Public Health Advisory: HIV Outbreak In The Philippines

After reading Benign0’s latest article regarding the rise of HIV in the Philippines, I find myself both alarmed and disappointed in my own country. It’s just really sad how our government has essentially screwed its own people over without any real regard for their safety and welfare. Indeed, perhaps there really is some truth to the Philippines becoming a despotate similar to some of the destitute states of Central Africa. Oh well, it’s quite clear that we can’t really hope for any kind of help coming from our government as, unsurprisingly, they’re leaving us to our own devices since they have to use whatever funding they can get their hands on to improve their already extremely dirty images.


Look, do take note that I’m no real expert on public health. However, I’m a nursing graduate so that at least makes me technically a nurse. I don’t know if I’m the only contributor on GRP with a degree in nursing (I think Mike Portes is one also but I’m not really sure) but, if I am, then it is my duty to inform you of our current health problems and what you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones.

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What Do We Know About HIV?

Okay, first things first, so just what is HIV?

Well, I’m not gonna bore you with details and other medical mambo-jumbo, I’m gonna cut right to the most important facts about HIV: HIV is a virus, NOT a bacteria. In short, it cannot be cured or prevented with simple antibiotics. Also, being a virus, they are capable of multiplying very rapidly just like your typical Pinoy squatters.

So what does HIV do?

HIV attacks your immune system, the mechanism of your body that’ supposed to protect your body from diseases.

For additional simplification, imagine your body as a house. Imagine the harmful viruses and bacteria that invade your body as pesky mice and rats in the house that is your body. Now, think of the cells of your immune system as cats, creatures that can hunt, kill and eat those pesky rodents so they can trouble your house no more.

Normally, viruses aren’t really a big problem for your body as your immune system often makes quick work of them. Colds, being another form of virus, rarely last longer than a week because the microbes of your immune system pretty much turn them into mulch in the course of a few days. However, HIV is different as it specifically attacks the cells of your immune system.

Now, go back to the imaginary house that is your body with the imaginary cats that is your immune system. Now, if you want a really good (and scary) idea of what HIV is, imagine it as very large and monstrous black rats with large, red eyes, ragged but very sharp claws with gaping maws containing dirty and horrifying teeth. Not only are these rats capable of killing the cats of your immune system, they evolved to hunt, kill and eat those cats.

Imagine these mutant rats that seem to have come out of a horror movie running around the house that is your body all the while slaughtering every cat that they find.

When there are no more cats in your house, what do you think will happen?

That’s right. “When the cat’s away, the mouse will play.” Once HIV obliterates your immune system, it will allow other viruses, bacteria and other pathogens to attack your body with impunity. Without any real way to protect your body, you will succumb to diseases that were otherwise trivial problems for your immune system.

How Does HIV Spread?

HIV is an STD.

In short, it is spread through sex. Do I need to be clearer? You can catch HIV by sticking your dick in someone or having a dick stuck in you.

Since the Philippines possesses a twisted sense of morals, we seem to shame the idea of sex and paint it as something inappropriate or evil. We never stop to consider sex as just another facet of being human and a basic part of what we are. We go to great lengths to cover it up and pretend it doesn’t exist even when it actually saturates our society.

Anyway, HIV can also spread through the exchange of body fluids. This includes blood transfusions, organ transplants, use of unsterilized medical equipment (such as needles) and breast-feeding from infected mothers.

What Can We Do To Protect Ourselves From HIV?

Okay, here we go. Listen up ladies and gentlemen and listen good. If you don’t want to catch HIV, then pay attention.

OPTION 1: Practice Abstinence

One of our commenters suggested this on our FB page and I think it bears some mentioning here.

Day after day, I hear about cases of promiscuity and infidelity. Day after day, my boss and I have to deal with cases of unwanted pregnancy and illicit relationships. Day after day, we have parents coming to the guidance office accusing my boss and her associates for not imparting the right values on their children.

Oh god, I’m ranting again…

Anyway, what I’m saying here is can’t we all collectively keep our pants on? Yes we claim to have a “wholesome” culture but from the way our people consume nothing but raunchy romance, you can tell there’s little in the mind of your basic Pinoy asides from sex!

