A Happy And Hopeful New Year To All


Truth be told, I’m not exactly someone who likes to participate in celebrations. However, right now, I would like to take the time to address all of you, both my fellow writers and our readers a happy and fruitful New Year. One reason I didn’t greet anyone Merry Christmas is because I’m not really sure if December 25 is indeed the date of the birth of Jesus Christ. However, there’s certainly no doubt that January 1 is the start of a New Year so here I am with my words to you on how things just might take a turn for the better if we, as a people, can play our cards right.


The thing is, people like President Aquino seem to think little of the internet and social media. He calls it “useless” and incapable of anything productive. However, one has to remember that we can often get more truthful information from online media, which often come from trustworthy international sources, than we do from local ones especially if they are owned or aligned with the ruling powers of our country. While some might not admit it and openly, it’s more than a little obvious that the oligarchs who reign over our lands want us to remain in a state of mind similar to that of those in the Dark Ages.

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Once again, we’re stuck with stuff like the MMFF and their many products that reek of mediocrity and stupidity. While they might have gems here and there like Muro Ami and Honor Thy Father, there’s no denying that they are essentially chunks of gold in a sea of cinematic sewage. But the fact that people are now starting to complain of this annual tradition is a sign of hope that Filipinos are no longer happy with the status quo. Well, it might just be the Star Wars fans who are raising their voices but more than a few are expressing their concern over the substance of our own films and what they have to offer our youths.

Another point I’d like to remind you all of was the negative reaction to the Mar Roxas campaign ad. Sure, it was a small act of defiance. Indeed, no more than 20-30,000 people gave their vehement disdain for the whole ad and there were still some who chose to support the video. However, while certainly small, this proves that a lot of Filipinos are no longer beholden to celebrities and the LP candidates they often support. While probably not many yet, this is a clear sign that many of our countrymen our waking up and are now able to see past the illusions our media has woven around them. It fills me with some hope that a percentage of the Filipino people, even if small, are now breaking out of the matrix of delusion our government and their allies have created.

It is with the hope, even if vain, that the Filipino people are waking up from their stupor and delusion that I leave you this message. Dawn is coming my dear countrymen and the people, though still few at the moment, are rising. Of course, sunrise may be ways off yet and, as we all know, the night is always darkest before the arrival of the sun, but there are more of us now to guard against the darkness of ignorance and apathy and it is in you, our dear readers, that I place my hopes for a better year.

Happy new year, brothers and sisters of the faith…

16 Replies to “A Happy And Hopeful New Year To All”

  1. Here’s one for you. Do you actually believe Penoy Independence should still be celebrated on June 12? You and your Malolos Katagalugan Republic? And the rest of the non-Tagalogs suck up to their Filipino (Tagalog) subject in schools? That you would still need to get your boys circumcised for a summer month as if they’re Jewish?

    If you still do, the future of your children is based on what you’ve succumbed to in your present! You can’t even get honest with your history if not even quite get it right. You should try to study the Black Legend too. Maybe that could bring you into your senses. Happy New Year!

    1. No, we shouldn’t celebrate Independence Day on June 12. Also, while I use Tagalog, there are parts of the Philippines that don’t use it.

      Your last sentence though kinda grates on me. What’s wrong with being Jewish? Are you racist or something?

  2. New Year guys! HAPPY? — well that’s IF it’ll be a most radically different one.

    It’s amazing how 25% of Pinoys are wallowing below the poverty line and yet they can still smile and face a new year with hope(?) – another twisted Pinoy virtue of Resilience maybe.

    As I was asking earlier…

    1. Who will end the suffering of Filipinos?

    2. Sino sa kanila ang may isang salita?

    3. Kayo ba ay uto-uto pa rin?

    4. Hindi pa ba kayo natututo at naaawa sa inyong mga anak at sarili?

    5. Will Pinoy’s again cry out “TAMA NA! SOBRA NA! PALITAN NA!” hard enough to escape a rapist only to find themselves in the hands of a kidnapper?

  3. “The rite of circumcision is one of the most ancient practices of Judaism. Male circumcision is nearly universal in the Muslim world and in Israel. Circumcision is simply not a Catholic tradition. In contrast, it is relatively rare in Eurasia and Latin America.” (excerpts)

    It may have been introduced during Muslim times; more intensified during American occupation. But then, again, is it still relevant up to this point in time? So please don’t pull the racist card. It’s not like that.

    I’m just questioning its relevance in our modern times if you can call ours as such. We’re more like into devolving and lacking but yet so proud and full of ourselves and we still keep it that way.

    Since I was young, impressionable and such, instead of being called “supot”, you go with the flow without me, or even them who told me to, understanding, really. I’m not trying to be smart but it’s just based mostly on what I know at this time and from what I can observe.

    I just tend to sound mad or upset and frustrated or even sharp, but it’s not to attack or anything, just something out of being fed up. You know that there’s something wrong, but hello 2016 since 2000 CE, what’s going on now? Same old stuff if not worse over and over again.

    1. Nah, You’re just racist! You must hate Mel Brooks!

      No, I’m not even really serious about that last bit… 😀

      However, I think that we should be more medically responsible and circumcise children earlier so it won’t be too traumatizing. I remember mine at age 12 with EXCRUCIATING detail. So yeah, while I approve of it, I think we should also adapt to our changing world and global society.

      1. Wow. You’ve got me confused there. You must be programmed quite well than most of us or the world. Yes ser aye, I love fried rice a bit. Mel Brooks cooked it well. Under a precise circumstance, children respond to trauma earlier than 12. Yes, we bots can adapt to changing global rare species like you. Keep racing, my friend! *signs off*

  4. Dear Grimwald,
    can you tell me (us) why you approve of circumcision? I always thought you were/are a catholic. Then why change something created by your creator? And why change something without prior consent from the subject (without him being indoctrinated first)? In modern western (non-religious) civilizations, we dont circumcise anybody/anyone, not boys and not girls. We see it as mutilation of the body. Please dont tell me it all has to do about hygiëne. We – guys – wash/clean our genitals daily.

      1. So to summarize it all:
        the typical pinoy dont wash/clean his genitals, right? Now, if that is the case, I still have a questions.

        a) how do typical pinoys take a shower?
        with their underwear still on?
        b) how do they clean/wash their bum/behind (taking a shower while still wearing their underwear)?
        c) I take it that pinays do take a shower the same way (with their underwear still on) but they are not circumsized. Why the difference?
        (just FYI but pls keep this a secret and just between you and me: my former pinay GF Always took a shower fully naked. But she also washed her butt and her genitals with a bucket full of water after each visit to the toilet)
        d) so, untypical pinoys do wash/clean their genitals. Again, why the difference?
        e) who are the untypical pinoys?

  5. If one is called a ‘Jew Boy’ for being circumcised, he simply has to deal with it.
    A ‘Supot’, likewise has to deal with his own predicament. Why do grownups take issue with matters as trivial as a little less or a little more skin? Can we please start the year with something more earth-shaking?

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