Get Real Alma Moreno!

This article is a response to this article in regards to Alma Moreno’s decision to run for senate and how easily she seems to have become a candidate…

“The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.”

~Karl Marx

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Look guys, it’s time I came out and finally said it: No, leadership is not an easy task and simply having good intentions (if they are indeed “good intentions” at all) is not enough to guarantee that you will be a good leader. On the contrary, good intentions aren’t really what makes one a good man or a good woman but good actions. Unfortunately, once again, another misguided celebrity joins the fray with folks like Lito Lapid, Ramon Revilla Jr. and Manny Pacquiao.


Oh dear, what is this country coming to? Oh well, why am I even asking? I should know after all just how utterly dumb and incompetent Pinoys can be, especially when it comes to voting. I mean, really, it shouldn’t really surprise anyone anymore that Alma Moreno and similar individuals somehow make it into politics even though they are so clearly ill-equipped to even fully understand the priorities of their chosen position. Heck, she might even make it president someday if given enough time and resources to work with. Oh heck, I’m ranting again, sorry about that. Unfortunately, I just can’t hold back my indignation anymore.

“Huwag muna ngayon. Darating ang araw na magpapa-interview ako. Hayaan na muna ang bashers.” (Not now. There will come a time when I will grant an interview. Let’s just ignore the bashers.)

“Ako po si Alma Moreno. May pinagdaraanan po. Siguro naman napanood nyo sa TV. Pero lumalaban pa rin. Hindi man ako ganun kagaling magsalita, may puso naman ako sa tao.” (I am Alma Moreno. I am going through something. I guess you’ve all seen it on TV. But I am still persevering. I may not be good with words, but my heart is for the people.)

These are the words stated by Ms. Moreno so far and, much to my disdain, there are still those who are adamant to support her regardless of her lack of leadership qualities. Having a heart (or claiming to have a heart) is not enough to make one a viable candidate as a leader or lawmaker. Sure, it’s a key trait that’s needed for all candidates but it is most certainly not the sole requirement.

Here, allow me to disillusion you:

A Good Heart Needs To Work With A Good Brain

I don’t really want to underestimate or belittle anyone. I really would like to think that anyone can be a good leader if given the proper experience and resources. Unfortunately for Ms. Moreno, it’s quite clear that she still has quite a bit to learn before she can even think about becoming leader.

Kindly read the above quote by Karl Marx. To be honest, it has quite a few interpretations but the one that I actually want to go with is that before you actually help someone, you should first consider whether or not the “help” your giving is actually beneficial and not detrimental to the person or persons you’re trying to help. For instance, not all appliances in a given home can be fixed by an amateur. With more delicate situations, you need to contact professionals, people who know what they’re doing, to make sure everything works out. After all, if you try to fix something you don’t understand, you’ll just likely break it.

Now if you want a more drastic example, think this: Would you ask a common carpenter to perform delicate neurosurgery on your child? Would you ask an introverted and socially awkward scientist to host a party? Would you ask an overweight office worker to actively participate in a paramilitary operation that involves detaining hate-crazed terrorists?

A Good Heart With A Will Of Iron

Another important trait of a leader is resolve, a willingness to see things done regardless of how difficult or scary they may be. Truth be told, if Ms. Moreno balks at just difficult questions just like the ones in her previous interview, one has to wonder how she would face up to a real crisis. Imagine if terrorists were to suddenly attack some part of Manila, how can she be expected to react? Will she just ask “do I need to answer that” in front of reporters even as the body count rises?

Being a leader or lawmaker requires one to have at least a deep sense of courage. For one to be a true leader, one must be willing to consider decisions that some or even many may consider unsavory. Remember that the common people look to their leaders for guidance in times of crisis. However, when a crisis does show up, can Alma Moreno and those similar to her make the proper decisions to better protect her people.

A Good Heart That Can Question Itself

Sure, Alma Moreno can say all she wants that she has a “good” heart. However, I would still invite her to carefully consider what she means by “good” and if that goodness is supposed to help the people or just herself and those close to her. Heck, anyone can claim to be “good” or have “good intentions”, but one must ask, are they really?

I don’t know about all the rest of you, but I think to be truly “good” one must regularly inspect one’s own motives and actions if they want to be seen as “good”. To be honest, I myself am quite sure that I will never fit the bill of being truly “good” as I am too lazy, cowardly and perverted to qualify. I can only hope that Ms. Moreno is also willing to inspect the contents of her heart before claiming that she is one of the “good” candidates out there.


Let’s make this clear okay; I am not simply “bashing” Ms. Moreno, I am simply “critiquing” her performance so far and the possible outcome should she actually win in the next election…

So please, for all those reading this, let’s get real! Let’s not throw away the future of our country!

16 Replies to “Get Real Alma Moreno!”

  1. To those celebrities who want a high position in the government, please evaluate yourself first honestly so that you won’t end up copying and copying and yet you don’t know what you’ve copied. He who knows not and knows not that he knows not is a fool, avoid him.

  2. If I were to rephrase one of Dolphy’s lines in “Father and Son,” I’d say “….luko-loko lang ang boboto dito! Alma Moreno (or replace any candidate’s name)… PWEH!”