There’s nothing wrong with sex ladies and gentlemen, as long as you can keep it between you and your significant other. However, when you can’t seem to help but bonk just about anyone you run into, then I think there’s something seriously wrong with you.

Bottom line: Keep sex between you and your spouse. Avoid sexual contact with people you don’t know or trust even if they seem attractive.

OPTION 2: Practice Safe-Sex

Okay, I’ll go direct to the point:


Aside from avoiding unwanted pregnancies, condoms can also protect you from HIV and other STDs. Note also that while some methods may help in preventing pregnancies, only condoms can protect you from HIV. Going back to the imaginary house, think of condoms as screens that can keep out the monster rats that is HIV when having sex.

29 Replies to “Public Health Advisory: HIV Outbreak In The Philippines”

      1. Is there a moment that you can say “I do know her” (opposite to: I dont know her)so that you can have oral sex with her?

  1. Ganyan naman mga Pinoy eh, kunwari malilinis at nahihiya pag usapan ang sex pero malilibog din naman. Ako pinoy ako, malibog ako, pero never ko dineny yun. 🙂

    Yung iba nga sine censor pa yyung text, like sex = s*x, penis = p*nis, eh putangina, alam na din naman ng mga bata meaning nun and censoring them will only spark curiosity , thus, mas mag re research yung mga bata na supposedly walang muwang..

    Ganyan ka impokrito mga Pinoy!

        1. I prefer the term “omnisexual”…

          I will butt rape anything not fast enough to run from me…

          Are you fast enough edison?


  2. sex is never dirty the problem is that the closed minded folks around us are dirty as if they were never been a product of sex.

  3. Option 1: Practice Abstinence
    Option 2: Practice Safe-Sex

    I am truely sorry to say but I never used those 2 options. And still I had sex with my girlfriends. (And no, I am not bragging).

    Who is meant by “significant other”? This can be my girlfriend, right
    Who is meant by “spouse”? but this cant be my girlfriend, right? This must be my wife, right?

    Dear Grimwald, in the west we bang our girlfriends. And if we dont trust it that she is clean (of diseases and virusses) then we go to an hospital and do a HIV-test.

    Furthermore, HIV has an incubation time of about 9 years before it develops into AIDS. That means you can have the virus but not the symptoms.

    So in short, I can only bang a virgin woman or I must do some really testing.

    Infection with HIV occurs by the transfer of blood, semen, vaginal fluid, pre-ejaculate, or breast milk. Within these bodily fluids, HIV is present as both free virus particles and virus within infected immune cells.

    1. Thank you Robert, that was alot more informative and to the point that the article here.

      Grimwalds writing level is more like my son, one point takes a paragraph rather than a sentence, but it’s so be commended that he is trying.


      1. Jesse,
        No need to thank me. But thanks anyway.
        Everything I know about HIV/AIDS has all been published in daily newspapers, medical journals, been reported about in TV documentaries and other sources. So for me its common knowledge. Thats why people cant get away with it anymore by saying “I didnt or dont know”. Today, there is no place for ignorance anymore.

      2. Jesse,
        Secondly, I live in a world where nothing is for free. Except the air that I breathe. So if somebody gives me something for free, I will always think: “where is the catch?” In other words: Can I trust the government who is providing me with free condoms? Are it Durex condoms that have been tested for many hours/days/weeks/months? Or …..
        Thanks, but no thanks. I buy my own condoms.

        1. Question, why are people listening to people like Robert referring to old and inaccurate information from websites like Wikipedia (which anyone can add information)? The people like me in the medical field in the USA use the CDC website or pick up the phone and call. For future reference official USA websites have .gov not a .com in the website address.

