          kaya hindi umu-unlad ang Pilipinas ay dahil sa mga katulad nyo na pilit ginagawaran ng papuri ang hindi nararapat.

          nasaan ang crab mentality kung ang sinasabi ko ay ayon sa aking nakikita ?

          kapag ikaw ang nag-isip, hindi Crab, kapag ako, crab ?

          that’s yellowsm.

        9. not everything written on the net is FACT.

          my late professor, Vicente Albano Pacis who is a buddy of Emilio Aguinaldo even told me, that “BOOKS” are written by the victors.

          learn to deduce, and stay away from that YELLOW fanatism.

        1. Then ano pang silbi ng libro? wag na lang tayo mag aral dahil ang paniniwala mo naman lahat ng libro ay may bias.

          Pano ako naging crab kung pinupuri ko din si marcos na magaling kung hindi lang naging corrupt? at inaacknowledge ko yung dami ng projects na nagawa niya?

          pano ako naging yellow fantard kung crinicriticize ko si cory at si mongoloid?

          kitang kita naman dito kung sino ang fanboy na sarado ang pag iisip laban sa aquino at wala ng alam kundi marcos.

          Chineck mo ba yung sources? ano bias ang ibang bansa sa aquino? sabi na nga ba. typical na sagot ng mga walang maisagot dahil wala silang sources na makuha





          ANO BINAYARAN SILA NG 500?

        2. you must be a very loony of a person or too young to digest anything real out there.

          if i will give you sources, would you believe it ? and therefore, forget about your own ?

          my opinion is based on what i seen that transpired from 1975 to now.

          so, i will not get and read resources to believe more on anything. i will depend on how i seen it, and not based from what is fed to me by the internet.

          now, books of history is what i am referring to. if you can’t get that. so sorry for you. i can’t really blame a YELLOW intelligence to work brightly. seldom, maybe 🙂

          dream on.

        3. @miong.

          ah yeah my major in college is history.

          ano yun based lang sa nakita mo?
          kaya tayo may books para makita yung view from different sides, from the one you called victors, the one from the center, the one from the sidelines.

          so yeah name your sources. show me a book that showed how the economy was upward during marcos and i will gladly read it.

          mahirap kasi sa view mo lang is you are biased on what you see. unlike from having multiple sources.

          so ito na lng challenge ko since di mo naman masagot why our economy was downward during the marcos regime and why did we transform to the sick man of asia from being one of the tigers.

          name at least 2 books na nagsasabi na tumaas ang economy at gumanda ang pilipinas.

          i dont care if it is from zaide, agoncillio,or the modern anbeth ocampo, deviana or whoever it is.

          show me your so called “SOURCES”

          as a history major, we were trained to read multiple books and compare it to other books. so name it okay?

          And follow up lang if ever you dont believe history books, economic history books and etc. better yet itapon mo na yung diploma mo kasi lahat ng pinag aaralan natin ay based from books. Which you said are never reliable. malay mo yung yung different laws of motion gawa gawa lng ni isaac newton. or baka gawa gawa lang na ang Spain ang sumakop sa Pilpinas and gawa gawa lang na nag aklas si Andress Bonifacio laban sa kastila.

        4. you are really dumb in truly believing in whatever you read.

          that’s a sign that you are never even smart.

          maybe, i can tell you of Aguinaldo’s story.

          he was not our national hero, because he died very late. but as you would probably read in the books of Ambeth, Zaide or Agoncillo. you will never get the hint that he is so much better than the rest. maybe better than how Rizal managed or treated our revolution against Spain.

          he was a pain in the ASS to the Americans, and that of the Spaniards. he is never a trustworthy-man to deal with, since he can talk YES upFront, and sell you when you are not looking.

          but they are all afraid of his prowess, he never lost a battle with the Spanish forces, and Americans are just damn crazy as to expect anything predictable of his action.

          he nevertheless thought always of how to gain the best leverage for our nation.

          in essence, he is an epitome of a “patriot” who won our pride for us. ‘tuso at magulang’ kapag Pilipinas na ang pinag-u-usapan.

          but then, he is not even considered to be unlike Bonifacio who lost all, even in the election.

          coming to that, what was written in the book, is not what Aguinaldo is.

          pagtagpi-tagpiin mo ang istorya ni Aguinaldo, and you will see that what i am saying will be JUST INSIDE those books that you read.

          but America controlled the “text”, they can’t be swallowing their pride to give credit to the one who gave them ‘trouble’. and so, they chose Rizal… a man of peace, who never wanted to fight and a symbol of ‘lesser’ evil to their eyes.

          Martial Law, i saw how well disciplined the people are. until it was coming to the BATASAN election, everything was just as still ROSY.

          the ‘commie’ period was just too much back in that 70s.

          basa pa, ka-awa-awa ka, kung magsusulat ako ng libro, baka mapaniwala kita 🙂

        5. and yeah you might want to read
          An analysis of the Philippine economic crisis
          philippine Macroeconomic Developments 1970–1993

          di ko na lang sure kung san ka makakasecure ng copy. maybe from ateneo,up,ust, lasalle libraries.

        6. oh yeah? how did you know? tropa ka ba ni aguinaldo? were you there? did the americans talk to you? did the ones who voted against bonifacio tell you that? anong basis mo?

          o anong basehan mo sa storya ni aguinaldo? please lang wag mo sabihin na yan ang kwento ng lolo mo or friend ni aguinaldo na prof mo. e pano kung ang sabihin ko bias sila kasi kwento nila yun e.

          Ang self view of history ang pinakabias sa lahat dahil view mo lang yun. the most effective way to study history is to read all references, collect the data and analyze.

          you said pag tagpi tagpiin ko ang storya ni aguinaldo and i will see it is inside the books? and yet you dont recognize books as a source kasi snasabi mo na ang books ay never reliable because they are written by the victors.

          o ano ba talaga panig mo niyo sir ang gulo e? ikaw mismo cinocontradict mo yung sinasabi mo.

          im not anti marcos and pro aquino. please lang

          i do know the very incompetent side of aquino.
          i do know the brilliance of marcos. i know how he sent imelda to gaddafi. i do know
          how he had the guts to disobey america and do business with china. but facts are facts.
          economy was downward. i even doubt you know those things about marcos dahil di nman masyado minemention yun sa books which i also doubt you read dahil you dont believe in books.

          you know what? right now i erase mo na lahat ng alam mo dahil lahat ng pinag aralan mo simula ng bata ka ay base sa libro. view mo lang pala yung pnapahalagahan mo at walang basis yung mga pag aaral na ginagawa ng iba sa ekonomiya ng pilipinas e. yeah right sinungaling ang IMF. sinungaling ang world bank. sinungaling ang forex.

          I guess mas credible yung view mo. naisa isa mo income ng bawat pilipino? may record ka ba ng cash flow ng bansa? sayo ba nagrereport ang Bir dati? ikaw ba namamahala sa pera, import export ng bansa?


          If you cant answer it.

          then sleep and continue your dream.

        7. realization is something you do not know or have.

          you can’t even deduce kung kaninong panig ka.

          i would say, puede kang ‘bakla’ 🙂

          after reading the books, and looking at the realm, you get your own analysis.

          unlike you, you can be swayed to the left or right, depending on the availability of your references.

          that is how bad, your kind of thinking is. you can’t get to your own conclusion, much less, or just even analysis.

          i been telling you about the “commie” spiral-down cause and you seem to be not capable of understanding the situation of that 70s.

          Lee Kuan Yew never had an aquino-pest to disturb him.

          now, you must be very ‘low’ in your class, you can only pass off as a well-read “tambay”. sa aking palagay, doon lang a-abot ang iyong talino. i must tell you that, para naman you will start to use your brain… reading is not about reading alone, there is comprehension, there is analysis of what you read.

          may classmate ako na tulad mo noong bata pa ako.
          she read and her mental ability to memorize was so good that she was commissioned to teach us her trade.

          after a few ‘engagements’, she realized that she can only remember things, but can’t discuss/ argue/ make opinion about the ‘written’ text. she only knows what was written. she is as dumb as you. and SHE ADMITTED it to me like a waylaid lady, crying.

          kaka-awa 🙂 katulad mo 🙂







          EXACTLY YOU.


          After 30 years and patuloy yung 5-6 gdp growth natin. patuloy ang investments dito and patuloy yung pagbaba ng employment rate.

          i can still see you saying mas maganda nung panahon ni marcos!

          tpos pag may nagsabi sayo na bkt pagupo at pag alis niya naging sick man of asia tyo from a tiger.

          tpos 50 years after martial law, top economy na tayo ulit with supporting data.

          ang sasabihin mo ay wag ka magbase ng books. magbase ka sa pananaw ko.

          and yeah just to enlighten you which your kumpare aguinaldo and your kumpareng americans back from spanish to american revolution didnt say to you

          Aguinaldo was not chosen to be a national hero because he is pro revolution. di dahil di maganda ang credits niya.




          sige nga pano magiging mas credible yang kwento mo na di ka pa nman buhay nun? buti sana kung kasama ka ni andress bonifacio noon e maniniwala pako sayo e. andun ka e.

          tpos sa snsbe mong stick to what the book says lng ako.

          edi sana di ko inappreciate yung mga nagawa ni marcos na tama. edi sana di ko alam yung hidden achievements niya. edi sana never ko sinabing magaling si marcos. AT I CLEARLY STATED NA AFTER READING MULTIPLE SOURCES YOU ANALYZE IT

        9. when you are intelligent enough 🙂 you read, you analyze and establish a conclusion.

          your level is only to read. barely analyze, and hypothetically conclude and fence-sit. Newton’s was a calculation and it concludes.

          you are like my classmate, which when i tested to read a handwritten article, copied from a book, failed to even get it to her mind.

          she was looking at books as GOSPEL truths. and when the same “text” is just handwritten, it never appear as believable and therefore not for her mind to memorize or digest. that was when i was in Grade 6 🙂

          Vicente Albano Pacis is right in front of me when he talked about Aguinaldo, and Aguinaldo was right in front of him when they were running away from the Americans. first-hand accounts, and a HISTORIAN who traversed the divide, and arrived at his conclusion about Agui. the bias is when you can’t seem to digest the other one on the opposite side.

          i lived the Marcos years, lived with the cory, Ramos, Erap, GMA and this mongoloid.

          and the article from which we are commenting on mentioned the same ‘political-travel’ and the unfortunate misgivings of how our lives evolved.

          now, looking at how it was the past 30 years, you must not be a fence sitter for the sake of your own, somehow not so impressive-intelligence.

          after all, Newton concluded, and finalized the gravitational theory 🙂

          that’s how short, your brain-wave is, relative to a NEWTON’s 🙂 somehow, it must even be NIL 🙂

        10. when Del Pilar died in place of Aguinaldo’s capture, the Americans praised Del Pilar like an ‘intelligent’ warrior, but they themselves from evne Ambet’s account could have stayed alive if not for his “heroic-yabang-moves” during the encounter.

          and yes, the Americans hailed Del Pilar, to compensate for their failure to capture the big one.

          i’ve read the accounts, and seen even some movie depictions of the encounter, and i am arriving at my conclusion that Del Pilar chose to push his luck too deep, and paid dearly for it.

        11. Yeah whatever

          Question. Kung napakaganda noon bakit po nagka isa ang mga tao pabagsakin si marcos?

          Question 2: o akala ko ba never natalo si aguinaldo? Bakit siya tumakbo habang si del pilar hinohold off yung american forces? Panalo ba yung view mo dun?

        12. hindi ko alam kung bakit hindi mo alam na bumagsak ang popularidad ni Marcos at tumaas ang popularidad ng mga maka-kaliwang konsepto.

          mahusay ang handling ng “bash” ng mga aquino.
          tulad ng nagawa rin sa kasalukuyan kay GMA.

          both, even for Marcos’ condition has yet to be decided by the courts in finality.

          some are, but to the extent of the BIG TIME Accusation, NIL. like it is with GMA.

          noong panahon ni GMA, she surpassed daw the GANID of Marcos, but then 🙂

          that is why, i was before thinking about how come there is a commandment in the bible that says, “do not speak ill of your kapwa”. in my youth, my concept of sin is pagpatay, pakiki-apid. never about just speaking 🙂

          and in aquino’s way, i seen, tama pala ang bible sa “do not speak ill”. truly it is a grave one.

          now, on Del Pilar… i will kill your mother and father, but until i killed you, i have not won anything.

          ganun kasimple ang buhay ng labanan 🙂

          the gravity in the use of my words has been elevated to the FULL Height so that, the inertia would come heavy and more comprehensible to a very slow “brained” person like you.

          you may want to ask me better questions, talk as an adult, using your brain and murmur away from your reference books 🙂

        13. Ah okay. So meaning po ba kahit nasakop na ng america ang pilipinas nung pinamumunuan ito ni emillio aguinaldo. Di parin talo si aguinaldo kasi buhay pa siya?

          So ibig sabihin din ba hindi natalo ang japan sa united states noong world war 2 kasi di naman namatay emperor nila?

          Nice logic.

        14. masyadong mababa pala ang HISTORY mo.
          the Emperor surrendered 🙂

          and yes, until you got Aguinaldo contained or captured, the rebellion is unofficially ended, and LOSING is not established. it is not because he is still alive, it is because he is still officially fighting and directing his men.

          Malvar even went on to sustain for more time, and was the last to surrender.

          you really have a short-brain for a HISTORIAN 🙂 nakakahiya ka palang magbasa, you are really like my grade 6 classmate, sabi ko na nga ba eh.

          peanuts 🙂

        15. Pakibasa po ng definition ng defeat.

          And even though may sarili kang pananaw sa ibg sbhn ng defeat.

          Di parin ba defeat yung nacolonized tayo ng amerikano at nakamit lng natin ang kalayaan dahil binigay nila to and remember bumalimbing si aguinaldo sa amerikano.

          Talo niyo oa mga tga up. At least sa up ang prinopromot pantayong pananaw. Ikaw pansariling pananaw na. Pag di mo pananaw mali na.

          Kung gusto mo ganyan. Ibabase mo lng sa sarili mong pananaw. Gawa na lang po kayo ng chismis show nya. Dahil sa history ang unang itatanong sayo anong source mo.

        16. Yeah it is more productive to sleep rather than debating with a pure nonsense who bases all his facts with his own view and only that.

          Kasi kung gusto mo ang usapan ntn is ganun kung how you see it and what you see is the truth alone even if it is not supported with studies.

          30 yrs ago yung street nmen lahat walang kotse. Ngayon kailangan na nmen lumipat kasi ang sikip at puno ng kotse Kasi pati anak nila nakakabili na ng kotse.

          Yung nanay ko nakatira sa barong barong dati. Ngayon may sariling bahay at kotse na. Pati yung mga kaklase nya sa quezon noon meron na.

          Yan ang magiging argument ko.

          But i choose not to because our subdivision, my mom’s classmates dont represent the millions of filipinos.

          Yes mas maraming mahirap. Pero marami na din ang mahirap na naka ahon. At maraming mahirap na mahirap padin.

          But all in all the economy is expanding compared to marcos regime.

          All backed up with data and studies. Not just philippine sources but international sources, which is both not credible by your standards because you represent all the philippines, that is why your view alone is more credible than those who are studying it with people surveying the whole country.

          Wag ka na magreply with another nonsense argument

        17. so, you base your Economic gain, depending on what you see ? that’s too hyphocrite 🙂

          i got 4 old cars, when in 1970s, i barely have a bike.

          but it doesn’t make feel above average. my brod has sports the high-ends, and he is aiming for a chopper.

          now, that is not PAG-Unlad ng Pilipinas, that is only about the same “fruits” of labor, even of people of the 70s when Marcos was President. when Cory, Aguinaldo, Magsaysay was at their helm.

          would you now say “mahirap” ang Pilipinas kung sa lugar nyo ay bihira ang kotse ?

          that’s very “historian” of you.

          nakaka-awa ka talaga.

        18. Mas nakakaawa ka kasi di mo naintindihan yung sinabi ko.

          Please read again. If di mo padin naintindihan read mo ulit. Pag di padin read it once more. Kung di mo naintindihan. Well i guess the level of education during the marcos time was horrible.

