5 Big Reasons President Aquino Will Be Remembered As A Failure Of A Man

Well, it seems we can all be grateful that President Aquino’s term is almost over. Indeed, just a few more nights and it looks like we can finally say good riddance to perhaps one of the worst regimes that ever graced Malacanang. Needless to say, I’m sure a lot of you feel relieved that in just a few months notice, President Aquino will finally be forced into the background and we will no longer have to see his balding head on TV as much as we used to, doubly so if Mar Roxas, his anointed successor, loses the upcoming 2016 election.

Outgoing Philippine President BS Aquino leaves Malacanang with a hollow legacy.

Outgoing Philippine President BS Aquino leaves Malacanang with a hollow legacy.

However do note that in just about all his speeches, President Aquino has made constant mention of a “legacy”. He has claimed repeatedly of continuing a “legacy” that his parents left behind and that he allegedly continues in his very own administration. However, one must ask, what does his so-called “legacy” amount to and what has it done for the common Filipino when he took the position of president in our beloved country? In the six years of being president, what will people remember of him? Well, as you may well know, if anyone even chooses to remember anything about his six years of incompetence, I strongly doubt a lot of it will be positive…

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All His Achievements Are Either Superficial Or Nonexistent

Of course, both President Aquino himself and his supporters like to go on and on about his alleged achievements. About how he has somehow improved the economy and how, if his so-called reforms are kept in place, it could continue to change the country for the better. Unfortunately, one can surmise that most of what he’s talking about are just conceptual or abstract ideas. These are things that look good on paper but actually mean very little in the real world. Or even if they do, no common Filipino can ever experience the rewards of his “reforms”.

What’s worse is that a lot of his reforms aren’t his own. Indeed, a lot of the so-called changes he has brought about are products of his predecessor’s efforts. He is simply stealing their ideas for his own purposes and making it look like they were the result of his administration’s effort.

If anything, I can best compare President Aquino’s so-called “Daang Matuwid” (straight path) to a fresh coat of bright yellow paint on an old, broken-down jeepney with a worn out engine, faulty brakes and flat tires…

His Sense Of Justice Is Selective And Unfair

Sure, maybe he did highlight the “Pork Barrel” scandal during his term. Unfortunately, this issue has been going on even in the time of his predecessors. Indeed, when it was brought up during President Aquino’s term, all I could say was: “Reopened again, eh?”

However, in all that hullabaloo, I actually expected that something would be done. Well, more fool me. Of course, there were people who were arrested and charged with corruption. Unfortunately, President Aquino seems to have only taken those who were in the opposition. There were also many of his cronies who were involved in the whole thing but he has utterly refused to even have said people investigated.

Another issue would be his unfair treatment of former President Arroyo. I mean sure, I doubt her record is completely clean either. However why must he hold her against her will without any kind of fair trial and why does he keep blaming her for everything wrong that’s ever happened in the country even if she’s the one who originally came up with the concepts of economic change that he seems to be taking credit for.

Worst of all is his dismissive attitude towards the SAF44 and their families. I know it sounds old but I’m just bringing it up for old time’s sake. He even seems to blame the said soldiers for the massacre that befell them and is spitting on their graves by choosing to work for the very terrorists who slaughtered them.

And now there’s the whole “bullet scam” happening in NAIA, the very airport where his father was killed. However, I doubt we can really expect much considering the people running the thing are close associates of his family. Why should we even be surprised that very little is being done for the issue?

He Has Never Really Cared About The Filipino People

Now he did mention something about people in the audience being his “boss”. However, as his term is coming to an end and after everything’s been said and done, I wonder who was he really talking to? Was it the common people he was calling his “boss”? Was he instead referring to his family’s close associates who were watching his speech? Or was he perhaps talking to something else entirely such as who he seems to be holding hands with in the various ASEAN meetings he’s attended or whatever deity his family seems to worship that is most clearly not the good God of Christianity.

Truth be told, he has always been nothing but apathetic to the common Filipino, acting as if they never existed and aren’t harmed by his various misguided ideas. He even seems to think that traffic is a sign of a booming economy when, in fact, it is actually causing untold harm to the citizenry as it could potentially hinder an ambulance on the way to a hospital or delay the delivery of perishable goods. Even his “Daang Matuwid” hasn’t really done anything for the suffering Filipino as his alleged economic reforms has done very little to improve the lives of poor and middle-class Filipinos and has only served to fill the coffers of existing oligarchs. The fact that he forced Lord-only-knows how many people to walk in the hot and polluted streets of Manila during the APEC meetings while treating the foreign delegates like kings more than prove this point.