        2. @William,
          I am totally not confident and not convinced people here will listen to me. They may read what I write here but that is as far as it goes, I think.
          For most Filipinos, I am too advanced (in mindset), too liberated for them to adapt and adopt to to what I say.
          The Philippines is known to be conservative and to be old-fashioned (not only in mindset and laws (plus constitution) but also in culture).
          And they (the Filipinos) are still in shock why they are a poor 3rd world country. They dont have to change their lives bec I say so (heaven forbid). But I just look around in rich countries and see a complete different mentality (and laws).
          Like Benign0 mentioned it a few times, it has a dysfunctional society (and you can see that daily while being in the Philippines).

  4. Option 1 isnt an option for the great unwashed because they dont have any other recreation to do in their poverty-stricken lives. This is why they need to be educated and given jobs so they have less free time to breed like rats.

    Option 2 is even less an option because then they cant have the feels when sticking it in therefore making it less enjoyable.

    Isnt the major demographic for new HIV cases mostly because of homosexual intercourse though (i think i read in a rappler report before)? they probably think since there’s no risk of pregnancy anyway, they can do without any protection from the unhygienic act of sticking it in their partner’s pooper.

    also they wont understand your advice here all they understand is tagalized hollywood movies.

    1. Joyce or Juice whichever, this article is for people who do social media like you and me and so beneficial as info base! Okay? Don’t bash the basher of antiquated life style!

  5. Close the thousands of whore houses and that would be a good start. Always use a condom when having sex with a stranger. Being the RECIPIENT of oral sex is 100% safe unless you get bit or have an open sore where saliva can enter. You cannot get AIDS from giving blood unless the clinic recycles needles & if you inject drugs make sure you use your own, clean needles.

    1. Closing the brothels would only push the sex trade underground, and statistics have shown that communities without a recognized recreational sex center are actually more likely to harbor sexually-transmitted diseases (some even worse than HIV).

      Reductions in national HIV prevalences in Thailand, Cambodia, Dominican Republic, India and other various developing countries have been helped by initiatives targeting sex workers and their clients, NOT by shutting them down.

      1. @Midway,
        Just to add.

        Official brothels and escort services (in my country) do let their women be tested and examined for STD, HIV/AIDS every so often. Furthermore, its a rule now, that visitors/clients of those women have to use condoms (otherwise no “hanky panky”).
        Only women and visitors who are in shady area of “drug whores” are at big risk.

        Furthermore, HIV is acquired in most cases by having unprotected sex with multiple partners (and using used needles).

        1. Baguio (where I live) has regular STD testing as well for local sex workers; I’m not sure about other cities, though.

  6. Would it help if gays who can’t afford condoms stick a high-pressure water hose up their ass to clean up all the shit in the rectum before the act?

    Ans: No it won’t help either. Unless you repent ye shall all likewise perish – Luke Skywalker Friday the 13th

  7. HIV virus came from monkeys, and other wild animals in Africa. These animals are immuned on this virus. It is transferred to humans, thru eating/butchering these wild animals. The virus mutates. Humans have no immunity on this virus.

    Bodily fluids can transfer this virus, from human to human. Sex and needle sharing can do the transfer.

  8. IT’S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES, Even The Pope On His Visit Said-You Do Not Have To Be Like Rabbits To Be Good Christians or Catholics. Who Do You Think He Was Talking To ?, He Was Just Ignored Because That Is Not The Filipino Tradition Of Producing More Kids Then The Country Can Support, Every Filipino I Have Talked To With 6 Plus Kids, No Job and Looking Like A Caribou From A Mud Hole Told Me “Because GOD Said To Multiply”….Good Luck Trying To Find The Common Sense There.

    1. Unfortunately, many Filipinos only listen to the Catholic Church only if it’s convenient for their beliefs to do so. Pope Francis was right on this one, but the fact of the matter is that the CBCP and its underlings are so socially backwards that they’re willing to just NOT listen to their Pontiff if they think that he’s going the other way.

      The Philippine Catholic Church is antiquated and poisonous.

  9. This is great article for those who can read and understand English and who go online. But not for those who multiply like rats.

  10. The stigmatization and the excruciating pains of social alienation have compelled most HIV victims to conceal their status while the malevolent ones continue to distribute the HIV virus free of charge to unsuspecting men and women.

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