Three Reasons Filipinos Take Pageants Seriously

It is already the nth day after the Miss Universe beauty pageant and a hell lot of Filipinos are still agog and aghast about it as they keep yakking about the win of Miss Philippines in the contest even to the point of mentioning it to everyone whether they give a damn or not. I really don’t get what goes on in the brains of these people that they take that pageant (or any pageant for that matter) really seriously. Listen to the American female commentator here. They act as if it was a discovery of a cure to cancer, someone found out how to make a spacecraft travel faster than the speed of light or that the Filipinos suddenly evolved their thinking capacities and made The Philippines a first world country.

Why is it that Filipinos are one of the people in this planet who give over-importance to a contest where natural endowments are overwhelmingly focused upon and not real accomplishments that take mental fortitude, nerves of steel and creativity that result in the development of products or building empires that benefit a lot of people? You are basically awarding an ornament. Just like picking a bunch of random flowers in a field and asking a 6 year old girl which is the most beautiful. That is all there is to it!

There are even a lot of puzzling male, female and childrens’ pageants in schools that are promoted by VALUES EDUCATION teachers. If our values education teachers are the ones promoting these kinds of mindsets, it is of no wonder why the country is the way it is and the people’s ways are not conducive to progress.

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Here are three reasons why Filipinos take these brainless pageants so seriously:

1. Filipinos are fatalistic. They believe that fortune is what is given to a person and not what a person creates. They value natural endowments like beauty which one is born with rather than accomplishments that one creates.

2. Filipinos perceive themselves as ugly. Come on, face it. A lot of Filipinos are in Spanish called “feo” and “fea”. They think that compared to East Asians and Caucasians, they who have dark and wrinkly skin (full of moles) are not beautiful (according to their colonial mentality). So they love it when the country fields a lot of European looking women to international beauty contests so that in case they win, the Pinoy audience would think that the world would also see them looking like these mestizas. The world would not though, but Filipinos are foolishly hopeful that they would.

3. Filipinos value form way more than substance. Beauty pageants are what people look like and not what they know, have accomplished or are capable of.

I bet you guys that when I watch TV Patrol tomorrow, my senses will again be freeze dried to numbness by the Miss Universe news again! Over-analyzing and sensationalizing every comment of another contestant or their personal lives. Maybe they’ll tell us how she soiled her gown when Steve Harvey announced that Miss Colombia became the Miss Universe.

62 Replies to “Three Reasons Filipinos Take Pageants Seriously”

  1. Magnolia, which was once a division of food and bev giant San Miguel Corporation got rid of the annual miss magnolia because of similar reasons. They replaced it with grassroots self help for a community. It made a positive impact on the youth andcommunity. Political figure involvement was a no no. It was discontinued when nestle were negotiating for a take over. Sayang. No one picked up from where it started.

  2. It’s incredible how racist you are (and yes, if you are Filipino internalized racism is a thing). As a Filipino I cannot see any truth in these points. Everything, especially for Filipino-Americans, is earned. Hard work is praised above all, and to say that Filipinos believe that fortune is given is just ignorant. Filipinos also do not believe that they are ugly. I don’t know where you got this from because Filipinos are beautiful. To criticize Filipinos for being dark and filled with moles is colorism at its finest. I love my tan, and growing up my mother taught me that each one of my moles is a beauty mark. The more marks you have, the more beautiful you are. To say that Filipinos hate moles and dark skin is a sweeping generalization. Yes, there is a deep belief that lighter skin is more beautiful. It’s a dangerous ideal, but it is one that not everyone follows. And finally, to say that Filipinos only value form is absolutely disgusting. I don’t know any Filipino–family, friend, or acquaintance–that has been taught to value beauty over intellect. Brains are praised, hard work is praised, and yes beauty is praised too. But to say that Filipinos only care about beauty is a lie. To accuse one whole culture of only valuing beauty is absurd. Every culture appreciates beauty and aesthetics. Just look at ancient civilizations like the Romans and the Byzantines, or artistic era such as the Rococo or Baroque, or present day Hollywood. But every culture also appreciates intellect. The Philippines is not excluded from that. That’s why we have Filipino doctors and nurses, lawyers, engineers, etc. If beauty was the only ambition of Filipino people, then why would we have any professionals?
    Everything this article states is a false generalization. Nothing here is about Filipino culture or beliefs. People like beauty pageants in all nations. Why do you think so many countries participate in Miss Universe? But I don’t see you criticizing them. Maybe you should look inside yourself and consider whether or not you should write a blog post when you hold such ignorant views.

