3 Big Reasons Mar Roxas Should Just Disqualify Himself

After the hullabaloo that was Mar Roxas’ campaign video, it seems surprising that he still has the audacity to continue the campaigning. Oh well, he probably has reasons for doing so. It might have something to do with his wife wanting to become first lady, a way for the LP to stay in power or he may, in some twisted sense, genuinely believe that him becoming president may have some benefits for the country as a whole. Whatever the case may be though, it’s more than apparent that the Filipino people are clearly displeased with him, his antics and especially his endorser, President Aquino himself.

mar_roxas_453Unfortunately, Mr. Roxas continues his campaign for the presidency as we speak, often rationalizing his mishaps to the common people. Ladies and gentlemen, I know this is going to sound pretentious and more than a little arrogant on my part but I really think that Mar Roxas should simply stop campaigning now, not just because of his more than apparent incompetence but also as a form of respect for the common people and himself. Once, I simply found his attempts at campaigning amusing and was good for the occasional laugh. Now however, it has become both insulting to the common people and disturbing once proper insight is applied.

Here are my three points on the matter:

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He Has President Aquino’s Endorsement

Truth be told, President Aquino has lost a lot of supporters in the six years he has been in power. I can attest to this as I was one of these people. However, when I finally came to my senses, I realized just what a failure he was both as a president and a man. You can tell this easily from his mishandling of issues like the Luneta Massacre, the lack of any kind of help for the Yolanda survivors, the massacre of the SAF 44 and, of course, the killing of the Lumads. What’s worse is that he has utterly refused to even mention said incidents, let alone apologize for them. Always, he has either blamed everything on someone else (such as former Presidents Arroyo and Marcos) or simply not mention them at all and insulting their memory.

And now we have Mar Roxas, a man who, by his own admission, claims to continue President Aquino’s “Tuwid na Daan” (Straight Path) and continue what President Aquino began. However, given what I’ve already mentioned, I’m sure there are those of you who know where the “Straight Path” actually leads to. Early this year, President Aquino took pains to choose a candidate to endorse for the up and coming election and Mar Roxas seems to be his choice as, according to him, Mar seems to be the person who best understands his dream and can continue the legacy he had left behind.

But now, let’s ask the question that the local media seems to be taking pains not to ask: What legacy? In all the six years he’s been in power, has President Aquino actually improved anything for the common people? If anything, all he’s ever done is create senseless myths like:

  • “Filipinos don’t travel abroad because they have to but because they want to.”
  • “Solar and wind power will not work if there is no sun or wind, respectively.”
  • “BBL will finally bring peace to Mindanao.”
  • “He has surpassed the people’s expectations.”
  • “He is an APEChottie!”

Now, senseless myths might actually work for a course like creative writing, but it is most certainly not appropriate for the position of a world leader. Mar Roxas promises to continue what President Aquino began which, in short, simply amounts to false promises and hollow bravado. If Mar Roxas had simply gone without President Aquino’s endorsement and rolled with his own plans, perhaps he’d have have a better chance of actually winning.

He’s Insulting The Common People

With everything I’ve said so far, the only actual effort Mr. Roxas has made in his bid for presidency is create PR stunt after PR stunt in the hopes of gaining people’s sympathy. Unfortunately, this has only angered countless people as evidenced by the overwhelming negative reaction to his latest campaign video.

Indeed, as far as one can tell, everything he’s ever really done while in a position of power is trying to get “pogi points” through scripted and contrived scenes. Some of his most famous stunts include driving a pedicab, carrying a sack of rice (which he could barely carry, from the look of it) and there was that time when he rode on an MRT to show his sense of camaraderie (though he was actually in the section reserved for women, children and disabled people FTW) for the common people. All this despite that he has done very little for the survivors of Yolanda, has spat on the victims of various massacres such as the ones in Mamasapano and the Lumads and then there’s the fact that if anything has changed with the situation for the MRT and its passengers, it’s the fact that it’s gotten even more hellish.

In his numerous campaign ads and videos, Mar Roxas seems to be insulting the intelligence of the people he’s trying to gain the sympathy of. It’s as if he’s saying: “Vote for me even though I’ve royally messed up the country and spat in the faces of victims of violence. Vote for me because celebrities seem to like me, see? Vote for me so you can earn brownie points with your favorite celebrities and not because I can make the country better.”

