Concept vs. Substance: How Duterte Pwned Roxas

Well ladies and gentlemen, it looks like the tensions between Camp Duterte and Camp Roxas are really heating up. More likely than not, we’ll all be in for an exciting show once the 2016 presidential elections come around. What’s surprising though is that both camps are now unleashing their best weapons against each other even though the actual elections haven’t started yet. Their powerful mud guns, mud cannons and mud nukes, that is! Indeed, their latest bout involves an attempt by both parties to discredit one another’s achievements.

Camp Roxas attempted to draw first blood by claiming that the so-called peace and safety of Davao is a mere myth. Camp Duterte promptly retaliated with deconstructing Roxas’ educational background and the discovery that Mr. Roxas isn’t as prestigious as he claims to be. In all honesty, while I still have reservations about Rodrigo Duterte, there is no question that he has won this bout against Mr. Roxas. Of course, things may still change once the election begins but it’s clear from the get-go just how desperate Camp Roxas is becoming and how much momentum Camp Duterte is gaining.


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Truth be told though with the way Camp Roxas is handling things, I doubt they’ll be able to gather the kind of support Camp Duterte has gained in the past few months. The thing is, while Mar Roxas has huge media magnates backing him in his campaign, there’s no denying the fact that he has done so little to improve the condition of the country. Even if the so-called “safety” of Davao is a myth, Rodrigo Duterte has certainly shown that Davao is at least a model city of the Philippines and something that both locals and foreigners can appreciate for both its beauty and comforts. Mar Roxas, on the other hand, has failed miserably as a DILG secretary and has time and again, failed in his duty as a leader.

Sure, Mar Roxas certainly has more than a few ads that favor him and there are still those who claim that President Aquino’s “Tuwid na Daan” (which Mr. Roxas intends to continue) has benefits for the common people. Unfortunately, these are just “concepts” ladies and gentlemen, ideas on paper. They are not something that the common people can see with their own eyes or touch with their own hands. And even if they do have benefits, they are not something that will feed or house the devastated survivors of Yolanda or somehow solve the problem of traffic in Manila. They are at best propaganda and at worse heinous lies.

Indeed, while Rodrigo Duterte has done quite a bit for his home city, Mar Roxas has failed utterly to fulfill his duties as a DILG secretary. The survivors of Yolanda are still mostly homeless and starving, the MRT’s of Manila are still crappy and are accidents waiting to happen and the Lumads are still in danger. The only thing Mar has really done for the country is set up hilarious photo and video ops that can at least draw a laugh from the common Filipino.

17 Replies to “Concept vs. Substance: How Duterte Pwned Roxas”

  1. this is how idiotic PH politics is.
    everything is about personalities and issues that could affect the citizens are set aside

    D30 was supposed to get rid of the A*holes in the govt but Alas! he just joined them

    The Philippines is Idiocracy personified

    President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho will be so proud :v

  2. Even Mar’s basis for Davao being a myth is a myth. He only counted the TOTAL number of crimes, without taking into account that 66 percent of Davao’s crimes are non index crimes or crimes that were declared because of police entrapment operations and raids (sting) and other police initiatives Meaning, Davao police could’ve under declared those crimes had they been passive.

    speaking of under declared, . His “oplan lambat simbat” puts too much pressure on all precincts to lower crime but instead, they under declare, have two separate blotter logs (the other for manipulating) and ask people to report their crime elsewhere.

    Duterte 1 Mar roxas 0

  3. Filipinos should be thankful to Duterte and Mar Roxas for exposing their true character and non-eligibility to become president of the Philippines very early in their campaign for president. Both of them really stooped down to the very low level of mud-slinging using challenging words like high school kids. Time to vote them off in their minds and look for a more qualified candidate.

  4. [Camp Roxas attempted to draw first blood by claiming that the so-called peace and safety of Davao is a mere myth.]

    You conveniently skipped the part where du30 accused roxas of being the bearer of the cancer-rumor (too lame for a murderer).

    Roxas presented statistics. Actually who needs these figures – w/c can be doctored/manufactured.