          Di nko magtataka kung bakit contradicting ang statements mo and ang sagot mo sakin ngayon ay sobrang walang kwenta kasi ang layo niyan sa snabi ko

        19. exactly what she told herself when my classmate was clueless about what was the content and idea of what she reads.

          it is like, she was evading her own prowess already, and advising us and herself out of her supposed to be ONE TIME grab of the ‘written’ article.

          when she finally concluded that she was trapped into only memorizing things, she stood up and then, after a while, she exclaimed, “i am but a KABISOTE!”

          now, you are far worse. you read and proclaim “truth” just like a yellow. and when people are opposed to your idea, like a YELLOW still, you proclaim “bias of other people’s idea” and perception.

          yellowish are nakakaawa, and after this election, you can only conclude that you have been so DUMB and reeking of URINE.

          because YELLOWs will only be where they should be, “inside septic tanks”.

          bye for now, i need to read Greenspan’s idea of how America is in surplus during Clinton’s based from TaxBreaks from Reagan’s era. that’s a Bush Sr leap, and there is still a connection with Clinton?

          doublespeak and political smoke is something your mind can’t read 🙂

          google pa 🙂 and you will find yourself in the left, middle and right, and then, left and then far right and then, far left. since you got so little brain 🙂

        20. wag mo na basahin kasi di naman yan facts. nasa libro e

          sayang lang bossing.

          tsaka the fact na di mo naintindihan yung comment ko na pnapabasa ko sayo ng paulit ulit i doubt na maiintindihan mo yang gusto mong basahin

        21. when my classmate was busy proclaiming her Prowess of being able to read and memorize, that’s when i also noticed her seeming discomfort about some other people being as good as her.

          more so, when she was assigned to teach us. i noticed how she jerked mildly.

          just when the “test’ of reading the same ‘article’ handwritten did i confirm my suspicion.

          now, it is very similar to your proclamation of being able to read and understand your own TEXT, only that you make the yellow move 🙂

          proclaim yours and bash the ‘ideas’ and ‘capabilities’ of others

          very foul smelling URINE-like ‘intelligence’ is all you have.

          nothing’s gonna change you. sabi nga nila, a hare-brained person has no chance 🙂

          stay yellow 🙂


        22. now, baka mabasa ng iba at iginagawi mo sa malayo ang konsepto ng aking salita.

          ang sabi ko.

          “hindi lahat ng nakasulat sa libro ay totoo.”

          that is why, we are given a brain. to digest and analyze.

          political inclinations are a given, but “sugar coating” is a fault that is very hard to be digested, or maunawaan ng isang YELLOW-Hare-brained person na tulad mo 🙂

          kaka-awa talaga 🙂

        23. kaso yung pag aanalyze mo hinahaluan mong biases e. niloloko mo na lang sarili mo.

          and naintindihan mo na ba yung comment ko na isa? yung pinapaulit ulit kong pinapabasa sayo? rebut mo muna yun kasi sobrang obvious na ang hina ng reading comprehension mo

        24. ang daming beses ko sinabi ang “commie” factor sa downturn ng 70s’ economy 🙂

          bago ka tumigil sa pagtatanong, siguro mga limang beses pa 🙂

          mas malakas nga siguro ang comprehension mo, sa isang grade 2 🙂

        25. mygad

          di talaga makaintindi. paki back read then paki intindi.

          paki back read yung March 4 comment ko then march 4 reply mo. PAKI INTINDI NG MAAYOS PARA MALAMAN MO KUNG GANO KA KAHINA SA PAG INTINDI

        26. O naintindihan mo na? Yung reply mo sobrang mali kasi sobrang di mo naintindihan yung sinasabi ko nung march 4? Paki reply ng bago. Para masagot kita

        27. sabi ng classmate ko dati, “nobody’s seen me in the eye like you did. kabisote lang ako. hu hu hu”

          she took off her “thick reading glass” and admitted defeat.

          but she is a real intelligent person who’s capacity is relegated “low level” because of undue praises and simple inducements.

          she is even turning into a TOMBOY because of those “paghanga” and prodding… tawag ko dati, she is “BIBO” actually.

          now, differently, you are 🙂

          nakabasa lang, feeling Matalino na. ha ha.

        28. ang layo na ng sinasabi mo.
          ganun ba talaga pag di maka intindi? tinatamad ako sumagot sayo kasi yung march 4 na comment ko di mo maintindihan at di mo masagot ng maayos. kaya ba kung ano ano na lng snsbe mo?

          paki basa paki basa dn yung reply mo bago tayo ulit magsimula. kasi kaya ayoko magsalita ng bago kasi SOBRANG MALI nung reply mo. OBVIOUS NA DI MO NAINTINDIHAN. kung di mo padin maintindihan sabihin mo lang willing ako iexplain kung ano mali at di mo naintindihan

        29. google mo na lang, baka may makuha kang reference 🙂 kapag kapos na ang iyong kaalaman, google pa.

          huwag mong ipilit na makakuha ka ng direct reference for your query from me. there are a lot of reading materials sa google.

        30. oh. yung march 4 ang pinag uusapan kasi dun tayo natapos kasi di ka nakabigay ng sagot na tama. kung ano ano na lang snasabi mo. tpos ito paulit ulit na lang ako. para kang politiko na corrupt. tatanungin ng isang issue kung ano anong ibang bagay ang isasagot.

          tinatanong ulit kita naintindihan mo ba yung march 4 comment ko at bakit sobrang mali ng sagot mo kaya tinamad ako sumagot.

          kung hindi willing akong iexplain. pang 4th time na ata ito.

          please answer

        31. truly, nakakAWA ang iyong pag-i-isip.
          you can’t understand anything but what you want to accept and things that jibes with your faulty thinking.

          be yellow, stay yellow, and sleep yellow.

          there are other colors out there, and you just can’t see the beauty of diversity. you will not come into any realization as well, even if it takes another aquino getting seated. antayin mo sa kris at little james. they might help you in your deep slumber.

        32. really? kayang kaya ko patunayan na ikaw ang di nakaka intindi ng beauty of diversity based sa pag uusap natin.

          and kung ano ano nnaman snsbe mo. tatanungin kita ulit naintindihan mo na ba yung march 4 comment ko at naanalyze mo kung gano kahina ang pag intindi mo?

          kung di mo padin naiintindihan kung bakit SOBRANG MALI NG REPLY MO SA COMMENT KO


        33. courtesy na lang ang aking pagsagot, you should read that one and ask about what you don’t understand.

          sa expression pa lang ng iyong pagtatanong, at dapat din, para sa tamang courtesy mo sa iyong kausap, you should be laying down what you didn’t understand, and what you say is my ‘wayward’ reply.

          common decency iyan, kapag lalaki. pero kapag, alam mo na… they will always hold you back to what they know is a slip.

          a male specie will not ever show, copy and paste Texts of conversation. a male is coming upfront.

          ganun kaSimple iyon 🙂

        34. hahaha iba na talaga pag sobrang bilib sa sarili at feeling na sila lang ang tama.

          paki admit na lang na di mo naintindihan.
          kasi kung ano ano na lang sinasabi mo magmuka lang na may alam.

          para kang si duterte sa uplb. pag di alam ang sagot or di naintidihan ang tanong kung ano ano lang ang ikekwento makalusot lang.

          Wag mo ilihis ang topic natin. ibalik natin sa government. wala naman saysay yang mga sinasabi mo. paki reply na lng ng maayos yung march 4 comment ko.

        35. baklita, i am gone 🙂

          so sorry, i have exerted so much effort to respect your opinion, but baklitas can never go out of their baklita way.

          stay Yellow and baklita, eat, think, sleep baklita yellow.

        36. Haha walang maisagot, kaya ssbhn na lng bakla, bobo or kung ano anong kwento na lang

          Yan ang typical na walang alam at totoong bakla.

          Cant man up to admit na mali sya

        1. was already a teen during Marcos’ time, and truly, i appreciate his way of governance.

          he’s got a better mind and plan for the country.

          the 60s and 70s are just too ‘commie-popular’ and people like ninoy who never really did anything good other than oppose Marcos just got lucky to be assassinated.

          was a cory fanatic back then, and i really regret joining the yellow bandwagon.

          to this day, i realized that we just ‘threaded-along’ the same route and still nowhere near any ‘positive path’.

          ‘daang matuwid’ is just a soundbite and yellowism should die. it speaks of ‘katamaran’, ‘paninisi’ and ‘credit-grab’.

    3. Ang famine ay dahil sa iisa ang nag-ma-mayari ng mga lupain sa Negros ang mga Lopez sa tubuhan hanggang ma-land reform at naikalat sa mga biktimang mahihirap. Ang hindi nangyari ay ang Hacienda Lucita na kamkam pa rin ng mga Aquio-Cojuangco. Maraming nabigyan ng lupain at magaganda ang ani dahil nagpappadala noon si Marcos ng mga Agriculturist sa bawat baryo at nagmimiting ng libre para maituro ang mga magsasaka. May mga abono, pesticide at libreng binhi. May Rural Bank na pautang na walang interes. Maganda ang buhay ng kanayunan noon at mas marami silang pera kaysa sa mga nagtratrabaho sa Maynila at mga titser. Ang perang kinikita ay puro CASH kaya hindi nakikita sa mga sinasabi mong GDP. Ang GDP ay 7.2 percent from OFW that’s $29.6 billion money remittance. Ang mga nag-papaaral ng mga kursong Engineer, Doctor, Nurse ay karamihan mga magsasaka dahil maraming naaani – CASH DEAL yan kaya hindi nag-rereflect sa GDP.

    4. @Fake DIO a.k.a. PropagandaFAG Boy:

      Seriously, you’re just becoming ridiculous with your shitposting and trolling, but impersonating one of the commenters is the worst. EVER. I’m 100% sure you’re on a payroll and you’re no different on those cucks who keeps on posting bomb jokes.

  3. Ramos and Enrile , were tools of the U.S./C.I.A., to oust Marcos. If Marcos, would had used his power…we would had end up like Syria or worse.

    The U.S./C.I.A. used the same tactic in China’s Tiennamen Square. But, the late Deng Ziao Peng, used his military might to defeat the rebellion. The same happened in Myanmar (Burma). The U.S./C.I.A. , used the Buddhist monks, to overthrow the Military Dictators. The Military Dictators, used their power. And, the Myanmar rebellion was put down.

    Aquino was used by the U.S./C.I.A., and the family who use their being”collaborators” with enemies, as their tool for political power; readily collaborated with the U.S./C.I.A. to overthrow Marcos. It was also a way to protect their Hacienda Luisita, from being Land Reformed.

    With them in power, Feudalism flourished; political oligarchy became powerful.Family political dynasties were in spotlight… The Roman Catholic Church friar lands are not Land Reformed. The clueless housewife, Cory Aquino, became President. Clueless celebrities, are elected in public offices. Graft and corruption , were the call of the day. They stole everything. The son, Aquino III, who is depressed and mentally retarded, became the President. With DAP, PDAF, Pork Barrel Bribery, Mamapasano massacre, etc… are the signatures of his Presidency. Mar Roxas, his ass licking running dog, is now running for President.

    And we became, the Basket Case country in Asia. Something wrong in us, in electing these wicked people.

    1. I can only say one thing on this EDSA1, if Marcos is a true dictator and a man of violence, killings and murders, he could have ordered the massive bombing of Aguinaldo at that time, killing Enrile, Ramos and Honasan with thousands of people milling around. He still has so many Generals and soldiers on his side, Fabian Ver and his Licensed to KIll unit headed by Abadilla is still there, why didn’t he order the massive destruction of that place to restore his power and decimate all acts of EDSA1 rebellion? Me and my Family was there in front of those tanks together with the nuns and other civilians. Why did a killer and dictator chose to leave if he is really merciless and evil? My businesses were all doing good at his time and I thought it will be much better if he is gone, but on the contrary, everything went down when he left, and I have to sell everything at a loss and leave the country I loved, the country where I was born, because of my mistake joining the force that moved him out. Everything is chaos after Marcos left, Power shortage, multiple Coup, massive unemployment due to massive closure of companies, The big Earthquake in 1990 that decided me to leave and the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo the next year, 1991. All of these contributed to the downfall of economy under the leadership of incompetent novice housewife and tutorial of a thief brother and surrounded by hungered Trapos promoted by a Biased media to feed lies to the people, destroying all the good things done by Marcos and glorifying the Aquinos for giving them back ABias-CBN and Meralco at no cost. That is the truth.

  4. ‘EDSA’ in February 1986 was not an insignificant event. It was the timely, final shove that tumbled a dictatorship when it was at its tipping point. Cory’s absence was indeed immaterial. What seemed to matter was the incredulous capitulation of Juan Ponce Enrile and Fidel Ramos; both of whom, stalwarts in the disgraced dictatorship, and who held sway over a formidable bloc of the military then; and, whose decisions were guided more by the ‘writing on the wall’, rather than by pure ‘patriotism’, (a virtue that doesn’t happen overnight). To even think that theirs was an ‘epiphany’ is absurd. Opportunism.. ? Yeah maybe, but I don’t like to go there.The real heroes were the multitude of ‘bit players’.. the praying mass of brave citizens.. who, fortified by the presence of Cardinal Sin and countless, (if faceless) priests and nuns, bravely faced tanks and gun muzzles..unfazed. It was a phenomenon, hitherto unequaled any where in the world then.
    If the citizens of today choose to honor an earth-shaking event that took place sometime in the recent past, I’d give them a pass What could mar the event, however, would be the predictable and unwanted presence of the candidates and sundry politicians who would surely bask under the light of an obscure, (even fictitious), participation.. a tenuous connection.. to the celebrated event.
    EDSA is not about Cory or Noynoy, or their ‘yellow horde. It is about the masses who made it happen.

    1. It was the masses who were scammed by the U.S./C.IA., Ramos, Enrile, Aquino, Cardinal Sin, the Roman Catholic Church,…etc…

      They call the “Hakot demonstrators” masses…

      “By their fruits, you shall know them”…from the Christian Bible scriptures. What are the fruits of EDSA? Who profited from it? Just open your eyes…you will see the answer. It is Glaring…we are now the basket case of Asia..

      1. Because your generation wasted the opportunity to make this nation great again. Don’t disrespect those who gave the freedom you enjoy today. Want to live again in the same situation as the martial years?

        1. Why are we suddenly forced to be beholden to “those” people. Who are “those” people? “Those” people are certainly not immune from any question or criticism. This is what happens when some issues are declared a “Sacred Cow” giving it supposed immunity from question or criticism. EDSA should NOT be declared a Sacred Cow. We don’t owe “those” people anything.

        2. And “those” people who gave that freedom are the ones who are destroying this country. What’s the use of this so-called “freedom” if it doesn’t have the word RESPONSIBILITY in it?

        3. What wasted opportunity yellowtard? To abuse your so-called “freedom”? No wonder why our country is actually a democrazy. Actually, it’s your beloved aquino-cojuanco mafia who made this country a basketcase thanks to their selfish interests and yet look at you still kissing their asses and treat them like demigods that you’re like declaring a civil war against us anti-aquinos. You yellowtards, along with your commie friends, cause nothing but trouble.

        4. The joke’s on you, noytard.

          Martial Law was in-fact declared in responseto the communist threat which your so-called hero, Ninoy, was a part of.

    2. I am a Christian, but unfortunately, I saw the irony of it.

      Instead, men have forgotten God. Because after this, what’s next? The deluge.

      1. And those yellowtards being “proud” catholics are obviously celebrating that fake revolution as a vengeance against marcos’s “evil deeds”. Oh the hypocrisy of those katolibans are.

    1. Yan rason sa bobo sasabihin na pinanganak kanaba sa panahon yun? D mo alam pinabobo kau ng media? Pag may masabi lng balita media maniwla kayu agad ganyan kabobo tao ngaun. Tanong ko lng sau ano resulta sa ngaun? Sa pinag gagawa nyo. Ano ba nagawa ni cory? Change name ng mga pinatayo ni FM? Plss lng wag mo isulong yelow propaganda mo. Ruel!

      1. Ikaw ang nagsayang ng panahon para gumanda ang buhay binigay na sa henerasyon mo ang kalayaan, ano gusto mo subuan ka pa?. Gusto mong mabuhay sa panahon ng martial law o ngayon? Mamili ka.

        1. Yellow Zombies like you are the ones who are wasting their time.

          Ikaw ang mamili: kalayaan sa pamamahayag o kalayaan mula sa kahirapan? Tignan mo ang Singapore ngayon.

        2. Why yellowtard? Because you want communism to run rampant in our country then? Is that your so-called “freedom” commietard? Nagtatrabaho ka sa npa ano?

        3. I find it hypocritical that a yellowtard is resorting to fear tactics against critics of his pweh-sident.

          Just another evidence that the yellow tards are desperate to resort to cowardly tactics in order to “silence” the critics.

    2. You can ask many Filipino oldtimers, who were themselves Anti Marcos. They all agree: “We were used by : Aquino, Enrile, Ramos, the Cojuanhcos, Zobel-Ayala, Lopezes, etc”…all entrenched feudal Oligarchs.

      The Filipinos with Chinese ancestry, became filthy rich thru:rice importation and rice smuggling. This is the reason, the Aquinos shelved and stopped the Land Reform Program. Primary reason is, to protect their Hacienda Luista, and pay the support they received from Filipinos , with Chinese ancestry, who now dominate the business and economy of the country.

      1. 443Toro007Hyden890098.99,

        “The Filipinos with Chinese ancestry, became filthy rich thru:rice importation and rice smuggling. This is the reason, the Aquinos shelved and stopped the Land Reform Program.”

        I can attest to this claim because my family’s farmland got the shitty end of the stick from the fiasco that these Chinese businesses created with the “Land Reform Program.”


    3. Says the drama queen who only uses his heart instead of his head. Either you’re a commietard or an outlaw during martial law. Thanks a lot for smothering our country you dimwit!