    1. Yes, beauty pageants are entertaining for all of humanity but it should stop there – entertainment. For Filipinos they treat it like a life and death situation and they keep trying to identify themselves with these individuals. When the world turns the TV off after seeing Ms. Universe, most forget about it and move on except those in the entertainment business. In The Philippines it goes on and on and on and on and on especially if their candidate won.

      You are actually talking about FIL-AMERICANS who possess a much different culture than Filipinos in The Philippines. Fil-Ams do value achievement. Most Filipinos though are starstruck with these mestiza beauties which only shows their colonial mentality.

      Yes, countries participate in Ms. Universe but they do not make it a major event. Didn’t you see the video on the link? This one?

      1. Oh really? Other countries participate and they do not make it a big deal ? Philippines won beauty pageant cause we are good at answering questions and Filipinos have more value and culture and they have a lot of organization that help children have good education.. no one even talking about your girls on the us who only think about thick cake on the face and the fake Kardashians huh? So you guys make Kardashians famous and I think it speaks a lot of how Americans think. Americans are have nasty culture who idolize sluts. Wake up . We idolize beauty queens that have real purpose of their life not sluts and racist president.

        1. Filipina beauty queens have values? Didn’t most of them become bold starlets, politician’s mistresses, and great gold diggers? That is why Filipinas negative connotation abroad. Instead of being good students you idolize those super stupid beauty queens (those Q&As are scripted) and they are all retokadas. And it really is disgusting for real normal Filipinos who work and study hard that these bimbos are given heroes’ welcome. My gosh what is so heroic about strutting in bikini. How idiotic!

    2. Jamie, most of these “writers” are unemployed and are not well known for their accomplishments (if any) in their wider communities.

      So chill out and don’t set too high a bar of standard for their opinion, just enjoy it for what it is 🙂

      Nice to see someone that really does keep it real here, Happy holidays to you!

        1. a group of people who like to write their opinions but don’t have any qualities or qualifications noteworthy enough for them to be published in mainstream media so they make a website for themselves.

          Not meant as a insult, more a observation.

          There is a big difference between “armchair i-think-therefore-i-am intellectuals” and the real ones out in the world, if you think anyone that writes for this site is a real intellectual, you need to get real 🙂

          this site is good for a smile and a occasional laugh, kudos for that 🙂

        2. Didn’t you consider that the writers here do not like to work in the mainstream media industry but write just as a hobby? That is what blogs are for. Since you are not Anderson Cooper, then your opinion is irrelevant too. Rule: Never contradict yourself.

      1. “a group of people who like to write their opinions but don’t have any qualities or qualifications noteworthy enough for them to be published in mainstream media so they make a website for themselves.”

        Care to point out what “qualifications” are needed here to satisfy your very discerning taste? Your comment is also an armchair-intellectual-wannabe opinion drivel.=)

        1. hahah…log on to “Missosology” website. it´s a pinoy-centric website on pageantry just to make pinoy feel good about themselves. no other countries would go there and praise the pinoy for winning pageants, so pinoy created a webiste to give themselves a “pat on the back”..really pathetic!

      2. Yes, and the writers too are raised by goats and eat manure everyday.

        Those who cannot counter well thought out views resort to these things.

        You know you have won your argument once you get your first ad hominem.

      3. I c what u did there lol

        This site is 10 years old, if they really had great contributors they would of inspired the revolution by now.

        I think GRP is a plant of the government to provide fake ineffectual dissent tbh, no mob or pitchforks just some whines hidden on the net.

        Just imo just sayin.

        1. Govt-planted? Have you actually read the articles here? And for someone who “clearly” knows this is just some empty whining you sure did take your time to post a comment. I saw what you did there as well.

        2. It’s actually like the parable of the sower. The information is out there from people like GRP and it can fall on the rocky ground, thornbushes or fertile ground. For the most part, Pinoys are rocks and thorns like you. But some Pinoys like me actually benefitted from it. From their articles, I got rid of Filipino mindsets and ways that were limiting my growth. For one thing, I was working overseas before and while my fellow OFWs were sending all their money back home and blowing them on luho, gadgets and pabongga, I was saving to invest. I was able to stop being an OFW in two years, put up a business and live a comfortable life in the same house as my family. My Pinoy brained co-workers? Still in Saudi. Kids grew up without them and became addicts. Wives had affairs with kumpares and pedicab drivers. Boom.

        3. “I think GRP is a plant of the government to provide fake ineffectual dissent tbh, no mob or pitchforks just some whines hidden on the net.”

          Where did you get that mumbo jumbo trolltard? From your ass?

