Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach wows American TV audiences!

Very honest about who she is, where she came from, and what she did to get where she got. Pia Wurtzbach does not disappoint. She’s a true Miss Universe worthy of the media spotlight she now occupies in the greatest country in the world — poised, confident and, most importantly, articulate.

Check her out on her interview with Kelly and Michael (make sure you see this through the end where she does the walk)…

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Imagine if it were someone like Alma Moreno dishing out kalabaw English on that seat. Yikes! Cringe City!

C’mon folks, if you didn’t have the experience Wurtzbach brings to the title — the showbiz chops she’s acquired since the age of eleven when she modelled and acted to serve as “breadwinner” to her mom and sister growing up in the Philippines, the three Ms Philippines attempts on the way to the top, and the top-notch command of the English language, she wouldn’t be the asset she is now proving to be to the Miss Universe franchise.

Seriously, the United States is the biggest media market in the world. You can’t really have some ditz relying on a translator bumble or stammer her way through the fast-paced banter you get subjected to on live American TV. Pia’s candidness and charmingly self-deprecating manner in the above video is practically at Jennifer Lawrence levels. Awesome! Well done! 🙂

18 Replies to “Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach wows American TV audiences!”

  1. You are starting to act like a typical Pinoy Prider, notwithstanding Pia’s being half-German. Hypocritical much, given GRP’s thrust in eradicating that stifling “Pinoy Pride” mindset…

    Why compare her to a certain Vanessa Lacsamana who apparently had a high-school education at best, which can explain her lack of English skills???

    1. yeah, same thing came to my mind when i read it. “jennifer lawrence levels”? oh come on!

      this and a full article about imee marcos is dumbing down this site. far from the get real classic i used to read.

  2. I’m sorry but GRP should fire Kate Natividad already. Long overdue. The quality of her articles are almost always below the standard for this site.

    1. I beg to differ Julian. What’s your beef against Kate’s article on the interview of our current Miss Universe from this realm? What’s so big a deal if she just recounted matter of factly the interview which accompanied her article! Did you expect hyperbolic rendition on the event? Get real Dude!

      1. this is a political blog (whose main readers are the intelligent, educated, working class of the country.) not a magazine for philippine tatler or FHM magazine.

        1. *sigh*

          However I often wish for sexy ladies every now and again…

          Wait, I mean the ladies of this blog are hot and all but…

          Uh… Um…

          Nevermind. Forget I commented anything.

  3. Lol! the only good enough point I see made in the comments here is the one made by Peter Aloysius A. Mossesgeld:

    Why compare her to a certain Vanessa Lacsamana who apparently had a high-school education at best, which can explain her lack of English skills???

    So here is my response to that one:

    Vanessa Lacsamana a.k.a. Alma Moreno is running for the Senate of the Philippines. As such that makes her fair game for comparison, at least to the current-reigning Miss Universe.

    That was an easy one. Is that all you guys got? 😀

    1. It is understandable that you will defend your article to those who criticize it, but perhaps you should do it in a more professional and diplomatic way. You sounded butt-hurt with your reply, and I’d like to believe you are better than that. These people expressed their thoughts not because they simply wanted to be haters, but because they have valid opinions that can lead to an intelligent discussion.You’re a writer remember? Handle criticisms with grace. 🙂

  4. I’m not an Alma Moreno fan but mentioning or comparing her just because she’s running for senator, is out of context. A person’s intelligence is not measured by her/his proficiency in speaking english, though it helps in terms of communicating to english speakers. If needed, interpreters are always being provided to non english speakers. And most of all, nothing to do with Jennifer Lawrence either.

    We are proud that Pia Wurtzbach won period. I know that it’s a big deal for our country to win, but seriously, in the US and Europe, nobody really cares.

  5. enough already…nakakasuka na..tama na escapist attitude…she won through her own effort..we did nothing to help her..it’s her personal achievement not a national collective achievement to be really be proud of as a Filipino..and she’s not even full blooded Filipino…what she did was prepare herself so that when the opportunity came, she was ready..that attitude should be copied by all Filipinos…she wanted something and she worked hard to get it…good for her..now if we can all work together really hard then we might be able to get this country out of the rut…our future, our kids future are in our hands..make a GOOD choice come election day…

  6. Losers always whine about their best. Winners go home and fuck the beauty/prom queen!

    I’d take the latter and do that on Miss Universe queen named Pia Angela Alonzo Wurtzbach.

  7. Half-German, mutt, half-baked…and the list goes on. What matters is that she is representing us. Yes, she may not be a 100% Filipino. But who cares? Most of us are not really pure as well. We even look like our neighboring countries like Malaysia and Indonesia.
    The point is, she takes pride in being a Filipino. Maybe not blood or look, but she knows it by heart that she is. She’s even more Filipino than most of us who rarely speaks in Tagalog or their native language.Pageantry to you may be a small thing or a work for those “less intelligent” but you know what she nailed it. She made sure that ALL her hard work paid off but still she says that it is OUR win.
    She didn’t whine about the government and did nothing. She did something to prove her point. We’re all critics but never doers. We write and criticize, not knowing what’s the reason behind the scenes.
    I’m not a fan of beauty pageants but her win was epic to say the least. It humbles me to see that someone who can easily have a career or family elsewhere outside of the Philippines would return to a country who lives and breathes crab mentality.

  8. Butt-hurt? Kalabay English of Alma Moreno? Hahaha. At least she can speak broken English. What about Miss Colombia? I would still prefer Alma Moreno elected as a Senator than those current senators who speak Patrician English who constantly cling to Pork Barrel as if their lives depended on it. Geesshhhh!

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