  5. D2 nagsimula ung kalbaryu ng mga pinoy, at nawla ung respecto ng ibang bansa.! Ang mga bobo nagtipon2x. Mga bagong generasyon ng kabataan ngaun cla ang natitiis!.. Kung d pa kau mga bobo tagalog o taga ilog! Ginamit nnyo utak nyo, hanggang ilog lng lawak ng kaisipan nyo. Plss lang wag nyo e post or celebrate yang putang ina kalayaan sinabi nnyo. Panahon nagmulat sa inyo mali desisyon. Hays bat bobo tagalog? Ako half ako tagalog sinusuka ko yan, sana d nlang tagalog ama ko! Bobo nyo!

    1. Yan ay huwad na kalayaan, kaibigan…kalayaan nilang magnakaw, at magpayaman, sa mga ipinadala na pera ng mga OFW, na katulad ko…

  6. Hacienda Luisita is the ‘greed and betrayal’ of the aquinos to the pilipinos. they wrecked the Marcos real intentions for the country to be great in south east asian nations just to steal it from the farmers. their only hope now is the ‘ancestral domain’ in the shariah law of the BBL. that’s what pnoy doing now to save it, to steal it. if we want real change, bring back the Marcoses to malacanang. and the nation will be great again. pnoy likewise wants to change philippine history to cover-up the mess they did to their own motherland. now they lost their battle.

  7. The only thing the “1986 EDSA People Power Revolution” has done is to take the Failippines from the purgatory of Marcos’ regime, and eternally condemned it to Hell of the Aquino,Cojuangco, Enrile, Ramos, Lopez, Ayalas-Zobel, and the rest of their Chinese cohorts’ regime.

  8. Honestly, Ilda, I’d be happy to celebrate it IF we’re in the middle of a progressive, clean, safe and modern environment with highly educated, productive and disciplined masses and we’re governed with a leader somewhat like Lee Kuan Yew. That’s supposed to be the product of ousting a dictator and reclaiming democracy 30 years ago, isn’t it?

    I supposed EDSA Peope Power only let us out of dictatorship but fail to support the supposed real cause of making democracy work for the Filipinos. Nothing to celebrate really but more to be angry about. People Power ended in 1986 when it’s supposed to be ignited every single day after that day. EDSA People power should not be just a reminiscence of the “evils” of Martial Law and getting out of it but more so should be a demanding call for change that should have happened since that time. EDSA People Power is just a celebration of getting out of dictatorship, just the tip of the iceberg. When people celebrate it, Filipinos should be calling for continuous fight for real democracy, free of corruption, mediocrity and incompetency. A call for a third world country to become first.

    And FYI for the old farts, dictatorship is only replaced by oligarchy and the democratic system by padrino system.

    1. Sick_Amore,

      The leaders (Enrile, Ramos, Lopez, Ayala-Zobel, and a slew of nameless others in the background) of the 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution, are the same ones who enrich themselves after the smoke and dust have settled.

      The “People’s Power” was never meant for the Failipino people, it was intended for the oligarchs who are running/ruining the country today.


  9. There is some truth in what you said but there are too much fallacies as well. True, this country is screwed up by the political system. How can you be sure that the country is worse off after 30 years? What are your metrics? I’d rather keep what human rights I have right now than go back. If we still had martial law today, you’d have been tracked down and *convinced* to stop.
    Also, can you convince us to your authority in speaking about our economic system?

    And to the other commenters, just because we are against one administration does not mean we are pro the other administration. We are just against the greater evil.

    1. @nick

      Which part of the article do you consider “fallacies”? Please be specific.

      Of course the Philippines is worse off after 30 years. Millions of Filipinos are living in poverty and all we have after Marcos left are malls and more malls. A lot of Filipinos are also being murdered on the streets randomly nowadays. Human rights? It’s all a front. This is evident in the way former Gloria Arroyo is still in custody even after the UN declared she is being detained illegally.

      Which part of my claim about the econonmy don’t you understand? One doesn’t have to be a genius to realise that government spending is not a sustainable solution for economic growth.

      Please read these articles:

      Don’t thank PNoy: Economic growth does not necessarily mean good governance!

      1. He meant that you actually need to back up your flimsy claims with actual factual basis. You can tell an objective writing from a delusional one because the first cites real data from statistics published publicly, while the latter starts with sentences like “one doesn’t have to be a genius to know…” For instance, when you say millions of Filipinos are living in poverty and being murdered randomly, exactly how many did you mean? What percentage is that of the total population of the Philippines? And is that bigger now than during Martial Law? Where are you getting these numbers? Where did you get the information that Aquino borrowed 4trillion? Until you can answer those questions, this article is nothing but wasted webspace.

        1. Gee…it’s so easy to Google information, you know. Here’s the news report that says how much money PNoy government borrowed from foreign creditors during his term.

          Here’s the link to the poverty rates:

          As for people who are being murdered randomly, you should look it up. Last week, I read two people who were shot down in broad daylight. That’s in addition to journalists who get killed by mortorcycling riding assasins randomly. Don’t be in denial! 😉

    2. Just look at the number of OFWs, there are much more than in Marcos years, and yet the Aquino regime continues to treat them poorly, despite these OFWs being a significant reason the economy has not yet crashed.

      1. ChinoF,

        That’s because these OFWs’ money (including the Balikbayans and tourists’ money) is what’s being used to enrich the Chinese-owned businesses (condominiums, shopping malls, retail, restaurants and hotels, automobiles, and imported goods), with the help of our corrupt local officials. .


      2. They are not just being treated poorly. They are even criminally assaulted every time they come back to the country and when they go back to their employing nation abroad. Heard of the NAIA anomalies? But, the OFWs are cash cows,that their contributions to the economy are just that to the Pnoy administration. Utang na loob pa siguro nila na pinayagan silang makalabas ng Pilipinas para makapagtrabaho.

    3. nick,

      Here are some of my “metric” evidence: rising cost of living and over-inflated real estate value, growing crime rate, endless political and military strifes, and growing influence of Chinese (and Korean) in the politics and business.

      If those “metric” evidence are not enough to make the hair on your ass stand up and turn grey, I don’t know what will.

      By the way, human right violation doesn’t have to take form with guns pointed at you, as you claimed during Marcos’ presidency, it can also shows its sharp fangs in the form of day-to-day deprivation of your quality of life through graft and corruption.


      1. “By the way, human right violation doesn’t have to take form with guns pointed at you, as you claimed during Marcos’ presidency, it can also shows its sharp fangs in the form of day-to-day deprivation of your quality of life through graft and corruption…”

        Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    4. I’d rather have freedom from poverty that freedom of speech that’s why I just shrugged my shoulder when I hear Edsa1.
      I’d rather have my husband working here than in Singapore just to give us a better life than that freedom of speech which only the journalists and leftist enjoyed much.
      I somehow envy Singapore for being a swamp area to being a first world country. Well thanks to their leaders who really look for the welfare of the nation. We dont need leaders who hails Edsa 1 or who are pro poor. We need leaders that could bring change to our country. If an ironhand is needed then let it be.

      1. Manang,

        “I’d rather have my husband working here than in Singapore just to give us a better life than that freedom of speech which only the journalists and leftist enjoyed much.”

        This is the result of the 1986 EDSA Revolution. A modern form of “feudalism,”by forcing the Filipinos away from their loved ones become slaves on foreign land, so their remittance money can be used to make these oligarchs (who banded together to overthrow the Marcoses), have the country for themselves.


  10. I have nothing against Chinese people, but after that stupid people power, many industries here in the ph crashed…. sayang lang, mayaman na sana ang bansa

    1. joedmango,

      I, too, don’t have anything personal against the Chinese people; it’s what the Chinese businesses have done (mainly cartelized their businesses with local and foreign money, and influenced local officials with bribed money) to ruin the cottage industries in the country (manufacturing, retail, and banking), including agri/aqua-culture farmland by turning them into concrete wasteland that contributed to mass flooding and pollution, that I have an issue with.


      1. There’s something to be learn from China actually. China has big and I mean BIG aspiration for their country and they are working on it. You can always turn the past mistakes and damages to better if you now have a group of people and internal revolutionary ideas and technologies to equip you. Modern research and technology, high education, wide business ventures, military strength are part of their government strategies. They are evolving, they are merging and clashing with Western and European dominancy. Before you will see China products as cheap products. Now it’s quality and customer-based, they even lead in manufacturing.

        Being a bully can never be justified it’s just that they did because they can. In that they won’t gain respect from any country but for their part in globalization they are being welcomed. Because they are taking the steps like other from third world to first countries albeit sacrificing the rights and freedom of their people and threatening those who’ll prevent them on getting what they want.

        While here, Filipinos like OFWs, local businessmen, the poor fisherman and farmers, the working population sacrifice still and yet they can’t even find that progress, that security and comfort in spite of all the international credits-debts and booming tax-budget spent by our government.

        As to Chinese businesses ruining the cottage industry, the problem there is business regulations. State order and business regulations that will protect the rights of local and small businessmen, the agricultural sector and our environment as well as the employees security are part of our government’s job.

        Just my two cents.

        1. Sick_Amore,

          “As to Chinese businesses ruining the cottage industry, the problem there is business regulations. State order and business regulations that will protect the rights of local and small businessmen, the agricultural sector and our environment as well as the employees security are part of our government’s job.”

          Our government officials know full-well that their violation of business regulations and oppression of local and small businessmen will bring ruin to the cottage industry.

          However, the lure of Chinese bribe money (from Chinoys and their foreign counterparts) are far more alluring than doing what’s good for the country.

          This is why we Failipinos have been accused of having a “One Day Millionaire” mentality; we are too short-term, instead of long-term, thinkers; are arrogant; and self-serving.


  11. kahit mga libro ng “History” kuno, ang daming mali. Bias yung mga information. Imagine kung sa mga bata palang mali na ang nadedeciminate na infos, wala na. tsk

    1. joedmango,

      This is what I tell myself and others all the time. The winner(s) of wars are the ones who write history books and not the loser(s), because they are in position and have the means to do so.

      Also, the content of those history books are often fictionalized by the authors to fit their own agendas—whatever those agendas might be.

      So, the difference between fiction and non-fiction books are minute, since the readers have to use their “imagination” to paint a picture in their mind of what the author(s) is trying to convey.

      And in the case of Failippine history, it is hard to decipher what is real and what is not, since the country has no credibility even to its people.


  12. I beg your pardon that Bashar Al-Assad and Muamar Qaddafi did great to their nation.

    They’re not dictators in their respective nations just search video about Qaddafi freely roaming in Tripoli without security and while he roam along the streets, people out there greet him and they’re happy.

    Al-Assad was being targeted by US led coalition by overthrowing him because the US and Saudis and Qataris wanted to lay a pipeline that will pass right into Turkey.

    Those nations are members of Axis of Evil coalition and FYI, those nations are doing what their oligarchies and elites wanted, take control of Syria’s oil and natural gas resources for their own greedy end.

  13. Ilda, ML was actually living like a scene in the killing fields. Dead bodies were carted in my province day in and day out.

    We ought to give credit where credit is due. Cory professionalized the military and destroy the mass based of the communist.

    The reason why the military is not as abusive as it was during the ML is because of successful Cory’s drive.

    1. @Jorge Barba

      Is your claim “the killing fields” documented somewhere? You do realise I can’t just take your word for it? It’s a bit of an exaggeration if you ask me. There should be remains piled up just like in the real “killing fields”.

      Please also provide us with a link to back up your claim that Cory “professionalised the military and destroy (sic) the mass based of the communist”. As far as I am aware, Enrile served as Secretary of National Defense under Cory so you can’t give all the credit to the former housewife for professionalising the PH military. It seems your claim is another exaggeration. Furthermore, the NPA is still wreaking havoc in some parts of the country. They are still alive and kicking.

      There were also reports of military abuse during Cory’s time. Mainstream media tend to gloss over abuses during her term that’s why a lot of people didn’t know. I mentioned it in my article. Please read it again.

      1. In any administration there are also military abuses but to state it like it was just the same as the martial law years is not correct. If you do what you are doing now which is to criticize the administration or the president, you could have been picked-up immediately and raped for days by 10 or more military soldiers. So yeah it’s worse now than martial law years.

        1. Again we don’t owe EDSA anything and disturbingly you seem to imply this veiled threat that anyone who “dares” question EDSA should somehow, “hypothetically,” experience rape and torture. Just another lame attempt to silence any criticism.

        2. As expected from a Yellow Zombie: all CRAP and no SUBSTANCE.

          It seems that freedom of speech is much more important than things like freedom from poverty. Kawawang Pilipinas.

        3. Another lame yellow propaganda has been destroyed it seems.

          Tsk, tsk, tsk
          Haven’t you yellow fools learned anything from the past 6 years?

          It’s not surprising your propaganda keeps being torn apart.

    2. Link to YouTube video

      You idiot! Cory released all communist leaders and members that is now the pest of he country.

      Marcos interview – assesment of the P.I

      Cory removed Sabah from Philippne map on-behalf of Benigno Aquino who collaborated with Malaysia, MNLF leader Nur Misuari and NPA founder Jose Maria Sison to join forces and promised that if he can topple Marcos he will give Sabah for free.
      Abno threatened to arrest Sultanate uprising in relation to Sabah reclamation. Learn the history!

      If you go back to Philippine history, Marcos signed the Tripoli agreement, allocated 13 provinces, cities and towns there in to Bangsamoro First Autonomous Region.

      Cory legalized all the 4 million illegal Chinese-Tawainese Nationals to become Filipino citizen. That’s the beginning of kidnapping, drugs and heinous crimes.

  14. Hndi na kailangan na ipanganak ako sa decada 80 pra malaman ko ang pinagkaiba ng buhay dati at ngaun dahil walang bago dto. Isipin nyo kung si “marcos” ang nagnanakaw at napatalsik sya sa pwesto, bkit ngaun simula sa tanod gang presidente magnanakaw pa rin? ang plano ay tangalin ang regimeng marcos at baguhin ang buhay sa kahirapan at anu ba ang nagawa ng sumunod na presidente? ikaw kau sabhin nyo anu nagawa ng mga sumunod na presidente sa buhay nyo? gumawa ba sla ng makabago at makabayang ospital, paaralan atbp? eh halos kumpuni na lng ang nagawa nla eh. ang bantayog na pangalan ng NINOY AQUINO AIRPORT e kulang na lng gawing tulugan ng ibon sobrang dumi. simple lng nman un eh isipin nla sana ang kapakanan ng tao at hndi ang iilan d sana maganda buhay natin. ang hndi naman maganda sa tao ay madami ang hndi edukado bigyan lng ng 500 ayos na nabili na ng prensipyo, purket sikat at artistahin bubotohin na kht walang alam sa pamamalakad ng gobyerno. hndi ka aangat kung hihilain ka pababa ng nakaraan,tpos na un! Kuntento ba kau sa nagawa ng mga sumunod na presidente? Hndi ba dapat mas nauuna ang pagpapahalaga ng edukasyon, kalusugan at bago ang seguridad? kaya mas marami ang hndi makaintindi kc walang pinag aaralan at mas marami ang me sakit kc walang pera pang gamot. kung ang general ng magkasakit halos libre sa Vluna e. eh ang nitibo san mo dadalhin kapah nagkasakit? kht cguro uling e papambayad nla magamot lng sla. tama na ang pagiging makitid natin. tama na ang pagiisip sa sarili, unahin ang bayan. tanungin nyo sarili nyo kung anu magagawa nyo pra sa bayan at hndi ang bayan ang gagawa para sa inyo. ISIP ISIP wag papatol sa artista

  15. Few suggestions to stimulate the economy:
    1.) Job Creation specially Civil Jobs and tax appropriately. Better to be taxed high but have a job than taxed low but no job.
    2.) Decrease interest rates to encourage entrepreneurs to borrow and create jobs that will boost the country’s economy.
    3.) Encourage people to spend money specially local goods so the flow of money goes around.
    4.) Live simply whether you are poor or rich and give to the poor. No one is too poor that he has nothing to give.
    5.) Charitable donation should be matched by the government to help the charitable institutions that help the people.
    6.) Encourage true team building by thinking for the good of the others instead of competitions.
    7.) Do not give honor and glory to anyone except to the humble.
    8.) Be Christian Catholics not Pagan Catholics. Respect your own Religion “diligently studying the Cathechism and Bible” to properly respect other Religions and Peoples.
    9.) Pilipinos abroad are poised to be the light of the world, start acting it.
    10.) Give high salaries to the teachers. It attracts wise people to teach the new generation in the right direction.
    11.) Work Hard and be servant leaders.

  16. Excuse me, but the freedom of voicing out your opinions and the other liberties you are enjoying now was bec of that People Power. Facebook would have been banned had Zuckerberg introduced it that time.
    Please do not be insensitive to those who fought for freedom from the killings and the dictatorship. It is good to move on, but never allow such dictators to rule the country again. Cory was just a transitional leader that time. It has been hard for the succeeding officials to eradicate the deeply-rooted corruption which actually began when Marcos assumed his position. I do not declare these officials as sin-free, but that is not reason enough to vote back another Marcos into iffice again.

