Jejomar Binay: The Devil You Know…

“Evil is evil. Lesser, greater, middling… It makes no difference. The degree is arbitrary, the definition is blurred. If I must choose between one evil and another, I’d rather not choose at all.”

~Geralt of Rivia, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Hello again dear readers of GRP, Thaddeus Grimwald here!

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Anyway, as of this writing, I am reading the book Storm of Iron by Graham McNeill, a Warhammer 40,000 novel. The book details the story of a “warband” or military division of Chaos Space Marines known as the Iron Warriors. For those not familiar with 40k lore, allow me to enlighten you: The Iron Warriors are essentially what you’d get if you combined Captain America with Iron Man and make a huge evil army out of them. However, the Iron Warriors aren’t the only division of Chaos Space Marines; there are in fact as many as a thousand of them or so. The ones that particularly stand out include but are not limited to the vainglorious Black Legion, the ever-angry World Eaters, the sex-crazed Emperor’s Children and the sneaky Night Lords. However, what sets apart the Iron Warriors is their apparent disdain and contempt for their fellow Chaos Space Marines. While nowhere near as garish (Black Legion) or noisy (World Eaters) as other warbands, they are every bit as evil as they are and are probably more so in their own way.

I would say more about them but this article isn’t about the Iron Warriors after all. This is an article about Jejomar Binay, his clan and his antics. Besides, I think you’re all tired of Mar Roxas getting the flak, so let’s go see his opposition.


The thing is, a lot of people are already aware of just what kind of person Jejomar Binay is. And no, it definitely isn’t anything nice. Just like his rival Mar Roxas, no matter how much he seems to try and polish his image, he still can’t get it to shine. Um… No pun intended there.

Anyway, there are still quite a few who seem to think that Mr. Binay might be an okay guy. Indeed, according to some surveys here and there, the man has probably made the most expenses to make himself at least a little more appealing to voters across the country. However, there’s little doubt that a lot of what he has done so far is really nothing more than a lot of PR BS.

On Binay’s Freebies

Truth be told, everyone likes freebies. Free food, free clothes and free movies, that’s a pretty sweet deal at least according to a lot of people who probably can’t think for themselves. Few ever consider the possible outcomes and the potential consequences for Mr. Binay’s (possibly fake) benevolence.

See the thing is, you can never make something out of nothing. “Equivalent Exchange”, something I learned from the anime Fullmetal Alchemist. In order to create something new, you must first destroy something. You cannot build a new building where another building is already standing after all nor can you forge metal without first melting it down.

Mr. Binay seems to be giving out a lot of things for free. Everything from clothes, medical care to education, according to him and his party at least, nobody has to spend a single coin. But let me tell you: He has to get all that from somewhere. Clothes don’t grow on trees, medicine can’t simply form by themselves and lessons won’t teach themselves to students. The money to fund all that has to come from somewhere and I don’t exactly want to speculate where. Indeed, the less I know where all that money came from, the better.

Also, you have to consider, Camp Binay has already spent millions to make himself look like an angel. Once he becomes president, you can bet that he’ll want that money back. Where do you think he’ll get it once he finally makes it to the top?

On Binay’s Concern For The SAF 44

Okay, I’m sure you guys remember how Jojo Binay maltreated that security guard who was just doing his job at the gates of Makati.

Now that I have time to think about it, would Mr. Binay and the rest of his camp have anything to hold on to if the SAF 44 Massacre didn’t take place? Indeed, it’s more than a little obvious that he only shows concern for the SAF 44 because of how the LP bungled that particular incident. Indeed, now that I have time to think about it, if President Aquino had given his favor to Mr. Binay rather than Mr. Roxas, I doubt the former would even bat an eyelash. He’d probably be up there along with all the other LP supporters who consider the brutal killing of our police officers a “misencounter” rather than the act of butchery it really was.

On Binay’s “Victimhood”

Look, Mr. Binay may claim that he’s for the downtrodden of the Filipino people but believe me, he’s just upset that President Aquino didn’t choose him as a successor. It should be more than a little obvious that he had been very expectant about President Aquino choosing him as a worthy successor since the Binay family has had a long history of being an ally of the Aquino family. Well, it’s just all too bad for him that President Aquino chose Mar Roxas instead, eh?

Indeed, a person with an inkling of sociology know just how easy it is to attract supporters if you’re an underdog.


So you see gentlemen, try as Jejomar Binay might, there’s really very little he can do to lighten his image to the common people. No pun intended there either. Much like the Iron Warriors mentioned in the first paragraph, he’s less obnoxious and outright infuriating like Mar Roxas, but, mark my word, there’s no real difference between them at least when it comes to having a sense of morality.

From corruption, maltreatment of employees and political dynasty, Jejomar Binay shows off all the hallmarks of being just another typical Pinoy trapo. And when he does call out his rivals, such as the LP, on their corrupt shenanigans and political bullshit, it’s just another case of the pot calling the kettle “black”. Oh, alright already, that was a pun, okay?

4 Replies to “Jejomar Binay: The Devil You Know…”

  1. “Nothing come from nothing’, they usually say. Freebees are there , because Binay is as corrupt as Aquino and Mar Roxas.

    We, the recipients of the Freebees, never think that they came from our taxes. Stolen by these idiot politicians; and recycled back to us; as if they come from them.

    “Pinapaikot lang ang mga ulo natin, ang mga tarantado”…

  2. they’re just bluffing the Pilipinos. there’s no opposition in the presidential race except Grace Poe. Binay is a PDP-LABAN a political party of Cory. same as Duterte.

  3. Grimwald/GRP,

    How much do you really need to stop this negative propaganda? They say I’m corrupt, but at least I share…

    Untruly Yours,
    Binayaran camp (forget iron, steel is better)


    Is it true they give you only one half of the paper bill cut in two before elections, after which you can get the other half when you present proof you voted for them? Hmmm … Filipino “intelligence” at its finest.

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