The Nature Of Evil…

Evil, a word most of us is probably familiar with.

If I were to ask people to draw their idea of the embodiment of evil, they will more likely than not just draw a big red guy with horns or anything similarly demonic. However, I strongly doubt many of us would ever draw ourselves. Indeed, many of us forget that evil is an internal thing. Something that comes from within us rather than an external force as some would have us believe. Many of us would rather demonize anything we see as “evil” in society but very rarely do we question our own motives and actions.


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We often forget that evil stems not from any outside force, but from within the darkest reaches of our own very souls. Granted, since I hold religious beliefs, I also believe in demons and the like, but I’ve come to think of them less as irresistible embodiments of evil but as spiritual versions of trolls (not the under-the-bridge kind, either). They are, as I’ve come to realize, merely background noise or unpleasant imagery. They have no actual influence on our actions unless we allow them and that we are largely responsible for the evil that we do.

Whenever I watch a religious-themed program on local TV, I almost always see relatively simple plots wherein all the bad things that happen in the story usually come from some kind of evil force or entity. Of course, these are just the shows we have that are all too often tampered with by our own government and church. Perhaps some day, when things have finally changed for the better in our beloved country, things might yet improve. However, I strongly doubt that it won’t be anytime soon and that my grandchildren (if I have any) will probably have families of their own by the time that happens.

Anyway, as I’ve come to see, what many Pinoys fail to realize is that evil is simply stupidity. That’s right, evil, when stripped of all its glamour, mystery and seductions, it’s just stupidity plain and simple. Evil is simply choosing to do what is wrong over what is right for often selfish or poorly thought-out ideas. Evil is never creative and more or less rationalizes itself whenever faced with criticisms. Rationalizations that are, more often than not, groundless and can be easily deconstructed if examined closely as they are all too often based on poorly thought out logic.

However, evil is still and probably always will be dangerous and is why, whenever we encounter it, we should make an effort to confront it even in a small way. Granted, evil can become very powerful if allowed to grow (which is all too often the case in the Philippines) but they often begin as relatively innocuous things like corruption or cruelty in the workplace, campus or even the home and can be dispelled or banished with the right action. More often than not, evil grows when good people fail to confront it and that it all too often originates not from any outside source but from within ourselves proper.

7 Replies to “The Nature Of Evil…”

  1. The Nihilist Philosopher, Nietzsche, who cannot define evil, finally proclaimed: “Evil, you are now my good!”…

    Evil is the embodiment of lack of goodness. It is the opposite of good. Many religions distorted, the concept of evil…thru the interpretation of their “Holy Books”…

    The Islamic Radicals calls us, infidels”: “evil”. While they call themselves: “good”…
    Strapping explosives to their bodies, and bombing infidels is good to them. While, we call it, evil.

    Evil is a relative term, according to your belief and cultural upbringings/traditions.

    However, we have human or religious values, that define, evil and good. If you have those values.

  2. Evil is “Every Villain Is Lemons.” :p

    Kidding aside, as far as I’m concerned, I won’t deny that I’m not a perfectly good person and that I am evil in my own way. At least, as I think, I’m being honest in that matter…….

  3. Christians believe the Devil is a liar, so when he tempts people, it always seems to be as something good, as with pleasure or prestige or possessions – and the more the better, which inevitably sucks you into the Law of Diminishing Returns, so to counteract that lie, one must start by raising kids with the principle of delayed gratification, and that less is better, that others should come first, that one should be considerate of other peoples’ feelings etc.
    Evil reigns when one’s ego is the most important thing in life, and getting one’s way come hell or high water naturally follows, leading to a life of misery and horror all round.
    Lent is coming in 6 days, a perfect time to muzzle that beast and keep it at bay, so that we can see ourselves at our best at the end.

    1. The Islamic Koran states: “Whatever Evil, comes from you. Whatever Good comes, from God.” God is good…Goodness comes from the teachings of God.

      There is evil in this world. However, this evil may have come from us. I doubt that the “Devil” exist.

    2. @Walter,
      pls explain me one thing. Because I have trouble/problems how something works.

      “that others should come first”

      Now if I say to and about you: “that others should come first” and
      if you say to and about me: “that others should come first”

      In other words: I put you first and you put me first.

      What’s the point?

      Then we are quite busy being contra-productive. If we all are capable to look after one’s self, then you dont need to put me first. You can look after yourself, you can finally excel as the best engineer.

  4. Reading the first part, a scene from MIB (Men In Black 1) came to my mind.. When Will smith, along with other recruits were training and shooting at different kinds of Aliens.. Will paused, looked around, and decided to shoot the young girl with rather ‘advanced’ books on hand.. For those who watched the movie, you probably get what I mean..
    Beware of the sheep in wolf’s clothing, I always say..

    Though I also believe that ‘evil’ is a matter of perception and ‘interpretation’ based on the ‘environment’ one grew up with..
    I mean, a Cannibal chewing on a human’s flesh would be ‘good’ for them and for their survival..
    But for us, the act is pure evil..

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