    1. No one’s denying that abuses happened during the Marcos era it’s just that some people have this hysterical overreaction that anyone carrying the name “Marcos” is suddenly an instant target of outrage. One should never resort to Guilt by Association just to score cheap rhetorical points.

      1. How about the billion of dollars of ill gotten wealth? The enormous debt that your next and next generations will still have to pay? Tell that to those whose loved ones were tortured and killed by Marcos & his gang. Overreacting?

        1. The enormous wealth of the ruling oligarchs make the so-called “ill-gotten” just chump change. I noticed these pro EDSA apologist will use false technicalities, credentialist gimmicks and some guilt mongering to silence any criticism of their precious “people power.”

        2. Pnoy admins borrowing is already in the multi trillions. He is labeled as “addicted to borrowing”. Now, how much do you think can trillions create in terms of economic growth? But, most of those money were channeled to PDAF/DAP, for what they call, stimulating the economy. Maybe stoking the pockets of the politicians, like bribing them with 200 millions each just so the Chief Justice can be impeached?
          And like what somebody posted, most of the succeeding administration especially the Pnoy admin has only done repairs of existing infra structures instead of modernizing. Look at the NAIA airport, and if you don’t know the meaning of NAIA, it is Ninoy Aquino International Airport. As previously described by another poster, it is just so rotten it is waiting for the birds to shit on. And how much do you think was spent to “modernize”it??? And don’t forget the money was also from a loan.
          And someone said Cory modernized the military? After Marcos, what can be shown of the Air Force? The country used to have modern fighter jets. Now, not even a single fighter aircraft. And the foot soldiers? They don’t even have proper uniforms. Much more, combat shoes and up to date and working communication equipments. And they boast now of having a big modern battle ship for the Navy? A ship that fires missiles, but can not afford to procure and use them continously. Much of the hardwares that the Pnoy admin acquired are through loaned monies or just dole out from Uncle Sam.

        3. Face it, noytard, your piss poor propaganda can never hide the truth of your pweh-sident’s incompetence.

          It has indeed gotten worse. Proof you ask?
          The mere fact that he still sends stooges like YOU to spread his propaganda around still means that he is not doing a good job of leading this country.

    2. @Maria

      Oh please! You seem to be implying that Marcos Sr would still be alive today if he wasn’t ousted in 1986. He is DEAD. No one is going to declare Martial Law especially now that the world is so connected by technology and social media.

      Cory was also corrupt. She was supposed to hand over the leadership to Doy Laurel but she broke her promise. Here are excerpts from Doy’s letter to Cory appealing for her to think of the country first before her personal interests:

      Now I feel I must write this letter to you and I do so with a heavy heart. For you and I have gone through much hardship and danger together in our lonely fight to restore democracy in our country — and there are feelings, thoughts and memories that press for utterance.

      * * * *But the true state of the nation must be told. And the painful truth is that the nation has gone from bad to worse, while you choose to stand aside in the puerile hope that the problems would simply solve themselves. The ‘new moral order’ to which we were solemnly committed has been perverted. It has become a haven for assassins and a den of thieves. Corruption, betrayal of the public trust and other high crimes have been laid at your door, including a complaint for impeachment, which your chief ally in Congress has already consigned to the archives.

      * * * *We promised our people morality and decency in government. What do we have instead? The very opposite. It is now openly admitted by many, including your former Solicitor-General and some of your own close relatives in Congress, that the stench of “accumulated garbage” — I’m quoting your own first cousin, Congressman Emigdio Tanjuatco, Jr. — rises to high heaven; that the past years of Marcos are now beginning to look no worse than your first two years in office. And the reported controversies and scandals involving your closest relatives have become the object of our people’s outrage.

      * * * *We promised to ‘break the back’ of the insurgency. But what is the record? From 16,500 NPA regular when Marcos fell, the communists now claim an armed strength of 25,200, of which 2,500 are in Metro Manila. They have infiltrated not only the trade unions, the schools, the churches and the media but your government, above all, and now ‘affect’ 20 percent of the country’s 42,000 barangays, according to official statistics.

      * * * *In the fight against the insurgency, the nation, particularly our Armed Forces, expected you to provide the leadership, and to give decisive, clear and consistent orders. But you have chosen instead to behave like an innocent bystander, as though the insurgency were the sole concern of our soldiers, their widows and orphans. At the height of our people’s euphoria in in 1986, very few dared to question your unilateral decision to release the communist detainees, declare a ceasefire and hold peace talks with the National Democratic Front. But it has since become clear that these unilateral acts of yours have provided the biggest boon to the communist revolutionary movement. Yet, in your speech before the International Labor Organization (ILO) in Geneva last June, you singled out, as one of your most important achievements, your freeing of the communist detainees, with special emphasis on Jose Maria Sison, founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines.

      * * * *In your recent State of the Nation address you told our people that you have already broken the back of the insurgency.

      * * * *The truth is that the peace and order situation is much worse today than when you came into office. It is now the number one problem of the nation.

      * * * *From city to countryside, anarchy has spread. There is anarchy within the government, anarchy within the ruling coalesced parties, and anarchy in the streets. These require your direct intervention. Yet you continue to ignore this problem.

      For the full text, go to this site:

      1. And you believe that? Geez, I hope you were alive already during the martial law years and write and say same crap. You enjoy a lot of things today and especially freedom to do and say what you want. If you think it’s worse, it is because your generation wasted the opportunity to make this nation great.

        1. We have the right to question “those” people and the events behind EDSA. NO special treatment or immunity should be given to EDSA.

        2. It was Doy Laurel HIMSELF who wrote it. Geez, you’re such an ignorant faggot.

          If I were, son, set your priorities for once.

        3. Were you an actual victim of illegal detention and torture during the Marcos years?
          Whether the author has been born before the Marcos years, much so as an adult already, there is no reason for you to keep on repeating your conviction of her. I was a 19 year old college student during the martial law years, having to endure those daily rallies. I participated in some too. But, did not participate in any law breaking acts. I did not fear for my safety, as I obeyed the law and act accordingly. Now, for a lot of people I know, who became radicalized and joined the commies, they were the ones who experienced detention and tortures. But, for the majority part of the population, the peace and order was a big relief. After martial law, I can not reconcile a much safer Phil. when it comes to peace and order. And the gap between the haves and the have nots, even became much wider. Thanks to the recycled oligarhs starting from the Cory regime.
          Oh, and by the way, somebody said Cory modernized the military and that was why she was loved by the military, right? Cory’s time has the most number of attempted coup d’etat by the military.

      2. I hope it occurs to you that this freedom to write misguided pieces such as this will be curtailed had EDSA not taken place.

        We are so quick to dismiss what freedoms we’re enjoying now and criticizing the shallow ‘growth’ and ‘discipline’ the country saw in those years (which were short-lived).

        Just imagine writing this kind of essay if we are still under Martial Law and you’ll be meted out death.

        Lastly, try reading other other stories of EDSA, and not just the usual old farts, because the tendency just like what a lawyer said, is that you begin to smell like them.

        1. What’s with this weird insistence that we owe to “EDSA” our lives as if comparing it to Jesus dying again on the cross washing away the so-called sins of the past and therefore we must all be beholden to this “event”. We don’t owe “those” people anything. EDSA is not a Sacred Cow. It should be open to question or criticism.

        2. Well here’s a simple question that you yellowturds can never answer: where are the results of progress now after your so-called “freedom”?

        3. Well, we’re waiiiiting for your answer, noytards.

          Oh, what’s that?
          You yellow fools don’t have an answer for that simplequestion?

          What a joke.

          Not surprised that you yellow fools still can’t growa clue even after 6 straight years of trying and failingto ruin this blog site.

          Your noytard tears are delicious

      3. Add this…

        From the lips of a dying president

        From the lips of a dying President
        By Salvador H. Laurel
        Former Vice President of the Philippines
        Chairman, National Centennial Commission
        Manila Bulletin
        Tues., Oct. 21, 1997
        Download PDF Version
        The Senate Blue Ribbon Committee and the House Committee on Good Government are now conducting separate investigations on “Operation Big Bird,” a cloak and dagger operation undertaken eleven years ago to bring back the alleged “hidden wealth” of Ferdinand Marcos. The investigations were called in response to President Ramos’ request for specific congressional authority to settle the Marcos issue once and for all.

        Mr. Ramos was quick to add that the hidden wealth issue could have been resolved earlier by the Cory administration.

        I can attest to that. Weak and already on his deathbed when I visited him in Hawaii on February 3, 1989, Marcos personally asked me to convey to Cory Aquino his offer to give up 90% of his earthly possessions to the Filipino people, through a Foundation which he had set up, but Cory only would allow him to die in his own country and be buried beside his mother.

        I related this incident in a book “Neither Trumpets Nor Drums,” published in 1992 right after I ended my term as Vice President of the Philippines.

        Pertinent portions that book I now quote for the benefit of those who have not read it.

        “One of the most unforgettable trips I took as Vice President was my visit to Honolulu on February 3 and 4 1989.

        “On February 2nd, at about 5 p.m., I received an urgent call from Mrs. Imelda Romualdez Marcos in Honolulu. She was sobbing on the phone. “ Doy, pwede ka bang maka-punta rito? Masama na ang tayo ni Ferdinand. Gusto kang kausapin. Baka hindi na siya magtagal Please, please come,’ she pleaded.

        “I’ll have to cancel my appointments. Maybe I can go in few days?” I asked.

        “She interrupted me, ‘Baka hindi mo na siya abutin. Please come as soon as possible!”

        “I thought about it. The cases filed against the Marcoses had been pending for three years, yet nothing had happened. And the nation remained fragmented. Perhaps, if I tried the Lincolnian approach – ‘With malice toward none, with charity for all’ – we might be able to settle the issue and unite the nation.

        “Then I remembered Imelda’s plea: ‘Gusto kang kausapin.’ Maybe there is a chance – maybe he is ready to settle?

        “She first briefed me about President Marcos’ condition – that he was very weak. The doctors who were attending to him told me he had a less than 50 percent chance of surviving, that he might not even last three months.

        “Then they took me to the Intensive Care Unit.

        “I could not recognize Ferdinand Marcos when I saw him. The Marcos I knew was athletic, active, and articulate. The man I saw was skin and bones. About eighty-five pounds. Imelda announced cheerfully: ‘Andy, Andy, narito na ang Batangueño, narito na si Doy.’

        “His eyes opened. He recognized me. He tried to talk. But only his lips moved. There was no sound.

        “He signaled the nurse to remove the tube imbedded in his throat.

        “The Nurse pulled out the long tube and asked me to bend closer so I could hear. Finally I heard his voice, very faint, almost a whisper. “Salamat, brod, nakarating ka. I have something to tell you.’

        “I interrupted him: ‘Before you start, Mr. President, may I ask just one question?

        “He nodded.

        “Why did you call me, Mr. President? Why me of all people? I vehemently oppose you. I was probably one of those responsible for your ouster Why Me?’

        “He signaled me to stop.

        “Say no more, brod,’ he said. ‘I never held that against you. You did what you had to do as leader of the opposition for many years. You opposed me on principle, never on personality. You were against martial law but you were noble about it, unlike some people. Besides, I cannot forget your father. I owe him my life, not once but thrice. Let me talk now. I have very little time.’

        *** “Please tell Mrs. Aquino to stop sending me her relatives. They are proposing and asking so many things. All I want is to die in my country…I will run over 90 percent of all my worldly possessions to our conversation to our people. I ask only 10 percent for my family.’

        “Just let me die in my own country. I want to be buried beside my mother.’

        “His breathing had become more labored. The nurse stopped our conversation. ‘He has to rest not,’ she said.

        “Before leaving I told him: ‘Mr. President, I do now know if Mrs. Aquino will listen to me, but I will try.’

        “I hurried back to Manila to transmit Marcos’ message to President Aquino. I asked for an appointment but Cory would not see me. Here I was, her own Vice-President, asking only for three minutes of her time to convey an important message from her predecessor, and she would not see me. I was told by her Executive Secretary (Catalino Macaraig) she was busy. I learned later that she had allocated an hour to Tom Cruise, an American movie star.

        “In view of her repeated refusal to see me and hear what I had to say, I wrote her a letter dated February 5, 1989: “Since my arrival yesterday, I have been trying to get an appointment with you…

        *** “I hope you will find time to listen to the highly confidential message of Mr. Marcos considering its serious import and far- reaching consequences upon your administration and the nation as a whole.”

        The next day, Cory replied:
        “As to the highly confidential message from former President Ferdinand E. Marcos, I feel that in the light of your representation of its ‘serious import and far-reaching consequences upon your (my) administration and the nation as a whole,’ such message should be disclosed to the public rather than kept confidential. This is in accordance with my announced policy of utmost transparency in the management of the affairs of the country.”

        On the same day I wrote back: “ I am still hoping that you will change your mind and receive the message in a private, non-political, direct, and unfiltered manner, beyond any personal and partisan consideration.

        “As to your published suggestion that I share with the public the highly confidential information, I am afraid I am not yet at liberty to do so considering that the message was entrusted to me in confidence to be delivered to you personally. Only you and former President Marcos can declassify or disclose this message.

        “Let us give national reconciliation and national stability every chance to succeed for the sake of our fragmented people..” (Neither Trumpets Nor Drums, at pp 104-111, 1986 ed, Second printing)

        I never received any further reply from Cory.

        Cory’s refusal to receive Marcos’ message was perhaps her biggest mistake. Had she studied it carefully, she could have settled the Marcos wealth issue eight years ago. Perhaps we could have paid off our foreign debt!

    1. Don’t disrespect the people who gave you whatever freedom you enjoy now. You have no right at all to brand them this way, you have not experienced what they did. That’s the problem of this country, people like you who puts down his countrymen and his own country. For what good does your comment makes?

      1. What ‘people who gave you the freedom’ are you talking about? It’s the same old two-headed monster who just donned a yellow raincoat and had morons reciting ‘sobra na tama na’ to some other two-headed monster. That’s the problem with this country. People like you who swallow everything the propagandists shove down your throat.

        1. I”m not even talking about politics. What yellow coats are you talking about? The millions of people there wanted freedom from dictatorship and you are enjoying it right now because of those countrymen of ours. What right do you have to call them morons? Tell those words to those people whose father or mother or son or a daughter have been tortured and killed by Marcos and his gang.

        2. See how apologist use guilt mongering (Tell those words to those people whose father or mother or son or a daughter have been tortured and killed by Marcos and his gang.) just to silence anyone who goes against the narrative of their precious “people power.”

        3. @Jerico:

          “Tell those words to those people whose father or mother or son or a daughter have been tortured and killed by Marcos and his gang…”

          And I suppose that type of atrocity vanished and did not continue the moment the EDSA revolution came up, am I right? Come on, now. Be honest. =)

        4. @Jericho:

          True story – my dad and mom lived through the Marcos years… and they are still alive.

          What you always do is to overrate Marcos’ atrocities yet there are people here who knew the truth that it was a time where society was disciplined.

          And no, doing things that you want, even inappropriate, law-breaking and chaotic is not freedom.

          “Tell those words to those people whose father or mother or son or a daughter have been tortured and killed by Marcos and his gang…”

          Right, and no one is killed during Cory’s time. Bravo for your sheer idiocy annd ignorance. Stop drinking the Yellow Kool-aide. 🙂

        5. “Tell those words to those people whose father or mother or son or a daughter have been tortured and killed by Marcos and his gang…”
          And I bet those are commietard outlaws who done nothing but abuse their freedom just like you yellowtard!

        6. @Jericho

          Please see Mendiola Massacre and tell me who was the president during that time.

          If your answer is still Marcos, then there is no doubt that you are exhibiting the symptoms of yellow brainwashing.

      2. We have the right to question “those” people and the events behind EDSA. NO special treatment or immunity should be given to EDSA.

      3. Hey vincensus ignoramus. You’re silencing us critics of your so-called demigod that you sound like you want to assassinate us so look who’s being like marcos now?

        1. Well, it looks like he still doesn’t have the capacity to think for himself if he is still parroting that flawed propaganda till now.

          But then again, Yellow Zombies are known for being consistently stupid since they stillkeep being blind to the crimes which were committed by this incompetent pweh-sident during his 6 years of idiocy.

  17. I am one of those old farts mentioned in one previous comment. For me, EDSA was never a three-day fiesta but a tension-filled period of time that had “people power” ending a conjugal dictatorship which would have possibly continued with Imelda succeeding Ferdinand until today. So I consider February 25 1986 as the Independence Day I personally witnessed. As a freedom-loving Filipino dedicated to democracy, I still think EDSA is worth celebrating. Yes, we have problems, but it’s now up to us to solve them, and if we can’t, we blame ourselves, nobody else.

    1. You are the perfect tool at that time.

      Doesn’t it bother you to think that the assassination of Ninoy, anointed by FM himself to be his successor, never had a closure, not even after his wife and son, became Presidents?