He Has No Real Identity

No seriously.

Look, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and reveal some personal details about myself. Truth be told, I too was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I was a spoiled brat in an upper-middle-class household that didn’t know any better at the time. I wanted to please everybody and I was quick to blame other people for my problems.

But as fate or, if you’re particularly religious like me, God decided to make me see the error of my ways. A series of tragedies broke me and, with the help of a good counselor, I came to my senses. This was about a good many years before I joined GRP and started using the name “Thaddeus Grimwald”, mind you.

Now, back to Mr. Roxas…

See, the problem is, Mar Roxas acts less like a grown man (like Rodrigo Duterte for instance) or even a grown woman (such as Miriam Santiago would be a good example) and more like a teen struggling to please his classmates and teachers. To be honest, I wasn’t at all that different from him during my years of struggle so, to a certain degree, I can almost understand him with his constant PR efforts that scream “fake” and “showboat”. Unfortunately for Mr. Roxas, just because I understand doesn’t mean I actually approve of him.

From what I can see is he’s still lost and confused about himself. While I am loathe to include people’s personal lives, I still find it more than a little strange that he and Ms. Korina Sanchez have yet to have a child of their own, even an adopted one. Indeed, if they were to adopt a Yolanda orphan, I might actually be somewhat impressed. However, that seems to be quite far from the case.

Until now, Mar is still struggling to get other people to like him likely because he has never really made any real efforts to make himself “likeable”. At the end of the day, he only manages to present a very artificial image of himself as he still probably hasn’t discovered himself and what he really wants to do with his life.


So now, let me ask you, would you even actually vote for a guy like Mar Roxas, a boy who is no different from his predecessor President Aquino?

All things considered though, Mar couldn’t really care less about what’s been written here. Being the spoiled brat that he is, he’ll probably throw a tantrum (one I’d like to see in fact) just to get what he wants. Already we can see just how utterly desperate he’s becoming by hiring celebrities to campaign for him who are quite obviously leery of him and the rest of the LP.

P.S.: I will take back everything I said if Mar Roxas does the following

14 Replies to “3 Big Reasons Mar Roxas Should Just Disqualify Himself”

  1. This is the best articulated facts I read about Roxas. One thing I would like to add that Roxas may be able to learn from with respect to his continuous clinging to Aquino: During the first election that Obama run for president, many of the GOP aspiring for nomination declined to be associated with the outgoing president George Bush because of Bush’s unpopularity near the end of his term. GOP did not even want Bush to endorse or campaign for Senator McCain who eventually won the party nomination. Bush who unlike Aquino made similar accomplishments and decisions during his term, stayed quiet and on the sideline. In the case of Roxas, he is clinging to the skirt of an inept, incompetent and clueless president who has always in denial and NEVER understood that the buck stop on his lap.

  2. another reason why Mar Roxas should be disqualify, just type these hashtags on twitter: #Wharton #MarRoxas and there you’ll will find an evidence that Mar Roxas wasn’t a FULL graduate of Wharton as what he’d said.

    1. Mrericx,sir may you be corrected about the Warton episode of Mar Roxas. He finished his college course in economics so that he is considered an under graduate! If one goes on to graduate school to finish a Master’s Degree in say, Business Management and obtains a degree, then one is considered a holder of the post graduate degree in Business Management! However, this clarification should not be construed by you that I am for Mar and his “Daan na Matwid Tungo sa Bangin! Bwisit

  3. Mar Roxas has a limp dick, so he cannot make Korina Sanchez pregnant. Mar Roxas is “baog”…

    Mr. Aquino, solar and wind power will work, even, if there are no sun or wind. It is because, the electrical energy they generate, are stored in large batteries (Direct Current). If you want to use the large batteries; you can use an electrical inverter, to make the direct current , produce alternating current.

    Mar Roxas is a dumb person. A known Ass Kisser of Aquino. Mar Roxas records, show a string of failures in management. He is not a good manager.

    Mar Roxas supports, the BBL Law, that finances the MILF/ISIS/Al Queda; and divide the Philippines into Islamic, and non Islamic states.