    Any rational thinking person will know davao’s claim is indeed a MYTH (based on numbeo).

    How can dabaw be one of the safest cities to live when there are over 800 unsolved murders, 3 journalists murdered, a mother’s 4 minor children murdered, a businessman who opened a davao-branch murdered?

    BIG TIME criminals roam around the city while the mayor donates (peoples) money to the NPAs.

    1. I am merely saying that Duterte has at least something to “show” for his efforts even if they are questionable. All Mar has are doctored statistics and exaggerated claims.

      Granted, I’m not a fan of Duterte either, but I still think he has at least more guts than Mar ever will…

    2. 800 unsolved murders? How can DDS in cahoots with local police solve the killing of criminals they themselves executed? Should they be raising their hands like “yup I did it guys – murder solved” ?

        1. Why only CPP-NPA? he is also a friend with the MILF which is far bigger and more powerful than the NPA in Mindanao. also with the MNLF. He makes friends with everyone…except criminals and druglords.

          By the way, he is also a great friend of military generals. better ask AFP Chief of Staff Gen. Irriberi who is also from Mindanao.

          His task as City Mayor does not include running after the insurgents. he does not like insulting other government branches who are task for that particular problem. his task is to ensure peace and order for his constituency. if that includes befriending insurgents so be it. and he did it.

        2. Calinan,

          Part of Duterte’s responsibility as mayor is to maintain peace and order (he has a degree of power over the local police). It includes chasing after criminals.

          The NPA are criminals. Plain and simple. Same goes to MNLF & MILF.

          The best way to ensure peace and order is to eradicate the threats to it. Duterte making friends with those scums (and forcing his constituents to do what these criminals want) is doing the complete opposite.

          Please don’t tell me you believed all the BS coming from the MAKABAYAN front.

    3. since you don’t believe the best way to find out is stay and observe the streets in davao city especially at night. visit police stations and find out how many crimes are registered in the blotter. skeptics about Davao’s peace and order are actually doing this now.

    4. Even though Mar Roxas denied he knows Philip Lustre, Jr. who started the cancer rumor, someone in FB put up a screen grab from a news video where both Roxas and Lustre were sitting beside each other. It’s getting viral now and it shows Mar Roxas is a liar par excellence. He tried to misled people of his Wharton “MBA” by implying it and now he’s caught red-handed that both him and Lustre are in bed together with all the black propaganda.

  5. Mar Roxas is a liar and a thief. If he had claimed, he graduated from Wharton School of Business. Why is he that dumb and stupid?

    Maybe, he dropped out; was kicked out, due to low grades; or just cannot take the academic works, required by the college.

    Remember Roxas was from a rich family of Oligarchs. He was born with “silver spoon” in his mouth or ass…So, he have no patience for hard work.

    This attitude of Mar Roxas is reflected in his work records in the government; or as a Senator. His behavior, during the Typhoon Yolanda crisis was heartless. His calling of the murdered 44 SAF Police Officer heroes as misencounter was fiendish. The now missing Typhoon Yolanda Relief Funds, which he was accountable is the most crooked thing , I have seen in my life.

    There is no good bone in Mar Roxas body. The man is just corrupt and rotten to the core.

    1. Being a graduate doesn’t always mean someone is really good.

      Learning is a continuous process, even if one already graduated from school. This is where Mar failed. He stopped learning. He failed to acquire enough experience before getting into politics.

  6. The other big problem people will have with Duterte in addition to his being a womanizer and his admission of being quick to kill suspected law breakers is his double talk where he says one thing when he said he means something else. This has necessitated the interference lately by Sen. Cayetano to clarify his many public statements. This weakness in pubic speaking could cause a lot of misunderstanding by the public later on in case he becomes president of the Philippines.

  7. Duterte vs Roxas. who won? i don’t know. i don’t care. who lost? we, of course. we get stuck with idiots for presidential candidates who talk big but think small. to quote Brad Pitt’s Achilles: ” IS THERE NOONE ELSE?”

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