      That the “independence day” you witnessed was not intended to liberate the people from (what exactly?) but for the oligarchs to finally free their hands in grabbing the nations wealth?

      No, it’s not worth celebrating. It’s worth remembering the way we remember Christ’s death on the cross.

      1. FMs successor is Imelda (Enrile was a wannabe). Then followed by Bongbong, then followed by endless succession of the royal family marcos descendants until the end of time. At least that is the Marcos dynasty that MArcos envisioned.
        As for Ninoy’s assassination, some crimes really just cannot be solved and as time goes by those that are involved are dying or dead and it gets harder to close it. You can always coerce a confession but that is not the real thing.
        There were many people at that time who went to the streets to protest and ask for Marcos to step down. Really can you imagine doing that now? What motivated these people to leave the comfort of their homes to go to the streets to join a protest with an uncertain and potentially violent ending. It means their life is at that point where they feel they needed to do it. There is passion in what they did. All you do now is criticize from the comfort of your homes.

        1. And then what happened AFTER that? Of course, you won’t give me a good answer because you’re just EMO over a dead president and glorifying an event that paved the way to the stupidification of the Philippines.

  18. *writes an opinion article about the Marcos era being better…

    …an era that wouldnt have looked kindly at opinion articles*

    The irony is astounding. Are the writers on this site just not self-aware?

    1. Of course, if Aquino is remotely described as bad, therefore Marcos better. I can’t even begin to be astounded at at the stunted mental faculties of the average yellowtard.

      And you’re in the wrong site. Here’s a couple of feelgood sites that sing the praises of the yellow cult:

      Philippine Star

      Here’s the best: Rappler

      Now off you go, yellow zombie. =)

    2. Implying that the site is pro-marcos. No wonder why you love to lick noybita’s ass because you are too influenced for being an accuser.

      1. 6 years and they still consistently display the same behavior of their precious pweh-sident, which is being pathetic since they still can’t win an argument to save their own skins for 6 straight years.

      2. Also your name fits perfectly for you. You’re a stupid fish who always fell hook, line and sinker by your “demigod’s” propaganda bait.

  19. The mere fact that you can write this intellectually disingenuous and full of fallacy bullshit of an article against the administration (or any administration after Marcos) and NOT being tortured (if not disappeared without a trace) only proves you are TOTALLY WRONG!

    1. Dude, what you don’t seem to understand is if this country was truly progressive and prosperous, none of us would write for GRP and GRP wouldn’t even exist. Ms. Ilda (the writer of this article) will probably be writing news for an unbiased newspaper, Kate Natividad will be writing showbiz news and I’d be writing fiction and porn. We write for GRP to give the Filipino people a reality check as it is obvious that the nation is caught in a matrix of delusion.

      1. Just let them continue to dig their own graves with those kinds of idiotic statements.
        They wouldn’t even realize that they are only making a bigger fool of themselves by making threats that they can’t even carry out without making them look like hypocrites.

    2. And biased media like abias-cbn are gospel truths for you then? You’re already a delusional dimwit because you hate critical thinking but instead you want an “ocho-ocho” mentality since you are stupid and very proud of it failipino.

    3. Were you an actual victim of detention, torture or rape during the Marcos years? If not, then you are as much a fool in throwing your accusations on the writer.

  20. “The people should also give credit to the late former President Ferdinand Marcos for not insisting on shooting or using water canons on the protesters.”


    The People Power event is against Marcos and we should credit him for not using force? That is so very dumb!

    Are you trying to say, “magpasalamat pa tayo na pinatalo niya ang sarili niya?”

    That is so counter-intuitive from a dictator, especially if your government is on the rocks. Are you trying to make a saint out of Marcos?

    To make an analogy on your statement, that is like Manny Pacquiao not throwing punches at Bradley, then Pacman gets knock out and we should credit Manny Pacquiao for Bradley’s win. What a stupid logic? Lumaban ka pa?

    Eh, akala ko ba Strongman si Marcos?

    The mere presence of the Marines with their guns and tanks is a signal that it will use force and violence, whether you use them or not. Putting them there means you have the intention to kill, di ba? Ano sila makikipag patintero?

    These are soldiers that are trained to kill upon orders of the commander, whether civilian ka man o rebelde, papatayin ka and no questions asked. At papasalamat natin si Marcos for that? Goodness gracious!

    Eh kung hindi pala gagamitin ang mga sundalo, eh di dapat mga Boy Scouts at Metro Aide ang pinadala ni Marcos, di ba? At least sigurado he has no intention on using violence. Eh hindi!

    You see how silly you are twisting history? It defies logic!

    Marcos’ military commanders in the ground did not fire because once you shoot at these people, hindi lang talo ka na, baka sigurado hindi ka na makakauwi ng buhay. Because once you run out of bullets, those thousands of people or even millions of people in EDSA will surely retaliate and will slaughter these Marcos’ soldiers. Then coupled with a divided AFP, these soldiers won’t know if these soldiers will receive reinforcement or not.

    And they know it. That is the reason why they are hesitant to fire.

    Second, every time you kill one of these people in EDSA, that is two, three or the rest of his/her family or friends that will line up against them and Marcos. And you do not want that as a soldier, where the support of the people is against you. Talo ka na sa umpisa pa lang.

    Finally, if I am a soldier why should I kill these people in EDSA who has nothing against me and which I swear to serve and protect. Why should I risk my life for this one man in Malacañang and his family to preserve their kleptomania way of life, while I in EDSA will feel the brunt and wrath of these people, di ba?

    So do not credit Marcos, credit those ground commanders who are prudent enough not to use the power of the state against its people.

    Link to YouTube video

    1. nasa EDSA ako, nasa Malacanan ako.
      and was a cory fanatic back then.

      but now, i realize how easy it was for Marcos to order to shoot.
      parang SAF 44 lang iyan, you ask them to stand down, they will.

      now, do you still think we should blame the ground commanders for not helping their SAF allies ?

    2. Your reasoning is no better than an illiterate. Of course Marcos deployed his forces. But, what you don’t understand is that, in whatever evil description you can throw at Marcos, he was still a human being. He was obviously talked out of pushing militarily by some cooler heads, or by his conscience. And for the paranormal dimwits, they will say, the US have offered him a way out. Whatever prodded him, it was his decision to hold back and accept his defeat.
      Sure, there are soldiers who will obey commands to death. And that is expected of most soldiers. And if it did happen that they were ordered to fire, they would have done so. And remember this, there were not only rallyist there but also well armed soldiers with Ramos and Enrile, who were also ready to fight their fellow soldiers on the Marcos side.
      Your scenario of “running out of bullets and lynch thereafter by the remaining alive millions, is the knid of thinking most Pinoys have. Sigi, marami kayong mapapatay sa amin, pero hindi ninyo kami kayang ubusin”.
      The irony I see about the controversy in continously celebrating EDSA, is to remind us that the people was able to topple a tyrant, so that the country can be better off. But, what is getting done here is that, the trapos are hijacking the event to forward their ambitions and stay in power.
      I would like to celebrate EDSA with a show of improvement on the state of the country, from becoming a self sufficient country, not making more borrowings, where corrupt politicians line their pockets of the money, instead of channeling everything to improve on the country.
      How about drugs, smuggling,criminal activities that are so rampant now in almost every corner? Are those part of progress?

  21. Those who keep reliving the stories of EDSA simply can’t move on. They cling on to the memory of the event partly because of the fiesta atmosphere and mostly because the event was anti-climactic. What followed the “success” of the EDSA revolution was disappointing.

    ->> Move on? Move on para kalimutan ang mga pinaggagawa nila Marcos?

    Can you move on with this kind of loot stolen from us? If you can, then you are a fool?

    And that is only the tip of the iceberg.

    Disappointing? The fact that you can write without censorship is an achievement. During Martial Law you can not do that, Macoy closed Newspapers, TV and radio stations.

    If I am PNOY today and I will follow how Marcos rules, If you write things against me, I will hunt you down, put you in prison or “salvage” you if I hate your writing.

    Goodbye Mama, Goodbye Papa! End of your story! No trace of you shall be found.

    NOW, you can use any expletives in social media and you won’t be afraid of your life.

    In other countries they do not have what you have right now.

    Disappointed people are the ones who does not appreciate what they have.

    1. As expected from someone who had an angry mob mindset…

      These kind of “loot” has nothing over the Aquinos and their oligarch friends who are looting each and every day… and it was a span on 30+ years.

      Disappointing? The fact that you can write without censorship is an achievement. During Martial Law you can not do that, Macoy closed Newspapers, TV and radio stations.

      If I am PNOY today and I will follow how Marcos rules, If you write things against me, I will hunt you down, put you in prison or “salvage” you if I hate your writing.

      Goodbye Mama, Goodbye Papa! End of your story! No trace of you shall be found.

      NOW, you can use any expletives in social media and you won’t be afraid of your life.

      In other countries they do not have what you have right now.

      Disappointed people are the ones who does not appreciate what they have.

      Nope, in any case, you never even went to Singapore. Freedom from poverty is much an essence than freedom of speech. Go figure.

      1. Reminds me of the Paradox of Plenty, a nation having an abundance of natural resources and “Freedom” but still remaining stagnant and in decline.

    2. As expected EDSA is treated like it was a “holy event” which then automatically assumes that people must be beholden to it, like we owe our lives to it even though it’s completely unnecessary. There is no obligation to worship EDSA. EDSA is not Jesus.

    3. Admit it yellowtard. You want every single marcos to be annihilated for your vengeance not for justice. Are you yellowtards declaring civil war now?

  22. At least the author has the balls to blatantly tell her opinion about the People power revolt in a different perspective. Edsa People Power reminds me of a famous Greek story The Odyssey. At some point of the story Odysseus and his men set sail and arrived at the land of the lotus eaters. Odysseus men ate the honey sweet fruit from the lotus plant. The fruit acted like a drug, when eaten, they will lost all theyre desire to return home. Odysseus have to drag them and tie them down before they could set sail again. The same thing with this Edsa Revolution Commemoration thing. It is being celebrated over and over again for the last 30 years so that people in power can still rule the country. Edsa was used and is still being used like a drug to condition the mind of the masses that life was better after Edsa. Its a political propaganda so that they can cling on to the memory of the event for the oligarch to stay in power. Yes Edsa was about freedom and democracy, freedom for corruption and their democratic way of oppressing the people. The author reminded me of Odysseus, this article serves as a wake up call for the Filipino people. It by high time to get our acts together and move onward as one nation.

  23. The author is totally correct. We would have been better off if Marcos was not removed. Yeah, remember those old farts who helped throw him out. There was this one guy named Joker Arroyo. Why, oh why, did he oppose Marcos. He was so dumb. There was another guy named Jovito Salonga; absolutely no integrity and another idiot. He also opposed Marcos. And another one, named Jose Pepe Diokno. He also said wanted to stop Marcos. Another old fart. I vaguely remember a guy named Rene Saguisag. Another old fart. They all opposed Martial Law and Marcos. Idiots all. Right? Oh and google another idiot named Evelio Javier.

  24. True. . . .it was the late Cardinal Sin who called on the people to go to camp aguinaldo to support and rally behind enrile and ramos who was then at camp crame when they declared their breakaway with Marcos…..

  25. Im not posting this comment to argue or start a debate. I just want the writers view about some questions i have in mind.

    1. Should leadership be imposed on people?

    2. Was the declaration and implementation of martial law during marcos term needed and constitutional? And what is the only way to stop martial law?

    3. How do you factor in these events, asian economic crisis in 1998, president impeachment in 2000 and global economic crisis in 2008, with the economic condition of our country post martial law?

    4. Does throwing shade on someone justify the wrong doings of another person? Is chosing the lesser evil the right path to take?

    5. I would like to think that the writer of this article is an educated elite. My final question is, Is writing articles like this the best way to educate the voting public in chosing a leader?

    1. You have some narratives that really needs to be addressed. Number 3, is a teaser to the succeeding administrations after Marcos. And it points out a glaring truth on where the country is now.
      Number 4, you can not correct a mistake by committing another mistake. Lesser evil or more evil, is still the same, evil.
      Number 5, calling the writer an educated elite, is uncalled for. Writing articles like this is NOT the best way to educate the voting public in choosing a leader. It, can be one of the way.

    2. If you don’t mind, Daniel, may I answer.

      1. Correct, leadership should not be imposed. But, there was something about that era that made dictatorship appear to be necessary. Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, China, and South Korea were all under a dictator as the Philippines was.

      2. Marcos was a brilliant lawyer and always operated within a legal framework, even if some of those framework were of his making, unlike today when they don’t even bother to look at the framework. Impunity is written in their smiling faces. My further reply, please refer to my comment to Monette in a combox further below.

      3. Marcos was also hit by crisis in 1974. In a way, we were lucky. When we were hit by such crisis, it was FVR and Gloria who were in the helm. I wonder where we would be if something like that hit us in the last six years.

      4. No,but that is what the Yellows have been doing. Using whatever crimes Marcos may have committed to cover the crimes they have been committing.

      5. In the face of intense propaganda by the establishment and their crony media, the answer is simply yes.

      1. Interesting ideas thanks for answering. It is fun to realize that there a few people who would bother to read and comment. I just realy think that there are better ways on how we can educate the masses about current status of the country that will aid them in chosing the right leader for the country. Wouldn’t it be nice if we channel our intelligence to more empowering ways of educating instead of mud slinging. Let’s bot cry over spilt milk, It’s dirty na!

  26. Watching PNoy peeping through the window of his plane beaming with Pinoy pride at the KOREAN-made supersonic jets escorting his plane on his return back to the country says it all about the legacy of this Yellow misadventure.

    Time to rename NAIA back to MIA. This celebration to relive the empty PP euphoria is a total waste of time. Pinoys would be better off using that time making rocket parts instead. We need to revive the aerospace industry Marcos started, stop all the monkey business and fly high like the rest of the Eagles.

      1. Let us bring back the name of our International airport to: “MANILA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT”…Ninoy Aquino, Jr. is a false hero, who was an NPA collaborator, and a wicked political opportunist. He was an NPA Collaborator, who ended up , being murdered by this NPA insurgent group.

        Cory Aquino, the dumb housewife, who became President. Renamed the Manila International Airport, into Ninoy Aquino International Airport, to perpetuate their “trademark”, for political purposes. She even put a picture of Ninoy Aquino, Jr. in our currency. EDSA Shrine was built. EDSA day became a national holiday. Monuments, buildings, and other government properties were named after the Aquinos. This is to remind the dumb Filipinos; they are “heroes” and “saints”…and owed their “freedom” to the Aquinos.

        The ABS CBN owned by their Oligarch cahoots: the Lopezes, is their propaganda machine. Along with a few newspapers, radio stations and blog sites.

        If we factor all of these behaviors of the Aquinos. It will go down to the “common denominator” of their grip on the Hacienda Luisita. They scammed the Philippine government to own this huge agricultural land.

        So, let us rename the NAIA to “MANILA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT…” Remove the EDSA SHRINE. And, remove the EDSA national holiday. These all remind us, how these wicked people scammed , the Filipino people. The name of these political opportunists, is not even worth , a cent of our taxpayers’ money…

    1. And some nut in congress even wanted to rename EDSA to Cory Aquino Avenue –

      The balls.
      How about toppling down that Ortigas Rebulto along EDSA instead?

      Let’s say goodbye to these reminders of incompetence as in…

      For failing to bring inclusive growth to our lowly countrymen, we should make a strong statement. Topple down and rebel against this Yellow camp – don’t worry : the rebels of today are the heroes of tomorrow.

  27. So its been 6 years since this bald idiot became president and 3 decades since the yellows have fooled the people into thinking that they have brought democracy when in reality, they are the only ones that benefitted from that con, 30 years ago.

    Until now, the yellows are still blaming BBM for his father’s declaration of martial law.

    If we are to follow their “logic”, then we should also blame Ninoy for his father’s role of being a japanese collaborator during world war 2.

    We should also blame Noynoy for his father’s communist actions leading to martial law…if we were to follow their flawed logic.

    Think about it.

    1. And they call themselves catholics for believing the “sins of their fathers”. Did they even read the bible? Such hypocrisy these yellowtard katolibans have.

      1. Well, we both have seen how these yellow idiots display their hypocrisy in this blog for 6 straight years

        Thing is, they still haven’t realized that they can’t beat the truth with their flawed yellow propaganda.

  28. The people should also give credit to the late former President Ferdinand Marcos for not insisting on shooting or using water canons on the protesters.
    – Pasalamat pa??!!

    1. Marcos was warned by the U.S., not to use force. U.S. Sec. of State Schultz made this clear to Marcos. If Marcos, would had used force, the U.S. would had invaded the Philippines, to remove Marcos. Like what they had done in Panama, to remove Gen. Noriega.