  4. I agree! Mar Roxas should disqualify himself. He is already disqualified by the polls. He is a constant loser. He is not graduate from Wharton after all according to Du-30. Mar Roxas took extension classes at Wharton not the full version.

    Mar Roxas is also a traitor. Worked 7 years in the US. Could he be permanent illegal undocumented alien in the U.S.? We can never know because nobody asked.

    It is useless to waste time digging up Mar Roxas residency because he is already losing in the polls.

      1. Must Rabid Duterte Fans and/or Supporters BLINDLY FOLLOW their chosen one ALL THE WAY even if they knew or come to realize that their leader is a LYING IDIOT himself?! Not a Roxas Fan here but the Truth Matters!

        “Wharton confirms: Mar Roxas graduated from school in 1979”


        At 2:33 – GMA News Research wrote Wharton School and replied that based on records at The University of Pennsylvania Registrar that Roxas is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Economics, Major in Finance, in 1979



        2. ang hina mong maghanap ng tamang sagot… sa wharton kapag tinapos mo ang masteral course saka ka pa lang tawagin wharton graduate..pero kung hindi masteral at ngtapos ka lang ng any four year course.. u penn graduate lang ang tawag sa iyo..

  5. Mar Roxas lost to Binay.
    Korina Sanchez angry.
    Mar Roxas annointed by Benigno
    Korina Sanchez happy.
    Mar Roxas rating is weak
    Korina Sanchez not happy at all
    Korina Sanchez is First-Lady-in-Waiting
    Korina wanted to be a Cinderella with severed dwarfs.
    Korina Sanchez cannot be First-Lady because she has not renounced her Chinese Citizenship.

  6. No amount of applying perfume and make-up will conceal the stench of a lifeless / useless corpse.

    Please channel funds instead to a more worthy cause – like the GRP foundation for the rehabilitation of former zombies.

  7. A director for abs cbn told me that Daniel Padilla and the girl (Kathleen? Katherine? Whatevs) got 20 million pesos each to endorse Mar. So there. Even my own mother, a celebrity lawyer of sorts, was offered a million to skew her ‘bias’ towards Mar on TV. She refused of course.

  8. 6 traits that should automatically disqualify a candidate


    Not the bigotry kind, I’m talking about the dictionary definition of ignorance:

    Ignorance: lacking knowledge, training, or awareness in general.

    It’s a quality most businesses would do well to avoid in their employees. Ignorant employees are less suited to the task, harder to train, and less focused while at work. And even the most menial of tasks can be disrupted by employee ignorance.

    Lack of training aside, it’s always more desirable to find employees who show an interest in the products they represent, whether manufacturing, selling, or anything in-between. Workers who show effort to remain well informed and current within their industry or perhaps are even passionate customers themselves not only tend to be better suited for their jobs, but they’re generally more confident and proactive as well.

    How to avoid ignorant employees: screen resume’s carefully by strict minimum education & experience requirements as the position requires. For entry level jobs, look at relevant education or personal interest. Interview candidates who have additional training/certification.

    In the interview: see what they know about the company & its products. An ignorant person would have done little to no research before the interview, even if they did, they might not fully understand it enough to discuss it.


    Apathy is the ugly cousin of ignorance and it’s arguably just as bad – if not worse. In fact, in most cases, I’d rather hire a person who cares about doing a good job but is under-trained than a person who is qualified but doesn’t care about their work.

    An apathetic employee is just in it for the paycheck. They’re extremely difficult to motivate, and can act generally inconvenienced by doing their job – let alone anything above and beyond. Apathy is the killer of motivation, a detriment to quality, and a catalyst for poor customer service. But worst of all, apathy is contagious. A virus that can spread from a single employee to the entire staff in the matter of a single work day. It’s something most companies should avoid at all costs.

    How to avoid hiring an apathetic employee: Look at their work history. Do they seem to jump from job-to-job without any clear career path? Have they never received a promotion?

    In the interview: Ask them why they applied for this position in this company. Gauge their response on the relative passion for the work, company, or industry they express. Also, can they demonstrate how they’ve ever improved anything at a job, a product, process, etc. or went above and beyond their normal duties?