If anything, he has only seen common Filipinos as nothing more than dumb peasants who can be pleased with just a few kind but hollow words and an empty smile. He seems to think of Filipinos not as the people who voted him into power but as gullible peons who are too dumb to realize that they are being victimized by their own government and he couldn’t really care less about that.

He Is Still A Loser At 50

Okay, I remember saying that it’s okay to be single. Please note ladies and gentlemen that this is not a contradiction. I am merely telling you the wrong way to go about this kind of thing.

Now I know a lot of people who are 50 or older but are still single. However, take note that these are people who are single of their own accord. These are essentially men and women who think that having a significant other is simply not worth the trouble so they’d rather live alone. I am in no position to judge any of these folk and, as long as they’re both safe and happy, well I can only pray for more blessings upon them.

President Aquino however still seems to be looking for a significant other even though he needs to focus on more important things such as running the country. Take for instance the issue that he was dating Pia Wurtzbach. Well, whether or not that’s true, one can note how “needy” he seems to be in his pictures with beautiful women such as the one that was taken in the Dong-Yan wedding and his apparent interest in the bride seemed less than professional somehow.

Well, what can we expect? I’m no expert in women but I doubt indecision and irresponsibility are things that women look for in a man. If he does find a wife somewhere, it will most likely be an arranged marriage that involves a considerable sum of money.

He Has Refused To Take Responsibility For Anything

So here I have saved the worst for last. Truth be told, all his mishaps would’ve been more acceptable if he had just acknowledged and apologized for them. Indeed, if he had simply apologized for the Luneta Massacre, that would’ve at least eased some of the tension in the West Philippine Sea. If he had just said sorry for his mismanagement of the Yolanda crisis, less people would be mad at him. If he had simply accepted and acknowledged his part in the botched Mamasapano mission and taken responsibility for the death of the members of the SAF, perhaps he’d at least retain some face. If he had taken a stand in matters and sought out and arrested those in the bullet scam in NAIA, people might even laud him as a hero of sorts. If he had just told the SSS heads to shut it and give the people the 2000 peso pension they deserve, some people might even love him for it.

But ah, who are we even talking about here?

Not once has he taken responsibility for his wrongdoings. Instead, President Aquino has just gone on and on with his retort that amounts to either “it’s Marcos’ fault” or “it’s Arroyo’s fault”. And, even when caught, he’ll just come up with lame excuses like “I was fooled”.

Tying in with my fourth point, who can love a man who can’t even accept his own mistakes? He acts less like a man and more like a boy trapped in an old man’s body. And not a teen boy either but a foolish and arrogant ten-year-old.


So here’s an advanced “Good Riddance” to you, Mr. Aquino!

22 Replies to “5 Big Reasons President Aquino Will Be Remembered As A Failure Of A Man”

  1. “Do not judge so that you will not be judged.

    “For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you.

    Mathew 7:1

    In terms of accomplishment, I’d say you might be a little underqualified and inexperienced to compare to most people?

    Maybe Pnoy did a shit job, but he was ELECTED by the kababayan. If you ever stood for election Grimwald, imagine how you would stack up? I think 90% of the working class people would be your peers, which is why its funny you preen yourself as a “writer”.

    “Look at me, Look at me!! I think there for I am-Grimwald” having another bout of verbal Diarrhea

    1. Oh but I have already been judged and, now that I have the time to think about it, already executed…

      Besides, if you ask me, the Kababayan is in desperate need of progressive thinking. Of course, that’s just my opinion. You’re entitled to yours.

      Lastly, diarrhea makes good fertilizer or so I hear…

      1. What our countrymen need is a complete overhaul of their cultural values, attitude, and way of life—which will require a lobotomy procedure in order to make it successful.

        1. Filipinos have been engaged in bloody wars (sort to speak) with each other for generations without realizing it.

  2. Well for whatever reason, judging someone especially the president of this dying country is quite alright. He needs to listen to the voice of his bosses right? He had for every reason, the power to change something and of course it comes with some consequences e.g Oligarchy’s not supporting him .

    I mean he could already approve or at least support the amendment of our outdated Tax system. But alas “It is not the Government’s Priority”. What would happen if the 25% of the middle class be reduced to let say 10%? Who’s gonna pay now?

    At least 75% of our population belongs to the lower class. Not earning enough to feed themselves. So I wonder which level of hell are we heading next?

  3. “Well, what can we expect? I’m no expert in women but I doubt indecision and irresponsibility are things that women look for in a man. If he does find a wife somewhere, it will most likely be an arranged marriage that involves a considerable sum of money.”