  29. Very well said po. I would like to say that in all fairness, lahat naman ng mga naging Pangulo after Marcos ay mayroon din namang mga Human Rights Victims. Masyado lang nilang sininsationalize itong kay Marcos. At saka if we are to look at a good administration, we have to look at it as a whole. Maraming facets. Good governance is not only dealing with Human Rights. Maraming factors and considerations involved. Isa pa po, napaka unfair naman yung nagsasabi ng yung mga nakinabang during the Marcos regime ang nagsasabing magandang ang regimen ni Marcos. Not true! Kami naman hindi nakinabang. Ang nakinabang kami ay sa magadang palakad at marami ang nagsasabi nito at hindi sa contexto na gustong palabasain ng nagsabi ng ganoon. Of course, I sympathize with all the Human Rights victims and their respective families. Pero huwag po nating lahatin. Marami ang may gusto parin sa mga Marcoses. Sa ibang bansa, marami paring mga Filipinos sa mga different Filipino communities ang for the Marcoses. Kaya napupunaan ang mga Presidents after Marcos ay dahil narin sa talaga namang difference nung kay Marcos at sila. Come on, iba talaga ang palagad ni Marcos. Marami rin na anti Marcos but now they themselves say and witness the difference of Marcos era and the succeeding presidents after him. Kaya, maski sila nasasabing the Best pa rin si Marcos.

  30. Instead of looking at EDSA Revolution on its own, it is better to compare it to similar events in other countries, and why EDSA Revolution is a bust. Meiji Revolution started the turn of feudal Japan into a powerful country. The French Revolution (although bloody at first) was the start of modernization of France. The American Revolution became the foundation of the United States.

    In 30 years after these revolutions, Japan was strong enough to defeat Russia, France under Napoleon had established the Napoleonic Code (a new civil system at that time), and the United States had its Bill of Rights under its Constitution. In comparison to that, what has 30 years of EDSA accomplished?

    The question is, EDSA laid the foundation for what? More thieves, more political dynasties, pwede na iyan mentality, oh, and don’t forget, some journalists are still executed post-EDSA.

    So what did EDSA really accomplish in the long run? It simply removed one family and replaced it with another. EDSA would have been great if it laid down a foundation for a better Philippines, but sadly it didn’t.

  31. Hi there Ilda. First and foremost, I would like to state that I have no political side whatsoever. I will simply write my experience during the 1986 EDSA revolution.

    I was 7 years old and my father like any civic minded citizen back then wanted his family and workers to “join” the revolution. So we all tagged along, including myself and my mother. Now i will agree with you that most people (i believe even my father) wanted to join because of the fiesta atmosphere. But, our experience of the EDSA revolution was anything but peaceful.

    You see, there are some stories that don’t make it to the headlines. Some we just hear from a friend of a friend of a friend. Worse, most stories we get from Facebook nowadays and are being passed off as news. But what I will tell you what happened to us on the way home from EDSA.

    My father, on the way home suddenly decided to have one last stop before we go home. My memory is sketchy at this point because I do not recall which TV or Radio station. But what I do remember is a sea of people near the entrance of a building. What the people were doing there, I really have no idea. But out of nowhere, 2 truckloads of soldiers arrived. The first truck suddenly put on the brakes causing the second truck to follow suit. What happened next was a like a scene directly from the three stooges, with the soldiers hitting the person in front of them like falling dominoes. The crowd immediately roared with laughter seeing how funny it was. Well, it wasn’t amusing immediately after because one of the soldiers suddenly opened fire on the crowd. Everybody ran and ducked for cover. I was on top of our car immobilized with fear, and remembering every second of the scene. Remember, I was 7 years old.

    A stranger who rode with was hit in the armpit and the bullet exited the other side of his back. Unfortunately, one of my father’s workers was hit in the leg as the bullet exited. Now what you have to understand is that while a 5.56MM bullet is small (which explains why the first person hit almost didn’t feel anything when he was hit), when the bullet’s velocity is impedded or slowed, the 5.56MM has a nasty tendency to twist and roll. So when the bullet hit my father’s worker in the lower leg, his calf muscle basically exploded like a grenade. Bits and pieces of his calf muscle stuck to the floor, wall and ceiling of where he was hit. All this I saw, and remember I was 7 years old. And this happened in Metro Manila.

  32. You are Right! Nakakasawa na lagi nila isinisisi sa rehimeng Marcos ang mga nakaraan na pangyayari. Mulat na rin ang isip ko nung panahon iyon. Wala masasamang tao sa kalsada, malaya ka nakakapaglakad. Kapag may nang-rape huli kahit buena pamilya pa ang kinabibilangan.
    I dont have against Ninoy Aquino. Pero paano kung naging presidente sya, ano tayo ngayon, Communist country katulad ng China o North Korea. Maganda kaya ang buhay.
    Ang mga nag-EDSA Revolt tulad ni Ramos. Naging presidente. Hindi ba nung panahon ng Marcos regime PC Chief sya at naging Vice Chief of Staff. Pinsan sya ni Marcos pero mas pinagkatiwalaan si Fabian Ver.Ayon din kay Joker Arroyo pirmado lahat ni Ramos bilang PC Chief ang mga arrest warrant laban sa kanila(Arroyo). Naging presidente, anong nangyari sa Fort Bonifacio na lupa ng gobyerno, nasaan ang pinagbentahan? Nakatulong ba sa mamamayan pilipino.
    Demokrasya? Nino?! Demokrasya ng pagnanakaw ang EDSA Revulotion. Walang patumanggang pagnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan at pagpapahirap sa mamamayan.
    Human Rights violation? They celebrating 30 years pero may nangyayari ba. Wala kasi pagnanakaw ang inuna. Kaya dapat itong mga biktima ng human rights huwag isisi sa mga Marcos kung bakit wala pa rin sila nakakamit na hustisya kundi dun sa.mga taong nakaupo na wala naman ginawa.
    Nasan ang mga alahas at ari-arian na sequester? Sino nagtamasa. Hindi bat sila din nasa gobyerno. Bakit di ito itanong ng mga biktima ng human rights.
    Ang mga proyekto noon ng Marcoses ayay bahid pagnanakaw. Bakid ngayon ba wala? Hindi ba’t mas talamak ang nakawan sa gobyerno. Bilyon-bilyon sa napakaraming taong gobyerno. Senador, Kongresista, Mayor, Vice-Mayor, Gabinete, Kontraktor.
    Ang PICC magpahanggang ngayon ay napapakinabangan, lately sa APEC ni PNOY. Magallanes interchange, atbp.
    Sa talumpati ni Pnoy. Ayaw magsorry ni Marcos Jr. Bakit si Danding Cojuangco na kanyang kadugo ba nag-sorry na sa kanila at nagsalita na sa pagpatay kay Ninoy.
    Sa.mga kabataan ngayon, huwag maging bulag lamang sa Batas Militar. Sana ang buong katotohanan ng Rehimeng diktadurya, tama at mali, maganda at pangit ay alamin ninyo muna upang maging mulat ng buo sa nakaraan.

  33. Not only do I disagree, I am alarmed by the sentiment of your article.

    Yes this country is in poor shape but had EDSA not happened, it would’ve been worse.

    1. Using violence
    Yes Marcos would not dare open fire because appearing benevolent and hiding ones skeletons is the best way to secure power. The very act itself is willful blunder, Marcos is smarter than that.

    Eliminating opponents were strategic. The administration target thinkers like us and eliminated threats through torture and killings.

    They still happen today, but now at a lesser scale, for it was possible to do in hundred and thousands before because the torture was systematized through military discretionary powers.

    2. Freedom of the press and Criticism of Government
    It is true we have problems in corruption and the economy, but had EDSA not happen, you wouldn’t even have the freedom to write this piece.

    Many bad things happen right now and the media will definitely be biased, but at the very least, that’s the worst that can happen, media bias. If we were unfortunate, we would have never known they’ed even happen, and there will be more of them,

    because the absence of free media means freedom to secretly commit crimes.

    3. The economy
    Our lower middle classes suffer, but had EDSA not happen, there’d be no lower middle class, just class A and B.

    4. Corruption and Marcos

    You cannot blame EDSA for the corruption we have now. Corruption has been a problem we’ve been facing way before the Martial Law Era. Marcos was not an incompetent fool, nor did I think we was truly corrupt, but his actions were too extreme and highly unsustainable, hence his downfall. These actions, being radical in nature and catastrophic in effect, undid the groundwork and development done by past leaders and reset the development of our country back to zero.

    True enough, he was replaced by a melodramatic and incompetent leader, but that mistake was not EDSA, that mistake was by the Filipino people, for letting a corrupt oligarchy grab the spoils of the war.

    1. Sorry, but you are wrong, Monette. EDSA1 created a leadership vacuum that did as in. It can be compared to the Arab Spring of recent memory. Look at what it did to Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and Syria.

      The gradual transition from military rule to democracy in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, and of course, China had given the better models. Pick any of them.

      The worst part of it was the intense hatred of Cory for anything Marcos which lead to unsound judgements. She gave in to the very strong lobby of the anti-nuclear group based in Germany, who were very popular around the world then. And yet the BNPP is exactly the same plant as that one in South Korea and it is very profitable. BNPP was ready to operate, and yet ignorant Cory with her hatred decided to throw good money out of the window, as if they were not billions. That started our downward spiral, because high energy cost affects everything.

      It is the same mentality of PNoy, he thinks he can play with our money without any consideration of the ROI — bribing his way thru Corona trial, PDAF, DAP, Malampaya, etc. It is a mentality that because Ninoy suffered, every Filipino should suffer, because the country owes them big time.(bullshit) You are not only talking of vacuum, but a neurosis that has been acquired by that family for obvious reasons.

      We could not get our footing because that leadership vacuum has really not been solved at all. We have just been feeling our way because Cory Constitution further fucked up that vacuum instead of solving it.

  34. I believe that President Marcos and his family leave the Malacanyang Palace because its they only way to restore peace in the country, Not the one senator that constituted an army to make chaos with its own country. So what have we got after the Marcos regime, thousand of people suffer and died to the hands of lefties built by that person, including SAF 44. One question you want to ask, “Is this the way to restore peace?”

  35. I am saddened that the writer is grossly ignorant of the great significance of EDSA ’86. During the Marcos regime, Marcos wielded so much dictatorial powers. He had the courts in his control. People were arrested on mere suspicion of being subversives and indefinitely held in detention. Everybody feared his regime. The COMELEC, which was supposed to be independent, were used as a mere tool to rig the elections, referenda and plebiscites. I should know because I was already in the government and then serving as a public school teacher. The young generation should endeavor to know the real truth. Take information from reliable sources. And not rely on write ups made by writers with doubtful agenda. Looking back, I attribute this seeming ignorance of the young generation to the schools, in failing to educate them about events that transpired during those dark years of our recent history. I am talking as a former die-hard Marcos loyalist, who denounced the Marcos regime, for its immorality, gross dishonesty and atrocities committed against its people.

    1. All that glitters is not gold.

      Instead EDSA has been transformed into this quasi-religious obligation in which everyone is forced to beholden this “event” as if it had “unquestionable sacredness.” The younger generation should have right to question and express dissent about EDSA and not be a slave to this one-sided narrative about the “evil” Sauron.., I mean Marcos regime. It’s arrogant and disingenuous to call the youth ignorant just because they “dare” to look at another angle and not the usual “pro EDSA” narrative. EDSA is not a Sacred Cow, it must be open to question and criticism.

      Just this morning the local networks previewed the so-called EDSA Experiential Museum where visitors are treated to a dazzling display of meaningless triumphalism and one-sided narratives about Martial Law. It looked more liked a North Korean style propaganda museum than a neutral display of history.

      1. That is the kind of comment you get from somebody brainwashed by Marcos propaganda. Looking at it from another angle huh? Don’t give me that crap. What angle are you talking about? When we talk about EDSA ’86, you are either for or against the dictator. EDSA was huge expression of dissent against the Marcos regime, responsible for so many inhuman atrocities and large scale corruption. You seem not to realize that, but you consider yourself as not ignorant.

        1. “EDSA was huge expression of dissent against the Marcos regime, responsible for so many inhuman atrocities and large scale corruption.”

          EDSA was also “a huge expression” of the start of the Chinese influence in the country, a big break for the impeded, opportunistic politicians who could not “strut their stuff” during Marcos’ reign, but are certainly capitalizing on that “big break” since 1986.

          I would give the Failippines another 10 to 15 years before it completely falls in the hands of the Chinese, with our local politicians as their pitbulls on a short leash, gnashing their teeth at every once of humanity left among our people.

        2. Set aside your pikon attitude you still need to prove that all abuses were all ordered personally by Marcos himself. Otherwise you’re just resorting to Guilt by Association.
          Dahil lang nangyari sa ilalim ng administration ni Marcos, siya na agad ang masama. Ibig sabihin lahat ng presidente puro masama lahat dahil lang sa mga pangyayari na hindi 100% kontrolado ng pamahalaan.

          Obviously the one-sided narrative is hard to erase especially if this “story” has been hammered into our brains for many years through selective history, biased misinformed education system, confusing hearsays, and the media. Not surprising many dedicated Marcos “haters” seem to be suffering from cognitive dissonance, this inability to come to terms with new information that tells another side of the story. Instead they prefer to cling to this convenient narrative which they have so much emotional investment upon that it’s hard to let go and would lash out against anyone mentioning another angle.

          As expected EDSA is treated like it was a “holy event” which then automatically assumes that people must be beholden to it, like we owe our lives to it even though it’s completely unnecessary. There is no obligation to worship EDSA. EDSA is not Jesus.

        3. @WR: How could this guy have pikon attitude if the guy you’re replying to is an actually fraud and a paid Yellow hack?

          It’s just a matter of time the admin will delete ALL of his posts for ‘spamming’ this site. 🙂

        4. That is the kind of comment you get from somebody brainwashed by Marcos propaganda. Looking at it from another angle huh? Don’t give me that crap.

          Pot calling the kettle black.
          This ladies and gentlemen is an example of someone who is clearly brainwashed by Yellow Propaganda.

          Don’t give us that crap, noytard scum.

        5. Trolls are what you all are. Who’s the real fraud here???? You hide under those aliases to hide your identities. For what reason? Let me guess.. Yeah! You are all paid trolls! That’s why. I wouldn’t waste my precious time arguing with trolls.

        6. @Orlando: lel speak for yourself.

          As expected from a pro-Aquino back: all crap and no substance. 😉

        7. Oversimplifying(only two sides) is too general. How about neutral dudes who I just met earlier?

    2. Thanks for admitting that you are ones who bring this country down. In case you don’t notice:

      What you wanted is a government whored by media that keeps on telling you ‘Everything is okay’ and never look forward for progress as a society and nation but to be part of a mediocrity.

      Fact: you’re more immoral and disgusting as I thought if you tolerate such BS.

      1. A “government whored by media”? You seemed so detached from reality. The PNoy government is being lambasted by media left and right. But very much unlike during the Marcos regime, they are not being hunted down, arrested and summarily executed. Real fact: That’s one of the greatest achievements of EDSA ’86.

        1. Orlando Angelo A. Santos,

          You have to keep in mind, buddy, the Aquinos/Cojuangcos and Lopezes are cohorts, along with other infamous characters (Enrile and Ramos) of the 1986 EDSA Revolution.

          These EDSA heroes-turned-oligarchs might throw pots and pans (political scrutinies/accusations) at each other, but they are still going to sit down and dine together behind closed doors.


        2. Some of you are posting comments based on your distorted appreciation of facts. True or not, those things that you are saying, which are more of exaggerations, are nothing compared to the excesses committed by the criminal regime of Marcos. I am sharing my knowledge based on my personal experience as a former die-hard Marcos loyalist.

        3. It looks like our boy Orlando is getting desperate and feels the need to give us links to mostly questionable and dubious sources.
          See below.

        4. WR,

          Orlando Angelo A. Santos is getting his “distorted” information from the pages of “People’s Power” books and articles, written, published, and endorsed by the oligarchs (Chinese businessmen and Filipino politicians) in power today.

          My message to Mr. Santos is to talk to the average-to-poor Failipinos and ask them to make a comparison of what their quality of life was during Marcos’ time to what it is today.

          Mr. Santos might be suprised to find that most of these people regret having Marcos overthrown and painted as the “Bad Guy”; and that the real “Bad Guy(s)” are the ones who masterminded the EDSA Revolution, and have been raping the country and oppressing the people since 1986.


        5. Mr. WR (whoever you are who hides under that funny alias), there are a lot of reliable sources that you can read as references if you just open your mind. Hundreds have been written about the atrocities and unabated corruption during the Marcos regime. Personal accounts of victims and witnesses. The problem with you is, you ask for links for sources, but you yourself have no reliable sources to support your allegations. Because, in truth, all of what you have been posting all along are distorted facts that you yourself made up. With no factual support whatsoever. And why should I still need to give you links? When I am a living witness to what actually happened during those dark years. As a former die-hard Marcos loyalist who denounced the Marcos regime for its excesses.

        6. @Orlando:

          In case you don’t notice, there’s still the likes of ABS-CBN and Inquirer so my point still stands.

          Oh yeah, nobody is killed, arrested or executed during the post-Marcos years. All you do is to overrate stuff and being EMO about it.