    3. Moles are unhealthy and should be removed. Dark skin is lovely and should be enhanced. Now, I can guarantee that nobody in Germany (save perhaps Filipinos there) are talking about the German woman who just won Miss Universe. She is just as much German as she is Pinay and she is ugly in my estimation, what with her narrow face, light skin and long nose. I came to The Philippines to find a short, dark girl with a short nose & I’m happy with her.

      1. Pia was a product of her prostitute and her john…we can see that she has caught a white victim..poor guy..doesnt know what´s heading his way..

    4. This is the most sensible comment I’ve ever read. Bravo thanks for speaking up the truth cause it hurts to think that people who think that way to us Filipinos probably have never been in Philippines and don’t really know our culture and values just pretending to be smart and hurt other people to make himself feel great to me that’s the worst value than whatever he is saying about Filipinos.

  3. Number 2 explains it. Beauty pageants along with music videos and other media are part of commercial exploits to impress upon consumers an impossible standard of beauty. Ordinary people will really feel ugly and will buy more products to try and become beautiful. There’s a Marilyn Manson quote that describes this, media convinces you that you’re not beautiful, so you buy products to try and fix that.

    There was this article I saw somewhere about beauty pageants and media causing women to buy more beauty products and be like western women. The setting of the article was in India.

    1. Yup. The way to sell to people is to feel they are lacking something and the beauty industry has been employing that tactic brilliantly.

  4. Let me disagree with your arrogant article.
    1. Check the number of OFWs we have around the world. Is that what you refer to pinoys as just waiting for the opportunity instead of creating it? Filipinos know that the government won’t be of so much help to uplift them out of poverty, they took initiatives to look for other opportunities somewhere.In getting such jobs overseas, they have to undergo numerous trainings and certifications. That fact alone makes your point 1 invalid.
    2. Pinoys perceived as ugly? Lol. Dude, did you make such survey? First time I have heard that. We may appreciate the mestizas/mestizos but not insecure about it. Have you checked other beauty pageant contestants in the previous years like Ariella Arida, Shamcey Supsup? Are they less prettier than Pia Wurtzbach who is half German. I even like the beauty of Pia coz of her dominant Pinay beauty look.That funny “pinoy pride” in the internet, is that a sign of insecure people? Lol. Don’t think so. Yes, yes, there are a lot of mestizas on TV, but they still have dominant Pinoy looks. Are the other pinoy personalities on tv less attractive than the half-blooded? I don’t think so. You stay in the industry if you have talent.
    3. Gosh, check other countries who have high number cases of plastic surgeries.We don’t belong in that category. The religious culture dictates people to just be satisfied on what God has given them. What is important is the inner beauty. This mantra is repeated over and over. Have you not noticed that pinays don’t put so much make up on and just even use baby face powder?lol.Even with the hair,pinays just prefer it straight. These are simple observations that would invalidate your third point? Besides, as human beings, regardless of race, a beautiful face is a beautiful face. Who would not want that? Why do you single out Filipinos.

    Kuya, just because ang galing mong mag English, mas matalino ka na than the rest of the Filipino race para mang.insulto.

    Kuya, di ba high IQ ka ( I’m sure you would agree), alam mo namang majority sa pinoy are less educated than you are dahil sa kahirapan, bakit mo iniinsist mo ang mentality mo sa kanila. Ikaw lang ma stress. Pinoys as educated as you fully understand what you are talking about.But picking on people who you think are lesser than you? Come on! Ikaw na magaling. Tapos, generalize mo pa entire nation. I just don’t appreciate the likes of you. I like those people who have higher IQs and EQs trying to understand the entire picture.

    Tapos reply ka after this na mas tama ka, huwag na. Your opinion does not matter anyway to the rest of us. Good luck.

    1. The number of OFWs is actually a symptom of a greater ailment called LACK OF OPPORTUNITY in the home country. It is not something to be applauded or admired. It is not something borne out of creativity. It is something they are FORCED to endure to SURVIVE. They leave their families and especially kids at home. Their wives or husbands meet JODY and the kids grow up without real guidance from their father. Imagine being a father and not being able to read your kid a bedtime story? Not being to kiss his boo-boo when he is hurt and hug him assuring him he is OK? Seeing him get thrilled when he sees a bird eat some bread he left out? I will not even go into the abuses OFWs endure from their foreign masters. OFWism is a sign of PINOY FAILURE. OFWism is REACTIVE and not PROACTIVE in nature.

