It’s Either Grace Poe or Jojo Binay and Here Is Why

I’ve been wanting to publish the third installment of #GodSaveOurDemocracy from A Roxas Regime, but the Senate Electoral Tribunal’s dismissal of the disqualification case against Grace Poe  is such a major development in the race for the 2016 Philippine Presidency that I decided to keep it in draft — perhaps, forever.

With the way that Roxas’ campaign is going, I’m beginning to think that they’re not even in the same race as Grace Poe and Jojo Binay.

Or maybe Roxas’ campaign team thinks they’re in the race to be “The Biggest Loser”?

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So far, almost every thing that has come out of Roxas’ mouth has been met with almost inexplicable disgust both in social media and in the part of jologs central where I live — Sampaloc, Manila.

There’s pretty much a theory that Roxas is sabotaging his own chances of winning the Presidency because MAYBE deep down inside, he really doesn’t want the job.

One way to understand where Roxas is coming or why he got into politics in the first place is to consider what a friend said about the Aranetas, an old encomienda/cacique clan, and that is the clan needs political cover in order to protect/promote its business interests which include logistics, real estate development, advertising, retail, fast food, public transportation, and others.

BGen.-Roxas-Sr.-Col.-Nobuhiko-Jimbo-1943Apart from being the grandson of Manuel Acuna Roxas who collaborated with the Japanese and  Americans parity rights, Mar is also part of the same clan as Greggy Araneta who is married to Irene Marcos and also First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo.

Can you imagine the burden of providing political cover for such a huge OLIGARCHIC CLAN? Wow!

I think it is his clan’s oligarchic interests, more than sentimentality over his brother’s death (which he claims to be from some kind of liver disease — although I’ve heard a different story), that is Roxas’ compelling reason to be involved in politics and in this juncture, to seek the presidency.

Ever wonder why he has never seemed to have the fire-in-the-belly and take-charge kind of vibe to him?

I figure, that sort of thing only happens with people who are doing something out of a sense of “obligation” rather than a deep sense of personal conviction and it shows in how he has behaved.

Over the last five years, he looked like he’s Pnoy’s lackey — before that, in the executive positions he has had in government, he was Gloria’s lackey… and before that, he was Erap’s lackey…

Thing is, I really need some help pinpointing a moment where Roxas showed REAL leadership on a vital national issue and the 2016 Presidential race is all about that, a search for real leadership.

In contrast to Roxas, Grace Poe and Jojo Binay have both demonstrated different kinds of leadership.

As much as I hate Binay and think he is a crook, I have to admit that he did manage to implement a lot of good programs in Makati and while embattled with corruption charges, only a few can credibly deny how his social welfare programs have benefited the residents of his city.

As for Poe, despite her relatively short career in government, she has shown some mettle in dealing with the non-performance issues that hang over Emilio Aguinaldo’s great grandson DoTC Secretary Emilio Abaya.

Someone on Facebook noted:

Pnoy should send Grace Poe a thank-you note. She did what he should be doing to fix MRT mess – checked DOTC Secretary Abaya’s performance vs promises, gave harsh but accurate feedback, spelled out consequences for failure (face ‘criminal neglect’).

One thing she can’t do, but Pnoy should have done long time ago, is fire Abaya. Too many messes – NAIA, MRT, slow internet, no plate, no license. Abaya may be LP president & Mar’s trusted side-kick. These do not excuse him from non-performance.

Leadership is about tough choices. Priorities. She has it. He doesn’t.

There are different kinds of leadership, as I have said, and in Poe’s case, I would wager that she might have the kind of leadership that people will follow because what she says has the resonance of truth born out of a sense of compassion. At least, as far as I have seen.

Of course, wielding the enormous power of the Presidency and managing all the pressures bearing upon such an office demands an extremely high level of skillfulness. Question is, will she meet the challenge?

Now here’s the thing… We’ve already seen what Daang Matuwid has to offer in the last five years and I don’t think most people will willingly continue on such a road. With Jojo Binay, the course seems pretty much spelled out with the numerous graft and corruption issue and cases attached to his name.