    Hahaha. Savage

    1. Of all commentaries, I really like yours. And I wanted to read it again and again on top of my voice in a crowded place!… Thank’s God!, the nightmare of Filipino people has come to an end very soon. Can’t wait for it to happen!….

  4. well said/written..(slow clap)
    It was so satisfying, reading this. Finally someone has put into words what I think most of us has always wanted to say about our very incompetent president. the thing about him being a ten year old is a very nice touch.
    but the article is just a bit too professional, too restraint. i would’ve liked more meaner words but i understand this is not your fault.

    I hope the moth**fu**** reads this! Although I doubt he is capable of any kind of self-assessment. He only sees what he thinks he did right by the people and ignores the rest so fuck you, mr. president! fuck you! fuck all the artists & celebrities who endorsed you! fuck all the people who voted you because they knew you were gonna win! fuck em all.. they don’t know shit!

  5. While we suspect that something is not quite right with Mr. Pnoy, I am reluctant to buy into the various prognoses and hypotheses on his defects offered in many opinion postings. Short of a considered professional opinion, I’d dismiss these as hyperbole and gibberish arising from partisanship and envy, resulting in unbridled anger and vitriol. It occurs to me that we might view the situation, instead, dispassionately and at arm’s length.
    Early last year, at the crest of the hallelujahs and paeans for him, I posted a negative note in the Philippine Daily Inquirer and the Philippine Star through another blog service. I contended then that Mr. Pnoy was in fact merely a very fortunate man, being in the right place at the right time; and, that his election so coincided with a time when the world was recovering from the 2008 financial crisis and when the real ‘tigers’ of ASEAN.. Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand were flush with cash. It was also a time when Mrs. GMA’s economic policies and safeguards were already in place and ready. This stray money within the region was just eager to fill a vacuum that was fairly safe, that had reasonable infrastructure and, that had both the manpower and executive potential. The Philippines was just that vacuum. The combination was so ideal.. even a ‘half-wit’ couldn’t fail.
    There, apparently, was a big amount of activity and development in infrastructure which are visible today.. mostly residuals from the previous administration; as well, there was a remarkable spike in the country’s GDP for two consecutive years. But that was all… and none, (except for some road development in Tarlac and Pangasinan and the slap-dash renovation of the airport terminals), were directly traceable to any new project initiated by the administration of Mr. Pnoy’s.
    Given the stroke of good fortune he had then, another President would have done more. Another President would have ensured sustained development; would have been more inclusive; and, would have galvanized the country towards more productivity. Instead, we are seeing newer and bigger problems.. the BBL, DAP, PDAF, MRT, LRT, the incredible traffic mess and rampant criminality.. to mention the more visible ones. Foreseeable, as well, is that the Napoles, Ponce-Enrile, Jinggoy and Bong cases will soon be forgotten; and, that Binay could rule.. as from 2016.
    It might dawn to quite a few of us that, after all, the President, is undeserving of our collective bile and, is simply a caricature not to be envied. We could avoid ‘blowing a gasket’ ourselves by just regarding him as a leader who.. to quote Bibi Netanyahu of Israel.. “never misses the opportunity to miss an opportunity”.

  6. Aquino is gay. A man who is already in his fifties, and still single, has his libido, not functioning well anymore. Why not accept you are gay, Mr. Aquino?

    Parent’s legacy? What legacy?…Feudal Oligarchy, KamagAmak Inc., Tremendous graft and corruption, Coddling ISIS Terrorists…

    The Aquino era will be in history , as the worst era, this country will ever had.

    It will bed ten times worst, than the Marcos era. The Aquinos’ will be judged , as the most evil Political opportunists.

  7. ipraise you for the the good and true write ups you made…don’t mind the negative comments…..for only god knew the truth and nothing but the truth…..in fact i lifted up to the Lord the Scriptures from the Holy Bible….Psalm 94:1 to 23…to support our prayers and hope for a change in our present government …to nail and punish those who really did wrong to our country and countrymen….more power to you and your column…God Bless….

  8. This is the best and most thorough analysis of Pnoy… i’m glad you took it point by point. I don’t consider what you said as judgment. You merely shared your thoughts and it’s time people wake up and face the truth. Pnoy has always been quite callous in dealing with sensitive issues…i pray the next president will do some good to repair the damage.

  9. Once a queer, always a queer but the queers are far more glaring and productive than PNoy. PNoy is one heck of a “nilulumot na bakla” so no acceptance and besos from the federaciones should be given to him. NEVER!

  10. Aquino knows nothing about being a Stateman, if you will notice, everything he says is up to his propagandist, because he is just reading everything. It is not coming on hs own hollow mind.

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