    “Somebody once said that in looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence, and energy. And if you don’t have the first, the other two will kill you. You think about it; it’s true. If you hire somebody without [integrity], you really want them to be dumb and lazy.” ― Warren Buffett

    There may be a place in business for those who can spin a story, those who are good on their feet, and those can talk their way out of anything. I’m thinking sales, here…mostly – that person who can sell ketchup to a woman in white gloves [as the saying goes].

    But something that simply can’t be tolerated, in any way, is flat out dishonesty.

    A dishonest person is generally only feels bad for the bad things they do when they get caught. Otherwise, they really don’t care who they’re getting the better of, be it their employer, co-workers, or (worst of all) your customers. They tend to overstate their abilities, can be lazy in the most unproductive ways, and are generally a liability within just about any company. There’s a time and a place for rule breakers in any company. But when you’re doing the good kind of rule breaking, you shouldn’t need to lie about it.

    How to avoid hiring a dishonest employee: 40% of employees distort information on resumes and applications. Do your research: follow up on employee’s claims and you can rule out a good amount of dishonest candidates.

    In the interview: ask them about their most impressive claims, see how convincing they are. You might be surprised how many lies you will catch.


    A short step up from the employee who consistently under-performs is the one who performs brilliantly only so often. Few worker traits frustrate managers more than inconsistency. Especially when it’s an employee who’s potential is clear during their rare spans of brilliance.

    An inconsistent employee is generally unreliable. They might miss work regularly or show up late, they can be full of excuses and personal problems, and they only seem to do their best work when it’s on their terms. In a pinch, they’re the last person you will be able to lean on and they can even become the cause of the pinch themselves. Depending on the employee, it may be something you can put up with for a while, but the irony is that inconsistency tends to be the most consistent trait on this list.

    How to avoid hiring an inconsistent employee: This one is tough. They can be well educated and have an extensive work history. In fact, one red flag might be too many breaks in work and a lack of length from any single position.

    In the interview: Inquire about punctuality/absences from previous employers if possible.


    Greed can sometimes be good. Commission and performance based employee’s especially. There needs to be the hunger for more and in these situations, it’s a mutually beneficial trait. But with these situations sometimes comes a more sinister sin: selfishness. Those that think only of themselves.

    Selfish employees may sometimes work hard when there’s a payday in it, but beyond that, there’s little that will motivate them. It’s not that they’re lazy, they just don’t see what’s in it for them. They’ll do almost anything to get a sale, but once the commission is in, they couldn’t care less.

    Selfish workers also tend to be terrible in team situations. They’ll go out of their way to do as little as possible while claiming the maximum credit for the group project. It’s another trait for those who are just in it for the paycheck. The last person you really would want as an ambassador of your brand, and a cancer in the workplace. Greed can be good if it lead to drive, but beware of selfish candidates.

    How to avoid hiring a selfish employee: selfish people tend to gravitate towards performance based incentives and are generally overlooked for management positions. They also tend to have little career aspirations or have little true passion for their industry beyond the paycheck. Look for this lack of focus.

    In the interview: Ask the candidate why they left their previous positions. A selfish person will talk less about the work or company and more about the benefits (or lack thereof).


    Whenever there is a hard job to be done I assign it to a lazy man; he is sure to find an easy way of doing it. “Walter Chrysler“

    A certain type of laziness can be an asset, I suppose, if you’re looking for an easier way to get a specific task done. But as fun as this quote is, and as true as it can be in a very limited capacity, true laziness is perhaps the most debilitating trait to have in an employee.

    Truly lazy employees won’t just find an easier way to do things (which may not necessarily be a good thing, FYI) they’ll look for a way to not do anything at all, if they can. They happen to be great at re-assigning tasks, but often make terrible managers. Lazy workers use up their vacation days early and take “personal” and “sick” days (often without pay). Yet they might even be the first person in the office and the last to leave, their defining trait is that they do the least amount of work in the time between. Another candidate for ‘in it just for the paycheck’ type – perhaps the worst one.

    How to avoid hiring a lazy employee: Lengthen your application process. Include a questionnaire towards the end with yes or no opinion questions. Leave a large space for the answers: those who put only YES or NO without an explanation, eliminate from the talent pool.

    In the interview: Ask what they know about the company. Like ignorance, a lazy person would have done little to no research on the company before the initial interview.

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