    “…before you actually help someone, you should first consider whether or not the “help” your giving is actually beneficial and not detrimental to the person or persons you’re trying to help.” – Another reason you don’t need anyone who is claiming to help you (especially government. Or to some extent, people from some religions, some of which are relidiots). You know yourself better than anyone does, therefore you alone knows what you truly need. Sure, ask for help and/or take any help being offered to you when needed; but that doesn’t mean you have the right to force people into it…..

    “I don’t know about all the rest of you, but I think to be truly “good” one must regularly inspect one’s own motives and actions if they want to be seen as “good”.” – One reason why I don’t see myself as fit to lead others. I’ve inspected myself already, and that is why I know I can’t. But, in doing so, I got to know what I’m really good at and what I really want; and that’s what I chose to focus on.

  3. Hi Grimwald and wish you continue your work of informing the electorate of this republic to GET REAL about their responsibility to exercise critical thinking when voting for leaders of our republic. Your analysis of why we ought not to even consider Alma Moreno a candidate for any position higher than that of a city or town councilor, for she brings nothing to the table of leadership except a claim to having a heart for the poor of our republic!

  4. I think we threw ourselves tyo the wolves with Cory. Then everything went downhill from then on. Pinoys want their “reality tv”, the sad story, the masa effect. Lovely Ness is banking on that “school of thought”. We are doomed.

  5. You seriously need to translate this article to Filipino/Tagalog. The demographic that you need to target may not understand what you’re trying to say if it’s in English. Unfortunately, some Filipinos are so obsessed with self pity, being the victim, soap opera drama, inaapi, heck if you’re always seeing yourself as a victim, then you’ll always be one.

  6. I overheard this radio tonight from a DJ and he said to his own radio show, “huwag kang kabahan kahit anuman”. Well true and that’s what happened to Alma Moreno when she’d been interviewed with Karen Davilla on her TV show & it was a live broadcast. Awkward moment. 😀

  7. Thank God, I just migrated to Australia. If there is a God, I hope he helps the Failippines. Because right now. I don’t see things getting any better. If you can jump ship, I suggest you do so at the earliest time possible.The country is hopeless beyond repair.

  8. Hindi totoo yang sinasabi ni Alma na may puso sya. Kung totoong may puso sya, may alam at may pakialam dapat sya sa mga issue na kinakaharap ng constituents nya. Sa pananalita nya, wala syang alam at all. Pag yan naupo, wala yang gagawin kundi magnakaw. Punyetang laos na bold star.

  9. There are some elected officials today who still believe that “honesty is the best policy”. There are those, as well, who think that this is just an outmoded slogan and a quaint concept of likely losers. Unfortunately, the former is overwhelmingly outnumbered by the latter. Unfortunately, as well, this is where we are now. The prevailing mindset of the typical Congressman, Mayor or Senator today is “instant gratification”, and “taking on the sly what isn’t nailed down because this advantage will not last”..(“what are we in power for”?). The prevailing concept of a government position is no longer that of ‘service’ but of a ‘get-rich-quick’ livelihood. Sadly, this will take a generation,(at least), to reverse.
    What could happen if we made government positions less attractive? What, if for instance, we eliminated the ‘pork barrel’, (now PDAF), the DAP… 70 and 200 million pesos for each Congressman and Senator respectively… and all other juicy features of both the Senate and the House of Congress.. what could happen? It would make these positions less attractive to those who aspire to such offices, solely for these perks.. would it not? To be honest, these perks are actually thinly veiled devices to rationalize and justify the ‘traditional’ thirst and lust for the ‘lucre’ that the Senate and the ‘House’ offers. It is a cop-out from having to look into and explain misappropriations and outright embezzlement. These devices, eliminates the necessity for minute accounting for the moneys disbursed purportedly for ‘important’ projects for the public good. The ‘unfortunate’ truth is that, the PDAF scam was unearthed.. not because of the ‘Senate’s’ vigilant accounting.. but rather, because of Napoles’ kidnapping of another aspiring ‘scammer’, Ben Hur Luy.. her nephew. Ben Hur sang like a canary and the rest is history, (still unfolding unfortunately).
    Whatever happened to the quaint, old adage, “..It is the position that seeks the man.. not the man that seeks the position”? Today, it is the corrupt, scheming and well connected individual.. who quite predictably will embrace the ‘status quo’.. who invariably gets elected. The able and the better qualified are forever left out, just hopelessly looking in.
    Now, let’s ask ourselves.. “what are we prepared to do to reverse this situation”?


  11. With all the incompetent and clueless leaders and all celebrities who made it to the offices who are not even qualified I say its an embarrassment to be a Filipino! Poor Philippines where are you going?

  12. May puso naman talaga si Mommy Ness o Alma. Matatalino ang nanay ko. Kasi lahat ng lalaki na gusto niya nakuha niya at alam niya kung paano dumiskarte. Marunong naman siya mag ingles kaso mas gusto niya ang Tagalog lalo sa sex kasi mas nakakagigil at nakakalibog daw. Talagang derechahan niyang sasabihin sa akin na “Anak Mahal na Mahal ko yang Titi mo na laging Matigas at Maitim. Kantutin mo ako anak. Buntisin mo ko bilang ina mo. Anakan mo ko Anak ko:

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