With Poe, well, as Dax Lucas put it and let me paraphrase it here, “She represents a path not yet taken.”

To sum it up in a different way:

Roxas represents the old oligarchy. Binay represents a new oligarchy. Poe represents neither the old or a new oligarchy.

Unless you are part or benefit from the old oligarchy or Binay’s oligarchy, the clearest choice might be Poe.

13 Replies to “It’s Either Grace Poe or Jojo Binay and Here Is Why”

  1. I actually do agree! We’re sick of Daan Matuwid’s promises… and we can’t have another Pnoy as president. But if I were to choose between Poe and Binay… I’d still go for Poe. Despite being a neophyte,she tries to focus on national issues as much as possible. 🙂

    1. Indeed, I do believe that Poe is indeed the lesser-evil-that-has-a-chance-to-win. Daan Matuwid? Bleah.I actually despise Roxas more than Binay considering how he and his kind handled the funds for Tacloban. I work as an NGO volunteer there and it is indeed a godforsaken place – if there is a hell this would be it. Anyone who steal from victims of this tragedy are indeed devils.

  2. I believe that Grace Poe will be a good president because i am in favor of her plans to improve our educational system. That’s a good investment for children who are in need of good education but lack the financial capacity. There is no denying that some of them will be our future leaders. And that’s the best investment we can have.

    1. Lets say that Poe does have good intentions. The problem does she have the technical political competency to implement them? For me leading a country is like flying an airplane. It does not matter if the pilot is incompetent or has bad intentions (like Binay) the results will be the same, they will both crash the plane.

        1. oh come on. the biggest utang ng loob is being paid in advance by binay and mar. they have the money to do this.

  3. if Ms Poe has any plans for a universal ‘free’ medicare service for everyone in the whole nation, maybe now is the time to unveil them.
    Don’t tell me the country ‘can’t afford it’ –
    the country can’t afford the amounts of super plundering that has been going on over these last six years, which would have been more than enough to have kickstarted a decent medicare scheme.
    If the elite 1% are serious about having a more ‘inclusive’ society, then why not have a universal medicare scheme set as a high priority?
    As it is right now, even working people and those who think themselves ‘middle class’ cannot afford a major illness – nor can their relatives and friends. PhilHealth’s pathetic refund is totally useless when it comes to filling the ‘gap’ for the rest of the expenses.
    If other developing nations like Uruguay and Costa Rica can afford to cover their citizens’ health totally, there is no reason why we can’t.
    It’s about time – just do it!

  4. No matter what choice you make, it doesn’t define you. Not forever. People can make bad choices and change their minds and hearts and do good things later; just as people can make good choices and then turn around and walk a bad path. No choice we make lasts our whole life. It there’s ever a choice you’ve made that you no longer agree with, you can make another choice…you can’t change the past. Ah, but the future…you own the future. So, tell me…what choice do you want to make now?

  5. Let me guess, Paul. LP’s masterplan has been derailed epicly by the recent development, right?

    Roxas grossly underestimated the secret anti-Roxas coalition, or at least that’s what my insider said.

  6. Better ask yourselves where poe is getting the funds required to run a presidential campaign.

    Sources tell me that she’s bankrolled by Danding and Villar. Each have given her a BILLION to run for office. You should ask what those two would want in return mwueheje

  7. We are dealing with the ruling Oligarchy…they placed their candidates, no other choice. Mar Roxas grandpa is a Japanese Militarists Collaborator, same as Aquino’s grandpa.

    Grace Poe is a novice. She is presenting to us the: “Uncharted Road”…it may lead to : “bangin; “nowhere”; to more crooked roads…whatever, no good choice is not a choice, at is rigged by the ruling Oligarchy…Ay…Pobre Pilipinas…

  8. Guessing game:
    Will an intelligent voter vote for:
    1. Poe the newbie – because she is the most winnable candidate based on surveys?


    2. Miriam the iron-lady – because she is the most competent?

    (Never mind the other two guys in the middle of the list.)

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