      Beauty pageants – celebrating fate – reactive
      Country progress and no OFWs like Singapore – celebrating accomplishment – proactive

      Pinoys do perceive themselves as ugly. Why do you think there are Likas Papaya Whitening soap? Belo whitening? Patangos ng ilong? How many actresses are like Anne Curtis or Maine Mendoza or Gerald Anderson who are mestizo or mestiza cast in protagonist roles? The only ethnic Pinoys cast in role like Rene Requesta, Amay Bisaya, Apeng Daldal, Chiquito or Richie D’Horsey are portrayed in comical ways as dolts. How can you say that Filipinos think of themselves as beautiful if their bidas are mestizos while their ethnic Pinoys are Cheetae ganda lalake?

      Why do you think Pinoys are fanatical about pageants? Because they think a pageant win will MASK from the world what a “real Filipino” would look like. Kaso, hindi naman sing-bobo ng mga Pinoy ang mundo.

      Plastic surgery? Are you kidding me? BElo and her fellow plastic surgeons in the P.I. have business booming. Most Pinoys just could not afford it but make a mammoplasty or rhinoplasty plus skin whitening a 500 peso package and all people 18 and over will get those.

      Your opinion is a typical Pinoy opinion from an onion skinned person. Your culture perpetuates the country’s condition.

    2. Don’t you see the clear picture. The Dysfunctional, regressive culture of the philippines is what makes the Failippines the Sick man of Asia. Enough of the charades. Beauty pageants are for shallow people. It’s only good for entertainment and that’s about it.

    3. @Lee, Lol! For someone who thinks the author’s “opinion does not matter anyway to the rest of us” you sure wrote one hell of a comment.

      Truth is, OFWism is hard evidence that the sheer number of Filipinos coming together as a nation of 100 million utterly failed to produce a land of domestic opportunity for its own people so much so that Filipinos still have to rely on opportunities originating externally to sustain themselves.

      Tough luck. The truth is a hard pill to swallow. 😀

    4. The very fact that there is a large number of OFWs is a symptom of a national disease. If people could make a good living at home they would stay home and raise their families rather than going abroad while their spouses find other playmates and their kids grow up missing a real family life. Having many OFWs is nothing to be proud of, but rather, should be a source of shame.

  5. IQ gamitin kuya.
    Nag OFW mga tao dahil sa walang masyadong opportunities. Meaning gumawa sila ng oportuinidad kasi nga wala magawa gobyerno. Ngayon kasalanan bayan ng ordinaryong tao? (Kasi kasalanan ng voters..blah blah blah….ok, point taken)I addressed the first point, iba response mo. Sino bang gustong malayo sa pamilya? Wala ngang choice kaya nag.abroad. Nag abroad na lang kaysa NGANGA walang makain.But then but then, determinado mga pinoy makapag.aral mga anak at mabigyan magandang buhay.Again invalidates point 1.

    Kuya, magcite ka man lang ng pinoy artists,ang mga comedian pa. Alangan naman sila protaganists sa drama. Common sense din. They earn money kasi comedy nga ( again pinoy culture sa comedies). How about citing Maja Salvador, Kathryn Bernardo…but then sa history natin of course mixed na tayo, alangan naman magtrace talaga tayo na pure brown race. Si Kim Chiu, is pilipina din..ibaiba beauty ng pinay. Iba din struggles ng mga philippine arists, well thats’s a different story.

    Again, hindi nga lang Pilipinas fanatical about beauty pageants. Pag mag time ka research na lang sa youtube kung sinusino pa obsessed sa beauty

    Plastic surgery, are you kidding me? Belo lang alam mo at nasa blooming stage pa. Ganito na lang, research ka youtube, check mo plastic surgery sa east asia, like Korea. Or sa Iran kaya, yung kanilang rhinoplasty na display of pride basta lang may bandage sa ilong. Or kahit sa US man lang. Tapos sa kahirap ng buhay may pamplastic surgery pa ba ang ordinaryong pinoy? I would understand yung mga trophy wives na may pera. Ang skin whitening kuya hindi naman yan nakapag Caucasian ang mukha, equivalent lang din yan ng tanning lotion para sa mga puti.

    Oh yes, I’m a typical pinoy who sympathizes with kapwa pinoy. Ridiculing less educated pinoys does not promote change. Kaya mas magandang topic Philippine politics keysa beauty pageants. Better governance, more educated people.

    Last ko na itong comment, may bisita pa ako for

    1. Ikaw ang walang IQ. The country itself, collectively, has not been able to CREATE opportunities for its own citizens for whatever reason that is why OFWs are FORCED to put themselves in the cheap labor basket of the world. Opportunities are created for them by those other countries, they did not create the opportunities themselves. You could count the Pinoys who are in main roles portraying intelligent people in Pinoy cinema and those idiots you would notice the pattern of having the tisoys as bidas or in the forefront and the ethnic looking ones as dolts, “batuk batukan” or sidekicks.