          All I can say is bravo. Bravo for your sheer idiocy and ignorance. Sorry if I’m not drinking the Yellow Kool-aide like you do.

        7. @Orlando:

          What’s even funnier is that the guy who’s posting who hides under an alias of a certified crook. Talking about irony…

          Ehem, you’re actually OVERRATING stuff here. And it seems there are little to no excesses during Cory’s time? Get a load on there fella. Nice logic you got there. 🙂

        8. @Orlando

          Your “Marcos bad, Aquino good” spiel is already

          You’re clearly not a very smart one, aren’t you?

        9. @Orlando:

          Unfortunately those sources and links you provided were just repeats and mostly copied from pro Aquino and pro EDSA sources. It’s rare to find a source that’s neutral in it’s stance and representing voices that were suppressed just to favor “the evil Marcos only” narrative. Claiming that you are this former die-hard Marcos loyalist doesn’t give you special authority to talk over people.

          As another blogger wrote;

          -It is sad when self-aggrandizing freedom fighters cry foul whenever anything good is said about Ferdinand E. Marcos. To them, he is pure evil and that the youth must be constantly reminded about alleged misdeeds during his presidency. Students such as the Ateneans who joyfully had selfies with Imelda are criticized for having poor historical knowledge while artists like Chito Miranda who perform in Marcos-related activities are chided for glorifying the ‘dark side.’

          -These ‘freedom fighters’ consider Filipinos who recount positive personal experiences during the Marcos era as ignorant or stupid. Meanwhile, writers whose accounts of history diverge from what anti-Marcos folks believe to be Gospel truth are branded as revisionists and propagandists.

          -I agree that in dealing with history, we should stick to facts. But the divide between cold fact and personal interpretation will always be a blur. No one’s interpretation—not even those of self-aggrandizing freedom fighters—is always right. And if we are to be truly democratic, we should learn to accept that in a real and mature democracy, people have as much right to love Marcos as to abhor him. Otherwise, we would fall into the trap, not of revisionism, but of historical authoritarianism by a noisy few. That ‘freedom fighters’ dictate what our collective narrative should be is the height of irony and hypocrisy. That a dwindling band of activists shout “Never forget! Never again!” while bullying people for what they truthfully remember is plain and simple bigotry.

          -In the end, the people’s account of history—not the vilification by textbooks, the Inquirer, or ABS-CBN—will judge Marcos and define his place in our memory. As I see now, the verdict is getting kinder. And it is not because the people are ignorant or that they have a short-term memory or that historical revisionists are succeeding. It is simply that decades after the first EDSA, a growing number of Filipinos realize that they have been fooled, swindled, and betrayed, and not by Marcos.

        10. “realization” comes too slow to some.

          i was once a Yellow person, until it really hit me when cory bragged about the ‘chance’ of Joey Marquez “if ninoy was only alive”. i’ve heard a lot about her vindictiveness and that statement confirmed everything in her.

        11. Trolls are what you all are. Who’s the real fraud here???? You hide under those aliases to hide your identities. For what reason? Let me guess.. Yeah! You are all paid trolls! That’s why. I wouldn’t waste my precious time arguing with trolls.

        12. Says the guy whose username was based from an actual fraud.

          Sorry, but your own kind of trolling won’t work here. As expected from an attention whore… 🙂

    3. Well you love Martial Law and Nazi Ideology and Far Right Ideology.

      Think of Hitler, Mussolini and Right-Wing leaders who hate yellows, communists or so.

      1. That’s very deceptive. Actually, trolls would lie, offend and exaggerate in order to get a response. That’s according to a study.

        Your comment is a prime example.

        1. there was nothing wrong with the Martial Rule of Marcos back then.

          there was just no SocMED at that time. this trolls had they heyday with the Traditional Media. naLOKO nila ang sambayanan.

  36. Marcos years were bad indeed. But when Edsa 86 happened, people pretended that the problems went away. They didn’t. They remained, got compounded by other new problems, and so things got worse.

    We shouldn’t forget to thank Enrile for Edsa 1. He attempted a coup d’etat with Ramos that time, that got botched. But Cardinal Sin decide to save it by calling middle class Catholics to the streets, and that became Edsa 1. A rescued coup d’etat.

  37. Sometimes it is important for a nation to not only understand its history but to examine the events behind the history. The point of the article was not to ultimately disrespect anyone (although calling them old farts may be reaching), but to present a notion that has been going around even as far back as the first “EDSA Revolutions.” Why don’t we feel that which EDSA was supposed to symbolize ? As they say, it should have been the turning point of our country, but to be blinded again and again makes one really question as to why celebrate it at all. A commentator above compared it to what happened in other countries with a “revolution” and they were able to pull it off and make their country great. So why hasn’t it happened to us. Thirty years should have been enough don’t you think ? I sometimes stop to wonder if democracy is really what fits this nation. Are Filipinos better off being held under an Iron Fist ? We have the benefit of hindsight but we don’t use it. So what do we do ? Continue to be blinded ? Thank you for posting the article. Although some may be offended, I do hope they understand where you are coming from and why you wrote it and how constructive it is to the idealogies of today’s society.

  38. Wow, as I see your point, you totally missed a few key points:
    1) The Philippines borrowing trillions of dollars wasn’t because of the Aquinos alone, but also because of Marcos. Even then, it wasn’t even their fault. All of this was due to what was known as ‘petro dollar recycling’ and also the forced lending of American banks to countries such as the Philippines in the 1970’s causing the global oil crisis after Mexico (a country that was on the same boat as the Philippines at the time) defaulted due to forced lending.

    2) you can’t blame the local government for suddenly spurring global investment in the 1980’s, because prior to that, after the global oil crisis, the World Bank and IMF forced the Philippines to cut down government spending such as schools, hospitals, ports, etc. through structural adjustment programs. It was then found out later on that all those cost-cutting programs did more harm than good in the long-run, and neo-liberal free market policies such as opening the Philippines up to the world market was very bad for local producers.

    Also, while yes, you claim that BS Aquino pushing Filipinos abroad to send remittances back in the Philippines did not benefit Filipino employment, and I think that’s a decent argument. However, you must understand that the strengthening of programs such as that have been the products of presidents before Aquino, so it’s not even his thinking alone. On top of that, they need remittances in order to contribute to the Philippines’ foreign reserves which the country needs for imports and to build infrastructures, and an actual viable national budget. The model for that was aided by the World Bank and IMF in order to fund projects to spur the economy.

  39. Shultz and the ‘Hit Men’ Destroyed the Philippines….Executive Intelligence Report (editor: Lyndon H. LaRouche)

    The popular memory of Ferdinand Marcos today, in the U.S. and in the Philippines, is largely shaped by the massive disinformation campaign created in the early 1980s by the circles around then-Secretary of State Shultz, and his deputy Paul Wolfowitz. Marcos was accused of corruption, human rights violations, plunder, and even the murder of a political opponent, Benigno Aquino—and this caricature is repeated ad nauseam still today. While Marcos was not without faults, he was by far the last Filipino head of state to have understood the challenge of true leadership in a world slipping towards chaos. His overthrow by the Shultz cabal had nothing to do with the charges issued publicly, but were intended to stop his national development policies, and his international collaboration with LaRouche and others in countering the genocidal policies of the IMF, and bringing into being a new world economic system based on development and justice.

    1. And what kind of reason is that failipino? Or are you just doing the “pwede na iyan” mentality that you don’t even read the article because you’re a lazy troll?

  40. Ang Pilipino kc ay utu uto may pagpakatanga likewise dahil magaling din mang uto ang nasa kapangyarihan. Mapag mahal kc tyo by nature madling makuha ang loob.Ang personal na kalaban no F E marcos. Ang siang tlgang hudas pinaikot lng nila tyo. In the end lumabas din nman personal nilang interest. Gaya nila Ramos. Gusto din palang maging presidente. Ngayon gusto nila superlaya eto na ang resulta. Puro corrupt kanya kanya nang nakaw na. patayan at holdpan. kc malaya..unlimited na ata. Sobrang laya wla nsilang kinakatakutan..

  41. eh sa dami ng reklamo nyo na anti marcos, tatanungin ko kau hndi ba dapat ng umupo si pnoy e nabigyan nya kau ng hustisya sa karaahan ng martial law? tama ba? kanino nyo ba kukunin ang hustisyan na sinasabi nyo? sa mga aquino dapat pero saan ang hinahanap nyong hustisya? kanino nyo kukunin un oh snu ang sisisihin nyo? dami nyo sinasabi pero wala pa kaung napapatunayan sa hustisya na yan na dapt ang aquino ang magbibigay nun sa inyo! dami na panahon ang lumipas saan ang malasakit at twid na daan na meron ang aquino pra sa mamamayang pilipino! hndi ba kau nagrereklamo sa dami ng mahal na bilihin at trafic? snu ba dpat ang mag solve jan? presidente! snung presidente ang nakaupo sa ngayon? ang aquino! kung tlga tutuo sya pra sa bayan dati pa lang kht kungresista sya sinulong nya na ang malasakit na hustisya pra sa bayan! walang syang nagawa ang aquino ang bumaliktad ng katutuhanan at history na dpat papanig sa bayan!

    1. “Ignorant minority”
      Surely you must be talking about your fellow noytards.

      distort facts and invent stories

      Isn’t that what you’re doing right now?

      Drinking too much of that yellow kool aid isn’t good for you.

      1. What we all care is the aftermath. Meaning what happens AFTER that.

        For people like us who prefer to look on the other side of the story, unfortunately, seems you’re the one who is distorting facts and inventing inventing stories.

    2. And yellowtards like you are always treating your aquino-cojuanco mafia’s propaganda as “hallelujahs.” Panginoon mo ba sya ulol?

    1. Which only proves that pinoys are incapable of thinking for themselves and that they need the “guidance” of those holier than thou academics most of whom have their own bias.

    1. Which only proves that pinoys are incapable of thinking for themselves and that they need the “guidance” of those holier than thou academics most of whom have their own bias.

    1. March 10, 2008 – A Philippine court acquits Marcos in a 17-year-old case of 32 counts of illegal transfer of wealth totaling $863 million in Swiss bank accounts.

      A Manila court yesterday acquitted the flamboyant widow of late dictator Ferdinand Marcos of 32 counts of illegally transferring wealth abroad during her husband’s 20-year rule.
      The decision by Judge Silvino Pampilo Jr. of the Manila Regional Trial Court came after a 17-year trial in the case, involving some $863 million in Swiss bank accounts.
      Pampilo said the prosecution presented witnesses that were not directly relevant to the accounts, and failed to prove wrongdoing by Marcos beyond a reasonable doubt.
      Marcos and two associates were accused of unlawfully opening 11 dollar accounts in Switzerland under the names of 10 foundations linked to the Marcos family to hide alleged ill-gotten wealth, Pampilo said in a telephone interview.
      The money has been frozen by the government and is being held in escrow at the Philippine National Bank.
      The wealthy socialite, 79, gained fame for the extensive shoe collection and diamond- encrusted tiaras she left behind when she and her husband fled the country after his 1986 fall from power.
      After a 22-year search for the so-called hidden Marcos wealth, the government has only managed to retrieve 683 million from several Swiss bank accounts.
      The latest case was filed in 1991 by the Philippine government and has taken 16 years to work its way through the country’s convoluted legal system.

    1. Which only proves that pinoys are incapable of thinking for themselves and that they need the “guidance” of those holier than thou academics most of whom have their own bias.

        1. No matter how you distort the facts, the truth will always prevail

          Well, that’s the one reason why you are failing HARD in trying to convince folks here.

          Your piss colored and piss poor propaganda can never prevail against the truth.

        2. Why are we suddenly forced to be beholden to “those” people. Who are “those” people? “Those” people are certainly not immune from any question or criticism. This is what happens when some issues are declared a “Sacred Cow” giving it supposed immunity from question or criticism. EDSA should NOT be declared a Sacred Cow. We don’t owe “those” people anything.

        3. Remember Mendiola massacre, Hacienda Luisita Massacre, Lupao Massacre, Luneta Massacre, MAMASAPANO MASSACRE?

          Please don’t delude yourself into thinking that you’re far more intelligent than us.
          You are not.

          No matter how you distort the truth by yellow propaganda, the truth will always prevail.

        4. Only a ‘truth’ that will make you feel better not the whole of it.

          lel your faggotry is all on the roof and I find it hilarious.

        1. Says the guy who is an actual TROLL who is also hiding under a TROLL name as well.

          Stop being a faggot and grow up, son. 🙂

        2. How can I believe TROLLS like you???? Hiding under those troll names

          Ask yourself the same question, how could someone believe a Troll like you?
          they won’t

          You are hiding under someone’s name who has a history of filing cases and losing what’s happening to you right now……Losing.

          Oh yes, we know Mr.”Santos”

        1. Sorry to disappoint you but if it’s from a yellow-tard like you, it’s not gonna be a neutral view, especially if you tend to cherry pick articles that are obviously in-favor of your pweh-sident.

        2. Ahahahahahahaha,
          Don’t kid yourself
          Your’re not part of the silent majority
          Yoi”re part of the ignorant majority

          Noytards considering themselves the “thinking” majority?

          Don’t be so delusional

          If you were part of the thinking majority, you would have seen just how incompetent Aquino is during his 6 year term.

          Instead, you still cling to this belief of “tuwid na daan”, which was already proven to be nothing but empty promises and lies during the past 6 years of your pweh-sident’s term.

        3. @Orlando:

          Translation-I represent the idiots who are trolling and spamming this site. Unfortunately for you, you can’t accept that I’m trolling since I’m a paid Aquino hack.

        4. @Orlando

          Remember when you said that you were part of the stupid majority? Looks like that also didn’t help your candidate Mar win the past election either.

          Now it seems that your Ex President Aquino is in danger of being imprisoned because of ALL the major screwups he did during your so called “tuwid na daan” scam during the past 6 years.

          Of course, you won’t reply since you still can’t even think up of a proper rebuttal to all the arguments we posted here.

  42. Self-deception comes from not having enough psychological strength to admit the truth and deal with the consequences that will follow when the truth is acknowledges.

    1. And where did THAT money go? Of course, the crooks from the government will keep it on their pockets and not give it to the people.

      So, your point?

    1. And there are no human rights violations after Marcos? The truth is that you’re a hypocritical, trolling faggot!

      No links can distinguish from reality-check. Remember that.

    2. The truth is that you’re a truly EVIL person who spreads faggotries on this site.

      Of course you won’t admit that because you’re a trolling faggot. 😉

      1. You are good at calling people names. Didn’t you realize, you are the real troll here. Who’s the real fraud here???? You hide under those aliases to hide your identities. For what reason? Let me guess.. Yeah! You are all paid trolls! That’s why. I wouldn’t waste my precious time arguing with trolls.

        1. And Aquino apologists like yourself are good at playing victims and other forms of faggotry. Also, you’re wasting time here since this is not a place for EMO frauds like yourself.

          Take your faggotry to somewhere else…

        2. I wouldn’t waste my precious time arguing with trolls.

          Then why are you still here?
          Why are you denying that you are
          a troll?

          You just shot yourself in the foot there buddy.

    1. But why there are no reparations for victims during the post-Marcos regimes? Of course, you won’t answer because you’re cheering about things like the Mendiola Massacre and even the Hacienda Luisita Massacres.

      Hypocritical faggot…

      1. That’s called selective memory but I doubt this noytard is evensmart enough to know what it means since he has already displayed the common attributes of a noytard
        Low IQ
        Cherry Picking
        Fear mongering
        Unable to debate properly
        Being an EMO asshat.

    2. This proves that Orlando Santos is a lying fraud and like his fellow Aquino apologists, he is also known for criminal activities like assassinations, trolling, and murders. And it’s all for the Aquino family and their allies. 😉

        1. You are good at fabricating stories. Trolls are what you all are. Who’s the real fraud here???? You hide under those aliases to hide your identities. For what reason? Let me guess.. Yeah! You are all paid trolls! That’s why. I wouldn’t waste my precious time arguing with trolls.

        2. by that name, it doesn’t mean that, that is your real name 🙂
          would you give your facebook account for all to verify ?

        3. Looks like you’ve officially broken down.


          And I thought you were gonna give us a real challenge.

          Accusing us of being trolls when its clear, you have already lost..reeks of desperation to play the victim card

          Troll harder, fool

        4. By the way, “Orlando”

          Even if we were using our real names, you still wouldn’t stand a chance here, real life FRAUD.

        5. You are good at fabricating stories.

          So are you implying that Mendiola massacre, Luneta Massacre, Yolanda Tragedy, Mamasapano massacre and the counts of human rights violations under Cory and Noynoy are just stories?

          Talk about being so clueless.