      The Philippines is not the only country fanatical about pageants. You also have those other peoples of third world countries with third world mindsets.

      Filipinos are pageant fanatics precisely because of what the article states.

        1. In general I agree, when it comes to the lowlands. You won’t find that in the Cordillera’s, except when the barbarian Tagalog hordes invade for vacation

    2. Lee ang bobo mo hindi lahat ng korean nag pa plastic surgery… matagal na ko nakatira dito sa pinas marami nag papanggap na mahirap at walang pera. pero pag dating sa sarili may pera para pam pa beauty. lol

    3. Lee isang malakas na bwahahahahahahahahaha…. Last ko na itong comment, may bisita pa ako for…………………makikikain lang ka lang sa pupuntahan mo lol …. alam ko naman pulubi ka hahahahaha at bading ka hahahahahaha

      1. I bet you’re one of those kapamilya/kapuso/kapatid fanboys who believes too much on what the media said especially the “bagong bayani” bullshit.

  6. It is Fiesta mentality. Filipinos love fiestas. A Filipina wins the Miss Universe crown. So, it is time to celebrate. The hardship of life; our being OFW slaves, are temporarily forgotten. The thievery of our Political leaders, are temporarily shelved.The incompetence of Mar Roxas and the mental retardation of Aquino are temporarily hidden. Let us celebrate!

    We attach ourselves, to Miss Wurtzbach, Miss Universe. then we savor her victory. This is the Filipino way , to be happy. It is like, getting into your system a “shabu”; once the effect of the “shabu” is gone. Back to the realities of life. Until the next Beauty Queen, will win the next crown , again.

    It is a dysfunctional mindset. But, it is who we are…

    1. Oo nga no, kay raming problema ng pilipinas! Iyak na lang tayo everyday, better yet suicide. How you handle problems is a choice. But it doesn’t mean problems are forgotten. Ms. Philippines won! Yehey, bakit naman magpaka sad nanalo na nga, Dysfunctional na yan pag opposite reaction. (Half full, half empty glass concept).

      1. Hindi sinasabing mag suicide. Sinasabi lang na huwag daanin sa drugs ang problema dahil hindi maaalis yun. It gives the illusion of problems being solved if you bask in the Pacquiao or Pia glories. Parang pakiramdam ng tao wala namang mali sa ating mga Pilipino kasi tingnan mo si Pia, si Jessica Sanchez at Pacquiao ang gagaling naman eh. Wala nang mali sa ating mga Pilipino.

        Also, a sign of idiocy is if you contradict yourself. Do not say it is your last post if you are still posting.

    2. Have you been to a Fiesta? I’m sure you did. Did you enjoy Filipino hospitality? Yes, you did. You were all smile while enjoying their celebrations.
      Filipinos, like the rest of the world have their imperfections. Just like you! ( what ever race you are ) So bear with us. We are not all what you perceived.

      1. You are awful presumptuous. Yes I’ve been to a fiesta, but usually I wish they just did not exist because they are nothing but noise, a waste of time and money and a major inconvenience for all. No I do not enjoy them.

        Whenever I have any kind of criticism of The Philippines all sense of “Filipino hospitality” gets thrown under the bus and I’m told, “If you don’t like (our fucked up) country you can (take all the money you spend here) and go back where you came from.

  7. another hateful rant from crab….your an embarassment to all fil/am, you still have that crab mentality that you brought along from pinas… you are clearly an FOB

    1. Only Pinoys in ghetto enclaves like Daly City love pageants. They retained their FOB culture. Those who adapted forgot about pageants the next day.

    2. You know who is having a crab mentality? failipinos like you who doesn’t appreciate your own skin thus always using skin whitening products in order to make yourself look like a European.

  8. ang bobo naman ng mga hurado na… sure mga bading ang nasa likod ni Pia kaya siya nanalo at isama natin ang cheap pinoy at cheap pinay hehehehehehe pinoy monkey pride pa more.

  9. nakakatawa ang mga comment ng mga supporters ni Pia puro bitter butthurt at mentality crab lang ang alam sabihin hehehehe… basta fan ng mga beauty pageants sabaw at limitado lang ang utak… agree ako sa nag post ng topic na ito na si rafterman.

  10. We’re doing it wrong, absolutely wrong! Miss Universe should be about Space Exploration, Miss World about Science and Miss Earth about Going Green!

    1. For me it is OK to have pageants that showcase only physical beauty but Filipinos just over-value them. They are for entertainment, not for the history books.

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