  43. I was born 4 years after the EDSA Revolution. I must admit I never experienced the atrocities of Martial Law or the so called dire era of ’82-’86. I enjoyed my childhood during the “Tiger Economy” days of the Philippines from ’93-’97 and thought everything was right. but moving forward to the present, It has been 30 years since EDSA,watched many documentaries about it, listened to people who were in it as well as people who had lived during the Marcos era. some insists on the atrocities of the time while others (including my mom) says life was better during Martial Law. regardless of their stories , the bottom line is that the generation of today mostly do not care about EDSA or its essence anymore. for many it is just a mere face of daily traffic that makes the commuters’ lives a living hell. all that our generation cares about is our life today and most of us aren’t happy. the government after EDSA had ALWAYS credited their mistakes to the sins of the past but none of them has owned up to their mistakes, then how do you expect us Millenials to react? do you expect us to be sympathetic to things that we only find in newspaper clippings, history books that tries to prove a point of difference when today doesn’t prove much difference at all.
    PDAF Scam,NBN-ZTE deal, PEA-AMARI scam? last time I checked It wasn’t the Marcoses who leads the country during these shameless schemes. I know one thing that most EDSA people are afraid of is that we completely forget what they’ve fought for and that come May 2016 we might come with a decision that might put the “son” back into power and regain what they have tried to erase.

    Marcos ruled for more than 20 years and has put infrastructure that is useful up to today, yeas they are corrupt yes they violated human rights but people after them had 30 years to make things right but they blew them away. now the people of today will decide on what we think the best for our country, for our future and yes! no one can dictate us what to do or who to vote for, for this is our own revolution, 30 years after EDSA.

  44. I. With EDSA 1 we restored an outmoded form of democracy. In the peaceful “people power” revolt from February 22 to 25, 1986, tens of thousands of unarmed Filipinos gathered to defend a small but swelling band of military rebels at the military and police headquarters along Epifanio de los Santos Avenue that cuts through Metro Manila from North to South. United in their cry for “Justice, Freedom and Democracy,” they peacefully immobilized the armed forces of the 13-year Marcos dictatorship. On the fourth day they banished the dictator into exile. Amazed at our extraordinary feat, the world applauded. Some oppressed peoples in Eastern Europe and Asia took heart and followed our example to liberate themselves from tyranny. In January 2001, not only at EDSA in Metro Manila but also in many cities, citizens gathered and employed “people power” once more to bring down a president who was perceived to be abusive and corrupt. Aggrieved citizens felt good once again but “people power” alone could not bring us what we really need as a developing nation and democracy. The restoration of free elections and formal democracy under the 1987 Constitution has not empowered citizens to check or mitigate our pervasive problems of mass poverty, unemployment, corruption, social inequality, injustice, rebellion, and the environment. Underdevelopment and population still force legions of Filipinos to migrate as our country lags farther behind our advanced neighbors in the region. Despite its many positive features that are worth preserving, the 1987 Constitution has not enabled us to rebuild our various institutions for good governance. We continued with our counter-productive unitary system with its powers, authority and resources centralized in the national government at the expense of local governments, leaders, citizens, and entrepreneurs and country-wide development. We restored our adversarial separation of powers in a presidential system that continually creates conflict and gridlock between the President and Congress, with a vengeance. Our outmoded form of government and dysfunctional political parties sustain our politics of personality, patronage, cronyism, and corruption and without transparency and public accountability. All along, exploiting our discontent, our politicized military and self-seeking politicians foment more discord and political instability. Communist and military rebellion persist, and to a lesser degree military unrest. Ignoring the good news, some sensational media harp on the negative reality and thereby aggravate it.

    1. You’ll know that someone is clearly being desperate when he starts cherry picking links just to prove his point.

      The thing is, he’s not fooling anyone.

      1. Paid hack? You troll. You and company are good at fabricating stories. Trolls are what you all are. Who’s the real fraud here???? You hide under those aliases to hide your identities. For what reason? Let me guess.. Yeah! You are all paid trolls! That’s why. I wouldn’t waste my precious time arguing with trolls.

        1. Whos the real fraud here?

          You of course.

          Obviously, you haven’t noticed but you are clearly losing it.

        2. @Orlando: Of course, Yellow Zombies like you are good at lying to their teeth.

          Oh yeah, you’re even making it obvious, keep it up, man. 😉

        3. Couldn’t you see who’s the real TROLL between the two of us Troll Johnny Derp?

          I see it clear as day
          and the name of the REAL troll is
          Orlando Angelo A. Santos

          Of course, you’re just playing the victim card at this point, so there’s no need to struggle anymore, just accept the fact that none of your posts are effective.

        4. By the way,

          The jokes on you since the admins of this blog know who the realtroll is…and its you.

        5. 5 months after this article, Im still here Mr. Orlando but you?
          Heh, it looks like you can no longer show your face here because your boss is no longer in power.

          Tough luck little troll since we still have the last laugh after all.

          By the way, I’m still laughing at your pathetic attempts at trolling

  45. Orlando Angelo A. Santos UULITIN KO tanong sau sa pag ka dami dami mong alam sa EDSA kuntento kb pagkatapos nun? tunilungan mo ba ang mga taong na biktima ng karahasan? ohh nagsasalita ka lng jan? lakihan mo ang mata mo sir kc malabo ata yan. saan na ang hustisya? sinasabi ko sayo yan kung tutuwid ang daan dati pa lang masaya na sila at nakamit na ang hustisya. nu ba gusto mong hustisya? mag bigti ng leeg ang lahat ng marcos pra matapos na lahi nla? at bigyan ka ng yaman nla pra tabla tabla na lng? AQUINO ang dapt tumutulong sa inyo pra makamit yan lahat naka upo na sya sa pinkamataas at makapangyarihang posisyon pero hndi nya nagagawa ung dpat para sa mga taong nagbuwis ng buhay para sa “KALAYAAN” ng mga AQUINO . ARTISTAHIN hingi ka ke kris aquino ng necklace galing sa yaman ng marcos at mag cover ka sa mens magazine

    1. Wag ka na magsayang ng oras, walang kapacidad na mag isip para sa sarili itong timang na Orlando. Malabong maka hanap siya ng sagot sa tinatanong mo.

    2. And….
      Your point is?

      Pot calling the kettle black much?

      You really are an idiot, Orlando.
      That’s not libel by the way if its already proven true.

      1. @Orlando: Seems you never realized that YOU are actually the stupid troll here. Yours is also a stupid TROLL name as well.

        #HypocrisyExposed #PlayingTheVictimCard

    3. @Orlando:

      Overrating one-sided stories are just as bad as fabricating stories. If anything, you’re the one who is “fabricating” since all you have is nothing but Yellow Propaganda.

      Of course, you won’t admit it because you’re a hypocritical, attention-seeking faggot.

  46. This page is full of trolls. And they are good at calling people names and fabricating stories. Now, who’s the real fraud???? Hiding under those funny aliases to hide their identities. For what reason? Let me guess.. Yeah! They are all paid trolls! That’s why. I wouldn’t waste my precious time arguing with trolls.

    1. Ang tanda mo na pero nagmumukha kang sirang plaka sa paulit-ulit mong mga palpak na spiel! At hanep ka bobong yellowtard. Masama talaga loob mo kay marcos na puro mga propaganda tungkol sa “kasamaan” nya kuno ang laman ng timeline mo palagi sa Facebook. Ano ba ginawa nya sa iyo exactly? Did he really took away your “freedom”? Or are you just one of the emo commietards and/or outlaws who causes nothing but trouble? And yes I can see you profile stupid. Next time you want to avoid someone stalking your profile, you better use your alias instead of your real name just like we do. Ano magbibintang ka na naman ng bayaran? Sasabihin mo na inaabuso ko ang kalayaan? Well look who’s talking now hypocrite? You want democracy? You got it! Ano magmumukha kang marcos na ididikta mo ako loko ka?
      Malaya ka nga kamo mula sa “demonyong diktador” kuno kaya gusto mo na mawala lahat ng mga pinatupad nya katulad ng tinuro sa iyo ni santo-santohang cory. Pero bakit andami pa ring mga Pilipino na nakikinabang pa rin sa mga pinatupad ni marcos katulad na lang ng OFW phenomenon dakilang ipokrito? Tapos paawa-awa ka pa sa isang OFW na humihingi ng saklolo pero hindi mo man inisip kung bakit hindi pa rin tinigil ni noybita o kahit ni cory ang “kasamaan ni marcos” na iyan….HEP HEP HEP you shut the F up about his so-called improving economy when it’s really not showing THE results because the oligarch mafias and richfags like you are the only ones benefiting from it you four-eyed buffoon! Masyado kang nauuto sa “daang matuwid” kuno ng minamahal mong panggulo kasi palibhasa nakatira ka sa La Union at hindi sa imperial manila na kung saan matindi ang gulo katulad ng trapik. Pa-feeling catholic ka pa pero halatang katoliban ka naman kasi naniniwala ka sa kasalanan ng ama na hindi naman iyan ang turo sa Bibliya kaya minamasama mo pa si bongbong dahil lang anak sya ng “demonyong diktador”. So ibig sabihin pala nyan pag may pinatay ka, mamamatay tao na rin ang anak mo kahit bata pa sya? What the hell is your major malfunction? Revenge is far more sweeter than justice for you eh asswipe? Masyado kang madrama. Uy pwede kang mag-audition para sa bagong telebasura ng abias-cbn bobong drama queen! Your tears are very tasty kaya iyak pa matandang bata!

      1. And what I mean about “You want democracy? You got it!”, democracy is not exclusive only for you or any of your fellow yellowtards and also your precious aquino-cojuanco mafia.

    2. This page is full of trolls.

      Well, we can only see one, and he’s a pathetic one named, Orlando Angelo A. Santos who keeps playing the victim card whenever his propaganda is destroyed.

    3. who’s the real fraud????

      Why, you of course.

      The thing is, you haven’t proven anything here other than you being a paid hack and a fraud.

  47. This tiresome ‘debate’ has no end; neither can it have losers and winners; because, both sides have already arrived at their conclusion long before the source article was posted. This includes those who simply have anecdotal reference for their version of the ‘Marcos years’. What fuels the unending ‘back-and-forth’ is the choice of narratives that either side sees fit to offer, which, not oddly enough, reflects their own particular past and present circumstances. That these narratives are clearly based on selective memories does not help either. Furthermore, the fact that both sides do present convincing press releases written during the period in question, merely serves to prove the fact that media, even then, had their agendas; and, that ‘facts’ can indeed obscure the truth. It’s probably a good time to give my eyes a break.

  48. 1986 EDSA People Power – barely 2% of the country’s population were there. Why is it called people power? I was not there during that time, I was in school studying, they didn’t ask my opinion. And same goes to most other peace loving people not within the vicinity of the NCR. Let’s just call it as it is, a mob.

    What resulted is a mob rule. Anarchy. Everyone “gained freedom” when the evil dictator left Malacanang. Freedom to do whatever they liked. Instead of peace and order, people held on to their “freedom”. Look at the country now. Poverty, unemployment, squatters, garbage in very street corner, dilapidated public transport, snatchers holdapers, etc. There is your freedom.

    The way I see it, filipinos loved their freedom to violate every rule and order. It is evident from the results. Look at us now. Disrespect to our law and order, disrespect to each other and to ourselves.

  49. If you are a pessimist and perpetual critic like the blogger seems to be then maybe we ware worse off than 30 years ago. But how can that be when the economy is doing much better. Look around you and try to have a more positive perspective in life. That can’t harm you… Can it? I’m just saying

    1. You’re missing the point. You need to have reality-check first before you said those things.

      30 years ago there was heavy foreign borrowing to support projects. Today, we are back to heavy foreign borrowing to support non-existing projects, but just to flood the system with cash. Thus, we have a glut in real estate, a car industry driven by low interest credits, a consumer market driven by easy to get credit cards, five fold smuggling, and gambling, illegal or not. Of course, what is obtaining is a BUBBLE economy, and they call that the fastest growing economy. I call it a donut economy as it is empty in the middle. If a hostile administration takes over in 2016, of course, they will burst that bubble economy so that the next administration will have a hard time bursting the lies and bubble of 30 years. That is the truth and not a lie.

      THAT can’t harm you… can it? Unfortunately, it’s more like a slap in the face on ignorant sycophants like yourself.

    2. Sorry. But there are just some of us who can’t be contented with substandard—mediocre at best—services by way of my—our—taxes.

    3. Now that Noynoy is not at the helm anymore and the Aquino name has been tainted, there is hope that the Philippines can progress. 😉

      1. His army of internet trolls have been scattered, they no longer have the support of the bald one.Sure, there are some stragglers remaining but the fact remains that the yellows are out of power.

  50. i see some comments still insisting those money borrowed by FME administration in 20 yrs they said it is corrupted by those so called cronies and FME but the truth is all that is still in services until now ,,,sadly after the so called people power thinking of only around 1.5 million people just get there in edsa it is only those people who believed not the entire country that having a good simple life and safe life …then now our country is full of debt up to trillon dollars and sadly we never see anything progress in our daily life …

  51. The Philippines will never change until every single person in the government sings the same notes on the same page. Unfortunately, there are those who are still in power, who have made their riches on the back of corruption may well feel that if they turn the page over they have a whole lot more at stake and all would be lost. Not only their wealth but also their faces/names. If each and everyone is to be investigated, I am certain that more than half will have to be ousted off their seats in the government, if not imprisoned. Whoever gets into power now and in the future will have a real tough time clearing all the “shit” that’s been embedded in the political structure and in the main frame society of the Philippines. Sad to say that poverty is the core reason for corruption. The rich will and know they can buy the poor and they like to keep them there for their whims and fancies. The poor will always oblige to feed and look after their families. It’s a downward spiral or a domino effect or a chain reaction. Whichever way, the bucks doesn’t just stop with one set of people. But it can be controlled when there are rules and regulations and law abiding people to keep an eye on it. People who are not there to line their own pockets, decent and honest people who are willing to do the right thing. Because in the long term it is not only for them but their created families in the future. It is easier for an outsider to say, but for those whose voices are too meek to say or even afraid for their lives for that matter are the ones still suffering from such system. To think that wars have been fought and have been educated of such monstrosities, and for people to think they are more advanced now than before…well they all have to think very hard again, as lessons are not going through the thick skulls. Learn the lessons and make that change, for the better and for good.

  52. Edsa revolution is worst than Martial Law. think of that. mas tahimik ang buhay ng Pilipino sa panahon ng Martial Law dahil ang mga tutol dito eh mga taong ayaw lamang gumawa ng tama at ang gusto ay ang sariling kapakanan lamang hindi ang pagiging makabayan.

  53. What the hell are you talking about Ilda?!?

    1) Government services in the Marcos era sucked even more than under today’s oligarchs!!

    PLDT, Meralco and Nawasa were either state-owned and subsidized or given to favored cronies without allowing competition. Were you around during the times of endless brownouts, walang tubig and party line in the late 70s-80s?

    And how about the Post office during that time, where anything of value in the mail got stolen?

    These companies bled (taxpayer) money because of corrupt insiders and they gave lousy service because there was no competition.

    Today’s oligarchs have to at least compete with each other.

    2) When it comes to foreign borrowing, the Marcos regime has the WORST track record. Debt ballooned SEVENTY TIMES from 1966 from a few hundred million dollars to over $26bn in 1986! Debt-to-GDP almost 100% while the peso lost 80% of its value in the 20 years of Marcos rule as opposed to losing a maximum of 65% in the next 30 years.

    The early years of 7% growth under martial law were debt-driven. As unaccountable power corrupted the Marcoses and their cronies, they plundered these loans and thus we had to keep borrowing just to pay earlier loans.

    I’m not a Pnoy fan per se, just lukewarm towards him, and heavily dislike some of his appointees, but one has to admit that it is under his administration, in fact, that we have been able to reduce our external debt and Debt-to-GDP, the more important measure, is at a very comfortable level.

    1. Yep, what’s worse is that he is impersonating me and call me names like being a ‘pro-Marcos loyalist’ while I’m like a guy who prefer to see both sides of the story.

      Yellow leftist cucks and shitposters like that fraud are the reason why this country is ruined. And he’s there just to piss people off. Me? I’m just here to make up discussions rather than shitposting. 🙂

    2. @Albert Anastasia a.k.a. FAKE DIO a.k.a. Propaganda FAG Boy:

      Wait a sec, you’re the guy who said this:

      “Seriously, our government will censor and delete our comments like that in China.”

      Thanks for confirming YOUR idiot status, real-life cocksucking faggot. Hope you enjoy your stay until the mods DELETE your spam posts. 🙂

    3. @FAKE Albert Anastasia a.k.a. FAKE DIO a.k.a. PropagandaFAG Boy:

      Now you’re even using a name of a writer AND a commenter just to TROLL on here?

      Keep on doing this and you’re exposing yourself…. you cowardly cocksucking faggot. 🙂

  54. I don’t care you fake BrokenME,

    Write against Aquinos and you will be a pro-Marcos loyalist.

    Let’s hope our government will censor the media and our website in the future.

    Good luck trolls and demons and critics of political sides.

  55. @BrokenME aka Propaganda Boy and @”Propaganda Boy Who Likes DIO and Albert Anastasia”:

    Seriously, our government will censor websites like our GRP so be it.

    Albert Anastasia of TheStagnantFilipino would not know or care it.

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